5-on-5: Trade deadline

Well everyone, it’s that time of year. Late February. And you know exactly what that means. It means the NBA trade deadline is approaching; therefore, all our wildest dream scenarios about acquiring LeBron James for pennies on the dollar are on the brink of coming to fruition. OK, so maybe that’s not exactly correct. Maybe it’s the furthest thing from the truth. But here at RMC we’ll be damned to be robbed of our totally unrealistic trade fantasies. So despite Adrian Wojnarowski’s recent tweet about the Nuggets being “unlikely to make a deal,” we’ve decided to ride on into the blue and yellow sunset with visionary trade talk firmly on our minds, which we’re happy to share with you in our latest 5-on-5.

1. Should the Nuggets consider trading a key rotational player before the deadline at the risk of damaging the team’s current chemistry? 

Kalen: No. I know this is a disappointing answer to some Nuggets fans, but the fact is: Denver is playing its best basketball since the Melo era. Another big-impact trade would likely devastate this team more than it would help. The Nuggets are a young group that have grown together over the last several years and are finally hitting a stride. Too big of a trade could threaten the team’s chemistry, and above all else, give George Karl yet another reason to lose more games than he should.

Matt: If the move can somehow make the Nuggets better, then yes, they should consider moving a key rotational player. Chemistry or not, this team’s ceiling seems pretty clear. They can win a first-round series and maybe make someone’s life hard before bowing out in the second round. We haven’t seen this team win on the road consistently yet and come playoff time many of the opportunities they get right now will probably dry up. This team needs to add a shooter and if it costs a rotation piece so be it.

Charlie: I think the Nuggets are still in the early stages of building a good team and lack the kind of chemistry you’d worry about damaging. It’s naive to think that at least several current Nuggets aren’t open to a change of scenery and new opportunities elsewhere. Chemistry is a concern but it should be secondary to the Nuggets’ main goal of developing all the young talent they have.

Tom: The Nuggets have solid but not spectacular chemistry.  The potential downside to chemistry in a trade of a key player is real but small. There are plenty of remaining regular season games for any new teammates to get integrated into the lineup before playoff time. Rotation players shouldn’t be traded to save money, but trades that upgrade or consolidate talent are worth considering.

Joel: Probably not. At the very least, the core of Lawson, Iguodala, Gallo, Faried, Koufos and McGee should remain untouched. Outside of that, it’s questionable that the value they might bring back for any combination including Miller, Brewer and/or Chandler would be worthwhile. Unless an “Offer You Can’t Refuse” caliber player is put on the table (and are any even on the block right now? I don’t think so), it’s hard to see Denver finding a trade that messes with the rotation players which improves their prospects while keeping chemistry and morale intact.

2. Which one player on the present roster should be totally off limits?

Kalen: Iguodala, without question. Just like Chauncey Billups saved the Nuggets (and Karl’s job)  in 2008-09, Iguodala is undertaking a similar task this year. He’s changed this team’s fortune. No longer are the Nuggets an awful defensive team who only hope to outrun their opponent to victory. The Nuggets now have at least some semblance of an identity on defense and it’s all thanks to Iguodala. Without him, Karl is exposed yet again and the Nuggets are a surefire one-and-done in the playoffs.

Matt: To me this answer is quite clear based on what we have seen in the month of February. Ty Lawson should be completely off limits for anyone but a superstar. Lawson has been able to control games with his driving and passing abilities recently and just signed a contract that, if he continues to grow or even plays at the level he has in February, is a bargain. He has also shown the ability to shoot better this year which would make him even tougher to defend. This team should be building around Lawson.

Charlie: Gallo has picked up his play at the right time and is proving to be an indispensable presence on both ends. The Nuggets have not really been able to gauge his development thus far thanks to health issues and a lockout, neither of which have been a problem this season. There are some pretty good players on the market currently but not one who’s a clear upgrade and a better fit than the Rooster.

