Trade deadline rumors

Leading up to Thursday’s 1 p.m. (MST) trade deadline, not all is quiet on the Nuggets front. While it’s certainly wise to take Adrian Wojnarowski at his word when he recently said the Nuggets would stand pat at the deadline (I mean, really, when was the last time this guy was wrong about a trade rumor?), it’s equally unwise to support the notion that the Nuggets won’t even consider a minor move, especially given how much Timofey Mozgov’s name has been thrown about lately. Whatever the case may be, rumors will remain rumors and we’d all be lying through our teeth if we said we don’t eat them up with a voracious appetite. So, to satisfy your trade-rumor cravings, here is a short list of what people are talking about right now.

Apparently Benjamin Hochman, Masai Ujiri and the rest of Nuggets Nation took my recent 5-on-5 trade advise to heart (note: this would never happen) because apparently some Gasol for Iguodala rumors have caused quite a commotion. In a tweet on Wednesday, Hochman stated “The Nuggets are NOT trading Iguodala for Gasol, I’ve been told. Put the rumors to rest.”

Speaking of Woj, on Wednesday he also mentioned that the Nuggets had engaged in trade talks with the Bobcats and Blazers in a deal centered around Gerald Henderson, stating: “Charlotte discussed Gerald Henderson for Timofey Mozgov (Denver) and J.J. Hickson (Portland) but talks gained no traction, sources tell Y!”

The New York Post is reporting the Knicks would like to re-acquire Timofey Mozgov, but “the Nuggets asking price was said to be high.” The Knicks are pretty dry on draft picks over the next handful of years; however, I wouldn’t mind seeing Iman Shumpert in a Nuggets uni anytime soon, even if it means Denver has to give up a bit more in the deal. Shumpert is a tenacious defender and was a favorite of Masai Ujiri leading up to the 2011 NBA Draft.

According to Chris Tomasson, earlier this year the Nuggets passed up on a deal that would have sent Danilo Gallinari to the Grizzlies for Rudy Gay. In hindsight this was a good decision for two reasons: first, it saved the Nuggets on average about $8 million per season over the next three years; and second, it gave Gallo time to mature. At the beginning of the year this would have been a tough deal to turn down. In fact, it was probably the wrong choice back then. But after only several months it’s clear Ujiri made the right call. We all know Masai Ujiri is a great GM, but his greatest asset might very well be his patience.

Another deal Ujiri reportedly passed on would have seen Brandon Roy and a first-round draft picks come to Denver from Minnesota in exchange for Timofey Mozgov. The fact the Nuggets declined not only says a lot about how much they value Mozgov, but how much faith they have that the rest of the league values him equally as high. Roy is useless at this point but a first-round pick for Mozgov alone is great value, especially considering the Wolves have all sorts of first-round picks sprawled over the next three years and are almost guaranteed to suck — because, you know, they’re the Wolves, and Kahn is still running the show up there.

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  • AaronCAPS

    How about this trade?

    Nuggets Get – J.J. Berea, Derrick Williams, 2 Second-Round-Picks & 1 First-Round-Pick.

    Timberwolves Get – Andre Miller, Anthony Randolph, & Wilson Chandler.

    • googergieger

      Fantastic for us. Absolutely horrible for them. Mavs and Jazz are the two teams that could really use Miller. Wolves have four point guards as is.

      • Thomas

        Unfortunately, I doubt the Jazz nor the Mavs would be interested in Miller. If you have a team in rebuilding mode, why would you want to pay $5 million a year for a 36 year old PG who can’t defend, thinks he is an All Star, and demands starter minutes?

        Unless you are Masai, of course!

        The Heat would probably be interested in Miller, but they don’t have any interesting trade pieces.

    • al68

      Mal intercambio para los 2. Barea defiende incluso menos que Miller y Williams no es mejor que Chandler, todo dependeria de las elecciones de draft.

  • googergieger

    That tool Bill Simmons on ESPN played with the trade machine for the pre game today and said Gasol for Iguodala would be great for both sides. Though really the best perimeter defender in the game for an old broken down man, without taking into account how fast Denver plays is pretty effin dumb. Not to mention his contract.

    • theo

      Exactly. Simmons does a lot better when he sticks to pop culture references and explaining his auto erotic attraction for the Celtics.

