Rapid Reaction: Boston Celtics 118, Denver Nuggets 114, 3 OT

Denver Nuggets 114 FinalRecap | Box Score 118 Boston Celtics
Danilo Gallinari, SF 49 MIN | 7-20 FG | 2-3 FT | 10 REB | 3 AST | 3 STL | 2 BLK | 4 TO | 18 PTS | -12

Gallo’s shot was off for the majority of the game, and poor shot selection didn’t help matters. He had a couple of spectacular defensive stops on Pierce early in the game, and continued to make life difficult for whoever he was guarding. His rebounding was solid as well. Had his last three point attempt fallen, we might be talking about him as the player of the game.

Kenneth Faried, SF 39 MIN | 5-10 FG | 4-7 FT | 12 REB | 1 AST | 3 STL | 1 BLK | 3 TO | 14 PTS | -11

If you only read the box score, you might mistakenly believe the Manimal had a really good game. He was his usual energetic self rebounding and running the floor. But he was consistently lost on defense, rotating to the wrong guy or simply failing to contest shots. He also missed two critical free throws, committed several dumb fouls, and got called for a technical foul at a terrible time.

Kosta Koufos, C 19 MIN | 4-6 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 8 PTS | -9

Kosta was fairly solid in the first half of this game. He kept his guy out of the paint and made his shots when he was able to cleanly catch the ball. Despite his relative effectiveness, he didn’t play after halftime.

Ty Lawson, PG 55 MIN | 13-22 FG | 0-0 FT | 6 REB | 9 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 5 TO | 29 PTS | -6

Ty started out playing tentatively, but as the game wore on his confidence grew. He hit several big shots throughout the game, including a clutch jumper to give the Nuggets a three point lead late in the second overtime. He also did a good job setting up teammates for most of the night. Unfortunately, he became a non-factor as fatigue set in late.

Andre Iguodala, SG 20 MIN | 2-6 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 4 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 1 TO | 5 PTS | -8

Iggy left the game around halftime with an apparent neck injury (right cervical strain). In retrospect, it seems likely he was playing in considerable pain in the first half. His usually strong defense was instead nonexistent. He seemed to be trying to avoid contact, preferring to pass to Koufos in traffic rather than taking the ball up strong in the paint. The team performed much better with Brewer in the game.

Corey Brewer, SF 28 MIN | 5-15 FG | 3-5 FT | 4 REB | 1 AST | 3 STL | 1 BLK | 1 TO | 13 PTS | +7

During the first half of the game, Brewer seemed to have Boston’s defense figured out, and he was able to get to the rim a few times in the halfcourt as well as on the break. His chaos-causing defense played a big part in keeping the game close, and just before halftime he saved the ball right to Koufos to cut the Celtics lead to four. Unfortunately, he missed a few shots at the rim and then fell in love with his jumper a bit in the second half.

JaVale McGee, C 32 MIN | 2-7 FG | 1-2 FT | 16 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 3 BLK | 0 TO | 5 PTS | +9

JaVale seemed to be the antidote for what was ailing the Nuggets for a lot of this game. He erased a bunch of points at the rim, and the rest of the defense seemed to tighten up as a result. He struggled in overtime, taking a couple of bad shots, rotating slowly on Jeff Green’s tying three pointer, and simply failing to contest Kevin Garnett’s midrange jump shots.

Andre Miller, PG 40 MIN | 7-18 FG | 0-0 FT | 5 REB | 6 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 5 TO | 15 PTS | +6

Andre Miller had one really good play, getting in position to rebound a missed free throw, which gave the Nuggets the possession they needed to tie the game. He also made several bad passes and didn’t contest some of the most important Celtics shots of the game. Finally, he twice tried to make go-ahead three pointers that were nowhere close to going in, rather than finding a better shot.

Wilson Chandler, SG 33 MIN | 3-9 FG | 0-0 FT | 8 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 2 BLK | 1 TO | 7 PTS | +4

Ill Wil played some phenomenal defense during two of the Nuggets’ biggest runs this game. He negated this somewhat by taking some ugly shots, including a point blank miss that he managed to catch on the other side of the hoop.

George Karl

Coach Karl made two good decisions tonight: he called a timeout early in the game after the team came out unprepared, and he played JaVale McGee a lot of minutes down the stretch. He also gave the two point guard lineup far too many minutes, left a much smaller player trying to guard Kevin Garnett for much of the second quarter, didn’t make appropriate defensive substitutions (such as putting a player on Paul Pierce who’s tall enough to contest his shot), and didn’t choose to intentionally foul during two circumstances when the Celtics needed a three pointer to tie the game. It’s the coach’s responsibility to prepare his team to play and to put them in the best position to succeed, but neither of those things happened tonight.

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Tom Darrow

Fourth generation Denver native, stay-at-home dad with a masters degree in applied mathematics, and all-around geek with a passion for Nuggets basketball.
  • Alex

    Thanks miller. You tried blowing the game at the end of reg and finally succeeded after 3 ot. Experience and veteran my a$$

    • Stephen

      Did you hear GK after the game. “I know people may question Andre’s shot at the end there. I don’t know… I kind of like a guy who has the courage to take that shot”

      I threw up in my mouth a little. Can you imagine what he would have said if a guy like JR took that shot in the exact same circumstance?

      • bigelowsmalls

        total enigma

      • Ban Johnson

        Exactly. It’s the double standard that rankles.

        Watch Karl on the bench after any McGee mistake. He hams up hi exasperation.

        But Miller can do no wrong. Karl sees him as old-school and himself as old-school. It’s tribal almost.

        • GIANLUCA



      • Evan Woodruff

        It’s not that…
        A coach is suppose to stand up for his players. He isn’t going to throw them under the buss in front of the world.
        I like that he said that, and behind closed doors I’m sure he’s going to have a word with Andre. They both know that was a mistake.
        But again, especially with all the drama going around Andre right now, He made the right comment by standing up for his player.

        He never said it was a good shot or a smart one or one to be taken, he simply said he liked the confidence. Which, I do too to be frank, but it’s still a bad one. And George knows that, he just isn’t going to say that in front of everyone.

        • Evan Woodruff

          We can all complain about the Miller shot, but what really lost us the game was Andre Igudala being hurt. Pierce doesn’t make that shot with Iggy on him, guaranteed. Also, the defense through out the 4th and overtime would have been enough in my opinion.

          ALSO, Don’t forget this game doesn’t even go into over time without Andre Miller. He played his ass off. Had a nice fade away jumper. Ect. He made a mistake, on a shot he was wide open for and feeling.. yes a dumb shot, but you’re in the moment trying to WIN THE GAME. He realized Celtics had momentum and the longer they stayed on the court the better their chances of losing. Win it right here on a wide open three, that he CAN make believe it or not.

          Still dumb shot, but I can’t blame him TOO much. My initial response was pretty pissed though.

          • http://none Pearl

            We have to accept Karl’s unorthodox views on the NBA. His system is unorthodox, his line-ups are unorthodox: so on and so forth.

            But beyond just being different, Karl’s claims that Andre Miller is the most deserving player on the Nuggets to be an All-Star, combined with an early comment that he is one of the best PG “of all time” makes you think it’s less about a rationalized unorthodoxy but an irrational favoritism probably fueled by the fact that he is likewise in the twilight of his career. Hopefully Uriji ends this love-affair before it gets worse.

          • Stephen

            I hear you, Evan. Miller seemed to be into the game for the most part until OT3. I honestly think he was just exhausted. I think George should have found a way to rest Andre.

            Miller made 2 awful plays at the end that cost us the game… OK. That’s enough to make me pissed. I think it bothers me more when you hear him expressing his discontent with his role and then comes out and pulls this.

            I’m with you that a coach should as a rule shield his players. George Karl doesn’t do that. Correction: George Karl only does that with players he *likes*

            • googergieger

              Yup. Karl constantly throws McGee under the bus for why he doesn’t start or play more minutes. Has no problem yanking JHam out right away and never playing him again because he did one thing wrong. Has no problem yanking Randolph out and never playing him again for playing hero ball and doing things Chandler and Miller do. Granted Chandler defends but still. I mean when McGee did that dunk off the back board he seemed more pissed than impressed. But, “Yeah Miller could shoot that ball out of his ass for that three attempt for all I care. That’s what top ten point guards of all time do!”.

              • mike

                it’s entirely reasonable that Mcgee is limited in minutes at this point. His basketball IQ, seemingly, is inversely proportional to his athletic ability. Anytime he has to play a guy who has any savvy he looks silly out there. And he’s entirely unpredictable on offense. He’ll get the ball on a pass out at the top of the key and end up with a spinning 15 footer fading with 12 seconds left on the clock. It’s ludicrous. On defense He is GREAT at recovery defense for his vast array of mistakes, but he is very susceptible to mediocre head fakes or picks or whatever else could cause him to think for half a second. He is MADDENING to watch. He is the Jeff George of the NBA.

                The real issue with this team as currently constituted is that every one of their bigs is a complimentary offensive ballplayer with no shot beyond 10 feet. It clogs the lane constantly unless they go to Gallo or Chandler at the PF position. And since none of them have even decent low post skills they can’t rely on an inside out approach.

                That said Miller made a mistake on the second to last play and compounded it by heaving that horrific shot. Miller should have been driving and attempting to find Gallo, Ty, or Chandler? As I always say to you googer. Karl was not the problem in this game.

              • googergieger

                For a good while he is getting a lot better at pump fakes and timing his blocks actually. And nothing changes the fact that when he was in there and in most games actually, teams won’t attack the rim as much or at least think before they do and nobody will leave him alone on offense because of the lob/ability to probably catch the ball at three point line and take two huge steps to finish at the rim.

                Today he was more effective on Garnet than any other of our players. At the end of the OT’s he was being held by Terry and others and couldn’t get out to contest his shots. It wasn’t called. What do you want him to do? He is easily our best center right now, honestly. Koufos keeps fumbling great passes or just letting them sail by him. Costing us a lot of turn overs that show up on other players stat sheet. At least McGee can catch and finish above the rim. Or throw down hard, and not make it harder than it has to be.

                Also you can’t blame McGee or Faried for some of their poor decisions. Sometimes they are given the ball and asked to play one on one for some stupid reason. Granted I doubt that isn’t on Karl, but he shouldn’t get on them for it. He should get on his other players for being responsible for it.

                Anyways, Miller big minutes in that first half despite him bringing no defense and really sloppy offense? McGee and Koufos twelve minutes in the first half? Four minutes for McGee after three offensive rebounds in a row and six altered shots? I said it at the end of the first half. If the game was lost it was because of Karl and that first half. Honestly didn’t get much better in that second half, just certain players decided to really step up the defense and Karl finally had no choice but to go with McGee when even he couldn’t deny he was playing great.

                But really if you don’t want the bigs to not try anything on offense and let others create for them. “Either catch lobs, get put backs, or run on the break. If you try anything one on one, you’ll get yanked.” That simple.

          • Big Stub

            Calm down on the Miller criticism. George and Andre are guiding the third youngest team in the NBA to a very nice season. We were one or two plays away from stealing a road win against a quality team on a back-to-back. Andre missed a shot that could have won it. So did Ty. So did Gallo. So what. Nuggets had multiple chances to win a very tough game. And Andre was a big reason why.

            • http://yahoo.com prospector

              Calm down on Miller?? Are u you kidding me?? This old slacker that always leaves his guy open for the three while he cheats in the paint cause he thinks he is charles barkley….. this old punk that wouldn’t pass to the open guy cause he thinks that he is the man? The guy that complains about his minutes, and said that we can’t win without a superstar.. You mean that guy… The day he leaves is the day we are a better team… I just hope it’s before JHAM and STONE get ditched…

              • Ackdog

                I’m nor Karl’s biggest fan BUT on such a young team what coice does he have at the end of games. Gallo has been good for half of the season so far but struggled offensively tonight. Ty is normally tentative at the end of games. Miller is Karl’s crutch that’s why he plays him with Ty at the end of games. It was a bad shot no doubt and I screamed at the TV when he took it but after a few hours I’ve calmed down. he only way this young team gets to the next step is to trade Miller to a team that is contending in need of a guard(??) and get an athletic back-up in. Then he will beforced to go with TY in crunch time. Ty seems to let Miller take the ball handling duties away at the end of close games when Ty is the best ball handler on the team. I think what I want to see as a fan is Karl letting the kids make mistakes. It will cost us a few games for sure but this teams potential will never be met unless he lets them play!