Tom: There are no truly off-limits players on the Nuggets roster. If a top tier player like Kevin Durant was on the trading block, every Nuggets player would be a potential trade asset. Kenneth Faried is the closest thing to untouchable — given his age, rebounding ability and two more years on his rookie contract. He would be very difficult to part with except for a top-tier player.

Joel: Gallinari. If I could name two or three I’d include Lawson and Faried. There’s a good argument to be made that they both excel in their fortes more than Gallo does in any area of his game. But Danilo is the most complete player on the Nuggets roster. He’s a skilled defender; he has the most diverse scoring skill set on the entire team; his height creates invaluable mismatches; he’s never tentative in making the big play (as Lawson can be sometimes); and he’s a competent distributor. Emotionally, it would pain me more to see Ty get traded, but objectively, Gallo is a more rare and valuable commodity.

3. Which one player on the present roster should be on the trading block?

Kalen: Andre Miller. Andre Miller. Andre Miller… Did I say Andre Miller? His comments about not being content to accept a backup role were it for me. He’s been a mild disappointment ever since returning to Denver several years ago and has morphed into Karl’s most dangerous crutch since Anthony Carter. Mark my words: If the Nuggets do not trade Miller he might very well end up being the downfall of this team come playoff time.

Matt: Andre Miller. He doesn’t fit the up-tempo style the team wants to play, says he wants out and now has let his unhappiness seemingly affect him on the floor (see: Boston). I doubt the team can get much for him but this seems to have gotten to the point where they shouldn’t have to get more than a draft pick to move him. The relationship has turned sour and the Nuggets cannot afford to let it cost them games, like it already has.

Charlie: Corey Brewer. Great guy, better teammate, and a questionable long-term fit. He should rightly seek a raise and a bigger role this summer, neither of which make sense for a team that already has Gallo, Hamilton, Fournier, Chandler, and Quincy Miller clogging up the wings. And that’s without Iguodala being re-signed, which presumably the Nuggets will do. Brewer is a luxury Denver can’t afford without a significant reshaping of the current roster.

Tom: Andre Miller. He is a poor fit on a fast, athletic team that relies on aggressive defensive switching. He has expressed discontent with his limited role. His minutes often come at the expense of better players. But he is still valuable enough to bring back a solid return in a trade.

Joel: Mozgov. His combination of modest expiring contract and big 7-1 frame should make him an appealing trade target for any team looking to bolster their size and/or trim some fat financially. He’s already effectively out of the rotation, which squarely locates him in “easily expendable” territory, but he’s still young enough that a team might take a flier on their chances of developing him into a regular rotational player. This may be a cop-out answer, since it’s long been rumored that he’s already on the block, but he’s there for a reason and it’s a good one.

4. What is a realistic trade scenario the Nuggets would greatly benefit from?

Kalen: The Nuggets trade Wilson Chandler, Andre Miller, Anthony Randolph and Timofey Mozgov to the Lakers for Pau Gasol and Jodie Meeks. As we all know, the Nuggets are still a limited team until they acquire more All-Star caliber players and the ever evasive “superstar.” Yet, not long ago Gasol was considered the premier big man in the game. All he needs is to get out of L.A., clear his head and he’ll start to produce once again. Meeks is the sniper the Nuggets need. Meanwhile, Denver only gives up one major rotational player (Andre Miller) and opens up more time for Hamilton and Stone in the process.

Matt: The Nuggets trade Wilson Chandler to Milwaukee for Mike Dunleavy and Tobias Harris. This is a tough one since I think there are really only two players that are available and would help the Nuggets. J.J. Reddick would cost the Nuggets too much, making Mike Dunleavy the target. This trade gives the Nuggets a shooter in Dunleavy who is also a good passer and rebounder and brings in Harris, who seems to have fallen out of favor in Milwaukee and would give the Nuggets a player who can score in the post. The Bucks on the other hand gain Chandler who can give them much needed front-court scoring.

