Rapid Reaction: Nuggets 101 vs Kings 95

The Nuggets escape with their franchise record 15th straight win, 101-95 over the Sacramento Kings.   It was also the Nuggets’ 17th straight win at the Pepsi Center.  Grades follow the break.

Sacramento Kings 95 FinalRecap | Box Score 101 Denver Nuggets
Danilo Gallinari, SF 36 MIN | 5-12 FG | 7-9 FT | 8 REB | 4 AST | 3 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 19 PTS | +10

Gallo continues to struggle with his shot, but tonight he did all the other little things to help the team win. He got to the line and made most of his free throws. He created a handful of easy scores for his teammates, including a great lob to McGee. He was active defensively, contesting shots, getting steals, and securing the ball. I would have liked to see him involved in more offensive sets.

Kenneth Faried, SF 38 MIN | 7-12 FG | 3-4 FT | 9 REB | 2 AST | 0 STL | 2 BLK | 1 TO | 17 PTS | +14

Faried was up and down this game. He had some offensive struggles, shooting the first airball of the night, missing multiple attempts at the rim, and committing a charge late in the fourth quarter. He also had some moments of great energy and effectiveness, such as beating everyone down the court after a Kings bucket, erasing a fast-break layup by Isaiah Thomas, and grabbing some tough rebounds in traffic.

Kosta Koufos, C 26 MIN | 5-8 FG | 3-4 FT | 9 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 1 TO | 13 PTS | +16

Kosta tends to struggle defending the post against offensively talented bigs like Cousins. He was getting abused at times, but did come up with the occasional stop, including a big defensive stand late. He hit a pair of important shots down the stretch that gave the Nuggets a bit of separation.

Andre Miller, PG 34 MIN | 4-12 FG | 3-3 FT | 3 REB | 5 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 11 PTS | -4

Andre Miller struggled for most of tonight. He had trouble keeping his man out of the paint, which led to a lot of team defensive breakdowns. He shot very poorly. He made more good passes than bad passes, but not by his normal margin. With the game on the line, he came up with a huge three point play, and he hit his free throws to ice the game.

Andre Iguodala, SG 37 MIN | 5-16 FG | 3-4 FT | 5 REB | 8 AST | 2 STL | 0 BLK | 3 TO | 15 PTS | +7

In the absence of Ty Lawson, Iggy took the bulk of the Nuggets’ shots, including half a dozen midrange jumpers that all missed. He looked to get his teammates involved more as the game went on, and finished with a team high 8 assists. He was effective, but not dominant, defensively.

Anthony Randolph, PF 16 MIN | 4-8 FG | 0-2 FT | 6 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 8 PTS | -6

In what proved to be a pattern for Nuggets bigs tonight, Anthony Randolph shot an airball that luckily went right to JaVale McGee for an easy dunk. It was overall a strange night for AR15. He took more jumpers than seemed wise, missed his only two free throws, and committed two fairly stupid fouls. He rebounded fairly well when he played alongside another big, but struggled a bit when he was playing as a center.

Corey Brewer, SF 26 MIN | 1-8 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 4 AST | 3 STL | 2 BLK | 4 TO | 2 PTS | -6

Corey Brewer plays on the edge of being out of control. Some nights he leads a great comeback, like against Philadelphia. Other nights, like tonight, he wastes possessions by putting up ugly shots. His defensive gambling led to a bunch of easy points for the Kings, and even when he came up with steals, he tended to give the ball right back.

JaVale McGee, C 13 MIN | 5-8 FG | 1-2 FT | 3 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 2 BLK | 3 TO | 11 PTS | -11

During JaVale’s limited playing time, he was getting abused defensively and wasn’t grabbing rebounds on the few occasions where the Kings missed shots. One one block attempt, he smacked the underside of the rim for a goaltend. He also shot an airball that, luckily, went right to Anthony Randolph. He redeemed himself slightly by getting to the rim for four dunks and a layup.

Julyan Stone, PG 14 MIN | 1-1 FG | 3-4 FT | 1 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 5 PTS | +10

Julyan Stone didn’t put up much in the way of stats, but he was phenomenal in his few minutes on the court. He hounded his assignment defensively, causing multiple bad shots and a turnover. Offensively, he went to the rim and challenged the Kings’ interior defense, making a layup and drawing fouls. The flow of the offense was very good when he was in the game.