                That is all!

        • Ban Johnson

          What I’ll say for George Karl is he has the Nuggets playing good, unselfish basketball in an up-tempo style that generally suits the personnel.

          But GK’s irrational love for Andre Miller (and his hate of McGee) is his achilles heel this year. I don’t know how you could watch all his comments this year and all the crunch-time Miller gets, no matter how well he’s playing, without recognizing that…

          George Karl is not the super-rational guy you’re painting him as. He’s an intuitive guy, who has some craziness about him. And his unconditional love for Andre Miller, unfortunately, is part of his craziness.

          • Stephen

            Agreed Ban. The brand of basketball the Nuggs are playing this year is beyond entertaining…. it’s winning ball.

            • Thomas

              Same ball as in years past – lots of wins during the regular season, easy prey in the playoffs.

              People need to open their eyes. We’ve been through the same crap with this coach for so many years – amazing that many of you still expect a different outcome.

              The man will not change – that is a certainty. Manage your expectations accordingly.

              • Charliemyboy

                Won’t have to worry long. His family is in Seattle. He will be gone in 1-2 years. We get the current Sonics coach! Finally an NBA championship!

          • theo

            Nice take among the annoying noise ready to fire everyone and take prisoners over a triple overtime loss on a back to back in Boston.

        • Evan Woodruff

          The Nuggets also shot 58% from FT. Not Miller’s fault.

          • Mark

            On my high school team, we lost two games in a row because of poor free throw shooting. We spent the next week of practice doing nothing but shooting free throws. Never happened again. I wish our NBA team had a coach with expectations as high as any high school team’s.

  • CoryW

    No comment…….

  • http://twitter.com/xantoniooo808x D3Ntilthe3ND


    I’ve never seen a player sabotage a game like that.

    • MCZ84

      totally agree he doesnt want to be with the nuggets
      get rid of him ASAP he showed today with that 3 he didnt care if we lost

    • Mark

      I’m just glad we don’t have JR Smith any more to drain those game-ending 3’s and win the game. I heard he had a bad attitude. And we all know that in the NBA, it’s not important whether you win or lose – it’s how you play the game.

  • MCZ84

    all i gotta say is fucken andre miller lost us that game
    why the hell did he shoot a 3 with 10 sec left id rather have anyone else shooting than him.Trade him to the bobcats see if he doesnt miss playin for the nuggets

  • AaronCAPS

    Miller You are the most selfish player ive ever seen!!!!! GTFO OF HERE!!!

    • DAN

      It is scary how much of a man crush Karl has for Miller. Miller should probably be moved after this.

  • Mark from Charlotte

    Good game. Bad coaching by GK TONIGHT Brewer should have been in the game for AMiller for his defense.

  • Johnny boy

    It really did feel like he was trying to sabotage us. I don’t usually get worked up with regular season but man. I am not happy one bit and i don’t want to see millers face for a long long time.

  • Travis

    Gallo kept us in this, but Karl loves this two guard BS in the most crucial moments. Miller cost us the game, what a joke. We play our best when we move the ball. Killing me watching Miller dribble dribble dribble…turnover….dribble dribble dribble…ill-advised shot. This is why we won’t make it out of the first round. In close games we find ways to lose.

  • googergieger

    Don’t know if I should be proud of the guys for fighting in a game they had no business being in. Angry at Andre Miller for that three and a lot of hero ball that helped but hurt a lot more often. Angry at Karl for losing us the first half. Playing Andre Miller huge useless minutes. McGee four minutes in the first half where we was playing really great for us! Putting line up after line up out there that couldn’t either defend or score. The refs for giving Boston way more free throws than us, even though we attacked more. Well, list goes on and on.

    Once again Karl made a game a lot harder than it had to be. This is the type of loss that can totally suck the life out of a team. Especially a young one. We could have gone 10-0 and instead we are 9-0, Clippers won today to move a bit farther away from us, and we might have lost Iggy for a while. All because Karl made that Cleveland game harder than it had to be, which in turned added onto this game being a lot harder than it had to be, which in turn might send us on a three game losing streak when an emotionally and physically exhausted team faces a charged Toronto team and a good Brooklyn team on another back to back.

    This is why me and others hate Karl! Because he makes the game a lot harder than it has to be and constantly puts his players in positions to fail!

    God, I’m so fucking pissed right now.

    • Thomas

      We shouldn’t read too much into this loss or the 9 game win streak.

      The truth is that Miller is a mediocre journeyman who, unfortunately, our bad coach is crazy about. Our coach is also in love with playing two-PG line-up, center-less line-ups, playing Brewer too much and killing the careers of talented young players like JHam (who will become a solid pro somewhere else).

      Nothing to see here, with GK and Miller. Disappointment come playoff time once again for those who still expect a different outcome. I don’t.

      Can’t wait for the day GK is gone. While he is here, it’s like watching grass grow.

      • mike

        there is no point in trying to placate googer. He has no sense of realism on Karl. Karl makes mistakes, like having miller in the game to cover Pierce, but nothing horrible. Miller should have been setting up others instead of heaving trash. It was reasonable for Karl to expect him to do that. It’s just too bad given Garnett talking trash about the Nugs. It would have been nice to rub his face in it. (Of course I find Garnett to be on a Kobe level of annoying players to watch as an opponent so I may not be impartial on that).

        • googergieger

          Once again. Sell me on Karl.

          • mike

            Garnett is a great player. He is a good teammate. But he is unquestionably a bully and annoying to watch as an opponent.

            Karl has been to 3 Conference Finals (With three different franchises) and 1 NBA Finals while never having a top 5 guy on his team and arguably never having a top 10 guy in the league (payton probably was in Seattle, but it’s not a slam dunk. Please don’t say Melo.) There aren’t too many coaches who have those types of accolades. AGAIN (for the 50th time), Its a Van Gundy or bust if you are looking for a replacement with even a 10% chance of being better than Karl….

            Miller on pierce was a switch as I recall. I suspect the reason he was in the game at that juncture was more about Iguodala out, but I can see wanting Brewer in. Brewer is more of a havoc creating defender than a lockdown 1 vs. 1 guy which as Chandler proved when he played pierce was a BAD move.

            They played a good team on the road who was hitting shots pretty decently on the 2nd of back2back. It was disappointing, but a good game and Karl got them to put the effort out to get back into a game that the starters embarrassed themselves the first 4 minutes of the game and they lost their best defensive player.

            In the big picture this team is on pace to win 50-55 games assuming they win 1-2 games before the All-star break. That is where people expected them before the season (I think some prognosticators assumed Ty and Iguodala would play better offensively and they were more of a mid to high 50s win team). They have 4 more back to backs this season total and I don’t think anymore 4 in 5 nighters after Brooklyn this week. And they will again have 5 more home games than road after the all-star break on a team that is likely to lose 3 or less at home the rest of the year (assuming health).

            • googergieger

              Then go for Stan Van Gundy. I just want to hear that after this year, if the guy doesn’t get us home court, out of the first round, and has us fight in the second round. Then it is time to go.

              Also are you kidding me with this crap? Unless you are watching the games on paper, that is unacceptable reasoning. “Schedule losses” are acceptable. Sabotage either on purpose or not, isn’t. Again for all this Karl gets his guys to fight hard! One or two quarters a game. I never hear anyone defend his rotations or substitutions, or execution of time outs, or use of time outs. Or holding everyone to the same standard and accountability.

              I hear he is good because he is good. He has won a lot of games. With no talent, apparently. Which I assume means no top five guys in the league at the time. Scoff.

              Serious question here. Did The Celtics win this game or did we lose it? Were we in a position to win this game only to throw it away? Did they hit nothing but tough shots and we missed a lot of good ones. So shake their hands, better team won that night? We didn’t get blown out. This didn’t play out like a schedule loss. We have the better team. And spare me this two hall of famers b.s. At this point in everyone’s respective careers, we have the better team. For the most part though, especially in that first half, we didn’t have many line ups out there that could compete. Bit my tongue during the Cleveland game. Said, as long as we’re winning can’t complain, I guess. And granted while it is just one lost, same problems were happening during our other losses, or tough wins, that didn’t need to be tough wins.

            • Ryan

              Saying Shawn Kemp wasn’t a top 10 NBA player in Seattle makes me question your basketball IQ…

        • jimmy

          “like having miller in the game to cover Pierce”

          IS HORRIBLE!

          pierce’s defense may have taken a hit as he grows older, he may not be as fast, but he will ALWAYS have the ability to hit clutch shots.

          he showed he can do it with ease when someone leaves him wildly uncontested.

          trade andre miller; it’s obvious this won’t be his last sabotage.

        • Thomas

          What’s not to like about Garnett? Guy cares about his team and his fans and plays his tail off. At 36 years old (?), still averages a double double in the playoffs while playing inspired defense to the point of being a key component of a team that almost knocked the Heat out.

          Meanwhile, in Denver, we still hear a lot of noise about Gallo’s “potential”, GK’s “experience” or Miller being our “floor general”. What a bunch of hogwash.

  • http://espn herpderpnuggets

    Does any else recognize that the refs gave the Celtics two possessions that resulted in buckets? I mean horrible calls.

    • LBJ

      That’s just boston — you are always going to get jobbed there…

  • robert

    Fist of all, McGee should have been playing much more in the first half based on how he changes the game. The announcers recognized it but Karl didn’t. Karl gets a “D” for the first half. However, Karl woke up so “A” for the second half.

    If bone headed plays get you in the doghouse with karl then Miller is there for at least 5 games and McGee gets his minutes. WE ONLY NEEDED 2 TO TIE!!!!

  • AaronCAPS

    Congrats Miller! You earned your green Jersey tonight!

  • Tonia01

    I cannot find the words to express what I think of George Karl and Miller. The latter is a troll, who is so arrogant to lose a game three four times with no shame. There should be a law in Denver, he is not allowed to play in any game after the third quarter. He made everything possible to make us losing and he succeeded. Compliments. How long will it take to understand that only three players should be entitled to have big shots: Gallo, Ty and Iggy, that’s it. I am disgusted, without the troll we would have won it.

  • Ban Johnson

    What will it take for the George Karl love affair with Andre Miller to end?

    Andre Miller did a lot of good things in this game.

    However, he called his own # twice in huge situations for 3-pointers…those are remarkably terrible decisions for someone who is out there for his decision-making. He’s a 21% 3-point shooter, by the way.

    Another thing: why did Faried sit the majority of the overtimes? Was he that tired? I doubt it.

    Anyway, this was probably a good learning experience for the Nuggets. Gallinari was mostly terrible. Iguodala was out. And they still battled a decent team in a very tough situation for a long time.

    Lawson was awesome.

  • pender30

    Down by 2 with 12 seconds in overtime, I’d run literally any other play besides an Andre Miller 3 pointer. Made me want to puke.

  • Kyle

    Andre Miller has been smoking the wacky hippie lettuce again. He blew the game. Holding the ball for too long then turning it over. That wasnt even the worst. Why did he take a 3 with 10 seconds left! Get the ball in Gallo or Ty’s hands ughhhh… I dont know what to say… Can we trade miller for billups straight up jesus…

    • ryanvdonk

      man, billups for miller would be a dream trade…someone who while may have lost a step still gives effort on defense, and more importantly, can play off the ball and hit down 3s…which would make the two PG lineup practical. oh, and karl would still be happy with a vet.

      • Mark

        You’re joking, right? Hey, as long as we’re smoking a joint, I’ll say that Miller for LeBron James would be great too. In other words, whoever’s in charge of the Clippers’ trades would (and should) be run out of the league for taking that trade.