Charlie: The Nuggets trade Jordan Hamilton and Wilson Chandler to Milwaukee for Tobias Harris and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute. Milwaukee takes on just a tiny amount of extra salary to bolster their playoff push with two guys who can really fill it up. The new-look Bucks, under Jim Boylan, need to upgrade their scoring badly, while Denver has too much depth on the wings to accommodate Chandler and Hamilton long term. Meanwhile, consummate role player “LRMAM” immediately shores up the Nuggets’ biggest area of weakness: front-court defense. Tobias Harris also fits nicely in Denver’s stable of long, versatile athletes who can fill a variety of roles in the George Karl system.

Tom: The Nuggets trade Chandler, Brewer, Mozgov, and Hamilton to Dallas for O.J. Mayo and Shawn Marion. The Nuggets turn depth into quality, picking up a pair of players who can stretch the floor and create shots for themselves and their teammates. Marion is also a strong defender, a great locker room presence and a capable center when Karl goes small. Dallas can begin rebuilding with two young and versatile players in Chandler and Hamilton, a pick from Denver and potentially more picks from flipping Brewer and Mozgov to contenders.

Joel: The Nuggets trade Mozgov to the Timberwolves for Derrick Williams. A large part of why Minnesota would do this is predicated on the notion that they are in the process of trying to move out Nikola Pekovic, who may demand too much in free agency for the Wolves to pay for. And the coaching staff has apparently given Williams an ultimatum on his work ethic. He’s struggled this season, but the Nuggets do well with struggling players (see JaVale McGee), and would really benefit from having a stretch four. Unfortunately, Ryan Anderson is not available, and Williams might be the best – and least costly – prospect out there.

5. At the end of the day, how active will the Nuggets be at the deadline and what do you predict will ultimately transpire?

Kalen: They’ll get a lot of calls and they’ll listen. If the offers get lopsided enough Ujiri will not hesitate to pull the trigger. But I don’t see that happening. Ujiri and Karl are most likely very satisfied with where the team is at right now. The Nuggets have a great chance of landing home-court advantage in the first round of the playoffs and perhaps even winning a round… for once. That’s something Nuggets fans have been desperate for during Karl’s tenure and something Ujiri won’t want to pass up just for the sake of making a tiny improvement to the roster.

Matt: I think the Nuggets will be active but in the end I don’t see anything of significance that gets done. There just doesn’t seem to be a lot of useful players on the market that are worth the prices that teams are asking for. So while the Nuggets may be trying to use Chandler, Mozgov and Miller to get useful parts, I don’t think any team would see a package built around any of the three players as enough. This deadline seems set up to produce a whole lot of smoke but in the end, no fire.

Charlie: The Nuggets are letting it be known they aren’t actively seeking a trade, and it’s probably time to believe them. Denver already has lots of depth and scarce playing time has led to a growing backlog of young talent who can’t get minutes. Unless they can trade Chandler to a team willing to send them back less long-term money, there isn’t a win-win deal to be made. I expect the Nuggets are resigned to the fact they can’t win in this current market.

Tom: Masai Ujiri has given every indication that he’s willing to make big moves to make the team better. I predict he’ll keep the starting five together along with JaVale McGee, but will move at least three bench players and make yet another trade-deadline splash.

Joel: Minimally active, if at all. Ujiri, while unafraid to make a big move, stated at the onset of this season that this team as currently constructed deserves a chance to play. With the team having started slowly, and with Chandler having only recently returned, I suspect he still has a foot firmly planted in the “they’re still getting it together” camp. My prediction is that if any deadline moves are made, they will be tinkerings outside or on the fringes of the rotation, and that bigger moves – if Ujiri deems them necessary – will not go down until summer.

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Kalen Deremo

Kalen was born in Durango, CO, in 1988 and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2013 with a degree in journalism. He's now an itinerant hoping to travel as much as possible before eventually succumbing to the "real world." Aside from writing Kalen likes movies, music, spicy food and the great outdoors. Edward Abbey is his current idol.

