Rapid Reaction: Denver Nuggets 112- Los Angeles Lakers 105

Denver Nuggets 112 Final

Recap | Box Score

105 Los Angeles Lakers
Danilo Gallinari, SF 32 MIN | 6-20 FG | 5-6 FT | 6 REB | 2 AST | 20 PTS | +1

Gallo had a strange game for sure. He didn’t shoot well from the field, but he hit the big shot and combined with Iguodala and Brewer helped limit Kobe to 29 points on 26 shots, including two prayer threes at the end of the game. It was tough to grade but the Nuggets won and Gallo hit what was the biggest shot so he gets a good one.

Kenneth Faried, SF 32 MIN | 3-6 FG | 0-0 FT | 6 REB | 3 AST | 6 PTS | -8

Faried’s first half was absolutely brutal. He went to halftime with only 2 points and a rebound and looked like he didn’t belong on the court at all. His normal energy returned a bit in the second half and made things better but overall it was a pretty ugly game for the Manimal.

Kosta Koufos, C 28 MIN | 3-8 FG | 1-1 FT | 7 REB | 0 AST | 7 PTS | -8

Like Gallinari, a lot of what Koufos did well doesn’t show up in the box score. He was a physical presence for the Nuggets and battled Dwight Howard whenever he was on the floor. With Faried lacking his normal energy it was important for Kosta to bring some of his own, and he did that very well.

Ty Lawson, PG 33 MIN | 9-18 FG | 2-3 FT | 2 REB | 10 AST | 21 PTS | +1

Lawson absolutely abused Steve Nash tonight. He got to the rim at will, and while he struggled to finish a couple times good things normally happened when he went to the basket. The three he hit was a big one as well, as it put the Nuggets up 10 late in the fourth. It was a return to the Lawson that people expected, and not the one from late in games early this year.

Andre Iguodala, SG 38 MIN | 6-14 FG | 0-0 FT | 6 REB | 7 AST | 15 PTS | +14

Iggy did a bit of everything tonight. He knocked down some threes, finished in transition, rebounded, defended and found teammates all throughout the night. His plus-14 on the night seemed right, as he was always in the middle of everything on both sides of the court when the Nuggets would make a run. In another good sign, the growth of chemistry between Iguodala and the rest of the team continued as he celebrated as much as any Nugget whenever something good happened for him or his teammates.

Jordan Hamilton, SF 4 MIN | 0-2 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 0 AST | 0 PTS | -4

Ouch. A tough night for Hamilton, even in such a short amount of minutes. He missed layups, turned the ball over on a shot clock violation (where he seemed to lose track of the remaining time), and got called for a goaltend. A learning experience for a young player hopefully.

Corey Brewer, SF 23 MIN | 6-14 FG | 1-3 FT | 6 REB | 1 AST | 14 PTS | +15

Brewer completely changed the game when he entered it in the first quarter. His energy was infectious as he attacked the basket and the glass, and he knocked down a couple mid-range jump shots as well. His second half was a bit rougher, but without his early contributions the Nuggets may not have been in the position they found themselves in during the second half.

JaVale McGee, C 26 MIN | 7-9 FG | 3-7 FT | 6 REB | 0 AST | 17 PTS | +14

JaVale was good JaVale again tonight. His energy and athleticism were on full display, and aside from a iffy goaltending call and a pull-up jumper from the foul line, there really weren’t any bad moments for him on the night. While he could still stand to grab a couple more rebounds, which will happen if he stops trying to tap them to people and grab them himself, there isn’t really anything to be mad about tonight.

Andre Miller, PG 24 MIN | 4-10 FG | 3-3 FT | 3 REB | 10 AST | 12 PTS | +10

Miller continued to be an enigma as he has most of the season. A second quarter sequence summed up his night pretty well. On one possession he threw a gorgeous lob to McGee for two points, but came right down the court the next possession and tried to force a lob to Faried for a turnover. A bit later in the quarter he hit his only three of the night, but the next possession he air balled a fadeaway contested two. Just a very up and down night again.