        • Kyle

          Obviously I was joking. It would be impossible to get Miller for just about anyone at this point. Time to bring in a 2-time NBA Champion

  • CoryW

    Miller was good til those last two possessions brewer was just jacking up shots

    • CJP32

      Difference is that Brew plays defense and drives to the rim. The ball moves with Brew on the court, not Dre

      • Dubz

        I agree that the ball moves a lot better with Brewer on the floor, but Brewer played a really bad games IMO. He shoots WAAAAAAY to much (15 shots Cory, really?? He should NEVER shoot 15 shots) and loses his focus. I’ve said again and again, he’s fantastic in 20 mins or less, but anything over that he really because troublesome. Basically, this forced Karl’s hand and he had to play Miller because we all know JHAM and Fournier weren’t going in during OT. Iggy’s injury was killer, no doubt.

        • CJP32

          Dude, he was a +7 on the court, he made the right plays. He defended, drove to the rim, played pesky D on Pierce/Terry, and the shots he took were good shots, just weren’t falling (same can be said for Gallo). He is the better option on the court with under a minute on the defensive end – not Andre Miller.

          • Dubz

            Of course I agree with you there. Brewer is great defensively I just thought he was forcing the issue too much offensively. I knew once I heard Iggy was out that we’d see even more Miller than usual. Brewer simply reaches a point of diminishing returns, but I definitely value his role on the team. He just can’t be shooting 15 shots, never ever never.

  • MCZ84

    Amiller and GK lost us this game.Why the fuck is Miller shooting 3s why the fuck is Mcgee playin only 4 minutes in the first half.Im more fucken pissed off on Miller tho he lost us the game we only needed a two hes like a 20% shooter on 3s he better not get a good grade HE LOST US THE GAME.He wants more minutes
    send him to the bobcats for more minutes

  • Evan Woodruff

    Gallo should just punch Andre in the face.

  • Andershow8

    Fu***** off Andre Miller. I had nothing against you till today. You killed me and the Nuggets. How can you do this? A 100 yard 3 point attempt? Amazing.. Hope he gets an F– grade..

    As for the loss, we can blame ourselfs. We had them twice but we blew it. Boston somehow had the energy in the 3OT and they won.

    Oh yes, screw you Tony Brothers.. 5-6 bullshit calls, for both teams.

  • Jason

    I’ve never been inclined to comment here but what i just saw was simply too baffling not to. Over the past 2 years I’ve learned to live with the bad d and moody attitude of andre miller because of how amazing of a floor general he is, but that was maybe the most selfish play I have ever seen. I just can’t comprehend how someone with such a high basketball IQ could make such a dumb decision. He’s certainly made strides in his weaknesses but his inability to know what to do in clutch situations just leaves me speechless. He continually wastes shot clock backing his defender down just to turn it over half the time and has the most untimely bricks from 3 when he’s a career 21% 3 POINT SHOOTER. The fact he was even bringing the ball up instead of lawson throughout most of the 2nd and 3rd overtimes was confusing given how well ty was playing, but I never imagined miller going all hero ball for the last minute to the point of self destruction. If someone has a sensible explanation for this please help me figure this out, because that loss was just completely heartbreaking.

    • dynamo.joe

      Obviously we will never know, but I would not be surprised if in his heart of hearts Miller was thinking “I’m fucking tired, we win or lose right now”.

      • Mark


    • al68

      The three-point shot is wrong but it is a temporary situation and due to tiredness.
      What I think of shame are the referees, ALL SCREENS DOING GARNETT are personal foul, he is provoking all the game and when Denver took the lead signal a technical foul denver.
      Using these screens a good player like Pierce becomes a superstar.
      Boston why not always conducive to the referees is a shame.


    Trade Andre Miller for a half eaten ham sandwich TONIGHT! Oh and send Karl’s overrated ass with him as well.

    • DAN

      And how do you NOT foul up three with 7-8 secounds less? Come on Karl it’s not that hard.

  • http://yahoo.com prospector

    KARL is a freakin idiot… We were only in the game cause the iggy injury forced Karl to leave a center on the floor…. This is TY’s TEAM!!! Why the hell was the ball in MILLER’s HANDS?????? TY was going off, but in OT he had to keep deferring to freaking MILLER…. How many stupid mistakes do we have to watch Miller make late in games…… Faried played well in the 1st OT, and then what? Karl brings Chandler into the game which lead to the loss…. Typical Chandler crappy game (this was game 2 or 3 since his last good game)… Pathetic…. KK would have been good down the stretch as well…. MILLER???? Give me JHAM, BREWER, or KK in his place… This sucks… Like I say Karl is an idiot… The two guard lineup is his security blanket…. This will not work in the playoffs… IT NEVER HAS… DO YOU HEAR ME!!!!!! IT NEVER HAS…… Masai needs to go MONEYBALL and trade MILLER ASAP… MAKE THIS TY’s TEAM… Gallo was starting to feel it, but Miller decides to take a 3……. He is the worst guard in the league from outside…. I can’t take this BS any longer… The nuggets win despite KARL… His lame switching defense… The 2 PG lineups… The small ball… The hockey rotations (why the hell do we ever need 4 scrubs on the floor at the same time)… I am calling MASAI out…. MAKE A MOVE PRETTY BOY… GET DIRTY…

  • Douglas L.

    I don’t know why I even care. I can’t express my disgust for GK and Andre Miller. I can’t do it anymore. The only part of the Nuggets I have any faith in is Masai Ujiri. Please save this team!

    • Thomas

      Don’t raise your hopes too much. Masai is a puppet. Not too smart too – signing GK for 3 years is one of the most stupid moves a GM can make.

      • googergieger

        Owners decision, innit?

  • Tyler

    If miller does not get an f- for his grade then I will be upset

  • robert

    “A” – Ty
    “C” – Iggy
    “A” – McGee
    “C+”- Chandler
    “A-” – Gallo
    “C” – Brewer
    “B-” – Farried
    “C-” – Kosta

    “G+” – Miller, DOGHOUSE, and TRADED

  • Mark from Charlotte

    I feel bad for this team they played there hearts out tonight, when they could have gave up but they didn’t. GK when are you going to play JHam he would have made a different tonight.? Lawson should have had the ball in his hands at the end of the third overtime. But AMiller shoots a 3 pointer BAD SHOT……………..

    • MCZ84


  • MCZ84

    im so fucken pissed of really dont understan why GK continues with him small backcourt id rather have hamilton out there rather than miller, miller had a turnover and shoots a 3 on those last 2 possesions he cost us that game, he better not get a good grade ill be pissed even more ughhhh GET RID OF A MILLER PLEAse masai trade him away , he already said he wants more playin time

  • The Carolina Nugget

    maaaaaaaan….as everyone here is saying ANDRE MILLER blew that game …he’s been talking about how he’s a starter and he’s this and that …i doubt he makes too much more public noise about it but he pulled a VERY selfish disloyal move right there ….and dammit we played SO HARD even against the TURRIBLE calls and KG doing his usual dirty player thing he does …F Andre Miller he lost that game …ball shoulda been in Gallo or Ty’s hands…not to mention MANIMAL WAS WIDE TF OPEN!!!!! ….i got 2 words for you andre …TRADING BLOCK !!!!!


  • http://twitter.com/xantoniooo808x D3Ntilthe3ND


    • MCZ84


  • Markos

    Wtf is GK doing? This is not coaching! Why did KK only played 19 min and why is Andre Miller still in this team?

  • monimo

    The only explanation I have is fatigue. Miller is an old man and after playing the end of regulation + 3 OT he had nothing left, even his brain was off. GK should have been resting him during stretches of OT (as Doc Rivers did with old man KG who came back in, won de tipin and made the first two shots of OT3). I cannot be really angry after an old and tired man who was playing well until the last two possessions.

  • Slurm

    This was worse than when Felton shot that 3 in the playoffs last year, fuck Andre Miller

    • Slurm

      *2 years ago

  • MCZ84


  • http://none Pearl

    This week Andre Miller was again quoted (now 3+ seasons in a row) about his lack of playing time, but this year he decided to go a step further by questioning his GM, his teammates and, above all, his biggest supporter: George Karl.

    What is the deal? Was it unclear to Miller or just to me (and other fans) that he was signed as a BACKUP PG (though he is still gets the most minutes of any backup PG in the game at 25.2 + tonight’s 40min)? He continues to grumble. It seems this is basically the story of his career: always wanting to be the man while coaches and GM’s around the league beg to differ.

    Karl’s relationship with Miller is my main problem with the coach. Always quick to punish young players who step out of line either on or off the court, Miller seems to have an inordinately long leash. It is my belief that he continues to stunt the growth of Ty Lawson as he becomes the primary ballhandler when they share the court, not to mention the bevy of young guards on the Nuggets supposedly with talent. As Miller eats their minutes, they neither a) have the chance to develop in real, NBA games nor b) establish any sort of trade value.

    Hopefully Miller’s antics tonight either begins or ends the conversation between Uriji and Karl: Miller is a cancer to this team (and himself it seems), always becoming a negative focal point on a young team that NEEDS constant positivity and reinforcement to develop.

    To echo the sentiment of other comments: that 3…Really? Forget JR Smith–Miller is the most immature player in Nuggets franchise history.

    • Ryan

      Agree to the nth degree!!

  • Cephus

    Beaten due to failure to observe the 30 -40 minute ABM ( anybody but Miller ) rule. Look at his age, Miller is a mullet, decomposing faster then that three day old species fish in the sun. 25 minutes for him is a bit too long, 20 is ideal.

    I don’t want to be a Karl hater, this has been a sweet streak or was. The d that G.K. preaches has played no small part of it. The refs were brutal handling the review. Gallinari warmed up late. Only Lawson & Fariad shot with accuracy. Karl called McGee out on his defense on Garnett but KG was 9 for 24 in his house. Please.

    The team showed heart overall. Celtics should list the NBA schedulemakers as MVP. Back to back Nuggs vs. 2 day idle Celtics. Please.

  • theo

    Understand the frustration here–disappointing end after almost pulling off a huge win. But some perspective might be good.

    We’ve won 9 out of our last 10, 15 out of 18. We’re the fourth seed in the west. We just played a tough back to back on the road, won the first and pushed Boston, a very good team on a roll to the brink. Actually, outside of the first 5 minutes, we outplayed them by a good margin. Two very encouraging things: 1. we didn’t even play well and still almost took this game. 2. Clearly, the back to back didn’t affect us much, which is good news and part of the advantage of having a young team.

    We have two very winnable games coming up. Can’t see any reason we won’t at least split this trip, which is a good outcome for any eastern 4 in 5 night roadie. I think we’ve got a good shot at taking 3 out of 4.

    So before anybody jumps out a window let’s let the trip play out. I think the all star break is a good time to evaluate the team.


      5th seed now. Thanks, Andre.

    • googergieger

      See this is why I was complaining even when we were winning. Because we were winning one or two quarters. Showing up occasionally. No sense of urgency from anyone. We were struggling in games we shouldn’t have been struggling. Karl was making games a lot harder than they had to be. I know it is easy to say, we’ve won more than we’ve lost. But it’s how we’ve won and how we’ve lost. I mean Iguodala got hurt tonight because Karl made games a lot harder than they had to be. Where we should have blown out plenty of teams and rested our main guys by the fourth quarter, a lot of his decisions put us in a place where we had to fight for wins.

      • theo

        With all due respect, we’re still ‘winning.’ We just lost in triple overtime in a game that nobody would have given us a chance to win beforehand because of the opponent, court and back to back situation.

        Clearly you don’t appreciate Karl and are frustrated by the loss, but come on, your immediate take and a lot of other folks takes–if understandable–feel a little over the top to me.

        We’re the hottest team in the NBA, everybody that does rankings for a living has us in the top 4-6 teams in the league.

        Personally, I don’t think we have the talent to contend with this team. Karl’s a competent coach–not great, but there aren’t many great coaches in the league. So yeah, we need some upgrades if we’re going to get where we all want to go. Still, every other team in the league would love to be us over the past 6 weeks or so. Let’s enjoy it and see if we can sustain the roll. With the current roster I think 53 or 54 wins and a trip to the second round would have to be considered a success. Looking at the rest of the sked, I think we’re on pace for that outcome.

