Rapid Reaction: Nuggets 113, Wizards 119

Denver Nuggets 113 Final

Recap | Box Score

119 Washington Wizards
Danilo Gallinari, SF 28 MIN | 2-5 FG | 2-2 FT | 3 REB | 1 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 6 PTS | -14 

Due to the fact that he was struggling with an injury through most of this game, it wouldn’t be too fair to be overly critical of Gallo’s performance. If anything, he deserves props for nobly trying to help his team by playing through the pain. All of that said, he really wasn’t able to do a whole lot on either end of the court, though it’s probably more on Karl for sending him out when it may have been better not to.

Kenneth Faried, SF 23 MIN | 2-4 FG | 2-2 FT | 4 REB | 0 AST | 1 STL | 1 BLK | 0 TO | 6 PTS | -7 

The entire Nuggets frontcourt was a disappointment tonight, and unfortunately Faried was a big part of the reason for that. He’s usually one of the guys who jump starts his team with infectious energy, but in this game he was more like the invisible man. And nowhere was that more apparent than on defense, where is rebounding was frankly inept (only four for the game), and more often than not he was either slow or confused when rotating after switches. It’s easy to love the Manimal, but perhaps a little too easy, and whether he can find a way to improve defensively will be a huge factor in whether he can get his game to the next level going forward.

Kosta Koufos, C 18 MIN | 1-6 FG | 2-2 FT | 7 REB | 0 AST | 1 STL | 2 BLK | 0 TO | 4 PTS | -9 

Koufos was only slighly less disappointing than Faried. He got off to a shaky start, leading Karl to put in McGee earlier than he usually would. But seemingly frustrated with his own play, he found his spark plug in the second quarter and started playing with more energy and fight. He wasn’t able to sustain that through the second half, however, and Emeka Okafor pretty much abused Kosta and Kenneth all night long.

Ty Lawson, PG 38 MIN | 8-20 FG | 11-12 FT | 4 REB | 12 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 27 PTS | -10 

As he often has been in recent losses, Lawson was one of the brighter silver linings in this game. He tends to start games off slow and find his groove as the game progresses, but that was not the case tonight. He was determined to make plays from the get go, scoring with a combination of drives and mid-range jumpers, and doing a great job of finding his teammates. While Ty can’t completely be exempted from Denver’s bad defensive outing, he did a respectable job of containing John Wall. In the good news/bad news department, he hit 11 of his 12 free throws, but missed all six of his 3-point attempts.

Andre Iguodala, SG 34 MIN | 3-5 FG | 0-2 FT | 5 REB | 5 AST | 2 STL | 0 BLK | 4 TO | 8 PTS | -8 

This is a hard game to judge Iguodala on. I actually prefer when he stays with a more restrained offensive role as he did tonight. His eight points were modest but, for him, relatively efficient. And there were times in the game where he was making some good individual defensive plays, on Beal and Wall in particular. But like Lawson, he can’t be excused for his part of the Nuggets terrible perimeter defense. And his propensity for dribbling the ball into the teeth of the defense and turning it over ihas really become frustrating to watch.

Corey Brewer, SF 24 MIN | 5-10 FG | 2-2 FT | 1 REB | 2 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 12 PTS | +8 

Brewer quietly had a pretty good game. After the Nuggets flatlined coming out of halftime, going scoreless for over five minutes and allowing the Wizards to go on a 13-0 run, Brewer helped to put the brakes on defensively and get Denver back in the game. Like Lawson, he missed all of the 3-pointers, but he did infuse a sluggish team with energy, and while he didn’t do anything spectacular, he played the role he’s supposed to.

JaVale McGee, C 20 MIN | 3-5 FG | 3-6 FT | 4 REB | 0 AST | 1 STL | 2 BLK | 0 TO | 9 PTS | -4 

JaVale was the least disappointing of his frontcourt peers, but that’s still not saying too much. His defensive effort and impact was there, and Karl should have played him more, especially considering that not only was he playing better than Faried or Koufos, he was also playing on the home court of his former team. Where he really got outplayed was on the glass. It’s great that he worked with Hakeem on his post moves last summer, but it would be even better this summeer if he could work on boxing out.

Andre Miller, PG 27 MIN | 7-11 FG | 4-4 FT | 4 REB | 7 AST | 3 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 19 PTS | +3 

If this game had ended at halftime, I may have given Miller an A+. He has taken a lot of heat lately at RMC — most of it well placed, in my opinion — but he sure came out blasting in the second quarter. He shot a perfect 5 of 5 in the first half, including a long 3-pointer, and pretty much single handedly got the Nuggets back into the game when they were slipping. Unfortunately, he also pretty much single handedly took the Nuggets out of the game, too, with yet another late game pretty-selfish-and-not-so-smart-for-a-wily-veteran play when he ran the full court solo on a fast break at attempted to score by running straight into two defenders, resulting in a block, turnover, and three points on the other end to put Denver down six with under two minutes remaining, when they could have been down just one or tied. How many times must this happen for George Karl to learn? Doesn’t matter: Karl doesn’t learn. Downgraded for that one play, and for his part in the porous defense.

Wilson Chandler, SG 28 MIN | 8-15 FG | 5-5 FT | 4 REB | 0 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 22 PTS | +11 

Chandler was the Nuggets’ best player tonight. He was the only player who was truly effective on both offense and defense, and he really found a way to step up on a night when Gallo was struggling. 28 minutes is well above his average, but he should have gotten even more, with Danilo sitting the game out with his injury. If he can start to play at this level more consistently, it should give the Nuggets a real boost down the final stretch of the season.

George Karl 

Instead of writing a new paragraph in this space every time, perhaps a “George Karl checklist” would simplify our task, as we so often encounter the same phenomena:
-Going into the first game of a road trip completely unprepared?
–Allowing the opponent to go on huge runs without calling a timeout to stop the bleeding?
-Overplaying favorites and underplaying better in-game performers, especially in crucial moments of the game?
-Closing out the game with small ball even when they’re getting badly outrebounded?

Two Things We Saw

  1. Wait, why did they keep all that depth? Isn’t a game like tonight’s, when the starting frontcourt is getting schooled by the opposing bigs, the reason the Nuggets kept Mozgov? Isn’t a game like tonight, when Gallinari’s injury was obviously preventing him from playing anywhere near his usual level, the reason the Nuggets kept players like Jordan Hamilton, Anthony Randolph and Evan Fournier? If the point of keeping the roster — the ENTIRE roster — intact at the trade deadline was to give the young players a chance to grow and develop together, then when problems arise in which sending in a bench player or two, tapping into the depth the team boasts (but seldom utilizes), would seem lke a no-brainer solution to most rational people, why is Karl so hell bent on sticking to the regular rotation players? And aren’t his coaching decisions in direct contradiction with the approach to team building Masai Ujiri described in his recent interview? If you want to give the young guys a chance, give them a chance. And if not, what’s the point of keeping them around rather than consolidating them into more potent talent considered worthy of cracking the rotation?
  2. Where’s the D? There have been some signs in January and February that the Nuggets defense has been improving. Tonight was either a major setback in that process, or a sign that it was illusory in the first place, perhaps more a product of their recent home-heavy schedule than any substantive improvement. It is no longer too soon to say that adding Andre Iguodala may not have been enough. It clearly wasn’t. And now that the trade deadline has passed and, presumably, the front office will turn their attention to improving the roster this summer, bolstering the defense should be a top priority.That said, a lot of this falls directly on George Karl, too. The problems with the Nuggets perimeter defense now are essentially the same as they were in the heyday of the Melo era: too much switching, poor communication about switching and trapping, failing to fight through screens, rotating too slowly or failing to rotate at all, general confusion about who should be where guarding who. All of these are coachable skills, and the fact that Denver’s chronic defensive illness has essentially remained constant over a near-total turnover in the rostter points directly to a failure on Karl’s part. There’s really no other way around that.

