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It’s that time of year. Everywhere you look in the comments section here at RMC there is at least one link to a fictional trade someone has created using the ESPN Trade Machine. While these are fun and do draw responses from fellow readers, they’re often seen as a distraction from the main post. But not this time. In this thread, I urge you to go crazy with whatever realistic (or totally unlikely) trade scenarios you can think of. Have fun and please try to limit your scenarios to five trades per person. The ESPN Trade Machine can only take so much.

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Kalen Deremo

Kalen was born in Durango, CO, in 1988 and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2013 with a degree in journalism. He's now an itinerant hoping to travel as much as possible before eventually succumbing to the "real world." Aside from writing Kalen likes movies, music, spicy food and the great outdoors. Edward Abbey is his current idol.

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  • Logan_J_Wright

    Leave the roster be!!!

  • Malunewyorker

    I agree with Logan

  • adrian

    Trade who ever need be to make sure that Al Harrington is back in the powder blue and yellow. Even if he is in a suit.

    • Ethan D

      You’re kidding right please tell me you are

  • Finazz

    Leave as be!!! Including keeping mozgov.
    Maybe trade AR for a bag of chips

  • googergieger

    I find it odd McGee is sitting all of a sudden. Either they are showcasing Mozgov to up his trade value or McGee might be moved.

    Again I like the team we have now.

    So something simple I’d be happy with. Mozgov and Hamilton to Cleveland for one of their expirings and a pick?

    Or maybe Mozgov, Hamilton, and something else to Phili for Spencer Hawes? Probably do well here.

    If Dallas is desperate enough I wouldn’t mind, Mozgov, Hamilton, and Chandler for Marion and Crowder.

    Houston could bite on Mozgov/Hamilton for a pick or two.


    Again I’m a fan of the no big trades. Like the team we got. Gallo is starting to round into his potential and becoming a leader. Lawson is finding his play off form from last year again. Iguodala is bound to get more comfortable on offense and has improved our defense. Koufos has been a pleasant surprise and hopefully Karl can loosen the leash on McGee. He’s already started praising him a bit, though that might be because he knows he is leaving. Which I hope isn’t the case. Faried is learning daily. And has shown flashes of great defense and ever improving offense. Brewer loves the game and plays his heart out more than anyone I’ve ever seen. Miller when limited is still one of the more underrated point guards ever and I really hope he makes it out of the first round finally.

    But if we can trade for a new coach or an actual magic eight ball, I’m all for it.

    • Charliemyboy

      Right, we want to trade for the Sac coach so that Karl can go with his family in Seattle, which he might do next year if he feels disrespect.

    • Matt

      McGee is hurt bud

    • Tyler

      You don’t know much do you? McGee is hurt dude… that’s why he hasn’t been playing. How do you not know this? And Mozzy is expendable and I promise he will be gone before the trade deadline.

    • googergieger

      I know McGee is “hurt”. But it is common for players to rest up “hurt” or not before being moved. I mean sore shin? I mean maybe they are playing it safe with him. Maybe they are showcasing Mozzy. Maybe they are moving him. Just seems odd is all.

      • Señor Chang

        He’s injured end of story. Gosssshh. And shin injuries are very real and painful. And you say it’s “odd” someone is out injured; I have no words

    • bm12

      McGee has a micro fracture in his tibia. Obviously he’s not going to play.

    • tyler

      if you didnt know javale has been injured if your such a big fan

  • BOB

    Nugs desperately need shooters.

    Chandler for Redick
    Mozgov for Teletovic, if no deal for more significant big

    Dre/jj / brew/ tele/ JMac


      you like this ? :::
      2 good trade for ESPN TRADE MACHINE :
      -LAWSON for DRAGIC

      • ENK

        why would we trade lawson for dragic. i liek goran, but you dont think ty is better and fits the system?

      • Nugznazty

        You have to pay the troll toll….
        Lawson for Dragic lol?

  • CJP32

    I love this team the way it is right now and we seem to be clicking. Toughest road schedule to start a season in 28 years and we came out on top at 17-15. We have gone 12-4 since. The focus and commitment is there. Gallo is stepping up big time.

    However, Masai will make moves with next years salary cap on his mind. Three players I think will be traded are Mozzy, CBrew and Chandler.

    Some potential trade partners are:

    Atlanta with Korver, Morrow, Smith as key parts
    Orlando with JJ. Big Baby Davis is done, so they need a centre
    Lakers are surely gonna move Gasol.

    I really think a team will throw stupid money at CBrew in the off season and Masai won’t match so he will move him to avoid losing him for nothing. Chandler has a great contract and wants starter minutes. Mozzy is a serviceable backup and with the way KK is playing, there are no minutes for him and McGee.

  • Delano O Hara

    I would love this trade. George Karl could mentor Cousins into a more mature player and he has more basketball IQ than Javale who is paid too much for the production and minutes he brings and Cousins has the ability to become a superstar while he is paid on a rookie contract. But I m sure we would have to add Salmons bad contrat and if not add Chandler to the deal….

  • K.Allen

    There is one trade that would allow Denver keep its current core in place, and at the same time add almost six wins:


    DENVER TRADES: Mozgov, Jordan Hamilton, Wilson Chandler

    PORTLAND TRADES: LaMarcus Aldridge, J.J Hickson

    SACREMENTO TRADES: DeMarcus Cousins, Jimmer Fredette, Tyreke Evans

    • Daniel Y

      Who gets who!?!?!?!