        • googergieger

          What does Karl bring to the table? Cause he lets Andre Miller get away with everything. He doesn’t ever play the most effective player on that night. Just plays his favorites. Only went with McGee when even he couldn’t deny how effective he was. And because Iguodala went out. But seriously what does Karl bring to the table a Stan Van Gundy or MacMillan wouldn’t improve? Or one of the assistant coaches getting a fair shot who seem a lot more engaged with the game. Or an unknown who is going to lay out a game plan on the table and tell management, this is what I want to do and I think you have the players to do it. Then do his best to make that vision a reality. I want to hear Karl supporters or the “it could be worse camp” explain to me what Karl brings to the table that outweighs his negatives or how exactly it could be worse.

          Cause talent wise, we should be fighting for that third seed with the Clips who are rather useless without Paul. Talent wise arguably four teams better than us. When you look at the all around picture anyways.

          • theo

            Nugs don’t have the talent to contend for a title or compete with the Clippers when healthy. It’s not even close. I love your enthusiasm for the Nugs. We need about 100,000 more like you along the Front Range.

            Not the place and time to discuss Karl in a more reasonable way after this kind of frustrating loss.

            Short version. Nobody in the NBA thinks the Nugs have the talent to compete for a title. Karl has us on pace to get into the second round which is about what our talent warrants. We can all micro analyze every coaching move during a game and season. If we did that with every coach in the NBA they’d all get fired.

            The truth? Player talent is everything in the NBA, unique among pro sports because of the nature of the game.

            Karl is judged by outcomes mostly controlled by player talent. If he can get us into the second round I think he deserves some support.

            Obviously, we view the sport very differently and come from different starting places. Coaches just aren’t that relevant in the NBA.

            • googergieger

              How many teams have the talent to contend for a title? I mean ignoring the fact your superstars are going to get you calls. Straight up talent and team talent wise, how many teams can contend?

              In the east there is Miami. Because outside of the calls that will go their way, as much as I hate on Lebron he is the best and has a guy who can play amazing as well when Lebron has an off night and the refs aren’t giving him everything. Not to mention a lot of three point shooters who have mastered the trapping style of defense we try sometimes.

              In the west there is the human perpetual motion machine Spurs(which shows coaching matters). OKC who rely solely on Durant and Westbrook’s one on one play. And honestly we’re better than The Clippers when it comes to the team game. They are pretty much give the ball to Chris Paul(who is their one advantage against us). Bench wise watch Crawford play one on one and occasionally have a middle of the road team when Bledsoe runs point.

              But honestly we have a team who is arguably the most disruptive defensive team in the league when Karl goes with the right kind of line up(also only team that is top five in steals and blocks) and offensively, offensive rebounds, points in the paint, fast break, etc…

              I don’t think we’ll win it all this year. We should make it to the second round based on talent alone. However we should have the third seed right now at the very least, considering how many games we’ve straight up lost because of his line ups and rotations. Not been beaten in. We haven’t been beaten too many times this year, honestly. We’ve just straight up lost. Either played small when it had no benefit. Didn’t play the hot hand enough when it clearly could score at will. Or couldn’t execute out of a time out or use a time out to stop a run/save a lead. Etc…

              Also I take everything analysts say in regards to the NBA with a grain of salt. They all said Lakers would get to the finals at the very least this year, while barely missing out of the first seed at worst. Because “on paper” that was the most talented team of the NBA.

            • Thomas

              Sure, but if you don’t have a clue about developing talent then how on earth are your ever going to have talent on the roster? We can’t buy it bc no one wants to play here.

              If it weren’t for injuries last year (Harrington), Faried would still be warming the bench. Poor JHam might never make it out of the bench. Guy has more talent that most on our roster – he will become a very good player elsewhere.

              I guarantee you that a good coach with a small eye for talent and defensive tendencies could take this team further than GK. I’ll be quite honest, any coach could take this team to the playoffs and be one-and-done.

              • aroundtable

                well said googer and thomas

            • mike

              I generally agree with your statements on the nugs and have said similar things to googer/others who seem unrealistic about the talent of this team. I disagree significantly with your assessment of coaches. Offensively coaches have an influence on the team in terms of how they move the ball and what types of personnel they use together and how that compliments can have significance to the efficiency of an offense. Defensively though the difference between coaches can be VAST. Guys like Pop or the Van Gundys, or Tibs, Indiana’s Coach seem to consistently get top level defense becomes of schemes and clear expectations.

              Still your overall point that the team lacks the talent sufficient to win a championship against the gauntlet that is the Western Conference Playoffs and Miami is accurate. I think people significantly overrate the value of the nuggets big men who have many positives but also significant negatives, especially on defense.

              Karl is unfortunately saddled with 1 average post defender (Koufus) who is below average on the pick and roll, and two other bigs who are below average at both (McGee and Faried). Koufus is the only good DEFENSIVE rebounder of the bunch. There is an article on Grantland from Lowe profiling the Nuggets. It is a very good read. Karl clearly states that he is trying to recreate a defense similar to the Seattle days (which was above average always and often top 5 in the league on points per possession). Lots of switching and aggression in the passing lanes/opponents dribble. Unfortunately the key to that team working was having guys like Gary Payton and Nate McMillan who were 2 guard height, with quick hands, quick feet, speed, tenacity and strength. Lawson and Miller both are lacking in multiple areas in terms of that. If they had someone like Westbrook or even Kyle Lowry at point they could do it as Iguodala and brewer fit that mold well and Gallo and Chandler are pretty good at that too (other than not have quick hands) but the roster has nothing above average in NET defensive talent for their bigs and their PGs are mismatches for Karl’s scheme. I think the premise that a team can win with 6 top 50 guys with none being top 20 is viable. Unfortunately I think the Nuggets have one guy who is unquestionable top 50 (iguodala) but who does not hit enough threes to be a significant individual threat or complementary player on offense and two borderline top 50 guys in Gallo and Lawson. Faried is a potential 4th if he becomes above average on defense and adds a 12 foot jumper. Truth is if they had Nene back for Mcgee and upgraded koufus to a top 10 big they would be in that position to really see how far that type of team could take you. But you can’t win with the talent the Nugs have without a significant upgrade AND keeping around their 4 best players.

      • juan

        You my sir, are the same as andre miller. If you’re winning, stfu until we get into a legit losing streak. One loss on a back to back against the Celtics doesn’t justify rethinking the system that won 9 in a row. Plus the fact that it was a close game and that some calls were for the Celtics, especially the one off Green’s hands. If we win the championship this way, will people then stfu? Is that the only way. I’m happy with a young team that can contend.

        • googergieger

          You know how The Lakers and Laker fans were happy when they escaped with a one point win in Detroit?


          • mike

            no you are just negative about everything. There are realistic complaints about EVERYTHING in life. You know how Laker fans think Kobe is the greatest player who has ever played and can do no wrong.

            Kobe fans = the inverse of you with Karl.

            You can’t win every game. You can’t be perfect at everything. There are real complaints with Karl but it’s unrealistic to attempt to put every thing that goes wrong for this team on him.

            And of course you underestimate the value of other teams in addition to overvaluing the nugs talent. OKC 2 man team.. Really? Ibaka would be at least tied for best player on the nugs and would EASILY be their best big. Martin is pretty close in talent/production to any of the nuggets top 3. Collison is one of the top backup big men in the league. Sefolosha is a semi-dominant defending wing who has shot GREAT from 3 point land the past two seasons. Perkins is totally useless against 20 teams in the league, but against dominant low post bigs (Duncan, Gasol/Gasol, maybe Bogut) he has real value. It’s pretty thin after that but essentially the best 7 players on a team usually get 220 of a teams allotted 240 minutes per game in the playoffs.

            The spurs I couldn’t tell if you were being complimentary or derogatory. But they are easily a better team when healthy not even taking into account that Pop is the only coach in the last 30 years that has any discussion for being in Phil Jackson’s class.

            Blake Griffin is a more talented taller stronger better dribbling and passing version of Faried who also has a decent 12-15 footer. Chris Paul is what Ty Lawson wishes he could be other than not being quite as fast as Ty. And of course they have THREE above average defensive bigs (Griffin, Deandre Jordan and Odom).

            • googergieger

              Well no.

              How is Ibaka even close to as good as Ty, Gallo, Iggy, Miller, Faried, Chandler, Brewer, etc? He can block shots. Has a reliable midrange jumper with a slow release. But on defense has the same problems our bigs have. He can’t create his own shot worth shit. So how is he better than most of our guys? How is he tied with all of them? How can Kevin Martin a spot up shooter and cutter but horrible defender be better than most of our guys? Griffin is a terrible defender as well. He benefits from playing with a lot of great help defenders. But one on one? Odom is slow. And Jordan is getting better with a coach that believes in him.

              I mean how can you realistically say our team is at best one or two Ibaka’s? How can you say Kevin Martin is as good as Iguodala, Gallo, and Ty? Do you not care or know at all about defense? Do you not see Gallo’s percentages going up? Do you not see his handle getting better? Do you not see Ty’s shot coming back and staying since January and being more aggressive? Do you not see Iguodala shut down player after player? Do you not see Brewer drive other teams crazy? Chandler’s defensive versatility? Faried’s improving offensive game and improving fundamentals?

              If we have no talent like you say we do. Why doesn’t Charlotte have more wins? They run as much as we do. Apparently this team has absolutely no talent what so ever. At best Ibaka.

              Seriously, I’m negative? You’ve all but said this team sucks and we are over achieving right now. Without once saying how our players our limited and what makes every team ahead of us all around better. Are you even a Denver Nuggets fan?


  • http://Yahoo.com Nino harrell

    Andre miller got paid to throw this game away!


      Yep, Andre Miller literally threw that game, I’ve never even seen a player purposefully lose a game until now. What an utter disgrace that was, I don’t want to see him in a nuggets uniform ever again. Masai, grant Miller his wish and trade him NOW!

  • Fraser

    Does Andre Miller have Alzheimers? Did he forget he is THE WORST 3PT SHOOTER IN THE NBA UNDER 7FOOT TALL

  • CJP32

    And to top it all off, Iggy is now injured. Chandler looked horrible to, sit his ass down or trade him

  • Martin Silver

    George Karl has got to learn that there are actually roles on a basketball team. And a 40-year-old point guard (or whatever he is) cannot be taking all the biggest shots at ends of games!
    Ty Lawson, despite his great game, has got to read a book on
    the role of the point guard– like pass first. The team
    needs a legitimate shooting guard. And Danilo must be the go to guy in clutch situations. He’s his best in
    clutch sutuations– even on sub-par shooting nights like tonight.

  • googergieger
    • CJP32

      I like that but I think Mark Cuban wont

      • CJP32

        I like Dre + Chandler to Detroit for Jose Calderon…works financially using the Nene TPE

        • Dubz

          Thats a step in the wrong direction. Calderon won’t resign here so it would only work as a salary dump. If this team wants to win now, then this trade makes zero sense. Calderon is good enough to be a starter on many teams.

      • googergieger

        They are desperate for a PG and could be tricked into thinking Miller can be a Jason Kidd type for them. Calm veteran that can pass. Wilson Chandler is a good player as well. Younger than Marion. Cheaper too. Both want to start. Mavs are desperate. Could be talked into it maybe? Cuban doesn’t seem to really know what he is doing anyways.

        • CJP32

          Yeah you are correct, they are desperate…Masai could pull it off. But then do you start Marion at SF or PF or bring him off the bench?

          • googergieger

            Off the bench. He is more adept at being that three/four Chandler is. He isn’t as good a three point shooter, but he is better at everything else. Just play him minutes behind Gallo and Faried. He should be happy. Brewer behind Iguodala for his limited minutes or more if he is having an “on” night.

            • CJP32

              Yeah that could work but Marion has already stated that he wont report to camp if he’s unhappy with the team he’s traded to. In saying that though, I think he would thrive/help in Denver. Some good defensive lineups there – Iggy, Brew, Gallo, Marion, McGee.