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Joel is a long time Denver Nuggets (and Broncos) fan from Colorado who's been living in Japan since the mid-90s, and blogging about the Nuggets since 2008. You can contact and follow him on Twitter: @denbutsu.
  • http://twitter.com/xantoniooo808x D3Ntilthe3ND

    So simple. Just use a damn center.

    So frustrating. Such an easy thing to fix.

    If ANY of the 7 footers had played in the 4th they would have won for sure. That Nene rebound & Ariza 3 was the dagger. No excuse to give up that many points to the wizards.


    • emie

      Perhaps Karl should have played Moz, but the other two centers were playing just horrendously. How would they have helped? You wanted McGee to provide the Wiz with another assisted basket?

  • googergieger


  • heykyleinsf

    Iggy turned the ball over 4 times
    missed both his free throws (shocker)
    scored 8 points ‘
    while the NBA’s most lowly team rained 11 3 pointers…

    but otherwise.. as usual …

    wow was he ever great!!!!


    (saved the RBMC the trouble)

    • https://twitter.com/denbutsu Joel

      Well, pretty close. A+, C-, same difference…

      In seriousness, though, it would not surprise me if, on average, we graded Iguodala slightly higher than some people perceive him to be. He genuinely is an elite defender. But the most noticeable aspects of his game are his (admittedly often bad) offense and his turnovers. He’s usually doing a lot of good out there alongside the bad, but it’s a lot harder to catch.

      And by that, I certainly don’t mean to insinuate that you or any other Nuggets fans can’t or don’t catch what he’s doing on defense. Just strictly in terms of how to approach grading the players for our Rapid Reaction pieces, in trying to be equitable it could well be that I (/we) weigh his defense more heavily than other fans might.

      Bottom line is that as much as we try to be objective, accurate and fair in our grading, at the end of the day there’s no escaping that it’s ultimately subjective.

      • heykyleinsf

        that took balls as big as church bells to admit Joel..


        • https://twitter.com/denbutsu Joel

          Ha, thanks man. But really, I don’t think so. So much in sports is open to interpretation. A lot of basketball talk is more about narratives and anecdotes than facts (which can be hard to pin down). I enjoy getting feedback and disagreement with my posts, because it challenges me to think differently about what I understand, or think I understand. To me, there’s no absolute authority in sports; arguments should stand or fall on their own, regardless of who makes them. There are a lot of knowledgeable fans out there, many of them RMC readers. So I appreciate the discourse. The commenters here bring ton of great points and insights, and it raises the bar for us to deliver content that’s worthy of the intelligence of our readership. So really, thank you and all the readers for sharing your thoughts. It’s much appreciated, it raises the quality of the site, and it creates a positive feedback loop that results in better discussions.

          • heykyleinsf

            Agreed Joel… I think it’s what’s wrong with the NBA in general. All this emphasis on star players and all this indifference to the team concept.

            This is why I am proud to be a Nuggets fan..
            I want a championship mainly because I’ve
            been a fan all my life.. but in addition to that..
            because the Nuggets are the best example
            in the NBA of what a true team can be.

            I hate the trade deadline.. I am glad Melo is gone
            and I am sick of the pervasive mentality..
            Jordan never committed a foul
            Kobe never travels
            Iggy is the best defender in the NBA.

            I don’t want to be a clairvoyant.. but I still
            promise this…

            At the end of the season when they vote
            for defensive player of the year..
            Iggy won’t crack the top five..
            if he gets any votes at all.

  • theo

    Awful performance, particularly the starters except for Ty. Discouraged by this one, maybe more than any this year. Yes, our year long technical defensive weaknesses down low, on the pic and roll and at the perimeter hurt us big time, and yet again we put up nothing but bricks from 3. But really, we lost this one because we weren’t ready to play. Defense is mostly about ‘want to.’ Many of the critiques of the coaching staff here and elsewhere strike me as unfair and misguided. But having a team ready to play is the most basic job a coach has. Nugs too often don’t show up until the second half, or like tonight, until the 4th. Given our fight for playoff positioning, the almost complete lack of defensive effort until the end is inexplicable.

    We blew a 3 seed last year via 6 combined losses against teams that were at the very bottom of the league standings. Had we won 4 of those six, we get the 3 seed, avoid the Lakers, and host a very beatable team in the first round. I can’t believe we may do it to ourselves again. Thought we would have learned our lesson, but with two L’s v Washington, apparently not. If Masai’s comments were meant to light a fire under us, well, guess that backfired….

    • googergieger

      As I’ve told people, even you support Karl’s rotations, lack of time outs, horrible play drawing, inability to make adjustments, or use his depth, his playing favorites, etc. At the very least this team doesn’t make a consistent effort night in and night out and losses like tonight prove how much they are under achieving. Honestly, it isn’t the talent, it is the coaching. As long as George Karl is at the helm this team will never be anything more than just a first round play off team. Majority have said fourth seed and second round or bust. Welp, we aren’t getting that fourth seed. Yes, I know pretty chicken little of me, but Memphis has been beating the incredibly easy teams they have come up against. And honestly, without home court this team has proven it can’t win on the road. Scratch that. This coach has proven it can’t win on the road.

      I’ll watch the team. At this point, I’m done being invested in them. Win or lose, I’m just waiting for the play offs to see if Karl sticks around or not. Honestly I can’t handle another year with Karl at the helm.

      • mike

        now I agree this game was more on Karl. Gallo should not have been in that game after halftime. Defense was playing half a man down. Iguodala is in a ridiculous mediocrity slump…

      • theo

        Calm down and get serious. We can’t make a shot from mid range or from 3 and haven’t all year. Ujiri, to his credit, tried to get us a shooter but didn’t work out. We have a roster full of poor individual and team defensive players. It’s in the old time stats and the advanced stats too.

        It’s not mostly about the coaching. It never is in the NBA. It’s mostly about talent like it always is in the NBA. We don’t have very good defensive talent. Not hard to see that by the eyeball test or by the statistical test.

        I don’t think Karl’s done a good job motivating the team on the defensive end this year. Even with our limited defensive talent, no reason we can’t play hard on that end every game no matter the circumstances. That’s a fair critique and all I was trying to point out. No need to go overboard.

        • googergieger

          Gallo is a very good one on one defender according to mysynergy. Iguodala is the best defender in the game. Chandler is very good as well. Brewer for all his faults is a good on the ball defender when he is disciplined. We have plenty of guys that can play the passing lanes as well, and McGee should and could be a lot better than he is. Often times he locks down the paint for us. Not saying the kid is a top ten or twenty guy at his position when it comes to defense. Just saying guys are afraid to attack the paint with him in their more often than not, especially when the kid is clicking.

