Rapid Reaction: Denver Nuggets 101, Philadelphia 76ers 100

Philadelphia 76ers 100 Final

Recap | Box Score

101 Denver Nuggets
Danilo Gallinari, SF 36 MIN | 3-10 FG | 4-4 FT | 4 REB | 2 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 7 TO | 12 PTS | +4

Truth be told, Gallo hasn’t been very good since the new year. He’s scored only four 20-plus point games in the last month and continues to take very questionable shots. He was pretty close to awful against the Sixers. He got to the line and made a few buckets but he took about three of the worst shots any Nugget has taken over the last month. The real Gallo is nowhere to be found right now.

Kenneth Faried, SF 26 MIN | 4-9 FG | 0-0 FT | 7 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 0 TO | 8 PTS | 0

Faried did nothing astonishing but his commitment to defending inside the paint was impressive and also an improvement on what he normally does. He had one great chase-down block and several other block attempts that altered his opponent’s shots.

Kosta Koufos, C 22 MIN | 2-6 FG | 1-2 FT | 8 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 3 BLK | 1 TO | 5 PTS | -1

When Koufos has a bad game, nobody notices. Aside from his three blocks he didn’t play too well. He got abused in the post on more than one occasion by no-namers and seemed to be a step behind his rotations most of the night (although to be fair, so was everyone else).

Andre Miller, PG 40 MIN | 9-14 FG | 3-5 FT | 3 REB | 8 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 21 PTS | -12

I hate grading Andre Miller. I just hate it. If you were to look at his stat line alone, you’d have to wonder how he could get anything other than an A. But watch the game and you’ll wonder why I’m being so generous with a C-plus. He totally screwed the Nuggets pace this game. He didn’t even try to push the ball up the court. And on defense — I can’t even begin to tell you how awful he was. In the first five minutes there were about three plays where he willingly let his opponent slide by him without even trying to stop him. He had me laughing out loud his defense was so bad. Overall, Miller is just not a good fit for this team and the way Karl likes to play. Miller is a ball-dominant, half-court guard, who prefers to play at his own 90-year-old pace instead of pushing the pace like the rest of his teammates. Had it not been for Corey Brewer this loss would have almost been solely on Miller.

Andre Iguodala, SG 40 MIN | 5-9 FG | 3-4 FT | 4 REB | 4 AST | 2 STL | 1 BLK | 4 TO | 13 PTS | +8

Iguodala was aggressive for about one half, then pretty much disappeared. This is a reoccurring theme with him. For playing 40 minutes he should be a little more effective than he is. Also, Holiday had his way with him on more than one occasion.

Anthony Randolph, PF 21 MIN | 3-6 FG | 1-2 FT | 3 REB | 0 AST | 3 STL | 1 BLK | 1 TO | 7 PTS | +11

Keep in mind: This is the first game Randolph has played more than 20 minutes in a over a month. He was a bit rusty but had several key plays. His hands were active (evident by his three steals) and his defense wasn’t bad. He had a nasty crossover drive earlier in the game and ended up blocking the final shot of the game to seal the victory for the Nuggets.

Corey Brewer, SF 33 MIN | 10-18 FG | 4-5 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 5 STL | 1 BLK | 0 TO | 29 PTS | +3

If there was a way to give Brewer a better grade I would. His performance tonight was nearly ineffable. When the entire team came out flat in the first, Brewer came in to save the day. When there was no sign of defense being played anywhere on the court, Brewer stepped it up and ignited (or at least tried to ignite) the fastbreak. And in the end, when the Nuggets needed a miracle shot to win the game, he somehow drew a 3-point foul and hit ALL THREE of his free throws to win the game for the Nuggets. Brewer takes a hell of a lot of heat from Nuggets fans for being a streaky shooter but he’s been one of the most clutch players on the team all season long, especially on defense where the Nuggets patented fast-break offense gets started in the first place. Brewer was the “Anti-Miller” in this game, basically willing the Nuggets to victory off the bench. This was without question one of the top three performances from any Nugget we’ve seen this season.

JaVale McGee, C 16 MIN | 1-3 FG | 4-5 FT | 3 REB | 1 AST | 1 STL | 1 BLK | 4 TO | 6 PTS | +1

JaVale was a headache most of the night. He had a few nice plays but turned the ball over four times and committed three fouls (which were pretty bad) in only 16 minutes.

Evan Fournier, SG 6 MIN | 0-1 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 0 PTS | +4

Fournier needs to show us something when he gets in the game. He needs to be something other than just a body with a pulse out there. He’s talented. He’s a first-round pick. So please, Evan, show us something. Thanks.

George Karl

The only thing that caught my eye was why Fournier and even Randolph got in before Hamilton. Let’s assess: If your backup small forward is out and you have another really good backup small forward, why would you pass up the opportunity to use him and instead go with a rookie shooting guard and power forward? Hamilton must have done something behind closed doors, as there’s no reasonable explanation for him to be behind both Randolph and Fournier on the depth chart. Aside from that, Karl managed to figure out a way for the Nuggets to pull this one out when they never should have. He deserves credit for that even though he once again closed out the game playing small, which I promise you, will bite him in the ass one of these days.

Three Things We Saw

  1. No way, no how: The Nuggets were down 98-90 with 1:52 remaining and 98-93 with only 27 seconds left in the game. How they pulled this one out is anyone’s guess. There are a lot of times you have hope, but this was not one of them. The Nuggets simply looked dead in the water the last several minutes. There was no reason to believe they’d win the game. But somehow, they did. I guess this game pretty much summarizes the power of this streak. I was all ready to do a writeup on how fitting it was that the Nuggets beat themselves to end it, but this team keeps proving me wrong. At this point there’s no telling what the Nuggets will do next or how long they can keep this streak alive.
  2. It’s never Miller Time: I really cannot stress just how awful the Nuggets offense (and defense) looked tonight under the savvy, sage, watchful eye of Old Man Andre Miller. You know how we all understand the threat a half-court game poses to the Nuggets? How we’ll do anything to try and prevent it? Well, Andre Miller IS that half-court game. For whatever reason the man just won’t run. He’s old, yes, but he’s still a professional basketball player in the NBA!!! And not only that, he’s playing on a team who’s entire identity is running! It’s like the guy just doesn’t care. He’s stuck in his ways and he’s not gonna change. All I can say is let’s hope Ty Lawson stays healthy the rest of the year — especially in the playoffs — because if this team has to switch it’s entire identity to suite Andre Miller, it’s in deep you-know-what.
  3. And the streak goes on: If not for the Heat, the Nuggets might be the talk of the NBA right now. This streak is incredible. The Nuggets next two games before they play the Spurs are against the Kings at home on Saturday and against the Hornets on Monday. If all goes as planned, this team should win 16 in a row before potentially succumbing to the Spurs.
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  • Paul

    WOW!!!! I’ll take it!

    • Tyler

      Man your assessment of Miller is horrible. We lose this game without Miler… FACT. Not sure why you’re hating on him so much… for a period of time he was our entire offense… no one else was hitting shots… not even Brewer.