George Karl

Karl did a good job for the most part but a couple of things made me scratch my head. First off why did Andre Miller get the late possession instead of Lawson, or in the best case scenario an actual set play? Lawson was beating Steve Nash off the dribble all night but instead Miller was asked to beat Jodie Meeks. It ended up working out for the Nuggets because of luck, but I hated the call. Second why did Faried get more minutes than McGee and Koufos? The other two bigs were clearly more effective in the physical game than the Manimal, and they didn’t play terrible together. I thought it was strange. But the Nuggets won so Karl gets the benefit of the doubt.

Four Things We Saw

  1. Ball Security: The Nuggets were out shot from the floor and the free throw line and beat on the boards by the Lakers, but won the game thanks to only 8 turnovers. Denver really valued the ball and did a good job of getting a lot of looks that they liked, and it allowed them to overcome the deficit in other areas.
  2. Help??: The pick-and-roll coverage early in the game was very strange. The Nuggets bigs stayed with Steve Nash and seemed to expect help from other areas of the floor. But repeatedly that help was late and the Lakers big men got easy dunks in the paint. It was cleared up a bit in the second half though and it showed as the Lakers had their two worst scoring quarters of the game.
  3. Kobe Contained: Denver did a great job on Bryant forcing him into tough shots all night. The ability to alternate the length of Gallo and the physicality of Iggy on him is a great weapon and the Nuggets did a fantastic job of taking advantage of it. McGee’s help when Kobe drove was great as well. Just a terrific job on a guy having a great season.
  4. Big W: This was a great win for the Nuggets. On the road, on the second night of a back-to-back against a team that is starving for wins. To put more distance between themselves and the Lakers as well is big for the Nuggets. Now can they build off it, or will things continue to be inconsistent like most of the season?
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  • googergieger

    Koufos got owned by Dwight and while he had two great trappings on Nash deserves a D+ but a C- makes sense. Gallo played horrible most game but that big shot at the end B- for sure. Man this is why you can love or hate the kid at any given moment. Granted he was fouled twice on his first two three point attempts by Kobe, but after that he kept missing great looks and leaving Artest open. Granted that might have been the game plan going in, but still. That big shot in the end bumped his grade up big. Lawson and Iguodala are the two main reasons we won in that order and McGee had himself a great game. A few stupid plays and decisions but a lot of altered shots, some blocks, one key deflection and a few other ones as well, and scored efficiently.

    I’ll give Karl his due though. While he did play Lawson and Miller too much for my liking again, he did go with McGee down the stretch. Still too few minutes for my liking considering he had it going, but he did go with him down the stretch and appreciate him learning from his mistake in Memphis and Minnesota.

    Still not going to celebrate like a bandwagon Laker fan who is happy when their team wins five straight against easy teams, but I’ll celebrate tonight’s win for what it was. A win. Now we better beat Orlando!

    • Ackdog

      Gallo shot 20 times and even though he didn’t shoot it well it is important for him to shoot it 15-20 times a game. Don’t be suprised if Masai makes a trade for another shooter to bring off of the bench though!!

  • John

    I am willing to overlook any and all errors and give everyone an A+(except Gallo who gets an A++ so Gianluca’s head doesn’t explode)… because we beat the Lakers…

    We don’t realize the true scope of what living in a “small market” means when it come to the media. I didn’t till I moved out here to LA.

    Just imagine how whiny we all are on this Blog and then amplify it by a billion, and put it everywhere… it is terrible when the Lakers are killing it… imagine living with millions of smug douchebags… but when they are bad… it is awesome.

    Even James Worthy was ripping the Lakers on the post game show… Saying basically that “he is tired of hearing their excuses, and put up or shut up already.”

    I swear I nearly get in a fight every time we beat the Lakers. I think the only thing that has saved me is that the Hipsters haven’t figured out how to make knifing me “ironic” like their handlebar mustaches.

    Good times… Go Nuggs!

    • Misty

      This is an awesome post. Love it!

  • https://twitter.com/denbutsu Joel

    Folks, just so you know, Matt is a new contributor to Roundball Mining Company, so please give him a warm welcome. Great first post, Matt, and welcome aboard!

