A PSA from RMC

Fellow readers,

I’d like to take this time to first of all thank all of you who read our site and (for the most part) speckle the comments section of our blog with thoughtful insight and analysis. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate your input, as many of you contribute to the overall success of our site just as much as our writers do. We recognize Roundball Mining Company has one of the very best readerships of the entire TrueHoop Network and that without you our writing and level of passion for the Denver Nuggets would not exist.

At the same time, we need everyone to be on the same page in terms of respect. We strongly encourage you to voice your opinion no matter how much you disagree (or agree) with what we have to say, but please do so in an intelligent and humane manner. Ad hominem attacks, name calling and a general sense of disrespect for others is something RMC aims to distance itself from as much as possible. We feel the intelligence of our community is our greatest asset but lately it has been watered down by lazy and unthoughtful statements in a variety of different articles. It’s understandable that from time to time your required to be blunt with your assessment of our writing, but if you chose to critique us with straightforwardness at least attach some humility and respect along with it. That’s all we ask.

Thanks again for your cooperation and continued support of RMC. Remember, we’re all in this together.

Go Nuggets!

— Kalen

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Kalen Deremo

Kalen was born in Durango, CO, in 1988 and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2013 with a degree in journalism. He's now an itinerant hoping to travel as much as possible before eventually succumbing to the "real world." Aside from writing Kalen likes movies, music, spicy food and the great outdoors. Edward Abbey is his current idol.

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  • S

    F you Kalen! you’re an idiot just because!

    • Charliemyboy

      Your name calling shows who you really are.

  • Natey

    Grown men need to act like Grown men. Should be simple right??

  • Tonia01

    Fully agree Kalen, people who use insults or strong staments often are just lacking proper arguments to partecipate to the debate. Thanks god the majority of us just enjoy sharing opinions and challenge eachothers respectfully.

  • DH

    Kalen, I’m sure you already understand this, but it seems to me the vast majority of RMC readers appreciate the work that you and the other writers do, and are very grateful that a site like RMC – where we can read about and talk about all things Nuggets – even exists. I hope you don’t let the “vocal minority” get to you.

    That said, and speaking as a long-time RMC reader, some of the commenting has become so out of control that it has certainly lead to my visiting the site much less often than in the past. I enjoy expressing my opinions, reading others’ opinions, and generally discussing the Nuggets in any rational, respectful manner. But it seems that more and more I have to wade through personal attacks (on the writers or on other readers), hysterical tirades, perpetual agenda thumping, etc. to get to comments that have any real value.

    I hate to suggest this, because it shouldn’t have to be this way, but perhaps it is time to consider requiring site registration and doling out warnings (even leading to possible banning) to those who do not follow simple rules of decorum. I’m sure that’s something you would rather avoid, but it might be necessary.

    Hopefully, it won’t come to that and your PSA will achieve the desired result. I have always been a big fan of Jeremy and his blog, and I look forward to it returning to the thoughtful, intelligent meeting place for Nuggets fans that it used to be.

  • Patrick

    THANK YOU!!! The immaturity level of 90% of people on the internet is unbelievable. And unfortunately this post will not help the stupidity because people are ignorant. I hope they realize how stupid they sound though. GROW UP!!!!

  • steve

    well said. Too bad people will still be ridiculous because they can be. Hopefully it doesn’t get out of hand.

  • Ckwizard

    It seems that more people are commenting on this blog than at the beginning of the year but is it because more people are now reading it or is it that those reading are now starting to comment, I guess it is probably both but as your fan base grows this is what happens with a Internet population that is used to communication through twitter and text messaging both of which dilute an individuals ability for intelligent conversation.

    So how does your blog deal with the Negative, Petty and immature fan base? IMO the Analysis presented by Matt about Gallo was the meat that created some good basketball conversation even though some of the language was strong as passionate opinions backed by perception and knowledge collided in argument and debate good stuff… The last few pieces on this sight however especially like the “Staking a Claim” was like poking a beehive and expecting to not get stung because there was nothing to debate or talk about especially if you don’t agree with the author.

