Rapid Reaction: Denver Nuggets 105- Oklahoma City Thunder 103

Oklahoma City Thunder 103 Final
Recap | Box Score
105 Denver Nuggets
Danilo Gallinari, SF 22 MIN | 2-7 FG | 2-2 FT | 2 REB | 0 AST | 1 STL | 1 BLK | 0 TO | 7 PTS | -4
Gallo was, well…there. I am going to chalk this one up to coming back from the injury and not being 100 percent but if he was there were worrisome signs for Nuggets fans. Gallo created no offense and only made his two shots after teammates found him wide open. When he did try to create he took seven or eight dribbles in the same spot before launching a pull back jumper that missed. Then he got blown past by Kevin Durant to tie the game late. Again I am assuming it was all because of the injury, and the Nuggets should hope that was the case.
Kenneth Faried, SF 18 MIN | 2-7 FG | 0-0 FT | 4 REB | 2 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 2 TO | 4 PTS | -11
As is the case with Faried the first couple minutes of the game set the tone for the rest of it. And in the first two minutes of the game Faried was benched for the rest of the first quarter and his night never really recovered. He had a nice moment or two but also got away with a goaltend and missed an alley-oop after a pretty good pass. Add in bad night with rotations and it just wasn’t one of the Manimal’s finest performances.
Kosta Koufos, C 24 MIN | 4-8 FG | 0-2 FT | 13 REB | 1 AST | 1 STL | 3 BLK | 0 TO | 8 PTS | -8
I said on Twitter during the game that out of all the Nuggets bigs Koufos may be the most important against OKC. His defensive rotations are normally good and his rebounding tonight was great. But he missed a couple bunnies like normal and struggled late in the game as the Thunder started their comeback.
Ty Lawson, PG 36 MIN | 5-14 FG | 1-2 FT | 3 REB | 7 AST | 2 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 11 PTS | -1
It wasn’t a great night for Lawson but he made the big play that he needed to and it greatly improved his grade. In a final offensive possession that the Thunder defended really well Lawson stepped up and made a tough shot. It was an important thing for someone who had struggled early this year with decision making and shot selection in late game situations.
Andre Iguodala, SG 37 MIN | 2-9 FG | 0-0 FT | 6 REB | 5 AST | 3 STL | 0 BLK | 3 TO | 4 PTS | -5
Yet again the offensive numbers were bad, seven missed shots, four missed three pointers and no free throws are not what the Nuggets expected from Iggy. Except tonight at times his defense wasn’t normal Iggy defense either. But late in the fourth he made a couple plays on the defensive end including stripping Kevin Durant and he also came up with a big rebound for the Nuggets. An ugly game in the boxscore but an effective one when everything is considered.
Corey Brewer, SF 25 MIN | 7-13 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 3 AST | 5 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 14 PTS | +6
Brewer was fantastic. Only two three point attempts is the biggest thing as Brewer attacked the basket relentlessly and when the Thunder adjusted to take it away he pulled up and knocked down midrange shots. Add in 5 steals, and better than normal on ball defense and Brewer is one of the main reasons Denver walked away with a W.
JaVale McGee, C 16 MIN | 3-6 FG | 2-3 FT | 4 REB | 0 AST | 2 STL | 1 BLK | 0 TO | 8 PTS | +2
There was the bad JaVale, two sweeping hooks and an airballed dunk, but good JaVale showed up much more tonight. On defense he was active, including swatting Kevin Durant into the front row, and on the offensive end he helped keep a few possessions alive with tip outs on offensive rebounds. All in all a very effective 16 minutes for McGee, in fact I thought he should have been closing the game.
Andre Miller, PG 27 MIN | 5-12 FG | 4-4 FT | 6 REB | 7 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 3 TO | 14 PTS | +13
The offensive numbers look good and Miller had a big layup late in the fourth quarter but again the game is played on two ends of the court and Miller almost cost the Nuggets the game. He got repeatedly torched on the defensive end by just about everyone. At one point he failed to even raise a hand on a Westbrook jumper, on another he let Reggie Jackson walk by him just grabbed him and sent him to the line, and on another late in the game he was switched onto Serge Ibaka and didn’t even pretend to rebound a ball that Ibaka got. Add in some forced drive late in the game and the shine of the numbers aren’t as impressive.
Wilson Chandler, SG 36 MIN | 13-19 FG | 3-4 FT | 3 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 4 TO | 35 PTS | +18
The Nuggets lose this game without Chandler. He stretched the floor, attacked the basket and played great defense for possessions on Durant. While Chandler won’t play this way every night if he can give half of this production and shooting to the Nuggets off the bench on a nightly basis they become a much more dangerous team.

George Karl

I was fully prepared to give Karl and A+ for this game until the final 5 minutes. He pulled starters when they weren’t effective in the first and third quarters and went to his bench to stay ahead in an important game. But then Karl closed with curious lineups and all of them included Andre Miller who was clearly ineffective. First Karl went to Koufos who almost never plays in the fourth, before going so small he had no real power forward even on the floor. It was curious, especially since Brewer was so much better than Miller on the night. Also why have Gallo on Durant when he is clearly getting the ball? Isn’t that what the Nuggets got Andre Iguodala for? Just curious decisions all around.

Two Things We Saw

  1. This was big: The Nuggets won and the Grizzlies lost bringing them a game closer so this game was very important. The Nuggets need to take advantage of all the opportunities they can when the Grizzlies lose, and to beat a top team in the West to do it is huge.
  2. Don’t overreact: Obviously the win was great. The game came down to the wire and the Nuggets pulled it out over the defending Western Conference champions. But the Nuggets aren’t getting 49 points from Chandler and Brewer again, and the fact that Lawson, Gallo and Iggy struggled has to be looked at. Especially Lawson who, despite the game winner, hasn’t played a great game against the Thunder all year.

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  • Fraser

    Wooooooooo Ty with ICE IN HIS VEINS!

    also do the refs get a commission each time KD/RW go to the line- they seemed desperate to get them as much as possible! Oh well another W against a top flight team!

    • nathan

      the refs never baby okc

      • John in LA

        Hahahahahahaha… you said … you said…. “the refs never baby OKC…. bahahaha…man, that was a good one. I think I peed myself a little bit.

  • http://twitter.com/xantoniooo808x D3Ntilthe3ND

    Take THAT westbrook, you little bitch.

    • John

      dude i fuckin hate westbrook!

    • Josh M

      LMFAO… You said it, dude! Go Nuggets!!!

      • heykyleinsf

        we’ll grind that axe for a long long long time

        • nathan

          you guys hate westbrook because he is a beast

  • Douglas L.
  • John

    LAWSONNNNN! Good game Nuggets. Also, am I the only one or was Jon Barry’s love affair with the thunder annoying the shit out of anyone else?

    • Fraser

      Drove me INSANE!