      • Marc

        I couldn’t agree with you more Tyler! What the f%#* is up with these writers biased against Andre Miller?! He’s not as consistent as some other Nugs, but he always shows up in big games and is a leader on and off the floor for a young team. Miller was the second best player on the floor tonight (behind Brewer of course)

        • Steve

          Guy…you can’t be serious….did you even watch the game? Miller is by far the worst defender on the team. He is burned so often that it hurts our rotations….

          Miller has moments…like last year, and even before when he was here in Denver…Remember the playoff game against the Spurs when we won the first game with him scoring 30 something points. Then we proceed to loose the next 4. This is Miller…he is ok some games, Great sometimes, but mostly opposite what we need to win. He does not play D and he REFUSES to run. Watching the game in the 3rd quarter, i saw him RUN for the first time. Our whole identity is to RUN.

          Brewer saved us tonight. Hate seeing JHam not being used when we could not shoot to save our lives.

          Please god let TY come back soon.

          • Rupert

            What??? Do you guy s not remember Miller taking over the OKC game and icinng it? Miller can frustrate at times but I dn’t get the over the to criticism on the guy. The Nuggets played horrible and Miler’s one of the guys who had a half way decent game. I hear you on his defense last night a little bit. He didn’t bring intensity. But in general he is not nearly a bad a defender as you guys claim. During a 14 game winning streak, you will have games where your effort is lacking. The let down last night shold not surprise anyone after the effort they put forth on the road Mon and Tues. Thank goodness for Corey Brewer. I love that this team is so deep. That was awesome after the game when Brewer talked about he knows a little something about March Madness. Crowd was great at the end. Gave me some chills. By the way, Miller is good for this team and a huge part of this win streak.

        • brick

          Miller does some good things over the course of the season, but in this game it was abundantly clear that he wasn’t pushing the pace and it kind of set the tone for the way the rest of the team played. And despite the 8 assists he chose to shoot a few times when a pass would have resulted in an easy bucket. That plus ineffective defense makes me think somewhere in the C’s is appropriate.

          The whole game I was thinking that he really isn’t a starting caliber PG anymore.

      • Steve

        His assessment of miller is right on. Who knows what would have happened if andre couldnt play either but i promise you if lawson was in there game probably wouldnt have been close.

        Anyone who thinks dre had a great game only watches what he does around the basket on offensive end. Hes terrible on D. Jrue ate him up every chance he got. He was put on old man wilkens at times and he ate him up also. Dre is a crafter creator and scorer. But his D is worse than average by far and he slows us down. If we would have played the spurs tonight instead of poor 76ers… We lose by 20.



      Gallo no good since NEW YEAR ???
      see gallo stats in january and february … he fave a no good period after the injury and after A.Millers’S Boston Pride !

      fuck , 14 win in a row and you : GALLO NO GOOD


      • GIANLUCA

        i speak with Kalen …

        Gallo no good by n.year ?
        tell me the January and February …

        we are in March now , Gallo have a little problem , but he want is good in Playoff !

      • airvaid

        Got to agree with him. Gallo was on fire till that Boston game and the subsequent injury.

        Exaggeration sure comes easy to the writers on this site.

        • OriginalJakeSauce

          You are a brave man to stick your neck out and agree with Gianlucca. His emotion and belief in what he says is there. He’s part of what makes this blog good enough for me to open it and read every morning. But to agree… we are still not sure what he says much of the time. The language barrier is harsh, but not inpenetrable, and full on agreement is to assume the seat of the hasty or ignorant.

          Gallo has played like a starting all star for a good portion of this year. When he’s hurt, he’s limited. Gallo represents the same threat to the nuggets as andre miller every night when he’s dinged up. Like Chandler early and for most of his nuggets tenure, when he’s not healthy he looks like an albatross, but he still has the gut to get out there, and he always D’s em up hard. Go Gallo, trade miller in the off season.

          • GIANLUCA

            i agree

  • Philip

    Great game!!! Can’t believe brewer pulled out all those points at the last second. Got very lucky with our defense near the end and philly’s inability to close. Great game, wow got very lucky but Corey Brewer near the end definitely deserve some credit he came up big when injuries had us down.

  • bigelowsmalls

    WAy to grind it out Nugs! This game shows how crucial Ty is to our style.

  • Ban Johnson

    Corey Brewer is a winner.

    He’s far from a perfect player, but he so often gives the Nuggets exactly what they need when they need it. The intangibles with this guy are off the charts.

    Sign him in the summer and let this team have a few years together. They like each other and they’re good.

    • SmokinNugs

      I said the same thing to him before he hit those free throws.

      “Corey, you are a champion. You are a winner. You won 2 NCAA trophies and 1 NBA trophy. NOW HIT THESE THREE FREE THROWS AND LETS STEAL THIS GAME!”

  • bosc0

    WOW! Just wow!

    Brewer should have gotten the green light for the 3 when Gallo missed.

    He was hot tonight.

  • Jeff

    How do you describe Corey Brewer? Heart. Of. A champion.

  • http://twitter.com/xantoniooo808x D3Ntilthe3ND

    Reminds me of the Kings game last year when AAA hit those 3 to go to OT!

  • Ernie

    Ty really does make this team go. This was not the same attacking frenzy we enjoyed the last few months. Chandler out didn’t help but he’s had some down games during the streak.

    Glad they got the win. Needed that more than the style points. But boy was it ugly for a while.

  • Aaron

    That was some bulls—. We’ll take the win, but that was awful. The team gets a pass because of the streak and Ty/Chandler being out. So, I wouldn’t been ok with a loss. We’re going to get a bad reputation with the refs for the playoffs if these kinds of finishes keep up. I hope we show up Saturday. . .

  • Ernie

    Also can someone please update the advanced stats. They are still through 44 games and this was game 70. Thanks.

  • Scott

    I was about to cry.

    But then I didn’t.

  • CJP32

    CBrew is a winner and the odds were against us down 98-91 with 1:24 to go. Great comeback win.

  • Paul

    watched the game on the philly broadcast, they seemed pretty good and tried to be unbiased.

    On the other hand, the nuggs had no right winning this game, the basketball gods handed us one. Nuggs got spanked all game, seemed to have no energy even from faried.

    Grades as I see them (not looking at the box score):

    Andre Miller: A- Kept us together on offense and actually ran the floor hard a few times. Good distribution, would have had more assists if it werent for our bigs having bad hands. Sloppy defense, typical miller.

    Brewer: A Hit all the big shots for us. Had a fantastic night. Shot selection was bad like always, but EVERYTHING was falling for him. Defense was sloppy for the whole team, including brewer at times.

    Iggy: B Iggys defense was average it seemed tonight. He was not disrupting plays like he usually does. He was driving the lane, but nothing was falling or he was trying to distribute and again, bigs werent finishing.

    Gallo: C Had a very vanilla night. Minus a few nice shots and assists, he seemed very timid. He seemed content with letting others set him up, which just doesnt happen as much without Ty

    Koufos: C- Rebounded relatively well. Brick hands. Played decent defense but was ineffective.

    Faried: D I know the stats say decent night. But Faried was invisible out there. Had no energy in a game where we needed a lot of it. Defense was terrible.

    McGee: D Outside the 2 big blocks, was ineffective and had brick hands like KK. He seemed to rotate more properly tonight (better than usual that is).

