Reaction: Brooklyn Nets 119, Denver Nuggets 108

So, technology sucks. My computer just died after typing the entire recap. I was literally right clicking to copy the entire post when it died, erasing everything. Probably a good night for that to happen though. Here’s all you need to know about the game:

Box score.

Ty Lawson was awesome, as usual. He’s averaging 21 points, nine assists and two steals on 50 percent from the field and 80 percent from the line in the month of February. More than anything, his confidence is sky rocketing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ty Lawson play with absolutely no conscious, but he is now.

McGee had about three or four incredible dunks. They were a prime display of his incredible, supreme athleticism. He had a solid night overall but only had three rebounds and got abused by Brook Lopez down low on more than one occasion.

Jordan Hamilton had a great night. Yes, he got burned by Joe Johnson — but so did everyone else. Outside of that he played really good defense with active hands, forcing multiple much-needed turnovers. I always enjoy watching Hamilton. He isn’t perfect but his innate talent is some of the best on the team. He’s a natural-born scorer and is damn good at it.

Andre Miller played well. He did what he’s best at, which is distributing and playing smart, unselfish basketball. Maybe this isn’t the type of basketball he likes to play, but it’s the type his teammates enjoy and the Nuggets’ overall record benefits from.

Everyone else was blah. Faried was mediocre and got pushed around by the Nets big men. Fournier hit one big shot, but repeatedly got burned on defense, which is becoming a motif of his game lately. Chandler hit some really tough shots but chose to inexplicably double-team anyone in his vicinity which resulted in the Nets knocking down countless, uncontested 3-pointers. And that was pretty much it.

As for Karl, I was giving him a D grade this evening for essentially one reason: The Nuggets continue to refuse playing well on the road. This team is a mirage and Karl is the architect. Yes, the Nuggets are really good at home which is makes everyone all hunky dory for about half the season; but the other half is largely spent making excuses and buying time until the Nuggets can get back home and act like nothing bad happened on the road. Let’s just be completely honest: This team is nothing but a first-round exit waiting to happen unless they can start winning away from home. I’m not trying to crash the party here, as the Nuggets have had a very impressive stretch of basketball over the last month, but I’m also not going to ignore 50 percent of the games this teams plays over the course of a season. Whether it be injuries (which seemed to be a favorite from last year), the schedule makers, or simply that God didn’t intend for the Nuggets to win — there’s always an excuse from Karl. After the Nets game he happily settled blaming the schedule makers, even though his team faces the same obstacles every team in the NBA is forced to combat at some point throughout the season. Until Karl realizes the NBA is not out to get him and that injuries are something all 29 of his opponents also have to deal with, it’s hard to imagine him coming up with a feasible gameplan that revolves around playing just as good on the road as at home.

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Kalen Deremo

Kalen was born in Durango, CO, in 1988 and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2013 with a degree in journalism. He's now an itinerant hoping to travel as much as possible before eventually succumbing to the "real world." Aside from writing Kalen likes movies, music, spicy food and the great outdoors. Edward Abbey is his current idol.

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  • AaronCAPS

    Down By 5. Miller comes in, & then we lose by 11. Hmm…Good lineups again Karl!

    • Evan Woodruff

      Let it be known the nuggets have NOT played bad on the road.

      triple OT in Boston, though not a win.. they played WELL ENOUGH TO WIN. And Toronto. that game as well. They were incredibly under matched, and still PLAYED WELL ENOUGH TO WIN, and again almost did.

      Sure, they lost those games. But had ONE more basket go in in either of those games, then you’d be talking about how great they are.

      Sure, wins and losses are most important, but it’s not the ONLY thing that counts when determining how well a basketball team is playing. They played 3 good games on the road, and could have potentially… and really feasibly went 3-1 on this very, VERY difficult road trip.

      So Kalen, I know you like to look for ANY reason to blast the Nuggets, or specifically Karl, but sometimes you need to swallow that pill they call pride and look at the way the games were played before just looking at the reccord and chalking it up to “they play horrible on the road.” because they didn’t. Not at all. Every game was MORE then winnable. I repeat, ONE shot in either game and EVERYTHING changes, and you CANNOT forget what got them to that point. Just because they didn’t hit that ONE shot, they put them in that very, very, VERY winnable position.

      Before you blast the Nuggets. Stop, think, THEN write.


      • Evan Woodruff

        I was specifically talking about this road trip. First sentence might be misleading at first. Wanted to clear that up.

        • Guy

          I know they’ve had injuries on this trip but you can’t just ignore the rest of the season. You are what your record says you are. Notice that all the contending teams have a winning record on the road.

          • Evan Woodruff

            Good thing I was only talking about this road trip.

      • theo

        Nice take.

        Still, I agree with Kalen that we aren’t a great road team, certainly not this year. But part of that was the ridiculously brutal early season sked where we averaged 3 road games vs. 1 home game a week for almost two months. You can’t bunch road games like that and not expect a team to get bogged down. Kalen tries to make it sound like other teams also dealt with that–they didn’t.

        If you look at last year, though, basically this same team was a pretty decent road team. If fact, we were the beasts of the eastern conference–I believe we lost only a couple of games to eastern teams all year which means we dominated on the road against the east.

        The reality is, going .500 on the road and dominating at home is an age old recipe for contending in the NBA. So it’s not nearly as dire as Kalen makes it out to be. We’ve got to become a .500 team on the road–do that and contend for championships, it really is that simple in one way. But we’re not that far away–I think our youth is a part of it, so time and maturity will help. I’m on record that we don’t currently have the talent–and perhaps not the coaching–to take it to the next level, so some upgrades would help us get to that .500 road mark sooner than later.


      fire A.MILLER and G.KARL … the old mind , they don’t want WIN A RING !

  • http://espn herpderpnuggets

    Horrible defense. Horrible refs. Horrible coaching. Missing two starters, really hard to win. All star break couldnt come at a better time for the nuggets. Need to get healthy

  • googergieger

    Guess this is where the “Karl haters” bust out a big ole, “I told you so”?

    Please Karl apologists, lets see what you got for this one. Lets see what you can point to and say he did great here. Or even average here. So much to complain about but lets instead just point to what Karl did good.


    Moving on. Ty had another good game that was wasted. McGee had a good showing. Hamilton looked good.

    That’s it. Three game lose streak heading into all star break. Even further behind the Clips and Grizz. What was once a fight for third quickly has become a fight for fourth.

    Will say this about the big markets. At least they hold players and coaches accountable. Karl gets a free pass, and he in turns gives a free pass to anyone not named McGee, Hamilton, or Randolph.