      • Daniel Y

        Just kidding, saw it below 😉

  • K.Allen

    DENVER RECEIVES: LaMarcus Aldridge, Jimmer Fredette

    PORTLAND RECEIVES: DeMarcus Cousins, Tyreke Evans, Jordan Hamilton,

    SACREMENTO RECEIVES: J.J Hickson, Timofey Mozgov, Wilson Chandler

    • Giovanni

      Never in 2k13 happened that trade..

      Faried and Iggy for Lamarcus maybe fit(in nba 2k)..

    • Zack

      While I love the idea (getting Aldridge while giving up Chandler, Moz and JHam) I don’t think SAC or POR would want to do this. I think in both scenarios, each team gives up too much (Aldridge for Cousins and Evans isn’t bad, but I think it’s too much and Cousins and Evans for Chandler, Moz and Hickson is too much too).

      Also, since the Kings are getting sold, they aren’t going to be trading anyone (at least until they find a buyer who can approve future trades).

    • trank


      • Sky

        Yeah why jimmer???

    • Nugznazty

      horrible trade for port and sac

  • K.Allen


    G: Ty Lawson
    G: Andre Iguodala
    F: Danilo Gallinari
    F: LaMarcus Aldridge
    C: JaVale McGee


    G: Andre Miller
    G: Evan Fournier
    G: Jimmer Fredette
    F: Kenneth Faried
    F: Anthony Randolph
    F: Quincy Miller
    C: Kosta Koufus

    • Zack

      The starting lineup would still have KK in it, not McGee, as has been the way all season long.

      But I really like this team.

  • adrian

    Cousins will never come to Denver. Masai tried to trade for him & SAC rejected and thats why we got Javale as a plan B. I’d like Aldridge but yeah too large and unlikely i think to happen. I’m also not a fan of trading Hamilton unless we get a JJ Reddick. Reaaaaaaaaal happy with him.

  • Z

    Move Chandler please.


    TRADE :


    trade LAWSON for DRAGIC … nuggets +2 wins ( espn trrade machine )

    • Zack

      This trade doesn’t even work on the Trade Machine. And anyways, while I really like Dragic’s game, I don’t think trading Ty for him is the answer.

      • GIANLUCA

        Dragic now is no-motivate …
        he $ < Ty … and u have the salary space for 1 good trade

      • John

        Hey Zach… you ever notice that black box under the player’s picture… press that… and voila… the trade works. Just like Al Horford for absolutely nothing… but press that button and it works because the Nuggets have $13 million Traded Player Exception from the Nene trade.

        Now would a team do that is another question… My guess… only one really in a financial bind.


    and trade W.CHANDLER + MOZGOV for JJ REDICK ..:
    good trade for ESPN TRADE MACHINE

    • Zack

      This trade is one I would get on board with. JJ could certainly space the floor for the Nuggets.

      • GIANLUCA

        trade W.CHANDLER + MOZGOV for JJ REDICK ..:
        trade IGOUDALA for J.SMITH

        Lawson-Miller …………………….( next year Bledsoe-J.JACK )
        GALLINARI – brewer

  • Daniel Lewis

    Why not trade Mozzy for Billups? Chauncey is on an expiring contract, and could retire a Nugget. I know Karl loves Andre, but he would have to admit that he would like to see Billups back, even if he is just mentoring on the bench.

    • Zack

      I don’t think Chauncey will retire after this season. And that would be horrible because he wouldn’t be able to get much playing time with Ty and Dre at the 1.

      I wish he could retire as a Nugget though.

      • Daniel Lewis

        Even if he doesn’t retire, he could sign a one year deal again. You don’t think he would get more playing time in Denver out of George Karl? We could count on him to inbounds the ball, make clutch free throws.

        At least he’d put an end to all the Anthony Carter fantasies George has.

        • Zack

          I think he would get some playing time, but GK already loves Dre, we don’t need him to get another PG that he loves (unless you think the Nuggets should trade Lawson). If Billups was a Nugget, the playing time he would get would cut mostly into Ty’s playing time.

          • Sky

            that might not be a bad thing…

    • Sam

      I’m pretty sure Billups has said he doesn’t want to play here anymore since we’ve already traded him twice. I could be wrong though. I also don’t know how backup PG play time would work out but yeah, it would be nice to see him retire a Nugget.

    • Stephen

      You know… I think we need to get Billups back in Denver.

      I’ve always wanted to see what a 3 point guard line up to end every game would look like.

  • Matt

    Randolph and Mozzy for Reddick. The numbers work. Im not sure Orlando would go for it though

    • Zack

      Orlando would laugh and hang up the phone. JJ is worth a lot more than Moz and ARand.

  • toluenehawk

    Could you imagine the basketball IQ on court to close games?

    Andre Miller
    Chauncey Billups
    Andre Iguodala

    You know George would play the hell out of that lineup. Then we could demote Ty to d-league or trade him for someone who does get 50% of his layups blocked.

    • Douglas L.

      All this Ty trade talk is a joke. Very few point guards would be an upgrade over him, and we aren’t getting any of them. D-League? Hysterical. And that lineup is a nightmare. Who’s going to score? You think Gallo can go 1 on 5 and put up the winning shot?

      • joshtk

        Haha no doubt plus Lawson would have to consent to being sent down, a top ten point guard on the d league people are nuts

        • Ryan

          Dude that is how people are on this site. Completely unrealistic trades. Bashing a top 10 pg, continuously whining about one of the best coaches in the NBA, the list goes on and on. I just read this site to laugh at how stupid these people are.