    Frenchman: C+ I know he wasnt in long, but he seemed to make all the proper decisions and correct passes. He just needs to be more aggressive. And that was a sweet pass to Randolph at the end of the first quarter.

    Randolph: D Gave some energy at times, but was invisible just like everyone else.

    Karl: C Team was not prepared, but it seemed like Karl drew up some good plays to get us back into the game. I cant rip on his rotations because no one played great except brewer really.

    • heykyleinsf

      You had me until you gave Randolph a “D”
      I am inclined to agree with all else
      But.. that is so uncalled for..

      I loved the energy he brought..
      and I really think this was the worst
      night I can remember for lack of energy.

      You give him a D..

      But I say..
      We do not win this game without him.

    • LBJ

      I pretty much agree. I would give Gallo a D, he was horrible tonight. and probably a C- for Randolph

      • heykyleinsf

        Randolph blocked the last shot of the game by Wilkins who was having a decent shooting night. I am not really big on +/- but
        if you are.. Randolph has +11 which was by far the best on
        the team. One fan gives D, another C-, Kalen says B.
        I am totally in agreement with Kalen on that one.

  • A good

    Can someone explain why the nuggets are 3rd in the west when they have the 3rd best record?

    • Ernie

      That’s pretty funny

      • Paul

        we are literally .001 below the grizz in win %
        Clips are winning their division so they have to be top 4

    • Ban Johnson

      Nuggets are .001 behind 3rd-place Memphis in winning % and the Clippers are guaranteed a top 4 spot because they’re winning their division.

    • Bobby

      Memphis has a better win % than us & since the Clippers are division leaders they can’t fall past the 4th seed.

      We would still have home court over the Clippers if we had the 5th seed and the better record, like when it happened in reverse a couple of years ago.

  • mcz84

    Great win Nuggs, but Nuggets were -12 when Amiller was.Is it me or does the game seem way too SLOOOOOOWWW when A miller runs the point, Ty really makes this team go with his speed and we missed Chandler also.But wow thought we had this one lost but wow NICE WIN NUGGETS

  • googergieger

    As an athlete you get paid a ton of money to play a game. People out there work bad jobs for crap pay to live. If they phone it in they get fired. That sloppy and uninspired play isn’t on Karl. It’s on the players. You have to respect the game. You have to play your heart out. You have to play focused and disciplined and professional. Not for you. But for your fans. For the people in your life that worked crappy jobs or work crappy jobs. Or admirable work like teachers, doctors, soldiers, etc…

    I really hope this is out of the team’s system already. Every game is a must win. The second seed isn’t out of the question right now. Whatever is up with Gallo who I’m probably the second biggest homer here for him, he needs to get his shit together. The rest of the guys need consistency too. They are too good to be that sloppy and lazy with the ball. Honestly Brewer’s shot may not have been falling all night, but he plays every single game like it is the last of his life. More so that Faried and anybody else in the NBA. He kept us in it in the first half and won us the game in the end as well. Not just with the shots but by being the only guy who showed up tonight from start to finish.

    I’m glad I’m not bad mouthing Karl anymore for that OKC win. He didn’t deserve it tonight. Almost every single one of our players did. We didn’t deserve to win but I am very glad we did. Hope we win the next and upset the Spurs as well.

    • theo

      Agree completely. You stole my post :^)

  • Andrew

    Can someone explain why the nuggets aren’t 3rd in the west when they have the 3rd best record? I know the clips lead their division but the griz don’t.

    • Tom

      The Clippers are guaranteed a top 4 seed by virtue of leading their division, so it’s a question of how to sort the Nuggets and Grizzlies.

      The Nuggets have the 3rd best record by games back, but the Grizzlies have the 3rd best record by percentage. These always give the same result for teams that have played the same number of games, but not for teams that have played uneven numbers of games.

      So which team gets counted as third and which gets counted as fifth is arbitrary — it’s just picking one or the other representation of the team record (games back or percentage) to sort by.

      • John in LA

        You are correct, except it is not arbitrary… the Playoff Standings only care about “win %”. The tie breaks will only come into play when the “%” is equal. The “games back” column is really only there as a quick reference for fans.

        • Tom

          At the end of the season, “win %” and “games back” give the same result. So when playoff seeds are actually determined, neither one is better or more official than the other. It’s only during the middle of the season, when teams have played different numbers of games, that “win %” and “games back” give different results — so choosing one over the other to determine the standings, right now, is arbitrary.

          • John in LA

            I know what you are saying, but no… If you look at the rules regarding Playoff seeds and tiebreaks… at no time is “games back” mentioned… only “win %”.

            So… at no time, be it beginning, middle or the end of the season is the “games back” column an indicator of either current standings or playoff seed. Semantics, I know, but it is what it is… just a quick reference guide.

            I guess the only thing arbitrary is using it at all… as it is blatantly obvious that the NBA doesn’t (i.e. Nuggets are in 5th)

            • Tom

              The league’s decision to use win % rather than games back is an arbitrary decision, though, like calling the charge on an electron “negative”. It’s in the rules, but it wouldn’t actually have any effect at the end of the season if it was changed. They are two equivalent measures of the same thing at the end of the season. But they give different information in the middle of the season (as do total wins, total losses, Doug Moe standings, or something like Hollinger’s Power Rankings).

              I guess part of what I’m saying is that the Nuggets aren’t “in” the fifth seed. A team isn’t “in” a seed until it’s actually locked up. The Nuggets are merely “on pace for” one of the seeds in the 3-4-5 range, and there are different ways to measure “pace” that give different results because there are three teams that are nearly tied.

  • http://espn herpderpnuggets

    wow this game was straight horrible….couldnt get anything going the entire game and was able to hit free throws to win the game. Dont want to see it become a trend. tgfcb……aka thank god for corey brewer

  • heykyleinsf

    I am starting to be very concerned
    about Danillo Gallinari’s confidence.

    If you asked me a month ago..
    I would have told you he’s our best
    player along with Ty..

    I am starting to worry about him..

    • Ban Johnson

      Gallinari hasn’t been the same guy since he missed a couple of games with a sinus infection around the all-star break.

      He seems to be a highly emotional, confidence-based player. It’ll come back.

      Somehow the Nuggets have won 14 in a row anyway. Just shows how much potential this team has.

      • Ackdog

        I reckon that Gallo will be traded next year. He along with Miller doesn’t fit the mold of the team. He is not athletic and it seems he cannot create his own shot. He is a way better player when Ty is on the court but I don’t know if his streaky shooting will save him. I have been rooting for the guy to become the man buit the more I watch him the more I am dissapointed in his progress actually regress.

        • nugswin

          “He is not athletic and it seems he cannot create his own shot.”

          What the heck are you taking about? Outside of our point guards Gallo creates his shot better than anybody else on the team. The fact that he doesn’t pull up for midrange jumpers off the dribble constantly is probably because he’s been coached to get to the rim instead of settle (and probably a little bit of the lack of confidence that seems to plague him). It’s not that he can’t get those shots, he just doesn’t. This is a good thing since all the advanced metrics say the pull up 2-pointer is basically the worst shot you can take.