    • Dan

      Seriously annoying, he complimented Westbrook on taking the hard foul and still finishing when he was barely touched. I just don’t get it.

    • googergieger

      He isn’t an OKC lover, he is a known Denver hater. Every time he gets the chance to hate on Denver he does.

    • John in LA

      Even my roommate (the OKC fan) was like… “Dude… take Russell’s @#$$ outta your mouth for one second.”

  • bigelowsmalls

    all you GK haters must feel dumb when that game was won by ill-will, corey brewer and old man miller

    • John in LA

      Miller was on the floor, yes… but he did @#$^all to help win this game. Did you even watch the 4 possessions in a row that he personally F-ed up for them???/

      Plus, I’m pretty sure I am a better defender than he is… at least I would try… and maybe get 8 inches off the ground, were I to jump.

      • Ackdog

        Gallo gets a C+and Miller gets a C. Give me a break. The Nuggets were clearly more effective with Miller on the court with the second team. Yes Ty hit the game winner but the Nuggets seconds won this game. Brew, Ill Will and Miller. Great team performance on a night when Gallo, Faried, Iggy, and Ty didn’t bring it offensively. Get off Miller’s back he is here to stay for the rest of the year and maybe beyond. Some of you guys are incredible…….

        • Charliemyboy

          Agreed. Miller is who he is, a top 10 assist of all time brilliant floor general. He posts like a 7 footer. He is slower and not as athletic, so the naysayers become blinded. But Karl knows; that’s why he finishes, that’s why we beat OKC.

    • ryanvdonk

      you were not watching then, cause miller did way more bad than good at the end of the game, leaving 3 point shooters wide open, hero ball leading to turnovers and getting blocked, it was seriously like 3 bad plays to every 1 good play.

      • heykyleinsf

        I try to stick up for Miller when he deserves it.

        tonight… I wanted to assemble a pitch fork mob to run him out of town. there were way too many stupid shots he took, along with getting torched on defense.. that nearly single handedly kept OKC in the one.

        Miller did come through on a couple plays.. but nowhere near enough to undo the damage he had already done.

        GK has got to get over his love affair with him.

    • Mark

      I’ll admit that i didn’t watch this game. But I’m afraid this win might cost the nuggets more than a loss would have. Now Karl will think he’s a freakin’ genius for just giving the ball to Ty at the end of the game to try to win it. We’ve seen about a half a dozen times when that was the play call at end of games this year and Ty couldn’t even get a shot off. Now it’s guaranteed that this will be the play call every time, and this average will continue – fail 6 times, work once.

  • googergieger

    Without the refs this is another blow out for us. We blew them out last time too but the refs kept them in it all game. Just like tonight.

    Gallo played bad tonight. Good defense but any time he comes back after he was hurt he is tentative on offense. Chandler was huge for us tonight. Even his most adamant haters have to give him love tonight. Koufos was big for us tonight as well. To be fair a lot of guys got out of sorts tonight because of the refs. They were getting hit and weren’t allowed to be near OKC, and that screwed with a lot of our guys. Won’t hate on Karl either. Some weird line up choices, but he was animated tonight and engaged in the game. As were guys like McGee and Miller who were getting on the refs and picking up their team mates who were down because of the b.s.

    Great win tonight. Happy. Hope we keep it up.

    • ryan

      get used to it my friend the thunder are the new child of the NBA

    • Charliemyboy

      Will’s potential is scarry. I could always see this. If his mind set is right, there isn’t anything he can’t do! He gets smarter all the time. Made KD mad. Should be our best player next year with 30 plus minutes. Can be an all star if Karl pushes him.

      • Charliemyboy

        What do you think…. Is Will making Faried a role player?

      • Charliemyboy

        Faried on bench. What do you think…. Is Will making Faried a role player?

  • EWilson

    It really is quite annoying how ‘marquee’ teams like the Thunder can come into Denver and walk out with a huge advantage at the free throw line. You can bet the Nuggets will never get that kind of help in OKC.

    Still, a strong win for the Nuggets and a nice finish to boost Ty Lawson’s confidence. Plus, Chandler seems to be rounding into form, which adds more firepower while Gallo recovers.

    With 5 of the next 7 at home and the two roadies against the dregs of the Western Conference (Phoenix and Sacramento), Denver is set up for a nice little run. Stay focused guys!

  • Matt

    That game was unreal. Ty and Chandler killed it, but it wouldn’t have been that close if Miller didn’t waste so many minutes on the court. No idea why Karl likes him so much

    • Dan

      I don’t understand the hate for Miller in games like tonight, he played solid D, made some tough plays down low in the lane and had one of the best +/- on the team. Granted I’m a big Miller fan, but seriously he played very well tonight.

      • ryanvdonk

        if by solid d you mean neglect to cover his man off ball the entire game and not even move when people blow by him

        • Charliemyboy

          What man was that? How much did Westbrook get? Iggy couldn’t stop him. Miller is a general, period.

      • Matt

        Im not sure ive seen Miller play solid D all season and at 37 years old hes not getting any faster. He almost cost us the game due to his lack of defense and failed attempts to draw fouls. The only reason his number look decent on paper is because Karl overplays him. While I still think hes got some offensive tallent from the 13 years hes played pro basketball, I dont think he meshes with a fast paced team like the nuggets

        • Ackdog

          Seriously put your bias against Miller aside. He is exactly what this young team needs right now. He is the only true Veteran presence on such a young team. Dont tell m Iggy either how’s that working out???

          • Matt

            Seriously no bias against Miller. I just see it how it is. You cant play mediocre offense and zero defense and tell me your an old vet we need to look to for leadership. As a fan from philly Ive seen plenty of Iggy, while I could see why you wouldnt favor him, the truth is he has plenty of experience too and can run with the the young guys. Hes a huge defensive power and an offensive threat, but thats not the point. The point is Miller is a weak link on the team defensively and doesn’t put up enough of an offensive argument to outweigh that

  • Fraser

    So Nuggets finish with 33% MORE points in the paint, but HALF the amount of free throw attempts- one would think there might be a correlation between the two!

    That’s okay because there’s nothing they can do about a TY LAWSON GAME WINNNNNNNNNNNNNNER!

  • Tyler

    Ty laid down the law son.

    • John in LA

      I see what you did there…. nice.

    • nuggz2

      Haha… I like that

  • Junior

    my boy lawson iced it!!! and then hit the bernie down the court!!!!!!!!!1

  • AaronCAPS

    Get OKC’s balls out yo mouth Jon Berry. We got a new top prisoneer rapier in here now!!

    • John

      I also agree with googergieger, berry was taking every chance to diss the Nugs. This isnt altitude or fox sports oklahoma, its espn, just call the game man. And by the way jon berry how did that nonexistant half-court game work out for the Nuggets at the end?