          If you look at the top defensive teams in the league we probably have better one on one defenders than them. Easily have the most athletic team in the league.

          I know you like to tear the team down to build Karl up or to solely have an argument, but come on now. It is a team that is under achieving and unless you want to say literally every guy on the team is to blame, then Karl is the one that should be held accountable.

          • theo

            Igoudala is a great defender. Gallo is strong defender.

            That’s it.

            Brewer gambles a ton and makes spectacular defensive plays that fool some fans but isn’t a fundamentally sound defender.

            You seem hesitant to even put McGee in the top 20 defensive centers even though you’re making an argument that we have strong defensive players. Well, ok. Whatever.

            No, we actually don’t have better one on one defenders than the best defensive teams in the league. Where did you get that one? Even if we did, team defense is the essential element for contending teams. We don’t really do team defense unless we’re motivated. Far too seldom.

            Please, can we get some serious conversation and blogging here about our defensive liabilities?

            I’m not going to be forced into some stupid black and white take that forces me into ‘the Karl camp’ versus the ‘fire Karl camp.’ That kind of black and white stuff is just dumb and wastes our time here.

            • googergieger

              Thank you! Team defense!

              “Switch everything”

              Argue that and team defense now, friend.

              But fine, Bulls? Noah is better than our bigs. Gallo is better than Deng(owns him in isolation defense alone). Iguodala is the best perimeter defender in the league. Has the same impact Chandler does for the Knicks actually. According to the stats anyways(who knows after the injuries though). Faried and Boozer would probably be a wash defensively right? I’d argue Faried might be better just because of the athleticism factor. Hinrich and Lawson you can make the same argument. Hinrich in his prime and before the injuries was easily the better defender though.

              But alright, let’s break it down.

              Lawson=Hinrich(one has the savy the other the speed)
              Gallo>Deng(one is really underrated in D and the other is incredibly overrated)
              Faried=Boozer(maybe an edge to Faried?)

              Now when going to the bench, we easily have better one on one defenders than them. And again Brewer gambles like crazy but when he is disciplined he is a great on ball defender. He just is hardly ever disciplined and always wants the steal. And again Chandler is a really good defender as well. McGee is going to block shots and often times does shut down the paint. But he isn’t consistent enough to be called a fantastic defender or even a good one(great help defender maybe?). Especially when it comes to one on one defense.

            • Dubz

              I actually think this team does have a solid amount of good to very good defenders. Especially on our perimeter, we have athleticism and length. On a scale of 1-100 I’d rate some of our top defenders as:
              Iguodala: 95 (Arguably best wing defender in the league)
              Chandler: 89 (Extremely versatile and positions his body very well both on the wing and in the post. He can even be bumped up into the 90’s when used properly)
              Gallo: 86 (Also moves well and is one of our smarter defenders, generally rotating to the proper man at the right time)
              Brewer: 83 (Great athlete, but gambles far too often. He’s more hit and miss, at times he can be lock down)
              McGee: 80 (Again, great athlete but his decision making is extremely flawed ie goes for blocks instead of blocking out his own man)
              Lawson: 80 (I believe Lawson is an under rated defender. He’s small but his rotations are improving and he generally does a decent job of keeping his man in front of him)
              Stone: Incomplete (I simply haven’t seen enough of him, but in the small amounts I have seen him he’s shown flashes of brilliance defensively. A back court of Lawson and Stone could be very appealing as we close out the season. Hope Karl sticks to his word and actually uses Stone instead of Miller on certain occasions.

              Sorry for the essay, but I feel this team has a lot of potential defensively. I feel like Karl should use more man to man schemes because this team matches up very well with certain teams (OKC and Houston come to mind) The switching scheme we use really does a disservice to all the talent and athleticism defensively

              • theo

                No need to apologize. We’re not on twitter. You can actually make an intelligent response here.

                I hear you and googer about our defensive talent but not convinced. Feels like both of you are reaching in a major way. You’ve both identified two or three guys that can actually play good defense right now and have added a guy or two you hope can be good defenders someday.

                I agree Chandler is one of the two or three guys, but he’s barely played this year or last year, so he doesn’t count at all in an honest take on our season long D. Again, feels like you’re reaching to make a point. Clearly, many here hate Karl and I think that take has twisted a clear view on the facts. I don’t care if Karl is extended or fired–makes no difference to me. Just trying to pay attention to player talent and potential upsides which is the only really important indicator in the NBA. Not seeing a lot of potential defensive upsides among this crew.

              • http://msn.com joe

                Defense is hard to judge. A fast break team (Nuggets #1) is going to give the opponent more opps to score.

                Just watch the Heat or the Grizzleys play. They walk down court and use the entire shot clock.

              • mike

                disagree with mcgee. Especially because his defensive rebounding is so mediocre (which is all effort and preparation) and his rotations are ehh and he only is willing to make one rotation then he just stands next to the bench. He might be average in value overall. Chandler is above average as are Gallo and Brewer. Iguodala is amazing. Lawson is slightly above average (so say you have a 30-100 scale (below 30 can’t play significant minutes in the NBA) 60-65 is an average starter in the NBA on defense.
                Iguodala 95
                Gallo 75
                Brewer 75
                Chandler 75
                lawson 65
                Koufus 60
                Mcgee 55
                Faried 55
                Miller 45

                The Nuggets have nice wing defense, but average PG and poor low post. You Can’t have a top 10 defense without at least one very good low post defender on the team.
                And coaches CAN have significant value on defense. You need a good big but lots of teams make HUGE leaps in defense based on the coaching. Does Indiana REALLY have the talent to justify a top 2 defense? No. It’s the coaching with good defensive talent. The wizards had the 20th rated defense last year. They added 2 good (not great) defending bigs and have a coach that emphasizes defense and all of a sudden they are top 5.

                Karl is about average. I think his theory is creating chaos by overplaying on the wings/backcourt with the added benefit of creating easy offensive opportunities and had Kemp who was like Mcgee with a brain. This worked in Seattle with multiple stellar defenders with Great hands. Iguodala fits that mold and Brewer has the great hands. Lawson not close. The other issue is that you can’t be as aggressive as in that era on perimeter defense because of rule changes on hand checking.

          • heykyleinsf

            Iguodala is the best defender in the game.

            this is such a joke.

            11 3 pointers

            but not the Champ Bailey of the perimeter…

            We don’t have that much improvement on the perimeter..

            when is he ever accountable????

            • Jacob

              I think you are a little extreme, but I agree with your point these guys are overrating our D players. Iggy is being talked about like there isn’t any competition for #1. He’s a great defender, but there are at least a handful of guys better than him. And Chanlder is an above average defender for sure, but lets not pretend like hes an elite defender. And goog is seriously overrating Gallo’s D. He’s probably in the same boat as Chandler, above average, but he has doesn’t move his feet at times and that gets him in a lot of trouble.

              Ultimately I think you guys are missing the point. This team doesn’t need to be an elite defensive team or even a good one, as long as they force turnovers. When this team is forcing turnovers and getting out on the break like the system is supposed to be played, we don’t lose a lot of games. Tonight that didn’t happen until the 4th quarter and at that point it was too little, too late. We can give up around 100 a game as long as all that is happening, possibly even more if we are hitting our jumpers.