          And the lack of athleticism claim is ludicrous. You do realize he’s a legit 6′ 10″ playing small forward, right? You also must have noticed that he’s probably the third best Kevin Durant defender in the league, one of whom is conveniently on our team and the other being LeBron James. The dude is a fine athlete. Oh, right. White European guys can’t possibly be athletic. . . *rolls eyes*

          • Ackdog

            Point taken. It should have said he is not as athletic as most of his teammates bar the 5’s McGee not included. I thought that this was his team at he begining of the year but it seems as if he has peaked. I don’t think you can deny that the guy has gone backwards the last 10+ games. It has nothing to do with his race or where he is from and I don’t like that reference. I was just stating my opinion. The Nuggets shold trade Gallo in the off-season for a draft pick and a back-up point guard. Sign Hinrich(a white guy) who is a consistent outside shooter, start Chandler at the 3 and have Randolph back up Faried. That’s my twisted opinion and I’ll stick to it.

            I have been one of Gallo’s biggest fans on this site. I have stated that if anyone on this team should shoot the ball 20 times a game it should be him. I just think that the guy has been in the league for 5 or 6 years now and he is exactly the inconsistent guy that we have seen the past couple of years. He is not the star most of want him to be.

            • googergieger

              My eyes almost fell out they rolled so hard. Something is up with the guy, but if we are going on average he has still been our best two way player more often than not and is still one of the best defenders at his position in the league. Guy is honestly faster than Chandler, which is why he is better on the perimeter defense wise. Chandler is just stronger and knows how to use his body better. Oh and Gallo was great for the Kings and Clips game. I think something is up with him and I don’t know what. Don’t know if it is the new rotations that are throwing him off his rhythm, or he misses his family, if he is having personal problems in general, or if he is hurt, but he does need to get it sorted.

              Never the less, twenty four year olds his size(four years in the NBA firstly), with his handle, his shot, his defense, his contract, and his commitment to team don’t just fall out of the sky.

              Literally everyone on this team has gone through huge chunks of sucking. At least Gallo brings the defense. Team we got is great. Leave it. See what it does in the playoffs then react accordingly.


      • GIANLUCA

        NEWS OF GALLO :
        hey guys , last year : we want win in PLAYOFF

        and now Gallo … after the infections is ‘KEEP CALM’ and PREPARE THE PLAYOFF … calm Gallo is the MAN of this P.Off

    • CJP32

      I agree. He looks gassed, hurt, uninspired. Maybe he’s still injured? Either way, sort your shit out and start playing again.

      • dynamo.joe

        Someone send for his mother, he needs some home cookin.

  • Elliot

    So here’s how this works. A division leader is guaranteed a spot in the top 4, which is why Clippers are 4 and we are 5. Grizzilies are percentage points ahead of us in terms of winning percentage which is why they are ahead of us. If we pass the Grizzilies, then we will leap frog both them and the Clippers and get the 3 seed.

    • googergieger

      Pshh who wants the third when you can get the second? (;

      • Ackdog

        LIke Button ^^^^^ :)

    • John in LA

      Exactly… we would literally just exchange spots with Memphis with LAC staying in 4th.

  • Tyler

    Yes this was a bad win, but not necessarily concerning… the Heat are by far the best team in the league and even they had to deal with a 27 point deficit to CLEVELAND. This is huge for our bench players.

    • Will

      Sagarin and Holliger’s ratings still have OKC as the best team in the NBA. Heat play in the east against weaker competition.

    • theo

      The Heat aren’t ‘by far’ the best team in the NBA. They play in a ridiculous conference and stack up wins v eastern mediocrities and bottom feeders.

      Best team? Sure. Not ‘by far.’ They’re just another top team in the west if they actually played in the west. You can subtract 3 wins from the Heat’s total if they had to play the far superior competition in the west night in and night out. And you can add 3 wins to every top team in the west’s record if they enjoyed the opportunity to face the very soft eastern conference teams on a nightly basis.

  • #TeamOfDestiny


    If its meant to be its meant to be….

    • Ernie

      The future’s not ours to see

  • theo

    Every reason to go off on pretty much the whole roster for the obvious lack of effort. Craft Brew came through at the end of the first half and in the end game and saved the day.

    Gallo looked like he lit up a big bowl of Couch Lock before the game—literally, he looked stoned out there. Was he sick with the flu or injured or something? Looking forward to bloggers or DP types to explain what happened with him.

    Upside? No emotion or defense to speak of, without Ty and Will, and in a game v a bargain basement eastern conference team on a back to back at altitude where you might expect a letdown after two very emotional wins and a long winning streak. We were still good enough to get it done against a team playing loose and free with nothing to lose. Lucky, yeah. Be even really good teams need some luck from time to time. I’ll take the W and the continued streak.

  • Gaston

    I was at the game tonight and the Sacramento game last year where AAA hit those three FTs to go to overtime… tonight was so much had the same feel… Unbelievable!! We should have lost this game. But sometimes, you gotta win Nugly!

    Worried about Gallo? Yep. Does Andre Miller piss me off with his lazy ass defense? Completely? But screw it…I’ll take it!

    When the roosters are crowing and the cows are spinning circles in the pasture? NUGS FLY TOGETHER!

    • Evan Woodruff



      HOLY CRAP!!


      • Evan Woodruff


  • theo

    Last take tonight to put things in perspective. Somebody mentioned the basketball gods here earlier. If there are basketball gods, Jesus West–aka Jerry the Logo West–sits on one of the higher mountains. Speaking to us mere mortals about Miami’s streak, he talked about his respect for great team hoop including Miami.

    “When I look at the league this year, I think we have a lot of great teams. You look how they play together, Denver, Memphis, San Antonio, and obviously, the Heat. I don’t want to leave anyone out, but I’m just mentioning those four teams.”

  • S

    I wish a reporter would ask if something is going on with Hamilton and Karl.

  • mike

    Kalen a little harsh/Broad on Miller. His Defense is poor often and mediocre at best. Usually he is running the break better as he gets a ton of spectacular half court passes to guys running the floor. He has limited energy and usually only plays 25 minutes a game. He played 40 tonight. That’s a HUGE increase and necessitates him playing less aggressively. His half court offense has its issues, but is very valuable in the last 3 minutes against many teams as is his good FT shooting

    • theo

      Agree. But here’s the thing. Miller usually plays about half his minutes with Ty, so YMCA really only plays about 12 minutes a game running the show. What we had v Philly was 40 minutes of what is normally a second unit change of pace.

  • Nathan

    I was watching a few minutes of the game at the liquor store when I was there until the Nuggets got down 100-95 with 14 seconds left. I was thinking.. it’s over. I’m outa here. I heard on the radio when I got home that they won.. and I was pissed that I didn’t finish the game!

    Great job by Brewer. Player of the game. Incredible finish.

  • orangecrush

    Close win, i wont lie i pretty much wrote it off. 10 years in a row for playoffs! ipredicting at least 55 wins.

  • theo

    Oh well, thought I’m made my last take until I saw the grades and the take on Miller. Come on Kalen. You come across as almost ideologically driven re Karl and Miller. You seem like someone trying to evangelize us into the true religion. It gets old.