    Just to footnote the “Things we saw…” note on turnovers, the Nuggets had 101 shot attempts to the Lakers’ 82, 10 steals to L.A.’s 4, and despite Dwight’s huge rebounding night, 17 offensive boards to L.A.’s 13 — all of which just goes to reinforce the point that they did a great job of taking care of the ball.

    • John

      Welcome Matt…see what I did there? Betcha never heard THAT one.

      Good write up… but try not to give Kosta too much credit, even when he deserves it.. People will lose their minds.

  • Aaron

    Hey Matt, Watch Out For Gianluca Tonight. He Might Murder You For Not Giving Gallo An A++++ Just a Heads Up Lol


      GALLO was alwais the NUGGETS MATCH-WINNER …
      last night 26 , tonight 20 .. B

      ridiculos I WANT THET THIS NUGGETS RACIST TRADE GALLO ! he is > iggy > lawson …

      see the real nba stats ( offense poss / TO ) or offense possession / TEAMS POINTS MADE

      • GIANLUCA

        Denver hate one 9 M boy , 6’10” , 24 years old …
        italian , with not the NBA culture…
        he must became an ALL STAR in 2015 !


      • googergieger

        Joke right? I mean I support Gallo more than anyone outside of you but he did have a bad game before that big shot. He had some nice baskets before that but did miss a lot of easy looks, kept leaving Artest open, and let Artest’s physicality bother him. Granted Artest did constantly foul Gallo as did Kobe, but Gallo needs to get angry and use that to score in their faces.

        • Ackdog

          Stars kep shooting even when having off nights. Kobe had an off nigt and ended up having 29 points. I know that out of all the Nuggets players Gallo is the best scorer(his jumper is streaky). He should be shooting it at least 15-20 times per game. His teammes will know what to expect and it is a a burden he should welcome if he wants to be a star.

      • monimo

        Gianluca zitto! Gallo was shooting bad all night long was owned by MWP. He played decent defense and was clutch at the end. Denver is the best place where Gallo can be. The fanbase loves him, he is growing as a man and as a player, coaching staff and teammates trust him. What better situation could there be for him? Last night, Ty Lawson was clearly the best player on the floor!

        P.S. Tu vieni qui e insulti dicendo che sono tutti razzisti. Questi qua calmi calmi ti rispondono, sempre educatamente, e mai si abbassano al tuo livello. Impara!

      • Robxxx

        Don’t worry Gianluca, Denver fans are not racists, they simply are still ‘Melo-addicted!
        ‘Melo, ‘Melo, ‘Melo, 40 points every game but seldom a winning one.

      • https://twitter.com/denbutsu Joel

        This will be the last post I do not delete when a commenter cheaply and inaccurately accuses an RMC contributor or the Nuggets organization of racism. We welcome disagreement and debate with our opinions. That’s the nature of analysis, not everyone will see things in the same light. And criticism of the Nuggets is, of course, fair game as well. But baseless assertions that, for example, player criticism from us or player management by the team equates to racism (comical as they may be — and I’m still not convinced you’re not a poe, GIANLUCA) are disrespectful, and just freaking wrong, and speaking personally, I will happily axe such comments in the future.

        • googergieger

          I think he runs his comments through google translate and racism is the word that comes out. I’m sure he means to say something else. At least you’d hope.

        • Robxxx

          Mine ?

  • Addison

    Your grade on Faried is far too harsh. I was at the game, and being there was able to fully witness the beating he was taking by the Laker bigs. They clearly game planned specifically to limit his energy by harassing him and trying to get under his skin. Despite his technical foul, Faried responded tremendously by staying physically and mentallly tough all game and continually battled through the physical play of Dwight and (dare I say it) Pau. Eventually he got the last laugh when Pau threw him to the ground and was called for a technical. He definitely deserves a higher grade.

  • airvaid

    Karl won so he gets the benefit of the doubt? why did Faried get more minutes than McGee and Koufos? May be Faried is the only player from whom you can expect a constant performance. Can’t expect someone to change their rotations on the road against the Lakers. You go with what has been working for you.

    Why did Miller get the ball there? Stop micro-analyzing the game and criticizing a coach who has won more in the NBA than you have on “NBA 2K13”.

  • CJP32

    I thought CBrew was the game changer early on – getting into the lane, rebounding/running, passing in transition. Defensively he was great making it hard for Kobe to get clean looks. He has always made it a mission to personally beat LA!