    Right now Casual Fans have it Good because the Nuggets are doing well and because they are doing well the casual fans are following a little more closely. The passionate fans however follow closer and have longer memories and stronger emotional ties to their teams. So right now you have people expressing how thrilled they are with the Nuggets which is good and substantiated by the current state of things including George Karl being a “good coach.” You also have people who want to see the Nuggets be more than they have been for the last 10 years who see George Karl as horrible and see nothing different about this year vs the previous years.

    If you want to change the tone of the comments then find some meatier content that changes the debate. In the mean time get ready because expectations for this team are growing and if there is another monstrous letdown by this team/coaching staff then blogs like these are going to become increasingly negative, petty , and immature.

    I wish you guys had more resources but as is overall I enjoy the work you put into this blog and ask that you find away to get thicker skin because success of your sports team only increases the passion of its fan base not its intelligence or maturity, and the Nuggets and George Karl (whom I do not support) are better than a lot of people think!

  • Roger

    Wow, what a pussy.

    • Charliemyboy

      What you say is what you are.

  • Legalize Denver Nuggets

    I think many of us have been thinking this same thing. I’ll always read whatever you the writers produce, but one of the things that turned me on to this site was being able to read other fans thoughts and intellectually engage with them. Which I and most certainly others are less likely to do when it is flooded with spam and/or less developed comments. While I’m not deluded into thinking anyone really cares about what I have to say, it would be a more engaging community if all of us felt inclined to participate. So I encourage thoughtful readers and posters who don’t post as often because the level of rhetoric has decreased over time to speak up in in this thread so we can identify each other and interact with each other while ignoring most of the nonsense!

    Just want to take the time to give a big THANK YOU to all the writers here (esp because I was a dick to Matt on his last post (although I was hoping it was clear that it was merely how I was experiencing things, and not random hate)). Seriously- they don’t have to be doing this. I consider piece of Nuggets coverage a blessing whether I agree with it or not. All of our writers are talented, dedicated, and each has unique perspectives to bring to the table. I have no idea if these guys get paid or not, but I feel pretty comfortable saying that their effort exceeds their rewards. Clearly these are individuals who have passion for this team and this game.

    DH- I’m with you on the registering… great idea in theory, but the last thing I want is for our faithful bloggers to spend their time patrolling the comments section rather than writing about the nugs or living their own lives. But if they want to do that, I’m cool with it.

  • Chris

    Trolling blogs is every internet user’s god-given right, but I would place RMC high above most other digital outposts in terms of the respect and intelligence with which commenters approach stories (as well as one another). That’s a pretty cool thing…and I hope that as the readership grows, such a quality doesn’t disappear.

    Thanks for keeping it real.

  • amlowlife

    This site used to be good for a robust discussion of all things Nuggets. Over the course of the season it as devolved into an extremely negative, back-biting, name-calling, super-troll site.

    I used to read the comments all the way through but for the past month or so i get 1/2 way or, more recently, 1/3 of the way and click to another Nuggets site.

    Personally, I would kick more than few trollers off. I own/operate a couple of other non-sports sites with message boards/forums/comment sections and have had to do that very thing. First a general warning like this, then a person-to-person warning and then the boot.

    It’s amazing what happens after the harsh negativity leaves. So many people who used to comment come back, others who didn’t respond before now feel comfortable doing so, and most of the ones who grew to be negative (due to defending against the few trolls) revert to their former OK selves. It’s usually just one or two who are the real offenders, many of the others are just defending themselves and don’t want to back off.

    It’s not about criticizing–that should be allowed in spades–it’s about HOW it is done. Fun poking, intellectual arguments, even decent WTFs should be welcome. But the attacking and ridiculous negativity shouldn’t be tolerated. Sometimes it’s a fine line but it’s a line that should be set down nonetheless.