  • Tom

    Iguodala straight-up for Gasol? I’d do it if Gasol were healthy, but not with him being broken. I’d rather trade McGee and Chandler and other pieces for Gasol. That wouldn’t hurt the Nuggets very much in the short-term, and could be a huge upgrade for the next couple years if Gasol plays even like a shadow of himself. Remember, he was flat-out dominating in the olympics last year.

  • AaronCAPS

    Yeah True, I heard something similar to that, I don’t reneged much though.

    What about this?

    Nuggets Get – J.J. Berea, Derrick Williams & 1 First-Round-Pick
    Timberwolves Get – Wilson Chandler, Mozgov, & Corey Brewer

    I think that might be more fair haha

    • AaronCAPS


  • CSmith

    I would love to see Gasol in a Nuggets uni. I would also love to see:

    (Adapting a trade from above)
    Minnesota – Mozgov
    Magic – Minnesota 1st rounder and Brandon Roy
    Nuggets – JJ Reddick

    • AaronCAPS

      Nice, I think all 3 teams would agree with this.

  • googergieger

    Barea is more valuable right now than either of those three players, and Wolves don’t need any of them really. Except for Mozgov but again a pick is the most we’d get for him. Don’t think we have anything they can really use. Have plenty of guards. Have Kirelenko, who is a top ten guy at his position and Budinger who is good. So no need for Chandler or Brewer. Gallo is better, so outside of Gallo and some throw aways for Kirlenko, Barea, Williams, and that pick, not much can be done between both teams, I reckon.

    Maybe a three team trade with The Jazz, but either Wolves or Nuggs would probably have to take on Marvin William’s contract. Miller, Ridnour,Chandler, and Koufos to Jazz, Pek, Milsap, and J.J. to us, Moz, Big Al, and something else for Wolves? I don’t know, I guess I’ll play around with the trade machine and try to come up with something fair for all involved after I’m done making myself some tea.

    • a-roth

      You are crazy if you think Utah would give up both Jefferson and Millsap for Miller, Ridnour, KK and Chandler.

      i’d love it as much as the next Nuggets fan, but that just wouldn’t fly, with the other teams involved…

  • googergieger

    Still don’t see how Gasol fits in this team at all. Slows us down and only helps if we’re in a half court game which we should never allow ourselves to be in. If we have Gasol we’d almost be forced to play in a half court more often than not, not to mention Gasol would be surrounded by only two guys who can make a shot on our team.

    • AaronCAPS

      I agree, id only trade Andre Miller for Gasol. (Rotational Players)

    • Tom

      Even a slow, old Gasol is an upgrade over everything we have in the front court, save perhaps Faried’s rebounding and hussle. Besides, the game slows down in the playoffs, so Gasol’s game fits perfectly there. Plenty of people have lamented the lack of half-court game the Nuggets have, and Gasol would largely correct that deficiency.

      I remember when Kobe was whining and asking to be traded because the Lakers sucked after Shaq left. But then they traded for Gasol, and suddenly they were NBA champions again. The problem with the Lakers this year is that Gasol, Nash, and Howard have all been injured or playing injured. A healthy Gasol changes everything.

      Just look at the 2012 London Olympics. Spain got silver, and they were only down 1 point after 3 quarters to the US. Look at Spain’s roster. Their starting SG was Rudy Fernandez, for crying out loud! Their starting PG, Jose Calderon, had 0 pts and 1 assist! Pau Gasol was “The Man” on that team. His line was 24 pts, 8 boards, 7 assists against the greatest team in the world. His brother Marc only played half the minutes he did. Yeah, he’s injured right now, but the dude is one of the greatest players in the game today still. You’re crazy if you don’t want him because of Karl’s system.

      • AaronCAPS

        Nobody’s saying we don’t want Gasol. We just don’t want him because hes old, slow & we’d have to give WAYYYY to much for him.

      • Tom

        One more thing, Gasol would instantly become the most important offensive player on the team. The offense would run through him in the post, and he would have an incredible high-low game going with Gallinari or Lawson. Seriously, how could you not love Lawson, Iguodala, Gallinari, Faried, Gasol as your starting 5? Trade whoever you have to off the bench to make it happen, McGee, Chandler, Mozgov, Koufos, Hamilton, Brewer, Miller, they’re all expendable.