              • googergieger

                He said he wont’ go to a loser. Top four/three team is a huge upgrade over the Mavs. Perfect system for him too. And as a “veteran” that could help a lot in the ways of finally crafting a karl proof roster.

    • Ackdog

      Pull the trigger on that one for sure goog man!

    • Thomas

      Great trade for us.

      Include GK in there somehow and we are on our way.

  • heykyleinsf

    who is still on the fence with GK??

    I thought this was very telling after Cleveland…

    -“There are only about 10 true superstars in the NBA, I think, but I believe Andre Iguodala, Ty Lawson, Andre Miller, and Kenneth Faried are in the next 40 players,” Karl said.

    IDK what is more obscene… mentioning Miller or not mentioning Gallo…

  • Natey

    George Karl on Andre taking that last shot, “I like guys with guts to take that shot”.

    This is what George Karl said after the game. GK should suspended for such inept comments. Andre Miller should retire after this game because the only team that might want him now is the YWCA in Salt Lake City.

  • Darius

    Regular Season road games don’t matter. Anyone remember the last possession of regular time where the refs gave the ball back to Denver? This was a great experience for young players in pressure situations and will translate into the playoffs. 9-1 in the last 10. GO NUGGETS!

    • theo

      Great comment. Amen.

    • http://yahoo.com prospector

      Holy glass half full BATMAN!!! Karl is an idiot, MILLER IS A SLACKER PUCK fORWARD WANNA BE….

      Still in Siberia watching old Lindsey Lohan movies from times when they were both relevant.

      • dynamo.joe

        Lindsey Lohan!?….Hey man, let’s not say anything we can’t take back later.

  • Markos

    Can anybody explain why did GK played Kosta Koufos only 19 minytes as he had 4 out of 6 made shots and was playnh good def??? Why did Chandler and Miller played 30+ minytes?

    • Dubz

      I agree Koufos should have played a few more minutes but not at the expense of Chandler (would never have been at the expense of Miller), it should have been to give McGee a couple breather’s in OT. Koufos and McGee can’t play together, neither one can play PF unless it’s against other PF/C combo players. This team’s only competent backup PF is Chandler, who is a 3 and a stretch 4 who is forced to play against big 4’s.

  • aroundtable

    Hats off to Lawson- he played the best game i’ve watched this season- beautifully clutch. Andre Miller has a cocky veteran attitude and i really hope someone steps up to check that muther*)#&$er into place. Hopefully he walks away from this game feeling responsible and sorry.. He owes all of denver and his teammates an apology. Nuggets management should not take this gesture lightly and should really take a look at whether Miller is really helping this team more than someone we could get in his place. Hopefully they see this as an indicator that he needs to be traded he is the one member out of place on this roster. if he stays hopefully something or someone will humble him. NEVER take a 3 again in a Denver uniform please andre miller you cant shoot 3s. Your decent play in the game up until that point is completely voided when you do what you did.
    Otherwise I see fight and clutch in this team i havent seen all year right now and tonight was a great indicator of that.

  • MCZ84

    i really dont mind Doufos playin only 19 minutes, that means more minutes for Mcgee, I do mind Amiller playing that much wish it was Jham in ther instead of Amiller .A miller shouldnt be playin more than 20 minutes PERIOD

  • bigelowsmalls

    I always wondered if we could swear in here. But thanks to Andre Miller I now have my answer.

  • Jeff

    Let’s not forget, he airballed a 3 just minutes before “the shot.” And turned over after holding the ball for way too long. Ty Lawson needs to stand up and say look Andre Miller, this is not your team.

  • http://espn herpderpnuggets

    I have always liked Miller, but this really pissed me off. Same with George Karl, i havent been noticing too many bad calls on the coaching side of things, but tonight was horrible. And the refs too

  • Ckwizard

    Said what I needed to last game… The Miller interview coupled with the GK rotations and Millers play have said not coincidence, GK cares to much about keeping Miller happy and Miller is willing to throw the team and coaching staff under the buss for a few more minutes of playing time and perceived hero ball on his part. The nuggets lost this game because of bad play for most of the game but Miller doesn’t care about the other guys on the court it was obvious he stopped fighting for the win.

  • Mark from Charlotte

    googergieger good trade

  • robert

    HE “disrespected the game right in front of the coach”. Those were the words Karl said 3 years ago when he sat JR for the entire playoffs for shooting a “3” that Karl thought was a bad shot.At least JR had a chance to make them. This means that Karl should sit Miller (or trade him) and tighten the leash. NO MORE HYPOCRITICAL ACTIONS! This is how you lose the support of the players.

  • googergieger

    I wonder if it is getting to players. Karl’s blatant double standard. If I were McGee or someone and saw that Andre Miller three and Karl’s response to it. I’d be pissed. Like wonder if I’m ever going to get a fair shot here think about talking to Masai pissed. I mean he came from Washington and seems to just love to play, but some guys with a thirst for winning and getting better, have to be pissed with Karl. I know Iguodala has had quite a few eye rolls sent Karl’s way. Wonder if Gallo or Ty are pissed. This is probably where Karl is lucky we don’t have more veteran and vocal guys. Cause they’d call him or at least Miller out on that bullshit.

    • Stephen

      Good question. I know it would get to me if I was a player. It’s hard for me because I’ve always been a Miller fan… but enough is enough. That interview and then this end of game are team shredding. Then GK’s double standard is just another hammer blow to the wedge.

  • Hank Hill
    • Dubz

      Stop it with these trades people. Masai already said he’d have to get a great deal to move Mozgov, he’s obviously looking to stand pat. If this trade were possible he’d obviously do it but you are dreaming.

      • Thomas

        If Masai really thinks he needs a great deal to trade Mozgov then we have a problem here.

        If he is so valuable, how come he is our third string center?

        Mozgov is a 15 minute/game center. Anything more and your team is in trouble.

  • Natey

    How does Andre Miller not get a “F” You gotta be kidding me?? That last shot alone was worthy of a F much less all the other junk he did

  • http://none Pearl
  • DaveCh999

    I am usually a huge fan of GK in his coaching, other than his love for Andre Miller. There are 2 or 3 guys on the bench who should be in the game instead of Miller in the end game situations. Gallo and Ty hit big shots all through the overtimes and Some how Andre Miller figures out a way to lose this game for Denver. He is past his time and I would be so happy if I woke up tomorrow morning and found out the Nuggets traded Miller for a washing machine

  • ryanvdonk

    can someone tell me why whenever george does the offense/defense subs it’s always ty that comes out and not miller? this makes zero sense to me, miller is one of the worst defensive pgs in the NBA when he’s trying…which is rare since he’d rather sit in the lane than cover his man. that foul 5 seconds into the shot clock that allowed a 2 for 1 for the celtics was a real killer that people aren’t really mentioning.

  • juan

    It’s as simple as this. I am a Gallo fan who grew to love the Nuggets as a team. I actually look forward to their games more than the boring Knicks. I love every single player on this roster except Andre Miller and George Karl. I hated Harrington too. Everyone else is cool. Please get rid of Karl and realize that this is Gallo/Ty’s team. Neither will be a superstar, but both together can be as lethal as one. Let them shoot these game ending shots and fail or prosper. Whatever, just let them shoot it. They are the go to guy. Pick and roll with them each night. Gallo shoot Ty drives. Everyone else support. The end.

    • http://yahoo.com prospector

      JUAN I 100% agree… I hated Harrington (whom Karl always praised.. His no defense playing, 3 point launching, loser that he was)… Now Miller is on my list… Why we actually traded Portland for this piece of garbage is beside me… I love everyone on this team.. Except for MILLER…. Chandler is what he is, and I think we should trade him only cause of the way Karl uses him… Karl is like a 2 year old, when they are using something that you don’t want them to use you take it away from them before they get hurt or make a mess…
      Take Chandler and Miller away for draft picks…. Thus forcing Karl to use JHAM & STONE…. Our team instantly becomes better… The future looks bright (or if those 2 fail, then MASAI knows what he has to do)….

      • Dubz

        I’m not gona lie bud, I’ve seen you write some questionable stuff on here but this is down right ridiculous. I’m all for trading Miller but we’d need a PG in return. I love Stone, but he hasn’t played in how long? He’d be pushed into a very difficult situation. Dumping Chandler in order for JHAM to get playing time is also pointless. Chandler is 10x better than JHAM AT THE MOMENT, JHAM has huge upside but he’s very limited right now. If Stone and Hamilton played a lot of minutes this team would get worse, not better. Again, both players have great upside but this team can go far THIS YEAR.

        • Thomas

          Chandler is not doing that well, actually. There would be little difference at first if JHam came in, defense would be a concern. But then again that doesn’t stop Miller from playing, so who cares…

          • Dubz

            Do you remember JHAM playing when Chandler was hurt? You don’t because he wasn’t playing. I still believe in Hamilton 100% but everytime people who are close to the franchise talk about him, they say he’s still not ready to receive minutes. It’s not just GK who feels this way. Chandler also plays our backup PF minutes right now so Gallo doesn’t have to. Do you see how improved Gallo has been since Chandler’s return? This has a lot to do with it. Randolph isn’t cutting it, and there’s no way Hamilton can play the 4. So, regardless of how you feel about Chandler (I believe he’s played pretty well, definitely needs to improve offensively though) he’s our best option at the backup 3/4.

            • Thomas

              Chandler is good trade bait, in my view. Either him or Gallo.

        • http://yahoo.com prospector

          Chandler’s shooting percantage suck and he is unhappy about his minutes….. I would much rather watch Faried receive an extra 10 mins a game than to see chandler shoot his 30% (except for the once every 5 games when he plays well).. Miller sucks…. SUCKS BAD… He is a cancer to this team that needs to be removed… Karl uses Miller as a crutch, and since Karl is an idiot you must force his hand by trading him… And I don’t want to hear anymore about the reasons why JHAM can’t play… That’s B/S.. Every lame coach staff has a reason for why players shouldn’t play… That doesn’t mean it’s right… As someone who has watch every single minute that JHAM and STONE have played in the NBA, I know those cats can play… Chandler’s shooting percantage sucks.. I think JHAM & randolph would exceed that with their eyes closed (and for a cheaper salary)… MILLER is a punk, and I would rather see SPUD WEBB come out of retirement and play for us than watch that no d playing slacker….

  • http://yahoo.com prospector

    YO TOM,

    THAT GRADE ON FARIED IS BOGUS… If you watched the game that Technical on Faried was clearly a bad call.. So you can flush that one down the drain…. Faried played decent defense against KG, and had a key blocked shot… The nuggets would not have went to OT without his play… Maybe if they weren’t switching on every freaking play… Our team with Mcgee/Faried/IGGY are made for man on man old school basketball.. Sometimes when you have young athletes you simplify the game and go playground, and let the kids ball….. Make the defense SIMPLE…. We don’t need to switch every time… WHy not, because the other team will hit an open three? They already do… Open midrange jumper… DITTO… SO no harm in going MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thomas

      Agree. This love affair with Gallo is a bit extreme, as well as the nit-picking of Faried’s defense.

      If Faried played 38 minutes a game, night in, night out, next season we might have our first All-Star in a while. It’s a shame many of you don’t realize what we have here – a clear difference maker.

      • Dubz

        I don’t know a single Nuggets fan who doesn’t adore Faried, we’re all with you. However, go to any Nuggets blog and you’ll see the same stuff written about him, not just RMC. He brings fantastic energy and toughness, but his defense is extremely weak at times. He brings so much to the table and I believe he’s improving, but last night’s game was a perfect example of his poor defense preventing him from playing in OT. He and McGee are actually very similar in this sense. They’re proficient 1-1 defenders but are fairly weak help/team defenders. With the switching scheme Karl uses, it can only exaggerate their weaknesses. Faried will get it together soon, but he’s not going to get an “A” every game.

        • Thomas

          No, not every blog. Some people that put serious time into this consider him a gem:

          (see Arturo Galleti’s comment on the comment section, he writes for the website)

          In any case, even with his “mistakes”, Faried is the only real difference maker on this team. Irreplaceable.