              • googergieger

                “but there are at least a handful of guys better than him.”

                *all ears*

                Again in isolations, i.e. one on one defense, Gallo is a lot better than Deng, George, Lebron, etc…

                And that is at the Denver pace…

                But yeah Karl logic!

                “Who cares if they score one hundred? As long as we score one hundred and one!”

                Better hope they don’t get to 102!

            • Dubz

              You use a team stat from ONE game as your rebuttle? Really? Iguodala has been widely considered to be the best PERIMETER defender in the league for a couple of years now. No one said defender flat out, there’s a huge difference. LeBron James and Sefolosha, etc are in the discussion as well. Many of the metrics do point to Iguodala though.

              In response to Theo I have a couple things. You first said Chandler shouldn’t be included because he hasn’t played enough games to influence the teams overall defense for the season. My point was purely about our players individual abilities (as of right now) on the defensive side of the court. I was referencing any season long statistics. You also mention how you want to discuss team defense, but want to set aside Karl’s role and responsibilities with the team’s overall defense. This is flat our ridiculous. I agree it gets obnoxious when people are calling for Karl’s head every time he doesn’t use a timeout properly, but when it comes to his overall neglect towards defense, that’s something entirely different. Coach’s defensive strategies have a PROFOUND impact on a squad’s overall team defense. Just look at the Bulls, Knicks, Pacers, and Lakers as examples. They’ve all had coaching changes within the last few years and look at the difference the new coach’s have made on those team’s overall defense. You can research the numbers if you’d like, but they’re very significant. I’m not calling for Karl’s head, but if you don’t think he’s culpable in any of this, then I’m saying I can’t disagree with you more. If we were to bring in a Mike Brown (which I’m not advocating for just an example) this team’s defense would improve dramatically. Both on an individual level and team level.

              • Dubz

                wasn’t referencing**

          • al68

            La manera de defender de denver con continuos cambios defensivos y cerrandose mucho sobre los jugadores interiores necesita tener unos guards muy rapidos y fisicos, nunca se puede tener un jugador que no se mueve como Miller que descoloca toda la defensa o un jugador que en vez de mantener los cambios se descoloca en todas las pantallas como Brewer. La consecuencia de eso es un monton de tiros abiertos de 3 puntos de los otros equipos. Hacemos internacionales a cualquier jugador exterior mediocre en cada partido.

            • heykyleinsf

              IDK… I don’t see the Nuggets perimeter defense as improved this year.. it’s arguably even worse with Iggy.

              COME ON…

              FIVE players on the court..

              that is one fifth the defense..
              but probably closer to 33% to 50% of the defense…

              the numbers are not kind.. Iggy is a part of those numbers.

              You people talk like it’s all Lawson, Miller, Gallo and Brewer’s fault..


              He is the best defender on the Nuggets.. no question..

              But the numbers are not there to state best in NBA ..
              ridiculous.. you aren’t going to hear anyone say that
              outside of Denver fans.

              I like Iggy.. I love him over AAA…

              but I’m not in love with him like some folks here.

              • Fed up Nug

                Igoudala is the best perimeter defender in the league, advanced statistics show this. The reason our defense is still ass is because of the retarded “switch everything” defense Karl insists on using. That’s why our defense is a joke every season. The system is broken, its so broken that you can barely even tell we have the best perimeter defender in the league, its that bad.

    • http://msn.com joe

      Common statement in our road losses is Ty Lawson had a good game.

      • heykyleinsf

        wow .. how profound..

        Looks like there is a genius here who solved all our problems.

  • Jeff

    Dangit! Let’s fly in Turkyilmaz and see what he can do down low.

    • dynamo.joe

      Seriously, dude? It’s Chu-chu or bust!

  • Josh

    I was genuinely upset watching this game. The third quarter was sickening. I’m glad with Ty Lawson’s production trying to lead the team but he can’t carry the whole team on his back. I know Miller had a good stat line but his play annoyed me. Trying to finish a tough layup with a big draped all over him with a few seconds left was such a bad shot to take for a ‘veteran pg with basketball IQ’. I don’t understand why we can’t make three’s either. Does Karl not make players work on their perimeter shooting? I really hope we pick up a good shooter this summer. Or change the game plan for the fourth quarter.
    To be honest, when Miller plays in the clutch, he is not looking to set up others; rather he goes into scoring mode and tries to dominate.
    I would much rather have Jordan Hamilton play over Miller, or have the starters with Chandler instead of Koufus.

    • mcz84

      i agree about havin chandler in with the starters, really annoyed on how Doufos is aways fumbling away good passes that should be easy layups or dunks he missed alot of easy ones tonight

  • GK4Prez

    When Gallo has an off night, he might as well just stay home because he is totally useless on both ends of the court.

    11-19 on the road, this team isn’t going to get out of the first round. How in the hell do you fight your ass off to tie a game up at the half and then come out and spot them 13 points to start the 3rd, nice adjustments coach.

    • Phuzzy

      I am somewhat new to this site but your comment and posting name seem to be in conflict.

    • Ackdog

      Agreed GK Gallo when off is way off!! This team has the worst road reord of any team qualifying for the playoffs right now. That tells me unless we finish top 4 it’s one and done again. Where is Reddick. Where is a shooter. Give up some of the so called depth that isn’t making the team any better and get a shooter PLEASE! Wait it’s to late see you next year!!!!!!

  • Aaron

    Yeah, I don’t know how K2 or Javalle doesn’t play early in the 4th.

    Later in the 4th that small crew got the lead down to 2. But, I still think we should’ve gone offense/defense at least with Okafor and Nene in there. Faried was overmatched.

    This loss has to be somewhat on Karl. I know Gallo got hurt, but if he just shows up at all, we win this game.

    totally dissapointing.

  • CJP32

    Down 15-6 in the first half, then 13-0 in the 2nd half – thats 28-6. Our starters were a joke. I agree, that if Gallo and/or Iggy are playing hurt, keep them off the court, they were hopeless.

    CBrew (+8), Dre (+4) and Chandler (+12) kept us in this game, without them this would of been a 20 point loss.

    Not sure how we can make 4th Seed if we cannot beat teams like the Wizards, also if we get 5th seed or worse, how we supposed to beat teams on the road??

    CHA tomorrow has me worried

    • Phuzzy

      Totally agree, if the strength of this team is depth and not relying on a superstar then keep them off the floor if they can’t contribute more than their replacement.

  • googergieger

    Well Gallo started out healthy enough and attacked the basket twice. With most of our starters he was taken out for some reason. Koufos and Lawson were the only ones kept in. Though only Lawson was doing any sort of good for us. Karl’s rotations early put every starter outside of Lawson out of sync. I mean You could go on a Karl rant that has been done to death. Again I’m just waiting to see if he comes back next year.

    • Aaron

      No argument that Karl hurt us tonight. But, I think it’s important to point out that Karl is the reason we’re winning 65% of our games, and his style of basketball fits with Ty, Gallo, Faried, etc. . . So, if we brought in a Mike Brown, or a Stan Van Gundy, we wouldn’t run and gun like we do now. That style is from Karl. We’d need new players to run a difference system.