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  • Daniel Lewis

    Love the LRMAM trade. I think he is an excellent complementary player alongside JVMG, due to his discipline and defense. Then the Nuggets can play Faried with Koufus, and LRMAM with McGee, while seeing some combo of that in the fourth.
    I think this team will be competitive for a while. That’s why Masai can’t trade Gallo, Ty, Faried, or McGee. That’s the future, with Fournier and the upcoming draft picks.

    • Zack

      I don’t know if I like this trade. Mbah a Moute can play defense, but he can’t shoot. And we don’t need another guy who clogs up the lane on offense.

      But I do like his defense.

      • Daniel Lewis

        The Nuggets do not have a problem scoring. We’re talking about a team that is one of the top scoring teams in the country. With Gallo, Chandler, Lawson, and potentially Fournier next season, the Nuggets will be able to score. It’d be nice to have some guys that can really defend, and get the ball going in transition, for the fourth quarter.

  • http://Denverstiffs.com slader

    Lots of swell ideas here, guys. Dunleavey is tempting and fills a need. Not sure why Dallas would make the Mayo-Marion trade, though.
    I still think the ideal here would be to transform some combo of Mozzy, Brewer, JHam and (especially) Dre into JJ Redick (might require a third team). Moving Miller creates minutes for Redick, who can play some point and is a better defender than Miller, aside from being a far better shooter.

  • CJP32

    My bet is that CBrew is moved – because Wilson Chandler is almost 100% healthy and with less than 30 games left, GK will want a tighter rotation. Plus CBrew is a FA and will get better dollars/minutes elsewhere next year. Masai cannot afford to lose him for nothing.

  • Thomas

    Disagree on the love for Gallo’s game and labeling him “indispensable”. Calling him a very good defender is a stretch – usually the tough defensive assignment falls on Faried (and then the blame) while Gallo’s gets a pass by guarding the top forward on the other team for only a couple of plays a game. To me, he is a very good trading chip and his value is at a ceiling.

    If he was a consistent 20+ PPG scorer who delivers in the playoffs, then yes. Let’s see what he brings this postseason. Hopefully I am wrong. His career stats would indicate otherwise as he has been around for a while.

    This team is Ty, Faried, AI and KK – who will only improve as he is the smartest tall guy we’ve had in a while – he knows position defense. Gallo is above average, but we need more from that position. If we had a dominant center (Al Jefferson type who could score 17+ and rebound), Gallo would be perfect.

    In its current make-up, this front line-up of Faried-Gallo-KK may be exposed in the playoffs. Faried and KK can’t be asked to carry the scoring load and will have a much harder time in the playoffs converting near the basket and grabbing offensive rebounds. That puts the onus on Gallo (as we don’t have a lights out shooter at SG) to put 20+ PPG. If he is able to do that he will be double teamed and I just don’t see him being clutch with 2 guys drapped on him. I see him flopping and turning the ball over.

    • nuggz2

      I’m pretty sure I’m one of very few who agree with you on this. Gallo is a GOOD player but I don’t think he’s great. He is, however, possibly our best trade chip to get a great player. A package built around him could bring in a true star to put the team over the top. The only question is, is there a talent available this year to do so. I believe with Chandler at full strength and a bit more playing time he will prove to be as efficient as Gallo is not better.

  • Ban Johnson

    Since Andre Miller isn’t going anywhere, for reasons I can’t entirely comprehend…I say don’t mess with it, and see what happens. (Another first-round flameout would be unacceptable and should be dealt with accordingly in the summer: GK gone, Miller gone.)

    The Nuggets at their best this year have been very good, scary even. Brewer and Chandler have been part of that — they’re not expendable, unless you can get similarly long, athletic, versatile wings.

    The Nuggets’ best players are still developing — every one of the core 9 except Iguodala and Miller are on the upswing — and Iguodala should improve too as his comfort level in Denver improves.

