Rapid Reaction: Denver Nuggets 120, Sacramento Kings 113

Denver Nuggets 120 Final

Recap | Box Score

113 Sacramento Kings
Danilo Gallinari, SF 36 MIN | 7-11 FG | 4-4 FT | 4 REB | 4 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 23 PTS | +6

It appeared Gallo returned to his normal mode of production prior to be sidelined with an injury. He did most of his damage behind the arc with a sprinkling of mid-range, pull-up jumpers mixed in as well. Aside from scoring Gallo also had some really nice assists.

Kenneth Faried, SF 21 MIN | 9-15 FG | 1-2 FT | 12 REB | 1 AST | 1 STL | 1 BLK | 1 TO | 19 PTS | +20

This was one of my favorite games from Faried all year. His energy was great, as were his numbers, but I loved the way he did other things, like dribble the floor and attempt shots that were outside of his comfort zone. He pulled up for several jumpers, even one that was a turn-around, and seemed to be shooting them with confidence. He also dribbled the fastbreak with a tight handle and executed the pick-and-roll perhaps better than I’ve ever seen. Faried’s energy can only get him so far so it’s very pleasing to see him tackle other aspects of his game in an attempt to grow as an all-around ball player.

Kosta Koufos, C 24 MIN | 6-9 FG | 3-3 FT | 8 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 1 TO | 15 PTS | +8

Koufos can do so much by just being in the right position. I felt he was exposed on a few pick-and-rolls and failed to defend the Sacramento bigs as well as he could have, but he made up for it by getting a multitude of easy put backs and rebounds. Bottom line: He was extremely productive in the time given.

Ty Lawson, PG 35 MIN | 8-16 FG | 6-12 FT | 3 REB | 7 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 3 TO | 24 PTS | +14

I haven’t been this thrilled to watch a certain Nuggets player since Chauncey Billups and Carmelo Anthony were on the team. Lawson is not just playing basketball at this point; he’s growing as a person. His confidence is through the roof. He’s maturing. He’s understanding the nuances of the game and it’s all paying off in the form of some incredible basketball. He started the game off somewhat slow but overcame his struggles to lead the Nuggets in scoring, yet again. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for the rest of the season.

Andre Iguodala, SG 33 MIN | 2-6 FG | 1-4 FT | 5 REB | 7 AST | 5 STL | 0 BLK | 3 TO | 6 PTS | +10

Iguodala is just not a scorer. Although he will occasionally put up points, who doesn’t in the NBA? It’s his understanding of the game and commitment to defense that make him such a vital part of this team. Against the Kings his hands were everywhere, evident by his five steals. He also moved to open spaces with the ball, drew in defenders, then found an open man on more than one occasion. His eclecticism is what was on display tonight.

Corey Brewer, SF 21 MIN | 1-3 FG | 3-4 FT | 1 REB | 2 AST | 2 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 5 PTS | -1

It wasn’t like Brewer wasn’t there. He made a few nice plays on defense and was pretty active on that end of the floor all night. But he did blend in when the Nuggets went sloppy and never really recovered.

JaVale McGee, C 21 MIN | 4-7 FG | 0-1 FT | 2 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 4 BLK | 2 TO | 8 PTS | -7

McGee continues to oscillate wildly (two points to whoever gets that musical reference) and this game was by no means a departure from that standard. He had four high-flying blocks and a few monster jams, but he also failed to rebound the ball in any way and made a number of unnecessary mistakes. I’ll always side with his talent over Karl’s double-standard grudge he seemingly holds against him, but on nights like this I can at least understand where Karl is coming from… kind of.

Andre Miller, PG 27 MIN | 8-11 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 7 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 16 PTS | -3

Why can’t Miller be like this all the time? Just shut up and play. Don’t talk to the media about how you’re on the brink of achieving some monumental status in your career and how you don’t plan on taking a back seat to anybody. You have nothing to worry about, man. George Karl is OBSESSED with you! Against the Kings, Miller went about his business quietly and effectively. He wasn’t playing hero ball, he was playing smart, calculated basketball and yet he still finished with a great stat line. This was exactly how he was playing prior to his statements in the paper and it’s exactly what the Nuggets need from him. Andre Miller is most effective when he’s trying to do the least amount of things on the court, plain and simple.