  • Daniel Y

    This trade is good for all involved IMO.

    JJ Redick is obviously the floor spacer the Nuggets need for their dribble-drive motion offense. Probably throw a pick to Orlando to sweeten the deal.

    Chris Bosh is a big-man that is actually a legit post-threat and can also stretch the floor a bit as he has some range for a big guy. I think he would fit the nuggets game-plan perfectly. He’s also tall enough to play the 5 for GK’s inevitable love for the small ballin.

    I feel like what Miami gets in return is a nice mix of veteran leadership at the point, hustle and solid defense, and a solid center which they haven’t had in quite some time. It also gives them a little more wiggle room financially. Also throw in a future first round pick and maybe some cash to Miami.

    Getting old man Miller out of the mix and getting rid of our logjam in the wings will help the team in the long run. This will once and for all force GK to hand the keys to Ty without the fear of Andre coming in and handling the ball during their stupid 2 PG lineups, and force him to develop our young talent. We have two bonafide ball handlers that are more than capable of splitting the back-up PG minutes in Fournier and Stone. Also, if GK wants multiple ball handlers on the court, at least we won’t be undersized as Fournier and Stone are 6’6.

    PG: TY
    SG: IGGY
    PF: BOSH

    • Patrick

      Just look at it as Miami Heat GM – this is ridiculous

      ” Yeah , trading our best big man and 3rd best player for old man who cant play D, one runner and a big stone seems like a great deal, where is my pen?”

    • mike

      yeah umm no. You don’t give up all-star bigs almost ever let alone for backups. The only way the nugs are getting an aldridge type is via gallo or Faried and even that is questionable.

    • John

      No way Miami takes this.. OK for Orlando… and unfortunately…I think that Miller and Brewer are just about untradeable. GK would throw an absolute hissy fit if Masai did this…

    • hobbs

      I like Bill Simmons take on the Heat. They will never trade one of the big 3, LeBron, Wade and Bosh all know where “the bodies are buried” with regards to the decision.

  • Tim

    I like Wilson Chandler alot, I wish he wouldn’t shoot as much BUT he is the 2nd best defender on the team, he works hard and can rebound. I would hate to see him go. I would also hate to see Mozzy go, he sometimes seems lost BUT he rebounds, plays D (our best “BIG MAN” Defender).

    HOWEVER, we do have to get stronger inside and better at shooting in general BUT most important behind the arch.

    JJ Reddick would be a nice addition to this team BUT what to give up would be the hard thing. I really like Corey Brewer BUT a Brewer and Mozzy for JJ Reddick would be OK with me. BUT would Orlando except something like that, probally NOT!

  • Cooper

    Koufos can go. Also, if we finish this season like last, Karl needs to finally go too. Nothing against him personally but if you want a mediocre team that only makes it so far playing very little defense when greatly needed… he’s your guy. Offense wins games, defense wins championships…

    • Sam

      We’ve actually gotten much better defensively this year, top half of the league in defensive efficiency which adjusts for the crazy pace the Nuggets play at. I do think with our players we could be even better though. Also, not sure what you have against Koufos. He’s improved so much and he’s really cheap.

  • nuggetnate
    • nuggetnate

      dont want Millsap to give up chandler

    • Sky

      I like it alot
      but thats throwing away this season…

  • astreight
  • nuggetnate

    Fun trade, solves Lakers, Hawks and Nuggets

    Nuggets starters
    Lawson,Hamilton,Gallinari,Horford, Mcgee
    not a popular trade for Faried fans

    • Legalize Denver Nuggets

      Giving Faried to the Lakers in unthinkable. haha. I think I would need to be institutionalized.

  • Stephen Hernandez

    Lets trade chandler if needed, Mozgov, and brewer. To get either jj reddick or oj mayo.

  • Tonia01

    Please no trades till the postseason. Give this team a chance to continue the good progress of January. The 4 position that would guarantee the home court advantage in the playoffs is right there for us, Then (i) based on the results achieved this season and (ii) the indication given by the new coach ( :-) ) let’s see what changes do we really need.

  • Legalize Denver Nuggets

    What do you all think about Paul Pierce? I think he could help us quite a bit. Sure, he can’t run the floor at our pace, but we really only need 3 or so players on the floor like that to be successful in transition. And he would open up the floor quite a bit as a star (albeit aging) and shooter. The Celtics could be looking to blow up their team, and someone like andre miller could be tempting as a short-term fill in for rondo’s pass-first game. something like moz, chandler, and miller for pierce?

    • Ryan

      No way pierce is beginning to decline – way too much young talent to give up for an aging player who wouldn’t fit the run and gun offense here in Denver.