    We’ll see how far RMC proceeds from here. Should be interesting…

  • Daniel Y

    “The more you Know”

    Thanks Kalen. I come here for the generally productive insight provided by fans that you can’t get on the ESPN boards. Opinions differ, and usually you get very intelligent input from the posters.

    I for one appreciate this site and the grades after each game, although I may not always agree with them.

    Go Nuggets, let’s get another win over “Flop City” tonight.

  • Joshua

    I have an idea. I think you guys should incorporate a voting system into the comments section. That way, the best comments are seen on the top and the trolly whiney comments get hidden. (A good example of where this works well would be Imgur). This would incentivize even more well-thought out commentary and discourage people just being obnoxious. An added benefit would be that readers like me who are simply looking for good insight will no longer have to sift through to find the gold (I wasn’t trying to make a nuggets pun there).

    I can’t even begin to speculate what it is like running a blog (and I know near to nothing about websites) so I apologize if this idea makes no sense at all.

    Anyway, you guys do an awesome job as it is and for the most part there are a lot of really great commentators here as well. Thanks for all that you guys do at RMC. Us nugs fans really do appreciate all the hard work!

    • Ckwizard

      Like this idea and would be fine with having to register to post

  • leeds

    I understand that there are some people “name-calling” others on this site, and that usually does not further any debate.

    I will agree with you that our society no longer knows how to debate without being aholes. This is a sad fact.
    People no longer debate based on facts to prove their points, they resort to calling the other person an idiot, etc…

    However, I will disagree with you a little bit, because after all, your team of staff writers are just that, bloggers and nothing more. You share with us your opinions on the game, the players and the everything else you find relevant in Nuggets Nation. And by allowing comments, you allow for reactions (both good and bad). You cannot control what someone writes and how they write it. It could be negative, it could be positive. In the end, as writers your opinions will never make 100% of the people happy or get 100% of the people to agree with you. So to be blunt, “grow a pair” and take the negative comments with a grain of salt.
    Ignore it if you feel you must but you should not tell people how to write it.

    • DH

      I just need to point out that I don’t see where Kalen says that everyone needs to agree with him (or another writer) or that someone cannot express a negative sentiment. And I don’t think he’s asking much (the bare minimum, really, IMO).

      More importantly, I think the statement that “You cannot control what someone writes and how they write it” is completely false. This isn’t my site or your site or any other reader’s site. It is Jeremy’s site, and to whatever degree Jeremy allows, it is the other writers’ site. We are visitors and should act accordingly, following whatever protocol is requested of us, if we wish to use the site. And should we choose to ignore that concept of common decency, they are certainly able and within their rights to “control what someone writes and how they write it” by taking away someone’s (or everyone’s) commenting rights or by banning offenders.

      So far, they are choosing to take the high road and just issue a gentle reminder that it’s always best to act like a civilized human being. Hopefully, that’s all it will take.

  • Jeff

    I would humbly like to give the Roundball community some advice. While analyzing the game is insightful and fun, we don’t need to get stressed out over this stuff. We don’t get paid like the coaching staff so why should we get stressed out like we’re coaches? I personally don’t really like looking at the grades anymore because I like to just enjoy the game without judging every player. But I appreciate what the writers bring and will continue to check on articles.

  • https://twitter.com/denbutsu Joel

    What I’m about to say here is just my personal opinion, and not “official” RMC policy or anything. But I would like to throw in my $0.02 on a couple of points.

    First, regarding the suggestions as to how to handle this situation, there have been some good suggestions made above as to changes that could be made (registration, moderation, eetc.). That said, it is my understanding that RMC has never had an official moderation policy, bu instead that basically most people have been cool most of the time, and when someone blatantly crossed a line their post might just get deleted without any further action. And it’s my impression (and I think Kalen’s post reflects this), that our collective preference would be to keep it that way. To basically leave the comments section as a self-regulating space, where people will abide by common decency. I’ve moderated another Nuggets forum before, and from my experience Nuggets fans tend to be good natured folks who could pretty much maintain a cool environment on their own.