George Karl

With two rotation players out, Karl came up with a rotation for this game and stuck with it. At times, it really worked — the Nuggets at one point held a 15 point lead. At other times, it didn’t work. As the Kings slowly whittled away the Nuggets’ lead in the third quarter, Karl allowed the team to play on without making adjustments or substitutions. At times, I think Karl and the Nuggets made this game harder than it had to be, but in the end the Nuggets did get the win against an inferior team.

Three Things We Saw

  1. Deeply missed: The offense runs like a machine when Ty Lawson is in the game, but has gone through some bad dry spells without him. Likewise, Wilson Chandler’s versatile abilities are hard to replace.
  2. Deeply strong: The Nuggets bench is a tremendous asset. Each game, it seems a different unheralded player steps up and makes a big contribution to the win. It’s a great luxury to have solid players like Stone and Randolph who can play a part when others are injured.
  3. Deeply appreciative: as a fan, it can be frustrating to watch the team struggle to win home games against lottery teams. But at the end of the day, fifteen straight wins is a special thing.
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Tom Darrow

Fourth generation Denver native, stay-at-home dad with a masters degree in applied mathematics, and all-around geek with a passion for Nuggets basketball.
  • Aaron

    JStone!!! Why didn’t Karl leave him in? We’ll take that win. It’s obvious that we just got bored after the 1st half when we had anything we wanted. Not promising that we keep doing that. I think the road will actually be good for us in that regard. . get us back our urgency.

    Also. . until the last 2 minutes. . I love it how Koufos just owns DeMarcus Cousins. Cousins HATES him. It doesn’t show up in the box score, but Koufos totally bothers that dude. And, I love watching him cry to his coach and the refs. Bring on the Pelicans!!!

  • Alex English

    Free DeMarcus

    • Scott

      He’s such loser. Sportsmanship is not in his vocabulary.

      • Adam

        Yeah, but “winning” is in his vocabulary. He’s ultra competitive.

        • googergieger

          I think winners find a way to win besides just scoring. Like Griffin, if Cousins isn’t scoring he fails to find a way to make an imprint on the game. Things have to go a certain way for those kind of players in order for them to help their team. If they ain’t scoring, they ain’t trying to do anything else.

          • Nathan

            He put up a lot of points and had a lot of rebounds. I could see him being one of the better big men in the league in a couple years (if he isn’t already). Sure he’s an immature dude.. but it’s not like that is anything new (Howard/Bynum?).

            • googergieger

              Randolph turned around with Memphis so it is possible with Cousins. I wouldn’t trade for him unless I was desperate. Phili maybe? But what the eff do they have to give up?

  • googergieger

    I’ll keep my word in regards to Karl.

    Miller might have come up with the and one that clinched the game but he was responsible for a lot of our momentum getting killed. When Stone came in it completely changed the game. If we do this against New Orleans we’ll lose. Two games in a row we won due to luck and being the better team. Don’t know if we can do that for a third game. Gallo played good enough but something seems up with him. Hope he gets it together soon. Brewer was due for a bad game after the amazing one he just had. Hope we have a better four quarter showing for the New Orleans game. At this rate we are due for a blow out when we come across a very disciplined and well coached Spurs team.

    • theo

      Agreed with two quibbles.

      Lucky to win v Sixers due to minimal effort by most of the roster. Luck not a major factor tonight. On the same page, though. Without Ty and Chandler and playing this way, rough stretch ahead.

      I’d prefer to say we struggled with pace due to Ty’s absence. Big difference–not just semantics–between that take and ‘blaming’ YMCA. Miller plays the game he’s always played since he came into the league. He’s a poor defender–at best he was an ok team defender when younger. He’s slow and can’t jump and over 40 minutes of playing time doesn’t fit our system. Not exactly news for longer term fans. He brings some great positives too and has been very effective as a change of pace and steadying influence for the 12 minutes or so he normally plays without Ty. Again, he’s a back up forced to play huge minutes. If we can get a younger and more athletic back up point–maybe Stone’s the dude–I’m all for it.