  • prospector

    ***Post from yesterdays game thread.. I missed yesterday***

    Yeah we are 12-3 this month.. But that’s because the majority of the games were at home……
    The problem we have with KARL is
    I’m ok when Miller comes in FOR LAWSON.. But Lawson and Miller on the floor at the same time is stupid… I mean how many 4th qtr leads to we have to see disappear with this insane lineup.
    JHAM should be in the lineup.. He rebounds and has a sweet shot.. Take some Miller and Brewer minutes and give them to JHAM. JHAM should be being groomed.. Instead he gets punked out of the lineup for every mistake while CHANDLER/BREWER/MILLER can do just about anything they want without any minute reductions. Anyone notice the shrinking leash on FARIED? Ever since Chandler’s come back Faried’s minutes have gone down.. Why is he getting punked when IGGY/MILLER/BREWER are getting treated with respect. What about McGee? He deserves time on the floor with FARIED… Faried draws attention away from Mcgee…What about J. Stone? I would much rather see him get some token minutes than other scrubs.. *yes I know he is off the current active roster*…
    When GALLO is going off the DUDE needs 40 minutes.. If Lawson is going off give him 40 plus.. Gallo needs more touches… PERIOD..
    How many times do we win a timeout? Like never.. No further description needed.
    5) DEFENSE
    How many freakin years have we had perimeter defensive issues? Every freakin game the opposing team shoots lights out against us from beyond the arc. Same defense against every opponent.. pathetic
    6) PLAYOFFS.
    Every team has the book on us.. Pack the paint and force us to shoot from the perimeter.. At home we can hit the shots, but on the road in the playoffs? You need a half court game to win. PERIOD

    Karl had been in the league for like 29 years, so he know how to ride his vet’s to the mid to low level playoff seed. But it is the playoffs that determine the true ability of a coach and his record has been marginal at best……. Granted NBA coaches are a dime a dozen. But if we could get a VanGundy.. (Maybe even Scottie Skiles).. I love our team and just wish Karl could be more flexible in his approach to the game.. I know it could be worse, but my big fear is losing the youngsters to other teams on trades for marginal vet’s with little upside…


      YES you have my mind ?
      i think the seme things from Italy ,,,

      with a good coach ( Van Gundy ) and + Gallo touch .. this team can win ..

      and a playmaker 9 assist game ,, not impossible in this nuggets

  • Flacco Joe

    JaVale and Gallinari for Dwight Howard. I think Chandler can more than fill in Gallinari’s role only problem is that it would probably be impossible to get Howard to committ to a long-term contract with the Nuggs

  • prospector


    I would say Chandler and MOZZY for picks and or a 3 point shooter.. MOZZY has NO HANDS.. The dude can not make the tough catches… I’m cool w/MCGEE & KK… Chandler is one good game every 5 or 6… It makes far more economic sense to give his minutes to JHAM (and MCGEE/RANDOLPH)…

  • prospector

    I am also cool with Miller being dumped as well… TRULY give this team to Miller.. Let IGGY and GALLO be our SCOTTIE PIPPEN…..

  • prospector



  • Gorillabuddy

    All we really need in my opinion is a 4 who can stretch the floor like Al did last year. That would open up the lane greatly for the likes of Ty and Iggy to drive, and we wouldn’t have to run a small lineup to do it. Rashard Lewis would possibly work.

    On a less serious note, here is what I came up with to get Aldrige.

  • EWilson

    You guys are really thinking small. Try this one on for size:

    • nugswin


  • EWilson

    I will admit, we lose a little defensively with this trade.

  • Michael(anotheraussienugzfan)

    I posted this one after we played Orlando but it seems people are still talking about JJ so I thought I’d put it up again.

    We may have to include a pick to make it more worthwhile for the Magic but they get a true big to fill up the middle and a starting quality wing to pair with AAA as well as clearing the logjam at PF.

    We get the knock down shooter a lot of people desire as well as a young PF that many coveted on draft day that can play in the post and as a stretch 4.

  • Señor Chang

    I can’t believe how this home winning streak has made so many fans dillusional. This team is not a shooter away from being a contender. We need young stars. Lawson, Gallo and faried are all going to be really good players but never stars. I’m so desperate to see Q miller play next year. He might have the highest ceiling on this team

    You can lie to yourself, but it’s a stars league

    • dynamo.joe

      lol, Quincy Miller.

      • nugswin

        Lol indeed.

    • John

      Q looked OK and had good stats(double double with 4 assts and 4 blks)against the Armor the other night, but that is not against the same level of talent he’d see in the NBA.

      So far I haven’t been hugely impressed with Q, but this was probably his best game so far. Looks like he is improving steadily. He works hard on D, but falls asleep some too… Reminds me a bit of AntRand…. because he wants to be a PG a little too much. Too much dribbling down court and shooting from the outside, but I think he can be pretty good. i don’t really see him as a Star/All Star/Superstar in NBA but I’d be more than happy to be proved wrong.

      Stone looked good too, especially for only being with the team for about 5 minutes. He would have about 12 assists but his teammates are not used to actually receiving passes and dropped a lot of balls. I liked that he was very verbal with his team on O, D and even after mistakes… Looks to be a pretty good leader.

      Overall the two Nuggies combined for 20pts., 21rebs., 9 assts., and 5 blocks. Good stuff.

  • Nick

    Jason Terry would be a nice addition!

    • nugswin

      Have you noticed that impressive sheen you see on Terry this season? Yep, he’s washed up very nicely.

      • Ryan


  • EWilson

    Here’s a mega-blockbuster:

    The Nuggets get help on the inside and a young shooter. The Bulls get scorring help to take the burden off Derrick Rose. The Celtics get major cap relief to jump start the rebuilding process. And Atlanta gets some people with championship pedigree to help them over the hump in a weak Eastern conference.

    • nugswin

      I like the way you’re thinking. Chicago wouldn’t do this as constructed — wouldn’t give up Deng, Belinelli and Rip for just PP. Find a way to sweeten the deal for the Bulls some (more than a bit but doesn’t have to be major) and you’re on to something.

  • Jason
    • a_roth

      More like we old now.