    • Ckwizard

      Karl is right about his starting line up… KARL agrees with you that Gallo and Igoudala are important cogs for his success… KARL disagrees with you about almost everything else… GOOGERGIEGER you are right about some of those thing but probably wrong about some of them… But for you sake my gripe is with rebounding and the question posted on altitude by the fan which was “We know the nuggets are good offensive rebounding team but why do they give up so many” The answer they said on TV was horrible and not a solution but the caused the problem. Nuggetsaregood at offensive rebounds because it is about effort, Nuggets are bad at defensive-rebounding because it is about technique, Fundementals, positioning and most importantly boxing out, all of which the nuggets poorly… That is the coaches fault asking the players to rebound defensivly the same thy offensively doesn’t work.

      • googergieger

        Gallo and Iggy are about the only two that box out. So yeah. Makes sense. Still no idea what any of your post has to do with what Karl did right today. Are you saying in general Karl is right about the starting line up we have? Past four or five games, Koufos has been rather bad and I think McGee would accomplish more but do understand the idea of maybe Koufos’s being a more steadying presence. Don’t know how much credit I can give Karl on starting Gallo, Iggy, Ty, and Faried though. I mean I guess credit even he realizes they are probably the four best players?

        • Ckwizard

          Just saying that without Gallo and Igoudala Karl doesn’t have a team that can overcome all the bad Karl things… But factor in the reality of the schedule BacktoBacks are not easy in the first place, the home team always has an advantage, 4 games in five nights compounds the issues. I hate when there isn’t a center in the game, I dislike it more when there are two small PGs in the lineup at the same time. Karl likes what Igoudala brings to this team and uses Igoudala well: GOOD Karl. Karl like what Miller brings to this team then compromises the teams ability to play defense by using him incorrectly: BAD Karl. Take away Igoudala and Gallo and we get more Brewer and Miller…. The Nuggets are not a good team without Gallo and Igoudala in the lineup no matter who the coach is. Karl’s usage of Miller is a problem but Miller is a Diva and if we only changed the coach Miller would be not only a Diva but a cancer that destroyed that coaches ability to be successful. Trade Miller and Brewer for draft picks and maybe GK won’t be a bad coach.

          • Guy

            The Spurs just won a game in Chicago without their big three. Chicago’s been playing well the whole season on the road without Derek Rose. Stop making excuses.

          • googergieger

            Tough to say. Honestly I’ve never seen another coach give that much of a free pass to his veterans and hate on his young guys as easily as Karl does. To the point he ignores the negative for the former and only focuses on the negative on the latter. Yes, I think getting rid of Miller is the right way to go. I like what he could bring to this club if he could just accept being a back up, and like Brewer would love whatever minutes he’d get. With that said, as much as I love what Brewer brings to this club I don’t know if Karl can ever continually use him right. As he is a hot and cold guy, so ideally use him when he’s hot, and sit him when he’s not. So I’m beginning to think we’d be better off with a Jared Dudley, who can cut, shoot, and defend. A lot more consistently and a lot more controlled.

            • dynamo.joe

              Take that Larry Brown, you’ve just been dethroned!

    • theo

      Logged on to make a more forward looking post but will put that off for a few minutes and take the bait just to make things more interesting. Always fun to play with the hate/fire Karl crowd.

      Appreciated Karl’s comments after the game.

      He got to the point quickly. Pointed out the Nuggets are about where he thought they’d be record wise at this point. I had us at 34-20 in my pre season prediction at the all-star break on the way to 53 wins or so, pretty much exactly where we are. So, at least personally, I think he’s got a pretty realistic assessment of the talent and the sked to this point.

      Also mentioned the fourth game in 5 nights on an eastern rodie at Brooklyn just before the all star break was a long shot. Said when he looked at the sked in the pre season he thought this looked like a very tough one. I can’t imagine a single knowledgeable fan or blogger or reporter looking at the Nugs sked that didn’t expect a loss in this game. The heart breaker on this trip was the loss in Toronto where we played without 4 crucial guys but still should have won. A frustrating loss, at least for me.

      Maybe most importantly–and something that Karl has done consistently over his career–he took responsibility. He said his defensive scheme for the game ‘probably wasn’t the best.’ He explained the Nugs–by design–collapsed defensively on the Nets skilled interior scorers–in particular Lopez–and tried to force the Nets to beat them from the perimeter. What he didn’t say was the Nets aren’t a very good three point shooting team and they were without DWill. He was playing the percentages, just like any intelligent coach in the NBA does. The Nets shot the lights out from 3. The smart move is to play the percentages. It usually works out. Sometimes it doesn’t. It didn’t work out tonight.

      Fans here and elsewhere get so worked up when in many instances you’re dealing with coaches intelligently playing the percentages that sometimes don’t work out.

      • googergieger

        Really? So giving up wide open looks to Johnson and Watson was part of the game plan? Much more seeing as this didn’t work in the first half, coming out of the second half the game plan was the same?

        Question, looking at our losses and wins. Do we have more losses that should have been wins, I.E. Wolves, Wizards, Suns, etc. Or do we have more wins that should have been losses? Spurs, OKC, Clips maybe?

        Again I know you and others really want to paint this as a team barely better than the Bobcats on paper, but this team is a lot more talented than you “fans” seem to think it is. I didn’t think we were going to win tonight or at Boston. The problem is, the way the Boston game was playing out, we should have won it. Also that Toronto game. However due to a lot of “decisions” from Karl, we lost. Granted Miller could have made that three. The undersized crew out there in Toronto could have come up with that rebound. And countless of other things players could have done in spite of what Karl did, which I’m sure you’d be quick to point out simply because you could. However I still maintain this team is under achieving all said and done. The way they’ve won some games. Way they’ve lost. Been a struggle where one shouldn’t have been, more often than not.

        As far as taking responsibility goes. Rather see that play out in game. Time out. Tell them to do something different. Maybe take out his favorite players Miller and Brewer if they are giving up wide open three’s, not even double teaming, just leaving their man wide open by not fighting through screens or gambling for a steal. Then much more just doing nothing on the offensive end to at least have an excuse as to why they are still out there.

        But yeah accepting lowered expectations. Looking at the schedule and saying that is a loss, without once looking at the game and seeing how it was lost or won. Why not do things that way.

        • theo

          This is fun. Again, I love your enthusiasm and knowledge of the game.

          But in my small sample so far you sometimes overstate things. Nobody thinks the Nuggets are the Bobcats. Responding to people that set up ‘straw men’ and then knock them down isn’t very interesting.