Wilson Chandler, SG 21 MIN | 1-7 FG | 2-2 FT | 4 REB | 1 AST | 3 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 4 PTS | -12

I couldn’t place Chandler all night. You want to talk about inconsistency? There is no player on the roster more inconsistent than Chandler. He was clearly dedicated to playing defense, which you have to admire, but 1-7 from the field won’t cut it. I really can’t put my finger on what it is that makes Chandler’s production fluctuate so much but I’m not sure playing him at power forward helps.

George Karl

Karls’ rotations were somewhat wacky — as usual. He went with small ball way too long when it was clearly not working and should have played Faried way more considering how hot he was. Also, the Kings made a conscious effort to clog the paint, therefore making this an excellent opportunity to get Jordan Hamilton some run and space the floor. But… Karl stuck with his normal rotation and decided to grind it out, which the Nuggets eventually did. Aside from that, I felt he did a good job of corralling his guys at halftime when things were clearly out of control and getting them through this game handily at the end. It wasn’t always pretty, but a road win at this time of year, with this team, is hardly something you can complain about.

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Kalen Deremo

Kalen was born in Durango, CO, in 1988 and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2013 with a degree in journalism. He's now an itinerant hoping to travel as much as possible before eventually succumbing to the "real world." Aside from writing Kalen likes movies, music, spicy food and the great outdoors. Edward Abbey is his current idol.

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  • Tyler

    Nuggets won on a 2nd night of a back to back. All you GK haters shut up. 6 straight and you’ll still find a way to complain.

    • Andrew K

      Until perfection is acquired, everyone will find something against Karl. Many teams would love to have GK and be 40-22. Do any of these fans remember when we only won 20 games a season? Or were they even fans then?

  • http://twitter.com/xantoniooo808x D3Ntilthe3ND

    Couldve been a really bad loss.

    Don’t know why GK didnt dig deeper into the bench, the guys looked exhausted out there.

    Another squeak-by win against the worst team in the west…

    I’m sure the GK apologists will say it was the players’ fault….

    • Nathan

      2nd of a back to back and on the road. Give them a little slack- they got the W.

      • googergieger

        I concur.

        • http://twitter.com/xantoniooo808x D3Ntilthe3ND

          Uhm, I didn’t say they did anything wrong?

          Was GK tired? Because it’s on him to sit the guys that are exhausted.

          • googergieger

            I hear you and probably agree with you, but some positivity in your comment would be, I don’t know, nice?

    • Tyler


      • leeds

        relax tyler …

  • Nathan

    Good win, now a huge game against LAC. Keep it rolling Denver… a third seed is unlikely but it isn’t out of reach yet!

  • Tyler

    Not Nathan… the guy above him.

    • http://twitter.com/xantoniooo808x D3Ntilthe3ND

      Why am I an idiot? Cause I’m not a sheep like you that just eats up everything GK says?

      You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about lmao.

  • Larry

    The missed free throws are my biggest concern. During the playoffs, it could cost them a game.

    • Ban Johnson

      or 4

    • Charliemyboy

      Free throws are mental. They have to compensate for that weakness by getting to the line a lot. It is what it is, even with 100 shots each between games.

    • Mark

      Will cost them more than one game.

  • Ban Johnson

    A road win is positive, no matter what…especially on a B2B.

    It’s great to see Gallo shooting so well too.

    3rd seed would be great — better to play the Rockets or Warriors in the 1st round –but Clippers will be tough to catch. That team won 17 straight this season…a powerhouse when they get it going.

    Personally, I think LAC is in that first tier of contenders with SA, OKC, and Miami. Denver, Memphis, and Indiana are in the 2nd tier.
    Thursday will be a great test.

    • Charliemyboy

      GK said we were in the second tier at the beginning of the year, to have no fear, next year we are there.

  • Hugh

    Free throws killed me as well as letting the Kings get as many OR and points in the paint as they did, but beyond that a very well balanced effort. To D3N, we have a deep bench, but not tonight. Faried and Koufus were our energy guys tonight. Whenever they were in we had rebounds and Cousins was upset (something I always enjoy). Free throws killed us, but the reffing was pretty bad too. I realize we got into the bonus really early in the 3rd (something like 7:45 left), but there’s no reason these should be 19 fouls called in one quarter, a majority of them going to the Kings. With that being said, we had our fair share later in the game and did not capitalize, an issue I hope doesn’t resurface come playoff time.

