Rumors: KG not interested in Denver, Gallinari and Chandler on the block?

The Denver Post’s Mark Kiszla was recently up to his usual pot stirring shenanigans (which I thoroughly enjoy, by the way) when he suggested the Nuggets make a move for Kevin Garnett. In his largely opinion-driven piece Kiszla sarcastically touches on the sad reality that is being a fan of a mid-market team; however, he does include some interesting statements about Garnett’s willingness to come to Denver. Kiszla claims KG “wants nothing to do with the Nuggets” but that the “Nuggets must continue to monitor the situation” as there’s a good chance The Big Ticket could be dealt by the trade deadline. It’s worth noting Garnett has a no-trade clause in his current contract with the Celtics.

In other news, on Tuesday, ESPN’s Chad Ford held a live chat in which a man from Colorado Springs asked “Any big trade plans for Denver?” Ford responded with the following:

Keep hearing their name in a lot of scenarios, but it’s never clear who they are going to give up. Gallanari and Wilson Chandler are the two names that come up the most, but there’s not a big market for either player.

I’ve said a few times that with Denver’s bounty of wings nobody is safe —  even Gallinari. At the moment he’s playing extremely well, which means his trade value is high as it’s ever been. If the right deal presents itself Nuggets fans know Masai Ujiri would not hesitate to pull the trigger. But at this point, with Gallo playing as good as he is and the Nuggets firing on all cylinders it’s hard to imagine that deal coming to fruition.

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Kalen Deremo

Kalen was born in Durango, CO, in 1988 and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2013 with a degree in journalism. He's now an itinerant hoping to travel as much as possible before eventually succumbing to the "real world." Aside from writing Kalen likes movies, music, spicy food and the great outdoors. Edward Abbey is his current idol.

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  • googergieger

    Ugh. Kiszla?

    Can’t see why they’d get rid of Gallo and why no one is interested. Top five player at his position, twenty four, and cheap.

    Ford is a dirty liar. And Kiszla is just the worst kind of person. At least Armond White makes an effort to be entertaining.

    • heykyleinsf

      I agree googer..

      I hate the trade deadline.

      It makes for vile, cold and disrespectful columnists.


      But it’s the Denver Post.. and this has always
      been the Denver Post’s speed.

  • monimo

    Oh no Kalen! Normally, I appreciate your thoughts … today you are going the Kiszla path and I really can’t follow you. You can’t even consider to give up Gallo, Faried, Ty or Iggy for KG. (who can opt out of his contract simply by retiring)! I would (perhaps) do it for McGee or for Mozzy + Hamilton – that’s all.

    P.S.: I’m traveling to Denver from Europe in march just to watch Gallo and the Nuggets against Knicks and Grizzlies. Don’t even consider to trade away the rooster!

    • JoelK

      Agreed on all points

  • Jason

    Mark Kiszla is a troll, screw that guy.

    • Ryan

      Agreed. I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with anything Kiszla has ever said. Not even once…

  • Kyle

    Why the hell would a team that’s 31-17 trade its leading scorer(who’s 24)for KG who’s 37 years old playing limited minutes and usually out of position. Yeah, he kills himself on defense, but is a dirty player who would never want to play with a younger team leaving behind a coach and players he likes.

    KG would retire probably after one last season or probably try to go back to Boston. I find it difficult to believe that a few teams wouldn’t love to get rid of Gallinari. D’antoni would trade Gasol(hurt)easily for him, Dallas would trade anyone but Dirk(want him to retire in Dallas and hope he is making strides to being the Dirk of old), Toronto might like him over Bargs, and other teams.

    Denver would need to get equal quality or even more potential if not equal numbers. Put Gallo with a pass first point guard, and he might really break out. He looks like a 20 ppg a scorer who shoots better than numbers suggest.

    • theo

      Yeah, exactly. KG is on golden pond already. In my mind our needs are 1) skilled scoring big and 2) skilled perimeter shooter in no particular order. Be good to get a starter but getting one or two guys that can fill it up consistently is key even if they come off the bench. Ultimately, unless Ty or Gallo take it up to the next level and become all star caliber players on a consistent basis, we’re not winning a championship without some significant retooling and upgrading of the roster. In the meantime while we wait and see whether one or both of them get there, no reason we can’t sensibly upgrade with a shooter or two in the short run.