    One word on Andre Miller: (yes, he’s GK’s crutch; yes, his attitude is questionable; yes, he doesn’t fit in an athletic, switching D; yes, he’s a terrible 3-point shooter…)
    but, he is generally still an effective play-maker on offense, and that’s still something the Nuggets need badly at times. I still want him gone, but the Nuggets would definitely miss his play-making and steadying influence.

  • Evan Woodruff

    How’s this for an idea:

    Andre Miller and.. Idk someone else, brewer, chandler ect.. for NATE ROBINSON.

    Miller gets to start in Chicago for the rest of the season since DRose is out. Chicago also gets another scoring threat in brewer or chandler, which they desperately need.

    ‘course idk how the contracts work out, but just throw in other minor players to even it out and make it work.

    I’d love to see Robinson play for the Nuggets.

  • stevesf47

    All rumors say ORL just wants a 1st rd pick involved in Redick talks. Why not send Mozgov, brewer and a 1st for Redick and Ayon?

    Salaries just about match up, we gain a 1mill roughly but still stay under the cap it appears. Redick is the shooter we need and Ayon is in the same mold of mozgov and both have expiring deals. We give up the 1st but so what. do we really need another late 1st to add to jham, fournier etc. Let’s get the piece we need which is an outside shooter.

    i also wouldn’t be against trading Chandler to bucks for Ilysova if they are interested. Sova is a better rebounder and he’s shot 40%+ from 3 the last 2 years. but are on similar deals but sova has another year on back end.

    Another underrated deal i’d love to pursue would be making a move for Dudley who might not be as talented as Redick but still a solid catch and shoot shooter and plays a little better D. Brewer, Mozgov and a 1st for Dudley Telfair? Dudley makes 4.25 mill per year on a 4 year deal. very good deal for him long term.

    • asdqqq

      The problem with trading for JJ is that he is a MLE type of player. That means this summer, the Nuggets would be bidding against pretty much every other team to keep him. Either they’ll only be renting him or will have to significantly overpay to get him to stay here.

      It’s not like trading for someone like Josh Smith who is going to get a contract for so much money that there’ll only be a handful of teams who have the cap space to make an offer. In that situation you can more realistically expect to keep him in unrestricted free agency, especially with the ability to pay more and offer a longer contract. Not that I think the Nuggets should go after Smith, either.

      • stevesf47

        honestly, i dont mind not getting redick back. i mean i want him back but basically we are trading away the pick for him. We are not likely to resign mozgov and redick replaces brewer who might command 4-5 mill himself on the offseason per year which we probably wont want to match.

        I want to put us in the best situation to advance in the playoffs without giving up our future. this will do that. we dont lose any future pieces except for a 20ish overall pick in a weak draft.

        • asdqqq

          The draft is considered weak at the top, with no clear franchise players, but pretty deep as far as solid talent into the 20s. I don’t think Reddick moves the needle enough this year to give up the potential and cheap contract of a first rounder, particularly as the Nuggets look to be close up against the luxury tax for the foreseeable future.

      • Nugznazty

        I think we’d get to keep him when his wife falls in love with colorado. He bends over backwards for her happiness

  • Aaron

    The main question is can the Nuggets get anyone that GK will actually use. He’s said it well. . there’s only so many minutes per game. So, if we’re getting rid of Mosgov for someone else who won’t play, than I don’t see the point. If we’re getting rid of Chandler/Brewer for someone who will play some minutes, than I’m in. It can’t hurt to have a 7 footer in the bull pen when injuries arise.

    So, I like some of the trades for Redick, because I think we would play him. Same with some of the trades involving Andre M. Whoever comes in at backup point will play.

    My thought is to package some of our wingmen (Chandler, Brewer) and get Fournier on the court. The other thing to do would be to play Chandler exclusively at the 4 (like we have been) and package Brewer, who has lost his shot, for picks, s. cap, etc. . . . . Addition by subtraction.