          The reality? Most folks here and around the league think the Nugs have very good talent but not contending talent. I think that’s a reasonable point of view. Those of us here that think that way would love to be surprised and proven wrong. Not likely but welcome. If Ty can sustain this and Gallo can come back and play the way he did over the past 6 weeks, well, anything can happen.

          Re the perimeter defense, it’s been crappy all year long like it was last year and the year before. Would take too long to get into all of that but the shorter version is we have a lot of very mediocre individual and team defenders throughout the roster. That’s why Masai made the trade to get Igoudala in spite of his limitations offensively.

          But again, coaches have to make decisions given the material they have and the percentages. I thought Karl did that tonight.
          Didn’t work out. That’s life. Gotta get up tomorrow and play the percentages again. Over time, that’s how you end up as a first ballot hall of famer and have your name hung in the rafters of the Pepsi Center and whatever the new arena in Seattle is called.

          Lots of legitimate critiques of Karl, but rarely hear them on threads like this.

          • googergieger

            That isn’t a straw man, that is hyperbole. There is a difference.

            As far as the rest of it goes. Team has shown they can defend plenty. I mean we did great with The Rockets. Loading defense and all. Not as well as Thib’s club but some flashes of it.

            Don’t know if you addressed the fact that if it wasn’t working in the first half, maybe coming out in the second half there should have been some adjustments, but alright. Play the percentages. Teams are constantly going crazy from beyond the arc on us even if they are known as bad three point shooting teams, but alright. Percentages.

            Accolades are great as well. What lets the world know Kobe is a better defender than Iguodala. Wait, what?

            • theo

              Agreed. I was surprised too about the lack of adjustments after halftime. Hard to explain other than Karl and the coaching staff probably thought there was no way a very poor three point shooting team could continue to make those shots for 48 minutes. Unfortunately, they did.

      • Thomas

        What is he going to say? “I should be fired.”

        Most of us that have seen the Nuggets all the years with GK and are aware of our current level of competition out west know that we are not a contender, not even close.

        If we are not a contender, are we accomplishing something that may pay dividends down the road? Are we accomplishing something by playing Miller at the end of games, or alongside Lawson? Are we doing that by yanking JHam at crunch time so that Miller can go in, when JHam is playing well and hitting 3s that may cut the Brooklin lead?

        Lawson said recently that the reason he is playing well is because he started playing his game and not listening to what others were telling him to do. That’s either GK, Miller or both.

        It is absolutely clear that Miller’s presence is hindering Lawson’s development. How do we want to have our starting PG develop killer confidence when at the end of games he is on the corner waiting for the 36 yr old 2nd string PG to pass him the ball? What is this 2-PG line-up going to accomplish for us looking forward a couple of years, if we are not going to win anything in between?

        The answer is “regular season wins”. That’s all our coach cares about at this point. I don’t blame him – when you get to his age, earn millions of Dollars a year and produce 50 wins a season, you are probably going to get a pass from a management team of a middle-tier market.

        Sad reality for the fans, though – at least for the ones who aim higher (perhaps unjustifiably so).

        • theo

          Lots of us that don’t think Karl is the real issue aim plenty high. I’d love to see the Nugs win a championship or multiple championships, but the hate/fire Karl crowd tend to overestimate the importance of coaching in the NBA and underestimate the importance of talent.

          Simple test?

          Name me a team that won a championship or even got into the finals without the best talent in the league or at least comparable to the best talent. You can’t because it has never happened.

          Name me a team that won a championship with the best talent or comparable to the best talent with a competent coach–not a ‘great coach’–on board.

          Plenty of examples. Let me start the list from just the past few years. Eric Spoelstra, Doc Rivers, Ace Ventura (aka Rick Carlisle). Any sane person think these guys are coaching geniuses? No, I didn’t think so. Nice, competent coaches that had the best talent or comparable to the best talent when they won.

          I have no commitment to Karl one way or the other, but the hate/fire Karl crowd need to step back and take a breath and recognize the real source of championships. Player talent, not coaches.

          • Charlie

            There are only a handful of teams competing for championship on talent alone. In fact, I’d venture to say there’s really only one in each conference. The rest of the 12 playoff teams aren’t separated by the same huge talent gap. That’s where coaching and management really matter. Recent history proves it’s through a combination of those two forces that small market teams can compete in the NBA.

            If you take the attitude that most teams are hopeless until they acquire a transcendent talent anyway, there’s no reason to fire any coach. I’ve never understood that line of thinking.

            The Nuggets aren’t competing for championships anyway, and there is no movement to fire Karl on the assumption that another coach turns this team into contender status.

            If you’re trying to look at who is the best coach to develop what Denver has past the level of first-round fodder, you need evidence that what Karl is doing works. Unfortunately Karl’s playoff record and the persistent executional blunders that have plagued the Nuggets for years seem to suggest otherwise.

            • googergieger

              Indeed. Nobody is expecting championship with this group. However plenty do think it is underachieving. It should have the third seed right now. Considering how many games they’ve pissed away. Plenty of those losses being able to be traced back to coaching.

              Again give Karl this year. If he doesn’t get us a top four seed and out of the first round. Time for a new coach. To me it’d be the sane thing to do. Unless the goal for the Nuggets is just the playoffs every year and that’s it.

            • theo

              I’ll respond to both you and googergeiger at one time.

              No, there are at least 4 teams that have the talent to win a championship this year in the NBA. Sounds like you’re discounting SA and the Clippers. I wouldn’t. They have the kind of talent constructed the right way to win a championship.

              If what you two and others are arguing is we could do a little better before we get eliminated, I’m ok with that. We’ll be eliminated early because of our lack of championship talent, but maybe if we had a different coach we’d have a slightly higher seed before we get eliminated early.

              If you and most of the fan base want to fixate on Karl and not talk about the real reason we get eliminated early, well, coach bashing is one of the ways fans vent, so I understand it.

              • googergieger

                I think the Spurs should have won it all last year and should win it all again this year(though that isn’t what the other guy you are responding to is arguing). I think The Clippers are incredibly overrated. Really easy schedule to start and honestly it doesn’t get that much harder. Have quite a few injury prone pieces, but beyond that, just an incredibly over reliance on Chris Paul. Billups will help matters there, but again, how many minutes can he play? Spurs showed what happens when you limit Paul in a series. Heck when they came up here even for that one game with Miller, Nuggets showed what happens when you force someone else besides Paul to beat you on that team.