  • Kyle

    Boston gets: Kofous, Chandler, Randolph
    Denver gets: Kevin Garnett, Fab Melo
    BOOM Championship. No way we should trade Gallo! hes by far our best player and becoming more and more clutch everyday. Chandler is the player we should trade. He cant shoot! and takes the worst shots in history. If KG would waive his no trade clause this trade would be perfect without getting rid of a key player.

    • NuggLove

      it should have been mozgov, which would make Faried come off the bench so he’ll outhustle the opposing bench dudes.

      but let’s face it. Garnett won’t be in powder blue and yellow this season. I think he’ll stick around with the Celts.

    • jimmy

      you drunk?!
      that’s giving up WAYYY too much for someone who will retire after next year.
      even mozzy + chandler + ar15 is a stretch.

      • Kyle

        I’d gladly give up someone who doesn’t ever play, a center who is overachieving, and chandler, who is good, but let’s face it we can only keep Gallo or Chandler. I pick Gallo. In exchange we get someone who is even at an older age is a beast, and will bring a championship mentality to Denver just like Chauncey did when we went to the West Finals and throw in a young guy who is athletic and could be better than koufous. Yes, I do this trade, if it makes me drunk, I still do it. Someone else pointed it that KG doesn’t wanna come here so it doesn’t matter.

    • OriginalJakeSauce

      I would go all in on that trade. I love Fab Melo, his attitude and grit would be a perfect fit with our young manimal.

  • al68

    It would be a stupid trade. Although I hope Ujiri anything.

  • CJP32

    I dont normally put trades together, but this works for each team:

    Denver trades CBrew to Chicago, Mozzy to Boston
    Clippers trades Bledsoe, Odom and Butler to Boston
    Chicago trades Rip Hamilton to Denver
    Boston trade Paul Pierce and Courtney Lee to Clippers

    Some TPEs thrown in

    • Josh M

      Why would you trade Brewer who is cheaper and puts up the same numbers but is light years younger for a 34 year old more expensive player with the same talent level… and too boot, throw in a 7 foot 1 inch Center?

      The trade works well for the other two teams but screws Denver…. WHO SIDE ARE YOU ON? I think you are nervous Denver might catch your Clippers…

      • jimmy

        haha exactly.
        i kept looking for the additional “and x-team trades x-player to denver”
        give up mozzy and cbrew for… an ancient rip?


    • bosc0

      CP! I Thought you were Cbrews biggest fan?

      • CJP32

        Dont get me wrong, I want CBrew here to, but you know that some other team will throw stupid money at him (Landry Fields anyone??).

        CBrew is 26 years old and has a chance to cash in big, I don’t think he will take a home discount just because GK gives him 24 mpg.

        Thats why I suggested Masai get something for him now rather than nothing for him later

    • Ackdog

      Gotta keep Cbrew(great energy off the bench). I say keep this team together for the most part. Mozgov will walk so lets try somethng like this.

      We get two shooters. I know the machine says -4 but how can that be? The guys we are trading don’t play. We get two guys that can shoot it off the bench and help spread the floor.

    • Ackdog

      Try this one. Guys that dn’t play for guys that can shoot???

      • nugswin

        On which planet would Orlando trade Reddick for Randolph and Tolliver? Certainly not this one.

        • Ackdog

          They are rebuilding. Free’s cap space they are short on bigs. Why not???????

          • mike

            because they are horrible players and it actually takes cap space from them after this season which is all that matters. Redick is either getting a decent young guy or a pick…

  • Josh M

    What about McGee, Chandler and Mozgov for Horford and Korver?

    • Zack

      This trade would be so awesome for the Nuggets. But I doubt the Hawks would do this. Horford is a very good player and I don’t see the Hawks giving him up for McGee and Chandler.

  • CoryW

    Yeah I like Atlanta’s pieces a little bit more than the magic because the mgic have clearly stated what they want but we cant give them that unless a third party is involved, which i don’t mind but the more teams involved the more teams you have to satisfy. Korver is more proven than Reddick and Horford could hold down our post. He is a good passer, can score in the post, grabs rebounds. Him and Faried easily we should win rebounding every night.

  • Ban Johnson

    I find it hard to believe there’s not a market for Gallinari. Ford must be just wrong about that.
    (I don’t think the Nuggets should trade him, by the way, especially not for players on their last legs. Ever since the beginning of December, he’s been the Nuggets’ best player.)

    Chandler, on the other hand, hasn’t proven a lot yet in recent years. You’re just not going to get much back for him at the moment.