    Gallo was dismal for 25 minutes, then hit the biggest shot of the game thanks to a Dwight assist. We need Gallo to drive and draw fouls, not shoot 3/10 on threes (most were chucked).

    Iggy reminds me of a quicker Clyde Drexler in the open court, so nice to watch when he does finger rolls. Ty and Dre had awesome games, 20 assists with 1 TO.

    McGee was a little more controlled and was effective. Faried needs to find other ways to be effective when he cant rebound/score.

    Sorry, but I cannot see JHam playing many more minutes, he is clearly struggling, he took bad shots, made bad decisions, and with the return of Wilson, I cannot see him getting any minutes and maybe even fight to keep an active roster spot with Stone/Evan in the mix.

    We need to beat Orlando good on Wednesday and keep this streak going, I think the chemistry and confidence is starting to show, the players look energised and pumped.

    • CJP32

      Also, interesting to see that almost half way through the season, out of our PG/SG/SF (Ty, Gallo, Iggy, Brewer, Hamilton, Dre) the Top 3 shooters for each category are:

      2P% – Iggy – .505, Dre – .491, CBrew – .491
      3P% – Gallo – .346, CBrew – .340, JHam – .340
      FT% – Dre – .88, Gallo – .82, Ty – .70
      AFG% – Iggy – .50, CBrew – .50, JHam – .48

      CBrew has been the most consistent shooter so far this season, I really hope that Masai does the right thing and extends him after this season, he has been invaluable. Also, he has recently improved his assists – over his last 9 games he has 22 assists with just 10 turnovers. He has really found his niche on this squad.

      • GIANLUCA

        gallo is the best 3point… and start is NOO GOOD …

        the people are stupid …

        GALLINARI vs > 600 TEAM 16.5 ppg
        GALLINARI vs 400-600 TEAM 19.5 ppg
        GALLINARI vs <400 TEAM 12.0 ppg …..

        UNDERSTAND ?
        and Gallo MATCH – WINNER ?
        lakers memphis utah clippers lakers minnesota goldenstate dallas goldenstate sanantonio lakers clippers

        • GIANLUCA

          sorry … Gallo MATCH – WINNER
          10 time !!! ( denver 20-16 … 10 is too much )

        • CJP32

          I love your posts, all about Gallo. If you watched the game today, surely you were screaming at the TV every time Gallo launched an off-balanced, ill-advised three pointer.

          1st Qtr – he started 1/6, ended the qtr with a fast break layup (assisted by Brewer).
          2nd Qtr – starts with 2 quick PFs on Dwight, gets benched due to foul trouble, comes back in with 3 mins left and fouls Kobe.
          3rd Qtr – starts with a TO, misses Tech FT, misses layup, then he makes 3/4 FGs
          4th Qtr – shoots 0/3, then Dwight sends a block to him and hits a lucky three that was so off balance he was praying it would go in.

          The guy was horrendous for long stretches of the game. 6/20 FGs, 3/10 Threes. I lost count of how many times he left MWP open for threes.

          Brew – 23 mins, 6/14 FGs, 6 rebs, 1 ast, 2 stls, 1 blk, 14 pts, +15
          Gallo – 32 mins, 6/20 FGs, 6 rebs, 2 asts, 1 stl, 1 blk, 20 pts, +1

          Gallo did not win this game for us, it was Ty Lawson that scored 9 pts in the 4th and also collected 10 assists without a single turnover. Please stop with the “Gallo is God” crap you produce every game, you don’t even recognise the efforts the rest of the team make. We are almost 50% into the season and Gallo is STILL shooting 40% from the field. That shows that he has not improved his jump shot for the 6th straight year!

          • googergieger

            Memphis, Golden State, Minnesota, San Antonio, Los Angeles, come to mind.