      • googergieger

        Hard to do this without calling Karl out with the minutes he played Miller. As Stone was doing wonderful in his minutes and Iggy can play point as well. But there is a difference between trying and failing and just not trying. That is where at least I have an issue with Miller. Loved him for that OKC game. Loved him for that Golden State game. For that Clippers game. I hope a healthy Stone lights a fire under him to at least compete on the defensive end. Not expecting him to be Iggy but at least Nash level of trying? I mean he is a better defender than Nash, but Nash at least always tries.

        Oh and I said luck tonight because they missed a lot of wide open looks. A lot. Well, some.

        • theo

          No real disagreement but one.

          Some say YMCA Dre doesn’t try and somehow intentionally runs against our grain.

          Others say he doesn’t have the athletic abilities at this point in his career–if ever–to run this system full time. He smartly saves energy not wasting motion on stuff he can’t do in our system. I guess he could try to sprint out and pretend to run perimeter guys off the arc, or pretend to keep 23 year old lightening quick point guards out of the paint–something Ty struggles to do–or put up a hand and jump 6 inches and pretend he can do anything to alter the shot of a much younger guy that can get 3 feet off the floor when releasing his shot.

          Again, my point is he brings some great positives–clearly a lot of smart fans here that get it–to the team and some great weaknesses.

          The idea that he intentionally and stubbornly refuses to run our system is hard to take seriously.

          • googergieger

            I’m not saying any of what you are attempting to argue.

            Again effort. If his job is to stay to a guy in the corner and make sure he doesn’t get a wide open look, he should do that. If his job is to switch and switch aggressively he should do that too. He shouldn’t do any those things half assed. Which has nothing to do with him being old, slow, unathletic, and only good for what he does therefore he should get a free pass on everything else.

            When he does good. Credit him. When he does bad? Criticize him for it. Like any other player. Make sense? Makes sense.

            But I don’t know, maybe wait for everyone to praise or stick up for Miller and wait for someone else to be the new guy people seem to call out. I’m sure you’ll be quick to take up the counter point there. Even if it is to a point you make up, simply to argue it.

            • theo

              You said exactly what I was responding to. Do you even remember or read your own stuff? You argued that Miller doesn’t try. I argued against that take. Sorry to tax you. Go back and read the interaction here. I don’t argue for argument’s sake. I try to take what people say seriously.

              • googergieger

                No you are trying to say I call the guy out for sabotaging the team. And saying he can’t try, so therefore doesn’t try. Because he can’t. Because he can’t make an effort to stay with is man or switch out aggressively. Because all he can do is play his old man YMCA game and that is good enough.

                Well, when he makes the effort he can defend. Not lockdown defense, but when he makes the effort, he can be above average or a down right pest. When he makes the effort. He doesn’t always make the effort. That is the criticism. That is what you should be arguing.

                But again feel free to completely ignore what I said and argue a make believe point, just to argue it.

  • Zack

    Oh corey no… 1/8 and 4TO, uhh. Couldn’t watch the game tonight, altitude had the avs on instead, but the box score showed that our bench was overall abysmal, except for J.stone. I wish Karl would play koufus more, 13pts,9rbs, +16 in 25 min. A win is a win though, looking forward to wilson and ty coming back. 15 in a row!


      Gallinari +10 p/m in 36 min.
      19 points with 5/12 ; 8 rmb ; 4 as ; 3 stl ; 1 to

      15 WIN IN A ROW … for me this is A

  • Tony

    Not a pretty win, but a win none the less. We are showing the heart and tenacity that this team has not shown since we had Mutombo.

  • mcz84

    Pace was way too slow with AMiller running the point sorry,but you could see as soon as Stone came in the pase was faster, AMiller just doesnt fit this running team he is TOO SLOOOOOW he made the winning basket but sorry he cant be playing more than 20 minutes.CBrewer was awful also hes so inconsistent 4 turnovers wow.ARandolph played great in his limited minutes.If lawson cant play against NO id prefer have Stone starting.

  • Michael (aussienuggzfan)

    It was great to see Stone get some playing time and I would’ve really liked to see more of him on the floor as our defense was much better with him on the floor. As soon as he went out in the first half the nuggs gave up a wide open 3 due to Miller standing in a different time zone to his guy.
    Overall this was a very sloppy game and the Nuggets didn’t seem to take the Kings seriously and it nearly cost them the game. We had ample opportunities to bury them but turned the ball over on countless fast break opportunities due to careless passes/show boating.
    I didn’t watch the last game but from what I read it seems that the team is falling into the trap of playing down to their competition and believing they are good enough to coast to victory.
    The bonus is we have rested Ty and Wil for a couple of games and still (barely) pulled W’s.