  • magster

    Andre Miller saved the team in the 4th when the wheels were about to fall off. Game MVP.

    Sacramento couldn’t miss. They played pretty well and we still beat them slightly comfortably. 2nd half offensive explosion. 6 in a row. Woot!

  • googergieger


    Well the good.

    As much as I and others hate on Miller, and that is more because of how he is used not because he isn’t good. He is actually a favorite PG of mine of all time, but Karl does use him and Ty together way too often. But yeah, the good.

    Miller. Gallo. Koufos, despite him getting beat a bit by that one Sac big. He did give back a bit and was one of our few bigs trying on defense. Ty and Iggy were good as well, just more sporadically.

    The bad? Everything else really. Faried had a great stat filled game, but his defense was nonexistant. And his decision making on offense was pretty bad throughout the night. And I do love the kid and constantly defend the poor grades he gets when he doesn’t put up a monster stat heavy game. But tonight the box score doesn’t tell the whole story. In general as well. We played bad and beat a bad team. Karl’s rotations were bad tonight again. When he decided to take guys out and how long he left them out on the court or on the bench. He played Ty too much without rest. Didn’t bring Gallo or Iggy back onto the court fast enough. For a bit Karl was doing something I really liked. He would leave either Iguodala or Gallo on the court. Which helps the team a lot. Our two best defenders and intangible guys.

    But yes, we won. So won’t complain. More than I did anyways. Hope we beat The Clippers. Have to come out fired up to start. Four quarter effort. Gallo seems to have found his rhythm tonight. So hopefully that will help us. Our bench seems to play better at home as well, so hopefully that will happen.

  • http://twitter.com/xantoniooo808x D3Ntilthe3ND


    Maybe it’s easier for you to comprehend the english language when it’s less structred…

    Stick with me okay?

    NUGGETS. Beat Kings 120-113. ok?

    NUGGETS. Just played & flew halfway across the country LAST NIGHT. ok?

    NUGGETS. Looked completely exhausted out there. ok?

    GEORGE KARL (that’s the Nuggets Head Coach). He should have dug deeper into the bench (mainly Randolph & Mozgov) since they were so tired & Manimal got into fould trouble.

    THE KINGS (our opponent tonight) had a lot of rebounds.

    KINGS. Almost beat us because of our energy.

    So I’m an idiot for thinking GK should’ve dug deeper into the bench to relieve our guys? The same guys who have to play a big games against the Clippers on Thursday? lol

    If you question GK, you’re an idiot? Okay then…. Fans that are okay with beating the Kings by 7 points REGARDLESS OF WHETHER IT’S A B2B ARE FANS THE BREED FAILURE. (We have such a “deep team” dont we?) Whose job is it to place players into the game, hmmmm? GEORGE KARL!!! CORRECT!!

    • Tyler

      Stop. You’re embarrassing yourself. Most people don’t agree with you. Deal with it… idiot.

    • theo

      Please tone it down. We all realize you’re passionate but no need for ALL CAPS AND EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!! That’s just shouting and screaming at others. Why go there?

      You were one of the people here that introduced me to the higher ethics of this thread when I first joined by calling me a ‘troll,’ ‘playerbasher,’ ‘whiner, etc, when I first came on board. ‘

      If Tyler responded to you that way it’s probably because you spend a lot of your time bashing others with pejoratives. Why don’t you back off and make your take without all the drama? You seem like you get the game. I’d love to hear your takes w/out the baggage.

    • Jeff

      One of the most exhaustive displays of sarcasm I’ve read on the internet in a long time. Your main point is that we should have used more subs? Ok, that’s a fair point. I think though that the team is gelling and learning from their mistakes and how to gut out wins on the road. The fast break wasn’t as explosive tonight and I think GK was trying to see what the starters could do in the half court. Subbing in Mozgov, Fournier, and Randolph everytime somebody gets a little winded isn’t a recipe for longterm success in the playoffs. As good as those players are, you have to stick with your rotations to a degree.

