Rumor: Nuggets interested in Millsap?

According to’s Sam Amico, “Brooklyn, Milwaukee and Denver are among the teams that might make a play for Utah forward Paul Millsap at the deadline.”  Whether Amico includes Denver in the running for Millsap by first-hand knowledge of trade discussions or simply because the Nuggets have the pieces to make a trade, is obviously up the air. Nevertheless, it is interesting seeing Denver mentioned in connection with Millsap, as the Nuggets already have a very similar power forward in Kenneth Faried and are, of course, a division rival of the Utah Jazz.

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Kalen Deremo

Kalen was born in Durango, CO, in 1988 and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2013 with a degree in journalism. He's now an itinerant hoping to travel as much as possible before eventually succumbing to the "real world." Aside from writing Kalen likes movies, music, spicy food and the great outdoors. Edward Abbey is his current idol.

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  • Cody

    I honestly could see wilson chandler and jham going to utah for milsap

  • googergieger

    They need a better PG and a small forward. So Miller and Chandler? Wouldn’t mind Milsap as he is a better defender than any of our bigs and could be a great mentor for them. Still like you said, we have Faried….

  • CJP32

    Milsap would be awesome in Denver, and would be a great mentor for KK and McGee. WC + Mozzy works, but I’m sure Utah wants more, plus do they really want to help make Denver better? Maybe Iggy would be involved?

  • Brittany

    Denver is not gonna give up Wilson Chandler, Corey, Iggy,. If anything denver will put a package of mozgov, Hamilton, and Randolph with a pick for him. Denver isn’t going to make such a drastic change that messes up with chemistry.

    • googergieger

      Well Chandler wants to start or at least get starter’s minutes. So only reason I could see him getting moved.

    • mike

      u aint never lied

  • AaronCAPS

    I like either iggy Straight up for Millsap or Miller & Hamilton/Chandler For Millsap

  • Ackdog

    I don’t know who you trade for him but he could come off the bench as the first and really the only true post player the Nuggies would have. Not counting Andre Miller of course

    • Seth

      HA! It’s funny because it’s true!

  • Joel

    Not about Millsap, but if the Grizz really do trade Z-Bo to the Rockets, I wouldn’t mind seeing Denver get in on that to pick up either Marcus Morris or Patrick Patterson. Both of those guys are young 6’9″ power forwards with range, and they’re pretty redundant to each other skills-wise. Preferably Patterson, as he’s a more solid FT shooter.

    • nugswin

      Patterson would be a great get for us. Athletic young PF with shot-blocking and 3-pt ability. Yesssssss!

  • steve

    i have a feeling celtics going to blow up their roster…

    Chandler Moz and Hamilton to Boston for KG!!!

    Just imagine KG off the bench to mentor faried and mcgee! We need that veteran who will get in guys faces.

    We also have a 13 mill trade exception that KG would fit under.

    • evan woodruff

      Love it.

    • Mitch

      Hate it!

    • dynamo.joe

      KG hasn’t really done much this year and is pretty old, but more to the point he has a no trade clause.

      Do you really think he is sitting in Boston thinking “if only I could get to Denver, I could take that team all the way to the championship”?

    • Zack

      “KG off the bench”? That’s laughable. He would start immediately if only because he’s Kevin Garnett.

      In regards to Millsap, it’s interesting, but I’d much rather get Al Horford. I don’t think the Jazz would trade Millsap to the Nuggets anyways.

    • Seth

      that’s just awful. KG is older than father time, he would not be worth the money the Nuggets would have to pay to be graced with his presence.

