Rapid Reaction: Denver Nuggets 98, Cleveland Cavaliers 91

Cleveland Cavaliers 91 FinalRecap | Box Score 98 Denver Nuggets
Danilo Gallinari, SF 31 MIN | 8-13 FG | 4-4 FT | 7 REB | 2 AST | 23 PTS | +8Gallinari started making some big plays in the third quarter that got the Nuggets back in the game. Funny how that usually seems to happen when he starts driving more aggressively to the basket. It really was his work on the offensive end that started breaking down what had been a very effective Cavaliers paint defense, and it enabled Denver to get back into their style of play and start making a comeback.
Kenneth Faried, SF 33 MIN | 6-7 FG | 5-7 FT | 11 REB | 0 AST | 17 PTS | +3This was among the worst of Faried’s defensive performances of the season. In the first half he was getting abused by Tristan Thompson and… Luke Walton. Luke Walton? He was better on the offensive end, but wasn’t really his usual explosive self for much of the game. He did come out with more energy and focus in the second half, though, and his rebounding and offensive efficiency went a long way in offsetting his defensive liability.
Kosta Koufos, C 35 MIN | 10-17 FG | 1-1 FT | 6 REB | 0 AST | 21 PTS | +12Since the entire team deserved an F for the first half, I really did not want to give any players an A for this game. But Koufos truly outdid himself tonight. He scored a new career high with 21 points in what is surely his best game of the season, if not career. On the rebounding and blocking front, the stat sheet may not look too impressive, but this was one of the most active, energetic performances we’ve seen from Kosta this season. Running the floor, battling in the paint, moving off the ball — in the second half he seemed to be everywhere he needed to be, doing all the right things. Maybe he stole what Corey Brewer usually drinks before games to get juiced up. Whatever it was, he gets the game ball.
Ty Lawson, PG 34 MIN | 3-11 FG | 7-10 FT | 5 REB | 8 AST | 13 PTS | +10Lawson really needs to come out of the gates with aggression rather than waiting for the second, third or fourth quarter to turn it on. When he starts off sluggish it sets a weak tone for the entire team, and they have a hard time finding their groove. But fortunately, he did finally find a way to flip that switch in the fourth quarter, and his dribble penetration got the Nuggets some badly needed layups and helped to keep the defense honest. Because of that it’s tempting to grade him higher, but the six turnovers and the lackluster first half just can’t be overlooked.
Andre Iguodala, SG 41 MIN | 5-11 FG | 2-3 FT | 11 REB | 4 AST | 13 PTS | +9For the Nuggets defense late in the game, it was Iguodala who really made the difference by slowing down and frustrating a seemingly unstoppable Kyrie Irving. I was tempted to dock him a notch in the grading for a very poor decision he made late in the game by taking an out-of-sync corner 3-pointer with a lot of time left at a moment when Denver should have been chewing clock and looking for a higher percentage shot. But his overall game was solid, and as usual he was doing a little of everything that needed to be done.
Corey Brewer, SF 16 MIN | 0-6 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 4 AST | 0 PTS | -6Brewer was absolutely worthless in the first half. And then he was almost as bad in the second, save for one steal that opened up a fast break, and maybe another play or two. This was a clear case of Karl overestimating “his guys.” At a time when the entire team’s shooting is ice cold, why not give Jordan Hamilton some run to see if he can make an impact? Only Karl knows.
Timofey Mozgov, C 8 MIN | 0-1 FG | 1-2 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 1 PTS | +2Karl sent in Mozzie to enforce the paint to good effect in this game. He had three blocks in eight minutes, and had a sort of dislodging effect on the Cavs’ paint packing strategy. If Koufos hadn’t suddenly blown up, he may have gotten more minutes, but he did a good job in the little time he played.
JaVale McGee, C 12 MIN | 0-4 FG | 2-4 FT | 7 REB | 0 AST | 2 PTS | -5McGee missed at least three or four dunks in this game. Somehow his ability to finish just evaporated. But he made a more spirited, energetic effort than most of his teammates through the first three quarters, blocking and altering shots and contesting for rebounds (he had seven in just 12 minutes). His inability to knock down his shots and connect on his dunks dampened his net impact in this game, but at least his heart and his effort were in it from the start, which is more than most of his teammates can say.
Andre Miller, PG 23 MIN | 4-10 FG | 0-0 FT | 5 REB | 5 AST | 8 PTS | +5Firstly, Andre Miller needs to stop taking 3-pointers. It seems to be a recent trend that he takes one or two a game, and it needs to be put to rest. With that out of the way, some of both the good and bad Miller were on display tonight. He did a fairly good job of finding his midrange jumper, as well as a fairly good amount of dribbling into traffic and turning it over, and giving Cleveland’s perimeter shooters open looks. It’s not enough to bump him up into B territory, but it should be noted that, against all odds, he made a huge offensive rebound down low late in the game that resulted in a Lawson layup that decisively shifted the advantage to the Nuggets.
Evan Fournier, SG 7 MIN | 0-2 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 1 AST | 0 PTS | -3Fournier is fearless, a decent decision maker given his professional experience in Europe, and a spirited defender. So it’s easy to understand why Karl likes him. But he struggles to find a way to be effective outside of garbage time, and based on their respective performances this season, it’s not clear why he has come to emerge ahead of J-Ham in the rotation. He accomplished nothing tonight.
George KarlIn the Rapid Reaction for the last game against the Magic, Kalen discussed how the Nuggets always come out flat in games. Another thing they always do is play down to inferior opponents. In post-game comments, Bill Hanzlik talked about how frustrating and disappointing such things must be to Karl. The only problem with that, however, is that these problems date back years. They were hallmarks of the Melo era. And now, with only one Nuggets player remaining from that time (or two depending on how you look at i) and 13 new players on a roster that has almost entirely turned over, it’s the same old crap. It’s easy to point a finger at the players — and they do surely deserve some of the blame — and criticize their lack of effort. But this goes beyond that. It’s structurally endemic to the Nuggets culture, and the architect of that culture is George Karl. From an outside perspective, it’s hard to evaluate coaches since so much of coaching goes on behind the scenes, and we’re largely limited to rotational decisions, interactions with the refs, timeout usage, and scattered, often vague anecdotes from beat reporters. There’s a continuum of shared responsibility between the players and coaching staff, and when things go wrong it’s not always easy to discern who carries the larger burden of responsibility. Tonight, the Nuggets dodged a bullet and eked out a win against a team they should have dominated. But to say they came out flat would be an understatement. They came out utterly deflated, and given the upcoming schedule which features GSW, a surging POR, OKC twice and HOU twice in the next nine games, that’s inexcusable. Cleveland came out with a clear game plan which they pretty much executed to perfection in the first half. The scouting reports were in, their playeers were all on the same page, they knew exactly what they were doing. The Nuggets looked lost and confused, totally unprepared. They should have been up for this game, and they were not. At all. And that’s on Karl, whose team won in spite of it.