  • theo

    Came out fast in the first, pretty much went to sleep for two quarters—Sixers game redux—then finished ok. Maybe 24 minutes of real effort tonight vs. a couple of minutes at most v Sixers. The difference with essentially the same cast and a similar opponent re quality. No miracles needed or blaming Miller when we actually play hard for 20 minutes or more v teams like this. Welcome back Gallo.

    Enjoyed Stone’s minutes. Thought that was some nice tinkering to deal with the lack of pace a starting big minutes YMCA creates in this system that everybody here recognized Thursday. He’s another player—like Chandler—that makes you wonder what might have been if healthy.

    Anybody still questioning Ty’s contract, time to speak up. Karl’s been saying it for two years. Given the system he’s the make or break guy. Saw it earlier this year when he was playing sluggish and tentative. Seeing it again now when he’s out.

    Concerned about Ty’s injury. All I’ve heard is ‘bruised heel.’ If just a soft tissue bruise, no big deal. If a bone bruise, hard to heal. I’m guessing the ‘bruise’ Gallo got a while back wasn’t a soft tissue bruise but a bone bruise on his leg. Maybe that helps explain why he’s struggled so much recently. Bone bruises are basically micro-fractures.

    Sad news/good news? Looks like Marc Gasol has an abdominal tear. Really hate to see great players get badly hurt. Always want to see the best play the best. Still, hard to recover from that kind of injury and play 100% until the season‘s over. No way to isolate the injury from movement. Almost every move a player makes aggravates an abdominal tear. Will injuries and healing time determine WC seedings?

    • heykyleinsf

      I like Gasol to..


      I hate Kobe and Artest enough to
      consider this good news.

    • heykyleinsf

      I like enough from Anthony Randolph these
      past two games that I want to see minutes
      continue after we get Ty and Wilson back.

      He proved he has guts, energy and skills.

      Some times certain players take nights off.
      Randolph looks like he’s hungry.

      And Stone looks like the reason we can say
      good luck to Andre Miller after the season..

      I am no where near as vindictive towards Miller
      like some obsessed people here.. I haven’t
      forgotten the OKC game already and he was
      clutch again tonight.. GIVE HIM SOME CREDIT!!

      That said.. I really think Stone could be the future
      in giving Ty some breathing room and minutes.

      Thank god for Randolph and Stone tonight..
      GRADE THEM BOTH with As!!!!

      • googergieger

        Thing about Randolph is he has learned from his early benching. I mean sometimes he is too tentative on offense now, but it is better than what he was doing early on of just jacking up every shot and over dribbling. Something McGee needs to learn to do. Just be patient and pass the ball to one of your play makers and let them set you up. With that said the play makers need to know when and where to pass the ball to the bigs. Sometimes they leave them stuck on an island where it is easy for them to panic.

  • WhiskeyIsItsOwnFoodGroup

    JStone was an animal. Played great on both sides of the ball. I would LOVE to see him and Ty on the floor at the same time, but Karl will never let that happen with old man Miller on the team. Maybe Ujiri can force Karl’s hand and trade Miller in the offseason.

    • mcz84

      Yea Ty and Stone together would be awesome,but thats a dream cuz Karl will not play Stone over Miller ughh

    • GB

      That’s not irrational. That’s what you would call “managing a lineup”, not one of Karl’s strong suits. If we have to go against Pop and the Spurs, it’s going to be a goddamn clinic run on Karl’s ass.

      • Dharte

        Hilarious! But…well…true.

        • theo

          Actually, not. Some of us here have broken down the stats (facts, not off the cuff stuff) on Karl’s use of line ups and demonstrated he’s done a very good job. I’ve read some of your stuff at the DP and hope you’ll keep it more real here.

  • Ernie

    I am always so happy to watch Stone play. He hustles, he loves playing D, he seemed to unveil some new offensive moves today. I know Miller is better now but irrationally I wish those minutes were going to the youngster so he could get his reps in. AI and Stone as a backcourt is really tough for other teams to run offenses against.

