Nuggets interested in Redick?

According to Fox Sport’s Sam Amico, the Nuggets have expressed interest in Orlando Magic shooting guard J.J. Redick; however, chances of landing him are slim due to Redick being content with his current role with the Magic. Amico also suggests the Nuggets could make a minor move at the deadline by offering up Wilson Chandler, Corey Brewer or Anthony Randolph.

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Kalen Deremo

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  • Ban Johnson

    Sounds like it’s not happening, which, in my opinion, is a good thing.

    JJ Redick is a poor fit for the Nuggets’ switching D. He simply not athletic enough to guard anyone but small wings. So teams would constantly get him on the switch guarding big wings or speedy point guards…which would not be pretty…ESPECIALLY when he’d be on the court at the same time with Andre Miller, which everyone knows would happen all the time.

    It’s no coincidence that Wilson Chandler’s health and the Nuggets’ winning streak came together. Chandler, who can guard 2s, 3s, and 4s, is the perfect fit for Karl’s switching defense and stretch 4 offense. Don’t wreck a good thing.

    • theo

      Agree about Redick but for different reasons.

      He can’t play D, so we’re on the same page there. Don’t need more of that.

      But he’s an even worse fit in the Nugs O.

      Not athletic at all and gets his shots off conventional screens and offensive sets. The Nuggets don’t do conventional screens and sets. So many of the fans here–even bloggers–don’t seem to understand what we’re running and suggest players that won’t fit at all with the system. Ujiri has built a team for the system, like it or not.

      Legit arguments can and should be made about the system, but suggesting players that don’t fit doesn’t make sense.

      We need a variety of upgrades to contend, but in the short run to help us get to the second round, we need an athletic shooter that can run the floor, defend a little, and shoot over 40% from 3 off the bench (basically, a sane and under control JR Smith). Or, a big that can start or come off the bench and score consistently around the rim and stretch the floor too.

      The latter are very hard to find. We had a shot, at least theoretically, at the former because there were a handful of those players on the market at the end of last season. Masai did nothing to upgrade the roster in that way in the off season even after trading away our two best perimeter shooters. Afflalo and Harrington both shot over 40% from 3 last year. Understand why we traded both of them re contract size, upside, age, etc., but the current Nugs system has to have a great 3 point shooter to work or a big that can stretch the floor.

      Hate being a wet blanket, but most of the guys you cite don’t fit what we need for the system.

      Question. Which of the players you mention are athletic enough to play our system, don’t need conventional offenses to get their shots, can make three’s at over 40% and are available?

      All ears.

      • dynamo.joe

        Lies. Al Harrington 33.3%, AAA 39.8%.

        • theo

          Wow. Lies? I can tell you’re one of those fans.

          Sorry, I was quoting stats off the top of my head. Harrington was shooting well over 40% from 3 for most of the year last year before his body fell apart for about the last third of the season. He carried the Nuggets offensively before the All-Star break and got a lot of play as an All-Star candidate. Already forgotten?

          Re Trip, wow, I’m a liar :^) Claimed he shot 40% from 3. 39.8%.

          Is that all you got? Up your game dude. Pathetic.

          • Fed up Nug

            If you’re going to act like a smug douche bag you could at least know what you are talking about. Last season Al Harrington shot an abysmal .308% from three before the all star break. So, yes, you are either a liar or an idiot, personally I’m leaning towards idiot.

    • mike

      I agree he is not an ideal fit because of the defensive issues and the fact that Miller and to a degree Lawson don’t fit the defense either.

      Disagree with your Chandler assessment. I think it was a coincidence that when he came back the team got on a role. It coincided with the fact that the team went from an extreme road heavy schedule to an extreme Home heavy schedule. Chandler has been fine, but nothing special. They should only trade him as part of a significant upgrade in the post though.

  • CJP32

    I think for the Nuggets to advance in the Playoffs, we need that 3PT specialist, particularly one off the bench. Gallo, Ty, Chandler and JHam all shoot around 38% and Iggy/CBrew shoot 31%. We don’t have a stand out guy that comes in and knocks down 40% (Evan doesn’t count as he doesn’t get the minuets). Brewer is decent spot up shooter from the corner (40%) but sometimes gets trigger happy and launches from everywhere.

    Right now we have Gallo, a 80% healthy Chandler, Brewer and JHam all playing the SF spot. We know CBrew is a FA next season and may get/command more $$ than what Masai will be prepared to offer. He seems like the most reasonable piece to dangle and there are teams wanting to avoid the luxury tax next year so grabbing him would be the smart thing to do.