Three Things We Saw

  1. Turnovers again. 1) Find dead horse. 2) Flog it.
  2. Kyrie Irving is a stud. I’ve been a pretty strong supporter of the Nuggets’ approach to team building. The notion that a team doesn’t need a superstar to succeed is an interesting and attractive idea that appeals to the democratic sensibilities of a mid-market fan base that watched the marquee player we spent years supporting (and the team spent developing) turn his back on us and walk away in favor of the glitz and glamor of bright lights big city. But to be honest, I can’t help but feel jealous watching Irving. Maybe it’s the inconsistency of Lawson, Gallinari and Iguodala, but at least at this point none of them really captures that transcendent panache of a bona fide star, and at the very least, Kyrie is entertaining as hell to watch. That said, the Nuggets are 22-16, and the Cavs are 9-29, so I’d still rather be on this side of the equation.
  3. Dribble-Drive-Motion needs shooters. All seems to be silent on the Nuggets trade rumor front, save for a peep in December about Timo being on the block. But it is becoming ever more clear that to make their offensive system work effectively, the Nuggets will need at least one reliable perimeter shooter to prevent defenses from simply packing thepaint all the time.

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  • Aaron

    Sometimes I wonder what it would’ve been like to have Faried on one of the Chauncey/Carmelo teams? We used to give away so many games and Faried just won’t let us lose. He didn’t have great numbers tonight, but his energy is infectious and he kept everyone playing hard when it looked like they weren’t going to miss any shots.

    We need to get some rest for Ty, AI, Gallo, etc. . so we need to put these away earlier. But, I”ll take the win, and a good defensive effort at the end.

  • Aaron

    Are there still any questions as to who will be our “closer”? Seems like we’re running the 1-3 pick and roll pretty consistently now, and as long as Ty doesn’t turn it over we can count on Gallo for a big shot.

    • googergieger

      Tell that to Karl. He has the pecking order as Ty, Dre, Iggy, and then Gallo.

      • Jacob

        Aaron to answer your question yes there are still questions and that is probably a good thing. If teams key in on Gallo another guy will burn them. Same if they focus on Iggy. Really can go to lots of guys and it keeps teams guessing. That is part of the problem with some of the teams close to us in the standings. If you stop one guy late you stop them.

  • Arrawak

    Kk was the wake up call tonight

  • googergieger

    Okay this is our ugliest win to date. How can we keep disrespecting teams? How can we keep thinking teams are going to roll over for us? I mean Ty came up with two big drives to offset his horrible game. Are the pot rumors true? Iguodala is the only guy that is getting rightfully pissed at these type of wins. I saw towards the end when he went to guard Irving and Ty waved him off(I guess that was Karl’s call), Iggy just looked at him like, “seriously?”. Gallo came up big for us again. If it wasn’t for foul trouble we probably wouldn’t have had to go down to the wire. Dude was about to take over, and the team decided to go away from him until he got into foul trouble. Still had a great game and hit another shot of the night for us. Our bench was horrible except for McGee. How on earth does McGee play six minutes in the first half when he was blocking and altering everything in sight? Did the same thing in the second, but no one was helping the helper. Karl is quick to blame everything on him. Koufos was horrible the first three quarters but came up big in the fourth. I still think it is time to start McGee. He scares people from attacking the rim. Karl just needs to get on his guys to help the helper.

    We need a guy to come in that is going to kick some guys asses though. Some guy that is going to just not put up with this teams bullshit and total lack of effort. Iguodala seems to know that this isn’t acceptable but he seems like too nice a guy to call people out. Karl is supposed to be a hard ass right? Oh right, I forgot only when it comes to McGee and a few others.

    Don’t look now, but we’re the sixth seed right now. The Golden State game coming up is going to be huge for us. I don’t want to say we need to win it but something close to a “must win” game.

    • Jacob

      You idea on McGee sounds great in theory, but what would he do in 30 minutes a game? If he could still give 100% the whole time then yes you are clearly right, but if not I think might be a good idea to leave him in the current role. I guess we won’t know until we see it, but count me in the group that thinks he is better in small doses. Not to say he can’t play some more, but he seems to get winded really easy. Also him and Miller (and Brewer to a lesser extent) play well together so might lose that. Those 3 have a good chemistry. So if he starts and we keep his energy up and can use those 3 together I am all for it, but not sure if that is possible.

      • Jacob

        And I don’t know if in the NBA you have must win games in January. Pretty easy to bounce back then. Unless of course your the Lakers then pretty much every game is a must win at this point lol.

      • googergieger

        I still don’t know what that has to do with McGee starting. He could play five minutes to start and then bring in Koufos. If this team or any team gets off to a great start it makes the rest of the game that easier. Confidence builds, game has a rhythm, and you put the opposing team on it’s heels. I mean Koufos has four horrible games in a row, still started and still played big minutes, guess what? He looks like he has more chemistry with our main guys if not all guys, and he doesn’t look like a desperate player trying to make an imprint on the game(sometimes anyways) for fear of being yanked if he doesn’t stumble upon something Karl likes.

        Also I said as close to a must win game as there is. Not a must win, but close to it. Something that will help a lot moving forward. Beating someone ahead of us in the stands and all.

        • Jacob

          Well like I said I see a scenario where him starting will work, but think playing him with Miller/Brewer is best and I don’t think we should stat those guys. Those 3 just always seem to have a feel for where the other two will be at and they don’t seem to have that with some of the other guys.

    • Brazil

      Like your comment, but does anyone else wonder why our starting lineup hasn’t been mixed up at all this year? Our starting lineup has come up flat the last few games….could they be getting tired. With the kind of pace GK likes to run I know that I’d be tired. Love Faried but sometimes he doesn’t match up well with certain lineups. I’d like to see Koufas and JaVale start together and bring Faried’s energy off the bench along with CB. Other nights we could start a smaller lineup. Anyone else have any ideas for starters? Anyone agree with me?