                But yeah what the guy was arguing is Miami and OKC are competing on talent alone. Westbrook and Durant, Lebron and Wade. All the other teams are competing with something else. Which can be attributed to coaching. Spurs have a system that means even without their stars, good chance they’ll beat you or at least compete.

                In any case, moving on to the lazy trolling. This is a team that even if you want to say is a regular season team, should compete for the top three seeds. Depth and all. In which case they should get out of the first round. Should be better than the sixth or even fifth seed and all. Not to mention again, plenty of losses can be traced back specifically to Karl. Granted horrible schedule to start. Handful of losses coming down to final possession where Karl has a track record of drawing up who knows what. Heck some losses coming down to, McGee was playing great against Memphis. No answer for him. He takes him out. Memphis goes on a big run and cinches the win, and only then does he bring McGee back in for about the final minute where he blocks a shot and gets a put back. Though to Karl’s credit he did say he should have stuck with him in the end. Only to proceed only playing him less than twenty minutes following that game.

                Heck last year against The Lakers. Karl had Harrington playing center and actually said he thought he did a great job playing that position for them.

                Anyways. Young team. Last year out of the first round with a low seed(seven games at least). This year should get a top four(sigh) and get out of the first round. Progress. Shouldn’t settle for less. Karl doesn’t do it this year. Should be time for a change. As again, no reason this team shouldn’t make it out of the first round this year.

  • Markos

    GK has gone psycho!!! KK had 9 points 7 rebounds and 2 blocks in onlyy( again ) 20 minytes of action ! Wtf is the problem of GK with Kosta! GK again went small in the end ! Kosta had no action at all in the fourth quarter

    • googergieger

      He was also horrible on defense, constantly cheating off Lopez who has a mid range game. Constantly fumbled passes or clogged the lane so Ty had no driving room and made Ty throw passes to somewhere Kosta should have been in and wasn’t. Kosta has looked bad last couple of games honestly. After the break it’s time to finally start McGee. He’s earned it. Of course it won’t happen. Karl loves Koufos. Well he hates McGee, at least. Problem is he loves small ball more.

      Anyways, wonder what the trade deadline will bring. Wonder if after the deadline the new pieces will make us chalk this season up to chemistry and be okay with a low seed and first round exit again?

      • Bryan

        Yeah, I can’t really be upset with Kofous’ playing time. Hamilton yes.

      • dynamo.joe

        Lopez made 3 outside the paint, 1 with K2 in the game. Try again.

    • Dubz

      Agreed I’m afraid Koufos has realized his full potential already or is very close to it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, he’s a very useful backup C. But he’s in no way a starting C in the NBA. His offense looked terrible around the rim and Lopez absolutely abused him. While we’re on bad D, I’d also like to say I was particulary upset by Brewer’s performance tonight. He’s obviously not a starter, but Joe Johnson destroyed him all night. Brewer simply isn’t good enough offensively to warrant minutes when his defense is like that. I wish GK played Hamilton more. He needs to use more discretion when deciding to play either Brewer or Hamilton.

      • Markos

        You all seem to forget that KK is only 23 years old the same as Faried !!

      • Markos

        You all seem to forget that KK is only 23 years old the same as Faried !!

        • Steven

          True but KK is NOT going to improve more….He is not going to increase his vertical or is he EVER going to be more that a Good BACKUP.

          • Thomas

            I disagree – KK is solid, particularly on defense. But he is not much better than average – meaning he will get abused by a better player like Lopez.

            Mcgee’s stats are padded because he usually plays against the opponent’s second unit.

            • googergieger

              But when he’s matched up with starters he does the same things. I don’t know. I really do question a lot of things with Karl, and looking at a much more raw Jordan from last year in the Clippers and seeing how he has improved under Del Negro who is known as a bad coach who is personable and builds players confidence. You can’t help but feel Karl’s treatment of the young hurts more than it helps. I mean would Lawson be better than he is now if he got more playing time during his first years? Or would he be worse? Would Faried have had a shot at rookie of the year if Karl noticed his potential from the get go? Quite a few times last year he had a twenty/twenty game right there for his taking, but Karl wouldn’t play him more than his twenty.

            • dynamo.joe

              Let’s see Lopez scored 4 times in 20 minutes on Kosta. Yep, he got tore up.

  • ballisall

    We are one of the worse defensive teams when he’s not on the court and not only one on one also team defense. We give up season highs I’m almost every category every night. We gave the nets over 115 PTs when they have been averaging 89 over the past few games. They had 3 players with over 20 PTs. That’s just embarrassing. I can honestly say I’m embarrassed over our defense and it starts with players like miller and brewer who don’t contest 3s after their initial man has been picked. You can’t take plays off in the nba. I wonder if they watch tape because its evident. If my coach saw I was doing that on a nightly basis or even twice a game I would never see the floor.

    • googergieger

      Think Gallo and Iggy are the only guys who hold other players accountable. You see them call guys out and push people in the right direction. Miller and Brewer gave up nothing but wide open three’s in that first half and once they got hot off those wide open looks they aren’t going to miss the rest of the game. Honestly if Karl would at least get a tech every now and again when Denver was getting the shaft with the refs, I wouldn’t hate on him as much as I do. But it’s hard to see exactly what he brings to the table that you’d miss if next year you’d hire an actual magic eight ball instead.

      I understand not firing him this season. But I’d just like the idea of this being his last year if once again he gets us a low seed and a first round exit. Because again coming into this season that fourth seed was ours, and right now we’re about two games back from it while Memphis has quite a few easy opponents coming up after the break.

      • ballisall

        It’s hard to root for a team who is constantly breaking the wrong records. This has been my favorite team since Carmelo joined them, but the same way one player can make a big positive impact on defense I believe another player can make a negative affect on the team as a whole. When I see miller out there everyone is slow to their rotations and miller just stops running if a team takes more than 16 seconds to shoot. It’s ridiculous.

  • paul

    lawson played really well, but the barometer of this team is gallo. whenever he played bad or not played at all. nuggets usually loss.

  • mkmuzz

    We really missed igoudala and gallo tonight. Perimeter rotation off double teams were poor and made the double team counterproductive. Instead of giving up a 2 it often ended with a wide open 3 pt shot for johnson or watson. Also, it looks like chandler just isn’t right. He didn’t seem to have any significant impact, along with brewer. Hamilton looked good tonight along with ty continuing his run of good form. One last note to mention is that I agree with the article about miller from a couple of days ago. If you were just watching him and not looking at the team or anyone else, you would think he was on a lottery team. Previously, it felt as though he would just look for his own shot before moving the ball. However, now it feels like he is becoming selfish. There is a big difference between those and karl needs to sit down with him and set it straight.