      • googergieger

        Will Gasol take us to the finals? No. Will he take us to the conference finals? No. Will he make us better in the future? No. Does he at all fit in this team? No. You are basically arguing get Gasol, change the entire team’s offensive identity, and really a down grade defensively from our bigs.

        He costs a lot. He’s hurt a lot. And he’s old. And again, he doesn’t fit. Milsap fits. Josh Smith(who I wouldn’t get for the cons to his pros) fits. Noah fits. Heck even Reggie Evans fits. We don’t need a post up guy really. Especially one that doesn’t run or defend that well. We need someone who can defend the post. Our problem has never been offense. Even in the play offs. Heck last year we didn’t pull off the upset because of our defense. Harrington at center and Koufos starting the first two games where he got absolutely dominated.

        Why aren’t the Lakers dominating? The team matters more than the individual. Thanks but no thanks on Gasol. Great player for a slow em down half court team. Which we aren’t.

        • Tom

          Gasol almost took Spain to the gold medal this past year! Have you ever even seen the man play? It’s amazing to me how criminally you’re undervaluing him.

          Milsap hasn’t won squat! He’s an overachiever, 47th pick, who couldn’t even start over Carlos Boozer (when he was a Jazz), who’s never made an all-star game, and who the Jazz would most definitely not miss (Derick Favors is probably better than him, and we turned down the trade for him when we were shopping Melo!)

          Josh Smith has a lot of great qualities, but like you said, his negatives might outweigh his positives, and he thinks he deserves a max contract. Stay far away from that one!

          Noah is pretty good, but we already have McGee who might turn into a Noah type if we’re lucky, and I don’t see Noah as a huge upgrade over Koufos in any case. Yeah, he’s better, but is he a game changer? Perhaps worth looking into, but I don’t see how a deal gets done.

          You do realize that Reggie Evans already played two seasons in Denver for George Karl, right? He played a whopping 17 minutes per game in that second season, and he’s averaged less than 20 minutes per game for his career.

          Gasol is so heads-and-shoulders better than everyone you mentioned, I’m starting to think that you’re just trolling me. His career, of course, speaks for itself:

          • googergieger

            Right. What’s the Lakers record. How did they do last year? Barely beat us, right? What about before? Swept by the Mavs right?

            Gasol is a fantastic player that would fit horribly on this team. Watch the 04 Olympics. Watch The Lakers this year. On paper doesn’t work on the court. Heck Gasol doesn’t even work on paper for us really. We have the roster we have now. We play the style we do now. Unless you want to get rid of majority of our roster and build around Gasol, trading for him is beyond stupid. Not even short sighted. It is just plain stupid. Bigs that can run, defend, rebound, and possibly hit a jumper is what we need. And honestly the jumper isn’t that important.

            Gasol would be great in Chicago, Indiana, Cleveland even, as they need to rebuild and give Kyrie something to work with. Probably help Chicago and Indiana a lot actually. Will hurt Denver more than help though.

            Seriously paint a picture of how Gasol is going to fit seemlessy with this team. Who do we give up for him. Who is left. How do they play a game with him?

            “They play half court now.” Brilliant now what about when we play young teams with bigs that run? What about when we play against small ball teams? What about our defense? Do we become a half court defensive juggernaut with Gasol as well?

            But sure alright. All star. Accomplishments over the years. Lets trade for Nash. Clearly better than Lawson right? He’s been an all star! An MVP! Heck trade for Boozer! A former all star right there! He can be a half court guy for us! Trade for anyone and everyone that has ever done anything in the past regardless of their play style or ours, because eff it. It all works itself out. Just look at the bloody Lakers to see how that sentiment has been proven right!

            • Tom

              Gasol has been playing on a bum foot all year and finally tore the muscle! Yeah, I guess Derick Rose is washed-up too because he’s been out for over a year. It’s not like Gasol has been slowly declining over the past few years. He was fricking dominating the olympics just this past July! The Lakers would never trade Gasol if he was healthy, but now that he’s not, it’s the perfect time to capitalize on their desperation. If you think he’s slow and can’t run, then you haven’t watched him play at all. He’s not a player who depends on a certain system to be successful. He has the tools to be successful in nearly any system. The Lakers suck this year because of injuries and a shallow bench and probably also bad coaching. On the other hand, if you look at their point differential, it suggests they should be a playoff team at worst, so they’ve probably also been a bit unlucky.

