Digging Deeper: Danilo Gallinari and his role in the Nuggets offense.

The other night in my grades for the Nuggets/Celtics game, I mentioned that I wasn’t sure Danilo Gallinari could carry the Nuggets offense for long stretches if the need arose.

As expected the comment received a lot of hate, so I decided to take a deeper look into the numbers and see if my hunch was correct.

But before I get into those numbers there is a short disclaimer that needs to be mentioned. Gallo is a very important part of the Nuggets offense. He is the player that most consistently knocks down open shots, especially three pointers, and in an offense so reliant on points in the paint that floor spacing is very important. The fact that the Nuggets offense is 8.2 points better offensively when he is on the court than when he is off it proves that.

But that wasn’t what my comment was about. My comment was that Gallo was very reliant on the other players on the court with him to create that offense, and that unlike a lot of Nugget fans I am not so sure an offense built around Gallo taking 20 shots a night right now is what the Nuggets need to do to make the jump to an elite team. The numbers I am about to show prove why.

The first worrisome part for me about Gallo creating his own offense is the breakdown of the types of possessions that he has used in each of the past two seasons. Almost exactly 40 percent of Gallinari’s shots have come in either transition or off of spot-up opportunities in each of those two seasons according to Synergy data.  That means the rest of the possession types they track, isolation,pick-and-roll ball handler and roll man, post-ups, cuts, off screens, hand offs, and offensive rebounds make up the other 60 percent of his possessions; with isolation taking up another 22 percent of possession this season.

On the bright side the points per possession numbers for almost every type of possession are good, but would they be able to stay that high with more repetitions? For a player who isn’t particularly fast for his position I wonder,e specially because he tends to finish a lot of drives fading away from the basket or twisting and turning away from contact. While the contorting helps draw fouls in some situations, it also makes life very difficult in others, especially in the playoffs when the games become more physical. The other part of it is Gallo’s passing. He makes the right pass often and the flashy one every once and a while, but Gallo isn’t a great passer. The 2.4 assists he averages a game would need to rise dramatically if he wants to be a number one option. For comparison, of the 30 players that average more points per game than Gallinari at the moment only Brook Lopez, Al Jefferson and Chris Bosh average less than the 2.4 assists.

But the answers become very worrisome when you look at the difference in Gallo’s numbers when he is on the floor with either Andre Iguodala or Ty Lawson and his numbers when one of those two, the Nuggets two best playmakers, are off the floor.

With Lawson on the floor Gallinari averages per 36 minutes are: 19.5 points on 14.7 field goal attempts and 43 percent shooting. Of those 14.7 attempts 6.3 are from behind the arc where Gallo is shooting 38 percent and getting to the line 5.5 times.

With Lawson off the floor all of those numbers drop, and five of them do so by more than 10 percent. The points drop down to 14.6 on 11.8 attempts and 41 percent shooting. The three point attempts drop to 4.3 and the percentage to 31 percent. And the free throw attempts drop down to 4.7, again all per 36 minutes.

Unfortunately for the Nuggets though those drops aren’t just attributed to Lawson since the results stay the same without Iguodala on the floor.

Playing with Iggy, Gallo’s averages per 36 are: 19.5 points on 14.6 shots and 44 percent shooting. He attempts 6.2 threes and shoots 38 percent from behind the arc while getting to the line 5.4 times.

And just like when Lawson leaves the floor, when Iguodala leaves Gallo’s numbers take a significant hit, again five of the totals drop by more than 10 percent. He scores 15 points on 12.5 shots on 37 percent shooting. The three point attempts drop to 4.9 attempts and the percentage to 32 percent shooting. On the bright side the free throw attempts stay similar at 5 attempts.

The most troubling part of the numbers is the shot attempts drops. Ten percent drops in just attempts for Gallo shows what I thought I saw while I watched games. A lot of Gallo’s offense comes after Lawson or Iguodala attack the lane and kick out to him. Gallo then does an excellent job of reading the reacting defense and doing what it gives him, either the open three or a drive to the basket. But asking him to just create offense for himself or teammates is difficult and he struggles.

