Bulls interested in Mozgov?

The Arlington Heights Daily Herald is reporting a “popular rumor” currently in and around Chicago is the idea of trading Bulls shooting guard Richard Hamilton for Nuggets center Timofey Mozgov. While we’ve yet to hear anything definitive regarding this rumor, chances are it’s just that: a rumor. Nevertheless, it does give Nuggets fans a decent idea for what other teams might be willing to exchange for the backup Russia center. Though Hamilton hasn’t accomplished much in a Bulls uniform this year he’s still an experienced player who knows how to win in the playoffs.

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Kalen Deremo

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  • Josh

    I like this trade. Mozy needs a new scene and i think Chicago will be great for him. He will get the 20 min a game he deserves behind Noah and should excel in their system. As for Denver, this unloads the jam at the Center position, but creates one at the SG position. With Iggy, Brewer, and JHAM, the position has quality players. Hamilton is a proven player, but at 34 i dont see him making much of an impact. At this point, i think Brewer is a better option off the bench for the 2 guard. But i suppose it would be fun to watch a lineup with Iggy running the point forward, and hamiliton at the 2 with Gallo, faried, and Mcgee… nice scoring punch with athleticism and size. Take that OKC!!!

  • https://twitter.com/denbutsu Joel

    If there’s truth to this rumor, I sure hope it’s one-sided interest on Chicago’s part. There’s really nothing about this that makes sense for Denver. Rip doesn’t really address any glaring team needs. He’s 34 and has a partially guaranteed contract next season. He would not be a part of this team’s future, and being that he’s on the decline (not to mention very injury prone), his window for being effective even in the short term is rapidly closing.

    Also, salaries don’t work out directly (as CPJ32 noted earlier on twitter), meaning that to make the trade work, the Nuggets would probably have to throw in either Fournier or J-Ham. Both of them being already close to as effective as Rip’s been with the Bulls this season, and both being on very cheap rookie contracts.

    I’ve said many times before that Denver has reached a point of diminishing returns on their depth, and that it would make sense to consolidate multiple assets in a single higher caliber player. But what sense does it make to trade two young, cheap players (ostensibly) with upside for an aged, fading, more expensive rental? None to me, and I can’t believe Ujiri would squander his resources like this. I hope not, at least.

    And if Denver packages Mozgov in a deal that sends two or three players out, it really should be for a player who a) fills a real team need, and b) is better than Rip. And I say that regretfully; I do like the guy, but he’s clearly in the twilight of his career.

    • nugswin

      Well said.

      Even if Rip was producing at a higher level he only played in 36 of 66 games last year (and, if I remember correctly, missed some of their playoff action to boot) and has only played in 16 this season.

      We’re much better off keeping Mozzy so we can plug him in when we need post defense or if KK picks up an injury than watching Rip take salary for wearing a suit on the sideline.

    • jimmy

      traded player exception

      almost any salary swap can work while we have this TPE.

  • Nugznazty

    I really like Rip, but this trade makes no sense at all.
    see: Joel.

  • Tonia01

    If we trade Moz we need a big PF or at least a back up center. If one of the two others Centers is injured, we would have to play very small with Faried or Randolph at the C position, which would be a suicide.

    The last thing we need is an ex star guard nearing the end of his career who looks for minutes that are not available destroying the unity the Denver team has created this season.

  • dynamo.joe

    Rip is a few years away from having last been an effective player.

    But I can see why the Bulls are desperate for bigs. They have nothing after Noah.

    Does this work for anyone?

    I just want Butler.

  • https://twitter.com/denbutsu Joel

    My other big fear about acquiring Rip: How badly would Karl overplay him? Experienced veteran? Smart/high-bball-IQ guy? Championship pedigree? Easily 20 mpg minimum. Get ready for Ty/Miller/Rip/Iggy/Gallo-or-Chandler-or-Faried-at-center lineups. An exaggeration? Maybe, but unfortunately probably not too far off the mark.

  • Mark from Charlotte

    I do not like this trade.

  • Josh

    Check this trade out: +3 wins for Denver, and a go to post player in the clutch. Bring KK off the Bench…


    • Ryan

      Same guys for Gasol.