          • Robxxx

            Riprendetevi Carmelo (take back Carmelo)

  • Giovanni

    Beat La is ever a pleasure…
    I don’t understand why Karl persists with Ty and Miler on the floor…
    Today is a beutiful day…

    • monimo

      If Ty Lawson continues to play this way for the rest of the season, then I will eat my words :)

  • Brazil

    I too have no clue as to why GK keeps going with the two points look. Size does matter in this case and are ability to get easy penetration in limited in this formation. Although the game was close, had we shot least average this game would have been a blowout. I love seeing us beat LA on their turf. With all the celebrities paying up the ass just to see their team get rolled by a small market team hahaha. let’s string together some wins and start chasing the thunder..
    Go Nuggs!

  • dynamo.joe

    I think the grades for Gallo and Miller are about half a grade low. 10/1 ast/TO, 1.2 PPS, couple rebounds, that’s pretty good.

    The minutes for the bigs are pretty close to what we have been clamoring for all season. I’m sure that’s only because LA is big, but still nice to see. JaVale needs another 5 or6 mins, but thats a hell of a lot better than JaVale needs another 10 or 15 minutes.

    • airvaid

      JaVale has improved a lot. He needs to get consistent now. He is still “we don’t know what JaVale will show up?”. His defense is much improved but his offense still needs polish. I am convinced by the time the playoffs come around, Karl will have him ready.

  • googergieger

    Oh and the reason Faried got more minutes was because Gallo got into foul trouble and I reckon Karl didn’t think anyone else could handle Gasol/Hill.

  • Evan Woodruff

    First of all… who the hell is “Matt”
    Second… a C is average, not bad. RBC needs to start realizing that.

    • Evan Woodruff

      it gives the impression that… on average… our players are bad

      • John

        Actually… Faried who got a C was just that… average. Slow start, and poor statistically, but he put in some serious work physically against bigger(much) All Star level forwards and centers. So those two things average out. Hence. C.

        • Evan Woodruff

          That is in your opinion. But in the opinion of the writer, he said it was, and I quote
          “a pretty ugly game for the Manimal.”
          Now, I don’t think that by saying that he meant this was an average game. Unless he believes the manamil on average plays a pretty ugly game, and scores and rebounds well below his AVERAGE.

          • John

            Actually the only part of my statement that was opinion is “that he put in serious work” which should’ve been obvious to anyone watching the game.

            Everything else was just data… he is much shorter (w/o shoes 6’6″ vs 6’11” Pau and 6’10” Dwight)who have both been recent All Stars, his numbers were down overall, and he started slowly (2 pts in the first half)

            So what were you disagreeing with? Were you suggesting he wasn’t “trying” or just that his effort level against high level talent doesn’t balance his poor stats? Or were you saying that C was too high of a grade and he should have received a D or F?

            If you read on a regular basis, you would know that they really don’t give out F’s(as Kalen I believe mentioned one post) unless it seem like a complete sabotage of the team. So in reality they’re grading on a curve here. So a C would be considered Below Average. Better?

            • googergieger

              To be fair if Koufos put up what Faried put up and played the type of defense with the exhausting energy Faried played, he’d have gotten an A+++

              But yes Faried is a solid C or C+ in that Lakers game. Considering he was sick and then was used in odd rotations that is more than understandable. Not to mention The Lakers clearly made an effort to not let him get his which allowed the rest of the team to get theirs.

              • Evan Woodruff

                im not arguing that he deserved a C. i didnt even watch the game. Im arguing that the writer clearly thought farried played below average, yet gave him an average grade.

              • Evan Woodruff

                It’s as if, for example, McGee goes off for his first 40point game, and gets 12 bords. The writer writes a little bit about how amazing his game was and his best game of his career, then gives him an F. (Sure this is an exaggeration, but I’m trying to drive the point home.)

  • Cephus

    Arghh, didn’t see game ! but had to pop in for next best thing to check grades and very diverting comments. A win over the Lakers seems to have melo’ d us all. Very amusing read here. Thx !

  • Ban Johnson

    Iguodala was the best player on the court for either team for 3 quarters. Deserved an A. Did a million positive things and took nothing off the table.

    Brewer looked like a longer Jamal Crawford in the first half. If he can combine that mid-range game with the energy, defense, pest-iness, and 3-point threat, he’s one of the best reserves in this league. Combined with an effective McGee, there’s not a better wing/big off-the-bench combo in the entire league. They’re pretty terrifying.