Now some people will claim the drops are due to defense paying more attention to Gallo when one of the other two Nuggets weapons are not on the floor but that claim holds no weight when explaining the drops when it is compared to other combinations in the league. It doesn’t happen with Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard who both see increases in many stats. Or Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Even lesser top options than the Lakers and Thunder duos don’t see such a stark drop. Not Al Horford and Josh Smith. Or Paul George and David West.  The drops don’t even happen with his Nuggets teammates Lawson and Iguodala.  Or to either of the two when Gallo leaves the floor.

Again, none of this is meant to say Gallo isn’t an important piece of the puzzle for the Nuggets. I explained above that he is. What it is meant to show is that Gallo isn’t quite ready to be the creator for the Nuggets that some fans think he should be. Leave that to Lawson who is doing it terrifically, especially in the last month or so, and use Iguodala as a secondary creation option. Meanwhile, let Gallo be a terrific safety valve and spot up shooter, who reads the defense and decides if he should drive or not.

One day Gallinari may get to the point of being a great creator, a first option that can make teammates better, but right now he is just to reliant on Lawson and Iguodala to ask him to be that.

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  • bigelowsmalls

    When Ty isn’t on the floor, that means Miller is. I’ve always respected Millers’ ability to score while having the vertical leap of a cinder block at the same time. But..

    Gallo should of got a chance to close in Boston. I really wanted to see what he had and if he could of made it happen in those final possessions. He certainly has in other games.

    BTW he is 24. The self-awareness it takes to be leader and not a selfish ball player is incredible. It will be interesting to see if a dominant personality emerges once we get to the post season.

    • Ernie

      That was my thought as well, that this is not so much a problem with Gallo as much as an issue with Miller. When Miller is in there the offense slows down, despite the occasional long outlet pass. In addition Miller drives going for postups with a score first attitude instead of looking for Gallo. And the ball doesn’t move around as fast making everyone a bit worse I would imagine.

      So my question for Matt would be… can you show some isolations for Miller that you do for Gallo to see if this is a PG issue?

      • Matt

        With Miller on the court there is a little drop in Gallo’s numbers but not as drastic as the Lawson/Iggy off-court differences: http://on.nba.com/XUJexC

        Basically it all comes down to the drop in three point shooting percentage. One less look from three and a worse percentage explains the drop in points. But again there is no difference for Iggy or Lawson with Miller on or off the floor, which fits with the idea that those two are better creators than Gallo at this point.

        Lawson and Miller: http://on.nba.com/XUJkoZ

        Iggy and Miller: http://on.nba.com/XyY8dG

        • Ernie

          Interesting. Thanks Matt for taking the time to provide that answer.

    • http://yahoo.com prospector

      I agree … Miller is Gallo’s issue.. With Miller on the court with no IGGY and TY, means NO SPACING.. Miller is always cheating to the paint.. So you have brewer, Miller, faried, and McGee hanging around the paint.. So there goes the GALLO drive to the rim…. Any coach with a brain would realize I can live with Brewer chucking up his 3’s at a .302 clip, so they are darn sure covering GALLO at the ARC as well… MILLER has no outside shot so he is not a factor… Maybe if MILLER was gone, you would have GALLO with JHAM or EVAN and you would see his scoring go up… So to sum it up, MILLER = packed paint = GALLO getting D’d up…..

      Remedy, throw Miller out with the dirty bath water… MORE GALLO = MORE WINS, MORE TY less MILLER = WINS…. NO KARL = Championship

  • googergieger

    No, Matt, you were wrong and you are using numbers in the worst way to prove your point. Ty, Iggy, and Miller have the ball and create the offense more than any other player by design(as far as creating offense goes). Gallo has shown he can pass the ball really well. He has shown he can create for himself and others. But Karl never gives him the chance to do it repeatedly and put up all star numbers. The mere fact you are going out of your way to ignore this fact is quite, not misleading. Something worse than that. But I don’t want to be insulting. Suffice to say, this article reads like someone who never watches a Denver Nuggets game trying to justify an ignorant comment made in an effort to save face.