  • Westbrooks a b#$%

    Ty drilled that piece, good game, good bye westbrook

  • Beef

    Glorious game, would have given anything to be at that one. Lawson had an ok game but made up for it with the game winner. Chandler, my god, thank you.

    • Mark

      Yeah, it was nice to see Ty get a shot off to win the game, for once. Boy, if we had a real coach, the nugs would have a play drawn up. I’m so sick of that same play at the end of every big close game. There are about 3 guys in the league who are good enough to just hand them the ball for the potential game winner and hope for the best. LeBron is one, Durant is one, and Lawson is most definitely not the other.

      • Charliemyboy

        Aaa, did they win?

        • Mark

          So to you it’s acceptable that GK makes that same call every single time, even if Ty can only get a shot off once in about seven tries? Must be nice to have such low expectations; that way you’re never disappointed.

          I love Ty… His job is to say, “Just give me the rock and have everyone else stand back and watch, I can hit the game winner.” That’s what he SHOULD say. But the coach’s job is to say, “I don’t think so, Ty. Here’s the play we’re going to run.”

          Honestly, if Karl isn’t going to draw up a play at the end of a game to go for the win, then what exactly is his job? To substitute guys in and out? A magic 8 ball could decide which guys to put in and take out with the same effectiveness.

  • Jason

    I’m pretty sure thats the first time we’ve seen Ty take a long jumper for the win rather than a drive. It was awesome and I hope our next game winning/tying shots are designed like this. Sick of all the drive and fails we’ve had.

  • theo

    When we get it done decently from 3 and the free throw line, even when we face ridiculous officiating (at home!) we’re contenders. Again, not that complicated. Shoot decently outside of the paint and become an elite team.

    Our starters scored 34 points total and we won v the second best team in the league. A system win that depended on depth and athleticism and attacking the cup. Coaches create systems. I don’t care whether Karl stays or goes, but sometimes you’ve got to give the devil his due.

    • Ackdog

      Wel said Theo. KArl pulled the right chains tonight. I actually liked him going to Gallo even though Gallo had been Sh1t the whole game. He put his best playmakers on the court. The nuggets actually beat a good team not by running and jamming but in a half court set. Karl has his faults but you don’t get to be 6th in all time wins by being a complete boofhead

  • googergieger

    Gallo did make Durant miss about three or four times in a row before Durant tied it as well…

    He played shit on offense, but his defense was solid. I understand why he avoided the foul in the end on Durant. Afraid of the and one with the way the refs were going most of the night.

    Again Matt, if the refs were fair we blow out OKC and some of our starters, especially Ty get a much better stat line at the end of the game. Ty should have gone to the line so many times tonight. I know people are going to say the refs are bad and give superstars love and we are going to deal with it in the post season so might as well get used to it now, but the point is twice the refs kept OKC in a game against us and twice we out executed them down the stretch in games that shouldn’t have been that close to begin with.

  • mike

    nice win. Great shot by Ty and game for chandler. I hope every nugs fan who watched this game understood the real take home though. If the nugs find the thunder healthy in the playoffs they are looking at a 5 game series loss.

    • Ckwizard

      Will be a closer series than that, Refs will have a microscope on them for a playoff series and I doubt they will not give the Nuggets more free throws, series against the thunder will be lost at the free throw line because the nuggets can’t hit consistantly but the Thunder are not that much better than the nuggets outside one player being Durant.

      • mike

        and Westbrook and they seem able to keep control of Ty pretty well especially with sefolosha who is a dominant type perimeter defender. When they don’t waste minutes on Perkins the nuggets have troubles stopping them and scoring themselves. The complaining about FT stuff isn’t very realistic. Durant and Westbrook get ridiculous FT attempts because of their skill set, athleticism (and height for Durant). They are good at drawing contact, but that is a skill that Iguodala lacks and to a degree Lawson does too. They have sustained these types of levels for 3-4 years. It’s not going away until they get old in like 2022 or whatever. If the thunder don’t get the Number 1 seed it is unlikely they meet, but I think it would likely be a
        Game 1 thunder big win
        Game 2 Thunder close win
        Game 3 nugs big win
        Game 4 Thunder close win
        Game 5 Thunder 6-10 point win.

    • Craig Binkley

      What am I missing? Who was injured for the Thunder?

      • mike

        Im saying the only way the nugs have a shot is IF one of the thunder top 4 (Durant, Westbrook, Ibaka, to a lesser degree sefolosha) is injured. Otherwise, the talent disparity is too large.

        • Gorillabuddy

          You do realize the Nuggets lead the season series 2-1 right now?

          • Mark

            Coaching matters more in the playoffs than it does in the regular season. Sorry, but there’s no way the Nuggets beat the Thunder in the playoffs with George Karl on the bench. Ever. Ever.

            • mike

              coaching matters, but the difference in these teams is more talent than anything else. Durant is WAY better than anyone the Nuggets have EVER had in their entire franchise history let alone this team. Westbrook is much better than any current nugget. Ibaka is probably on par with any of Lawson, Gallo, Iguodala, etc. The top end talent disparity is large and OKC has OK depth through 6-7 guys

              • googergieger

                Ibaka isn’t better than Ty, Gallo, Chandler, Iguodala, Faried, Miller, or heck McGee. Honestly he’d crack our rotation because he can block shots and hit the midrange(and run), but teams are willing to leave him wide open all night. Just like everybody else on OKC not named Westbrook and Durant.

                And as we saw last night the only reason Westbrook and Durant look inhuman on most nights is because the refs have to help them out something fierce.

          • mike

            you do realize the nugs have 2 wins at home at 3 points in overtime and 2 points on a tough game winner after getting crushed in the 4th quarter.
            Meanwhile in the OKC home game OKC crushed them by 20 points.the point differential is OKC plus 15 with another home game left for OKC who are equally as good as Denver at home and Denver is MUCH worse on the road than OKC.

            • Ckwizard

              I don’t understand how your mind can come to the conclusion that Igoudala is not as talented a basketball player as Westbrook or Durant, you Mike are skill set bias as are most NBA fans. It is not like the Nuggets are light years behind the Thunder as you are portraying especially givin that the Nuggets have to overcome bias officiating everytime they play the Thunder. The Difference between the Talent at the Top of the teams is there defiantly in favor of the Thunder but after the top two players for the Thunder the Nuggets are the better team talent wise. Perkins their big bad center is ineffective after about 5 minutes of Nuggets Pace then the Thunder go small and that becomes advantage Nuggets. Not saying Nuggets will win a series against them but they are not that overmatched against any team out there.