  • Ackdog

    Good Win! This game had me nervous. The boys did what they needed to do. I don’t think they looked tired. I think SAC exposed two of DEN’s weaknesses.

    1. Free throw shooting
    2. Defending the 3

    I sure hope Gallo can keep it going offensively. This team will be hard to beat with Ty and Gallo playing at a high level on the offensive end.

    Miller haters?????? Solid game from the vet, but what is his deal at the end of games like that??

  • Bobby

    This was a good win. I liked how even though I thought Ty looked bad he still had a good stat line. We need that out of him. Down side we still can’t defend the pick & roll and we miss free throws. That will cost once we get to the second round. More good than bad tonight.

  • Stephen H

    Went from low grades to nice to every nugget except McGee. Matt doesn’t even like nuggets and Kalen does not like McGee always down grades him.

  • AKS

    Smiths reference in JaVale McGee review — no wonder I go to your website after every game.

    • Kalen

      Very nice! Two points for you sir (or, madam).

  • Ckwizard

    The Nuggets are showing the growth as a team that I posted about at the Beggining of the year. The Nu

    • Ckwizard

      Defense is winning them games and if they can continue to get better over the next 20 games then it is a must that they show they are more than a first round playoff team. GK has done a good job this year but the better this team performs as the season comes to a close needs to be validated in the playoffs in order to validate GKs overall performance for this year.

      • AaronCAPS

        I agree. Our defense has been pretty good lately (except for perimeter D at times) but the problem is that we don’t rebound very well on D, mainly when GK puts Chandler at PF & McGee at C. Nuggets just gotta rebound on the defensive end a lot better with the second unit.

  • AaronCAPS

    Damn, Most of you aren’t chicks (if at all any of you) so quit with all the dramatic comments & stupid stuff. Seriously, its annoying.

    • theo

      You just made another dramatic comment. I’m hoping to help eliminate people like your from the thread so we can talk stats and hoops.

      • AaronCAPS

        Hey look, its this guy AGAIN, trying to starting sh*t AGAIN.

        • theo

          Jeez, uh, ok. Make a take and leave out the pejoratives. Please. Let’s move on and talk hoops.

  • paul

    Ty is great this year no doubt. But A on 6 of 12 FT shooting. He deserve B- for this one

  • http://milehighgold.wordpress.com MileHighGold

    New to the comments but I have read this blog for a while, first I have to say that the writing on here is great, very insightful and usually pretty accurate. The comment section is one of the best on the truehoop network, but I have notice a lot of name calling and disrespecting of opinions the past few weeks which has been disappointing. It is looking more and more like the comments on any youtube video.

    Now as for my own personal insight.

    The team overall played as well as they needed to play, second night of a back-to-back and the Kings never led in the 2nd half. There were times they could have put it away but didn’t and that is frustrating. They could never put the pedal to the floor and get the substantial lead they seemed on the verge of all night. Something I think comes from the usual low defensive effort. The Kings should not score 113 points on a team that has consistent defense. However, it seems that this was a team they felt they could outscore, so that is what they went out and did. On the flipside of being unable to pull away they also answered every run the Kings made, whether it was coming out of half time and scoring the first 7, or wrapping up the 4th with MADE three pointers.

    Overall team grade: B-

    Gallo: After several off nights he seemed back in his zone and willing to make his own offense rather than be passive and wait for others to create for him. It helps that he lit up the 3. The only knock I have on him for this game is he was a little weak on D. No steals and only 1 foul comes from playing a step off his man.

    Grade: A

    Lawson: Another good night from him, 24 points and 7 assists are great numbers to put up and he seems to be better understanding his importance to the team. 50% from the floor from a PG is great but not from the line, those missed free throws could have been terrible in a closer game.

    Grade: B+

    Iggy: Low point total, solid stat line. The more we get into the season the more I see why Ujiri went and got him. We have no trouble scoring and his all around game is what makes him integral to this team. Now his shooting today was pretty bad, but he did come away with 7 assists.

    Grade: B-

    Miller: He played well tonight, a little more enthusiasm than I expected from him on night 2 of a b2b. He was really the only bench player to make a significant impact and I think his +/- would have been better had he not been on the floor with the Bench.

    Grade: B

    Koufos: In the 4th when McGee was in all I could think was how much better we would be playing with KK in the game, and when he got in we closed it out. He is more important to the team than I think a lot of people realize.