    Drive and kick, innit? Ty is asked to attack, attack, attack, and Miller is allowed free reign when other there individually, innit? I mean a few times Gallo has brought the ball up and created for himself and others. We’ve seen he has great handle for any size. We’ve seen he has great vision. We’ve seen he can get to the line. We’ve seen everything that has the qualities of a guy that can create for himself and others, regularly. Key word being seen. However if you take nothing else into account. Or just go out of your way to prove a very wrong point, right. If you don’t take what Karl’s offense is. Or the fact that every other team in the NBA runs plays with regularity for their best offensive players. Or the fact that every other team in the NBA has at the very least decent spacing when deciding to run an iso for their best players. Then yeah, you may have a point.

    As it stands, kid doesn’t get enough touches. Have enough plays ran for him. Or any(same can be said for others, but Iggy, Ty, and Miller are allowed free reign more often than not). And really is forced to be the one spot up shooter defenses have to honor because Ty has a slow release and he is the only other guy on the team likely to hit a three if you leave him open.

    You were wrong Matt. Either that or you need to start watching Denver games and take EVERYTHING into account. Either way, deal with it.

    • Matt


      Your making my point for me without realizing it. Yes Ty and Iggy are asked to create more. By taking them off the floor it gives a great concept of if Gallo can do it because he in theory would slide into that spot. But his numbers drastically drop, including shot attempts. That has to mean something.

      As it stands right now Gallo and Lawson both average essentially 13 shots a game. On Monday watch the game and see how many of Gallo’s attempts come after he catches the ball and has no one in his general area. That is how his offense comes. There is no problem with that and like I said it is a useful piece of the Nuggets offense. But ignoring the fact that his numbers drop that far with Iggy or Lawson off the floor isn’t possible. It is clear he has to rely on them to get him looks.

      Theo right below you makes a good comparison with Ray. Gallo is an incredibly important piece of the Nuggets offense but to look at his numbers without Lawson and Iggy and say he is a better creator than those to just confuses me since neither of those guys numbers drop without Gallo.

      • googergieger

        Okay. How many minutes is Gallo on the court with no Ty or Iggy on there? No Miller for that matter? How many minutes is Gallo on the floor for you to prove your point.

        At this point, I’m not convinced Theo isn’t a troll. So, bringing him up does nothing for your circular logic.

        Again Ty, Iggy, and Miller have more chances to run plays for themselves and others. Gallo is essentially told stand or attack the basket. I mean you could argue Deng and George are better play makers than Gallo, even though they have a worse handle and their turn overs and field goal percentage(especially when subtracting the first month Gallo was coming back from injury and every Nuget sucked in general) would say otherwise. But really their coaches understand those two are their best offensive players so they run plays for them, give them good spacing when the need for improvisation arise, and more importantly trust is there.

        • theo

          We agree on a lot, and I love your passion. We disagree on some other issues.

          Why the ‘troll’ thing?

          You completely dominate the thread here every day in terms of responses and aggressively push your interpretation on everybody else. It’s what some passionate fans do. Takes all kinds. I’m good with that.

          Room for everybody here, I’d guess. No need to trash others because they don’t agree with you 100%.

          • googergieger

            “People think this team is contending but it doesn’t have the talent to. Not even close. Etc.”

            “Coaching doesn’t matter, talent does. And we just don’t have it.”


            Nobody really argues the first one. Again, this team is plenty talented and if you want to say it is a lower seed team or a lottery team, just come out and say it.

            Have no problems with opinions. When you go out your way to have arguments by purposely putting the team down and insinuating someone said something just to tear down that make believe quote/argument rather easily, when really no one said such a thing. Well when called out on that, it just feels like at most you get a Fox News style of apology/feigning innocence from you. If you aren’t a troll, my apologies. As it stands, as I’ve said many times, either stop with the what appears to be trolling, or get used to being thought of as one.