      • Aurress20

        But Ryan! GK has these guys playing X # of games over 500… why wud u want Gasol!? 😛

        Geez Ryan, u must feel like an embarrassment 😛

    • dynamo.joe

      Any time you can trade for a guy with no knees, you have to do it.

    • jimmy

      your trade proposal deserves nothing more.

  • Josh

    We could open the clutter at the 2 and 3 with this trade and clean up the post as well.


    • Zack

      I agree with Mr. Spalding. Josh must really love Amare to try to get him here. While I like the idea of getting a “big name star”, Amare is much too injury prone and I think he’s done as a big time player. We need someone who is actually a star (if we’re trading all of that away).

  • mr. spalding

    No thank you to Stoudemire. Don’t trust him to play team ball or stay healthy. Both things we will need if were unloading all that for him.

    • Evan

      He played really good team ball with the knicks in the half season before they got carmelo. I do trust him to stay healthy, this knee injury is really the only major injury hes had since his eye problem (which isn’t a problem since he wears the glasses now). He would probably have to play the 5 but he also did that in New York and it worked out well. I honestly like the deal even if it would make us smaller we would get a big name with alot of talent and is only 30.

      • Evan

        The first trade Josh put up, not the second one.

  • Josh

    I understand the risk of Amare due to his past injury history, but i really think this team needs a guy who can score in the post, either back to the basket, or face up jumpers. I love faried and McGee is fun to watch, but none will ever have the skill set of Amare. When Melo isnt there stepping in Amare’s zone, he is a very productive player and unselfish to boot. With him, we would have the assets to seriously contend. The team would be well balanced with both outside and inside threats. When i watch the team play, i just dont see a traditional post player. If it isn’t a dunk, normally it isn’t a big man who scored the bucket. Anyway, i like Al Jefferson too 😉

  • Josh

    I am stuck on trying to find better post players… I really like this guy… and we could add a shooter. Only because Brewer is playing good ball can i risk losing this guy… cause its only a matter of time before gallo hurts his ankle or breaks something…


    • dynamo.joe

      I assume Josh is just trolling at this point. Why else would he pick all the worst players in the NBA and trade for em?

    • nugswin

      Orlando is not going to trade Reddick for a guy on a 4-year contract. They want guys on a rookie contract and/or decent draft picks.

    • Dubz

      Man quit putting up these half baked trades. Why on earth would Brooklyn do this?? Are you serious?? I like the spirit but simmerdownnah!!

      • jimmy


  • KW

    I’d take this trade if we could package Karl and get Thibodeau back

  • Jason

    What about some sort of three team deal with Orlando and the Bulls to try and bring Reddick here?

  • Joseelias

    Why does everyone want to make a trade? The team is good enough. Wilson is a great player and stretches the court with him playing the 4, he’s a great defender, and he’s a great shooter. Why trade him?

  • Josh

    yes, Joseelias, we have a good team, but not a great team. We cant compete with OKC in a 7 game series. What we want is to be great and to achieve that we must improve when the opportunity presents itself and in most cases, this is done through trades. Because late 1st round stars are hard to find and Denver is far from a lotto team we need to make moves here. Although i respect your opinion, Chandler is far from a great player. He is what he is, a decent role player. I think Denver has done a great job building a solid roster with better than average players throughout and now is the time to package some of those players and bring in a game changer.

  • googergieger

    You all desperate for a post player, just work with Gallo, and keep working with McGee. Be more worried about getting a post defender that can teach our bigs how to defend in the post and box out. Reggie Evans would do fine considering how cheap and team oriented he is, but anyone along those lines would do. Also Karl wouldn’t over play him to bejesus and back because he really isn’t an offensive oriented player in the slightest.

  • eddi0

    Not sure we “need” to make a trade but we do have some players collecting dust and I see a couple glaring weaknesses 1) someone to spread the floor, teams pack the paint because we are not proficient at outside shooting (i.e. JJ Redick or Kyle Korver). 2) post defender-Faried gets eaten by long distance shooting PF’s (Jamison, Dirk) and is just too small to play the larger PF’s/C’s. I really wanted Ed Davis but since he went to Memphis think Amir Johnson.

    The only players I see as expendable are: Mozzie, Randolph, Stone, Brewer (only if we get outside shooting 2 guard in return), Hamilton and maybe Chandler (would have to be a good package to give him up).