    Grade: A

    Faried: Great 1st half, should have gotten more minutes, but he was +20 in 21 minutes. He was all over the glass in the first half.

    Grade: A

    JaVale: I thought his game was hard to watch, too many fouls, and bad ones, then again 4 blocks is great to see especially the swat in the lane in the 4th. He has had a great season and he is so much fun to watch, but this is a forgettable game for him.

    Grade: C

    Brewer: I was not watching the game super closely but Brewer seemed to disappear, and his stat line showed it. A game after taking 20 shots he finished the game with 3 FGA.

    Grade: D+

    Chandler: His inconsistency is becoming almost predictable, I would not be surprised at all is had drops 25+ on the Clips, but tonight was not his night and with the worst +/- tonight(-12), he also earns my lowest grade.

    Grade: F

    GK: Too many small line ups for my liking and not enough KK and Faried. That said, we won the 2nd of a b2b and played our game while on the road so he was able to get what he wanted.

    Grade: B

    Let me know anything you disagree with me on, I am sure there was plenty I missed and there is plenty to add.

    • paul

      i agree more on your grading than kalen. hehehe

    • Charliemyboy

      Too much grading on stats. Grading should be on responding to circumstances. Sometimes matchups are insurmountable and determine stat line; sometime easy. Effort and awareness should constitute grades.

      • http://milehighgold.wordpress.com MileHighGold

        I get what you are saying and I agree, there are a lot of things a stat line does not tell you about how people played. But I felt there were certain stats that helped tell the story of how each person helped or hurt the team. For instance Brewers 3 FGA really show how little he did on this particular night, whether that was because of the match ups he dealt with or if he was just passive, he was not as impactful as he can be some days. In all honesty, stat lines are easy to turn to immediately following the game, to get better anecdotal evidence I would have to take notes, and I would rather just watch the game and try to remember what I can.

    • DH

      I just want to second your thoughts on the commenting. I am a big fan of this blog’s writers. But the comments section is becoming unreadable at times. My view is that we are here to talk about the Nuggets, not each other. And if we must reference another commenter, what’s wrong with showing a little respect?

      • Joshua

        Amen. Let’s talk basketball.

  • http://milehighgold.wordpress.com MileHighGold

    Well Kalen you and I seemed to agree on quite a bit tonight, I promise I wrote mine before I read yours.

  • Jim

    Barbarism begins at home …for another apt smiths title. Trap game win against a team playing much better lately. What did gk fuck up again?

    For all the complaints for the last two seasons about having too much depth, the current 9 man rotation looks really damn good right now. Looking very playoff ready to me with 20 games to burn in. Feels different to me this year.

    Love the idea of hiring a free throw whisperer.

    • http://milehighgold.wordpress.com MileHighGold

      I agree the rotation is looking so much better, and GK is using his depth. Most teams use an 8 man rotation and it is good to see a high tempo team work in a 9 man rotation. I wish he could add one more man to the rotation, but the only way that is happening is if the games get longer.

      I also think we need a new shooting coach, for free throws and threes.

  • theo

    Why no blow out?

    One of Javale’s poorer performances this year. No D and tons of offensive rebounds for the Kings when he was on the floor. We’re up by double digits at halftime and Sacto loses any belief it can win if McGee even shows up during the first 24 minutes. Again, troubling immaturity and a lack of professionalism during a stretch run. Frustrating.

    Lots of dribble penetration in the paint and slow rotations that allowed a perimeter stiff on a roll to look all world against us.
    Obvious pattern. Used to call our defensive rotations ‘glacial’ but am now considering downgrading to ‘geologic.’ Overstating things, but very hard to watch.

    Once again, we can’t make free throws.

    Still, we’re crushing it in so many other ways we’re on our way to 55 wins.

    Some perspective. Our first real post Melo team last year played at a 47 win pace had the season gone the full 82. We’re on pace (current winning % X 82) for 53 wins and a lot of us think we’ll win more than 53.

    Contention? No. Progress? Yes.

    • Charliemyboy

      Thoughtfull supported post. Good job!

  • googergieger

    Oh and Javale should get props for his composure after Cousins hit him in the nuts and then slapped him in the face in front of the refs with no call to show for it.