            • theo

              Get a life, asshole.

              • Fed up Nug

                Nice reply theo, you really put that whole troll thing to rest with that.

    • Charlie

      Well, having good floor vision isn’t the same as being a good playmaker. You can see it when Gallo isolates against a strong wing defender. When he can’t get separation Gallo will go for his hesitation dribble and force his way to the rim in his signature straight line drives. This has been Gallo’s problem in the playoffs, where his offense gets predictable and he simply starts settling for long jumpers.

      Gallo should really get more assists when you look at his usage. I don’t think the staff bears blame for “not using” Gallo correctly because he plays plenty of minutes and the Nuggets do not call any set plays or follow any certain philosophies on how to create offense.

      • googergieger

        Playoffs when he came from the Melo trade and last year with a bum ankle? Usage rate is a somewhat flawed stat when looking at who runs the offense most. McGee has a high usage rate but that’s just because he occasionally tries to post up. Gallo has a high usage rate because he’s the best option to pass to when it comes to spotting up. Or the best option to pass to when you need someone to get to the line.

        This is where watching the games actually matter. You can say the offense runs no plays in general, but the bottom line is the pecking order for who has the ball and who is allowed to create first and foremost is Ty, Iggy, then Miller. Really no deviation from that pecking order. One could argue Gallo needs to become more aggressive and just hold the ball and create when it comes his way, but it is a bit of a catch 22. Either he pulls a Miller and tries to do too much and ignores everyone else(though Karl seems to be the one calling that number as well) or he’s too passive. Or the other way, he becomes aggressive and calls his own number more often which is good for the team or he remains a good team player and does what the staff ask of him and finds other ways to help the team. Personally I do wish Gallo was more aggressive. Not ignore his team but I think he should aim for five touches a quarter. At least two drives to the rim a quarter. One spot up three a quarter. Then two audibles as he see’s fit. It seems rather apparent Karl and staff have told Ty he has the green light, Miller he has the green light, and Iggy he has the green light. I don’t think they’d be mad at Gallo for taking it upon himself to start attacking and creating more, but I think like a lot of guys on this team he is just too nice. We need an asshole on this team. Not a ball stopper like Kobe, but someone that is going to kick the ass the coach is unwilling to when a lack of effort or passivity is out there. Someone to get in the face of the other team and the refs when a lack of respect is coming their way. Etc. But I digress.

        Point is Gallo can and has created for himself and others, but the team does go away from him a lot and the coaching staff seems more than okay with that happening, and more than okay with letting three guys, two of which who can’t shoot worth a damn, and the other who can’t shoot over much, get theirs before Gallo does.

  • theo

    Nice take and explanation, Matt. In this case the advanced stats just confirm what is clear to a lot of fans using the eyeball test.

    Not every good scorer is a good creator; many guys in the league depend on the ball handling, decisions, and screens of team mates to get their shots. Ray Allen comes to mind immediately. Gallo clearly falls into that category at this point. Guys that can score big and create their own shot are one of the rarest–and most important, especially in the playoffs–commodities in the league. Ty is really the only guy the Nugs have that can do it at this point. People talk a lot about the Nugs needing stars to become an elite team, and I agree with that take, but I like to word it differently–you need multiple guys that can score at a high level and also create their own shots to make a serious playoff run. Nugs had that in 2009 with Melo and Chauncey, and even at times JR. Hoping Gallo can make that transition–if he and Ty can both do it, makes us far more dangerous come playoff time.

  • Ban Johnson

    The sample size is too small to draw these sorts of absolute conclusions. 300 or so minutes is not a whole lot. >80% of Gallo’s minutes come with Lawson on the court and >75% with Iguodala on the court.

    There are other possible explanations for the discrepancy this season. Have you considered fatigue?