  • prospector

    Our coaches watch film? They make adjustments?? They hold people accountable??? NO, NO, and NO.. Miller flat out sucks… period…. No defense, turnovers, thinks he’s a power forward the way he plays in the paint (while his guys is spoting up for open threes).. And he is called the “MVP” of this team… REALLY ??
    I am so sick and tired of the B/S.. And it is getting worse by the game…. The only trade we need is for miller to get traded ASAP…. How can JOSHY & MASAI watch this stupidity on a nightly basis? I have lost respect for the entire organization for allowing this to happen…. We almost got beat again because of small ball. What saved us was KK fouling out cause it left our heart and hustle player Faried on the floor.. (Even though he should NEVER, EVER PLAY CENTER) We need Faried and KK on the floor during crunch time… Faried creates reobunds for KK, and Faried finds KK in the post with nice passes… When Faried, KK, and Gallo are on the floor togther their are always great dunks and layups from the bigs… Yet KARL refuses to see this… If we played gallo, faried, and KK 38 minutes a night we would be a far better team… (throw in Mcgee as well)…We should play WITH A BIG LINEUP DURING CRUNCH TIME… Karl never even tries it… I want to see a stretch w/IGGY playing the point w/gallo , and faried, Mcgee, and KK (with chandler as well in his place)… Let iggy and gallo play the scottie pippen and the boys bang for a few.. The take a big out and bring Lawson in the finish the job….. If I never saw Miller play again my life would be complete. YO MASAI the only move I want to see is MIller for draft picks… PERIOD… Let me please see what a real coach could do with this lineup before you blow it up.. KARL will never never ever change… He is a pompous stubborn man that is incapable from learning from his mistakes… This is getting older by the day.. This small ball crap is driving me insane!!!

    • mcz84

      completely agree with you im so tired of Karl using the small lineup late on games,almost costing us another one yesterda.Hate how AMiller tries to “take over games” late and ends up turning the ball over or clanking the shot.Oh yea especially hate how Karl calls him the MVP cmon just trade him for whatever,PLEASE

      • Thomas

        Agree. Whoever believes this Miller 2PG train is going to do any damage (other than to us, fans) come playoff time has to have their head examined.

        What a waste of time and money, not to mention some great years of our young and promising players.

    • donn_l

      You really don’t watch much basketball, do you? Basically nothing you said was even close to sensible. All Miller is is maybe the 2nd or 3rd best backup PG in the league behind Bledosoe in LA. He may not be the most athletic player in the world but his court awareness is off the charts. That’s why he is in at crunchtime because assets far outweigh is weaknesses on defense. If you watch some basketball you could see that. And there is a reason Karl doesn’t ever try closing games with KK, Faried, and McGee as the front court. Because it’s astronomically stupid! Not one of those guys is solid in the post offensively or defensively, and I’m not talking about blocking shots. Not one of those guys can hit FT’s in the 1st quarter let alone crunchtime. And you would have AI run the point and Gallo play the 2? That’s video game silly! lol I guess it’s easy to speak nonsense when noone is ever going to call you on it. AI running the point?! Gimme a break. lol

      • Seth

        Exactly. Consider McGee.
        The Spurs started playing hack-a-shaq on him a month ago in the THIRD QUARTER! He is an absolute liability, KK is no different.
        Miller is one of the smartest ball handlers in the league, he knows what is going on and rarely makes a play that kills you in a game. Faried, McGee or KK all make dumb plays night in and night out. But I suppose we as fans understand the game better than a coach with hundreds of wins and decades as a head coach in the league.

  • http://Roundball Matt

    Miller is the closest thing we have to a leader on this team! You guys crazy. Andre miller is a big time asset on this nuggets team.

    • ryanvdonk

      it’s not that miller can’t play, he can. the issue is that george karl thinks he can do no wrong, despite him being an abominable defender and useless as a shooter from outside 15 feet. the coach also refuses to change from putting in the 2PG lineup to close the game, despite that it blows the lead 90% of the time because there’s no rebounding, neither plays well off ball, and it leaves miller guarding ANYONE and ty usually guarding someone much bigger than him.

    • Thomas

      If you want a mediocre team, then Miller might be great.

      Guy is a journeyman for a reason – no D in his game. What’s the point of scoring one on one at ease when the other team always scores on you?