    • SmokinNugs

      McGee is averaging somewhere around 19min a game this season, his career is around 21 min a game. I’m all for more McGee, but this has been his standard usage rate. Who knows what he’s capable of for 30 min?!

  • Ban Johnson

    Gallo is a clutch player. It’s happened too many times for it to be a coincidence. He seems like one of those guys who grew up dreaming about taking the last second shot and so the basketball gods just keep giving it to him for the fun of it.

    The Nuggets played HARD the last 3 quarters. It wasn’t always pretty, and there were plenty of frustrations — see Javale McGee and Corey Brewer — but this team doesn’t like to lose. That’s a good thing.

    Love how hard Ty Lawson is playing. Faried is a given, but if Lawson has this kind of motor the rest of the season, the Nuggets will continue to win.

    Koufos has a lot of poise around the basket: he always seems to know where he is on the floor and rarely rushes. I know the conventional wisdom is that he’s just a generic big guy, but I think he brings some subtle qualities that go overlooked.

    Need to play better against Warriors and Blazers, and need to win them both.

    Does Andre Miller ever blow a finish on the fast break?



      8/13 ( 3/6 3 point , all the another nuggets 1/10 )
      7 rmb ( 2 very important )
      2 assist

      BBBB B B BBBBBBBBBBBBBB hahaah LOL .. because he is ITALIAN !!!!

      • http://yahoo.com prospector


        I am 100% American and I love Gallo… He puts up w/Karls crazyness without complained.. He needs more shots.. He needs actual plays drawn up for him.. Give the ball to him at the end of quarters… I live in Denver and Denver fans love Gallo and Faried.. Karl is the problem not our boys….

      • SmokinNugs

        Why are you so concerned with the meaningless grade a blog writer gives your favorite person on the planet?

        Oh yea, because you’re a troll.

        Lets not feed the troll anymore folks!

        • http://yahoo.com prospector

          Hey the guy is a fan and in America there is something called freedom of speech.. I know currently in America we are being conditioned to be freaked out by anyone who expresses theirself in a “passionate” way… In the old days Americans were taught sticks and stones may break my bones but WORDS CAN NEVER HURT ME.. But due to the flaming lib media we are being conditioned to be overly “sensistive”.. God forbid someone says something considered “unsensistive”.. This person must be banished to Hates… The guy is from Italy and loves Gallo, and I think that is great. He is passionate and fights for his boy… God bless him and I wish America would regain his spirit.

        • Jacob

          I found the guy on facebook he is not a troll

  • Tom

    This team, indeed.

    Turnovers and offensive rebounding were the big stories tonight. The Cavs got a bunch of extra possessions off of Nuggets turnovers, while the Nuggets got a bunch of extra possessions off of the offensive glass.

    From the time the game was tied at 87, the Nuggets didn’t turn the ball over again, but did get one big offensive rebound by Andre Miller that led to a lead that was never relinquished.

    It seems like almost every game this month, Gallo has hit a big 3 pointer late.

  • Stephen Hernandez

    Kosta Koufus you still suck player of the game was gallo. And this was again a terrible coached game.

  • magster

    No one will remember in April that we barely won these games. I’ll never complain about an ugly win after it’s over. I’ll just whine and drink more during it.

  • Ckwizard

    About GK and Gallo… It seemed that Gallo was called upon by GK during the timeout… Maybe the play was drawn up for Gallo to put the dagger in and finish the cavs off. While I would like to see a complete game from this team I would rather them have to come from behind than lose a big lead, I mean to say good that the team is focused to close out games. The pecking order… there is not one as the roles on this offense are defined and Gallo gets his opportunities in isolation more than any other player besides miller. Ty and Igoudala start off the pick and roll and pass to Gallo if necessary where he has the option to shoot or drive then on the drive has to choose to finish or kick. Gallo plays a different position then Ty and Igoudala and is not a primary ball handler or decision maker. If Gallo would develop a post game like Miller, Gallo would be unstoppable. As it is Gallo is not the first option in the flow of the offense and he shouldn’t be…. Melo and the ball stops here offense is no more and I don’t want Gallo to be Carmello. Compare Gallos use in the offense to Brewer and you should be able to see that GK does trust and utilize Gallo as a primary scorer where He doesn’t with Brewer. The nuggets defense is continuing to get better and Kufous is the anchor of that defense replace him with McGee and the defense will be as bad as Googergieger tried to convince everyone it was at the beginning of the season. McGee is getting better and is showing better Fundementals but he is not better than Kufous yet…. He is getting better so whatever GK is doing must be working guess that is why he is the coach. The Nuggets are getting better Good Job Coach Karl! Go Nuggets. Peace!

  • Tim Noblin

    The next 3 games will be very telling for if this “team” is ready to take the next step this season or just be another ONE and Done team. vs. Golden State, vs. Portland, @ OKC. Gallo is and has to continue to be our best player. Gallo is a playmaker, Gallo is the new “Mr. Big Shot”. Ty needs to continue to pressure teams and drive, drive, drive. And he needs to STOP turning the ball over late in games (he has done a way better job the last couple games). Koufos is our BEST center, BY FAR! McGee should be playing about 22 mpg (which I think he is averaging about 19), so maybe 3 more mins per game would work BUT he still makes far to many bone headed mistakes.

    • John

      the next 5 games… after OKC there is the New and Improved Washington Wizards (now with 100% more John Wall) and OKC again… Ouch. Then Houston twice this month too… so much for January being an EASY schedule.

  • Will

    Every1 should stop bitching about Koufos. He’s our best center and hes a year younger than McGee. Doesn’t matter if McGee blocks shots if the rest of his game is subpar.

    • James

      Second that. McGee can be so dominating, but tonight he’s missing dunks, shooting fadeaways, and leaving his man constantly. His fundamentals are so bad, I think the team has no idea what he’s going to do, and it just messes up the flow. He’s GOT to get more consistent before he deserves to play more. Or just play him when he’s hot . . .

    • John

      Agreed… imagine if Kosta hadn’t been rehabbing his knee this summer , and was able to go work with Hakeem as originally planned. Unlike McGee, I think he has the brain to utilize what was shown. I estimate he gets a pretty big contract 2 1/2 years from now. I expect him to be a 12/8 Center next year, and 15/10 the year after…. Teams will be throwing 10-12 million at him. Hard work pays.