    He’s a 37 year old back up forced into a starting role that played pretty well tonight overall. He’s a lousy defender because he doesn’t move well and his pace slowed us down tonight in a big way. Anyone could see that. But again, he’s a back up forced to play huge minutes tonight because of injury.

    Your last comment was the hardest to take seriously. Given a team that played like crap and with no emotional energy at all, you believe a loss tonight would have been solely on Miller if not for Brewer’s performance? Don’t even know how to respond to that. You get paid to do this?

    • Kalen

      Hell no I don’t get paid to do this!

      I feel like I’m an easily persuaded guy, a guy who understands and values the other side of the argument, but I’m sorry, I stand by by convictions with Miller. Again, as Dubz says below, if we were grading based purely on stats and offense alone, Miller would never recieve anything less than a C (which he really doesn’t anyways) and mostly likely would be getting straight As and Bs. But people have to understand that we watch and pay great attention to defense. Miller simply does not give effort on that end of the floor more often than not. And it’s bad guys. There’s a reason we get tired of it. And I understand he’s old, but as I point out, he’s not THAT old! He still plays in the NBA for crying out loud! Asking a professional basketball player to run up a basketball court at even 75 percent speed is really not that demanding. It looks like Miller doesn’t even try.

      As for people asking about negativity — if you want cheerleeding please go somewhere else. This blog is about analysis and what it takes to make the Nuggets better. We are not here to act as an electronic Prozac or post “YYEEEEAAAAAHHH SSOOOONN!!!” That’s simply not what we do.

      Thanks for reading.

      • dave clark

        ^ Unprofessional.

        • thawk

          Good thing his first sentence stated he was not a professional.

          • airvaid

            He’s just pissed the Nuggets actually won. You should come by when the Nuggets lose. Kalen is a happy camper with his Karl hate.

            Hey Kalen, if you were good at this basketball thing, you would be getting paid to do it.

            • Ernie

              airvad, if you were good at life someone would give you a job.

              What a mean and classless line. Kalen does this for free and you attack him for it. Just don’t visit the site if you feel that way. No need to be a jerk.

              • airvaid

                I am tired of the “Karl’s rotations are bad” crap. If you don’t know jackshit about coaching, your opinions is valid for zilch.

                Maddening rotations don’t get you a 48-22 record and an 18-6 against the playoff teams in the toughest conference in the league.

              • airvaid

                May be Kalen should explain who he wanted to handle the ball instead of Miller?

                Gallo? How many times did he try to an turned the ball over?

                Iguodala? How many times did he try and turn the ball over?

                We won this game because Miller even kept it close. The rest of the team couldn’t handle the offense. Kept turning the ball over.

              • Ernie

                Here is Kalen’s quote on Miller, “He didn’t even try to push the ball up the court. And on defense — I can’t even begin to tell you how awful he was. In the first five minutes there were about three plays where he willingly let his opponent slide by him without even trying to stop him. He had me laughing out loud his defense was so bad.”

                Kalen said Miller doesn’t hustle the ball up the court and plays bad defense. If you want to attack his opinions actually attack them.

                But more importantly there is no need to attack Kalen personally. It does not make you tough. It does not make you smart. It just makes you come off as a weenie.

              • airvaid

                “As for people asking about negativity — if you want cheerleeding please go somewhere else. This blog is about analysis and what it takes to make the Nuggets better. We are not here to act as an electronic Prozac or post “YYEEEEAAAAAHHH SSOOOONN!!!” That’s simply not what we do.”

                This is what Kalen said to people criticizing his opinion.

                If you don’t want people criticizing your opinion. Keep it to yourself then. I am attacking him personally, because he is attacking the readers of this site. One of which, I am.

                And Andre Miller is bad defensively, it’s not exactly a news flash. But he’s also very good offensively. Not only creating for himself, but also others. With Ty Lawson out, there was no other ball handler out there. Iguodala and Gallinari were sucking ass when handling the ball.

                Without Andre Miller yesterday, Denver would have struggled to even put up 80 points on the board.

                Did he play bad defense on three-four possessions? He did. Probably gave the Sixers 10 points. He accounted for a lot more on the offense than he gave up on defense.

            • Matt


              As a fellow writer for the site I am wonder what makes someone an expert on coaching. I coach middle and high school basketball as a job. I deal with rotations, egos, and parents. Is it the NBA? No and I will never claim it to be but it is competitive and some of the same issues are there. Also the Nuggets aren’t the only good team with rotation issues. The Thunder play Kendrick Perkins and Derek Fisher way to much, the Spurs probably play Gary Neal to much. It happens. That doesn’t mean as bloggers we have to like or accept it. I have no problem when people disagree with me, plenty of people do and the discussion is part of what makes things fun. But blatent disrespect and discrediting of us for disagreeing with you crosses the line.

              • airvaid

                It’s fair enough if you criticize a teams rotations. But if people feel like your analyzing just one side and not both sides of the ball or even mentioning alternatives. And then you tell those people to go elsewhere. Disrespecting the readers of the site. You open yourself to disrespect.

                If your gonna post your opinions on a public site, your opening yourself to criticism. And then your response to criticism is “go elsewhere if you don’t like my opinions.”

                If you don’t want to know how we feel about the stuff you write, shut down the comments section then.

              • Ernie

                That’s not what Kalen was doing. He was saying if you only want positive analysis to go to the Nuggets.com website. Because here they attempt to look at the good and the bad. How you could take that as an attack on the readership is hard for me to see.

                Either way please stop the personal attacks. It sounds as if you have strong opinions on the Nuggets and on Miller. Those could be fun to hear. But they won’t get through when everyone is distracted by your unnecessary insults at someone doing this for free.

              • airvaid

                Well there’s where I disagree. This site feels like its not discussing the positive side at all. It feels like a 14 game losing streak instead of a winning one.

                It just feels like an agenda. “if we lost this I was ready to rip Miller a new one”. Did you see all the positive things Miller did? How many easy shots did he get other team mates? How many times did he break down the defense on his own am scored? Who else did that yesterday? No mention of that? So are you really looking at positive and negative?

                And this is constantly, all season. When you’re on a 14 game streak and you read is criticism. It feel like people have no perspective.

                Criticizing Karl for not playing Hamilton when he has the third best record in the Western Conf and fourth best on all of NBA. Are you kiddin me? Is this focusing on negative and positive?

              • Tom

                I’m not sure how you could conclude the site is “not discussing the positive side at all”.

                On the front page right now there are five game recaps, with about 10 grades each (a 9 man rotation plus Karl). The grades include a total of 15 A’s and only 3 D’s. Even George Karl has 3 A+ grades in the last five games. Sure, sometimes the comments regarding individuals might be fairly negative, especially regarding Andre Miller’s lazy defense, George Karl’s occasionally wacky rotations, and various Nuggets players’ inconsistencies, particularly after nearly losing a home game to a bad team. But there are far more positive comments — particularly those praising guys for defense, energy, and decision making.

                The other posts on the front page are Matt’s two posts about the big man rotation (which is mostly positive) and George Karl (mixed, but ultimately concludes Karl is the right coach for the Nuggets), Kalen’s March Madness post and Jeremy’s retirement announcement (neither positive nor negative), and my weekly recap (hugely positive). So during the current 14 game winning streak, there has been a lot more positive than negative commentary — but not 100% positive, because part of our responsibility is to point out where the team is struggling and can do better.