      • Ryan


  • Bazinga

    The problem that the nuggets have on the lack of a “Star”. We’ve been decent for the last decade or so and never having a legit shot for a star. The one time we were bad we got carmelo. And that was great. He just didnt have the suppoting cast required to take him to the next level. Plus he didnt try on defense as much as we needed him to. We’ve never been consistenly in the lottery and able to draft the stars of today.

    • theSoc

      I disagree with your notion that the Nuggs didnt have a good supporting cast for Melo. They had pretty strong teams + the team was willing to spend money. KMart, Allen Iverson at his prime, Chancey Billups, Nene, JR, and AAA were great to good players that helped the team. Marcus Camby would be in that list but in his case, the team went cheap and ruined that season.

      • mike

        ditto on Melo. Melo never made enough effort on D or made himself a good shooter (he has TURNED into a dominant one now, but never was in DEN). He is almost a Paul Pierce clone in terms of career arc, but he took 8 years to figure out his stuff too and was never a great 3 point shooter until the second half of career. Melo was stubborn and not quite hard working enough. The teams they had with Lebron or Wade make at least 1 finals appearance and multiple WC Finals appearances. In fact the only year they made the WC Finals it is easy to suggest Chauncey was their best player and not Melo.

  • Bazinga
  • Dan

    How about this one?

    I know people aren’t in love with the idea of losing Ty, but so far this season he doesn’t seem to be the answer for us and I think we should get rid of him while his stock is still high. With this deal we pick up a star in Josh Smith and a very nice replacement for ty in Jeff Teague. He provides a similar production as ty and we’d probably be able to resign him for much cheaper than ty.

    Atlanta gets an expiring contract and two promising young players, one of which (Ty) will likely become a fan favorite.

    • nugswin

      “I know people aren’t in love with the idea of losing Ty, but so far this season he doesn’t seem to be the answer for us and I think we should get rid of him while his stock is still high.”

      I agree with this. Opposing coaches have to game plan for Ty but he is and always will be a defensive liability. Combine that with the fact that, to play his game at a ‘worth keeping’ level he would have to exhibit a fearlessness and finishing skill that he just does not — we’re expecting Tony Parker and he’ll never be near that good. Lets trade him while he still hasn’t established himself as good but not good enough.

  • John

    Looks like we should just rename this board “Rape Boston”…

  • Kelvin

    Check it out? Feasible but unlikely

  • EWilson

    >>Looks like we should just rename this board “Rape Boston”…

    Heh. The East is weak, but with Rondo gone, the Celtics aren’t in a position to challenge Miami. They’ll probably make the playoffs, but aren’t likely to get past Indiana, let alone Miami. If Danny Ainge chooses to hold onto Garnett and Pierce, he simply postpones the reckoning. And those two guys still have multiple years on their contracts.

    It’s time for Boston to find new homes for them, clear a ton of cap space, get some draft picks and retool. Boston isn’t quite LA, but it’s still a desired location for NBA stars. With cap space, Ainge can look to lure a young star to put alongside Rondo to build the next contender.

    • John

      I agree with all of your points, but… Boston is not going to make a trade just to make a trade. Ainge is (most likely) not gonna accept a handful of bench warmers and picks for future Hall of Fame players. So trades that show a -10 game swing for Boston just isn’t going to happen.

      I mean how valuable are Nuggets(or any contenders) picks really??? Always make the playoffs but near the bottom… so they’ve had 20-24 range for what seems like the last 10 years. Anyone on the team that went higher in the Draft than that, they traded for.

      Probably the only realistic trade with Boston the Nuggets could pull off is a Jeff Green for Ill Will and Mozzy… which personally wouldn’t be an upgrade.

      I’m for standing pat… no real game changing Superstars are available. So, unless you can con Atlanta to give up Horford
      for scrubs(Hamilton, Randolph, and Mozzy) and $12 million of the Nene TPE…. and play him at his true position of PF.

      Everything else seems like you would have to give up too much quality and upside for 1 non game changing star(lower case)

    • Dan

      Like maybe Dwight.

  • Nuggz2

    Sell high on Gallo. He’s been good as of late but will it last? With J Smith starting it would give a great defensive starting five (minus Ty but can sub in Stone for defensive purposes) and plenty of energy off the Bench with Faried and Brewer

    Starting five:
    PG Lawson
    SG Iggy
    SF Chandler
    PF Smith
    C McGee

    Second unit:
    PG A Miller
    SG JHam/Jenkins
    SF Brewer
    PF Faried/Randolph
    C Koufous

  • Tim

    We don’t want to trade GALLO! He is by a wide margin OUR best player and our best shooter. Period. He has talent and is finally starting to show it. I am with the STAND PAT stance. I don’t think we can get better without giving up some of our better players. NO team in their right mind is going to accept Randolph or Mozzy for anything that would make us better.

    Javalle McGee has potential out the rear BUT that is what they have said about him from the start- The problem is HIS HEAD! Koufos IS and WILL be our starting C for the rest of this season and the foreseeable future and I AM JUST FINE WITH THAT!

    We would NOT think about trading Ty Lawson and we shouldn’t.

    We could trade away A.I because of the contract BUT I don’t think we should.

    The ONLY person on the roster who has VALUE for another team that we could get VALUE back is Corey Brewer. I like Brewer BUT we could package Brewer and Mozzy for someone like JJ Reddick BUT other than that we DO NOT want to give up OUR future success!