              • Evan

                Gasol fixes the most glaring issue on the team, a low post scoring option. Right now our best post player is andre miller which is pathethic. Anyone saying Gasol is slow is ignorant, the nuggets can still run gasol actually has really good handles and can dribble out of the post to start a break. Also he would likely take KKs spot, but I guess he is a speed demon.

              • googergieger

                And last year? The year before when he played for Phil Jackson? No, apparently because he was fantastic in the Olympics. A nineteen million dollar old injured guy. Is worth giving up what?

                Not to mention low post scoring? The issue with this team is it’s offense?

                I hope Masai isn’t as short sighted(at best) as you two folks who apparently follow the gospel of Skip Bayless.

        • mike

          a healthy gasol most certainly would get you into WC finals contention. This team’s MAIN flaw is lack of above average PF/C play on either end of the court. Faried is a stellar offensive rebounder, mcgee very good, and both he and Mcgee are terrific alley oop/transition players. That’s it. average to below average at everything else. Gasol would be the best offensive player on the team. The best passer, the best low post scorer, best at pick and role, best shooting big. In addition he would be their best big defender. You’re mistaking the Pau that is just done playing with Kobe and his insane Narcissism with the real Pau gasol which is a hall of fame player whose game is based on length and skill more than athleticism, but is on the back end of prime years (1-2 prime years left) when healthy.

  • AaronCAPS

    I know I’m spamming a lil bit right now, (sorry) but does anyone actually think were gonna do anything before the deadline is up? Somethings telling me were not gonna do anything, kinda disappointed to be honest, I really think we gotta atleast make a lil trade to spark this team up man. Any1 else feel this way?

  • googergieger

    Shouldn’t make a trade to make a trade. If we can get better sure. If Miller and Dre really don’t want to play here then move them as well. But the team does seem to be clicking. Might be smart to wait till the play offs are over to see what you do. If Karl is gone, the new coach coming in should be taking into account when getting new players/getting rid of old ones.

  • Josh

    Honestly, I can’t see the Nuggets making a trade before the deadline. I think Ujiri will ride out the season and try to make something during the off-season. Karl and Ujiri like the team they have and have put emphasis on letting the team grow and learn together. Chandler has only been back for a week or so and I think they want to see how he fits and what the team looks like fully healthy. I would love to see Andre Miller go though, preferably for a 3 point shooter

    • Graham

      I’m confused. We have all the pieces we need. Especially the 3 point shooter. Millers jumper is the most natural stroke you’re going to find in the NBA. Am I the only one that was watching the end of the nuggs celtics 3OT game???

      Oh wait…

  • Josh

    Does anybody see this as a good trade?
    Denver: Courtney Lee
    Boston: Andre Miller

    They get a pg who can run their slow offense and we get an athletic guard who can shoot the 3 decently

  • charles
    • Tom

      You need to think about the salary cap, man.

    • googergieger
      • CoryW

        Goog how do we only get a +3 in who’s off this trade lol

        • CoryW

          *off this trade

      • monimo

        Lebron would be at PF, Gallo is our small forward, so Lebron would switch to PF … and KD would play 20′ of the bench :)

  • slader

    I would do A) Dre Miller and Chandler to Dallas for Shawn Marion and 2 rounder and B) Moz and Brewer to Orlando for JJ Redick.
    Marion is the perfect defensive stopper and mentor for Faried; Redick is the shooter we need. Trade machine approves, too.

    C- K2, McGee, Randolph
    PF – Marion, Faried, Randolph
    SF – Gallo, Hamilton, Dre$
    SG – Dre$, JJ, Fournier
    PG – Ty, JJ, Stone

    • CoryW

      No way Faried comes off bench Marion can mentor in a backup role

      • slader

        GK would decide that. Maybe the competition would move Manimanl to play better D, in any case.

  • googergieger

    Magic aren’t going to give up Redick for Brewer and Moz folks. They want rookie contracts and picks.

    • slader

      Then we give ’em Moz (expiring), Hamilton and a Ist rounder for JJ. We need to make 2 for 1 trades to resolve our logjams, and we frankly don’t need draft picks next year.