  • Jerrod

    The last two wins, although ugly, have reminded of the Spurs and their propensity for winning without their stars. I think it’s really important that this team, top to bottom, make winning a priority. Games like these could be vital come playoff time.

  • Brad

    This 3 game stretch definitely had the chance to be “trap” material. It hasn’t been pretty, but the Nuggets have really showed some grit. It would’ve been really easy to lose the last two, but they kept pushing. Even when they’re not firing on all cylinders (not to mention missing two of their best players) they still find ways to win. I really believe this team is going to shock a “few” of the media clowns come playoff time. Go Nuggs!!!

  • Ernie

    Just checked the boxscore, Stone was +10 in his 14 minutes. It’s not a mirage! He’s actually pretty good!

  • Mark from Charlotte

    Good to see JStone get playing time.

  • bigelowsmalls

    as important as wins are, being healthy is more important. hope Ty and ill-Will are getting better during this rest. Miller is gonna need one when Ty gets back

  • Theitalian88

    Not pretty but whatever, everyone on our team knew the kings didn’t have a chance and played like it. We won comfortably enough in the end and so I won’t hold it against them. Does anyone else think we play much better on national TV?

    I have a bad feeling about NO without Lawson. Their backcourt can be dirty at times. Not to mention Anthony Davis can neutralize/better Faried

    I read that before we traded for Mcgee we dangled Nene to Sacramento for Demarcus and they didn’t go for it. DMC is such a beast wish we would have gotten him. I love Mcgee he’s unstoppable on occasion and entertaining always, but it’s easier to coach away tantrums than goofiness and Cousins is an all star on the right team. Great on the break and as a passer, like Horford but bigger. Most importantly he has a post game. Still think we should try and get him. Maybe koufos and (?) Hamilton and a pick?

    • googergieger

      Ugh, this team actually loves playing together and is coachable. Well Miller isn’t entirely coachable but he does seem to like playing with this team more often than not. Cousins needs a Popovich and a Duncan. A coach that will sit his ass down and a player that will kick his ass when he needs it.

      • dynamo.joe

        Doc and KG? I think that’s a better fit.

        • googergieger

          They did do kind of wonders with Rondo, though Rondo still has an attitude about him. Cousins and Rondo could bring out the best or worst in each others. KG being the one who might be able to make it work. He’s a fake tough guy but the reputation is there and that is often enough all you need to get through to people like Cousins.

  • Chris F

    Its 15 in a row stop crying over Dre Miller, if we went to the finals because of Miller would you guy syill be crying.

    • Mark

      Because of Miller? Believe me, if the Nuggets make the finals – which is conceivable – it won’t be “because of” the old guy who doesn’t run with the rest of the team and who refuses to play defense. To say it would be in spite of him would be a stretch, but “because of” him is ludicrous.

  • Paul

    I just read through everyones posts so far, and I know its the kings, but I think one point is missing.

    GALLO had a decent game. He didnt shoot lights out, he had an average night, and was hitting his free throws. I dont wanna sound like this is the greatest thing ever, but having gallo even play average helps this team immensly. Him being able to knock down some shots and drive the lane really help the nuggs.

    • heykyleinsf

      I agree Paul and I saw it in his facial expression and his body language as well as the post game interview.

      It wasn’t one of Gallo”s light out nights by any means..
      but I will take it. He made some nice assists, he
      made a great choice with his shots, hustled for
      rebounds and sank his frees for the most part.

      Better by a long shot than we’ve seen the past
      couple weeks or so.

  • Ban Johnson

    Nuggets without Lawson and Chandler go from overwhelming talent to average talent, and excellent cohesiveness to poor. What a mess. Those guys can’t get back soon enough. Even Iguodala and Gallinari seem more ordinary when they’re not next to Ty.

    Said it in the off-season and I’ll say it again: Lawson is clearly the Nuggets’ MIP: Most indispensable. (Iguodala would be 2nd most indispensable, but it’s not even close.) Chandler, Koufos, Gallo, and Faried in some order after them.

    (FWIW — Faried is the heart and soul, and the lone superstar. Iguodala is the defensive anchor and best overall player. Gallinari is the clutch guy and most versatile. Miller the half-court genius. Chandler is just Ill Will: sick basketball body and talent on both ends. McGee is Pierre: which means ineffable greatness and badness mixed into one lanky French package — the most ridiculously talented 8th man in league history.. Koufos is Mr. Fundamental. CBrew is just a winner.) Together it works.