    If we get Fournier spotting up, Gallo and Ty driving, and Faried, Chandler, K2, JVMG, boarding, we’ll be tough to stop. We need one more shooter, and I think he’s sitting on our bench.

  • Abur

    I really like the Gasol trade!

  • Stephen Hernandez

    Tom and Joel great trade ideas the rest don’t benefit us. Like all of what Tom and Joel said, but do agree miller should definitely go.

  • dynamo.joe

    1. Of course, if the right deal comes along.

    2. Faried. Young, Talented, Cheap. Waaay over playing his contract.

    3. Talented players who can’t get time and players who get more time than their talent warrants. I would put McGee and Hamilton (maybe Mozgov) in the 1st group and Brewer, Chandler and Miller in the 2nd.

    4. I don’t know how realistic it is, but McGee/Brewer/Hamilton for Marc Gasol/Pondexter. It works money-wise. It’s to the grizz advantage in PER and since Hollinger is in the front office that has to work in its favor.

    The grizz are weak at SF this gives them 2 guys to try out for the position. McGee is more athletic and thus has higher upside, but Karl would actually play Gasol (maybe the end of center-less lineups?). Pondexter is a 36% 3pt shooter for his career and 40% this season. He can also hit free throws.

    The grizz obviously have cap concerns as they have made straight salary dump trades already this season. This gives them 800k relief immediately and $4M if they decide to let Corey walk.

    Kalen, you are pursuing the wrong Gasol brother.

    5. They will stand pat, but they really should be looking to further Karl-proof this roster.

    • Nugznazty

      4. It’s unrealistic– they can’t give up 2 of their best 3 players in a year.

  • Brian
  • NugNugz

    I would love to have Derrick Williams on this team and I think that is a really plausible scenario.

  • tz13

    No trade in my opinion. The player to trade would be the coach’s favourite..and this is impossible..
    But i think the nuggets had to get Jose Calderon instead of Andre Miller

    • Nugznazty

      Jose makes as much as Lawson right? Overpaid

  • theo

    1. Of course. Nugs don’t have especially good chemistry right now–even at this stage still trying to find identity. Matt is on target re current ceiling without upgrades, particularly a shooter. 2. Nobody is off limits–upgrading is the key. No chance at a championship without better talent, no all stars or ‘essential players’ on this team right now 3. Mozgov, of course. Has value. Would get little for YMCA Dre 4. Like the last three trade ideas but don’t think any of them are realistic. Trading for Pau makes little sense–he doesn’t fit the system at all. In a different system he’d help with skillful scoring down low and stretching the floor, but he’s a creature of more conventional offenses that revolve around running the O through the bigs. Not happening with the Nugs. 5. Agree with most that little or nothing on horizon–no reason to this year since no potential upgrade is going to get us past the top teams. Lots of us–including myself–talk about the Nugs ‘ceiling’ of 53 wins or so and a second round out, but we still need to see that play out. Jury still out on this team, Masai needs to see what he’s got, thus he sits pat or just rearranges furniture to set up future moves.

  • billy

    We need to trade andre miller in the worst way his comments about wanting more minutes combined with the fact he has personally lost us games with his sloppy play and bad attitude is unexceptable .georges love affair with him needs to be over. Plus anything to stop gks insisting on playing 2 point guards .

  • Denver4ever

    I like all the realistic trade ideas from you RMC writers. But Kalen’s realistic deal for Gasol blew me away.

