Tomasson: Heat could pursue Mozgov

According to Fox Sports’ Chris Tomasson, the Nuggets are looking to deal center Timofey Mozgov. One team Tomasson suggests could be in the running is the Miami Heat. While the Heat don’t have a bevy of assets to offer, Tomasson highlights a first-round pick owed to the Heat from the 76ers as a possible trade chip. In all likelihood the Nuggets will have to include additional assets in order to successfully complete a deal with the Heat alone. With the Nuggets still in much need of a deep threat, two players to keep an eye on are sharpshooters James Jones and Rashard Lewis, both of whom currently remain outside the nightly rotation in Miami.

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Kalen Deremo

Kalen was born in Durango, CO, in 1988 and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2013 with a degree in journalism. He's now an itinerant hoping to travel as much as possible before eventually succumbing to the "real world." Aside from writing Kalen likes movies, music, spicy food and the great outdoors. Edward Abbey is his current idol.

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  • CJP32

    Miami have plenty of shooters we could use: James Jones, Rashard Lewis, Mike Miller, Ray Allen, Shane Battier and Miami’s bench needs some youth injected into it.

    Mozgov/Brewer for Miller works. Sure he doesn’t rebound, run or defend but he would be perfect standing in the corner launching threes where he’s shooting 42% this year. Only needs 12-15 mpg here and frees up 10 mins for JHam.

    • al68

      Seriamos tontos si hicieramos eso. Ellos necesitan un center que lo paguen. 1st round + battier.

  • Tonia01

    I would not change anything in the Nuggets roster now that Chandler is back. He is a good shooter and Gallo is above 40% from three both in December and January. Trading Mozgov is an option, however what happens if one of the other two centers have an injury ? We don’t have a big PF who could play at 5 spot. Faried is undersized for the 4 position imagine at 5.

    • Zack

      Anthony Randolph could certainly play the backup 5 if one Center got injured.

    • Ernie

      Wilson Chandler is a career 32% shooter from 3 point range. He will not fix the shooting problems.

  • magster

    * Pursue, not persue.

    Would love to have a legitimate 3 pt shooting threat on the bench.

    • Kalen

      Thanks! Spell check doesn’t work in the title bar…

      • magster

        Makes sense for an NBA writer to divine how to spell that word from Will Perdue.

  • blackhill

    Nugs are right up against lux tax and Moz wiull be an expiring. I dodn’t see Nugs trading him unless it is for an expiring, and Miami has no expirings which would work w/ Mozzy’s salary.

  • Ban Johnson

    There isn’t any room in the rotation for some lame shooting specialist who can’t even earn minutes on a shallow Heat team unless Brewer or Chandler is part of deal. Nuggets are 9 strong right now; those 9 guys soak up all the minutes.

    240/9= 26.67 minutes per game average for each of top 9 players, each of whom could easily play 30+ minutes.

    +All the Miami shooters are under contract for 2013/14. Would be stupid to take on extra money next year for non-essential guys. Just signing Brewer and keeping everyone else will be a challenge under the luxury tax, even without that.

  • Duane

    Don’t like the idea of shaking up the roster unless it is something that will bring a superstar marquee player and I doubt Miami gonna trade one of their two we could use (Wade or James)

  • googergieger

    We’d be better off letting Mozzy walk. Heck Boston would probably give up Terry or Lee for Mozgov, Brewer, and some change. But as has been said, I think we should stay pat unless something too good to pass up comes along. We better not give up Gallo and more for Rudy Gay. That’d make Memphis much better and us a bit worse off. Golden state could use Mozgov. Houston could use him. They need an actual back up to Asik. Phili could use a back up plan if Bynum doesn’t work out. Cleveland? Etc. A lot of teams that could use a big body with a lot of upside and a lot of desperate teams in general we could make better deals with. But again, I’m in the stay pat camp.

    • Ban Johnson

      Mozgov + Miller for Terry (+Melo +Collins — needed to make salary work)

      I’d do that one in an instant. Solves a lot of problems. Terry can play backup pg and is a shooting specialist too.

      Celtics don’t really need Andre Miller with Rondo taking so many minutes, but who knows…

  • ny nugs fan

    mozgoz can come in and give us 10 solud minutes and stretch yhe interior unlike any big web have

    dont trade mozgoz; *play* mozgoz

  • googergieger

    Talk The Pelicans into giving Orlando a draft pick and maybe one from us and you think they’d go for it?

    • tommy in Sd Nuggets fan

      Make it cbrew instead of ill will I like it

    • tommy in Sd Nuggets fan

      Make it cbrew instead of ill will I like it

    • Joel

      Oh, man. I am *never* gonna get used to calling an NBA team that. So ridiculous. Should be the name of a high school lacrosse team.