    • heykyleinsf

      that last paragraph made me fucking cringe.


      • Ban Johnson

        thanks for the positive, constructive feedback

      • heykyleinsf

        actually .. that was mean.. I’m sorry.

        It’s just that you left out Lawson.
        And also ..
        Faried does some awesome things..
        be he’s nowhere near Lawson’s importance.

        Faried needs serious improvement on his
        defense. He is also wildly inconsistent.
        I see him and McGee in the same boat
        in terms of out of this world potential…
        but they are both still really rare hamburger raw.

        I like everything you said.. but not
        seeing what Lawson means to this team
        just seems clueless to me..
        hopefully it was just an oversight.

        • Ban Johnson

          I gave Ty a whole paragraph as Most Indispensible. I thought that was obvious.

          • heykyleinsf

            What completely threw me was this…

            “Faried is the heart and soul, and the lone superstar.”

            Then I forgot you said anything about Lawson,
            and again.. like I said.. Faried has upside..
            but he does get worked over big time on D.

            I wouldn’t trade Ty Laswon for any PG in the NBA.
            I don’t care about Rondo or Paul or Wade.

            Lawson means way more to this team than those
            guys mean to their teams.

            I don’t care for the concept of superstar..
            I am loving this collection of guys.

            But if there is one token superstar on this team.

            It would be the guy wearing number 3 on his jersey.,

            • Ban Johnson

              it’s just semantics

              I see Faried as the “superstar,” because from time to time he raises his above what can reasonably be expected. He’s transcendent at times, in other words…not as a scorer like Kobe, Dirk, LeBron, or the obvious names…but more like Dennis Rodman. Recent examples: His 3rd quarter in OKC. A 3 minute stretch in the Memphis game.

              Yes, Ty is absolutely the perfect engine for the Nuggets. (I’d still take Chris Paul over him though, because of the whole “superstar” thing. Ty just hasn’t shown that transcendent level very often.)

  • Jeff

    Gallo’s a pretty big dude. He plays hard, but I think this running style for 82 games is wearing him down. Maybe he should get some rest a couple games before the playoffs. Yeah, he had a pretty good game, and I’m not criticizing him. Just an observation of how he’s been looking the past couple weeks.

    • Paul

      I think the nuggs should start doing this with everyone, they have the depth to still win games while resting starters. The only players I dont think we could rest are KK and Iggy. Others should be rested on a game or two here or there to get ready for the playoffs

      • dynamo.joe

        Well, K2 gets rested every game.

  • Paul Griggs

    This talk about Miller and Karl makes no sense. I’ve watched Karl since he coached the Albany Patroons and he likes to play up tempo with interchangeable pieces. It makes even more sense in Denver where the visitors can get worn down more quickly. Playing Miller goes against his grain but he knows Miller can run the half court offense, which will be needed in some games and probably more in the playoffs. Lawson runs like crazy but he’s a weak defender. Iggy is a key for this team because he does whatever it takes to win–score, pass, rebound and play D.

    • heykyleinsf

      if he could make a layup every once in a blue moon..

      I might just be as gaga for Iggy as everyone else is…

      • Matt

        I say this because I have seen you post this a few times recently but for comparisons sake:

        Iggy in the restricted area (essentially all layups and dunks) this year: 76%
        Faried in the restricted area: 62%
        Gallo in the restricted area: 56%
        Koufos: 66%
        Lawson: 56%
        Miller: 62%
        JaVale: 70%

        Is Iggy struggling to make shots from other areas of the floor, absolutely. Is he missing more layups than anyone else on the team as you have been making it seem you believe. Not at all. In fact he is by far the best finisher on the team at the rim and he takes 30 percent of his shots from there, the most at any spot.

        • heykyleinsf

          He must have been shooting 189% before the Chicago game then.

          • heykyleinsf


            where did you access this?
            I’ve looked everywhere.

            To be honest?

            I don’t believe you.
            I will admit I’m wrong if you could show me the source.

            But from what I have seen.. honestly?
            maybe just the past few games I could be wrong.
            but I have seen a sad amount of missed layups.