              • mike

                Apparently I understand this game better than you do so don’t condescend….There isn’t a front office person in the ENTIRE NBA that would trade either of westbrook or durant for Iguodala if they all made the same amount and were only available for the next 3 years to his/her team. NOT ONE (Im controlling the scenario as a best case for iguodala too given his age). NEVER EVER EVER. Essentially the ONLY team in the league you could contend would even consider iguodala over Westbrook is Miami because they already have 2 of the top 5 scorers in the league so Westbrook’s skill set is redundant. And of course they would still take Westbrook (because Iguodala can’t hit 3s very well). Durant it isn’t even a question.

                Iguodala is a very talented wing defender. But if you UNDERSTAND the game the Best wing defender in the history of the game (scottie Pippen?) isn’t as valuable as Durant. Pippen is a better offensive player and slightly better defensive player than Iguodala. Westbrook has his inefficiencies but a guy with that type of ability to get to the hole , shoot pull up mid ranges and puts that type of effort out is more valuable than Iguodala.

                Maybe you don’t understand skillset value of defenders. A wing defender/average to above average offense like Iguodala can NOT have the impact on the game an efficient high volume scorer has if they play even average defense. Wing defense is not as valuable as low post defense. So guys like Iguodala and Sefolosha don’t have the impact on defense that someone like Tyson Chandler or DHoward (previous to this year) have. Great wing defense is certainly valuable, but for a wing/perimeter to be considered a top 10 ballplayer in the league (which Durant and Westbrook both are) you need to have at LEAST very good offensive skill set. Iguodala in the half court is above average (assuming his 3 pt shooting bounces back into the 33% range. at 30% he’s about average on offense)

                Look if Igoudala was a 40% 3 pt shooter and garnered 4 extra FT a game you could make a contention that he was as valuable as Westbrook. But unless Im missing something Iguodala hitting over 34% is an anomaly in his career. Essentially if he were Kevin Martin on offense and stayed himself on defense then you could make a contention with Westbrook. Durant is a silly conversation to compare with Iguodala. Durant is on pace to push for a top 10 player ALL time.

                If you paid attention to my post on how a series would likely turn out I suggested they would have numerous close games, but that OKC would be able to steal a close game at Denver and take care of business at home. People forget the Nuggets were close to getting taken out in 5 against the Lakers last year who were FAR inferior to OKC.

                As I have been saying on this site for a few months now. This team has nice talent and is coached decently (with some frustrating stubborness on Karl’s part). But it is clearly a rung below top tier. The nuggets speed and open court style can be mitigated by athletic teams who make a conscious choice to get back as last nights 4th quarter should have made you well aware. As I have said before I think a series against the Grizzlies should be interesting and pretty even especially given the contrasting styles. When/if they play a healthy version of the Spurs/Clips/OKC they all look like 5 game series to me. Good series but Nugs clearly have less talent.

              • Ckwizard

                Wing defenders are more valuable if you have a “fundamentally sound” player in the 4 or 5 position. This is why KK is so valuable to the starting line up and Faried and McGee become liabilities. Nuggets basketball isn’t about pace as much as it is about scoring through transition ie rebounding and steals. Nuggets play a style of defense which forces the other teams into mistakes when executed and those mistakes lead to points for the Nuggets. Karl believes that this type of style can win and this might be the first year where he has players at every position that can execute his plan defensivly. Igoudala is the key cog in an effective Nuggets system because his play influences the game beyond the stat lines. Gallo is becoming a better defensive player and KK provides good support defense. Yeah yeah it isn’t the playoffs but the nuggets don’t have a losing record to any playoff team in the western conference. The Nuggets were not good at the beginning of the year and on offense they were down right horrible and between free throws and offensive turnovers the nuggets were portrayed as worse than they were and a bad defensive team. Nuggets are not a bad defensive team but they are a bad free throw shooting team. The Nuggets will lose bad in the playoffs if they can not fore the opposing teams into turnovers period… Can that be impacted by “Talent” yes but at the end of the day you will probably be right but then again our disagreement is about how talented the two teams are and really we agree that Durant is awesome and better than any Nugget, but outside of that one player we disagree about how the teams stack up. Peace

              • dynamo.joe

                The problem is with your description of Westbrook as an efficient shooter.

                player 2pt% 3pt% FT%
                avg pg 45.9 35.6 80.6
                Russell 45.6* 34.5** 80.5

                *2nd highest % of his career
                ** highest % of his career

                So, no Westbrook is not an efficient shooter, he is not even an average shooter.

                What Westbrook is good at is getting whistles. He takes 5 FT more than an average PG.

                If you look at FTA/FGA, the avg PG gets to the line on 27.3% of his attempts, Westbrook on 38.1% of his attempts.

                So the question becomes are the extra trips to the line a talent or the result of star treatment by the refs? Because at the end of the day Rus is a chucker who gets to the line.

              • mike

                I disagree that the nuggets talent exemplifies the type of players Karl wants at every position defensively. He’s trying to recreate his seattle scenario. As I see it the Nuggets have 1 premier perimeter defender (iguodala). 3 above average perimeter defenders Brewer, Chandler, Gallo (Brewer steals a lot/creates havoc, but makes lots of mistakes that lead to easy shots) 1 average perimeter defender (lawson). 1 poor perimeter defender (miller). Low post 1 average guy (KK) and 2 below average athletes who make spectacular plays but are overall below average on defense (Faried and Mcgee). All 3 are average or worse on the DEFENSIVE boards.

                On his seattle team in 1996 which was the number 2 defense in the NBA per possession: 2 premier perimeter defenders (Payton and Mcmillan) Askew was borderline premier (he was the equivalent of luol deng defensively in that era). They had Hershey Hawkins, Detlef Schrempf as their 2 above average. Low post They had Shawn Kemp who was a good defender and top tier defensive rebounder. They had Sam Perkins who was average (Koufus equivalent) and they had Ervin Johnson who was a top 5-10 defensive center in the league (premier shot blocker and Rebounder) and was generally fundamentally sound.

                The wings on the nuggets are not nearly as disruptive other than iguodala (and brewer, but with the caveat of frequent bad plays that reduces his value) and the bigs best of the nuggets would be 3rd best on the sonics. The bigs on this team keep it from being capable of pushing for a championship. They are all efficient, but purely complimentary players (faried I guess has potential for more than that) on offense and none are above average on defense. And all are mediocre on the defensive boards (all are very good on offensive boards partially because the offense is set up for them to have opportunities).

                In terms of their strengths. I agree they get them from creating opportunities in the first 7 seconds of a possession, usually from outlet passes or steals. And Offensive rebounding is strong (which is related to coaching because their perimeter players so relentlessly attack the basket opening up opportunities for OFF rebounds) In the playoffs I think teams will reduce those by 10% and since their half-court offense is pretty average you need to make that up somewhere. Getting to the line more or better Defense are the two most likely scenarios for most teams. Seems unlikely given their personnel.