    • dynamo.joe

      I would rather the nuggets get Aminu. He is a rebounding machine, which we need at the 3 when GK decides centers are over-rated (which is almost always).

  • CkWizard

    I really don’t see a trade out there that puts Denver closer to “contender” status… I guess it is because I don’t think that Denver is that far away as is. For those out their that say we need a ” Shooter” what does that player take away from our team… Mozgov isn’t going and any one player on this team isn’t going to provide a large upgrade over that other player. So Mozgov and Gallo only returns someone maybe a little better than Gallo. Mozgov and Brewer only return a player a little better than Brewer. Any trade that happens needs to address a weakness with the team and not create a different weakness. So what are the weaknesses with this nuggets team?

    1. Poor perimiter defense…. Primary caused by the Point Gaurd play and sometimes by Brewer. The problem is adding a ” Shooter” doesn’t fix this and potentially makes it worse.

    2. Low post defense caused by inconsistent play and being out matched by more physical centers…. Losing Mozgov hurts here and getting a “shooter” doesn’t address bad defense by Faried, McGee, and KK against good post players.

    3. Shooting and spacing ….. Saying we have a problem here is saying that the nuggets have a problem on offense? That argument can be made but most of the time the nuggets lose because of poor defense and turnovers. Denver is winning because they are playing better defense and not turning the ball over as much.

    If adding a ” shooter” to this team hurts the teams ability to defend then it accomplishes nothing.

    The Nuggets are going to go where ever Ty Lawson takes them no matter what kind of trade is made. Nuggets have one of the Top 4 teams in the NBA and a Mozzy trade doesn’t make this team better. Ty and Miller are decent point gaurds but Miller is sometimes a liability on defense and Ty doesn’t always have the ability to get the “team” to function at its potential. What if these Nuggets had a”Rondo” or “Rubio” or a “Parker”. Lawson can become a better facilitator and in my opinion that is what can improve the “team”.

    The Nuggets have a high ceiling that is only limited by Ty Lawson. Ty Lawson has the ability to be a top five point gaurd but that is on Ty. No trade can change that unless it includes the point gaurds on this team. At this point if we were to trade Rondo for Lawson then the Nuggets would be the favorite to win the championship…. And if Lawson can become as good as Rondo this Nuggets team can win a championship.

    Is it kool-aid? no it isn’t the Nuggets have a really good team that can get a lot better…. How many teams have a starting five that is a lot better than the nuggets? Miami and OKC that is all. We are on par with the Knicks, Grizz, pacers, spurs, Celtics, Lakers and Clips,all other teams can not match our starting five and all of these teams besides the Clips and maybe Pacers can not match our depth.

    Any trade that happens will not only ensure this year is damaged but potentially next year as well.

    Please don’t trade for anything other than a draft pick and please don’t trade anyone who is not considered third string. The Nuggets have a good thing going……

    A trade will not bring a sense of optimism for me but If I read on ESPN that GK was retiring at the end of the year I would be joyful and excited.

    • Evan Woodruff

      Mozgov is considered third string.

      • CkWizard

        Mozgov by himself can’t get a player who will make this team better. Even a pure shooter will be a liability not an asset on this team because that player will be a worse defender and will have to take minutes from one of our top 9. All of the nuggets top 9 to 11 players are better than any player Mozgov alone can get the nuggets.

  • CkWizard

    I should probably say that IMO my post was to long and I apologize but to add to it…. Switch Chris Paul and Ty Lawson….. I bet the Nuggets would have a better record than the Clippers.

    • Zack

      While that’s true, you could say that about pretty much all the top 5 or top 10 players in the NBA right now. Chris Paul is much better than Ty Lawson.

  • allAround

    I would trade for getting a PF stronger and taller than Farried. Here is where I see possible bleeding during play offs . Farried still needs to gain strength , and during play offs the game may become too physical for him.

    If not a taller play maker with ability to shoot when needed, but with pass first attitude.

    • CkWizard

      IMO we all ready have that in Anthony Randolph who is taller but not stronger… What PF do you think the nuggets could realistically get that would be an upgrade at the position and do you think what we would have to give up would yield a net positive for the team?

      Same question goes to the idea of taller play maker… We have Fornier on the bench who kind of fits that description. Pau Gasol kind of fits that description but at 19 million a year kind of not worth it.

      • Gorillabuddy

        If only we still had Al

      • allAround

        I was writing having in mind the play offs of this year where both Randolph and Fornier , cannot bring any difference . I mentioned the above since I was thinking that we are lucking in size when Ty and Farried are playing . Other coaches may target those players with taller and stronger players that may try to post them.

        to be honest I do not have any player in particular in mind that I would say this is good .However I would not mind for Calderon or Sessions (Calderon more). Instead of Correy or ( Chadler or Miller ) and Mozz and Nenes trade money … I would go for Miller even if I love him so as Karl

        For PF the problem may be solved by playing both McGee and KK , but playing there Gallo it is not such a good idea since you make Gallo more tired . But anyway I do not have a particular player in mind for PF.