  • Josh

    This trade is pretty beneficial to be honest. The Nuggets get a veteran 2 who can shoot the 3 fairly well and he would be better on the court, in my opinion, late games with ty rather than miller. Maybe we could get a second round pick as well though. But I don’t really see the Nuggets needing to execute on this trade.

  • Ackdog

    Try this trade. We get rid of the log kam at center. We get something for Mozgov instead of letting him walk. No long term contracts. We also get two guys that can actually shoot the pill as well. WIN WIn Win!


    • Ryan

      That trade is yucky

    • jimmy

      just created a log jam at the 2.

  • Ackdog

    That should say log JAM

    • Dubz

      This would basically be Mozgov for RIP (again why would we do that) and Chandler/Hamilton for Redick. Why would the Nuggets do this? I like Redick, but not at that cost. Chandler is our backup SF/PF and is fairly cheap for his ability. That trade makes us worse.

      • Ackdog

        Mozgov will go with nothing in return if not traded. Granted Rip is not the answer but he can shoot the rock and only part of his money is garunteed next year. Reddick is a great shooter and excatly what the Nuggets need. Chandler is a nice player but we have been just fine without him for the last year. Get rid of the log jam and get some shooters on short term contracts. If it doesn’t work you have room to move next year.

  • Dubz

    Like a lot of people have been saying, I hope this is only speculation on the Bull’s part. I have no problem trading Mozgov (the guy deserves a shot at minutes) but he could get something better than RIP in return. If we’re going to jam up our wing position’s even more, it better be for a spot up 3 point shooter. RIP is certainly not that.

  • http://espn herpderpnuggets

    I would like to see Rip in a nuggs uniform, but we would have to also give up brewer or j-ham for him as well, and Rip is a veteran; but we would only get about 2-3 more good years from him.

  • googergieger

    I want to see how on fucking earth Karl supporters are going to be able to spin this fucking one tonight. Calls a time out when Faried is hurt. Literally the only time he did in the first half. Gallo gets going in the first, never touches the ball again. Actually goes huge minutes without Gallo or Iguodala on the court together. Lets a run snowball into an avalanche. Lets his team yet again come out with no energy and stay there! This is why I had a problem with some of our horrible wins. Because against good teams, and The Bucks are a good team. Our horrible play with talented players won’t work. Down fifteen at the half, and one person to blame for, honestly all of it. If the players aren’t doing eff all out there? Well we have an effin bench don’t we? Gah.

    • Ckwizard

      Lol @ Googergieger, find ways to give credit to him cause he was your one person to blame…. Do you have any idea what GK says to his team at half time? I don’t… Ponder this please… Maybe GK has same expectations as you but has patience and faith in his team. Gallo finished strong, Igoudala finished strong, Brewer played well, Miller was on the bench to close….. And small ball won.

      • Aurress20

        @golfer… GK has a lot of UNC in him. Dean Smith used to always make his players play thru a tough start & deficit. Its the “u got urself in this situation, I’m not going to bail u out with a timeout, u gotta play ur way outta this” approach. And fortunately the Nuggets responded & won tonight.

        It doesn’t always work out but its what a unc pedigree will do to a coach. Its not GK’s job to make sure the Nuggets bring the proper intensity. These guys are supposed to be pros. Their paycheck should motivate the players to the proper intensity level.

        Post note: just saw the sportcenter highlights. Dalembert was unstoppable & Gallo’s trick And1 won the game… that’s how ESPN portrayed it.

        Still have no idea how we came back & won. Thanks ESPN. But I do know that Ray Lewis announcing his “last ride” somehow magically destined the god awful city of Baltimore to own the Lombardi trophy again. Why is ESPN so great again? Oh yea, we almost have no other choice.

        • Aurress20

          Woops! That was supposed to be @googer. Thx autocorrect :-/

  • Michael (anotheraussienuggzfan)

    I’m guessing we see at least some Mozzy against the Bulls to maybe ‘showcase’ him a little.
    It may not happen but I won’t be surprised if it does.

  • al68

    what do you think about this trade?


    • Ryan

      That would be awesome for Denver, but Sacramento would want more than Shved and MarShon Brooks for Cousins…

  • al68

    Sved is the best european proyect. He`s better than Fournier and Rudy together.