    • ENK

      i agree with everytyhing u just said. miller is killin me, and chandler seems off his game and his mentality. either way, we really missed iggy and gallo who r debatably our best defensive players.

  • Dubz

    All I can say is anyone who’s dissing Andre Iguadola should watch these last couple games to see his importance. Especially this game. Do you see how shoddy our perimeter D is? It hasn’t improved because GK suddenly decided to coach it up, it improved because of AI. Teams will continue to light it up from 3 like they did all last season if AI doesn’t return soon. Mark my words.

  • Scott

    Not to disrespect either of these teams, but Karl should experiment and start Mcgee in either the game against the Wizards or the Bobcats.
    If he starts him against Washington he can try to prove himself mentally by facing his former team on their court and seeing if he can be affective early in games and keep his foul count down.
    The Bobcats are small so it could be a major confidence boost if we put Mcgee against them.
    The dude is such a good guy. Great teammate, always cheering on the sidelines and affecting the game on the court. Im so sick of seeing Koufos go so soft and doing an ugly jump hook, point blank and wide open. He gets most of his rebounds and points from his own botched attempts!

    • Dubz

      One part of me definitely agrees with you but I find myself thinking it’s not necessarily a good idea. That’s because you don’t want to a. Shake up a starting lineup that’s done a really good job as of late (before injuries, let’s not forget Gallo has been hurt last 2 games and Iggy last 2.5) and b. I don’t want to give McGee false hopes. Realistically he’s too inconsistent to start. Koufos certainly has his limitations, but at least we know what we’re going to get and he doesn’t throw a wrench into what this team wants to do. McGee is a wildcard and while his upside is tremendous, he’s been known to throw the team out of sync with his running hook shots and half court dunks. If he played really well in those two games, I still don’t think he’d start the rest of the way. Too risky.

      • Dubz

        *Free throw line dunks

        • Graham

          But if anyone could throw down a half-court dunk, it would be McGee.

    • dynamo.joe

      You are right Scott, if Koufos would stop bringing that weak shit he might lead the team in shooting percentage.

      Oh, what’s that? You say he DOES lead the team in shooting percentage?!

      Well, in that case I can only conclude you have no idea what you are talking about.

      • markos

        he really is?

        • Scott

          I never said he had a bad percentage… I’m just saying that there definitely been a trend recently of him missing some ugly shots.

          • dynamo.joe

            No, I get what you are saying. I myself become frustrated when he lays it up in traffic and misses. There I am screaming at the TV ‘dunk that shit’!

            But that’s the problem with anecdotal evidence, it’s not really representative of whats going on over-all.

            And yes Markos, he really is.

  • Fed up Nug

    What’s everyone so mad about? This was another good loss, not as good as the one to the Craptors, and not nearly as great as the one to the geriatric Celtics. Still, another “moral victory” we Nuggets fans can be proud of. George Karl is doing such a great job with this team. The rotations are on point, the defense is exemplary, the half court offense is brilliant! Why do you haters keep ragging on poor misunderstood Karl? He’s only been here for going on 9 seasons, just give him some time.

    Also, you’ve got to give props to Andre Miller, his perimeter defense can’t be described as anything but elite, and his clutch three point shooting makes him indispensable. I would be totally crushed if he NEVER suited up in a nuggets uniform again.


    • Charliemyboy

      Good news! Miller is going with Karl to Seattle. We get the Sonics coach. Finally, a real winner!

  • Big Stub

    Frustrating to watch Hamilton and McGee be so effective yet play so few minutes. Brewer and Faried are great teammates. But they are both energy players whose flaws get exposed against big-time starters. Start McGee and let him play through the mistakes. Make Hamilton the offensive focus on the second unit. Maybe this team would be ready when the pace slows down in the playoffs.

  • D$

    Check out my nearly ingenious trade. Solves a lot of problems for everyone involved.

    Chicago gets MOZ and Fields and a 2nd round pick from Toronto, gets a decent backup C/ PF, and a great young asset in Fields. Toronto frees up its back court for all their wing/ slasher guys

    Toronto gets Boozer and Andre miller to give them their facilitator for their wings and a low post presence to free up the wings on the outside and for pick and roll game.

    Denver gets Bargnani to help with their spacing playing the 4 for us when Manimal goes to the bench, he can play the 5 for us when we go small, or even play the 3 if we go big. We also get a decent back up pg in Lucas hes a decent 3 point shooter guy dish to our bigs. We lose no one big besides Miller who we all love to hate but get valuable range so teams have to play us honest and not clog the lane.

    What do you guys think??

    • googergieger

      Defense gets even more shit.

    • Rocco

      I Likey!!

      Seriously, I’ve thought for a while that a stretch four like Bargnani who can also put it on the floor woudl do much to diversify and strengthen an already deep roster for the Nuggets. I think the pairing of Bargs and MaGee in our second unit would be an abolute nightmare to defend.
      Bargs weakness is rebounding, which can be worked around with Denver’s remaining roster. He gets a very bad wrap as a defender. One-on-one he’s a solide reliable defensive player who uses his length well.

    • dynamo.joe

      Nice job D$. You shows things could always be worse. We could trade for the worst player in the league.

  • googergieger

    ” even though his team faces the same obstacles every team in the NBA is forced to combat at some point throughout the season.”

    To be fair not to the degree of the Nuggets. There is part schedule to blame. At least when it comes to the start of the season. Young team. Big new key piece. No time at all to gel. But I do get your point. No more excuses right now. No Gallo? No Iggy? No effort is acceptable? I mean if he spoke up about the refs, at least you’d feel he wasn’t afraid to fight for his guys. But it does seem like he just finds excuses to why he is underachieving. And I think he does it because everyone is quick to accept it or at least no one calls him out on it.

    Looking forward and slightly dreading what comes during the trade deadline.

  • Cephus

    Getting rebounds is matter of ‘ want to ‘ and ‘ grit ‘, in my eyes Koufos gets to keep the starting job until McGee finds it within himself to compete in full. He’s a kid, I dont want to slam him but he doesn’t grind.

    You can get away with that when Iggy & Gallinari are healthy, but obviously that’s not the case now. Looking forward to the break & those 2 getting back in lineup. Meanwhile I’m wondering what it costs to keep AI here next year. His absence is definitely felt as others have notes, but max ? I don’t see it.