    • Jacob

      Will You can’t say Koufus is our best C. I think Kouf is our most consistent there, but his upside is fairly limited. Tonight might be the best scoring night he will have in his entire career. The way Koufus has been playing recently is basically his peak, which isn’t saying much. Javale on the other hand can score like this any night with a mountain of blocks. While he makes a lot of mistakes, he’s the kinda guy with so much talent you have to live with a little of that. If it gets out of hand then pull him. I don’t think JaVale is ever going to be a guy you play for most of the game, he has unlimited potential. And if he is ever capable of taking starter minutes the league better watch out.

      • John

        Nope… his(McGee) potential is severely limited… by his lack of Basketball IQ. He SHOULD be exponentially better than both Kosta and Mozzy, but hes not.

        How can you possibly assume that this is the BEST Kosta will ever play, the kid has done nothing but improve each year.

        It is a widely held belief that big men take longer to develop than other players, and most Centers don’t truly come into their own until their mid- late-twenties. That gives both these guys years more of development time… My guess is only one has the MIND to push himself to do so. JaVale need the “carrot and the stick”. Kosta needs neither.

        • Jacob

          John thing is you can fix things like basketball IQ. Guys can learn and maybe it won’t happen with McGee, but if it does he will be something special. You can’t teach talent and frankly Koufus doesn’t have a ton. He is solid no doubt, but not much of a chance he ever averages a double double. Even tonight in one of his better games he missed some easy shots and we’ve seen that quite often from him. He does a good job of not leaving his feet on fakes and give us good effort out there, but really who did he tear up tonight? Tristan Thompson? Tyler Zeller? Lets not schedule the HOF induction yet.

          I guess it was unfair to say this is the best he will every play, but hes somewhere near the ceiling. McGee isn’t close to his. I wasn’t trying to knock Koufus in my original comment he provides us with some solid minutes, just saying there is no question McGee is the most talented center here. Simply put Koufus isn’t a guy other teams will ever lose sleep over. McGee can be and probably already is with some of the dominating nights he has.

          • John

            I totally agree with that… I’ve met McGee (I work at the company that makes Sport Science) The dude is a physical freak… he can literally touch the top of the backboard. There is no doubt in my mind that he is the most gifted and talented(natural innate ability), but he is the least SKILLED(the application of ability) so far. Hopefully that changes.

            Listen, all I’m saying about 2K is that all of the arguments about minutes made for McGee can also be applied to Kosta… if he were getting “starter minutes”(35 like Ty and Dre) he would be averaging 14.5 and 9.7. So, no I don’t think it is a stretch to think he might average a double double at some point in the near future, either here, or at his next team.

            • dynamo.joe

              His career per 36 stats
              Reb 10.3 Pts 12.7


              • Jacob

                And in the NBA right now there are 27 players in the entire league who average 36 minutes. Don’t think he will ever be a 36 min guy.

              • John

                Your argument is flawed because you are using his CAREER PER instead of his current year…basically, you are penalizing him for improving, and thus also making my point.

                Second… Tyler Zeller, Tristan Thompson, and Nicola Vucevic are all big who are playing OVER 30 minutes per game. Why? Because they are on crap teams(two on the Cavs)… Therefore it is not a stretch to think that a continually improving KK can play big minutes SOMEWHERE.

                Here is a tip… try not dealing in absolutes like never or can’t. While something may not be likely, it is also not impossible.

                And while were are talking probabilities. What do you think is more likely… Kosta averages 15 and 10 for a season at some point in his career…or JaVale goes for an entire season without appearing on “Shaqting a Fool”(assuming it continues to be a staple on TNT) at some point.

                I would feel much safer putting money down on option one, than two.

      • Ckwizard

        I don’t see how you can say Kufous has reached his peak… Kufous is the most improved player on this team over last year…. Kufous is obviously driven and a student of the game and has had to transform his game from the one he had at Ohio State, being at Ohio State he was more like a forward competing against lesser talent and now he is asked to be a center playing against mor physical and talented competition. Kufous at Ohio State didn’t have to play with his back to the basket which he has to do most of the time in the Nuggets offense and given another off season Kufous might be a really good post player.

  • John

    This game was classic for me… my roommate is from Ohio and a Cavs fan. He was talking smack pretty heavily for the first three quarters.

    Then at the start of the fourth, he looks at me and says, “This is where Kyrie becomes selfish, slows the game, shoots nothing but contested 3s, and we lose by 15.” And damn if he wasn’t almost 100% right. Had the Cavs continued to play fast paced, drive the lane ball, there is no way we win tonight.

    All I need to say is 22 turnovers, 8 missed layups, and 4 missed dunks… Dude you’re 7’1″… you can touch the rim without leaving you feet, how do you miss a dunk?

  • googergieger

    I love how everyone ignores every horrible game Koufos has, every mistake he makes, and every time he is dominated by a competent center, just to jump on the bandwagon of McGee being a Shaqtin a fool staple, and only that.

    Wait not love. Scoff. I scoff at that. That’s the one.

    • John

      Listen I’ve liked this kid since he was drafted… so no bandwagon here, but if we could ship him to the Cavs as part of an Andy trade I would do it in a second. Think about it Wilson, Kosta, QMiller and a pick for Andy anyone???

      Will he every be a Shaq? No. Does he have bad games? Yes, especially against BIG bigs…which the Cavs certainly don’t have, but he never has horrible games… ineffective. Yes. A non factor, yes, but not horrible…

      He doesn’t take BAD shots(McGee), get selfish and refuse to pass the ball(McGee), jump at everything(McGee), he knows his role, and hes got a pretty nice touch. He needs to continue to get stronger, and rebound better, but I think he is on the right track.

      Oh and shoot better free throws like almost everyone else on this team.

      • Jacob

        Actually John I think in the Andy trade scenario we could hang onto Kouf and move Mozgov instead if maybe we gave up Fournier instead of QMiller. Heck give both Fourner and Miller if it gets us Andy.

        • John

          I agree, but Kouf being an Ohio guy might be more appealing. So I would start with Mozzy and then let them “talk me into” Kosta.

      • Trip

        As much as i want to see Koufas and Chandler shipped out i think that it is giving up way to much for one player. Yes Verajo is a good energy high impact player, but it is still a big price to pay for one non-superstar player.

        • Jacob

          It is a lot, but Andy still leads the NBA in rebounds per game. I think getting consistency like that at center would really benefit this team.