      I just wish Welsh, Masai, etc. . would insist he make a few tweaks with the lineups, or “help” him by trading a few of these guys so that his rotational hand is forced a bit. That didn’t happen, so here we are. But, this thing is kind of built around Karl’s system right now.

      • googergieger

        Every single team in the league will tell you, if the fast break is there take it. Karl will just tell you to always take it. We’ve lost more games we should have won than won games we’ve should have lost at this point.

    • theo

      Karl pulled starters early because they were playing like crap and obviously had no investment at the start of the game. Any intelligent coach would have done the same. We’re we watching the same game?

      • googergieger

        Gallo attacked the basket three times to start the game. Koufos was getting abused and once again not finishing strong on offense. Karl took out the former, kept in the latter. Enough with your what can only be described as trolling. He kept Brewer in there despite getting nothing out of him this game. How many minutes did he play an effective McGee again? Kid came in and made a difference in the first half, anyways. Karl has no logic to him, so please stop trying to act like he does. Guy plays small ball to close games with three guys who can’t shoot, and three guys who can’t defend.

        • CJP32

          Man stop dribbling on about Gallo and knocking every other Nugget. Gallo stunk and CBrew/WC did a great job. You say Brewer did nothing, but his D and driving (5-6 2PT FGs) got us in it and he was a +8.

          Just be mindful of how much you glorify Gallo but refuse to acknowledge the efforts of others.

          • googergieger

            Gallo played like ass tonight. Had an excuse. However to start he was aggressive and got taken out. Brewer apparently can only be judged on the good he does in a game. Forget about that first half and him being part of the leaving shooters wide open problem and him missing every jump shot he took.

            I gave props to McGee. Heck Miller played good tonight and did seem to at least be shouting out the switches when they happened. Lawson played fantastic. I don’t know, I don’t think you actually read the reply you replied to. Next time do that first and reply to it.

  • bigelowsmalls

    I probably would’ve played like shit too today if i read in the paper my GM didn’t we were contenders…

    I agree with him and all, just trying to put things in perspective

  • Phuzzy

    This ones on Karl but that is an all to familiar occurrence. Playing down to competition is on the coach, doesn’t matter if it’s a road game. Good teams beat the teams they should.

    GK gets an F and I don’t think he makes a passing grade for the season.

  • http://espn herpderpnuggets


    • googergieger

      Karl would rather give up wide open three’s then any sort of lay up. Makes enough sense I guess, but most good to great teams make an effort to do both.

  • Tyler

    This was my first and probably my last nuggets game I went to and they lost to one of the worst teams in the NBA thanks Nuggets. Its really hard to get excited about the playoffs when you watch games like this. On a lighter note I think I found out the one consistent thing with the nuggets…. The nonexistent perimeter defense

    • http://espn herpderpnuggets

      sorry you had to experience that man, hope it doesnt make you lose faith

  • Big Stub

    Washington had wide open shooters all night. And also killed the Nuggets on the boards. So what was the defensive game plan? Hang around the free throw line until they shoot a triple and then everyone cherry pick at once. If that’s the plan, bring back Melo.

    • theo

      Nice. We got destroyed down low once again and at the perimeter. Not sure the issue was ‘the game plan,’ though. We lost because we made no effort at all on D until the 4th. That’s a maturity (player) and motivational (coach) issue.

  • googergieger

    Oh and that was a bull shit flagrant call on Gallo that cost us four points. Think that is his first flagrant ever? In other news Lakers cheated their way to another win closer to the playoffs. So I can’t even feel good about them losing to make me feel less bad about Denver losing.

    Oh and refs screwed Spurs tonight too. Clearly out of bounds off Curry, and it stays Warriors ball. So Warriors get closer to taking our fifth spoth as well.


    • Dubz

      Keep your head up man. This is an analysis/reaction website but there’s a lot of negativity going on. Let’s try to keep things constructive. I feel your pain and love the passion displayed. This team will be just fine.

  • chronicnugs

    i got an issue with the grading again. we lose to the third worst team in the nba for the SECOND TIME and only 2 players get lower than a C? Yet four of the 9 got B’s or higher. whaaaaa?

    so 7 of the 9 players were average or better? in a loss to the third worst team? it would be silly and redundant to review the A thru F grading scale. it seems like everyone who doesnt write for this site understands that.

    so to dig a little further… the worst grades went to faried, koufos, and of course karl. sad news here guys… the two players mentioned played a grand total of 41 minutes according to your numbers. IF they were the cause of the loss (along with the coach, which seems to be implied) then they deserved F’s. F means fail, and in my book a loss is a fail, just so we are on the same page.

    • chronicnugs

      then again, its only a silly meaningless grade. grades that you insist on posting for each and every game. who cares?

    • https://twitter.com/denbutsu Joel

      Different people approach grading in different ways. There are hundreds of different ways to think about it. Should Corey Brewer only get an A when he really kicks ass and scores like 10+ points over his season average? Or should he get an A when he basically plays as well as he should normally be expected to for the quality of player he is? I lean towards the latter. Gallo definitely had a “D” game, but I cut him slack for playing while injured because, well, what should we really expect from him under those conditions?

      I don’t really approach the grades mathematically (Denver lost to X bad of a team so there for no more than Y players can receive a good grade), but that’s a fair way to think about it. As I commented above, it’s always subjective. Get 10 Nuggets fans in a room to grade the players, and you’ll get 10 different sets of grades. Every time they’re posted here, they’re just one person’s take, and we’d expect nothing less than for our readers to disagree at times.

  • theo

    Yeah, I’m new here and don’t understand the grading system either.

    Karl gets a D or worse in a knee jerk fashion every game. Please, RB guys, do you realize that loses you any credibility with intelligent fans? Clearly, you all want a different coach, but when it gets stupid you lose respect. Please tone it down and get real. The Nuggets aren’t contenders because we don’t have contending talent. Karl is well down the least of our issues.

    Richard Pryor 2.0 gets beat up regularly here too in a way that’s over the top. He dominated the game tonight and was the only reason–apart from Ill Will–that we didn’t lose by 30.

    • Brad

      If you follow the Nuggets closely, you will see the same coaching issues crop up every single game. While the grading of Karl is generally harsh, the coaching justifies such an evaluation. Time and again, we have the 2 PG no C lineup out there in crunch time and watch leads melt away. Off hand I recall the home OKC and San Antonio games as ones where we went small with double digit leads and barely held on thanks to some clutch shooting. It should have never come to that though. The summary of Karl’s performance tonight, as was so aptly stated, could be a copy and paste job on many other nights.

      • Ryan

        Ding ding ding ding! We have a winner!

    • Fed up Nug

      Intelligent fans? I seriously hope you’re not referencing yourself in your asinine little comment. An “intelligent fan” wouldn’t be trolling a website for a team they know nothing about.

      Like Brad said, if you actually followed this team (you obviously don’t) you would know that this is not an isolated incident. Karl has been running the same broken system for the last 9 seasons. Every year, regardless of the roster, this team plays horrible defense and can’t efficiently score outside of the fast break. This is why we suck so bad on the road, Karl doesn’t coach fundamentally sound basketball. Its easy to run road weary teams out of the Pepsi center, not so easy to run a team of their own court, especially when you play shitty defense.