    I actually loved the way Karl used Miller this game. 24 minutes total and brought him in for the final 3 minutes to steady the ship (something we should admit was badly needed at just that moment.) What I’ve hated this season is when Miller plays almost the entire 4th quarter — he tires out, for one thing, and it kills the Nuggets’ perimeter shooting and defense. Miller’s plusses at this point in his career are 1) he’s smart and steady, 2) he can create offense in the half-court when nothing else is working. Karl needs to stop being googly-eyed in love with him and start optimizing his positives and minimizing his negatives.

    I get the feeling that Ty Lawson finally gets it. Screw being banged up, screw excuses — he finally understands that that the team needs a leader. He’s naturally laid-back, but he’s also too much of a winner to put up with unnecessary losing. That UNC breeding; he’s got it in him.

  • OriginalJakeSauce

    “Let’s not start sucking each others’ dicks now” The Wolf, Pulp Fiction

    This is a shit Lakers team that isn’t in the playoffs and might miss the playoffs. Our bench clearly beat their bench. Our starters were about even. I love that Ty took over, but he can’t against the Cp3’s, Rondo’s of the league, because it’s a two sided game. Offense? He has the ability to enforce his will, if he just looked like he wanted to score every play. Defense? Well, that’s why we have Julyan Stone.

    I watched several Knick games earlier this year. They were playing mad ball. One thing I observed was that they handled/owned the first 3 quarters, and they let the starters rest the 4th qtr.

    George doesn’t do that… even up 20 points, he will play starters/1st roration guys all game. Just one more reason he’s hamstringing us, just one more reason he has no business being compared with Greg Pop. Because he isn’t Pop, I want to fire him? No. Because he refuses to do anything traditional in the game, because he will not play fresh legs. Anybody ever wonder why this team is always so banged up? Kmart, Nene, Gallo last year, Ty all the time… he never actually rests his players unless their hurt. And then he rushes them into action only to aggravate the injury (Nene, Chandler).

    I don’t like watching it any more. To the point where I skipped watching a rivalry game with the team I hate. I’m so tired of teamness that I can hardly bear to watch the games. We have a load of talent like few teams do, the Clippers and Knicks come to mind…. yet, 3-5 players get zero minutes most games, and we get to watch andre poke around and keep the ball out of Ty’s hands during the close of the quarter/game.

    I hate it. I hate it. I hate it.

    Fire George. Fire him, and stop giving him good grades. How about we grade his sentences in pre/post game interviews instead? Maybe his vocab?

    • Charliemyboy

      You’re dreaming and you’re gross. GK is doing fine and will be here whether you spew what is in you or not. You can pick like a bald chicken on a corn cobb or just enjoy the young men growing together. Celebrate the good; dwelling on the language you spew shows what you are made of.

      • OriginalJakeSauce

        Well, for starters that was an early morning rant. I’m grouchy and outlandishly opinionated at that time of the day. At a more rational time of day, my thoughts are simpler. We have talented, freakishly athletic, nba level men 10-12 deep. Most see too many minutes, and some see too few. I believe in Ujiri, and the whole of our roster. I like that we are more prone to trying to spread the points, and it seems the natural tendency of all of our guys. I wish there were halfcourt sets, or hard pick and roll dynamics. I wish we had a more man approach on D. I don’t like the always wide open three point shooter on the other team, and I don’t like how George can’t regularly use the dominating scoring presence of Jordan Hamilton.

        I’m bitter because my hopes are high for the squad, and I don’t think the driver of the boat is willing to bend his philosophy to playoff winning basketball, not how these guys might need it.

  • Alberto

    Ty!!! Oh, what a player… If Ty and Javale play well, Nuggets won’t ever lose a match.

  • Evan

    I was cheering for Andre Miller to foul out so Karl wouldn’t put him back in at the end like I knew he would. He seems to turn it over down the stretch more than any other player and Karl always puts unyielding trust in him. The last play seems ironic in that even though Karl gave Andre the ball in isolation that Gallo was still the one who made the big shot, and thwt Karl didn’t give him the ball even though he has made the biggest shots of the year.