      • googergieger

        Who does Redick play over? Brewer or Miller? Clearly Karl would be willing to sacrifice their minutes…

  • Tom

    This is Pau Gasol from last year, showing off his passing, dribbling, running, finishing with either hand. Notice how he doesn’t look slow or old when he’s not suffering from plantar fasciitis:

    Remember when the Lakers eliminated the Nuggets in the playoffs last year? Yeah, old-man Gasol schooled the hot-shot athletic Nuggets:

    Watch Gasol dominate in the 3rd quarter of the gold medal game, abusing Tyson Chandler so much that they took him out of the game:

  • CoryW

    If we go after Gasol we might as well in after Barñarni. I would accept picks or Reddick. Nothing else to me would help a need. Picks can be coupled with players later on to make another trade be it draft day or off season. Wish we could lose some depth so our guys can start getting consistent minutes and can expect how much they will play. I love our team but we deep at every position and could easily flip them whenever for better rotational players, preferably the consistent ones.

  • Tom

    Denver gets Pau Gasol.
    LA gets Josh Smith, Anthony Morrow.
    Atlanta gets JaVale McGee, Wilson Chandler.
    Balance it all with picks if need be.

    • Chris

      You are a troll.

      • Tom

        You are a charming individual.

    • al68

      Great trade bring a very intelligent player and leave two basketball illiterate.

  • George

    How about Mozgov for Aaron Brooks? Seems like Brooks would be a better long term fit as a backup PG.

    • slader

      Possible I guess, but I’m not sure Kings would do it. No point in bringing in Brooks unless we move Dre Miller. Only a few hours to go…

  • slader

    BTW Moz and Dre M to Sactown for Brooks and Jason Thompson would work.

    Kings have a definite logjam at the 4 now with Thompson, Patterson and James Johnson. Jason’s contract is long but reasonable – depends on if you like him or not.

    If Ujiri makes a move, expect the unexpected.

    • brick

      I like that. If we trade Moz we should get a 4 or 5 back. Brooks can play at the Nug’s speed. Seems kind of bad for Sacramento but after what we saw with the Robinson trade who knows what they’d be willing to do.

      • miguel

        why would you want brooks?? he is awful, he takes bad shots and makes horrible decisions. i rather stay with miller.

        • brick

          It’s not that I necessarily want Brooks, though he is faster and a better long range shooter. I also think he’d be more comfortable with his role as a backup. Nor am I a Miller hater. He does a LOT of good things even if his lack of rotation on D should be unacceptable to the coaches.

          But if you’re going to trade Moz, getting a somewhat neutral exchange in Miller for Brooks and an upgrade in Thompson for Moz looks like a good deal to me.

  • http://espn herpderpnuggets

    Gerald Henderson seems to be on the uprising lately..would be cool to get him for cheap

  • Nandin23

    What about Randolph for Vasquez from the Hornets? the ESPN trade tool approves of it? or is that a bad idea?

    • al68

      hopefully, but they would be stupid

  • AaronCAPS

    Well. Looks like we aren’t gonna do anything before the deadline. We gotta atleast get a pick for Mozgov, Cmon Ujiri! You got this man.

  • AaronCAPS

    I just read that the Pistons really want a SF, we have plenty of them on our roster. Why not Mozgov, Chandler & our First-Round-Pick, for their First-Round-Pick? I think both teams would agree to that. Pistons would finally get their SF that they would kill for, they also get a serviceable bigman which they also need. We would get a high draft pick & then we could maybe get our “superstars” in the draft.

  • AaronCAPS

    Nothing happened..Super disappointed man,

  • googergieger

    I think the biggest reason no deal was made was, guys like Redick and Smith wouldn’t be guaranteed to sign long term here and would stunt the growth of some of the guys we have now. McGee is going to be given a shot until next all star break to prove something. If Miller would have been moved, Karl would have purposely lost every game from here on out. Brewer is too important for team chemistry.

    First real year with this team, so I reckon seeing how they do in the play offs and them making the moves in the off season is the way to go. I don’t fault them for it. Never smart to make a trade just to make a trade.

    • theo

      Never expected they’d make a trade, so no surprise at all. Ujiri has said a number of times they want to see what they have.