  • Frontrange

    Watching Nash play for the lakers. . .they would have been better offer going for miller and saving a few dollars.

    • googergieger

      Except for the whole Miller hates the Lakers thing, yeah.

  • heykyleinsf

    Iggy A-


    I am getting so sick of the favoritism.

    • heykyleinsf

      some no-name backup SG scored 32 tonight..

      wow is Iggy an elite defender.

      • googergieger

        Okay I’ll bite.


        • heykyleinsf

          Iggy has great games.. He’s a great player.
          Just not this time.

          RBMC and so many fans just give him
          a pass every night… even if the defense
          were true… (I don’t see it.. raining threes
          like that.. I don’t see it)..
          Iggy still has way too many turnovers,
          way too many missed FT, way too many
          ugly shots way off the mark.


          “he just isn’t a scorer”

          Some nights I will go along.

          Every night?

          I’m gonna puke here….

          • googergieger

            So what is the explanation?

      • Ryan

        “Buckets” Thornton does just that. Gets buckets. And loses… pretty much every game… that’s just what he does, I wouldn’t be too hard on Iggy for that…

  • John in LA

    Man am I glad the Kings turned down the Nene for Cousins trade way back when… That guy is a friggin’ douche. Talk about toxic.

  • Cephus

    Javale, Javale, Javale . Two rebounds ? Sweet kid at heart with all pent up talent that evidences sporadically like JR Smith but much more pricey. That will keep Karl popping Malox like pez candies.

  • AaronCAPS

    We need Koufos to teach McGee to be more poise out on the court when it comes to rebounding, but then again I don’t think Koufos wants to loose his starting job. Lol

  • Chris

    With the rumors of the Nuggets being interested in Kyle Korver, Could that mean the end of Cory Brewer in Denver? If so, who would you rather have? Brewer or Korver if it came to that?

    • Tonia01

      Personally I am not a fan of one dimentional players like Korver. I think Brewer is doing quite a good job for Denver, in many aspects of the game, fast brakes, energy, defense, scoring time to time. The issue is that he will be restricted FA and a lot depends on how much he wants to cash for the next contract. Maybe Denver will not be able to meet his salary expectations.

    • DH

      I have always liked Korver, and we do need outside shooting. But I believe that what Brewer brings to this team is something the Nuggets don’t (or shouldn’t) want to lose. Brewer’s energy lifts the whole team at times, especially in games where the team is kind of going through the motions. So, hands down, I would prefer we keep Brewer – unless the market dictates an unacceptable contract, which I doubt.

    • Mitch

      Since we already have a slew of swing men I like, I don’t see how Korver get’s much playing time in Denver. I was thinking that Fredette might be a nice backup to Ty and a lot cheaper than Korver. He’s smart and can shoot. His weakness is D but would he be any worse than “An re” Miller.

      • CPJ32

        For 3.2 million CBrew provides in 23 mins – 11.5 pts, 3.0 rebs, 1.5 asts, 1.3 stls. You can live with the below average shooting because he makes up for it on defense, hustle and energy alone.

        With Korver for 5 million, you will get in 31 mins – 11.5 pts, 4 rebs, 2 asts and almost 3 three pointers per game.

        The main difference is Korver can flatout shoot the three, but Brewer just flatout hustles and is one of the fastest guys in the league which suits Denvers style.

        Personally, I think that Brewer will take ther best contract offer available as he has just turned 27 and this will be probably the biggest contract offer he can land, just depends if Masai wants to match it.

  • googergieger

    Really guys? One poor night from everyone and already back on the Koufos is more fundamentally sound and therefore greater than McGee wagon? Before this game and after that Washington game Javale has been our best big. He’s been boxing out consistently. He himself might not have been getting the rebound but he was responsible for someone else getting it. Heck in less minutes he was getting equal to or greater rebounds than Koufos as well. Not one person on this blog seemed to give the kid any credit as well.

    Kid was bad tonight. Mostly everyone was. But come on already.


    • Greco21

      Its just wrong comparing them. They are different. I will just go with the option “keep the guy on the court as long as he is playing good”.

      I am impressed with the McGee rim protection right now. He got improved big time on that matter. He is just scary right now. Really good rim protection. Going for the block though sometimes leaves room for the offensive rebound. That is his job though. So I would not penaltize McGee for not rebounding.