    • theo

      Gallo’s been in the league for many years. Not a small sample size. Plenty of evidence.

      I love the guy and think he could be a key piece of a championship team. He’s a very skilled stretch big that can shoot and plays solid D. But he isn’t great at creating his own shots. That’s obvious. Why that would be so controversial to some fans feels odd, at least to me.

      • Ban Johnson

        Matt is drawing these sweeping conclusions from 2012/13 season numbers. And that amounts to between 300 and 400 Gallo minutes w/o Lawson and Iguodala on the court.

        Show me the #s from the previous seasons and then explain why no other explanation makes sense, including the very plausible one of Miller hurting Gallinari’s game by clogging the lane (when Lawson is out).

        You also have to remember the context of Matt’s original remarks. They were after a strong (but not atypical) Gallinari game, when he’d created a lot of offense off the dribble.

  • Tonia01

    The problem is that we will never know how good Gallo can be until the coach does not give him a chance to have the ball in his hands a bit more. Nobody believes that Gallo can be a creator as good as Durant or Kobe. They play in the league of the top superstar, Gallo is not at that level and never will be. However most Nuggets fun are fed up to see other players of the team, with less talent and basket IQ, stealing shots from him based on random basketball. Everyone who watched nuggets games, has seen Gallo going up and down the court without receiving the ball for minutes, while Miller, or Brewer were forcing shots. I believe Gallo can be 20+ effective scorer. Which means one of the best 20 scorers of the league. With Ty playing like he is doing in 2013 and a balance attack the Nuggets can hope to be an elite team, not yet a contender but an elite team. But it is important to make clear that Denver is the team of Gallo and Ty, not of Miller or any other mediocre player in the team.

    • googergieger

      Durant is really overrated. Gallo has a better handle than him. Durant just gets bailed out a lot and still turns the ball over a lot. Durant is the definition of a stat padder and he isn’t even that good at it. He should be averaging a lot more points(yes I know he leads the NBA but a lot of that is the free throw attempts which are ridiculous and again he could average more), but because right now the NBA is obsessed with stat padding, he goes out of his way to get easy assists and easy rebounds. But make no mistake about it, Gallo has a better handle than him. Kobe on the other hand for all his faults and overrated-ness does have a great handle. He does work at it and everything else. Just is often too stubborn and hesitant to do anything outside of shooting.

      • Thomas

        Enough already. We get it – you think Gallo is awesome.

        I wish it were true. Let’s see how special he is in the postseason.

      • Ernie

        Durant is overrated? He is considered the 2nd best player in the NBA. Who exactly is better than him besides LBJ? And please use stats to back up your thoughts.

        • googergieger

          What on earth are you talking about? I said his handle was overrated.

          • Ernie

            “googergieger says:

            February 24, 2013 at 3:08 pm

            Durant is really overrated.”

            No…you said Durant is really overrated. That was your first sentence. That is what on earth I was talking about.

            • googergieger

              And I also said more than just that. But fine, Durant’s handle is overrated. Even if some consider him the second best player in the league because some consider him the second best player in the league.

              • Ernie

                Yes, there was something about Gallos handle. And something about Durant being a stat padder. And something about Durant should be averaging more points even though he’s leading the league. I don’t know how any of that changes the headline being “Durant is really overrated”. Again it was the first sentence, with nothing else in it.

                So again, who is better besides LBJ?

              • Ernie

                And please don’t say you weren’t saying that about Durant being overrated, when in the followup your response is, “Even if some consider him the second best player in the league because some consider him the second best player in the league.”. Clearly that is your view.

              • googergieger

                “But fine, Durant’s handle is overrated.”

                It seems you want to have an argument, I don’t care to have. I really don’t care about Durant. I should have stated point blank his handle was overrated, for all you talking head worshipers out there that want to have an argument over a guy nobody had in their all around player conversation before a year ago.