    It could be a great trade except that Karl doesn’t know how to use offensive-minded “true” centers. But I think Pau is underrated as a running big man, but the change of scenery could help return his aggressive by taking the ball to the paint and make inside shots instead of mid-range/3-point shots. Also, I’m a big believer that someday Karl will realize that his team needs to take it (a bit) slow to succeed in the playoffs, and this trade could be the perfect one. I know it would hurt Denver in the short run, but as the playoffs arrive, I see them making an upset

  • Josh

    Great article filled with creative ideas. I would love to somehow get J.J Redick for Andre Miller and someone, but I think this is highly unlikely. The two proposed trades that intrigued me were the Dallas and Lakers trades. I’m not sure how Mayo would react to coming back off the bench after having a very productive first half of this season starting. But having Marion as the main backup for the 3 and 4 is great and he’s the versatile player who actually fits that mold. The Lakers trade is interesting. I like getting Jodie Meeks as the back up 2 but I’m wondering how Gasol can run in the uptempo pace. I guess he’s a bit faster than Koufus though and would probably start at center over him. Gasol at the center seems like a legitimate fit for the Nuggets; the notions of Pau Gasol being soft will not matter next to Faried, and the Nuggets will have a reliable low/high post scorer who will create open looks for Gallo/ Iggy/ Ty in half court situations. He is also 7’1 which helps. Honestly, I doubt the Lakers want a trade involving Gasol because their future with Dwight is uncertain and the team probably will not want a big shake-up (although their record could make a reason to do something radical). Also, I hear they want a stretch 4.

    I’m glad with where this team is right now. Obviously i wish the Nugget’s away record could at least be around the .500 mark but they have been playing much better of late and look to finish off the season well

  • Nuggz2

    Well I hate to be “that guy” posting trade machine trades, but I think the nuggets should try a move like this. Go all in, even for only half a season. After the seasons over, you can possibly have a great big 3 or tons of cap room. Going back to the bottom of the league if it doesn’t work out may suck, but in my mind so does losing in the first round every year…


  • Devon
    • Devon

      We have to sell Faried high. and knows the best time to do it. having 2, 7 footers in the paint, along with the tallest nba team out there and an elite perimeter defender in Iggy. a great low post defender in Aldridge. not to mention Aldridge can space the floor for Mcgee. We’d have efficiency in both Aldridge and Gallo. We still hhave a fast break game with lawson and iggy. Half court sets with Gallo and Aldridge and McGee as our highlight guy.

      Portland frees up cap. gets quality depth and has a young core with faried, Batum and Lilliard

  • Tom

    I rarely agree with Kalen, but I’m on board with his trade for Gasol. This is the perfect time to get him, since A) he’s injured, but not too badly, and B) the Lakers are desperate right now. If he were healthy and the Lakers were rolling, they would never entertain trading Gasol, but they’d do it right now if it helped them get to the 8th seed.

  • eddi0

    We’re not getting any Gasol, plain and simple, nor Josh Smith. Let’s be real, our glaring weaknesses are high percentage 3 point shooters and stronger/taller PF when we play big/physical teams (OKC/San Antonio/Memphis). Redick would be great but I would never give up draft picks for a potential 2 month rental. Kyle Korver, Mo Williams would suitable alternatives. I think we need to find a way to pick up Paul Milsap, he’s exactly what we need off the bench (strength, good rebounding, defense and has a good 15 ft jumper).

    If I’m a betting man I bet we lose Mozgov for an expiring deal and a draft pick though but one can only dream…

  • Tom

    People should stop talking about getting a shooter. You think a shooter is going to play over Lawson, Iggy, or Gallo at the end of a close game? Not a chance. No shooter we could get will crack the starting lineup or crunch-time lineup, and if he’s coming off the bench, will he really make that much of a difference on the 2nd unit? That’s what we’re really talking about here is marginally improving the 2nd unit. If you really want to improve the Nuggets, you need to find someone who can start over Faried or Koufos. If you can find a shooter there, great, but it’s sufficient to just get a solid defender with some decent post moves.

    • theo

      Dumb take, sorry.

      A pure shooter off the bench would make a big difference. Not an issue of playing down the stretch. Pure shooters coming off the bench do their work so we don’t need to worry down the stretch. We have one of the worst mid range to arc shooting teams in the league. Sorry you can’t see it.

      Agree that a consistent shooting big would be even better, but hard to get.