        • dynamo.joe

          Well, there is only one PF better than Kenneth; LeBron James. So get on the phone to Miami.

          I understand that people wish Faried had a better developed post game and that he was a better free throw shooter and that he could stretch the floor with a mid-range or 3pt game and that he was a better defender against long 4’s and a better help defender. Because then he would be the perfect basketball player.

          Instead we have to settle for what he is now; a hall of fame caliber basketball player who is only going to get faster and stronger for the next 4 years.

          Kenneth Faried is far and away the best player on this team. And unless you can get Lebron anything that cuts into his minutes is only lowering the ceiling of this team.

          CK is right about we will only go as far as Ty takes us in this sense; Ty is the anchor holding us down, everyone else is pulling their weight. After last season and the playoffs I thought Ty was gonna make a run at the all-star game this season, but instead he started slow and hasn’t got much better. Well, he has been better the last handful of games, but taking the 1st 10 weeks of the season off is unacceptable.

          • allAround

            yeap right only Lebron .

            One question when Nuggets are defending are you changing channel ?

            Basket is not only scoring more from the opponent, but it is also about your opponent to score less … ( I want to say you should focus on both ends)

            It is sad, not for you, but for the Farried himshelf people to think that he is good. Then he will never develop. Check out the story with Stoudemire .

            Sorry for the irony , but when saying only Lebron I think you are doing the same.

  • Finazz

    Lets be honest we don’t have the best or strongest front court. I like the fact that we can play “hack-a-shaq” against bigger front court (ie: lakers) because we have 3 seven footer.

  • Rocco

    Tade scenario with Toronto:

    To Denver: Andrea Bargnani and Jose Calderon

    To Toronto: Timofey Mozgov and Andre Miller.

    Nuggets get a stretch four 7 footer who can also put the ball on the floor, and a pass first point guard who’s assist to t/o ratio leads the league.

    • dynamo.joe

      Well, if you can trade for the worst basketball player in the league, you have to do it.

  • mineball

    is this possible? trade mcgee and mozgov for jefferson? if necessary include brewer and stone for burk maybe another jazz

  • googergieger

    We shouldn’t make a trade that severely effs over our defense.

  • Aaron

    Everyone who is including AMiller or McGee in deals needs to get real. That’s not happening with GK at the helm.

    I’d take a draft pick for Mozzy, or R. Lewis. I don’t think anyone else makes sense. My only concern, as some have said, is that Mozzy actually plays really well against other “big” teams like the Lakers, Memphis, etc. . He’s been great. He doesn’t play well against running teams like GS or really athletic teams like the Clippers. But, some nights, he’s just what we need when JaValle is going crazy. I think Randolph could do the same thing as Mozzy though, and Rashard Lewis would help us, for sure.

    • Ckwizard

      How would Rashard Lewis help us? He is a 6 foot 10 PF who is part of the Heats problem with rebounding. When Faried is not on the floor the nuggets struggle to rebound the ball. Rashard Lewis helps the Nuggets with Shooting yes I agree and spacing yes I agree.

      My point is this Rashard Lewis would make this Nuggets team worse on defense and worse at rebounding. Is it worth adding a player to the rotation who makes us worse on defense and worse at rebounding?

  • EWilson

    If the Nuggets are going trade Mozgov, it definitely ought to be for a tough, veteran defensive PF with some leadership ability. They needs someone inside who sets the defensive tone for everyone else and makes going to the rim a chore for other teams when McGee isn’t in the game. Plus, it would be nice if said player knew how to defense pick-and-rolls to that other teams don’t get so many free looks from both the shooter and the pick.

    I haven’t looked around for such a player, but the Nuggets are in position to offer a 1st round pick along with Mozgov to secure him.

    • Ckwizard

      This is the trades being talked about…. What PF is out there that fits the bill and could realistically be gotten by the Nuggets and at the same time is better than Faried…. Faried is a defensive liability at times but he is a Great Player on this Nuggets team! Is it worth taking him out of the starting lineup and how would a trade like that effect the Chemistry of the team this year and next?

      You said you haven’t looked around but name drop players at the PF position that you think are better players than Faried and would complement the Nuggets team better than Faried?

      • EWilson

        I’m not looking for someone better than Faried (or McGee, Koufos or Randolph), I’m looking for someone to be a mentor for them. A guy who can put in 15 minutes on the floor rebounding and playing tough defense and showing them all that needs to be done on that end of the floor. He need to be vocal about working hard, but show that he’s a team guy (which is why Kenyon Martin wouldn’t work in the role). And, he can’t be a guy who complains about not getting offensive opportunities.