    • googergieger

      To be fair if McGee played with Faried who gets so much attention, and Gallo and Iggy who are about the only two players who actually box out. He’d probably get eight to ten rebounds a game. In twenty minutes or less.

      • James

        Wrong. I love McGee, and his upside, but he is flat out a terrible defensive rebounder. No fundamentals. His defense is poor, too. Zach lowe’s article the other day had some stat that showed this, and it’s a critical point. The other team just gets too many chances when he’s playing.

        I agree koufus has stone hands and other deficiencies, but he’s better with the starters than McGee would be.

        And enough already with the Karl hate. They’ll win 51-53 games this year. What, with Van Grundy they win 55? Less? I’m not convinced Van Gundy would do better, or anyone else, other than maybe Phil Jackson. Yes, Karl makes some mistakes and strange decisions, but the team plays hard every night, and I think they may get over the first round hump this year. Pretty damn good, I say, with no. Lebron, Durant or Duncan.

        • googergieger

          Again these past five games, McGee has looked a lot better than Koufos. Koufos has been pretty lazy or lost on D and offensively has caused a lot of turn overs for other guys on our team. I understand the idea of starting Koufos over McGee. Just saying past five games, McGee has looked better. And again rebounding wise, Koufos isn’t exactly great at boxing out either. I think his rebounds come with two people on Faried and Gallo and Iggy being the only dudes that do box out.

          As far as Karl goes. I think SVG would hold players more accountable. Teach them about team defense. I think he was responsible for a lot of Dwight’s success and maturation as a player. Maybe he couldn’t do that with McGee, but nothing about McGee has shown us he isn’t willing to learn. Quite the opposite in fact. Again as I said up there, when you look at the wins that should have been losses, or the losses that should have been win. Are we actually where we should be? Ignoring the whole, before the preseason we should end up with fifty three wins thing. Watching the games. How often have we been beat by the better team. How often have they made tough shots, we missed good shots, and the cookie crumbled the wrong way on that day?

          As far as playing hard goes. Honestly, I’ve yet to see a solid four quarter effort. Especially on defense. Maybe that OKC game where Karl looked the most animated he’s been all season.

          • markos

            u speak speak and all you say is bullshit! koufos makes the least mistakes in this team go check it if you like and can! he also takes the least shots and he is our second best rebounder and first in percentage shots made!he also plays good man to man defense and has also 2 blocks per game 8 points and 7 rebounds! all this in 20 minutes average

            • googergieger

              Well a lot of times the turn overs show up on other guys stat sheet because the ball just goes right by him, he is out of position, or he fumbles the ball. On defense the past few games, he’s regressed. I came around on the kid a lot. However no denying that these past few games he has regressed somewhat. I mean I love Gallo but even I admitted he had a shitty start to the season. I love Javale but can admit when he is having a bad game as well. Can understand the logic of him not starting yet. Heck I adore Brewer but I can admit when he’s hurting the team or when he saved the team’s ass. For all the, I hate Karl no matter what, I seem to be one of the few that can give credit when credit is due, and give blame when it is due.

        • theo

          Actually, Phil Jackson would fail utterly with this team. He wouldn’t even consider taking the job because he could only win with the best talent. I mean that comment as a compliment to him but also as a criticism.

          Jackson was simply a competent coach that had some of the best talent in the history of the league. His genius? He actually understood the cold reality of the NBA that you can’t win championships without the best talent. He had a gift, for sure, of weaving huge egos and talent together. A gift, no doubt, but he wasn’t any better as a motivational coach or definitively as an X’s and O’s coach than a lot of coaches in the league. He fell into the job in Chicago–literally–and inherited ridiculous talent then leveraged that stint into another ridiculously talented group in LA. Shrewd, yes. A great coach? No. A competent coach that had the best talent in the league his whole career? Yes.

          • dynamo.joe

            Jackson at least had the ability to recognize who the talented players were and put them on the court. That’s 2 more talents than Karl has.

            • nugswin

              I heart this comment. It’s funny because it’s true!

          • Ryan

            I don’t think we need Phil Jackson, all I require is a coach who doesn’t play Andre Miller 30 minutes a game. Is that too much to ask?

  • Big Stub

    If AI keeps sitting, and the Nuggets D keeps looking like this, he’ll get the max.

    • Dubz

      haha there’s no way he’s a max player I’m sure he doesn’t even think so. However, I could see him getting a 3 yr $33 mil type deal.

  • theo

    All star break the time to evaluate where we are.

    Guessing it will take 53 wins to get a 4th seed. Gotta go 20-8 to make it happen. Take a look at the upcoming sked for yourself. No reason we can’t do it barring major injuries. Actually, I’d be surprised if we don’t. If healthy, if we don’t get a fourth seed I’d consider the season a disappointment.

  • googergieger

    Don’t get me wrong I do know about perspective. The losses hurt a lot more than they should on account of what was once a fight for third is now a fight for fourth. And there have been so many winable games and games we’ve won that have been made complicated due to some things that can be traced specifically back to Karl.

    I know this team is going to get better next year. You hope anyways. As much as Karl gets credit for being a guy to groom young guys into becoming better players, sometimes you wonder with the way he hates young guys and loves veterans. But yeah trade deadline coming up. Be interesting to see if Masai moves the guys that don’t want to play here, and brings in guys who do want to be here. Maybe he does make a play for someone of the all star talent variety. Maybe he moves someone we all consider untouchable?

    • ryanvdonk

      honestly, the only player on this team that’s even close to “untouchable” is ty. and i don’t think he moves without an allstar caliber PG coming back…and the only one who might be available was sitting on the net bench tonight. gallo would be next, but he also plays the position we have the most depth.

      • dynamo.joe

        Deron Williams is all-star caliber? Have you been in a coma the last 2 years?

      • juan

        It’s actually much harder to find a person of Gallo’s abilities (tall, handles the ball well for his size, shoots well for his size, plays good defense, passes well, cerebral player, emotional) Than Ty who is pretty much the prototypical little star point guard you can find on most teams. It’s most easier to find someone of Ty’s abilities and size than it is to find someone of Gallo’s. There are many that compare to Gallo but they only share one or two traits. Ty is probably more “talented” but Gallo’s overall talent and size is hard to replicate IMO.

        • nugswin

          This is right. Gallo would be much, much harder to replace than Lawson.

  • JoJo

    Hamilton bought us back into the game in the 4th.

    Then he got benched.

    Fuck Karl and his double standards.

    • Jacob

      Trust me I’m a huge Hamilton supporter, but your comment is plain stupid. He had played 12-15 min straight there, had to get him out at some point.