  • Ryan

    I mentioned Miller standing out of bounds during an important position of the Cavs game last time, refusing to be involved in the offense because Lawson had the ball. Guess that wasn’t blatant enough, he had to sabotage the team instead to make his point. Enough is enough, trade him to Sacramento and let him play with other selfish losers…

  • Ryan

    On a Nuggets-related note, poor 3-PT defense and poor FT shooting all preceded Miller deciding to sabotage the game. Those seem to be our fatal flaws moving forward and will be the end of the Nuggets in the playoffs if they don’t improve. With GK in charge, let’s just say I’m skeptical…

  • ENK

    i wasnt mad at gk really tonight, ok so iggys out andre gets the pt. but then what did he do…uuuuggghhhhh. hats off to andre miller, he proved to everyone with this game and his recent comments that he doesnt give an ish about the nuggets. also disappointig hearing about chandler wanting out. i relly dont get it. especially from miller. in the middle of the win streak playing the best basketball in the nba. i wud liek to know what payers on this team are actually happy? has iguodola bought in yet? we shud trade chandler miler n mozgov, idk what for but i know thats a great trade package. i think we shud stand pat but its disheartening to hear they want out. also has anyone heard about iggy? is he ok?

  • Aaron

    I’m frustrated with Miller’s comments as much as the next person. . . . zero class.

    But, I”d like to point out that we just took the Celtics to triple overtime on the back end of a back to back. That doesn’t happen when Carmelo is here by the way.

    Let’s be patient. . we’ve got a good thing going here. . . You know GK and MU won’t put up with Miller if they think he’s sabotaging things. That won’t last long. . .

  • Duncan

    I’m over Dre and Karl’s stupid lineups. Apparently we need to unload him, Moz and Chandler. It amazes me how many guys would rather play 35 minutes for a 20-60 team than have a chance to win.

  • theo

    I’m new here. Tom’s grade for Karl was interesting.

    Tom says that Karl didn’t have the Nuggets ready to play.

    What? They outplayed Boston after the first 5 minutes in a game nobody gave them a chance to win because of opponent, venue and back to back circumstances. We lost in triple overtime.

    Not sure how to respond. Sure, Karl made some mistakes in the game. I’m not a fan of the two point guard lineup either. But a near F grade in an epic game? Hoping grades and takes will reflect reality a little bit more in the future.

    • Tom

      When I say Karl didn’t have the team ready to play, I mean exactly that. Right out of the gate — the first five minutes you so quickly dismiss — the team was terrible. Likewise, the first few minutes after halftime were pretty bad. The coaching staff should have these guys ready to go as soon as they take the court, not five minutes into the game and not five minutes after halftime.

      It’s not like he mostly ran great lineups that were effective, and then made one or two costly mistakes. He ran a bunch of bad lineups, took players out of the game when they were being productive, and apparently thought Andre Miller is a good defensive option against Paul Pierce.

      In spite of the venue, schedule, and opponent, Boston was favored by only 2 points. People with skin in the game were expecting a close one, with a decent chance of a Nuggets win. And it was there for the taking, particularly with Ty Lawson stepping up like he did, but coach Karl let the game slip away. That absolutely deserves a near-failing grade.

  • theo

    I’m a Nugs fan but also a hoops fan. That was an amazing game. Thought experiment. If the Nugs weren’t in that game, and you watched the two hottest teams in the NBA go triple overtime, and you knew the visiting team was on a back to back, how would you evaluate the game? I mean, for a fan, that was remarkable.

    • googergieger

      Really depends. In this scenario would the coach play his seven footers in a half a combined twelve minutes? His most effective one four minutes in that half? Would he play a player big minutes in that half that was over dribbling and turning it over or over dribbling and getting a bad shot? Would he take out his two best defenders at the same time and go from little defense to no defense as a result? Etc…

      Not even touching the problems with the officiating.

      • theo

        Again, I’m new here but I wonder if you’re over thinking it. We’ve won 9 out of 10 and just got beat in triple overtime in a game we had little chance to win given the circumstances. Always good to push for improvement but gotta be reasonable.

        • http://twitter.com/xantoniooo808x D3Ntilthe3ND

          It’s the way we lost that has me, & Im sure pretty much everyone else mad. It’s been going on all season & it finally caught up to us tonight.

          Sure, you could look at it & say we’re 9-1 in the last 10.

          But, I look at it, realistically not pessimistically, that we just lost a very winnable game given all those reasons people are using as excuses for a loss (which there never are) we’re now 5th in the west again & out of homecourt, & looking forward, if a change isn’t made, this will certainly happen again.

          • googergieger

            It is also the way we win. We’ve blown out maybe two to three teams. Two actually cause we blew out The Kings twice. But Karl has made decisions that has led us to struggle in a lot of games we should have had wrapped up by the fourth. Rested our main rotation. And given our younger players time to grow. Spurs anyone? I know you can’t compare everyone to a Pop coached team, but a lot of what he does is common sense. Hold everyone to the same standard. If it isn’t working, fix it. If it is working, don’t fix what ain’t broken.

            Karl’s coaching is.

            *shakes magic eight ball*

            “Ask again later? That must mean play Miller more minutes”.

            • http://twitter.com/xantoniooo808x D3Ntilthe3ND

              I think a lot of people that are criticizing the anger didn’t actually, & perhaps don’t ever, watch the entire game.

              Just today, I invested 3 hours into this team. & what do I get in return? A big middle finger from Miller & GK.

          • theo

            Harsh and critical fan base. Wow. Win 15 out of 18 and 9 out of 10. Push a really good team into triple overtime on a back to back and it’s all harsh criticism. Feel like I’m back in Philadelphia. Again, wow.

            • dynamo.joe

              Here’s a question for you Theo.

              Let’s say you went to Vegas, got drunk and dropped $1000 on the Jags to win next years Superbowl, because it was 700-to-1. Now let’s say the Jags do win and you go collect $700,000. Are you a genius? Or are you a lucky idiot?

              Results are not necessarily indicative of a good decision making process.

  • http://twitter.com/xantoniooo808x D3Ntilthe3ND
    • http://twitter.com/xantoniooo808x D3Ntilthe3ND

      not sure if that link will work…

      basically miller & randolph for sessions

  • googergieger

    Also I just realized Karl is going to play Miller a lot of minutes in that Toronto game so him and Miller can prove a point. So we might lose because of this, or we might win a game barely because of Miller so Karl can point to Miller and go, “That’s why I do what I do!” and Miller can say, “Yeah if I’m not starting, what’s the point? Can’t win without a superstar anyways.”

  • Henry

    Defenestrate! All is lost! We lost a road game to a good defensive team after falling behind and then storming back to take them to three overtimes!

    Andre Miller should indeed reconsider his shot selection. And take care of the ball better in some situations. But calling for his head and alleging that he sabotaged the game is JUST PLAIN BULLSHIT!

    He wanted to win. He played hard. He even worked his ass off on defense some of the time. He was awful through some portions of that game, especially in the last OT, but he wasn’t betraying his team!


    • http://yahoo.com prospector

      Yo Andre Miller sucks…. Does he defend?? Do you call cheating in the paint leaving your guy open for a three good defense? Do you call him good when he is jacking up three’s and he shoots approx 20% (not to mention gallo was getting hot, and lawson was going off).. His turnovers due to holding the ball too long? His comments about wanting more minutes? His complaining about the lack of a superstar on our team.. MEMO to all fans: There are like 10 “superstars” in the league… Just because you have a superstar means you get a ring… charles barkley, John Stockton, karl Malone had zero!!!! Andre is a punk and the day he leaves will be a great day for nugget fans.

      • Henry

        I suggest that you re-read my comment. It’s easily already a reply to your reply. If you can calm down for a sec, you’ll see that.

        I’ve never been Miller’s biggest fan on this Nuggets roster. Nor do I like how Karl uses him. And now we have to wonder if he’s become a bit of a malcontent, even though he’s in a good situation contract-wise. And he didn’t have to re-sign here.

        Still, there’s no reason to attack the guy and impugn his character like many have done here. GOT IT?

  • http://www.roundballminingcompany.com Jeremy

    If you guys want to know who has a problem with Andre’s horrific three at the end of the third overtime, I bet anything it is his teammates. They fought and clawed for 63 minutes only to see him throw up that terrible shot. Miller’s selfishness on offense drove me nuts all night.

    My biggest problem with the way Karl coached was his lack of substitutions in OT. Rivers subbed 10 times in the first two OTs before sticking his best five on the court for OT #3. On the second night of a back to back, Karl made two subs over all three OT periods. Miller played the final 19 and a half minutes. No wonder he just wanted it to be over at the end of the third OT. Lawson played 55 minutes. If he plays well at all over the final two games of this road trip it will be a complete miracle.

  • googergieger

    Sounds like McGee is a bit pissed. Karl might have chewed him out for some reason and maybe he didn’t chew out others?

  • tz13

    Guys, is there somebody who simply recognises that the celtics were better than us tonight? I mean, they played really good D everywhere, nuggets had always to take tough shots..whenever i looked at the score i felt pretty much surprised we were still in the game..

    I also believe the refs advantaged the home team..no calls for us..that is probably the only limiting factor when you don’t play with superstars..

    Stop complaining about Dre and GK..tonight we played bad basketball and we deserved to lose by 15..going 3OT means we are a strong team..come on NUGGETS!

    • http://yahoo.com prospector

      Dre & karl suck… They lost the game just like they have lost others.. That is why we are complaining… We are complaining cause we have watched every single game since the Melo trade and we are smart enough to understand a pattern developing right under our nose….

      • tz13

        I am not sure whether you watched all the games so far or not..but I’m pretty sure you have no clue about how to play basketball..George Karl is making this team playing the most attractive basketball in the league with these guys..and he’s a winner..you are overrating our roster..which record another coach would have set with this team?
        Dre took many bad decisions yesterday but who didn’t?

    • http://yahoo.com prospector


      great read from a guy that has stats to back his positions…

  • John

    besides millers idiotic play not a bad game considering boston got every call and our shot wasnt falling entire first half

  • googergieger

    Karl supporters make you think you’re in that one Twilight Zone, where you’re the same but everyone else is different.

  • Giovanni

    Man what worse sunday..l

    All team that i support lost!

    Man Miller is a great player but when he went in hero mode make disaster…

    And Karl anarchic basket doesn’t fit in play off..
    Wake up..

  • AaronCAPS

    Wow, Guess Chandler wants out too. That’s now Miller, Mozgov & Chandler. Who else’s wants out that we don’t know of? Does McGee & Koufos want out because they get handed rookies minutes? Randolph probably wants out by now too wouldn’t you think that!? J-Ham is probably ripping his hair out with so much frustration. What about Stone? Does he think hes ready to actually play?

    I doubt every player I mentioned feels that way but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them did.

  • http://twitter.com/xantoniooo808x D3Ntilthe3ND

    Check this trade out guys. Good for everyone involved.


    For those who can’t open up the link for what ever reason…

    We receive- Ramon Sessions from the Bobcats
    Cats receive- Benedict Andre, Mozzy, Aaron Gray/Kleiza from Raptors
    Raptors receive- Tyrus Thomas

  • rxmart2

    Wow never seen a more depressed bunch of fans after losing a 3OT game on the end off a back to back against a streaking team after winning 9 straight. The Miller shot was bad, but it statistically it was only a few percentage points away from being the correct play.

    • Tonia01

      Rxmart2, I assume you did not see the game, otherwise you would have noticed that the last shot of Miller, was the last mistake of a terrible series of bad choices and selfish plays. Miller should accept his role in the team, he is a bench player at the end of his career, he should deliver few quality minutes. Crunch time is for Ty, Gallo or Iggy. The way he played the last few minutes of the game with Boston is difficult to excuse. As nugget fan, I am proud of the team, but very upset that a great team effort was demolished by a selfish individual performance.

    • Bryan

      RxMart, A career 20% 3 point shooter shooting a contested three is close to being the statistically correct play? Are you kidding me? Why not just have McGee shoot the three, they’d never see it coming and it’s about as likely to go in as when Miller shoots it.

      The correct play would have been to pass to Lawson or Gallo.