            • googergieger

              NBA’s site has everyone’s shot chart last I checked.

            • Matt

              Here is Iggy’s at the bottom of the page (http://on.nba.com/ZntZxH). The rest of the players can be found by searching their name. Now Iggy’s in the paint numbers are low but as you can see when you highlight the area and it tells you where it is that is not all layups and Iggy has a really bad tendency to shoot awful fadeaway jumpers from just inside the free throw line. But my point about finishing in the restricted area, where it is the best case for finishing layups, stands.

  • heykyleinsf

    One stat that you have to give credit to us
    as a team as well as Sacramento as a win

    This was only the 2nd time in the last 20 games
    that Sacramento scored under 100 points.

    We are winning on defense.. even though that
    3rd period was god awful ugly…
    Sacto are not the creampuffs they used to be.

    I really think they will be a team on the rise..
    even with the bonehead front office moves..
    the Kings got some serious young talent.

    Whether they are in Seattle or still in Sacto
    next year.. they are going to be yet another
    Western team that will make some pay for
    not taking them seriously..
    Just ask the Clippers and the Bulls about that..

  • AaronCAPS

    Stone + 11

    Miller – 6

    I seriously with Stone could be our backup. Hes is EXACTLY what we need. ALWAYS straight to the basket & he passes better then miller most of the time. Next game Stone should start, mainly because he plays like Lawson, Full speed & keeps the pace going. Then Miller wouldn’t have to adjust & could play the same way he always does.

    • Jerrod

      Don’t discredit yourself by making the statement that Stone is a better passer than one of the top-ten assist men in NBA history…

      • Evan S

        Stone isn’t a better passer come on now. But I do think he should play over Miller because he fits the team better and plays outstanding defense. Will never happen though because Karl is in love with Miller, we will just have to wait for him to retire to watch Stone play more.

        • AaronCAPS

          Well, I didn’t really put that right about Stone being a better passer then Miller, but Stone passes better on the run when hes going full speed then Miller passes on the run…sense he never seems to run, obviously Miller is a better passer, but he doesn’t fit with our starting lineip like Stone probably could.

          • http://twitter.com/xantoniooo808x D3Ntilthe3ND


            Miller is a top 10 passer of all time.

            No matter how you want to cut it, Stone isn’t a better passer than Miller.

  • CJP32

    Ugly win, but the streak continues. Good to see AR/McGee were solid off the bench. CBrew gets a pass ’cause he saved our butt vs 76ers – but 2 rebs, 4 asts, 3 stls, 2 pts and 2 blks is still contributing (except the 4 TOs).

    Stone looks good and comfortable, hope he gets a bigger role next year. Will be good to have Ty back, and hopefully WC vs the Spurs.

    Should be Sweet 16 vs NOLA on Monday.

  • CJP32

    Also, CBrew is playing some great defense during the 15 game win streak – 36 steals or 2.40 per game. 11 games with 2 steals or more.

  • googergieger

    Apparently Karl and The Nuggets are aware that the last two wins aren’t acceptable. Which is good for a serious team that knows it is now one of the best teams in the league. I expect them to come out in New Orleans ready to make a statement. I hope the guys don’t go out and party and develop “flue like symptoms” for the game. When this team is mature and focused like that OKC game it makes me believe they can make history come the playoffs.

  • Evan Woodruff

    One of the only times I miss a Nuggets game is to watch my school (Wichita State!!) knock out Gonzaga!!

    Great night for both teams, great night for me =)

  • Ckwizard

    What’s up RMC people and readers, Googergieger, Theo and others thanks for the interesting discussions the last few games. Nuggets are better than most thought they were, more talented than most thought they were, and deeper than most thought they were. Nuggets are still getting better and it is awesome to see them winning games by “turning it on” at some point during the game that is growth believe it or not givin that in the past they would have lost games like this. Winning without Lawson is a big deal but be hard to beat the spurs without a healthy Ty. Go Nuggets keep it up!



  • Cephus

    25 minutes seems to be Miller’s tipping point in terms of quality minutes. I’m hoping J. Stone earns his way to soaking up any more minutes then that. It’s not the easiest of tasks given Karl’s ‘ dance with the one that brought ya’ mlndset but Faried did it last year. So can Julyan.