              • mike

                Joe Im not really interested in slash lines as they have become inefficient ways of evaluating a scorer’s efficiency (I very specifically said scorer NOT “shooter” which is slightly different by the way) True Shooting % gives a better view as it takes into account all those things and weights them on how often they take that type of shot. Also important to this is Usage. He has a Usage of over 30, 2nd to Melo in the whole league, easily number 1 for PG (thus many people suggest he is more of a scoring guard). Statistical trends suggest as Usage goes up TS% goes down. Can’t find a site, but suffice it to say the higher your usage the more difficult it is to take just shots you “want” to (want=most efficient). I know the wages of wins guys don’t value it, but other guys like Basketball Prospectus and Hollinger do. VERY high usage at average TS% is a Very valuable scorer.

                His TS% Of .533 (which is consistent with the past 2 years). of the PG this year with a Usage in the top 20 these guys have a higher TS%: Kyrie Irving, Tony Parker, Stephon Curry, Deron Williams, and Chris Paul. So tied for 6th best TS% of PG (lillard is at .534 call it a tie) with by far the highest Usage percentage. I called him an efficient high volume guy. TS% for PG average is 53.2 I didn’t call him Durant or Lebron or even wade. He’s relatively efficient for a perimeter player and EXTREMELY high volume (you can claim he should be setting up Durant more, but otherwise his teammates are complimentary scorers, with maybe Kevin Martin a semi-exception) I said he had his inefficiencies which he does. But I can’t really see why you would think he is inefficient especially given his team is the best offense in the league with Miami. That even though he has to deal with what is essentially an 8 man team and that includes Perkins who can’t even spell offense.

                Essentially if he keeps his Usage rate and ups his TS% to .550 He is an UNASSAILABLE hall of fame candidate. Ask Kobe.

            • googergieger

              We played them coming off an emotional and exhausting back to back situation. The two times we played them here we attacked the paint all night long and they shot mostly jump shots and still got waaaaaaay more free throw attempts than us. If the game is officiated fairly, we blow them out twice too.

  • Native Nugget

    Loved this win. Gutting out a win like this against an elite team wearing whistle-proof jerseys when a lot of our starters weren’t having a good offensive night is a major coup. I didn’t understand some of the match ups GK went with down the stretch but a win is a win.

  • Z

    Nah no Chandler slander tonight!

  • theo

    Caught Memphis a couple of times since the Gay trade and tonight v Heat. Here’s why we’ll beat Memphis in the first round with or without home court.

    4-1 this year v Indiana and Memphis and about to go 5-1 against old school physical and defensive big ball.

    Grizz are an even worse shooting perimeter team than we are–yes, that’s possible–so no fear of getting wrecked from 3 like in so many losses this year. Gay trade took away their only serious deep threat.

    We’re an unusual up tempo team that can throw lots of longs against old school big and tall approach. Many fouls to give. Used our length well v Pacers and Grizz so far. No reason that will change in the playoffs.

    More likely we’ll win 1 out of 4 in Memphis than they’ll win 1 out of 3 at the Can.

    Most important? I doubt they can outscore us over a 7 game series.

    • mike

      Just to be clear Rudy Gay has been an ATROCIOUS 3 pt shooter the past few years. The nugs were better off with Rudy on the Grizzlies. As you may have witnessed Prince is still a fabulous defender against wing players and he hits the corner three very well (the Achilles heel of the nugs defense)The nugs will certainly have a legit shot to beat Memphis, but it will likely be a close series with two VERY contrasting teams. It will be interesting to see what the nugs do with Gasol and Randolph. The trade that may actually help the nuggets is the Speights Ellington trade. Davis and Arthur probably negate speights, but Ellington actually WAS a good 3 point shooter. Im still not sure why in the world Memphis had to GIVE up a 1st rounder for two quality rotation players. The nuggets would have been smart to trade Mozgov for Ellington and almost any team can use a quality back up big like speights. In no way was the Rudy Gay trade good for the nuggets.

      • theo

        Sure, ok.

        Made a simple point. We have the depth of length to frustrate Memphis inside like we’ve done all year v Indiana and Memphis.

        Agreed that Gay has fallen off, but he would have commanded attention on reputation alone. They now have nobody we have to fear or even respect from 3 or the perimeter so we can sag off, really disrupt and gamble in the middle of the court and don’t have to waste time running guys off the arc. We could probably even run a zone against Memphis if needed. When was the last time a Nuggets team could run a zone against anybody?

  • fluffhead

    are these “rotations” and line-ups for real? GK, really?
    Andre Miller almost lost us the game..and has this year 3x at least in the last 5 minutes. I REALLY hope Masai trades Karl’s gay lover in the off season. This dude has bball IQ, i get it. But his slow ass, old man, no D act single handedly allows the opposing “O” to get back into the game. I’d attack, attack, attack his sorry ass all game. UGH. Glad we won, thx to Chandler for that. But GK’s love affair with Miller is sickening to watch night in and night out. Same as it ever was…

    • theo

      Dude, break it down. Let us all know what ‘rotations’ would make us a contender. Look forward to the details.

    • James

      Really? Your backup pg gets 14-6-7 and plus 13 and he almost lost you the game? I realize stats aren’t everything and his defense stinks, but get some perspective. Usually makes 1 or 2 big shots at the end games, too. The Miller hate is just SO out of proportion to the reality.

      • theo

        Yeah, I’ve been here a month and some of the perspectives are consistently over the top. I think the bloggers here have played a big role in that with the hard to explain overt hostility toward Miller. He’s a 15 PER guy, basically, an average NBA player that brings some really special abilities to the table and also some big liabilities. But by reading this blog and some of the posters, you’d think Miller was the reason we aren’t winning 60 games this year. Again, it’s just way over the top. Much ado about little. I’d enjoy if the bloggers would spend more time on relevant critiques of the Nuggets and how we can become contenders.

    • Charliemyboy

      You really are a fluffhead. Please cheer for Sacramento. You are debasing your self.

      • theo

        Been here a month and spent most of that time getting lectured about being a troll and making comments simply to incite. In this thread alone I’ve run across a half dozen comments obviously meant to incite.
        But no lectures or sermons.

        The lecturing pastors on the site should either lecture all or lecture none. Or, as I suspect, the lecturing isn’t about blocking inciting comments, it’s just a way to say no to a take you disagree with.

      • theo

        Nice comment. Make an argument. I’m bored–even in my first month here–with the off the cuff stuff and pejoratives. Again, make an argument. I can. Look forward to your breakdown. I’m ready to respond statistically and in other ways. Go for it.

        • googergieger

          Well I’ve taken to ignoring troll comments from here on out myself and charlie was clearly talking to the person you seemed to have disagreed with as well.

          What the problem is?

  • John in LA

    C’mon Matt… why are you disrespecting Mozzy??? He deserves an A for defending that inbounds pass, and the stellar .2 seconds he played tonight… I’m not joking… AC or Harrington would’ve figured out a way to blow that with laziness, while Timo is bouncing all over and nearly intercepted the inbounds… gotta love it.