      • googergieger

        I don’t mind a trade for Varejao as a three man rotation of him, Faried, and McGee would work great. Not to mention get rid of a lot of our log jam, and he’d be a great mentor for McGee and Faried. Teach them how to box out and such. Still I think the Cavs want a lot for him. We’d probably have to take him, Gibbons, and Walton, and have to give up Gallo and some change I reckon.

        • John

          He gets a lot of crap, but I think Walton is a smart player, and wouldn’t be too bad to have on the bench.

          • googergieger

            He’s a good passer, a guy that will commit a flagrant to stick up for his team mates/get the refs attention. But I wouldn’t give up Gallo for Andy straight up, let alone giving up one or two of our centers, probably Hamilton, and taking on two other contracts we have no need for.

            • googergieger

              Not to mention knowing Karl, he’d play him twenty minutes and go with him over Faried and/or any other center we have.

              • John

                Hey… mang you trew da’ Gallo in… I sez…Wilson, Kosta, QMiller an’ a pick fer Andy. I don’ see no Gallo in ‘dere. lol

                I just assume that taking back a contract like Walton’s is gonna be the price of doing business for any team that goes after Verajao, but there is no way I give up Gallo for him either.

              • googergieger

                Well Cavs want a lot for Varejao. I think we have enough to make a run at him but a lot of teams might actually take the bait and give up a lot of talent and resources while taking a few contracts as well just to get him during his career year. I think if Chandler comes back and plays decent to good for us, him, Koufos, J-Ham, and maybe someone/something else will be enough for him. As long as we take back Gibbons and Walton that is. Heck we might even be able to talk them into giving us a pick as well.

            • dynamo.joe

              Walton is a large-ish expiring contract, I don’t think they would include him in a Varejao package.

              Also any trade for Varejao should include a clause which requires him to leave the sideshow bob haircut in Cleveland.

      • jasonic


        Great second half by Kosta, i absolutely enjoy it.

        [/Gianluca mode] KOSTA KOUFOS MVP NUGGETS!!

        Y u so racist not wanting the best European center starting for your team? [/Gianluca mode]

        Ok i ‘m just kidding. 😛

        The biggest difference between last year’s team and this year’s is that they can win matches by playing defence and they show it yesterday. You can remember that last year when a opposing team started getting hot the Nuggets couldn’t defend them successfully and even average players had career nights. I ‘m not saying that the defence right now is excellent but surely it improved a lot. Also i think Gallo has shown that in the last minutes he should take the shots.

        About Kosta now. He surely doesn’t play to his peak. I think people saying that he doesn’t have so much talent because his moves and his shooting releases are a little bit awkward. That doesn’t mean he can’t be effective in the offensive end. He already has a good post game (the Nuggets don’t need it for some reason) and he could be a decent jumpshooter from 4 meters. I think in the defensive end has proven his worth. I ‘ve just checked the stats in 82 games and i see 100.9 pts per 100 poss when Koufos is in. When he is out it’s 111.4!!

        • Greco21

          Πες τα ρε άνθρωπε…

          Κώστα είσαι καλύτερος από τον Μαγκί

          Sorry for the Greek.

          googergieger c mon man… Give my man some credit. You are hurting the Denver Nugget Greek community fan base. We stay up all night to watch our guy…

          I will give credit to Kosta because he had a really bad game and he picked it up, after some horrible performances (especially against Orlando).

          I will not criticize him tonight and Greeks will celebrate his career night.

          Keneth was the turning point with the fouls he earned from Thompson. His energy kept the Nuggets in the game. While they were around the corner other guys stepped up.

          Iggys defense and Gallo rebounding and long range were critical since Brewer did not contribute that much.

          Ty had a tough night against a great to watch player.

      • nugswin

        “Think about it Wilson, Kosta, QMiller and a pick for Andy anyone???”

        The Cavs have about 29 better offers than that for him.

        People need to start making trade proposals that take in to consideration what the other team might want, not what guys they would like to see gone. Andy is coveted by more than half the league. Do you really think they’re going to give 2 bench players and a D-leaguer any consideration at all?

        gg is right, any trade for Andy is going to probably have to include Gallo, so I hope we’re not in the market for him.

        • John

          I agree. Any deal would most likely have to include either Gallo, a third team, money(TPE from Nene) and multiple picks …or all of the above.

          But lets be honest, Wilson and Kosta are not “bench players” in Cleveland…. Wilson could start at 2 or 3 and Kosta at 4(if they still had Andy) and 5 if they didn’t.

          So both players address needs, but admittedly are not Varejao caliber, and they are probably not close to the best offer out there. Though I would bet this latest injury/surgery has dropped his trade value significantly, for everyone except the Cavs, of course.

          Maybe if we sent the trade request in Comic Sans Gilbert would love it and accept it anyways.

          …let me have my dreams…

  • CJP32

    Ugly win, but it was a win. Again, our first quarter was flat and foul trouble did not help (Gallo and Brewer had 3 each in first half). KK had a monster 2nd half, Gallo stepped up and made some clutch buckets.

    Ty/Iggy at one point in the 3rd Qtr had more TOs than made FGs – then they showed up late, but thats not good enough.

    CBrew had an off shooting night (carried over from his 2nd half vs Orlando) but was running and passing in transition (4 assists) and defended nicely.

    WC makes his 2nd season debut this Sunday vs Warriors, which means GK has to tinker with a 9 man rotation. The good news is fewer minutes for Ty, Iggy, Gallo = more rest/better health. Maybe we wont see much more of the 2 PG lineups anymore as WC can play 3 positions.

    10 of the next 12 games are at home, we need to win at least 9, and protect home court. Maybe by February we will be 5th or even 4th seed?

    • dynamo.joe

      I would be satisfied if Chandler could play 1 position, but I haven’t seen any evidence that he can.

  • Trip

    Almost, and I do mean almost every bucket that Koufas had was because he was set up by a good pass by Iggy, Dre or Lawson. He missed a couple of his own wide open dunks, and had plenty of bone headed plays like trying to tip in the miss early in the game from the middle of the paint instead of coming down with it and setting up another offensive possession. He had the most points because A) he had more minutes than any other 5 on our roster, and the Cavs dont really have a true 5 on their roster. Zeller may be 7′ but he is weak and plays like a 4 anyway. Plus he should have had way more than 6 boards playing the Cavs.

    Mozgov didnt get much in the box sxore but I think had a great game and played with a lot of energy. He had at least one ball slip through his hands but i think he is still the best 5 on the roster. He needs more minutes!