  • Andrew

    Count me among the folks that want Karl gone at the end of the season…and wouldn’t mind seeing Miller gone before that. No sense in beating a dead horse with all of the arguments, but for the folks who defend Karl because he’s won all of those regular season games, I would just say, again, I don’t care. I want to see the Nuggets win a championship, not win the most regular season games ever. That is an excuse mentality, and that willingness to be very good but not (figuratively, of course) “give up your life right there on the court rather than lose” is why Karl will never be great or win a championship. I’m hoping Masai agrees and burns with that desire to win it all, not just get into the playoffs.

  • prospector

    Late in 4th QTR and we need some shooters and defense.. So what does KARL DO??? Take Hamilton out… Our Team starts to struggle, and what does KARL DO???? NOTHING….. KARL JUST CONTINUES TO USE A MAGIC EIGHT BALL FOR HIS DECISIONS.. And it only has one answer…. MILLER… He has been used in all the crunch time situations the last three games, and guess what??? WE ARE 0-3….. When we are getting lit up from behind the arc why in hells name would you continue to have MILLER on the court???????? He needs to be trade like yesterday… Where was STONE off the bench????? Some posters here think Karl in a genious that has all the answers… This is the guy tha treats JHAM like a punk, when the cat can clearly score…. Let me think……. Do I want Chandler’s lame 30% game or some JHAM?

    • dynamo.joe

      Stone just got recalled from the dleague. Was he actually at that game?

  • prospector

    JHAM 6-9 shooting, 15 points.. + 11….. Too bad he’ll be back in Siberia after ALL star break….. MEMO to KARL half full fans… THIS IS why we need to dump CHandler and MILLER… We need to force KARL to develop JHAM and STONE… The only way JHAM will grow is by playing… Frankly I think he should play ahead of BREWER… One more thing… WHY THE HELL ARE WE STILL SWITCHING ON DEFENSE!!!!! When the backups are playing simpify the defense and go man… Our defense flat out sucks… So how is this switching defense helping us????? Let me see, gamble for some steals and give up three’s, or play solid man defense and hold teams to a lower shooting percentage and less threes made… I’ll take the later…. Masai grow a set and hire VAN GUNDY ASAP… Joshy boy, Time to act like a real man and take over this team… Make you move… Fire KARL .. Pay Masai… Hire VAN GUNDY… And life will be great in Dtown…. Have any of you guys seen the movie “Groundhog DAY”, cause I feel like i am living out that movie game after game after game… Reliving the same tire two point guard lineups, over and over again….. THIS SUCKS

    • Thomas

      Karl’s switching is a fool’s ploy. The jury is out, the statistics prove it – it doesn’t work. Problem is GK doesn’t change, never has, never will.

      Any of the Van Gundy brothers would end this madness and play conventional line-ups and focus on position defense. Hell, even the magic eight-ball as our coach would do that.

  • prospector

    KARL YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • airvaid

    So the Nuggets lost a game which was the fourth game in five night and played without two of its three best players. Yes fire the coach.

    Lets play J-Ham and Stone. Great plan. Fire Karl, play the rookies/sophomores and lets that draft pick. We might even get lucky with a #1.

    • Thomas

      Yes, that’s about it. Unless you really enjoy first round playoff exits and playing zero defense whatsoever.

      I’d much rather change course and give younger guys opportunities than suffer the same outcome every year guaranteed until GK is gone in 3 years.

      • airvaid

        Really? Playoff exits is what you have a gripe with? Then why don’t you wait till the playoffs to complain?

        Karl can’t win can he? If this team wins games. Oh it’s only the regular season.

        If the team loses, FIRE KARL!

        • dynamo.joe

          Winning or losing is nearly irrelevant. It’s GK constantly making stupid decisions that wear a fan down.

          Karl is like the friend that you see looking for his car keys under the street light cuz the light is better there than it is over where he lost them.

          Karl isn’t the blind squirrel who occasionally finds a nut. He is the sighted (?) squirrel who sees the nut and heads the other direction because he figures all the other squirrels will be heading that direction. Better to go the other way. There may not be any nuts, but there is no other squirrel competition either.

  • JohnInLA

    Guys, I’m pretty sure the sky is falling… Guys? The sky. Its falling.

    OK I gotta say, I am pretty sick of Andre Miller at the end of games… for every 1 game that he carries the team, there are 6 games that he sucks the very life out of them.

    He slows everything down, holds the ball too long, can’t make a three to save his life, and doesn’t/can’t play effective defense. Even his decision making is shite… so why have him… just to make a couple of passes…. I think we are better off without him… No one throws a lob like he does, but I’ll get over it. Fournier can learn…

  • Cephus

    So sick of Stan Van talk like he’s Red Auerbach reincarnate. He was born to be an assistant coach. As a head man, he imbues the Peter Principle about rising to your level of incomptence.

    He looked & sounded exhausted and miserable in his press conferences, just as his players from both teams he coached seemed to be guided by him. Stan Van’s the fat P.E. teacher who may know the game from the neck up but never played it at any meaningful level. Screw him & that exasperating drone /whine, he speaks in. Who the hell could listen to that & not go nuts?

    I don’t care how many exclam marks Prospector rattles off. Hire him for Stan for Santa Claus or assistant coach vacancies . Pass on all else .

  • prospector

    Dear Coach Karl,

    I sincerely want to thank you for my minutes the other night. I know you have my best interests, and I think you are just “SUPER”. I’ll always be here for you coach, and I think your small ball lineup is fab!! I also want to thank you for allowing me to play under the guidance and leadership of Andre Miller. His perimeter defense and 4th qtr play has been amazing to watch, and I feel so blessed to be able to learn so much from him.. Again thanks coach, and please think of me if you have a minute or two to spare in the future.


    The scorer formally known as JHAM

  • prospector
  • airvaid

    Reading people’s reactions here it feels like Karl is benching Jordan and not Jordan Hamilton.

    People want him to play rookies. People expect him to win every match, yes even the fourth in five nights when the top scorer and best defender are both out injured.

    Does it ever occur to people that your expectations are unrealistic?

    Please find me a team which played its fourth match in five nights, which was also the SGOB2B, and won?

    • googergieger

      Not just about the one game. Heck even during the winning streak, I had plenty of complaints over how the team was winning, but because people freak out or get pissed any time you are angry a team struggles to win against lottery teams or close out games when you are up double digits, I bit my tongue(more or less).