  • Daniel Lewis

    Here is a four team, with Boston-LAC-Orlando-Denver. Nuggets get Billups and Andrew Nicholson, while giving up Mozzy and J-Ham. The highlight is Pierce to the Clippers and DeAndre Jordan, Redick to Boston.

  • Tony

    Trade Gallo and Gianluca for any non-italian player. I know its alot to give up for Gallo, but we shed Gianluca and his push to have all European players.

    • Tony

      As a fan, I prefer a team with no more than two players with names that I have issues pronouncing. Kosta, is it cost-a or cust-a? Danilo, Da-nil-ow or Da-knee-low. It’s a basketball team not a hockey team.

      • Serbs

        Is it TOE-KNEE or BIGOT.

        • nugswin


  • Scott

    This could really work: Three team trade between us, Orlando, and Minnesota.

  • http://Roundball Matt

    As long as we are running the system we are now losing Ty is laughable. The only realistic people o being traded moz/kk/McGee. Chandler, and Corey brewer right? Wouldn’t make sense to lose anybody else at this point. Besides the likes of AR but that’s irrelevant.
    Sucks jj reddick is a douche bag from duke. But that’s what we need a SHOOTER.
    And if we bust in the 1st round again the Keebler elf BETTER not be back

  • joshtk

    Here’s a realistic option
    Get a nice change if pace guy for Iggy who can run the floor and is good half court player nice 3 point touch and handle, plus we get the guy we should have drafted in the first round this year without giving up the core

    • joshtk

      Bad link sorry can’t post from my phone but basically Fournier mozzy Randolph for Lou Will and John Jenkins

  • JetLife82

    What about trading Wilson Chandler and Timofey Mozgov to the Clippers for Caron Butler.

    Butler has two years left on his 8mil/year contract compared to Chandler’s four years at around 6mil/year. This means more financial flexibility long-term with the opportunity to re-sign Butler for less after next season.

    We also get rid of Mozgov who is not contributing and will undoubtedly be gone before next season anyway.

    • mike

      Caron Butler essentially plays at a vets minimum skill level at a position that the nuggets already run 5 deep (wing position). He also makes 8 million a year

      • Ryan

        Lol how does Caron butler even get mentioned in this thread. Learn something about basketball before you try to dispense advice. The nuggets fan base is embarrassing with their ignorance. Yes let’s get Caron butler when we already don’t have enough minutes for the 4 other wings in our lineup. Stupid. Just stupid.

  • Thugget

    I don’t understand why this is so lopsided in the wins but I think both teams would be interested. JHam is never going to play for GK, we might as well get some value out of him in a trade.

    Williams doesn’t fit in Minny, but could be a nice back up at the 4 for us. Even stretch the floor a little.

    Minnesota gets all of the upside of JVMG and pairing him with Love takes a ton of rebounding pressure off. Not to mention how great JHam could be with playing time.

    Pekovic is a beast who can run and be a starting center for us with KK coming off of the bench.

    I think it’s a win win.

  • Aurress20

    Going after Josh Smith would be interesting but I’d hate to give up a lot of assets in hopes of resigning both Smith & Iggy at season’s end.

    I also agree that Derrick Williams is wasting away in Minny. Can we give up Moz & AntRand & JHam for Williams & a pick? Those 3 seem to be wasting away in Denver, unfortunately.

    Dear God please no JJ Redick in the Mile High City. And with all this young potential, why are so many fans here begging for guys past their prime? Butler, Pierce, & Billups (beloved but aged)?

    The Nuggets just need to develop who they got. Get Stone called up & give him some minutes to rest up Andre Miller for the playoffs. Give JHam & Fourz some minutes. I know QMiller was mentioned earlier but I’m high on Stone. A big&tall PG that can defend off the bench. A change up from Ty’s pace. I love GK but he is holding back the development of a team that was built with youth, depth, & potential. This team is built to contend for a title in 2014/15… or when a star becomes available.

    When you realize its a 2-3 yr plan… having patience with GK, Masai, & Kroenke is a little easier. Masai hasn’t missed on a move yet, lets hope his hot streak continues.

    • donn_l

      Yeah lets trade the coach because his team stinks with him at the helm. If we had anyone else coaching we’d be 48-0 instead of the horrible 30-18 record we have. Lol Get real!

      • Aurress20

        I think u missed my point. Where did I say fire GK so we cud go undefeated?

        The only GK comment I made alluded to over-playing 37 yr old Andre Miller; fatiguing a body with a lot of mileage due to Dre’s rare injuries during his LONG career; & that choice by GK takes regular season minutes away from developing youngsters.

        FYI, if we “get real” and take a look at that 30-18 record your heralding, its only good enough for #6 in the West. Not homecourt advantage in the west. And consider the home heavy push we’ve had to make in January just to get to sixth! Play the youngsters some. Just SOME!

        If we were sitting in 3rd place with teams behind us knocking on the doorstep, then yea, ride your top7 or 8 guys right on thru April & May. Cuz you will be playing deep into May. But your heralded 30-18 sixth placed team is looking at best at a 4-3 1st rd exit. And I’m just getting real with you Bud!

        I love my Nuggets. Ive been a fan over 20 yrs. I’m in for the long haul… which I hope includes more 2nd round & beyond playoff series. Good day Sir!

        • Aurress20

          My 1st attempt at the trade machine:

          Denver gets Billups & Derrick Williams. Billups can retire a Nugget (although it creates a log jam at PG) & Williams can back up Faried.

          Clippers get JHam. An LA boy returns home. Clippers get younger.