      Quit telling people to get real when you are the most clueless poster on this whole blog.

      • Ryan

        Theo is just a Karlite.You’d think they would be dwindling in number by now, but every now and again, you find someone who thinks it’s all the players’ fault because GK is a HOF coach with over 1,000 wins. Any objective basketball fan would clearly see that the players on this team are not being used optimally, but Karlites prefer to keep their head in the sand and insist that GK is a great coach…

        • Fed up Nug

          You would think man, you really would. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, people like us are in the minority. Just look at how many people are still surprised by Karl’s miserable defensive schemes. Even after watching nearly a decades worth of it. Karl absolutely should have been fired in 08, he’s done nothing since then to justify his employment. How he continues to enjoy such widespread support just blows my mind. I saw goog make a reference to Karl supporters making you feel like you are in the twilight zone, it’s so true. What the hell is wrong with these people? How many more years of failure is it going to take?

  • googergieger

    Miller got a b-?

    Also nobody has ever said this team is a contender so please stop having make believe arguments in order to seem smart. Memphis and Clippers aren’t contenders either. Still have better records than ours. Horrible schedule aside, losses like tonight can and have been blamed on coaching. Again heading into this season it was a fourth seed at worst scenario. Now it has turned into a fourth seed at best scenario.

    • theo

      Again, new here but can’t figure out why any fan would have thought the Nugs were a ‘fourth seed at worst’ before the season. Really?

      Keeping it civil. No need to label me a ‘troll.’ We just disagree.

      • googergieger

        Because heading into the season we were the fourth best team in the west. A handful of games separated us from the fourth seed last year. And before back to back to back injuries we were the second seed in the west. Honestly when looking at the over all team, we’re probably the third best in the west. Yes better than The Clippers and Memphis, one of which relies solely on Paul and the other is the definition of a top heavy team. I mean even with Karl, with a sane schedule we have the third seed easy. However schedule excuse aside and losses like tonight taken into account, Karl is under achieving with what should be(at least in the regular season) a fourth seed at worst.

        • googergieger

          And spare me the on paper argument of rosters and talent which has been disproven by The Lakers.

          • Jacob

            If you think we are better than the Clippers, I question the logic there. Yea they are kinda dependent on CP3 being in the lineup, but considering he is the best PG in the game that probably isn’t the worst thing they could do. And I know Griffin is overrated some because of his flashiness and highlight reel plays, but he’s still an excellent offensive player and he’s improving on D. Throw in Chauncey, Crawford, and Butler to stand on the 3 point line and hit some 3’s they have an offensive juggernaut, with a D that is above average consider the shot blocking ability of Jordan and the perimeter D of guys like Paul and Bledsoe.

            I think we are better than Memphis post Rudy Gay trade for sure, but coming into the year I liked them a little better. However I do see the case to be made there as it was close.

            And I’m guessing most (myself included) would have picked the Lakers higher. I know you are saying to spare the on paper arguments (which this entire reply was based off of lol), but coming into the season what else did we have to look at? Problem is in basketball you need to have guys who genuinely like each other and want to make it work on the court. Doesn’t take an expert to notice the Lakers don’t seem to have that. Really I get where you are coming for, all of us were hoping for better than 5, but I think expecting to do better than that was probably not smart. And hey, we still have a lot of ball left in the season never know what can happen.

            • googergieger

              Well honestly we have more depth. They are using their’s betters, but we have more depth than the Clips. We have three guys in our starting line up that can create offense. If we had a coach that knew about spacing or drawing up plays, they probably don’t have one guy that can realistically guard Gallo. Also Lawson. Na, Bledsoe can guard Lawson, but Lawson should be able to get Bledsoe into foul trouble to nullify that. And if Miller would accept his role and take advantage of the fact he can post up any guard on the Clips save maybe Billups, nobody would be able to guard him either. Never the less, McGee is better than Jordan. Del Negro for all his short comings as a coach, has just given Jordan confidence though. He’s done the same for a lot of his other players as well. Where as Karl will only talk up his favorites and look for any excuse or no excuse at all to yank out those he doesn’t think “play the right way”. Even when they are and his favorite’s aren’t. In any case as I’ve said, last season we were a handful of games away from the fourth seed. We were the second seed before Gallo, Mozgov, Ty, Nene, Gallo again, and I think Mozgov again got injured. Heading into this season even with our horrible schedule and The Clips and Memphis’s pretty easy ones, we should have been the fourth seed at worst. I believed Lakers were going to be maybe the third best team coming into this season as they were last year, but I thought our depth would allow us to take the third seed and they’d drop to the fourth because for all their talent, they are a team with a lot of weaknesses.

              But yeah again, it took injuries last year with a worst team than we have now to be a handful of games out of the fourth seed. I think like three games separated us. In the post season we looked a lot better than The Clippers and Memphis did. Our best scorer in Gallo was nursing an injury. Our best perimeter defender in Afflalo regressed a lot. Our coach went with Koufos the first two games and Harrington at center a lot throughout the series which cost us the upset. Not to mention no Chandler which would have helped us defensively. Meanwhile Clips and Grizz struggled with each other and Clips got embarrassed by The Spurs.

              • Jacob

                That is a fair argument. I just feel their depth is good enough to go with some top heavy talent where it beats our just depth. However I get what you are saying and can see the case to be made there.

            • Jacob

              And to answer your comment way up above in reply to mine, since it won’t let me reply there: I think I would take Thabo Shefalosa, Ronnie Brewer, Paul George, Aaron Afflalo, and Tony Allen over Iggy for defensive purposes. And if you read my comment I agree Gallo is an above average defender, you are ready to name him All-NBA and that is the disagreement. I guess we agree to disagree there

              And your dead on. I agree that is Karl logic. That’s why this team is always in the playoff hunt, they win games by scoring more than the other team. Sometimes it bites you in the butt, but so does an all defense strategy. I feel like in a coach you are looking for a flawless approach, and there is none. The beauty of this game is multiple different styles can work, when done right. The personnel here, probably fits this strategy best.

              • googergieger

                A coach coaches to his talent and gives himself the best chance to win. Karl coaches stricly to his system and will put his favorite line up out there regardless of the circumstances. Much more Iguodala is a much better defender than all the ones you mentioned. Again he is the only perimeter defender in the game that has the same impact as a big. With him on the court we’re seven points better defense wise. I mean what makes you think those guys are better defenders than Iggy? George isn’t even a better defender than Gallo. And Gallo isn’t even close to Iggy. Seems like you are letting your bias affect your opinion of the guy. The guy is scary good defensively. He just doesn’t get the recongition he deserves for whatever asinine reason.

              • Dubz

                I consider myself to be a fairly objective Nuggets fan and I couldn’t disagree with you more. Iguodala has widely been considered the best perimeter defender in the league for the past couple of seasons. Look up any advanced metrics which evaluate defense, they will all suggest the same thing. He absolutely is an ALL NBA defender without question. Ronnie Brewer, Afflalo, Tony Allen?? They’re all good defenders but Iggy is far better than all of those. Afflalo’s faults were mostly with his size, he’s too short and doesn’t have the athletic ability to make up for it. Tony Allen and Brewer have been great defenders but Brewer doesn’t even play anymore and Allen is past his prime defensively

            • Ryan

              When the Clippers don’t have Chris Paul to flop and badger the officials into foul calls, they get blown out by the Raptors…

  • AaronCAPS

    I think I figures out why we cant defend the 3 right now.