    Secondly, personally speaking, I’m much more concerned about commenter-to-commenter insults/flames/trolling/etc. than I am about people giving us writers that sort of treatment. When you agree to write in a public forum, that stuff kind of goes with the territory, and I think it’s safe to say we all have thick enough skin not to worry about it. But if the readers start getting turned off (and some above have indicated you have) because of the back-and-forth in the comments getting too personal, then that’s a more serious problem to me.

    In the enduring words of Bill and Ted, be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes.

    • DH

      Thanks for chiming in, Joel. I’ll just point out that while I realize that you writers need to have a thick skin, as a reader, the insults (as opposed to constructive criticism) thrown at writers are the same as those thrown at other readers. It is not interesting or enjoyable having to sift through any of it.

      Also, in the interest of full disclosure, my issues with the comments go beyond that and admittedly are just a matter of my personal taste. So a lot of it might not be fixable and/or there might be no reason to fix it. I prefer a rational, objective, calm, and sometimes even humorous discussion, whereas the comments at RMC seem to skew towards the confrontational and (IMO) irrationally negative and agenda-driven. It’s a minority of readers that make it that way, but it’s a very vocal minority that tends to dominate the discussion.

      Anyway, until now I just chalked it up to the RMC readership changing over the years, and I have somewhat moved on. However, I’m encouraged by Kalen’s post and the generally positive reaction to it. Regardless, keep up the good work. You and the other writers have always done a fantastic job and it is appreciated.

  • Nugznazty

    Why don’t you all just grow up and go to denverstiffs?

    • DH

      ??? I’m a regular at DS. Love it. This is a great site, too. Some of us think it could be even better and are trying to make suggestions along those lines. No need to troll. /disappointed in a fellow stiff

  • theo

    Just as a word of encouragement to RMC writers and the folks that post here regularly–it really is a strong site and the discussion at a high level. I haven’t joined in at other hoops sites before this–though I read ’em–because in most cases the convo is pretty basic and consists of way too much trash talking and insults. Gets old fast. Anyway, lots of folks that know their hoops here in a place that supposedly isn’t a ‘basketball city’ where the local media barely cover the sport. Maybe some day a Nugs late regular season run will get as much play in town as the NFL combine or speculation about Broncos’ free agents….

  • http://superfurryanthony.blogspot.com Stunt

    I’ve never posted before (3 month lurker), but I think registration may be a good idea, if people are genuinely worried. It’s not like the people that are accused of trolliing are actually against the Nuggets (note: I’m neutral, and they are simply the western conference team I’m most interested in lately).

    More often, it’s just a back/forth fight. While the discourse isn’t always pleasant, both sides care about the nuggets. Registration simply takes your identity (of some sort), and links it to your views on the nuggests. Better that than anonymity, if anonymity is destroying the discourse between members of one of the more interesting fanbases in the NBA.

  • AaronCAPS

    How about a like & dislike bar? Kinda like YouTube or ESPN Conversation.

  • theo

    Honestly, after reading all this, I’m sort of puzzled by the thread here. I appreciate trying to make things more civil–I obviously don’t like name calling and think it ruins a good thing–but sort of surprised by all the hand wringing about how the thread has become so bad. Not feeling it. Guess I missed the golden days.

    • DH

      “Bad” is a relative thing, I guess. My “bad” might be your “great”. RMC was much different a few years ago, that’s for sure.

      • theo

        Like I said, missed the golden days. Sounds like it was a wonderful world. In my experience–reading so far and not participating until now–most sports threads feature a lot of drunk fans insulting each other. Every entrepreneurial effort begins with purists with a vision that end up disappointed but still turn out a very good effort that makes a difference. Been there in both the for profit and non profit world. I’m a little older so maybe I’ve got a different take. No need for all the hand wringing. It’s a strong site. Something to be proud of.

  • TyroneH

    I love the site I think that some of your writers need to talk more about NUGGETS and LESS about how they feel about the fans or their teams. Especially when they are writing stories saying We should appreciate our success. NO WE WANT A RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!