          Minny gets Mozzy, AntRand, & QMiller. Not much to say here. Doubt Minn would take back AntRand after letting him walk just this past offseason. But they could test drive Mozzy & he’d help their oft-injured front court for this year. They could develop QMiller bc AK47 isn’t going to be there forever & the Brandon Roy comeback is looking bleak. But yea, doubt they’d take back AntRand & his 3yr deal.

          But hey, a Nugget fan can dream, right!?
          In the end, I don’t really wan this Nuggets team messed with this season.

          • Aurress20

            Not much to say here…. woops!

        • Ryan

          If you have been a fan for 20 years you have been an embarrassment for 20 years. GK has this team 12 games over .500 with no superstar or even all star talent on the roster. We consistently beat top teams in the league. Look at all the other teams in the top 10 in the NBA. All stars or superstars on all of them. GK has done wonders with this group and got these guys to buy into a team first mentality that is winning them games. You are an idiot wishing for another coach. Please stop spouting idiotic rhetoric about GK not playing Hamilton and AR. Maybe the problem is that your favorite players are me first scoters who don’t play defense or care about the team concept. JHam and AR have talent but until they can learn to play within the team concept they will be a liability on the court taking bad shots and playing lackadaisical defense. You sir, need to learn something about basketball before you post. GK has run the team great.

          • Aurress20

            Similar to Don, I think u missed my point Ryan. 0-2 guys. Where did I say JHam & AntRand shud play more? Quote me….

            I said I’m high on J Stone & I will stand by my opinion that Stone cud spell some minutes for a 37 yr old Andre Miller during the REGULAR SEASON in order to keep Miller fresh for the playoffs considering he has not missed many games in his LOOONG career & has many MANY miles on his odometer. My opinion is that Stones 6’6 PG frame and defensive prowess could cause problems for smaller PGs. Especially considering Andre cannot play for 10 more years; but Jules might! Excuse me for hoping that’s as a back up to Ty Lawesome in a Nuggets Jersey!

            An embarrassment for 20 yrs!? Its called loyalty! I’m guessing I suffered thru a 12 win season while you were still a Chicago fan riding MJ’s dick. Sorry Ryan, personally I’d rather pick 1 team & stick with them thru thick & then (& hope for a brighter day, even if playing “trade-maker” or “hopeful-wisher” is a part of that) rather than having to pick a new team each time my favorite player retires or gets traded or walks during free agency. Hows ur fandom working out for you Ryan? cuz my fandom is working out just fine. My fandom also dreams of a day when my favorite team is not satisfied with 1st round exits. A fan can dream right? Otherwise why have a trade thread? Hell, why watch!?

            To conclude my previous post: I SAID GOOD DAY SIR!

            • Ryan

              Here are your quotes genius:

              “I love GK but he is holding back the development of a team that was built with youth, depth, & potential.”

              And the AR/JHam not getting enough time quote as well:

              “Can we give up Moz & AntRand & JHam …. Those 3 seem to be wasting away in Denver unfortunately.”

              There are your own words on the matter. And I didn’t mean it was embarrassing to be a fan of the nugs the last 20 years, I meant you are like that friend who no one likes to hang out with because he is an embarrassment. You like to talk a big game, coach Auress, but I think GK is doing just fine without advice. So actually, good day to you, sir!

  • http://Denverstiffs slader

    Trade rumors are fun, but I don’t think we need to go bonkers. I believe Redick would be perfect, and maybe Orlando would nibble for Mosgov, Hamilton and a 1st rounder.
    We don’t need draft choices next year, if we believe in Fournier and QMiller, and Moz and JHam are logjammed anyway. Entirely possible that someone will give them a better offer for JJ, though.

  • ahmed

    I think this trade might help us because we get a lot better offensively but lose some of our D

    Bench Miller brewer Chandler Mozgof KK
    Reserves Stone J-HAM Evan Foye

    • Ryan

      Lol yes Courtney Lee is that last chpionship piece we need! Lol get real.

      • Aurress20

        Man bump this! Ryan is just trolling to criticize… what would u do GM Ryan? How would you knock the Heat or Thunder off last year’s Finals perch? With GK & his current rotation? Or u’d dump the future (McGee & Chandler) in hopes that a Laker throw away (benched aging Gasol) equals Nuggets championship!?

        Giving D’Antoni a running McGee & defensive prowler in Chandler is surely gonna help this 6th seeded team in the playoffs when our run & gun team has to pull it back out to the top while we wait for Gasol to trot down to the post & back down a bigger center. GM Ryan, why don’t you just check into the availability of Nene while your at it.

        I gotta hand it to you GM Ryan, you really have your thumb on the pulse which is Masai’s plan for the future Denver Nuggets! Good job GM Ryan

        • Ryan

          Trolling to criticize is pretty easy to do on this site. I have never pushed for a gasol trade – in fact if you scroll up you will see that I also criticized a pierce trade because of his age and inability to fit the run and gun system in Denver. Same story with gasol – he would be a bad fit. You wanna win a championship this year? That is the unrealistic talk that gets me going in the first place. We won’t win it all this year. Competition is too tough. Masai has alluded to the fact that he is building this roster to peak in 2-3 years when the window is starting to close on the Miami’s and OKC’s. I would stand pat unless a young talent is readily available that will fit our system. But if you are really so ignorant as to think that we should give up on the future to win now then trade gallo, and bring in josh smith. Start Iggy at the 2, chandler at 3, and smith at 4. This would be a great defensive team reminiscent of the celtics a few years back in their prime. But then good luck signing both Iggy and Smith after this season on their expiring contracts. I think the best option is to stand pat. Courtney lee? C’mon man!