  • Giovanni

    I’m more impressed by the last two games that the victories over Thunder and co …Why in recent years, these games were defeats …

  • Rod

    For another one time , koufos had the best +/- (+16)
    He is a +/- machine !! :)
    He is not the best center of the world , but he helps the team a lot !!!

    • Markos

      Yes he does! And dont forget he is only playing 22 mpg!!!

  • Michael

    Is it weird that only one starter had a negative +/- and only one bench player had a positive +/-. Guess which two. Miller and Stone. Let Stone Play!!



  • kW

    I only saw the NBA TV roundup but they showed a fair amount of the game. Love to hear about JStone logging quality mins.

  • al68

    this team is nothing without speed, meaning that with Miller playing 35 minutes ninigún not win a PO team.
    Gallo is very tired, Stone is quite limited.
      Without Ty lose in 1st round against any team GS, HOU, LAL.
    GK is a coach who is very good systems for RS, but when you have to prepare the parties ever given height, he never won a playoff surprised without being favorite.

  • Giovanni

    Plus minus is overrated!!!!!

  • http://yahoo.com prospector

    Stone played good??? All year I have been screaming for more minutes to STONE and JHAM…. They can play.. The only way they can develop is to get minutes every night… MILLER is not the future… STONE is… MILLER is expensive, and STONE is cheap… MILLER is not perimeter defense and SLO-BALL, STONE fits our scheme… AND HE IS TALL!!!! So the dreaded 2 pg karl lineups will not be so bad…. WHERE the hell was JHAM????? Don’t give me that crap that he must have done something wrong due to his lack of playing time… He hasn’t.. KARL just hates playing youngsters and BIGS… Unless you have a trait that is off the charts (lawson speed, MELLO scoring) …. YO KARL why the hell are STONE and JHAM playing less than last year????????? LESS MILLER and BREWER (when he is off his game) and more STONE and JHAM… MORE Chandler at small forward.. We are winning but we are not developing our future… We will be hitting the luxury tax, we need to decide if JHAM and STONE call play… (They can by the way)… AND THEY ARE CHEAP!!!!!!!!! BYE, BYE, MILLER,MOZZY, and BREWER (due to the fact that I want IGGY to get paid and remain a NUGGET) next year and we will have a better record w/STONE and JHAM getting their minutes.. Will it happen??? I can only hope and PRAY… And GALLO I still love ya brother, you just need to learn how to play thru pain.. (I think when he is dinged up he should be playing more PF minutes so he doesn’t have to chase the smalls around so much)… I love our young nuggets… I luv FARIED, TY, GALLO, IGGY, KK, MCGEE, and the youngsters.. Just cut some fat (miller pun intended) and future looks bright..

    • mcz84

      I couldnt have said it better myself, Prospector.Everything you said i totally agree we need to develop Stone and JHam, sorry but A miller just doesnt fit this team he is way to slow, and Brewer played way to much yesterday for the way he was playing, I wouldve rather seen Stone more and JHam for a few minutes, but guess Karl is way to in love with A Miller and Brewer please get rid of this offseason and let Stone and JHam play more next year

  • Trip

    These close games do not bother me between the 6ers and the Kings. It proves that the one major difference between a Lottery team and a Team fighting for the 3rd or maybe even 2nd spot in the west is 1 maybe 2 good players. It was on display last night. Yes we had home court, and yes we have all the confidence in he world because of this streak, so we went up by 15 or so, but the game was close through most of the second half and a relatively close final score. If we had either ty or ill will back or both, this game wouldnt have been anywhere close. Hopefully we can do the same thing against New Orleans and give those 2 another game off.

  • http://Denverstiffs.com slader

    Dre Miller plays quite a bit because the numbers show he helps the team – especially playing together with Ty. Karl trusts him because he is definitely trustworthy.
    That said, I was very impressed with Stone. One game is not a representative sample, but I could see our situational defensive squad being Stone, Iggy, Will, Gallo, K2. Lockdown city.
    The Nuggets clearly believe in Stone. One more year of apprenticeship (with some minutes!) under ole’ man Miller and then transition can begin.

  • ballin

    Love to see JStone get some burn! Kids deserves it. I’m really interested to know what JHam has done to piss Karl off so badly, seems like such a waste of talent (possible trade asset) to have on the end of the bench to prove a point?