    Chandler is also on a reasonable sized contract but has indicated that he wants more minutes, so when 100% healthy he could help some teams, but who is willing to take that risk now when he seems to be recovering still?

    JHam could play 15-20 mins elsewhere, but I think Denver would be silly to move him when he could become that 40% 3PT guy eventually. Gallo should not be moved, he has become the go to guy in the crunch, and his 3PT% is going up.

    A few players I could see filling the bench 3PT role are:

    Kyle Korver – 460%
    Jose Calderon – 446%
    Martell Webster – 441%
    Mike Dunleavy – 438%
    Wayne Ellington – 431%
    Roger Mason Jr – 421%
    Jimmer Fredette – 421%
    Ben Gordon – 409%

    See whats happens over the next 6 days!

  • Jeff

    It would be nice to get Calderon for Miller somehow…

    • CJP32

      Jose Calderon for Wilson Chandler + Andre Miller works

      Dre gets his 25+ mins and WC returns home and starts

      Calderon gives us a great backup PG (expiring contract) and legit shooter – 48% FG, 44% 3PT and 90% FT – someone ideal to have on the floor in crunch time

      • Josh

        I like this trade. I would prefer throwing JHAM vice Chandler along with Andre. I love Chandlers ability to guard multiple positions. His offense will come around soon and he his still young. Just whatever it takes to get a quality point guard and get Miller the heck out of town.

      • Tom

        Good trade, and the money works, but since Calderon has already been traded once this year, it’s very unlikely he will be traded again (I’m not sure if it’s even allowed).

  • prospector

    JHAM has a cheap contract & UPSIDE POTENTIAL.. He rebounds and can block shots.. All he needs is playing time.. Pieces we can move: MILLER, MOZZY, RANDOLPH, CHANDLER, and BREWER… Those pieces alone should be enough to find a 3 point guy.. Based on Karl use of these guys, I would like to see MILLER NOW.. Chandler because of his Salary.. I hope MASAI makes a move, but does not get suckered into giving up on JHAM…

  • Mark B

    I have dreams that Ujiri feels the same way about George Karl that I do and that somehow in the next few days he will come up with a trade that sends away Kosta Koufos and Andre Miller. In my dream we don’t actually get anything back for them in the trade but somehow I’m still ecstatic!

    • Zorba

      Keep sleeping…

      • mike

        agreed on the keep sleeping comment. Koufus is the only big on this team that approximates average defensive value (to a degree gallo but really only when he plays the wing position). Miller Im more ambivalent toward. Especially with some of his negative attitude. He has his pluses and minuses.

  • JoJo

    Hamilton is done in Denver. His situation is worst than JR Smith’s. He’s just not going to get a fair go here.

  • http://espn herpderpnuggets

    Any trade that can help our D as long as we dont trade Gallo would be a good trade.

  • al68

    Detroit quiere mantener a Calderon, puede enseñar mucho a los jovenes y quieren que sea el mentor de Knight.
    Para mi sería fenomenal que Calde fuera a Denver porque soy español y fan de los Nuggets ademas de porque ayudaría mucho por su tiro exterior pero sobre todo por su IQ y por su altruismo y conocimiento del juego,

  • EWilson

    The Bobcats apparently want to pry Andrea Bargnani away from Toronto and are offering Ben Gordon, mostly because the contracts match. Toronto doesn’t want Gordon, but if a third team offered young assets, in exchange for Gordon, might be interested.

    So, should Denver get in and offer, say Mozgov and Hamilton, to make a three-way deal work? (ESPN Trade machine says it works if you use Nene’s exception.)

    Gordon isn’t old–he’s 30–and he’s a 40% 3-point shooter for his career. Moreover, he can get his own shot, which fits better than Redick. His contract is big–$12 million–but only lasts 2 more years, at which time he becomes that useful asset, a retiring contract. But, he’d limit the Nuggets flexibility in the short term. He used to be OK defensively, but I can’t speak to that aspect of his game, nor do I know if he’d be happy being a 6th man.

    What do people think?

    • JoJo

      So Karl can finish games with Lawson Miller and Gordon?

      And before anyone says Karl would never finish games with 3 midgits, he did it often with Iverson, Carter and Atkins (when he was healthy).

    • Tom

      Gordon can shoot, but I can’t remember the last time he actually made a team better. He’s either a natural born loser, or just really unlucky, wrong place at wrong time.

  • Tom

    I would forget about trying to find a shooter, and focus on finding a big that either has a post game or good range, like Zach Randolph. I know the Grizz claim they aren’t making any more moves, but I got to believe that with their cap situation, they’re still open for business if the right deal comes along. Would McGee, Chandler, and a pick or Hamilton tempt them? They’d at least have to consider it, right?