                I’d say overall, this demonstrates pretty solid perspective.

            • Tom

              Just a reminder:


              Criticism is fine. Being disrespectful is not.

              -Tom Darrow, RMC

      • theo

        Wow, disappointing response. Nobody’s looking for cheer leading. I like most of the writers here but usually find your stuff less insightful and helpful. Sometimes you’re pretty over the top re Karl and Miller. I think lots of people here feel that way. If that puts me into conflict with the ‘be nice’ philosophy, I’m fine with that.

      • Frontrange


        I watch almost all the games and I see Miller’s mistakes defensively, but riddle me this. . .why are the Nuggets nearly 2 pts per 100 possessions better DEFENSIVELY with Miller on the floor?

        Maybe an open three from Sefelosha is better than a contested jumper from KD. He is physically unable to play great man defense, but I think a bunch of outcomes are by design. Clogging a passing lane and boxing out underneath while missing a rotation seems to work out over the course of the game. Easy to see the results but not why they occurred.

    • S

      It’s pretty amazing how angry people just because somebody has a different opinion than them, you try and personally insult a guy, who takes time out of his life to write about your favorite team just because he has a different opinion than you. That’s pathetic. Go read Arron Lopez’s articles if you don’t like hearing anything but overly positive things.

      • Joshua

        Spot on. It really is pathetic. We should be thanking our fellow nuggets fans for maintaining such an awesome website where we can all go and read about our favorite team. It’s sad that people like “AirBud” would rather obsess over the opinions of the writers instead of contributing to the conversation. I guess I just don’t understand the mentality. If you dont like the analysis go to another site or heck, start your own blog and write whatever you please. But whatever, don’t sit on the sidelines and heckle these great writers for simply stating how they see it.

        Seriously, get a life

  • http://Twitter.com/denverthugget Thugget

    Spot on with the Miller analysis. His O isn’t bad, but not for our style of play. His defense is literally nonexistent. He regularly lets people right by him (sometimes making vain attempts to swipe at the ball, more often doing absolutely nothing), he doesn’t even try to get through screens, he forces the rest of the team to instantly switch and really can’t come close to guarding anyone in the NBA (He came close to checking Derrick Fisher, so yeah there’s that). He’s an effective back up and a nice change of pace to Ty, but to believe he can be a center piece to the team is not realistic. What’s scarier to me is we have him signed up for two more years after this! How much slower will he be at 39?!

    Very worried about JHam and GK as well. If your offense is stagnant and your SF is hurt, how on earth do you not put in your firecracker 3rd string SF?! It’s clearly personal and that’s no good for anyone. I liked AR15’s heart but he was just a mess out there. I know he’s “rusty” but you don’t see that rust on JHam when he gets burn. I would have rather seen Mozzy or KK play the 4. Very strange lineup choices.

    Regardless, happy for the win. All hail CBrew.

  • Cephus

    I agree with Mike. There is 25 minute a game Miller & there’s the 40 minute variant. If Lawson were out there, it’s an easy peasy win. With Ill Will, Lawson & some duffer wearing Gallinari’s uniform along with subpar big man play- this game was a gift not be questioned.

    I didnt get the Evan Turner flack but after those two crunch time misses, now the picture comes clear. Too bad, seems like a nice kid. The Nuggs have to gird their loins because the 76ers forgive but Popovich teams most certainly do not. But yeah, 14,in a row ? LOVE IT !

  • Rxmart2

    I can’t believe the assessment of Andre Miller this game. It hasn’t and will never be in Andre’s game to sprint up the court, but yet the pace is only 1% slower with him at point vs. Ty. The reason why the game was so slow and void of fast breaks is that a) The Nugs kept having the pull the ball out of their own basket, b) Philly is very good at slowing the pace, and b) the wings/bigs didn’t run with the same pace or fluidity.

    The Nugs fast break has been amazing as of late, and that’s in large part due to familiarity over the course of this season. Throw in two new guys and you can see how things won’t run as smoothly.

  • Aaron

    Can anybody explain why ESPN still has the Nugs as 5th in the west when they have a better winning percentage than the Clips and more wins than both the Clips and the Griz?!

    • John in LA


    • Erlingur

      Clippers have a guaranteed top 4 seed as a Division leader, and Memphis has a better win percentage than Denver (by a whopping .001) on fewer games played (46-21 vs. 48-22). If Memphis loses one of their next three games, Denver moves into third if they maintain their win percentage, as they have the tie-breaker over them.

      Interestingly, they also have the tie-breaker over OKC, so if they equal their record, they move into 1st in the NW Division and 2nd in the West…

      In fact, they have the tie-breaker on every single playoff team in the West, except San Antonio, and that one stands at 1-1 with two games to play.

  • Rob

    Was at the game tonight. Unsung hero and most improved player candidate: Pepsi Center crowd. Felt like the old Garden when i was a kid in the 80s. Awesome energy and a sense Denver really believes in this Nuggets team seemed to help them believe in themselves. Huge for postseason.

    Agree with Theo…not a Miller-for-30-minutes or Miller-and-Ty fan, but come on bro. He’s an old, slow, unathletic backup forced to play 40. Gave us a lot tonight and, whether or not you like what he brings, he was one of the only Nugs who brought it tonight.

    What we saw tonight, oddly, was the emergence of Ty Lawson as our team leader by glimpsing what we’re like without him.

    • airvaid

      If the writers on this site actually had any idea what it takes to create a shot for yourself, they wouldn’t be spouting bullshit.

      Miller kept creating shots, not only for himself. But all of his assists got other people easy shots, at the rim. At the mothereffin rim, for a lay-up or dunk.

      But wait I will complain about why he didn’t run like Ty Lawson. Yes because anybody can show up and run like Ty Lawson. He’s only one of the fastest players in the league and in only his fourth year in the league.

      A 37 year old having his 15th year in the league should run like Ty Lawson right? Is this blog being written by 15 year old’s?

      • heykyleinsf

        It’s also sad that there is no credit for
        the amazing dishes Miller creates..
        he may have the best lob in the NBA
        and for what it’s worth..
        a lot of highlight worthy dishes..

        I am tired of the dead horse this forum
        beats with villainizing and idolizing..

        COME ON GUYS.


    • Woobly o Balls

      Haven’t felt excitement around this team like this since we drafted Carmelo. Are we going to win the title? No. Can we cause chaos in the playoffs and make the WCF? The fans and players believe at the moment and once you have that belief almost anything is possible

  • Jerrod

    The Miller hating is getting to be about as useful as a two-legged horse. One of the things that I thought was most impressive about the OKC win was Miller’s commitment to hustling down the floor, with or without the ball, in order to provide the appropriate spacing on the fast-break. I absolutely understand the frustration with his “ole” defense, but when I filter through the close games the Nuggest have won and lost with Miller on the floor, 9 times out of 10 Miller is a major contributing factor to a Nuggets victory.

    That being said, I LOVE the fact that we get to complain after a Denver win. Go Nugs.