    • Jacob

      Mozgov really sucks. He has to be the worst 7 ft dunker I’ve ever seen and has no hands. He doesn’t kill us on D, but sometimes finds himself a step or two behind. Saying he is better than Koufus or McGee is absurd.

      • Trip

        He was a force last year until he sprained his ankle against the Lakers i believe was his first injury. He was our only answer to Andrew Bynum in the playoffs and like i keep saying if he gets the Playing time he will find the flow of this offense. His biggest downfall and I can not seem to understand why he cant fix this is all the defensive 3 second calls he gets. But he gets them for being a good off ball defender

        • John

          … and he was solid in the Olympics. I agree that we will never know until he gets more than a 6 min. average for the season.

          • Jacob

            Define force because what he did last year doesn’t fit my definition of force. For a guy who we are pleased with when he would get 6 points last year he would have to be a legendary defensive player to be a force and while I agree he is decent not really a special player there. We gave him some minutes last year (still not a ton, but decent) and really he wasn’t close to Koufus’s performance this year

            And if the Olympics is now our judge of talent I think the NBA needs to look into some of the Spanish dudes who stroke 3’s all game. Oh I forget that has already been tried. I guess we could give Patty Mills a max deal off of his Olympic performance instead though and see if that works.

  • toluene_hawk

    We’ve gone 13 comments in a row without someone posting a “trade machine” link yet? What is going on?

  • googergieger

    “It wasn’t pretty tonight, but we’ll take the win. Winning ugly is usually the sign of a good basketball team. “-Karl on twitter

    Playing down to your opponent, and not respecting ALL NBA teams is a sign of immaturity. I know we aren’t OKC, not even close. But look at them tonight against The Lakers. They played to dominate from the get go. Didn’t play to the score. Didn’t play to their opponent. Played the way they always want to play against any opponent. Played the way they want to play come play offs/finals. Again this team needs someone that is going to come in and kick some ass. Iguodala in his post game seemed to be the only one that recognized the problem with wins and performances like this.

  • http://twitter.com/chantech chantech

    1. Those of you stating to start McGee are entirely off base. Karl is handling McGee perfectly. I know 2K doesn’t look pretty but he does a lot of strong, fundamental and consistent things on defense that win basketball games. McGee does them every once in awhile.

    2. I’ll be the first to say George Karl has been bad this season but he coached an absolutely brilliant game tonight..A+ IMO. The halftime defensive adjustments and 2nd half scheme were absolutely brilliant. In fact, he used almost every trick in the book in a perfectly balanced way to defend Irving (who still made plays because he’s a special talent).

  • Tonia01

    23 points, 8-13 from the field, 50% from downtown, 100% at three throw, 7 rebounds, you make the winning big shot again, and you get a B ????? ….. C’mon Joel …… Gianluca where are you ? I was waiting for your fourious reaction ….. :-)

    • Robxxx

      That’s correct.
      It is not a matter of ‘racism’ but Denver fans are speaking about trading Galiinari since the start of this season.
      And ‘Melo ?
      39 points !!! The most part of them in garbage time, and Knicks failed again.
      I guess you are not impartial, at least.
      Basketball is a team game, pls remember.
      p.s.: I’m italian, but I am not running Google Translator, I meant what I’ve written.

    • https://twitter.com/denbutsu Joel

      Fair enough. These letter grades are really subjective. Get ten knowledgeable Nuggets fans to grade any given game, and no two people will ever turn out the same results.

      If you read what I wrote in the part about Koufos, I did specifically say why he was the only player I gave an A to. My original feeling was that NONE of the players deserved to get an A because of that horrid first half. All of us RMC contributors have different approaches to grading. To me, one thing is to make the grades expectation-appropriate. So, for example, obviously Lawson and Miller did more to actually win the game in the end than Mozgov did, but he got a higher grade because given what his role and minutes are, he basically met expectations. I hope even if you don’t agree with the specific grades, you’ll at least agree that Koufos, and Koufos alone, FAR exceeded what should normally be expected from him. I should also say that, in turn, with this he sets the bar higher for himself, and I’ll probably raise my standard (ie. be stricter) in grading him in the future.

      Truth be told, this was a game that I almost didn’t grade at all. I kind of wanted to just do a regular recap, because the first half problem was really a team problem, and there’s no good way to address that in individual player grading. I will say that I absolutely agree, though, that if anyone besides Koufos deserved an A it was Gallo.

      • Tonia01

        Joel, I am with you; it is really difficult to rate players in such an ugly game. Probably the only rate with no doubts is the D to coach Karl. I really do not see a game plan that tries to maximize the quality of our players. All players are inconsistent, because they cannot enter in rhythm, they do not have a clear role, everyone is authorize to shoot as many times as he likes, so our best players sometimes do not see the ball for entire quarters. I believe that Ty, Iggy and Gallo and eventually Faried should have most of the shots every night, period. The others do not have the quality to shoot 10-15 times a game if not occasionally.

  • Giovanni

    Man Gallo deserve A…
    Or 9 minimum…

    The good is the season of lakers(ah ah ah)but i feared that the nuggets with the actual coach can’t compete with the elite of the western conference..

    Ps ah ah lakers thank you…
    What a joke..


      why gallo B an KOUFOS A ????

      WHY ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????


    DENVER 3 POINT 1/10
    GALLO 3 POINT 3/6

    Koufos 35 min 17 fga 21 points , 6 rmb
    GALLO 31 min 13 fga 23 points , 7 rmb , 2 ass


    • monimo

      Koufos deserves A+ because he played way above expectations and talent. Gallo made a very good game, but it’s a “normal” game for him. So he deserves an A.

    • dynamo.joe

      You are right Gianluca, it’s Gallo by a mile….until I add in the steal and block for K2 and the 4 turn overs for Gallo. Gallo also wins the who can foul the most contest tonite; 4 PF to 3 for K2.

    • John

      Gianluca needs a hug….

  • espresso

    Koufos was the best player of the game.
    Koufos has the best +/- (seazon)
    I like him


    koufos a

    but for NBA
    GALLO A … not B
    vs lakers GALLO A+ ( if Kobe was Match-winner AAAA+++ )
    .. not GALLO B



    .. see the STATS , see the GAME
    LOOK IN espn.com gallinari game long …
    in the WIN …
    vs the > 500 TEAM …
    and in 4°quarter !