    Our guards & small forwards NEVER stay in front of their own man! So then the player drives in of course. But the main problem is that the other 4 players feel the need to rush at the guy & try & stop him, manly because the guy defending the guy with the ball quits out on the play, so then its 5v4. But then all 4 guys just rushed up at the guy with the ball & leaving there man wide open for 3 when only 1 needed to help, preferably the center is suppose to go out & contest the shot a little bit. But back to square 1, GK NEEDS! ABSOUTLEY NEEDS! To force his players to give better defensively effort 1v1 & stop relying of help that just ruins the whole defense.

    Just something I have been noticing lately. Thoughts?

  • Fraser

    I don’t think anyone minds the 2 guard line up… IN MODERATION!

    If it happens for 5 minutes a game to throw the opposition line ups out then that’s a good thing. If you play a 6’8″ and under rule for the 4th qtr every game then that’s just silly! We are building leads by playing a big man (I don’t even care if it’s KK, JaVale, Timo or AR on the floor- just make it one of them!), so we need to play big men the whole game!

    The wizards won because the out rebounded us and because they made it splash from deep. 3pt shooting, well not much you can do- they made their shots. We got beat on the glass because NONE of out rebounding guys (Faried, JaVale, KK, Hell even Jordan Hamilton loves rebounding the ball) played any kind of decent minutes!

    If KK plays 18 minutes and JaVale played 20 that means we had 10 minutes with no center! As our other center is Faried (who played 22 minutes, 10 at center and 12 at 4) then we had 36 minutes played without a power forward!!!! Sure Wilson Chandler can play the 4 in pinches, but playing small ball for 3/4 of the game is crazy!

    We need to play to our strengths, which is rebounding! Giving that away gave the game away- George Karl, this one’s on you.

  • Cephus

    Ah well, these things will happen. The Wizards are a playoff team now that John Wall is healthy. I’m not happy with sticking to the rotation when core players are hurt, however.

    There’s a U-tube video of Bill Russell & Red Auerbach teaching how to box out against Bob McAdoo. Javale take note please. I agree with most of the points concerning the game as a isolated entity. Frankly I see Memphis blowing the 4 spot with their salary cuts.

    Can we step in ? Dammed if I know but if Gallinari and Ty are healthy – things seem to fall into place way more often then not. Those two are growing as players and Karl has something to do with that.

    • Jacob

      I think that is some pretty good perspective. Disappointing as we should have won this game, but sometimes that happens. Hopefully this fires them up for tomorrow. And your right about the Wizards playing better now. Don’t know if I like them quite as much as you, but they have removed themselves from bottom-feeder status. And your dead on this talent improving. Everyone is quick to jump on any suspect decisions, but never points out this coaching staff has developed the talent to the point where it feels like we have a shot every night we take the court. Pre-Karl, the same wasn’t true.

    • Ryan

      The Raptors had no trouble beating the Wizards in Washington the game before… just sayin’

      • Jacob

        If you are going to base everything on one game then yea, your right the wizards are pretty bad. But in general, they look like a team that has improved since Wall’s return and their results have shown that. Not saying they are elite, but they are competent and the core looks decent for the future.

  • Cephus

    Oops mea Culpa ! I meant to say the Wizards are a playoff quality team with Wall. One last thing, I don’t know how the Nuggets will fare in playoffs but the Knicks are headed for a epic fail with all Nuggets retreads they’re hoarding.

    They just signed Kelvin Martin & his glass knees to go with Camby, the irrepressible J.R. Smith & the La La-less Carmelo. He ditches Denver so she can further her career in the Big Apple. Now she’s a Basketball Wife in Europe. Poetic Justice from reality TV. I feel for guy but who didn’t see this coming from the moment those two became a couple ?

    Why am I ranting on this ? Because Carmelo has all that ability & if he had made adaptions like LeBron, the sky’s the limit. Only David Thompson compares in terms of Nugget with most unrealized potential.

  • Cephus

    Newsflash ! The Knicks have just signed Fat Lever to backup Jason Kidd.

  • http://msn.com joe

    Karl is doing a good job. The season is long. I agree that there is something wrong that seems to be in coaching.

    Everybody needs to prepare for games. Come on assistant coaches.

  • Giovanni

    Sweep by Wiz?

    If you don’t defend no win…

    We don’t have help defend…
    Total incommunication with players,,

    Switch,switch on ever play that the defense of Karl…
    Lack of communication and help defense..
    Or you’re blind?

    What a nightmare,,,

  • al68

    always the same, GK has a way of playing, and it matters little to have a great defense or not having it. His defenses are based on constant change and only one fails with the opposing team gets an open shot. The team includes two players that are the paradigm of Miller and Mcgee little defense, provided that they are on track two opposing attacks are much easier.
    Defense is wasted totally 1×1 Iguodala desaprovechas and therefore 90% of the player.
    Today as in the past few games we’ve played on the road defense has been what killed us, and need to win games on defense especially in PO. The worst thing is that the longer defend worst happens.
    All year I have not relied much on this team and I do not think we get to 50 wins.

  • Rich

    I always wonder why Karl will not go deeper into his bench. Washington played 11 players, Denver 9. On a night when no one could hit a 3, why not a fournier, or a Hamilton. What could it hurt. When you let another team get too far ahead, it takes too much out of them to catch up. Call a time out. If I didn’t know better, I’d say somebody is betting against their own team. USE the bench Karl.

  • http://yahoo.com prospector

    Hello!!!! Monkey Boy KARL again pressed the small ball lineup in crunch time, and guess what??? WE LOST… The cancer Miller SHOULD NEVER be on the floor in the last 5 minutes…. Do you hear me??? NEVER…. Quick summary for the slow folks: TY & MILLER on the floor together will get punked on the defensive end by the opposing team… The other team will probably shoot over 50% from the arc everytime those two cats are on the floor.. And if you add Brewer to that madness with his gambling it increases to 60%…. We give up 3 to score 2.. this my friends adds up to a loss… THAT IS WHY WE LOSE on the ROAD… TEAM’S HIT THEIR 3’S AT HOME…. This madness has to stop!!!!!! For all you Ill WILL is the man folks, as I have said repeatedly Chandler has one good game every 5 or 6 (and it’s usually against an inferior team)…. Chandler play 3 good games in a ROW and then I might get off your backside.. Instead of getting TAT’S why don’t you work on your freakin shot….
    JHAM still in Siberia watching college highlight films..
    YO KARL, You freakin loser… When you starters are off their game USE JHAM… The kid can shoot, rebound, and block shots… If your starters are playing like crap what do you have to lose by playing JHAM???? JHAM and STONE played more minutes last year as rookies, on a team that had more role players (Harrington, fernandez, Birdman) . How the hell can you justify playing JHAM and STONE less minutes in their 2nd year??? KARL when do you consider a guy a VET??? After 5 or 6 years? Are you smoking CRACK? You learn BY PLAYING!!!!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND MONKEY BOY!!!!!! MASAI you are a punk as well for allowing this crap to continue, unless Joshy boy is holding you back… We will always lose on the road as long as KARL is the head coach…. THAT is why he never wins in the playoffs… The only way KARL’s teams advance is to have homecourt advantage, and then win every home game… If they lose 1 home game, it’s over.. Cause you know they will lose all the road games… Karl’s has coached KEMP, PAYTON, ALLEN, CASSEL, PERKINS, AND MELLO… And he was won ZERO rings…. FOR all you a team must have Superstars folks, remember BARKLEY, REGGIE MILLER, STOCKTON, MALONE = NO RINGS… You still need A COACH….. The problem with the NBA is they just recycle the same tired coaches and schemes over and over again… This is stupid… MASAI & JOSHY it’s time to man up and get us a new coach.. Oh wait… Having tired MONKEY BOY KARL will at least get us to the playoffs thus less risk.. An unknown coach increases risk…. Guess what?? The more risk the greater the return… The only way to win a ring is to TAKE SOME RISKS….


      the best by ITALY ….