      I must admit, the guy can surely chew gum with his mouth open and play at the same time.

  • chronosynclastic infundibula

    Sandy Clough really blasted this site this morning for criticizing the decision to play Miller at the end of regulation last night. I don’ t understand why he defends the Nuggets mediocrity so adamantly.

    I don’ t like the idea of getting Milsap, I think this team changes too often. I think Denver needs a shooter (or Gallo, Chandler, Lawson need to improve their long ball). But what do I know.

    • Dubz

      Ya I’m sorry Sandy Clough is obnoxious. I’m listening to him right now and he’s really poor at NBA analysis, using the most basic of metrics. He said Miller was a good choice down the stretch because he’s a good free throw shooter and only turned the ball over once. While I’ll agree with that, it’s far too simplistic an evaluation. If you want to use Miller down the stretch, you most certainly don’t want to have him in there with another PG, (A tiny PG in that with Lawson) for he’s a horrific defender. Basically, he has to play PG not SG and the same goes for Lawson. His major flaw is in how Karl uses him, but that’s beyond Sandy Clough’s limited understanding of the game.

    • Fong

      They need 3 point shooters, Better defenders especially 3 point defense, turnover issues, energy level. This is a coaching issue mostly.

      • Will

        Miller was in for the offensive part. Karl subbed him and Lawson in to inbound the ball and get fouled. Then during free throws he took them out and put in Faried and Brewer to play D. It was actually very smart coaching and let the Nuggets have their 5 best FT shooters in to hit the FTs, but also have their 5 best defenders to stop the 3 ball.

    • Jeremy

      I am a very big admirer of Sandy Clough. I think he is a very astute observer of the Nuggets and his opinion should not be dismissed just because you disagree with it. I did not hear what he said, but he never says anything that is not well thought out.

      • Dubz

        Haha I’m trying to defend this site and it’s writers. Sandy is fine when it comes to NFL analysis imo. But before you say I’m being dismissive of his opinions, you should probably listen to his radio bit. He basically dismisses all Nuggets fans who are against the way Miller is deployed at the end of games saying we conveniently blame all losses on this one factor alone. I must say this site is a major contributor to that belief but so am I. I felt his analysis was very limited (and I do feel he can be really obnoxious) but I’m not calling him ignorant.

        • Andrew

          Totally agree with you on this one, Dubz. I do not dislike Miller, but Karl has to realize his limitations at some point, as well as the fact that the 2 PG lineup does not work very well in most situations. I would have rather seen Miller in there alone (with Iggy, maybe) at the end there than both him and Ty Law. That lineup just does not seem to work. I would like to see somebody pull some stats to prove/disprove its effectiveness.

        • Seth

          I like Sandy, but HE is the one who is intolerant and dismissive of varying opinions.
          It’s rough listening to him talk basketball though because, in my opinion, you can tell he doesn’t even want to do it. He gives it an analysis you would expect from a high school newspaper. Keep him on football analysis and we are good.

  • miguel

    it wont make sense going after millsap because im pretty sure he will be one year rental. i doubt he will be cool coming off the bench. plus he is not the player we need.

  • Ryan

    A three-point shooter is a much more pressing need. Plus, Millsap would likely lead to less playing time for Faried/Gallo/Chandler or (worst-case scenario) even more small-ball lineups and less playing time for our centers, who need more minutes as is. Millsap does have a solid mid-range game and decent skills in the post, but nothing worth making a big trade for.

  • Native Nugget

    I understand that sites like this get chippy from time to time but one of the things I’ve enjoyed about Roundball is the high level of B-ball IQ and low level of reactive discourse. Happy to hear people disagreeing with Karl’s choices or Sandy Clough’s perspective but it’s a little strange to see either dude utterly dismissed.