  • Alberto

    And I love to see Gallo shoot 20 times, if we want he grows up he must take some responsibilities

  • Ernie

    I know McGee had a nice offensive game but what impressed me is that McGee for the first time seemed to play dominant under control defense. In the past would anyone have been shocked if on that last Kobe shot that McGee fouled him from 3 point range? This time he just stood straight up and made Kobe make an incredible difficult shot. Kobe did make it but so what, process over results.

    I think that’s why Karl put him in the game for the last few minutes. Kobe was getting to the rim but with McGee in the game he couldn’t finish and it was frustrating him. Much more position defense, much less unnecessary jumping into fouls or letting his guy score easily when going for blocks.

    Also I don’t mind McGee’s pull up jumper from the foul line. If he’s wide open he should be shooting that shot. He shoots 55% from the foul line, so not much different if no one is guarding him.

  • Giovanni

    I just tired pf people like Gianluca..
    Not all italians are blind eye like this…
    Gallo is a winner,mvp,etc etc..
    If you not support Gallo you are racist..
    Ah ah ah..
    Please stop..
    We speak about basket not existenz of god…

    • Ernie

      Good to hear. For what it’s worth everyone supports Gallo, they just wish he was shooting much better. The team needs him to be 40% from 3, 50% FG% and 85% FT% if they are to go deep into the playoffs. Gallo is currently 34.6% from 3, 40% FG% and 82.4% FT%.

  • Aaron

    is There Anyway Roundball Can Ban Or Suspend Curtain People For a While When Their Being a Troll? Cough GIANLUCA Cough

    • Ernie

      I don’t thnk Gianluca is a troll, which means he says things just to rile people up. I think he actually believes what he says. Which is more scary.

  • Aaron

    anyone who thinks Faried was bad last night, doesn’t know anything about down low/post/physical basketball. How many times has Pau bullied us in the playoffs?? You have to sacrifice your numbers to match the physicality down there and Faried and Koufos were bringing it last night.

    On another note, Andre Miller is a favorite whipping boy around here, but he’s actually playing well lately. It wasn’t his fault we let Minnesota steal that one. He’s consistent, although with too many turnovers for my taste, you know what you’re getting from Andre.

    I wish we would go back to Ty and Iguodala at the end of games though. Anyone think AI might have some success from the top of the key when we isolate?? Um, only one of the best in the Eastern Conference at doing that.

    Our “big” lineup is an awesome changeup off the bench. K2, Javalle, Gallo, Iggy, Ty is a lethal, lethal lineup. I hope we use it more often, even against teams that don’t have as strong of post players like the Lakers. That lineup is tough for anyone to guard, and it’ll protect the rim too, against anyone.

  • al68

    that you think of this trade?. Could benefit all teams. We improved our outside shooting, our inside game and our IQ, and empeoramos our defense, but overall I think it would improve.


    • monimo

      – wonderful for LA and Toronto (getting ridd of Bargnani and Gasol)
      – very bad for Memphis
      – horrible for Denver: Gasol is old, soft, has bad knees and a 40 million contract (LA won’t get anything for him). Calderon is ok but not better than Miller – giving up our smartest players (Gallo and Miller) would be horrible for “our IQ”.

      Denver is finally finding some chemistry with their young talent. And you want to blow it up??

      • nugswin

        Calderon is a big upgrade over Miller at this point. But it’s still a terrible trade for both the Grizz and us.

      • al68

        I think that Gay is very overrated.

  • JetLife82

    I wonder if Masai could pull off a trade with the Clippers before the deadline.

    Mozgov & Chandler plus a future first rounder for Caron Butler

    Not likely to happen though, considering the Clippers are contenders at the moment. But it would be a nice trade…

    • nugswin

      If we are trading with the Clippers we should be working on getting Eric Bledsoe. He probably could be had and would be an upgrade over Ty in pretty much every category, most importantly defensively.

      • googergieger

        Not for anything we could give them, not to mention offensively Ty is superior. Just that Bledsoe kid is a lot more fear less. Ty seems to be getting there again, so hopefully that will continue as I really like the kid in general and for our team. In regards to Lawson that is. Still wouldn’t mind Bledsoe as a back up as him and Lawson could just exhaust teams. But that two guard line up would put us in an awkward situation, as teams could just shoot over the two. So our traps would have to be quicker and more consistent, which is a pretty big if.