    % of GALLO 3 point in last 5′ in game +/- 4 points


    Gallo is 1988 and they not play in NCAA …

    denver is 5-0 in the game when GALLO play wit 20 or + FGA !!!!

    if Karl and the team UNDERSTAND IT and gallo 17-20 FGA game .. DENVER CAN WIN 1ç ROUND PLAYOFF

  • Ernie

    Yes, KK played great. But I thought AI was the difference this time. Last year’s game against Cleveland was very similar at home but they couldn’t stop Irving in the 4Q and lost. This time AI put a stop to it. Maybe I was naive but I never thought AI would be able to guard the small PGs so well when they acquired him. And that’s a skill that doesn’t ebb and flow like offense.

    Also Gianluca, for all of his racist charges (where it is clear he is just projecting his own personal issues), has a point about Gallo. When Gallo plays well the team wins. And I’d rather have Gallo shooting with a game on the line than anyone else. It’s just that I’d rather have someone else drive and then kick it to him as opposed to him taking his man off the dribble. More of a Robert Horry role. But that is twice in the last few games where the ball finds him open on the three point line and Gallo made it to ice the game.

  • Zorba

    It’s really amazing how some people on this blog, after a huge game played by kk, still insist that he’s not talented and he will never be able to repeat such a performance…
    I can’t explain that, unless kk has done something really bad to one of their first grade relatives… I can’t imagine what…

    • toluene_hawk

      It’s because Nuggets fans are turning into Lakers fans. They think that if the team is not >0.600 it is time to blow it up, roll the dice, and try again.

      90% of the folks here (probably including me) don’t have a single clue how professional basketball should be played in its intricacies, so take what you read in the comments with a grain of salt.

      I have one comment however about this team. I went to a lot of Nugget games between 2006 and 2009 (including 1 of each of those playoff games). Each game I ever went to has memorable moments. I have been to a few with this new team and there is nothing exciting. None of the guys seem to want to be a ‘personality’ on the floor or care that the fans give them momentum. The Pepsi Center sounded as quiet as a high school gym during the first 3.75 quarters.

      The fan base needs to pick it up, and the Nuggets need to play better in order to inspire “the ruckus”.

  • bm12

    I really like Koufos. He’s making an excellent case for keeping Javale on the bench and earning more minutes. Even better, Karl didn’t pull him while he was having an awesome game this time. He looked tired, but it didn’t stop him from playing well either. I absolutely love McGee, but more performances like this, and Koufos adding some weight, and I could live with a McGee trade.

    On that note, this should be a wake up call for McGee, and he should be playing to the level of his playoff performances last year, every game. He obviously has the talent, the size, and the strength, he just needs to materialize it all at once so he can be a truly dominating force on the court. Then again, it seems like very few players on the team are living up to their potential right now.

  • googergieger

    The reason I “hate” on Koufos is because of the free passes the fan base and Karl give the kid, but the ridiculous high standard Javale is held to, yet no one giving the kid credit when he deserves it. I mean only when the kid has an unarguably fantastic game do you see him get some praise and even then it is, “Why can’t we see this every night? Koufos should still start! McGee is a big dumb stupid dumb dumb!”.

    Koufos had a great game. Guess what, the more chances you get to succeed the more chances you are likely to. Still doesn’t change the fact that for about four games in a row he was owned by opposing centers/forwards and brought nothing to the table. Yet he was given a free pass. Meanwhile McGee has to work from a hole the entire world put him in cause the Basketball Jones rip off loves using him to sell their stupid segment.

    I mean last night, starting line up including KK get owned. McGee comes in and alters and blocks everything in sight. Plays six minutes. Karl never puts him back in until 40 seconds are left in the second quarter. Even when the kid plays good and does good things, Karl isn’t going to acknowledge it. The fan base isn’t going to acknowledge it. Because much like when Gallo gets crap for not shooting the ball thirty times to get thirty points or making every three he tosses up to be the spot up shooter he is and nothing else! Once people have an idea of you, they’ll never ever let it go. Not a great trait to have folks. Especially in a coach.

    • Charliemyboy

      I would say GK is wrong when they start losing regularly. Otherwise, it’s his game to call for reasons we all do not completely know.

    • calvin

      i reason why he is so hard on Javale is because karl knows that javale potential is out the roof. in order for him to reach that potential needs to discipline him. javale needs to learn to control himself on the court and make smart decisions and know his role. he cant be taking the ball up like a point guard, or take jumpers because that not his game.

      • googergieger

        But when he plays good(see Memphis game) he still takes him out. Even if taking him out will cost us the game(again, see Memphis game). I mean thankfully he brought him back in that Lakers game. Ty, Dre, Iguodala, Brewer early and Gallo late were huge for us. But McGee bothered the hell out of Dwight with his length and activity.

    • CkWizard

      Googergieger humor me please, if McGee is so dominate in those six minutes and alters or blocks everything in sight then why does the score not reflect having such a dominant player on our side. It is McGees defensive assignment that is almost always collecting the rebound from the shot that was altered and that leads to a second chance point. KK has such a good plus minus because of the starters he plays with but why is it that Denver usually doesn’t start to trail until McGee enters the game. Out of the starting five I would rank KK last in terms of being the weakest position taking all facets of the game into account but McGee if a starter would still be the weakest position. IMO McGee is not better than Igoudala, Ty , Gallo , or even Faried and neither is KK. Basketball is not a one position game and the Kosta vs Javale debate is. So in the context of McGee vs Kosta you may be correct and valid but in the team context the nuggets seem to perform better as a team when Kosta is playing.

      • googergieger

        Orlando and Cleveland we started poor right? I mean this is the thing, when things go great it is because of Koufos and his unsung heroics(except they are sung around here) when things go wrong it is because of everyone else.

        Also it is very surprising that the guy that is given the most minutes to develop chemistry with our top guys(and minutes no matter what), has better chemistry with them. I mean in that Cleveland game even Hastings who worships Karl and agrees with him about McGee was saying how someone had to rotate to McGee’s guy because McGee was doing great in altering/blocking the shot but it was someone elses job to get his man. I don’t know, I guess in practice Koufos just really outshines McGee. And now we are in the too late to do anything about it now camp. So whatever I guess. Next game Lee and Landry right? Koufos is going to get a C at worst even if his assignment has a career night and McGee well get a C- at best if he doesn’t go for twenty and ten.