  • al68

    we have to sign this summer to Calderon. He has a lot of IQ and a great outside shot.He deserves a team that can compete for the ring.
    We have to give to Miller but not for his mistake today, but because Miller has a bad attitude, he`s a “pasota”.

  • Finazz

    I want everyone to answer this. If you didn’t watch the game and I told you we lost in triple OT on the back end of a B2B after getting in at 3am. Plus iggy was out half the game. What would you say

    Myself I say. Sounds like a great effort by the boys, it’s always hard to go to Boston and leave with a win even more so on a B2B.

    Yes I hated miller 3point attempt and would have like to see a higher % shot but let look at the big picture. Every OT or close game lost your always going to question late play decisions and what IF type sinario. Let just be happy our boys put up a fight (like they always do) when they could have easyly rolled after the first Q.

    • Tonia01

      Finaz, the issue is exactly this. Many Nuggets funs went nuts, because we were one inch far from a very nice and important win. In a back to back game, not shooting well, we were fighting as a team, every ball, every rebound. As a team, I repeat. And then, one selfish player, who should have not been on the field, thought he was more important than the team and made all the mistakes possible to make Denver losing (it was not just the last shot, he made several bad shots and many turnovers, he was always with ball in his hands, when Ty should run the plays).

  • Finazz

    I want everyone to answer this. If you didn’t watch the game and I told you we lost in triple OT on the back end of a B2B after getting in at 3am. Plus iggy was out half the game. What would you say

    Myself I say. Sounds like a great effort by the boys, it’s always hard to go to Boston and leave with a win even more so on a B2B.

    Yes I hated miller 3point attempt and would have like to see a higher % shot but let look at the big picture. Every OT or close game lost your always going to question late play decisions and what IF type sinario. Let just be happy our boys put up a fight (like they always do) when they could have easyly rolled after the first Q

  • Woobly o Balls

    I don’t like overreacting but, wow that was a terrible terrible terrible terrible shot by miller. Like that’s a horrible shot if KD pulls up like that with that much time left but Miller is a terrible shooter. Made me sick

    I know Dre brings a lot of value to this team and Karl and Masai love him but I’d love to package him up with Mozgov. Maybe for a PG that can shoot or something like Mario Chalmers.

    But the only thing that makes me angrier than that shot is that Karl is so love blind. If JR Smith took that shot he woould have been crushed even though JR is a far far far superior shooter. He is so easy on miller but sooooo harsh on Javale. Javale needs AT LEAST 28 minutes a game even if he doesn’t start

  • al68
    • dynamo.joe

      You are spending more money for two worse players. So two problems, Masai isn’t dumb enough to make that offer and Kahn isn’t smart enough to accept it.

      • al68

        I think that in US underrrated to the european players, and Shved could be a 10 best PG of NBA

        • Woobly o Balls

          or not

        • nugswin

          For me the link just goes to the basic trade machine page (I think they’re having some site issues). But I’d trade Sved for Miller and Mozgov in a heartbeat and take whatever Minnesota would have to throw in for a salary match just to make the deal happen. Sved will play in an all-star game eventually and can play both guard spots. Plus he’s got really good size.

  • Trip

    I will agree with everybody that was a huge bonehead play on Miller’s part. I will admit I ama fan of Miller and was even thinking trade last night. But can somebody comment on anything else that helped lose the game. How about Gallo throwing up a prayer trying to match a Celtics made three of Lawson taking an an awful shot early in the shot clock (both in overtime) Actually the biggest let down of all, and nobody seems to care is that McGee played absolutely no defense in Overtime. In 3 OT he let Garnett get easy shots anywhere he wanted and barely stepped up to put a hand up. But the worst of all was 2OT being up 3 with 30 seconds left, and he leaves Green wide open in the corner to tie the game up. Can anybody explain that, even if Garnett dribbles pastGallo I think it was Boston is still down 1 pont we have the ball and about 24 seconds to win the game. YOU NEVER LEAVE ANYBODY OPEN FOR 3 in that situation.

    • googergieger

      Gallo got the ball with two or one second left in the shot clock in the corner, no excuse for Ty, Celtics kept running plays that basically were Jason Terry or another Celtic holding McGee so Garnett was free for his shots. The Green three was the coaching and players fault, for forcing more switches and not letting McGee know who his man was.

  • Trip

    That is a high pressure shot late in 3OT and down 2, a 2 ties and sends it to a ruthless 4th OT, which would probably be more detramental to this team on a 4 in 5 road trip. A young player may take that shot and have a better chance at making it, but it does take guts and leadership for Dre to take the shot. Do we want Gallo to miss a buzzer beater and dwell on it for the rest of the month throwing him into a funk or is it better that a veteran takes it and can come back ready to play next time. The only thing i didnt agree with was either take it closer to the final buzzer or foul right a way to possibly get another chance.

    • Tonia01

      I just would like to remind you that Gallo made a huge huge three, tieing the game at 113 with 2 min. to go. And before that, in the second overtime, again Gallo and Ty made the last two shot of the OT, with 37 and 20 seconds to go. That with no fear and with good shots. In between we had Miller just making bad shots and TO.

    • Gorillabuddy

      Gallo actually has a good chance of making that. Miller doesn’t. And I think Gallo is mature enough to not let missing a 3OT buzzer beater get to him.

  • CoryW

    A win is important but i sure hope our chemistry isn’t messed up over this. I sure wasn’t expecting him to shoot the three so i guess the element of surprise worked in his favor but i really wanted us to gut out that win. Any thoughts on the layup Gallo missed at the buzzer of the first or second OT?, can’t remember which one it was, but he should have easily made that also Tom was absolutley correct. Why didnt Karl tell the guys to intentionally foul and play the free throw game. There was only 10 seconds left. But more imprtant than all great learning experience, just take care of business the rest of this road trip.

  • ny nugs fan

    nice game by the nugs… gotta commend the team for fighting all the way; the celtics know they got it coming back in our place later this month

    for perspective… back in the day in the nba, a team on the road in a back-to-back, would live or die to end the game in regulation; i gotta go with miller when he says that it “was a lot of fun” but really… 3 ot’s? sorry celtics but we gotta move past this one

    and let’s face it, the refs were HORRIBLE

    this is exhibit a of why we need to home court in the playoffs; at least a couple of series if we’re gonna reach our goal of winning it all

    gallo was off, but he kept shooting; lawson was amazing; faried got the biggest rebound of the game and then they call a bs tech on him; chandler hit big shots; mcgee got some big boards and disrupted shots, but he was winded at the end… couldn’t ask for more on a back-to-back

    • ny nugs fan

      and the next night (tonite) after their trip ot thriller the boston celtics lose to the charlotte hornets who have the worst record in the nba basically taking two steps back

      won the battle lost the war

      • dynamo.joe

        Do you think the Bobcats will send a gift basket to the Nugs for that win?

        • ny nugs fan

          two tix to the bk nets game this week would suffice

  • KW

    The officiating was horrible. Just horrible. I had forgotten what it was like to play the Celtics.

    Miller was turrible the entire game. My son is 4 and when we watch the games we play a game where we turn down Scott and Chris and basically shout at the TV the entire time. We were shouting about Miller over dribbling in the first Q.

    Last year it seemed that Miller played like shit up until the trade deadline…then, realizing he wasn’t going to be traded he came correct. This year, I have no idea what he’s doing.

    All this rationalization is weird. I told my wife that if we won, it would be like a double win as it’s a ‘scheduled loss’ where nobody expects us to play well. This feels like a double loss.

  • Chris

    Interesting, but I don’t think Atlanta looks twice…thoughts?


  • Aaron

    You guys seem to forget that we were roasting Ty Lawson for his end-game stuff for months on this board? GK saw that too and wanted AMiller in there at the end. All this Xfiles, conspiracy, benedict miller stuff is funny. . .but it’s stupid. He might not like coming off the bench, but he’s not that un-professional.

    Did he play him too long? yes. Did GK think this was going 3ot? How could anyone know that? If you have JVMGee and Faried in the game, you want a veteran in there. I”m sorry guys, Miller is that guy for us right now. You go down with the ship.

    I don’t agree with Jeremy that Ty is now cooked for the rest of the trip. He matches up well with Toronto, and Brooklyn should be a barn burner. The key there is having AI back to guard Joe Johnson.

    Let’s all chill out. If Miller doesn’t give that interview, there’s no way this thread has 120 comments. GK coached pretty dang well in the playoffs last year, no? We’re fine. I’d take us against Memphis even if they have home court. They can’t guard us. We need to stay out of the 6 hole because of the LAC, in fact we should catch LAC with our favorable 2nd half schedule. You guys wait. . . gk has no other veteran options to go with at the end of the game. . .

    • dynamo.joe

      You don’t need to know how long a game will last. All you need to be able to do is detect if a guys game is slipping due to fatigue. If it is, have him sit for 2 minutes.

      Is that really so difficult that is beyond a coach who is a “lock for the hall of fame”?

    • googergieger

      You mean the playoffs where he started Koufos the first two games and that cost us those games? Or the playoffs where he had Harrington playing center that also lost us games and he literally said, “I think Al played great at center for us”.

  • tron7

    Faried’s defense wasn’t bad enough to warrant a D+, especially on a night where he was one of only a few Nuggets who scored more points than the number of shots they took. Faried doesn’t waste possessions like a lot of the guys you’re giving Bs to. Not closing out on jumpers is not the end of the world. Even wide open long twos are not a particularly efficient shot for offenses to take. If he’s giving up layups or not closing out on threes I could see docking him more but not closing out on long twos is a misdemeanor.

  • steve

    Unfortunately this game was an eye opener…something which we already knew. We need a closer. This game could have been won several times if we had someone that could be consistent at the end of games. Come playoff time and when everything slows down, we will have a hard time winning especially in crunch time.

    We have a 13 mill trade exemption. USE IT!!! Heck, i wouldn’t mind trading Mozgov to the bobcats for Ben Gordon who would fit under it. Bobcats need size and i’m sure they’d love to clear the cap. He has a player option next year but is a FA after that. He has hit big shots in his career and has a game winner or 2 this year. This would kick Andre Off the court in the last few minutes of games as well, thank god. Not saying BG is the answer…who knows he may suck but at least we tried to bring in someone who doesn’t hurt us long term.

    • Bryan

      Both Gallo and Lawson have shown they can be closers. What this game showed us is that Andre Miller is definitely not one and too delusional and/or selfish to recognize his role on the team.

  • OriginalJakeSauce

    The Nuggets were clearly the better team despite GK, andre miller, and their own stupidity on offense for at least a quarter of the game, sometimes when the win was on the line.

    That tech was pure bullshit, and that three to tie the game in 2nd OT by Paul Pierce was clearly a two. The setup was in between the refs and Boston. No way should we have lost that game the way we closed it.

    Don’t touch Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett unless you’re attempting homicide… Gallo and Koufos both fouled way too soft all game. Stop them from scoring, make them hit all their freethrows. Didn’t happen, adjustment was never made.

    I’m now officially off of fire Karl now, but if he doesn’t win at least 2 in the second round… head on plate.

  • AaronCAPS

    For some reason i cant put the Trade Machine link in here but this is what i had.

    Orlando Gets: Wilson Chandler, Andre Miller, & Timofey Mozgov.

    Denver Gets: J.J. Redick, Jammer Nelson, & Andrew Nicholson.

    • Woobly o Balls

      Orlando says nooooooo

  • clive

    utterly disappointing. did anyone mention how George Karl failed to use his bench in OTs? when all the guys on the floor were exhausted? surely he could have used brewer’s fresh legs or one of the other bigs on KG instead of mcGee, who gave us great minutes but was clearly out of gas in the OTs. what’s the use of having a deep team if we don’t use it to our advantage?