        • nugswin

          Bledsoe is just as fast as Ty, a much better finisher at the rim and a true point guard. He’s not only stronger but just in general a far, far superior defender. Not to mention Bledsoe is a better shooter:

          Bledsoe 81.7 ft% / 48.9 2pt% / 34.4 3pt% / 53.3 ts%

          Ty 70.2 ft% / 44.9 2pt% / 31.6 3pt% / 48.9 ts%

          Bledsoe is a monster just needing a full time gig and is not going to get it in LA. The team that does end up with him is going to be very happy. It should be Denver. . .

          • michael

            bledsoe has these stats because he plays a few minutes a game and can go all out. its pretty doubtful he would keep up that rate playing starters minutes in denver

          • googergieger

            Career numbers please. Not a small sampling of this year.

            Ty is strong though and can finish at the rim as well as Bledsoe save for the dunking. Bledsoe is a better defender but again Ty is better offensively. On top of which Ty is a true point guard, George just wants him to score first.

            • nugswin

              Why does it have to be career stats? Bledsoe is a 3rd year improving player and we’re 35 games into the season. His numbers absolutely should be improving. I understand you guys like Ty, I do too. But Ty is a terrible finisher at the rim unless he beats the help after blowing by his guy — any time he is challenged he can’t finish — and not a particularly creative passer. Add to that the gap defensively and Bledsoe is clearly the better player plus has more room to grow.

              You’ll probably disagree and we’ll just have to leave it at that. Time will tell for sure but in my opinion Bledsoe is an all-star just waiting for the right opportunity. Ty is a better than average pg in the league but not really all-star material.

            • nugswin

              Ironically I came across this article right after I posted the above (sorry I don’t know how to embed links):


    • Ryan

      No need to add a first rounder, Butler isn’t anything special, Chandler and Mozgov is even pushing it

  • Jacob

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  • toluene_hawk

    Stop with the stupid trades, the team is assembled and you are acting like 16 year old princesses who want something new every week.

    Jacob I will sign up on your website if you ban those who post “what about this trade” topics.

  • Rocco

    On the subject of trades, how about…

    Denver gives up-Mozgov & Chandler to Toronto for Bargnani.

    You give up two players who are not impacting the current rotation for a big who can shoot from the perimeter and spread the floor.


    • googergieger

      Our defense would suffer because Karl would want to play him a lot, meanwhile Faried and McGee would suffer a huge loss in minutes.

    • Ban Johnson

      Not a bad thought. It’s possible Bargnani would really thrive in Denver’s system.

      But it’s probably un-doable salary-wise. It would put Denver over the luxury tax next year and the year after — and forget about re-signing Corey Brewer.

    • JetLife82

      Everyone used to say Nene was soft. Sheesh…

      IMO we need toughness and leadership right now, I don’t think Bargnani ticks any of those boxes to be quite honest.

      I do think that Mozgov and Chandler (along with Jordan Hamilton) are our best players to trade. However, I would rather not give them up for a 7ft girls blouse that will get abused in the post and be paid a fortune for it.

      Not saying he’s complete shite, I just reckon he’s better on someone else’s team 😉

  • John

    On a side note… has anyone else been watching QMiller’s DLeague play… People keep raving about how he was a steal at 38, but so far he is not impressing me.

    He seems OK, but I have yet to see him run. I mean he is only 19, 6’9″ and 219 lbs., but he plods along like Ilgauskas at the end of his career. Mozgov(who moves pretty well for his size) looks like Usain Bolt in comparison. He is gonna need some wheels to play on this team.

    He is either too polite or he doesn’t like traffic, so he waits till everyone else gets out of his way. Slow to switch, slow in transition, just slow. Which makes his D pretty porous too. Maybe he is still growing and in that “clumsy” stage… who knows. He is like the anti-Faried.

    Also, I have yet to see him make anything from outside the paint, but I have only watched about 4 games. He is not terrible, just average… doesn’t seem like he should have been a first rounder.

    It is not like we need him right now, but I hope he turns out to be the player scouts thought he would be before the injury.


    gallo tonight ? noo good ? …