        Again, I guess no need to rock the boat now and hindsight is always twenty/twenty. Way I and others see it though, McGee is in a hole he is never going to be allowed to escape from because Karl keeps digging it deeper and deeper. Master of analogies, I know…

        I don’t know, maybe if Karl and the people on this site were just more consistent with how they treat and rate players, I wouldn’t get so bent out of shape. Oh wells, I guess.

    • John

      I think your argument about “the more chances you have to succeed…” would have more traction for me, if they(Kosta and McGee) weren’t playing similar minutes.. (22 vs 19) If McGee were only getting Mozgov minutes I would whole heartedly join you in the complaining.

      Right now I feel like McGee SHOULD be crushing Kosta in every statistical category, because he is generally(or at least more often) playing against bench players… but that is not happening

      • googergieger

        They aren’t really getting the same minutes, averages aside. McGee could be given twenty plus minutes three nights and ten minutes another or be given a steady amount of minutes to start the season and given crap minutes most of this month, meanwhile Koufos could always be getting his 22 no matter what. Much more Koufos always plays with our two best defenders, and the one guy that always gets everyone;s attention Faried. Not to mention our best guys at attacking the rim. So he gets everything rather easy. Three of our four best play makers and someone about three people are trying to box out?

        Also I have no idea why people assume coming off the bench means you are going to dominate. I mean maybe if you’re a wing, but as a big? Bench is time for hectic play. Guys with no positions, running, playing physical, and well just chaos really. Maybe controlled chaos sometimes, but still chaos. This is why I never got the people that assumed Gasol off bench would fix everything for the Lakers. He’d be forced to play against younger and more physical players with a rare chance of executing anything in a half court offense.

        Also Kosta is now averaging twenty three minutes to McGee’s nineteen, where Kosta is averaging one more rebound…

        Again too late to do anything about it now. We’re lucky we get the occasional dominant or even good performance from Javale as is. Again maybe in practice and team meetings the kid just shows he doesn’t give an eff. Maybe Koufos is out working him and showing he is getting it. Maybe there is more to it than what we see, which is Koufos getting every opportunity to succeed and Javale given every opportunity to prove Karl right.

  • Charliemyboy

    Do you think Gallo will be a good 6th man now that Will is back?

    • googergieger

      I won’t say Gallo is too good to come off the bench, cause plenty of bench players nowadays are, but I think he is too important to our starting line up to come off the bench. Him and Iguodala I think are our most important two way players. Well our best two way players. I think even Karl realizes it, cause you won’t see both off the court that often.

      I would like to see Karl mix it up and start Gallo at the four sometimes though. Like against OKC. He can guard Ibaka who has no post game, and Ibaka can’t guard him in the slightest. He’d stretch the floor and take away Ibaka’s blocking or just be wide open to knock down some three’s. Problem is you might not want to start off Iguodala on Durant, which is where having Chandler helps. He should be able to guard Durant. Not stop him, but he should be able to make Durant work for it.

  • nugswin

    Gallo actually guards Durant pretty well. He can almost match him for length and is stronger. Nobody really guards KD though. . .

  • http://yahoo.com prospector


    Chandler sucks….. FREE JHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • miguel

      your tripping,have you seen chandler play when he came from the trade?? he was our best player. when he is healthy he is top 10 small forward in this league . he has a sick mid range game, he could defend very well as well.

      • GIANLUCA

        ahahah CHANDLER the best ?
        … chandler lawson brewer WIN NBA with nuggets ?

        ok .. TRADE GALLO !!!!!
        I WANT GALLO in a REAL TEAM …
        not in this nuggets / Karl / HATERS GALLO

      • http://yahoo.com prospector


        Chandler played good with Ray Felton.. Felton’s nastiness brought out the “good” Chandler… Felton’s gone (Masai’s worst mistake besides keeping Karl as Head Coach) and so has Chandlers game.. The problem with Chandler is that Karl gives Mcgee’s, Faried, and a little Gallo minutes to Chandler… He’ll still give Brewer and Miller their normal load…. And KARL will go to the mega small lineup w/chandler, miller, lawson on the court WITH NO MCGEE OR FARIED on the floor… That my friend is INSANE…… Chandler’s game is like a bigger version of Andre Miller (without the passing skills). He’s mellow and kinda glides out there.. What this team needs is nasty.. Chris Paul is Nasty, Felton was Nasty.. We need nasty at guard (and another nasty forward)…. But the problem is we have a hippie head coach that thinks he’s the smartest guy the league.. His defense sucks, always has… always will…. His rotations suck…. He either creates a JR SMITH attitude with his head games, or slowly destroys a kid’s confidence (see JHAM)… Anyone here familar with EINSTEIN.. His definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.. Or Santa Ana’s quote about History always repeats itself…. I know how things will turn out… Karl will never change.. He has a freakin track record of over 28 years doing the same crap.. He is like the Peyton Manning of Basketball. Great regular seasons and no playoff results (remember Peyton’s only Super Bowl win came against REX GROSSMAN BEARS… that would be like Karl playing Milwaukee in the finals)…. So I dread the day Chandler comes back….. TRADE CHANDLER NOW!!!!!! FREE JHAM FROM JAIL!!!!!!!!!! ALLOW JULIAN STONE OUT OF HIS CELL AS WELL!!!!!

        And Gianluca, keep supporting your boy GALLO… I am with you my brother…

      • dynamo.joe

        I assume by ‘sick’ in this case you mean horribly utterly broken, cuz he can’t hit shit from mid-range.

        Also, know that “he has a nice mid-range game” translates as “he’s soft”.

      • Guy

        That was about a century ago. Chandler has really only had one good half season right before he was traded to the Nuggets from the Knicks. He needs to be traded, hopefully soon.


    lawson 28′ miller 20′
    igoudala 38′ jHam 10′
    gallinari 33′ brewer 15′
    faried 38′ gallinari 10′
    mcgee 33 koufos 15′

  • Tom

    The Nuggets have one less win than Miami and New York while playing the most difficult schedule to date. Let’s give them a break, folks.

  • Z

    cant wait until WC get buckets so he can get traded from this horrible blog..lol Jham and Brewer need mins what a joke

    • dynamo.joe

      You and me both brother, the sooner we are rid of that boat anchor the better.

  • Z

    and he cant wait to leave this boat going nowhere fast like the nuggets been title contenders lol

  • Z

    all i see is Gallo this Jham that lol trash trash trash

  • Z

    white blog though