    Nuggets are a tough team for me to watch right now because they are young, inconsistent, often shoot poorly, and are dead last in free throw percentage. Igoudala hasn’t gelled yet (still not sure we upgraded over Afflalo) and we have frequently look lost when trying to close out games. I knew starting the year the Nuggs would often drive me crazy but I expected us to be more solid by now. Still, we haven’t hit our ceiling and we are beating teams that have maxed out their talent. Fingers crossed that we can develop into a great team with time and a few smart trades.

    My take on Millsap is that it would all come down to who we had to let go. I don’t mind us tinkering with the lineup as long as we’re making favorable trades. My sense is Millsap is a similar to Igoudala in that we aren’t likely to get him in a favorable trade. Unless we can steal him I say we pass.

  • googergieger

    We got Iguodala in a favorable trade though. Two overpaid contracts for one overpaid contracts. Iguodala is great on defense and a good all around player all said and done but he is overpaid. Still so is/was Harrington and Afflallo. Not to mention getting rid of Al opened up minutes for Faried. I don’t know if we get rid of some of our logjam and get close to a Karl proof line up, or even better get an actual Karl proof line up, I say go for it.

  • Thomas

    Milsap is not the answer. He would limit Faried’s miutes and development, much like Miller has limited Ty’s development.

    We need to get these oldies out of the way and give the keys to this team to Ty, Faried, KK, and also see what JHam can do – kid has a ton of talent. I would be excited to see that play out, not this nonsense, get to nowhere system we have in place.

    • mike


  • Trevor

    The Nuggets are not a contender plain and simple. We should be playing our young talent and letting them develop. Ty, Gallo, Faried, KK, McGee, Ham, and Evan need playing time and the opportunity to grow their games. Even at the expense of winning in the short term. Bring in a fresh coach to grow with the team as well. Karl has shown he has no interest in developing young players. He has a very solid formula for stacking regular season wins and making the playoffs but has shown nothing to the tune of turning the Nugs into title contenders.

    Watching the franchise middle around like this is disheartening. I’ve started to take everything with a grain of salt. I take it each game at a time: we win I’m happy, we lose oh well… I can’t change Karl or lit a fire under Lawson/Gallo’s ass. The franchise is not interested in progressing towards a title so why get my hopes up this season.

  • Trevor

    Bringing in Millsap would be more of the same, make the playoffs and get bounced early while to young guys ride the pine.

  • Seth

    If we are going to get anything from Utah we should try and get Jerry Sloan. 😀

  • Native Nugget

    Not that anyone is still coming back to this column and reading the posts, but I agree with some of what you were saying Googer. I wasn’t suggesting we made a bad trade for Igou, or that the trade didn’t help us in other ways (like better D or room for Faried), my point was this was the first move that wasn’t clearly a steal for us. If Igou finds his groove on offense eventually, I may come to view the trade in better terms but for now I don’t see him as a huge upgrade. Yes he plays sweet one on one D but Afflalo wasn’t exactly a slacker. We started off this season less solid than we finished last season (part of which was the tough road schedule) – can’t say that we clearly knocked that trade out of the park. I prefer the moves that make sense immediately, everything Masai has done until Igoudala fell into that category. IF we get Millsap – I want to see it happen in a way that makes immediate sense.

  • mrzerby

    I just hope that Masai does not stand pat and think that this team is gong to compete for the Western Conference. With the trade deadline less than a month away, we need better balance on the floor. We are a pathetic shooting free throw team and are not getting any type of consistent scoring from any one Nugget. Team as well as individual play has been in one word inconsistent. Like to see us move one of our bigs and one if not 2 of the 7 guys at the SG, SF position to bring in either a shooting PG consistent SG and or a scoring power forward. I know that the NBA does not have an abundance of those type of players, but I keep seeing San Antonio bringing in SG after SG that can knock down shots and make free throws. Maybe it’s me, but the Nuggets get exposed when we play against teams with 1 if not 2 primetime players. Because of our defense they it seems as if they are able to find the open man and knock down wide open shots.

  • jeff

    What do think about a mozgov, Brewer, trade for Ryan Anderson?