                Kevin Durant is considered the second best player in the world? Because that is the argument against him being overrated? But alright, after James. Who is strong in many areas and probably weak in none. Durant is the best all around player? Is he a great passer? Is he a great defender? Is he anything other than an amazing scorer who added enough around that and the talking heads around the world ran away with the idea that he is the second best in the world because he is(which is something I said because for some asinine reason you said he couldn’t possibly be overrated because he is widely considered the second best player in the game)? You’re asking for an argument I don’t care to have and didn’t care to have. But much more you’re asking for an argument that is impossible to really have. It is the ultimate opinion based argument. There are different positions in the league and different strengths of others and weaknesses of others. Second best after Lebron? Is it a healthy Howard who was the best interior defender in the game and was able to bully his way to points? Is it Chris Paul who controls an offense arguably better than anyone in the game, while still being able to score when he wants to, all the while being a good defender and a guy who plays the passing lanes great? Is it the last MVP before James in Rose? It isn’t all that black and white after James. Who even though I agree with the majority of him being the best in the world, is still just an opinion.

  • Ckwizard

    Got to side with Googergieger here. Gallo doesn’t have the same responsibilities in this offense as Ty or Igoudala and Gallo performs within the flow of the game. That flow changes when Ty leaves or when Igoudala leaves. Miller plays differently than Ty and the offense changes when McGee is on the court. Gallo has shown a good if not great ability to get defenders out of position and create passing lanes while making good passes but…..GALLO IS A SMALL FORWARD NOT A GAURD. Brewer is the person that subs in for Gallo most frequently and Brewer doesn’t create for others the way that Gallo does and can. Gallo is not the focal point for this nuggets offense and most of the time he is the third option but he is not so dependent on the other players as portrayed by this article and the ” number ” because those numbers reflect the type of offense the Nuggets run not the actual play of any of the players.

  • http://yahoo.com prospector

    GALLO is one the the best playmakers for KK and FARIED as well…. He needs to be given more opportunities, which is why I have been screaming for MILLER’s HEAD…. Why the hell do I want a self centered 37 year old slow journeyman to be my 3rd option??? I pray we get a new coach before we start losing pieces of this current team…..

    • Thomas

      Playmaker? 2.5 assists?

  • DAN

    On a side note: someone tell C Brew to STOP shooting. It’s getting crazy. I love the energy and the guy but he shouldn’t be taking so many shots. He has a hard time making a lay-up!

    • CJP32

      CBrew shooting more FGs doesn’t necessarily kill Denver’s chances of winning, in fact, Denver win well when CBrew shoots:

      Denver are 9-3 when CB shoots 14+ or 75%
      Denver are 9-3 when Iggy shoots 14+ or 75%
      Denver are 14-5 when Gallo shoots 14+ or 74%
      Denver are 14-13 when Ty shoots 14+ or 51%

      If you watch all Denver games, you will notice that CBrew takes more shots than normal when he is inserted into the game earlier. Its not like he comes in and starts chucking, he actually is aggressive and has confidence, which sometimes other players lack. GK gives him the green light to shoot and when he does Denver usually win.

  • Ackdog

    Wow. I’ve been on this track for awhile Matt. We all want Gallo to be this great player and the fact of it is that he is just a good player. He actually doesn’t fit the mold of the team as far as his athleticism goes. He is however the teams best scorer whom I feel can’t get them past the first round. They should have got somebody that could space the floor of the bench. Brewer shoots the shit out of the ball. Anyone on here want to tell me that they run plays for him???? If Gallo were 3/4 as active as CBrew he’d be an all star……..

  • monimo

    @Matt. I was critical about you’re quotes, expecially the explanation you gave (it wasn’t fair to give a lower quote only because of future potential). So, first of all, thx for the interesting statistical work. I agree with most of your writing. Gallo is an important piece in a the team oriented offense (and obviously defense). He knows his roles (plural!). So, you can argue he is a role player – but as he has multiple roles in the offense, he is at least a multidimensional role player. Could you agree with this definition? He can be a creator, but probably only for sporadic moments in the game. Two things: it would be interesting to know Ty’s and Iggy’s stats with and without Gallo. I could imagine their +/- would drop in a significant way. To me, your stats forst of all prove that Ty and Iggy are excellent players with great ability to involve Gallo. And perhaps this team doesnt need Gallo to do the same.