    • jimmy

      no market for gallo = hogwash

      but if that’s the case, fantastic.
      the dude is so clutch and is finally coming around this season.
      gallo shouldn’t be mentioned in ANY trade, unless it’s for LBJ or KD.

    • Ty

      Except today, when he fucking killed it



    • jimmy

      both atl and orlando lose that trade, and they’d know it.
      try again.

      • OriginalJakeSauce

        Wrong sir, the nuggets would lose in that Korver trade. Although we would lose our way into championship contenders. JHam will be a very good player in two to three seasons. He and Gallo will be interchangable clutch offensive players. I would hate to see him go, but I would do it to win one in the next two years.

    • Ryan

      Why would the Nuggets possibly need both Korver and Reddick?

  • ny nugs fan

    through all of the nugs trade rumors i still have yet to see a single trade that makes even the most remote sense

    • jimmy


      it might be due to the ignorance of the cap/luxury line status of the other team, or the ignorance of that the other teams need, but most of these trade proposals are super homer-ific.

      sure, it works, BUT ONLY FOR DENVER.

      • Ackdog

        hahahahahaha very funny. With this trade we will lose 17 more games and Miami will win 6 more. Very funny indeed. Love your work

  • Tonia01

    I am a bit fed up with the little attention that ESPN is giving to Denver and its players. The statements that there is little interest for Gallinari and Chandler is ridiculous. In a league full of overpaid players with low performances, I am pretty sure that players with the quality, the performance and the “moderate” salary as Gallo would be highly welcomed in most teams.

    Having said that I hope we will not trade anybody and we remains underdogs for a while. We are already fourth in the western conference and I believe we can even aim at the third place.

  • Nathaniel

    If this trade were to happen it would I would be done following the Nuggets. We finally look like we can compete with the elite teams. KG is over rated and on his last legs.

  • Z

    No Market for Gallo the great? still hoping and praying for a Chandler trade (because he takes the worst shots in History) free Chandler!!!!!

  • AaronCAPS

    Really? Why the hell would you even consider posting something from Mark Kiszla? Cant believe the dude hasn’t been fired yet. Hes Horrible!

  • Rocco

    Most of the trade scenarios posted here and elsewhere are borne from the wet dreams’ of fans. KG for Gallo? Really? So Denver takes on $2 to $3 mil more per year in salary for a guy who’s looking into getting his AARP card, can’t play more than 30 minutes per game or the wheels fall off sooner rather than later.

    IF (BTW that a BIG IF) the Nuggets do some tradin’ it should only involve the fringe rotation players (Mozzy, Chandler, J Ham, I’m even hesitant to put Chandler’s name here). Bottom line, this team is winning and climbing the standings. Nobody want to play them. They have something that’s a true rare commodity and often fleeting-that’s chemistry. The longer this group plays together the better they’ll get. The sum of the parts is greater than the individual pieces. Trade bring about change, be careful what you ask for.

  • a_roth

    I don’t know if Chad Ford meant that there is literally nobody who would want Gallinari on their team so much as no one is going to offer anything that the Nuggets would value more than just retaining him.

    I like the idea of moving a combo of Chandler, Moz, or AR for a shooter, but long term we may need those assets to replace the backup PG spot.

  • Ryan

    The only Nugget who absolutely should be traded is Mosgov, since we will lose him for nothing after this year if we don’t. He might even provide value in the playoffs against bigger centers that outweighs what the Nuggets would get in return for trading him. With how well they’ve been playing, I’m willing to roll the dice with just seeing how this group performs in the playoffs. Go Nuggets!!

  • Giovanni

    No wayyyyyyyyy!!!!
    Trade Carmelo for Garnett at the end?

    Trade all player except TY,Gallo and Faried….

    But for me Garnett with the Nuggets( fir MOzgov,Miller and Chandler)is a big change of scenary,,,

  • Jeff

    Ty Lawson is the only player on the roster from before the Melo trade. While the Nuggets might not be quite championship caliber yet, too much tweaking of the roster can destroy consistency and chemistry. Especially now that Chandler is back I want to see what this team can do. Look how well they’ve played since Chandler has returned. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    • magster

      Unless it’s an eye-poppingly unrefusable trade, trading anyone that is part of our regular rotation would be a bad move.

  • Ryan

    Why would we trade anybody for KG he’s getting old and is not as capable as he was once was

  • heykyleinsf

    KG sucks.

    What are you.. INSANE???

    • Andrew

      I concur…KG would be a viable option. Maybe one day..