    • dynamo.joe

      That tough, veteran defender you are looking for? That’s the Birdman.

      • EWilson

        Birdman has the right physical makeup, but I’m not sure he has the personality skills or leadership. What they need is the current version of Horace Grant.

        • EWilson

          Marcin Gortat in Phoenix is along the lines I’m thinking, though he’d be perfect if he was about 3 years older than he is. (ie, too old for a team that needs to rebuild and would take young players and picks in trade). Right now, he’d probably cost more than Denver would be willing to give up–Mozgov, Hamilton and/or Fournier and a 1st round pick.

  • CkWizard

    Hollingers Player stats has Miller ranked 30 and Ty ranked 37 for efficiency for PG, Igoudala ranked 23 for SG , Faried 5 and Gallo 11 for SF, and McGee 5 with KK 24 for C.

    If anything this says that Faried and McGee are more productive than all of our other starters? I think the Nuggets are truly better than the sum of their parts and any trade to mess with it is a bad idea.

    A player like Barginari has a Per of 12.43 and is well below the other nuggets forwards and centers but it is being argued that he could help the Nuggets?

    Actually Toranto has players statistically better than the nuggets at quite a few positions but I would hope that we can agree that they are not very good… Why add players from that underachieving team to our overachieving Nuggets?

    Nuggets fans we got a good team why change it now?

    • dynamo.joe

      By the Wins produced metric:
      Ty 41
      Andre M. 15
      Andre I. 10
      Gallo 30
      JHam 37
      Faried 2
      KK 15
      McGee 18
      CBrew 30

      Before Gianluca goes crazy, I will point out that over the last 6 weeks Gallo would be ranked at 10.

  • googergieger

    Josh Smith would be perfect for this team if he could accept being a defensive anchor and accept being an efficient scorer who lets others set him up in places to succeed. He wouldn’t be worth the max contract others would be willing to give him though. Even if he can play three positions and guard five.

    • Nuggz2

      I’m saying Mozgov and Gallo for J Smith and John Jenkins. Chandler can replace Gallo for half the cost. Jenkins is a 3 point shooter if JHam can’t step up and fill the need of a shooter. Smith is a good defender and has a good post game. He can help with the bigger 4s when Faried is having problems

      • googergieger

        Gallo is younger, less of a head case, and more of a team player than Smith. Again if Josh Smith would be willing to just be a defensive anchor and not force anything on offense, and be a team player, go for it. But he hasn’t shown any signs of being that, and someone will want to give him a max contract. Which he isn’t good enough to get.

        • Nuggz2

          I agree gallo is the better team player. But I think we could use Smith’s defense and rebounding better than gallos inconsistent scoring. I think with Smiths athleticism, he would be another good fit with this style offense. Although he has been consistent the last few games, I don’t see him being the star many think he will be. If chandler can produce even close to what he is, trade him for Smiths expiring contract and a shooter. If he’s still playing at a high level in a few weeks, maybe you could get a draft pick also

          • googergieger

            Smith is a much more inconsistent scorer who is in love with the jump shot, he will demand and get a max contract(from someone else, so we’ll have to match), and he could possibly ruin the locker room. He is also older than Gallo. We could get Milsap for less probably. Heck probably get him next year as a free agent. A few bigs who will be cheaper than Smith and less of a head case.

  • Jeff

    Trade Mozgov for a draft pick and sign Kenyon Martin.

    • CkWizard

      I hope this is a joke… Do you remember K Marts passes in the WCF that was a nightmare and GK loves to try and make the same mistakes over and over….

      • Jeff

        It’s sort of a joke. HA! I just thought of it because people were talking about getting a tough vet defender and I know K Mart is looking for work. But I’m sure his days in Denver are long gone. But seriously, I think we should trade Mozgov for picks, unless something awesome comes along. We have size and depth at every position. And we haven’t really even seen what Randolph is all about yet.

        • Jeff

          Also, I just noticed they already mentioned Martin.

  • EWilson

    The Nuggets don’t really need draft picks, though. Where would the drafted player fit on the current roster? People are already complaining that Hamilton and Fournier need more minutes, which they’re not going to get with the return of Chandler. (And let’s not even mention Quincy Miller.)

    The only picks the Nuggets could use are ones from three or four years down the road, and most teams don’t like to trade those because they can’t predict where they’ll be at that point.

    I think it’s far more likely Denver includes their first-round pick for next year in any Mozgov trade since it figures to be in the 20’s, and it’s very hard to find a player that doesn’t need development at that point. (Masai has done a good job finding contributors that far down in the draft, but you’re not going to find a superstar there.)