    I just have this weird feeling he will play a big roll for us in some way this season… whether it is filling in for an injury, or just on matchups…

    Sure glad they kept everyone, and didn’t make a trade for a non-difference maker. Depth certainly is a nice luxury to have.

    • dynamo.joe

      As a friend of mine said “he gave 110% the entire time he was on the court”.

      • googergieger

        Jokes aside, you could see Moz attentive to Karl and pumped to get out there and do that little thing to help his team secure the victory. That is what I love about this Denver team. Everyone is always ready to play and they do genuinely like playing together. Even curmudgeonly old man Miller was pumped when Ty sunk that shot. Normally you don’t see him that pumped outside of beating The Lakers. Who he seriously hates.

  • GB

    This is a game they lose in the playoffs, without a doubt. When it tightens up and goes to more a of a half-court game, when defense becomes more important, and when the bench starts playing like the bench (Chandler, Brewer, and Miller) again, they lose. With Karl’s rotations and lack of bigs, they will lose a series like this in the playoffs. Again. Can’t get excited over these regular season wins, they have marquee wins like this ever year, but still get bounced in the first round for the same reasons, every year.

    • Craig Binkley

      Well, I certainly won’t ask you if you’re a glass half full kind of person. Dare I ask you you’re opinion on sequestration?

    • theo

      We don’t have the talent or the perimeter shooting to contend. Pretty simple. Coaches and rotations are down the list.

  • Legalize Denver Nuggets

    you know ty needs to like it… he needs to relish having crunch time offense running through him and being the number one option in that scenario. Even not having his most efficient night, Ty seemed up to the challenge and seems to be embracing his destiny a bit more. By that, I just mean its refreshing to see GK put so much confidence in him and that the rewards are just starting to be reaped. I questioned whether Tylaw would ever step up to be a leader, but my doubts are slowly being placated. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I’m liking this team’s development. Go Nugs! F you Westbrook!

  • Fraser

    Can we please trade Andre Miller and use Julyan Stone in place. He’s a guy who is unselfish as anything, but more importantly, is an active big defender.

    if GK wants to switch everything then we can do that! Stone/Iggy/Brewer/Chandler become interchangeable and can switch everything on the perimeter. As it is we switch everything and then watch Andre miller get beaten by either size or speed

    • Mark

      “No way… Miller had a great game about a week and a half ago. That proves he’s great and we need him. JR Smith, on the other hand – I don’t care if he closed out three games in a row with his clutch 3’s. He insults the game and let’s get rid of him for nothing.”

      -George Karl

    • John in LA

      I like Julyan Stone, and have probably been one of his biggest fans on this board, but lets be honest.

      Miller, while a completely crap defender, has absolutely won several games this year for the Nuggs with some serious clutch plays. Unfortunately, he has also been a liability and lost a few, and nearly lost a few more…

      Unlike most, I actually watched all of JStone’s D League games, and wasn’t overly impressed. Wilson Chandler’s docs say it will take him a full year to be 100% back from his hip surgery, so maybe Stone is just still recovering.

      He had his moments for sure, and probably would’ve tallied 10 assists per game, if his teammates ever recognized that he, unlike most PGs in the NBADL would actually pass the ball, or those that did actually handle the pass converted on the bucket, or they ran any sort of plays. Overall though, he wasn’t killin’ it, like you would expect of an NBA Assignee…

      The thing is, we all talk about his excellent D, but what is our sample here… six minutes of play against bonafide NBA talent…

      If he can’t lock down Ben Uzoh, how is he expected to contend with Kyrie Irving?

      Right now Miller’s got passing, handles, veteran savvy, a high BBall IQ, and a post game.
      While Stone has passing, handles, size/athleticism, and D…

      So for right now I think Miller(unfortunately) is still the way to go… but if JStone’s jumper start falling, see ya’ Dre….

  • http://yahoo.com prospector

    We win because of Chandler and Brewer.. Chandler had another good game…. I pray this is a trend to stay… Brewer was focused… We also won because we were at home and OC missed like 10 free throws..
    At the end of the game, KARL in SMALL BALL madness left MILLER in… The same no defense playing, turnover, slacker, BARKLEY wanna be player that he is… We almost lost… I would have rather seen FARIED, BREWER, MCGEE, JHAM, RANDOLPH, or KARL’s SON out there instead of MILLER in that scenario….. We got LUCKY and WON.. Great now KARL has a over inflated EGO… HIS SMALL BALL WON!!!!!! Dude, you play this game 10 times and we probably loss 8 of them… The nuggets won due to CHANDLER being in a ZONE…. So it looks like FARIED, KK, and McKEE are going to play punk minutes for the rest of the season…..WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU EVER PLAY BREWER and MILLER more minutes than any of those three????? Freakin KK had 13 boards in 24 minutes… Do you hear me??? That is awesome…. Karl is like whatever.. Rebounds mean extra possessions, and you need those against OC… FARIED = ENERGY.. He may have off games but you know want? When the chips are down I know that kid will come out swinging… Everything he has done in the past 2 years means nothing to KARL… Now he is relagated to chomp minutes with have of those minutes at center… Great KARL, way to help a young guys game… Continously play him out of position, and then ride his ass when he messes up…… What messed FARIED up tonight was KARL punking him around the whole game.. Thus keeping him from getting into a rhythm… KARL punks FARIED, and Mcgee while giving MILLER a hall pass…
    Completely stupid KARL move of the game:

    Subbing out Lawson for BREWER for defense at the end of the game and LEAVING MILLER ON THE COURT… Are you kidding me? Miller is the worst defender in the NBA (or laziest) and KARL leaves him on the floor… Guess what message that sends to the team?
    1) Karl is an idiot
    2) Karl clearly plays favorites
    3) Karl still has not handed the team over to TY…
    MASAI you better address this issue in the off season.. And don’t give me any of your bs about this team being not ready to win yet..
    JHAM still in SIBERIA.. J STONE??? We will never see the kid again.. If we are not ready to complete for the title, why the hell are we not developing our YOUNG CHEAP PLAYERS….. To all you KARL HALF FULL fans, peace out.. I’m just keeping it real… We won but KARL and MILLER still suck..

    • Dubz

      Bro I hear ya but I feel like I’m “reading” a broken record if you get what I mean. You make the same points every game. I most certainly DO NOT agree with Karl’s rotations much of the time but McGee, Faried, Hamilton, etc all have MAJOR FLAWS in their games. I’m a big fan of all of those players too, I’m just trying to be objective. No doubt Miller plays too many crunch time minutes and hopefully Karl will begin to trust Ty more with the offense during crunch time after his shot tonight. However, the perpetual negativity gets a little old sometimes.