      Koufos on the other hand has to finish strong. DUNK, DUNK, DUNK. The close hooks are just fine and count for two points at the end but i strongly believe that he could earn some fouls by opposing bigs.

      Playing in the weak side some times seems that Denver is attacking with 4 players. He is not only playing weak side, but he is lost in the weak side. Ok he provides spacing but he is nowhere near the Offensive Rebound.

      Overall Denver should be happy with the game plan and the option of 2 solid 7 footers.

      What upsets me is small ball

  • Joel Dean

    I understand that most of you are having a hard time with Wilson Chandler not being consistent but you guys have no idea how good of a player we have. In NY, him and Gallo were about the same on offense and Chandler was better on defense. When the trade happened Chandler was the better player and I still believe when 100% he will still be better than Gallo which is hard for most of us to think about. The good thing about Chandler is that he has big nights like the OKC night when he starts and knows his roll and is rested. The second night of a back to back however he needs to not play. He is the 3rd scorer on this team on the level of Ty and Gallo and he can create. Just wait till he starts driving again too. Also the OP mentions playing him at PF which while isn’t ideal immediately, he is more than capable of playing the position. He is long and I have seen him guard Dirk, Aldridge and all the longest 4’s very well. What he will do for us is when we play OKC, he will guard Durant and Leave Iggy to guard Westbrook. You can’t think of many better wing defensive combo’s than Chandler, Iggy, but he will need everyone of the remaining 20 games to get back to form. Hopefully he stays healthy going into the off season and you will see why GK and Masai put this kind of faith in him. But ya on the second night of a back to back, put brewer at the 3/4 and hamilton should get Chandlers minutes. GK must really hate hamilton.

  • Tonia01

    A win is a win, and in a back to back it happens to play so and so. I could not see the last few matches, and this one was not exactly the best one to have an opinion on the development of the team.

    However it looks like we are really confident and Ty is leading the team as good as he never managed to do before.

    I saw a moment in the 1st quarter where GK used Ty, Iggy, Gallo, Chandler and McGee at the same time. This to me is a very interesting line up. A lot of scoring options, big, athletic, and good on the defensive side.

    My concerns for the Nuggets in the playoffs is still the 4 position. Although Faried had a few boards, he cannot really defend any decent player in the NBA and he is always outplayed by the opponent. While we saw that at PG and SF we are incredibly deep and at least two of our guys always stand up and lead the team, at PF and C we have quite some question marks against the top teams.

    • Andrew K

      There were actually many times where I think Anthony Randolph has come in and played very decently at the 4 position. Not saying it’s going to be as solid as the other positions, but it is definitely a strength to have him there when he plays smart.




    • Nugznazty

      You are simply adorable, do you like tuna sandwiches?

  • CoryW

    Faried vs. Griffin, Ty vs. Paul, McGee vs. Jordan, a lot of good match ups. Should play the lob snatcher mozgov lol

    • googergieger

      Would be something to see the entire Clipper team including Billups dunk on him.

      Just kidding! Love the Mozgov!

  • Z

    Grading system is flawed its cool though a win is a win. Gallo/Faried carried the team so i know that is the key to this Forum.

  • Z

    Hopefully the nuggets finish this season on a run and make some noise in the playoffs. I still want Chandler moved i think he will flourish on another team.

  • http://yahoo.com prospector

    George KARL the idiot does not “COACH”… He uses the same rotations every single night.. Only small tweaks…. Faried was playing his best basketball of the year, and what happens??? He gets seated in the final 6 mins due to his taking some 12 foot shots… Faried was feeling it tonight, so why get on his butt for trying to expand his game…. Anyone who watched BARKLEY his first few season remember an out of control ball of aggression.. He would run a fast break and I would cringe.. But you know what?? He worked and worked (AND HAD THE FREEDOM TO DO SO) and his game grew into the hall of fame game had he……. KARL gives young guys NO FREEDOM……. NONE…

    FARIED/McGEE/ KK could be having career games and he will still play them their usually less than 26 minutes.. MILLER/BREWER get their time plus some regardless if how their games are going……… The team is in the second game of a back to back against a sub-par team; do they play RANDOLPH/ JHAM for some energy minutes?