      • http://yahoo.com prospector

        THANK!! And I still love GALLO as well.. More GALLO, MORE TWO BIGS MINUTES = WINS….

  • http://yahoo.com prospector
    • Fed up Nug

      You guys should go show Dre some love in his comments section. He’s doing a great job with his Karl watches. We should let him know that his work is not falling on deaf ears. Well, not completely, there’s still an astonishing amount of people that think Karl is a great coach. Even after watching him shit the bed in the playoffs 8 straight seasons lol

      • http://yahoo.com prospector

        I feel like I am in the MOVIE “THE MATRIX”.. Half the fans are still plugged in to the KARL and Denver Post’s LIES… Let’s hope they take “the red pill” and wake up in reality… MASAI’s comments about evaluating our team the rest of the season is a lie… How can you evalulate our team when KARL refuses to play our youngsters or change his rotations.. Has he ever heard of playing BIG???

        LET’S BET… I BET THE FARM THAT THE BOBCATS SHOOT LIGHTS OUT FROM THE ARC TONIGHT… The Bobcats are terrible so that means there is a decent chance that Chandler plays well, but that would be a shock since he can’t play back to back good games… Another bet… NO JHAM… Prove me wrong MONKEY BOY KARL… KARL will go small in the 4th, and when we win he’ll smile like he is the smartest guy in the room..(when if he would have played big we would have won by 30)… This sucks

  • Giovanni

    Iggy is overrated defender…

    I’ll take Afflalo every day over Iggy…

    This dude can’t shoot,can’t make a ft,only dunk…

    Iggy,Miller and Karl are go away…

    Defense is not one on one is by team…

  • popex

    Do you guys know that since the beginning of the year Corey Brewer is shooting 20 for 91 3-pointers??? Considering we played 24 games, that means he’s taking almost 4 3-pointers per game while making under 1 per-game. That’s horrendous!!
    All this while taking a bunch of ill-advised shots (he sometimes makes some) and playing horrible D (getting a few steals per game doesn’t erase all the gambles he takes which result in WIDE open 3-pointers for the opposing teams). I sincerely hope he receives a big contract in the summer and leaves Denver!

  • Roundball Bill

    Karl has to go after this season. There is absolutely no way this team can be a true contender with him coaching.

  • BOB

    From what i saw (just the second half), “Miller’s part in the porous defense” should have resulted in a MUCH lower grade (not that i give a hoot about the grading scale). I’d be very interested to see a film breakdown of all those open 3s. Seemed to me that Miller was consistently defending from no man’s land, pre-positioning himself where he should end up AFTER rotating to help and thus a step or two further from his man than he could make up. Seems to me that that’s as much (or more) of a gamble (“Bet you can’t hit an open 3”) as those brewer-esque lunges we typically associate with “gambling”. It might be the case that Dre’s just too slow to help without this kind of cheating and chooses this “bet” over “bet my teammate won’t need help” per coach’s orders/bias. I was thinking same thing about this time last year as Miller’s effort and attitude went in the tank, only to find out he’d been playing hurt (still don’t get why players are praised for playing at 80% when there is certainly a professional on the bench who can do 90% of what he does). However, his health, attitude, effort and yes, even his DEFENSE improved very late in the season and especially in the Lakers series, making me a little less horrified when they re-signed him this summer. Here’s hoping he’s just saving it for the playoffs again this year, or suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder and just needs heavy doses of Vitamin D and some sunshine. Still can’t believe Karl doesn’t, at the very very least, sub offense/defense late in games, pulling Miller for literally any other player on the team to improve our chances on the next defensive possession (not that hero-ball andre has been much 4th quarter help on the O end recently). Guess he doesn’t want to let his young players see their mature veteran leader sulking like a 4-year old who’s been given a time out.

  • BOB

    One other thing. If your defensive ‘system’ calls for switching all the time, the other team’s coach knows with certainty that he’s one crappy pick away from whatever matchup he wants. Witness GK’s astute assignment of AI on Wall late in the game, foiled by a high pick by Faried’s man. How did Wittman think of such a brilliant play?

  • googergieger

    With Tyson Chandler on the court the Knicks are less than a point better on defense. With Sefalosha on the court Thunder are six points better, this is with noted defensive specialist Kevin Martin coming in to replace him(eye roll). With Noah on the court the Bulls are five points better. Deng? Four points better. Lebron? Again four points better.

    I mean I get it, a lot of you don’t like Iguodala because his offense should be better. However the problem with this team isn’t the offense. It’s the defense. He helps seven points on that. He shouldn’t have to do it alone, and the scary thing is he might be able to, if we didn’t switch every damn thing only to end up with a big on a small and Iguodala forced to run out at a shooter and forced to leave his spot up shooter open. Or Iguodala forced to go help and leave his guy open and someone else to run at his shooter while leaving their shooter open. Or Iguodala forced to stand by his man, only to watch a big get taken to the rim or Miller taken to the rim, or Ty backed down to the rim, etc…

  • AaronCAPS

    Iggy straight up for Afflalo next season please!? If the Magic even accept that. Iggy is trash, you can tell he doesn’t give a shit about the Nuggets, hope he leaves this offseason, it’ll save us a lot of money, iggy isn’t even a top 3 defender on this team for SG/SF, #1 is Chandler, #2 Brewer, #3 Hamilton. I know nobody will agree with Hamilton there but when he gets playing time…just listen to this, hes outscored his opponent 27-8 in 1v1 situations. 6 of those came of Joe Johnson when he was on fire a few days before the All-Star break. I still have no idea what’s wrong with Hamilton other then his shot selecting every once in a while. But that’s not the point. Iggy is EXTREMELY overrated! He cant score, isn’t a good defender anymore, turns the ball over more then Koufos & McGee combined more then not. Ive always thought this btw, so don’t say I’m jumping on a dump iggy bandwagon because I’m clearly not.

  • googergieger

    No it sounds like you’ve always had a stupid opinion on him even when everything points to the fact he is the best perimeter defender in the game, and him making our overall defense seven points better when he is on the court.

  • Z

    Prospecter always mad at Chandler talking about Tatts and other things that dont matter.

  • spentonbargains

    Washington has a better core team (and I’m a Denver fan)