      He came out today and said point blank, ‘We aren’t contenders, but a growing team that could eventually grow into a contender. This is a good time to throw our guys out there and see how they finish it off’ I love a GM that treats fans like intelligent adults. Everybody–well, almost everybody–knows we aren’t going to contend with this team. Masai clearly knows it too. I’m guessing he has a realistic picture of where he thinks the Nuggets should get this year given the talent and experience–very likely along the lines of 53-54 wins and a second round out. I’m guessing he’ll make a move or two in the off season based on how they finish.

      • googergieger

        I think everyone expected Mozgov to be moved. Coming into this season everyone’s expectations was fourth best team in the west with a shot to get the third seed. With the unexpected spectacular failure of the Lakers, I think we should be the third best team in the west. Unfortunately we won’t get the third. Gave away way too many games. I’ve told people it is tough to make a move period for this team cause you can’t make a Karl proof line up. So Karl is probably going to be given a chance to get out of the first round this year. If he fails, I think he himself might retire(ha). So if a new coach is brought in, that will have to be taken into account when making moves. In the end Mozgov was probably kept so he can leave and that money can be used to resign Brewer or Brewer and Mozgov walk and when Iggy opts out, we can get him resigned for a cheaper but more long term contract. At least I hope we do.

        • mike

          who are they taking a top 3 spot from. Going into the season you COULD have said the Clippers. But it has become clear that their defense is much better than last year and when Chris Paul plays this team is a 57-60 win team. OKC is and has been a 57-60 win team (with health being key because of their lack of depth), and Spurs are a 60ish win team even with mediocre health. Nuggets are a low 50s win team. Maybe 55 if they get hot and lucky.

          • googergieger

            Honestly, we’re a better team than The Clippers. Chris Paul is their only guy that you look at and say we are easily out classed there(though even then it isn’t like Ty is bad or even average). They benefited from easy schedule to a stretch of maybe four tough games to easy schedule again. Not to mention the star effery which they severely struggle to win without. I mean if you look at the games we’ve given away. Games we’ve led in only to see that lead get pissed away or the Wolves then Wizard games and even the Raptors game, we should be sitting at the third spot right now.

            Also I do believe if we had anything close to a sane schedule even with Karl we could be fighting for at least the second seed right now. We wouldn’t be the second best team in the west, but we would be fighting for that seed.

            This team isn’t going to win the finals, but it is a lot more talented than people seem to realize. I mean you look at the youth and the coach and it makes sense it is under achieving but I still don’t see how people can look at the team and think it isn’t the first team on the list of teams that aren’t quite contenders but the next teams after those.

            • theo

              googer, you’re overstating things.

              We’re not better than the Clippers by a long shot. They just got their full compliment of players back for the first time after an injury plagued year. We’ve had our full compliment of players all year in an amazingly injury free season except for Ill Will. We don’t match up with them in a 7 game series at full strength. It’s not even close.

              We were battling for the 5th seed from the start this year. Not sure who ‘everybody’ is that thought we’d be fighting for a 4th seed, but I just started here so I’ll take your word for it. Lakers implosion opened up the 4th seed. We’ll see if we can take advantage of that opportunity.

              • googergieger

                And we’ve dealt with the worst schedule in over twenty years. What’s your point? Honestly give us a sane schedule and we’d have the fourth seed at worst.

                I mean even though games aren’t won on paper and it is horrible to go position by position, the only clear position they beat us at is point guard. They’d probably beat us just because they’d get a lot of calls and no calls going their way, but we have a better team than them.

  • CJP32

    In a way Im glad we made no moves, we have under 30 games left to make a push and secure HC in the Playoffs. Then in the off-season Iggy can opt in/out or re-sign for a new contract and Masai can decide what he wants to offer CBrew and Mozzy, and also make some minor trades here and there. Some questions for now:

    -Does GK reduce minutes of certain players?
    -Is Chandler close to 100% healthy?

    My thoughts are we keep with the current 9 man rotation but really reduce the 4th qtr mins of Andre Miller and let Ty run the show.

    Minutes wise:

    PG – Ty – 36, Dre – 12
    SG – Iggy 36, Dre – 6, CBrew – 6
    SF – Gallo – 28, WC – 8, CBrew – 12
    PF – Faried – 28, Gallo – 8, WC – 12
    C – KK – 22, McGee – 22, Faried – 4

  • theo

    Biggest disappointment? Nugs didn’t get Bargnani. Karl could have put he, Gallo, Mozgov, and Fournier on D at the end of games and called it ‘The Euro Zone.’