  • Tom

    If you’re a smart GM, you try to trade the worst contract on the team. That contract belongs to McGee. The second worst contract might be Chandler’s, although it’s not too bad. Why trade Mozgov? He’s going to be restricted and you can resign him for peanuts. Trade McGee and/or Chandler, throw in a guy like Randolph or Hamilton, and you should be able to get back something decent from a team who really could use an athletic C.

    Miami: McGee and Randolph for Ray Allen and Mike Miller (gives both teams what they need).
    Memphis: McGee and Chandler for Zach Randolph (I actually love this trade for both teams).
    Lakers: McGee and Chandler for Gasol (I would do this for Denver even with Gasol injured and aging).
    New Orleans: McGee for Ryan Anderson, plus pieces to make it work (not sure if NO would do this, but I think Denver could really use a stretch 4 like Anderson, and he’s backing up Anthony Davis anyway).

  • googergieger

    The reason McGee has his contract is because Denver doesn’t want to turn him into a great player only to watch him walk away to another team with a bigger contract. He basically needs to be taught everything, as coming from Washington is basically coming from a community college team. His contract isn’t bad, yet. If by all star break next year he is still the same player he is right now, then yes he’ll be a bad contract. Package him and some other pieces for something we can use. But right now he is playing good in small minutes, is ever improving, is a great team mate and locker room presence, and appears to be a good investment. Chandler’s contract is good. Most teams would offer him Gallo money, most teams would offer Gallo, Rudy Gay money. We have a great GM. Head scratching coach. But a great GM. Unless it is a clear upgrade at a position, no need to move our main rotation players that help us win.

    • Tom

      McGee is not a difference maker. The team does not really depend on him, and for someone who makes $10 mil, 19 minutes off the bench with the worst plus/minus on the team is not good enough. I highly doubt he will ever be worth his contract, so if he has value now to somebody somewhere, then you try to make that trade. And why wouldn’t McGee and Chandler for Zach Randolph or Pau Gasol be a clear upgrade? McGee and Chandler have just enough value right now to where I think you could pull one of those trades off, and the Nuggets would be better off for it. Then they would re-sign Mozgov, matching whatever anyone else offers, and you have Koufos/Mozgov as your 5, Faried and ZBo or Gasol at the 4. That’s pretty good.

      • googergieger

        Gasol would slow the team down something fierce, is very expensive for a guy who has had multiple injuries this year, and defensively is very easy to take advantage of. Randolph is another guy that would slow us down and while he has found a home in Memphis, huge risk of him coming in with a chip on his shoulder and not wanting to be here which could ruin the team spirit/chemistry.

        Arguably a year we’ve had McGee and he is improving. He is having more games like he had tonight then games where he hurts the team. I’d argue he’s yet to have a game that actually lost us the game like other players. Again stand pat. Against teams like Memphis he can literally win us games. Against teams like The Pacers he can literally win us games. A lot of forwards/centers hate playing against McGee because he can block their shot or they have to alter their shot a lot to try to get it over his out stretched arm, and offensivel they can’t jump close to as high as him.

        • nugswin

          Right about how Randoph or Pau would slow us down.

          This is where the conversation should turn to Josh Smith who brings a huge, Denver-style skill set to the table. I’d definitely give up JaVale for him (assuming we could sign him for similar money).

          Another better fit for us would be Millsap. But I’m not sure I’d give up JaVale for him.

          • googergieger

            Bad shot selection, bad attitude, and someone that wants a max contract for a coachable kid with more potential and a better attitude? I’m not saying no, but as much as on paper Josh Smith makes sense. This is a team that loves playing together and doesn’t have any real ego’s stirring the pot right now. Maybe Miller and Chandler, but they don’t seem to be dicks about it.

  • http://espn herpderpnuggets

    if the nuggets trade gallo i give up on this team…he is playing so well now

  • googergieger

    58 points in a half? Another team going off on us from beyond the arc? Gah. We better not lose this game.

  • googergieger

    I apologize for my outburst, sir.

  • Robxxx

    Siete veramente patetici.
    Non amate il basketball.
    Voi giocate semplicemente con le figurine.

    Run through Google Translator, please.
    You won’t deserve my effort to translate from Italian.

  • ny nugs fan

    i’ll be glad when the era of the espn trade machine is over

    i still have yet to see a single trade that makes even a thimble of sense… just a lot of blah blah blah

    go nugs!

  • Kyle

    Can we trade George Karl for Doc Rivers?

  • Dar
    Perfect trade! Everyone is happy