    OF COURSE NOT…… How are the going to develop when you won’t play them against SAC TOWN? POP’s in SAN AN would have rested some of his vets in a game like this.. JUST SO he could develop the youngsters..

    We are not developing crap for the future.. JHAM’s and STONES games are regressing…

    WHY THE HELL WAS MILLER handling the ball for a qtr ending shot??? THIS IS TY’S TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Ckwizard

      Sometimes when I need some comic relief I need look no further than this board. Thank you Prospector I like being able to count on your rant of the day with the dose of sarcasm, I am a fan of Lewis Black’s comedy routine and you are this boards equivalent!

  • Kyle

    Faried was in constant foul trouble that’s why he didn’t get more minutes. With Faried it’s about finding a balance between being aggressive and playing smart. He looks best when he is over the top aggressive, which sometimes ends up getting him in trouble.

    Also, I would take Karl over any coach in the league. Stop the hate.

    • http://yahoo.com prospector

      Is your last name KARL?

      • Kyle

        Prospector – do you watch basketball bro?

  • http://espn garyG

    If Ft’s & 3P’s were not part of the NBA, the Nuggets would be the best in the West if not the entire league. And its not even as much their own poor shooting from behind the arc, but the propensity to give away so many uncontested looks to the other team. If they don’t improve an inch on scoring but somehow better their D beyond the arc by just 50%, they are a top 3 team in this conference. If they improve their FT shooting to over 75% as a team, the probably win the west. In all honesty if they are just a better FT shooting team, they definitely beat the Fakers last year in the first round and most probably even the Thunder2 yrs ago; that series had to be the worst display of charity stripe shooting as a team in the history of the league…..Nene made Shaq look like a FT god and Howard the angel by his side.
    Ironically both flaws i beleive are a direct by-product of us being a great paint team…O & D. Our strengths are lay-ups, dunks and boards, which do nothing to enhance the mentality of overall D and better shooting. The emphasis and hence the effort goes down outside the inner ring and GK accepts it as a stylistic limitation. Am not sure how much they can improve in those areas unless the personnel, coaching, philosphy or all 3 are altered.
    I could still see us being a true contendor if we had a true great big man @ 5; but with the assortment we have now, its just not enough to overcome the difference in shooting (3p & charity stripe) between us and the likes of OKC/SA.

  • http://yahoo.com prospector


    KARL win never, ever, ever win a ring coaching any team..

    He’s not happy with any PF that’s not gifted with the talents (not the brain) that Shawn Kemp had… He also loves the stretch forward like SAM PERKINS… Basically he just keeps trying to recreate the SEATTLE team that he didn’t win a ring win.. You know the one that got punked by Denver… Since, KK, McGEE, Faried, Randolph, mozzy are not like his boys from the past they get limited minutes…. Karl will never, ever, ever play any of those cats 35 plus for an extended amount of time.. You could have Chandler, and GALLO out (which happened) and they will still play limited minutes.. He would sub a D-league Shooting Guard in at PF just to sit FARIED… How do I know??? Because I watch ever freaking game… I am tired of this B/S and I know we will get beat in the 1st round like always.. If we do luck into the 2nd round we will get punked in the half court game alone, and get out rebounded due to the small ball 2 PG lineups….. I am a realist…. Not a KARL half full guy.. Don’t give me any of the free throw- 3point shooting crap….. Give me 40 minutes of a traditional a center, PF, SF, SG, PG lineup, and I will give you a win.. Eistein’s definition of insanity is KARL… Take the red pill and wake up.

  • theo

    Love the passion but not most of the content. Lots of us watch the games. Keep wondering why so many fans here bring up stuff from 20 years ago that isn’t relevant this season. I’m focusing on this year and how we get better.

    Sounds like you don’t like Karl’s system and don’t believe we can win a championship playing that way. Reasonable take for sure based on the evidence.

    Given the system we have, seems more relevant at this point to identify our main weaknesses and try to improve them. We stink it up from 3, the mid range, and can’t make frees. We play down to bad teams.

    Fixable problems. Try to fix those first. If we can’t, make changes.

    Gotta be honest, I don’t think playing any of the guys you mentioned 35 minutes will get us closer to contention.