    • googergieger


  • Stephen H

    Reasons George Karl should go:

    -Koufus starts over McGee
    -if George had choice he’d choose Miller over Lawson
    -he hates young players, and that’s what our whole team is
    -we need 3 point shooting but still Jordan Hamilton sits
    -he choice Fournier over Hamilton when chandler was out
    -he loves small ball although we have three 7 footers
    -he thinks that McGee and Faried on the court is a disaster, but we play best when those two play together
    -he doesn’t stick wit whose hot in the end of the game
    -he praises veterans for everything but never gives respect to our young guys other then Koufus
    -if the other team is small he won’t use our size to our advantage instead play small ball whole game
    -he doesn’t call timeouts and if does we never come out good after timeouts
    -he doesn’t seem to show any emotion on the bench
    -he puts down his players in media like he did with McGee
    -o and again biggest point he starts Koufus over McGee

    • http://yahoo.com prospector

      hey can you fax that list over to Joshy & Masai?

      Prediction for upcoming games:

      We play small again…. Andre Miller gets 30 minutes.. Karl yells at young players… JHAM still in Siberia… Half the board tells us Karl is great… We lose in 1st round, and Karl blames Mcgee and Faried… Karl gets 2 year extension…

    • markos

      wtf is your problem with koufos ??? he is the only player workinh hard and playing for the team and not for his self like other players in the team , if KK played 30 minytes a game his stats would have been double double every game ! lats night he played only 19 minytes and he played really good , the things yousay are not right about KK!!

      • Trip

        KK would not come close to a double double, his usual stats are around 8-10 points a game and 3-6 rebounds 1/2 of those are on his own missed layups. 90% of his playing time he is the biggest guy on the court by 3 inches and probably 30 pounds. He should dominate down low, but he doesn’t. He should be on the trading block instead of Mozzy.

        • dynamo.joe

          K2 has been better overall this season. But both are way above average centers and both deserve more time. Unfortunately GK believes centers are passe’.

        • markos

          in how many minutes? in 22 mpg , if he played 30 mpg he would score 15+ and grab 10+ rebounds , also you seem to forget that he is the 3 player in the league in shots with 60% , also he never plays forhimself first for the team and he doesnt take stupid and contested shots , also the most importand he is only 23 years old

  • http://yahoo.com prospector


    Great read from a guy who uses stats to back his position.

    • googergieger

      That guy just say Karl favors McGee? Damn. Hate to see how Karl treats the players he hates.

      • http://yahoo.com prospector

        I read this cat alot… I re-read it, and he means the lineup he mentioned w/McGEE, MILLER/CHANDLER/BREWER… You’re right KARL loves McGEE as much as I love strep throat…

  • http://yahoo.com prospector

    Interesting comment from a poster on another site:
    Fed up Nug says:
    February 11, 2013 at 1:53 am
    I’ve never commented before but I want to thank you for continuing to take the time to do these recaps. I’ve been reading your Karl rants for a while now and after the debacle tonight I just had to say something.

    Karl’s biggest blunder this evening was playing a three chucking, turnover prone Andre Miller for the last 19:25 minutes of regulation. Which resulted in a DEAD tired, 36 year old man chucking up the most ill advised “game winner” in NBA history. That shot was so bad you have to wonder where Andre’s head is at, does he really want traded that bad or was the thought of playing 4OT just too much? Either way, he shouldn’t have been on the court and that is on Karl.

    Like you say, George Karl is insane. Every year its the same thing, small ball, bad rotations, small ball, bad defense, small ball, lame gimmick offense that only works in the regular season, small ball, won’t develop young guys, small ball, runs vets into the ground, the dreaded 2 pg line up, no inbound plays, lose every single time out, no adjustments, the doghouse, trust guys, “i’ll be happy if we go 2-3 on this road trip”, SMALL BALL!

    Every season, Karl rides the talent of the team and home court to get a lower playoff seed. Then the whole house of cards that is George Karl’s system comes crashing down. The teams half-court offense (or total lack thereof) is exposed, and Karl proceeds to ride a terrible, small ball, “trust” line up straight into an embarrassing first round exit. 1 or 2 players will go under the bus, the local and national media will give Karl a pass and the exact same thing happens next season.

    Sadly, the majority of Nuggets fans are too myopic to see past Karl’s meaningless regular season win total and will continue to support him as long as he can win enough games at the Pepsi center for the 7th seed. It’s always, “Karl has a ton of regular season wins,” “the media thinks he’s a good coach,” “all you Karl haters are just meany heads that are mad about one game!” Actually its been 8 going on 9 seasons of terrible coaching and playoff embarrassments but sure, I’m just some hater mad about one game.

    • theo

      We don’t have the talent to contend. Karl can stay or go, not relevant either way. I’m getting concerned as a newbie on this site that that the guys that write the content here actually believe coaches are as relevant as they seem to believe they are.

      My take? Gotta have the best talent in the league or very close to the best talent to have any chance to win a championship in the NBA. Frustrating for some of us to even have to make this argument since there is no evidence whatsoever to support the idea that you can win without the best talent and that coaches are especially important.

      Coaches are only important when the talent level of the best teams are comparable. Sure, when two teams meet in the finals and the level of talent is close, a good coach can make the difference.

      Here’s the truth. Phil Jackson won a ton of championships in two cities with some of the best players in the history of the league. He wouldn’t even consider taking a coaching job without that level of talent because he actually gets what it takes to win a championship. Pop is a wonderful coach with superstars and stars throughout his whole run.

      Eric Spoelstra, Doc Rivers, Rick Carlisle–all geniuses I guess :^) Get real. All three are competent coaches that had the best healthy talent in the league come the finals.

      Get real, please.

      • dynamo.joe

        Coaches matter for this reason, they set the lineups and rotations.

  • MRF420
    • MRF420

      buy odom out , try to trade koufos for patterson.

      i think i need to lay 2k down

  • Z

    Chandler comes back the Nuggets take off. tough Loss in Boston the Boo birds are out. funny blog cant even tell it was a win streak but FREE DRE and FREE ILL WILL ASAP

    • ryanvdonk

      i had no problem with chandler last night, played good defense and rebounded, was a non-factor on offense but he didn’t make too many mistakes. the issue was that it might have been a little too many minutes for him, still getting into shape and his jumper being inconsistent. for what it’s worth, he has actually played like he wants to be on the floor since returning in january, something that was not always the case two years ago (and probably why nugs fans are hesitant to get behind him).

  • ryanvdonk

    one thing that should be addressed, when javale gets minutes he gets rebounds. if he starts, even with rotating a little more because of his asthma, it wouldn’t be hard to get him 28-30 minutes a game. with that i think we see him get average a double double.

    also, andre miller is just a bad fit, and it’s no fault of his own, he’s a great backup, but he’s too poor a shooter and defender for GK’s beloved 2PG lineup. would interesting to see this trade, though just trading the PGs straight up would work too.


  • Z

    If JHam could help he would play simple.

  • http://yahoo.com prospector

    Miller and Chandler per say are not problems… I have problems with how KARL uses them…. I would much rather groom STONE as backup, and turn the keys to TY.. The way KARL uses these point guards is kinda like a coach that platoons two QB’s during a game….

  • http://yahoo.com prospector

    CHANDLER minutes are FARIED minutes… Faried is playing less Mins since Chandler has come back… CHANDLER = SMALL BALL I want BIG BALL with MCGEE FARIED GALLO IGGY & STONE…. Let me see this 12 mins a game…. What’s STONE gonna do? Hold the ball to long and get it stolen? Shoot a lame 3 point shot in the 4th? Commit bad fouls? Turnovers??? Oh I forget It takes a VET named MILLER to do all of that…. I wonder who would play better D? Stone or Miller? I have the answer.. Does KARL???

  • park hill

    Dre Miller bugged out, can’t really be mad at him cuz certain vets can get away with it once a year.

    I’d like to have seen a timeout (if they had any)followed by a play for Chandler to hit the game winning shot. Ty and Gallo were on fumes against a vet D, and I’d entertain myself that way if I was coaching.

    JM and KK together is something I want to see more of. KK can help balance the floor for JM. I know the big man is a dying breed but they still get better by playing together. Let Gallo and Chandler play 2 and 3 at the same time, we’d be hard to score on–big and fast.

    With the D this team is capable of playing, I expect the second round in the least. That is if KF and JM get better with the smart, position D. Those two are so dependent on their athletic ability, they can’t squelch it for most of the shot clock by playing boring, position D. JM must learn, cuz he doesn’t have the stamina needed to play his style. If he played smarter who could play longer stints and maybe start.

  • nugznazty

    I understand most of the karl hate, but there seems to be a theme in here that this year postseason will be the same as any other. This doesn’t seem likely to me. We are home court slayers, we are significantly more likely to win with a 4 or better rank. This year seems significantly different then last year’s team. It’s much more of a complete team, we’re still missing our low post presence but Nene wasn’t the guy anyways. Our record show we are better then last year, in fact it shows us to be on par with the 2 best Melo/Chauncey years teams. We could very well end up in that 52-55 win area. If that’s the case, during those years we went to the semi-finals and the 2nd year got knocked out by injuries, including karl.

  • googergieger

    If Brooklyn really does want Josh Smith, I’d like to see Denver get involved to get Reggie Evans, CJ Watson, and Kyle Korver. Three great bench guys that aren’t going to complain about playing time. And a great mentor for our bigs when it comes to defense, boxing out, and playing selfless basketball. Also Watson isn’t that big a downgrade from Miller when you look at the all around. I.E. he has a good attitude, doesn’t take whole possessions off, and has a pretty alright shot. Korver spreads the floor. Brewer and him can play behind Iguodala and Gallo if we move Chandler who also doesn’t want to play here and would probably love Brooklyn or eff it, send him to Atlanta. Miller can also come off the bench for a “star” on one of those other teams as well. If we can’t get Evans then that Johnson guy from Atlanta is another great back up at the PF position. Tough angry looking dude who can do the dirty work as well. And doesn’t have that bad a jumper from the few games I’ve seen him in.

    • Ryan

      IVAN JOHNSON!!!!!!

  • Fed up Nug

    I don’t know why you are responding to a post I left on another site or what exactly your comment has to do with mine. But I feel required to respond to your ridiculous assertion about coaching.

    So, you think that head coaches have no impact in the NBA? They’re not the guys calling the shots, deciding how the team plays, what kind of defense they use, how they run the offense, the rotations, the managing of minutes, calling the plays/time-outs, making in game adjustments, managing the egos, and balancing the team chemistry? What, are the coaches just some monkeys in suits that sit on the sidelines?

    And why the fuck are you talking about contending? This franchise has never even been to the finals, we’ve won 3 playoff series in the past 20+ years. We’ve never been contenders, and unless Lebron suddenly gets traded here we’re not going to be for some time. This talk of contending is irrelevant.

    What is relevant however is how this team loses every year in the first round because of the way Karl coaches. Bad defense, bad rotations, small ball, and his lame gimmick offense that only works in the regular season just aren’t cutting it.

    Oh right. none of that has anything to do with Karl. Denver just happens to magically play the same style of losing basketball year after year. Oh and Carlisle and Rivers aren’t good coaches. No offense bud, but you might not be cut out for this whole basketball analysis thing. Maybe you should find something more on your level like checkers or something.

    • Fed up Nug

      Whoops, meant to leave that as a reply to theo…

  • dynamo.joe

    Gambling and switching are part of that, and Karl promises to do more switching as the season goes on. He’s even asked Iguodala and Miller about playing Julyan Stone, a long-armed and very tall guard, in key late-game defensive situations, and both have been receptive, he says. The goal is to create a lineup with as many athletic, similarly sized players as possible — a lineup that can switch like mad, chase steals, and cover for gambles. “When we are switching and really jumping around, it really reminds me of Seattle,” Karl says. “Most of the time, it’s the defense reacting to the offense. We want more possessions where the offense has to react to us.”

    From a Grantland article – http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/8937394/are-george-karl-denver-nuggets-really-title-contenders

    My question? When is this Stone at the end of games gonna happen?

    • Legalize Denver Nuggets

      Sounds like he still is recovering from his injury to some extent. I believe he is playing in the D-league right now trying to shake off the rust with some game experience. Realistically, it seems unlikely GK would go with that to close games this season since we are making tighter rotations as the play-offs approach, but who knows. It seems like an un-Karl thing to use someone as unproven as Stone to close games, but I’m all for experimenting. Just gotta hope Stone replaces Miller in that scenario haha.