      Suffice to say, still think we are under achieving. I’ll settle being happy with the fourth seed. See if he can get us to the second round. If not, I think even his most hearty supporters should come around on getting someone new in here. As there is no excuse on not getting at least the fourth and at least to the second round.

      • airvaid

        Again that is your opinion. I don’t feel the same way, the place where this team is right now, 4th place is the ceiling and not the minimum.

        Ty and Gallo will have to take massive steps in terms if taking responsibility and scoring for this team to be more than that.

        Setting unrealistic goals is setting yourself up for disappointment.

        • Jacob

          Exactly airvaid. That’s some perspective. This team is in 5th at the break. I would argue most signs point to this team being able to overtake Memphis for the 4 spot, if lucky with injuries and stuff maybe even push for a top 3 positions. Why are we complaining? Because we lost a few games recently? You win some, you lose some thats the way the NBA works and in the first half we won a lot more than we won. Realistically how much better can it get than 5 in the west for this team? A couple spots? Simply put the Clippers, Spurs, and Thunder have better teams then us. We aren’t going to finish higher than them unless something weird like any injury happens. Will you people stop acting like a new coach can change that?

          • googergieger

            I agree with OKC and The Spurs, but not The Clippers. They have Paul and that’s it. As far as an advantage goes. I mean yes super star calls, but besides that. Talent wise our teams aren’t that separated. Especially when you factor in how well our team should function together. Much more if you factor in how many games we should have won but lost because of Karl, we’d be sitting in the third seed right now. Not to mention as it is the regular season and that is supposed to be Karl’s specialty, we probably should have been fighting with OKC and the Spurs somewhat for the top spot. I mean clearly they’d win in a play off series. Just saying, we do have the sort of team that should be kicking ass in the regular season at least. Granted horrible schedule. But even so, we should be at the very least five wins better than where we are right now.

            I know Karl set in low expectations at the start of the season, and for some reason people decided to go along with that idea. But I doubt any one around here or any where else has seriously said Denver has what it takes to win it all this year. They just said coming into this season we were probably the fourth best team in the west and should be fighting for the third. Few experts said we might end up with the first. We’re at number five. And most of our wins have seemed to be struggles where none should have existed.

            But yeah, big expectations, big disappointments. Or apparently even average expectations, big disappointments. You can go the other way like you two and think this is a lottery team over achieving and getting lucky to stumble into the fourth seed at best, I guess.

  • prospector

    The reason we suck on the road is that teams hit their outside shot at home…. Since Brewer and Miller refuse to cover the outside shooter (brewer is always leaving his guys for attempted steals, and MIller hangs in the paint cause he is a forward wanna be), we are getting toasted on the road… I am a shocked??? HELL NO… When you have a problem YOU FIX IT…… Don’t give me your B/S reasons why you are doing what you are doing… Karl was been doing the same crap for 29 years….. The only fans who do not get it have never played basketball, or they don’t watch every game…. They just look at the boxscore, and read the post.. That my friends is like getting STATE information in the USSR… Free your mind…. Take the red pill

  • Z

    yes trade Chandler and play JHAM he is the future until he actually makes the other teams scouting report. 1 game sheesh Prospector only says anything after a Loss so he can Bash Karl/Miller/Chandler

  • prospector

    Oh I’m sorry, it makes financial sense to pay a guy (chander) 4 times more money than JHAM for him to shoot 30% and get hurt like every other day… Is the teams future with 90 year old Miller? Since we are not winning the championship this year, lets try to develop our younger guys… Then we can determine whether or not they can play, which in turn will determine the future direction the team needs to take.. Playing with Miller is like putting a band aid on a bullet wound…

  • Tonia01

    Ben Gordon apparently became available, I would pack Miller, Mozgov and one between Brewer, Randolph, Hamilton or Fournier and send them to the Bobcats as fast as possible.

    • Bryan

      He’s available because of his bad attitude and bad contract. He’s not worth what he’s getting paid, especially in light of his diva attitude. The Nuggets would be better off just playing Hamilton.

      • Jacob

        Yea while I normally like guys who can shoot, Ben Gordon is kinda a stiff and hes on a bad deal.

        • Tonia01

          True, Ben Gordon is not known to be a nice guy and is overpaid, however he is a cosistent shooter (never below 40% from 3P in his career), and in order to keep Brewer and Mozgov we would have to pay quite some money this summer anyhow. …. last but not least, in exchange of an opportunity to get rid of Miller I would accept even the sister of Ben Gordon…..

          • Ryan

            I would trade Andre Miller for a can of Hormel chili… mmmm…. chili…

  • cnguyen

    Does anyone else think Chauncey’s stroke would help us out greatly from watching him tonight? He’s looking silky smooth and at least plays D as opposed to Miller’s dusty ass. Yes, he probably won’t want to come home but I can dream can’t I?

  • googergieger

    Nothing like Lakers getting murdered to make me appreciate my under achieving Nuggets.

    Anyways, Chauncey would probably love to come back to Denver. And he probably wouldn’t be a jerk about coming off the bench. Problem is no way Clips give him up for anything we can offer. Unless we’d do something stupid like Gallo for Billups and Butler, or something along those lines. Which again would be pretty stupid.

    • cnguyen

      Well just imagine the 2 point guard lineup with Chauncey and Ty where Chauncey can actually shoot and play adequate defense along with Iggy, Gallo, and Faried during crunch time cuz we all know Karl’s love for small ball. Not a bad lineup imo but our rebounding would be suspect. Not saying that it isn’t now…

  • CoryW

    I just looked at projected all stars for years to come and two were 2014 draft picks why not ditch depth for next years top pick, even though its impossible to know who that may be.

    • CoryW

      These players are supposed to be big time so that’s the way this team surely gets better because we have guys that have hit ceilings as players but can get better at helping the team.

  • SLL

    George Karl is one of only 7 coaches in the NBA with 1000 wins and hasn’t had a losing season since 1987. Why so much hate? He’s human and occasionally makes a bad coaching move, but I’d say his record gives him the benefit of the doubt. Shaddup with the negativity already.

  • googergieger

    26 years=1000 wins? Repeatedly makes the same mistakes. Constantly loses in the first round. Under achieving right now with this squad.

    I wonder what it will take for the Karl supporters to deem this a season worthy of a new coach. I guess not making the play offs would probably be the only way.

  • SLL

    The grass is always greener… I’m guessing some of you haters would rag on Red Auerbach and Phil Jackson. Not every coach gets a Russell, an MJ, a Shaq or a Kobe – Karl has had Glove, Ray Allen, and ‘Melo, not exactly the same class.