Corey Brewer to appear in Movie 43

I might be extremely late to the party on this one; nevertheless, for those who aren’t yet aware, it looks as though Corey Brewer has landed a minor role in the upcoming comedy Movie 43. It is produced by Peter Farrelly (one half of the infamous Farrelly brothers duo) and is set to be released January 25, 2013. For those who would like a preview of the movie, here is link to a trailer in which Brewer appears right off the bat. It looks pretty raunchy overall, so sensitive types be warned!

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Kalen Deremo

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  • Evan Woodruff

    thats dope

  • JetLife82

    Looks like Jared Dudley is in there too.

  • OriginalJakeSauce

    Hope Hianluca watches it and thinks seriously about how black Galinari is or isn’t. According to this preview, Gallo actually can’t be “Best in Nugget” or however Gian’y might put it. Being black matters in playing basketball.

  • bm12

    Not to criticize this post (it’s pretty funny), but is there any chance in getting other Nuggets news? I don’t think it’s been reported once on RMC that Wilson Chandler will be back next week yet we’re watching a preview for a movie Corey Brewer gets an extremely minor role in. The other Nuggets news sites have all sorts of different articles, analysis, previews, and interviews. Here, it’s pretty much just rapid reactions to the game. Although these are well written and I really enjoy reading them, is there any chance in getting a bit more Nuggets content?

    • Kalen

      Of course. We try and post what news we can, and what news we think is valid. But unfortunately, we’re not the type of site that has people who have the time to monitor every single thing that happens with the Nuggets. We figure people who follow this blog probably follow the Nuggets very closely anyways and already know most of what’s happening with the team. I only posted this because I didn’t think people were aware. In truth, Rapid Reactions are demanding a lot of our time and effort. We’re taking steps to ad more content to the site though.

      Thanks for reading,

      — Kalen

      • Michael

        Thanks for the hard work, to all the writers!

    • Ryan

      Yeah dude stick to the other sites. Thats what I do now. There is never any solid analysis on this site – only people who like to bitch about George Karl. Then when there actually is an analysis posted, it is done by denbutsu who in my opinion is a boring writer. But there are better sites out there. Just go to them instead…

  • Daniel Y

    Thats basically how george karl coaches. (referring to the trailer)
    “You guys are fast, run”! What about a strategy coach?
    “Strategy? Run”!

  • Carol Pickerel

    like him he is always with a smile

  • Carol Pickerel

    like him he is always with a smile, not a duplicate comment, you are mixed up