          • Aurress20

            So when u gonna actually read my posts (Aurress20) & and stop accusing me of trolling? U bash my posts & then ur explaination agrees w most of what I said. We are both sitting here saying this team will be a contender in 14/15.

            U totally commented on someone else’s trade machine link saying “same guys except for Gasol” & now u bash me for Courtney Lee when this post is the first time ive mentioned him (in response to you Ryan).

            I’m just a 20+ yr Nuggets fan (an embarrassment in ur opinion) from VA/DC (fairly void of Nuggets fans) hoping to make a connection with other fans that enjoy the finest of Nuggets 😉 & ur lambasting me for things I never wrote (libel/slander much?). In short, ur making it hard GM Ryan. Be a team player GM Ryan.

            I usually get all my web-based Nuggets articles/blogs via RSS Google Reader & don’t get to interact w fellow Nuggets fans. This week I thought I’d venture out & seek the fun-loving comradery of my fellow Nuggets fans in hope it would draw me in & give Kalen & the fellows some hits, but honestly GM Ryan, you’re making me question my decision.

            Not that I’d let u end my fandom GM Ryan, just my willingness to join in the commentary (or fellow fan bashing in your case GM Ryan). GO.NUGGETS!

  • JetLife82

    I guess the only downside to this trade is that our post defense takes a hit. But the two main pieces we would receive are proven players who would actually get minutes playing for Karl. The other guy is just a throw in to make salaries work.


  • mrf420
    • nugswin

      That’s not a bad trade at all. Houston has Smith that they have already successfully plugged into Patterson’s role and don’t really need his shooting ability plus would get bigger and better defensively inside, something that they need.

      We would get an up-and-coming stretch 4 who would fit on our team nicely.

  • paolo

    what about this one?
    I’d love to have OJ mayo and williams playing for us.
    Maybe we might also get rid of Miller

  • Douggg

    Hope this happens!

  • Douggg
  • Steven

    Celtics, Clips, Nuggets.

    Celtics get younger and add depth
    Clipps get PP. Veteran leader.
    Nuggets get better defensively.

  • Aurress20

    Nuggets get Derrick Williams
    Minnesota gets Josh Smith, Mozgov
    Atlanta gets Kevin Love, AntRand

    No way Josh Smith would resign in Minny tho.

  • scott
  • Ackdog

    Wilson Chandler strait up for Kyle Korver. This guy can actually shoot and would be exactly what’s needed to spread the floor for the second team. Plus only 1 year left on the contract

  • Peter

    I see a lot of JJ Redick trades. While I like JJ and think he could be a plus, the Magic want draft picks and young players in return. I think J Ham has more tools than Redick if he could ever get any minutes. Trading for Redick would be a short sighted move and not good for the future, and like someone mentioned before we are not 1 shooter away from a championship. Trading Hamilton for Redick wouldn’t make sense to me and I don’t want to trade any first round picks for him and I doubt they want Mozgov. I doubt Houston would do Mosgov for Patterson straight up. I would love to get Patterson as a back up big though. I just can’t find any trades that makes sense with Houston. I don’t know if they’re high on Wilson Chandler, but I love Chandler Parsons. They have a lot of good young pieces and are going to be major players in this trade market or the offseason. They probably have the best package to get Josh Smith.

  • EWilson

    Anyone see this article at ESPN:

    Interesting trades, though I’d be horrified if Denver traded Gallinari et al. for Gasol!

  • EWilson

    And, apparently, Kevin Garnett has announced that he wouldn’t waive his no-trade clause for a deal to Denver, which is a good thing, if you ask me. If Garnett were about three years younger, I’d think about making such a deal depending on who was involved from the Nuggets side. But, making such a deal now would be gambling a lot on winning now with a young team that is still developing. There must be a veteran big man we can get as a mentor that is younger and cheaper than Garnett.

  • Tim

    I really think that we should and we will stand pat… I think that is the best thing we can do at this point. No one has interest in Mozzy so we will just lose him in the offseason. I hope that the Nuggets are able to re-sign Brewer and Iggy!

    I would love to see us get one of the two Utah bigs (Al Jefferson or Paul Milsap) BUT I don’t think they would think about trading in the division PLUS they would ask for an arm and a leg for either and I would NOT be willing to give up anyone on the current roster.

    I am also VERY happy that KG has said he wouldn’t come to Denver, I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole. I am also glad NO one wants Gallo, don’t really understand it BUT I don’t care. Gallo is slowly turning into a superstar and this seasons playoffs are going to put the icing on the cake.

    I also see quite a few people saying we need JJ Reddick. He would be a nice little player BUT a better fit at more then likly a lower cost (trade wise) would be Kyle Korver. Korver is a way better defender, a WAY better rebounder and a WAY better 3 point shooter. He doesn’t score as many points as Reddick BUT I will take the Defense and Rebounding all day, every day. PLUS Korver is a Sharp shooter from 3…. Imagine Lawson or Brewer getting a steal heading down the court and poping the ball to Korver for 3. Nothing but net!

    On the discussion about Julyan Stone:

    He is a BELOW average shooter and that will limit his ability to draw a defense and then dish off- NO ONE will ever respect his shot and he is NOT a good free throw shooter. I think he can work out some of the downfalls BUT not enough that he will take mins away from Dre’.