    • heykyleinsf

      I agree..

      but at least the Iggy love fest is approaching
      something a little bit closer to reality of what
      he is.. great on defense (not consistent enough
      for me though) and pretty god damn awful on
      offense. (7 missed layups vs Chicago anyone?)

      Miller is just not that bad..
      Iggy is just not that good.

      As the season goes on.. the grading and the
      reality levels out as we are seeing.
      I still think some tweaking is in order on Miller.
      Come on you guys.. Really???

      Jesus.. how quickly we seem to forget the OKC game!!
      Remember?? Not that long ago.. THE LAST GAME!!
      What’s wrong with you guys?

      • dynamo.joe

        Now who’s beating a dead horse?

  • Dubz

    I know Kalen is getting a lot of flack for his grade of Miller and while I agree with some of it to an extent, I completely understand where he’s coming from. A lot of viewer’s (and for that matter even a fair amount of players) tend to grade a performance based primarily on that player’s offense. If that were the case, Miller would generally recieve no less than a “C” on any given night because he’s a great distributor. HOWEVER, as a Nugget’s “beat writer” these guys have to factor in defense just as much as they do offense. With that being the case, it’s hard to ever give Miller a grade better than a “C” because his defense is laughable at best. It’s not only his poor athleticism, but his effort is absolutely pathetic and often times counter productive. You can see it frustrate his teammates on the floor sometimes. I’ve criticized Miller some on this site but I still fully understand his value to this team as long as he plays within the confines of his game and GK doesn’t chose to go really small with his surrounding players (because this only worsens his deficiencies defensively by having to guard someone bigger and stronger than him)
    Overall I’d give in a strong B because we’d have scored probably 70 points without him, but his defense really does get on my nerves every single night. For those of you trying mitigate the disaster that is Miller’s defense, all I can do is laugh because it’s that bad. But Miller still has a role on this team none the less. It’s nice to have a change of pace backup PG to Ty.

  • justin

    Why not give julyan stone playing time, jrue wouldn’t have been able to do anything vs stone! Defense wins championships. Dre should be preserved for 4th quarters only.

    • Woobly o Balls

      Would never happen but I agree. You see how Bradley affects the celtics. Forces teams to get into their offense way later. And Stones length is ideal for our system, getting into passing lanes. You’d have to play him with iggy, lawson or maybe gallo to help run offense

    • dynamo.joe

      Hastings said something about talking to Stone before the game and he said he was “about 80%”.

      Did he re-injure his hip or was there another injury?

  • blackhill

    In the preseason, I blasted this blog for claiming that Brewer was more valuable than Mozgov. Man, was I off. I love Brewer. I hope he is a Nug for a long time.

  • Giovanni

    It’s crazy if this win occurs last years all celebration..
    Now appear as a loss(for someone)

    82 games boys….

    Keep on rolling…

  • Woobly o Balls

    God I love Corey Brewer

  • Woobly o Balls

    Corey Brewer – boy is gonna get paid

  • Chris F

    Was I reading right he said we’re ging to loose to the Spurs, thats bull have some faith for once.

  • Andre Miller

    Man, why do you hate on Andre Miller so much? I know he’s a bad defender, but he’s not atrociously bad (in my opinion). Also, you complaining that he can and normally does operate a half court offense is irrevelant. In the playoffs, the slower pace of the game will not let the Nuggets get so many transition scores, so who’s gonna run the somewhat dysfunctional half court offense of the Nuggets? Andre Miller. Zach Lowe on Grantland calls him Professor Miller, and I have to agree.

    • Evan

      Defense is just as important as offense. Miller was pretty good offensively tonight, but just horrible defensively. A- offense and F defense equals out to C-

  • Tom2

    Well, you can’t win ’em all. Every team has stinkers every now and then, so let’s hope they can turn it around next game and start a new streak… hold on a second, this just in… it appears the Nuggets won somehow??? Um, well okay then. Never mind, back to our regularly scheduled win streak.

  • http://coloradosportsbias.com Spencer

    This game just goes to show that Ty is the most important player on this team and the next most important player during this streak has been Chandler. Those two have been consistently good over this streak, while the rest of the Nuggets have been hit or miss.

    Brewer saved us last night and is a great fit for the team, but sometimes his shot selection on O and risk-taking on D just make me wanna throw something at the TV.

    I do feel like Miller gets bad rap, but he is definitely not a good STARTER for this team. Still, he is probably the best half-court offensive player on the team and best lob-passer in the game. That’s why Karl loves to play Ty and Miller together, so Ty can run the break, but Miller can run the half-court when need be. In the end, if you’re gonna hate on Miller, what other back-up point guard would you pick in the NBA?

    Finally, Gallo is just playing too soft lately. He had a lot of dumb turnovers last night and generally has bad shot selection. He needs to put his head down and get to the rim. The best way to get your shot back in this league is by getting to the foul line and Gallo just isn’t doing it enough lately.

    • heykyleinsf


      That became crystal clear last night.

      • Ackdog

        LIke ^^^^^^^ :)

    • googergieger

      Lately meaning one game? He attacked plenty in OKC and the games before. In OKC he just didn’t get the calls. Listen he is playing like ass lately except for the Clips and Kings game. But you can’t discount what he has done this year. For about two months he was our best two way player. And right now he is still our best guy at getting to the line.

      Now whatever is wrong with his confidence or him physically, he needs to get it effin sorted. He could and should be playing much better than he is right now. So I hope the coaching staff and him get it sorted soon.

  • Rocco

    If the Nuggets end up with a better record than the l-a boats, but are a lower seed, which team gets the home court advantage should they meet in the playoffs?

    • Tom

      The team with the better record gets home court. (In the case of a tie, the Clippers hold the top tie breaker: winning a division.)

  • heykyleinsf

    thanks for mentioning the Hamilton quandry
    the year started off seeming to be his breakthrough
    year then … to me just like Birdman
    (btw. anyone else noticing him killing it for the Heat)
    he goes to the bench for the rest of the year
    gone without a trace.

    This is where I question GK.
    Overall.. what counts is we’re winning.

    But he hated JR Smith, Birdman and now Hamilton

    Is our coach trying to kill our players?

    • airvaid

      That would make sense. Except I see guys like Lawson, Gallo, Faried, Koufos, McGee and Corey Brewer being much better players now than before they arrived.

      For every Hamilton, there are 2 players that are prospering under Karl.

      To bang on about Hamilton, JR Smith (still an inefficient chucker) is to stop looking at your beautiful. Stop appreciating her kindness and intelligence and instead complain about get ugly feet.

      (Borrowed analogy from someone else who posted this earlier.

  • Tyler

    I’m just letting everyone know that on the last inbound play Karl drew up Corey brewer was not the first option, it was…. That’s right you guessed it Andre Miller. Corey told the guys at NBA tv last night that he wasn’t the first option Andre Miller was. Even after the spectacular night Brewer was having Karl still had Andre as the first option. If this doesn’t prove that Andre is Karl’s favorite I don’t know what will. At least miller said give the ball to Corey so hats off to him I guess.

    • airvaid

      Actually read Hochman on DP. The first play was a fake handoff to Andre Miller and then Gallo to shoot. Brewer was the second option.