      • Charliemyboy

        I can see there are far too many nuances in a game for lame, baby complainers. Who won? Please cheer for Sacramento, Prospector; you would do them good; you do none here. Sad man.

  • monimo

    @Matt. Hello Matt, one more time I agree with you on Gallo’s grade, but not with the explanation you give. You forgot to say that Gallo did a good job on KD all night long. I dont think it would have been a good idea to take away Iggy from hot Westbrook. And, honestly, I dont like your last sentence where you were (hiddenly) suggesting that Gallos bad offensive wasnt because of injury or rust. There is no reason to think that after all the great games he had this year. And we all know that Gallo needs time to be in shape coming back after injury (as he easily misses several games in a season, it could be a major issue).

    • Dubz

      I was thinking the same things Monimo. Durant is a tad too tall for Iggy to be truly effective against. Obviously he CAN guard Durant and would surely do a decent job, but when you need someone to guard westbrook while also having two others good defenders who can guard Durant, why not use it to it’s full extent? As for Gallo, he’s proven time and time again that he takes some time to get back into game shape. He’s very much a rhythm shooter who takes a bit to get back into his flow. He’ll be fine.

      • Charliemyboy

        Notice how we were dead without Gallo last year. But this year, we have Chandler, who is only 70% of his potential. Already more effective than Faried, who we love. Don’t know Chandler’s limitations. Did you see him bump Ibaca out of the way a lay up?

  • Dubz

    To all you Chandler haters, kindly leave. Haha, just kidding. But seriously, I hope some of the critics start to open their eyes to what this guy is doing for our team. He’s not a savior or a guy who will lift them into immediate contention, but he’s not that far away either. He’ll still have his off nights offensively, but he’ll always show up defensively (He played some great D on Durant on a couple of crunch time plays) To all the others who have stuck with him throughout the hard times, looks like we weren’t wrong in thinking he’s going to be a major asset for this team moving forward. Great win boys, on to the next one.

  • Jeff

    Can everybody please stop referencing the “GK Andre Miller love affair.” The mental image is really disturbing.

  • zorba

    Chandler, just wow!!!
    This is a team without a superstar but with a lot of potential stars!Seems like Chandler won this game and I’m sure that any other player of the team may be the protagonist of a future win… and that’s what I mean by the term “team”.
    I didn’t see the game, so I can’t comment Matt’s grades. I would like though to know by you if kk’s B is objective. I mean, 8 pts, 13 reb, 3 blk in 24 min…

  • Tom

    I admit, I didn’t think Chandler would come back from his hip injury to give the Nuggets any sort of a lift this year, and for many games during his reintroduction to the lineup he was a liability, but he’s shown lately that he can make a big difference for the team, and now I’m starting to think he should be seeing 25-30 minutes at the expense of Brewer and Faried. Chandler is athletic and versatile enough to play SG, SF, and PF, he’s a pretty good defender and is starting to rediscover his offense. The starting lineup might look better with him instead of Faried, and Faried was pretty good last year as a change-of-pace energy guy off the bench anyway. Also, it would be easier for Faried to defend other bench players instead of guys like Ibaka and Aldridge right from the opening tip.

    Oh, and Miller had another decent game that he’s bizarrely getting skewered for.

  • Tom

    Unrelated, but it’s too bad the Nuggets amnestied Birdman. It would have been better to keep Bird and let Fournier play another year in Europe.

  • Greco_21

    Am i the only one that thought Koufos had at least 5 steals????

    I mean he deflected the ball twice leading to a Denver possession and two or three times he stripped Durant.

    Also i think he had 4 blocks…

    Anyway. Great win. Imagine Gallo 100% along with WC…

    Hope to see TALL line-ups

  • dynamo.joe

    Saw this from Simmons discussing best contracts in the NBA.

    “12. Konstantine Demetrios Koufos (Nuggets): 3 years, $9 million
    I don’t totally trust per-36-minute stats because they reward bench guys who can play their asses off for two eight-minute stretches over someone who knows he has to pace himself for 36 to 40 minutes, night after night, for somewhere between six and eight straight months (depending on playoffs). Having said that, Denver bumped Koufos’s numbers to 23 minutes a night, with his per-36-minute numbers holding nicely: 12.7 points, 10.3 boards, 2.2 blocks, 60% FG. He’s one of those old-school big guys who know where to go and what to do, rarely if ever trying anything outside his expertise. He’s also the MVP of the “Should I Check My Hair Before I Go Out for Warm-ups? Nahhhhhhh … ” Team.”

  • CoryW

    If this were any other team making a game winner Jon Barry would have been ecstatic. That last second shot to them was like…….whatever instead of wow that was big time! Just an observation added on to other Jon Barry comments on here.

  • al68

    Gracias a que Scott Brooks es un pesimo entrenador, porque la gestion del ultimo cuarto ha sido penosa Miller y GK casi nos hacen perder el partido. Miller no ha defendido, algo normal, pero además no ha dirigido ha dado varios pases malos, malos tiros, frustración…, y aún así GK no le ha mandado al banquillo INCREIBLE!!!!!.
    Hoy ha disfrutar pero pienso que con este entrenador y con el juego que desarrollamos en los últimos cuartos no pasamos de 1ª ronda.

    • brick

      Lo dudo. Si fuera verdad ya tuvieramos mas entrenedores extranjeros en la liga, inclusive como asistentes. Pero hasta ahora no se de nadie. A mi me parece que fanaticos aqui tienen expectativas demasiadas altas de sus entrenadores, sin saber que tan duro puede ser el trabajo.

      Pero bueno, Nugs gano y voy a disfrutar el momento.

      • al68

        Eso disfrutar y saber que hay diferentes maneras de ver el baloncesto.

  • EWilson

    Westbrook and Durant play 78 minutes combined and are called for 2 fouls total! If the Nuggets want to have a chance in the playoffs, the refs can’t be protecting OKC’s big two that much. That’s almost as bad as the night LeBron had earlier this season in Denver when he played nearly 40 minutes, put up unreal numbers and wasn’t called for a single foul.

  • Aaron

    Only a few have mentioned it here. . .but this game was all about DEFENSE. We defended very, very well, save for Westbrook continually busting our interior D, and going up over Kofous. This was certainly a game to play McGee much more. We should’ve actually gone big with those two for a while, since OKC usually plays two bigs, and even if they don’t, you can HIDE a big guy on Sefalosha or one of their people who don’t see the ball on Offense.

    I wouldn’t take us in a 7 game series with those guys either. . .but if we keep playing defense like this, we’ll beat Memphis for sure, and I actually like our chances against SA because they want no part of our running game. The key is defense as to whether we’re just a fun team, or a contending team.

    By the way, I don’t know if anyone saw. . but our old friend Carmelo has been putting up some of his defensive gems with JR lately. I DO NOT MISS having entire games off from that guy during the reg. season.