    • Matt

      I actually agree very much with that definiton. The Ty and Iggy stats are linked in the end of the article with the words either and two. But it is exactly what you expected. While the two players don’t have a drop in numbers their plus minus drops by over ten percent.

      It fits perfectly into the Gallo needs help creating his own offense but is an important cog in the Nuggets offense idea that I am trying to explain.

      It isn’t a hit piece on Gallo like some people think just trying to help people see a different, and what I think is more realistic, idea of what kind of player Gallo is.

      Thanks for keeping an open mind and reading the piece. I didn’t actually lower the grade for Gallo that game but I definately didn’t do a good enough job explaining that so that is my fault.

  • NuggDr

    Uh, Gallo is good. This is a pointless and horrible article.

  • Ernie

    googergieger, you need to stop trying to be a bully on this site. You yell at Matt after taking a lot of his time and effort to put this together with a bunch of “You were wrong” and “Deal with it” lines. You call Theo a troll. You fire at me, “What on earth are you talking about” after I quote you directly and then claim it doesn’t matter because you wrote other stuff and refuse to apologize. You refuse to edit yourself and put out pages of response that make it impossible to navigate this site with I’m sure more insults in each part.

    This is a freaking Nuggets website. Readers want to come here for analysis, fun, and maybe to vent after a loss or harrah after a win. Stop attacking people and maybe you will actually get some respect.

    • KW


    • Ackdog


    • googergieger

      Where did I yell? Projection and playing a victim does nothing outside of having a conversation that has nothing to do with basketball. Apparently you had nothing to respond with to anything I said, but in an effort to have the last word or save some internet face, you went out of your way to paint me as some internet tough guy. I’m not. I don’t care about that. People are wrong and people are right. Occasionally there is a middle ground. I’d get all zen/centered/etc with you, but again this is a site about basketball. So feel free to paint me as whatever you want, and yourself and others as victims, all the while I’ll give out my opinions, and you can give out your, “It’s good because it’s good” level of contributions.

      My apologies for that last bit, which I’m sure came off as quite aggressive, but I do find the entirety of your post rather annoying. Not to mention quite hypocritical to single me out for what I’m sure others, including yourself actually do. Not to mention you just said you don’t read my comments(scrolling down requires quite the effort apparently). Apologize for what? Edit my posts of what? Meh don’t bother. Bigger man. Walking away. Last time I talk about anything besides basketball on this site. As I’ve been doing. My apologies admins or site owners, or whatever is the right term.

      • http://none Pearl

        googer, I think the problem is that perhaps you have too much time on your hands. sports can be addictive. you are a nuggets junkie. i’ve been there. lay off for a bit dude.

  • Giovanni

    I agree with georg with the handle of Gallo ae underrated..
    If you count only the assist are blind…

    Melo average 3.5 assist for career but his one of best handler of the league..
    So Gallo…

    Assist are important but not decisive..


    Go Nuggets tonight fortunately we’ll see in tv the match in Italy.,

    Destroy the Lakers..,

  • juan

    Whatever the case is with numbers. Ty and Iggy maybe better creators, blah blah blah. But the simple stat that I use is a simple one. The Nuggets win more games when Gallo plays as opposed to when he doesn’t. Maybe this year we haven’t had a large sample of how the Nuggets do in his absence, but last year the nuggets were 1 game below .500 I believe without him and 11 or so above .500 with him. He also led them with +/- last year. He is their best player. Whatever it is that he brings to the court, (spot up offense, defense, spacing) it makes the Nuggets better.

  • heykyleinsf

    This is a far fetched reach.

    And it’s pretty petty at that.