      • Tyler

        I’m just saying what Corey told NBA tv

        • airvaid

          I know I saw that as well.

  • mcz84

    Im glad Kalen wrote something about A MIller, I mentioned it on my first comment, HE IS WAY TO SLOW FOR THIS TEAM AND TO MAKE IT WORSE HE DOESNT PLAY DEFENSE,if it wasnt for CBrew we wouldve of lost a C- is spot on, good stat line but terrible defense and way to slow for these nuggets

  • Joshua

    Seems Miller is the topic of debate today. The thing with Miller is, he does some things fantastic: dishing, creating his own scoring opportunities, making smart plays. On the other hand, he does some things terribly: Slows the pace, holds the ball too long, tries to be “the hero” at the end of games, and most of all his deplorable defense.

    It’s Miller’s defense that shapes my final opinion of the old timer. Next time you are watching a game, when the other team has the ball just watch Miller/his man (seriously, just do it). The defense is literally non-existent. It also throws off the entire team defense because others have to make up for it.

    For the Nuggets as a whole this ultimately makes Miller more of a liability to the team than an asset. The reason I have come to this conclusion is that the nuggets play their best ball when they are creating opportunities and playing sound defense (IMO). So while Miller may bail us out when our offense has gone stagnant he really needs to be looked at for his whole game when evaluating him. Miller is definitely a solid player, I don’t think anyone questions that, but to me I’m not sure he’s the best fit for backup PG on this team.

    • Giovanni

      I agree with you…

      When Miller go in hero mode is a disaster for the team,,

      When he player under control he remain one of best pg of the league..

    • Frontrange

      How come the nuggets have been better defensively with miller on he floor over the course of the year?

      See 82gmes.com and check the on off court stats?

  • Rounds

    Long time reader of this site but 1st post. Just wanted to say thanks to the writers for spending time to create this great blog about our team. We all disagree about the players/Karl/team from time to time but there shouldn’t be any place for personal attacks especially to the writers!! Most commentators have great comments that help feel out all our frustrations/excitement with this team. Great read
    The nuggets have been playing great hope they keep rolling…. And maybe the grizz/thunder/clippers start losing!

  • Henry

    This form of game assessment isn’t working for you. PLEASE do a game recap in addition to grading the players. A basketball game tells a multiplicity of stories; breaking down individual play is one part of some stories, but it accomplishes little or nothing toward telling the fullest stories of a game–stories that help explain cause and effect, the whys and wherefores of a game’s outcome.

    Andre Miller deserves to be criticized, as do all players; I’ve been a huge critic of the man an how he is deployed on this team. Yet Kalen’s case here doesn’t hold up, nor does his criticism of George Karl, of whom I’ve also been extremely critical. Let’s read a better, more accurate picture of what’s transpiring with our Denver Nuggets as this season unfolds. Because guess what? They’ve been extremely successful with this very roster, with this very head coach, with this very system that Karl has developed for these very players. 31-7 in 2013 and 48-22 overall simply doesn’t lie.

    Golden in Denver: How the Miraculous Nuggets Have Become One of the League’s Best Teams
    By Zach Lowe


    • nugswin

      Well, one thing is for sure, since the grading scale came out I’ve saved a lot of time. I can ignore most of the post and all the pointless discussion about whether player X deserves an A- or C+. Yawn.

      Seriously, I get far, far more out of the ‘things we saw’ section than the grades and the empty discussion that ensues barking about them. I think the site and the discussion would benefit from a much expanded what we saw section, which often has thought provoking insight. The grades can go the way of the dodo but if I remember correctly the grades are required by whoever is sponsoring the blog so we’re stuck with it.

      On the other hand I’m pretty sure I saw another team’s blog that assigned grades but didn’t have any text. . .

  • chronosynclasticinfundibula

    I agree that Millers defense is suspect. It is also clear that his offense is very important. Conclusion: I cannot say whether Miller is a positive or negative for this team. But considering the Nuggets’ winning record, perhaps it is safe to assume that Miller performs his role within the team. I am sure that he will try harder on defense when the playoffs begin.

  • Paul

    Memphis lost! 3rd seed is ours for the time being!!

    • dynamo.joe

      damn, I thought the Spurs were gonna lose too. I almost had to put the Nuggets on notice that the #1 seed was available.

  • mcz84

    Nice were at #3 for now, hopefully we dont lay an egg tomorrow against SAC, I was also hoping SA and OKC lost those games were close

  • googergieger

    The Nugget killers known as the Washington Wizards beat The Lakers even with the Laker refs. Still two of our worse losses of the season but they do seem to be the Giant Killers this season. Not that the Lakers are giants. Or even big kids. Or normal sized human beings in general….

    Anyways, three seed now. Have to try to win out in order to put pressure on OKC. If they lose three games and we win out we get the second seed. Make them over work Westbrook and Durant. Sure they’ll still get their b.s. calls but as we’ve proven that doesn’t mean they are unbeatable.

  • theo

    Who is ‘airvaid?’ A made up proxy poster character never seen here before that suddenly broke out with lots of comments after some criticism of Kalen? A straw man that allows the writers here to deflect intelligent criticism?

  • theo

    Yeah, just got on the site a few months ago so no feel for history as far back as November. Hadn’t considered ‘sock puppet’ as a potential insult during your in house drive for better behavior, but nice. Will reconsider. Hilarious.

    • Evan Woodruff

      Your right, they seem a little hypocritic

    • Tom

      The term has been around for a long time. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sockpuppet_%28Internet%29

      • theo

        I meant my comment as praise for Tom. ‘Sock puppet’ is really pretty funny. A little clever give and take never hurt anybody. Still trying to figure the site out.

  • ny nugs fan

    grading systems are what’s wrong with american education system… but since that’s what you guys use… it’s sort of like listening to scott hastings during a nuggets broadcast; he’s right, but from a scott hastings perspective, which i don’t really ever agree with

    but i digress… i think mcgee played an awesome game and his presence is just undeniable and i love the fact that he makes his free throws and is one of our top ft shooters

    the only thing he did… on that inbounds at the end of the game that randolph blocked, mcgee’s gotta be careful in his help defense because a savvy veteran like a ray allen or that flopper ginobli will figure out a way to get him a foul there and just like brew was on the line shooting three…

    that’s how it’s gonna be in the playoffs…

    just sayin

    • dynamo.joe

      I’m not sure if you don’t understand freethrows or what top means or if you don’t know who JaVale McGee is, but those three terms shouldn’t be in the same sentence.

      I do think JaVale and most of the Nuggets take too much flack for their freethrow shooting. Anything above 55% should be good enough to prevent any team with a functioning brain from going hack-a-shaq.

      On the other hand it would be the easiest way for any of them to add millions of dollars to their contracts.


    I agree that Millers defense is suspect.
    Trade for Bledsoe

    • Henry

      Yeah, trade for Bledsoe. That’ll be easy. I think our center play is a little suspect, as well. Trade for Howard. Or maybe Tyson Chandler. Or Greg Monroe.

      Ty Lawson isn’t really consistent enough yet. Trade for Chris Paul. Clippers won’t mind if we take both their point guards.

      The world is our oyster. Just trade for the pieces we need. Problems solved, championships ensue. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before now?