    • dynamo.joe

      Don’t kid yourself about the Spurs. Green, Splitter, Leonard, those guys are really good and dying for an oportunity to run against Denver. Sprinkle in Patty Mills, Cory Joseph, James Anderson. Add in a dash of Pop out-coaching Karl.

      There is your recipe for the Spurs going toe-to-toe with the Nuggets and saying “anything you can do I can do better”.

      There is this narrative that the Spurs are old, but the only significant players on their roster over 30 are Duncan and Ginobili. And Ginobili only gets back up minutes.

      • googergieger

        Well no team wants to run with us period, honestly. Most coaches in the league especially Pop won’t allow it.

        Spurs are going to run if the opportunity is there, where as we are going to try to run on everything.

        I agree with have a better chance against the Spurs than we do OKC, because OKC is going to ride the refs to the finals again, but we always have the same advantage against any team we play. We run better than any team in the league.

      • Ryan

        Being that James Anderson plays for the Rockets, it would be incredibly strange to see him running the fast break for the Spurs…

    • John in LA

      A couple of years ago I would have agreed with you about the Spurs, but they are a MUCH faster team now, and can run with anybody…

      I used to think their plodding, yet fundamentally sound style, was the the fastest way to bore me outta my skull. However, this year they are one of my favorite teams to watch, and that translated to one thing pace…

      On top of that, they have a killer pick and roll game, and their D is absolutely stellar.

      So even though they have 12 tough games in the month Parker will be out, I don’t see them finishing with more than 20 losses… maybe even 18.

      The Nuggs will be hard pressed to finish with less than 28… and probably more like 30.

  • Giovanni

    Destroy the childish thunder!!!!!

    One of worst officiated game of year,,,

    Imagine If Ty got the same faul of Westbrick…

    Proud of Chandler(maybe the trade rumor have influenced his game)

    Go NUGS!!!!

  • OriginalJakeSauce

    Ty’s sawgger at the shot he drilled was awesome. If he can be that guy in clutch scenarios, we are contenders. If that Ty had been there for 7-10 other last shot scenarios this year, we’d be the 1,2, or 3 seed right now.

    Nuggs feel like they’re rounding into form here. I don’t buy the “playoff games are slower than this” hype. Our D and speed are what make the tempo so fast, and only the Twolves have been able to control the pace of the game against us this year.

    Go Nuggs, great game, great win.

  • Chris

    What ever team that beats Denver in the playoffs, their starters are going to be so tired by the end of the series, they won’t have anything for the next series, I watched almost every Nuggets game and the other teams starters play a ridicolous amount of minutes

  • mitchell james

    watched the game at work, the sound wasnt on and i missed quite a bit of it. but watching it again at home on the dvr, holy shit you guys werent kidding about barry!
    every call against the nuggets was a “great call” and every call against the thunder he questioned over and over!! so annoying! just call the game!
    and he kept saying that no team in the league plays like denver. ummm small ball, defense-to-offense…. the heat? granted, yes, the heat clearly have more talent, but to say no one else plays like that is garbage.
    anyways, great game by the nugs, terrible game by the refs.
    and to withstand an efficient westbrook game (kinda) is a good sign for the nugs defensively


    for the future , Nuggets must lose 0-4 vs Memphis in 1°round and KARL + MILLER = fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Tim Noblin

    Here is how the breakdown should go for most games:

    Lawson (34/mpg)
    Iggy (34/mpg)
    Chandler (29/mpg)
    Gallo (34/mpg)
    Koufos (25/mpg)

    Miller (23/mpg)
    Brewer (22/mpg)
    Faried (20/mpg)
    McGee (20/mpg)

    Faried should be coming off the bench- His energy coming “into” the game as a 2nd unit player would be amazing. Team him with Miller, Brewer and Mcgee- Not bad!

    Chandler should be starting. I have said this many times and he is starting to show why, the more mins he gets the better he will be. He still shoots a little to much BUT when he is on, he is on, just like Gallo! We need to cut into Lawson’s mins BECAUSE he will get to tired esp during playoff time.

  • Tim Noblin

    The Nuggets can get by the Griz…. I hope that can get home court BUT either way we will win the 1st round. The 2nd round against San Antonio is going to be be tough though.

  • dynamo.joe

    I was gonna let this go, but screw it….

    Wilson Chandler won that game for us. There, I said it, are you happy? Cuz, now I will rip his game apart.

    Chandler won by epitomizing the saying; it’s better to be lucky than good.

    Chandler went 6 of 7 behind the arc. Do you really believe this is anything other than Luck? Wilson Chandler is NOT an 86% 3pt shooter!

    Chandler shot 1 of 6 from mid-range. The stupidest shot in basketball and a shot at which Wilson is particularly bad. Wilson Chandler IS a bad decision maker. After the previous game I actually defended his shot selection, even though he shot badly. He regressed this game.

    Unfortunately most fans are incapable or unwilling to decouple point totals from actual play. If he had taken the same number of shots but stepped back on those mid-range shots and hit his average % on 3pt’ers he would have been 5 of 13 and scored 30 pts, THAT would have been a great Wilson Chandler game and hope for the future.

    If he had played a smart game and his luck had held he could have scored 50 or 53. That’s my complaint, he threw away a 50+ point game so he could have a 35 pt game.

    • http://yahoo.com prospector

      Most people are blind… They only look at stats, and listen to whatever b/s the coach spews from his mouth.. Looks like 75% of this board and KARL want to start Wilson at PF over FARIED… The same Wilson that is listed as SG…. I am getting to the point where I want Faried traded to a team that will appreciate his game more than KARL… WHY are we so good at rebounding? FARIED … The dude that plays half his minutes at center.. (which by the way is freaking stupid).. You give KARL any team any he will find a way to play everyone out of position, so he can call himself a mastermind… I am starting to think OC’s biggest achilles heel is the fact the Scott Brooks actually might be another KARL small ball guy.. Guess what? They have no HARDEN this year… Looks like Duncan versue Lebron in the finals this year… And our small ball b/s will get us bumped in the 1st round, and 75% of this board will defend KARL and MILLER to their graves..

      Faried’s game is regressing due to KARL… McGee hasn’t really improved… JHAM is done…. Stone’s future is now in EUROPE… Mozzy’s game has disappeared…

      Yeah, Karl is great a developing Youth Talent… And I read where Wilson is complaining about his minutes to KARL…. Great less minutes from the 3 bigs, more small ball… More close games instead of BLOW-OUTS… More watching KARL make defensive substitutions while leaving MILLER ON THE FLOOR….. All I have to say is thanks MASAI for not man-ing up and ditching MILLER… Way to use all your “depth”… I am sick of our depth… Why do we need any bigs??? maybe we should only get all PG’s and SF’s, cause that is all Karl’s gonna play.. THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Woobly o Balls