Pickaxe Pulse for March 30, 2013

Taking the pulse of the Nuggets every weekend

The Nuggets’ franchise record winning streak of fifteen games came to an end Monday in New Orleans.  The team looked disinterested in a 110-86 blowout loss, giving up 17 offensive rebounds and 14 made three pointers.  JaVale McGee led the way with a double double in San Antonio on Wednesday, and the Nuggets had a chance to win, but Andre Miller missed a tough shot at the buzzer and the Nuggets dropped their second straight, 100-99.  Back at the Pepsi Center on Friday, Evan Fournier and Kosta Koufos helped the Nuggets get back on track against the Nets in a 109-87 win.  Ty Lawson played sparingly all week due to a foot injury.

Record this week: 1-2 (1-0 home, 0-2 road)

Current record and standings: 50-24, third seed in the Western Conference, 0.5 games ahead of the Clippers and 1 game ahead of the Grizzlies

Upcoming games: Wednesday at Utah, Thursday vs Dallas, Saturday vs Houston

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Tom Darrow

Fourth generation Denver native, stay-at-home dad with a masters degree in applied mathematics, and all-around geek with a passion for Nuggets basketball.
  • http://espn herpderpnuggets

    Going to the game this Saturday!! Hope they can start a new streak!

  • Cephus

    All 3 games winnable but hardly gimmees. Dallas & Utah will be motivated. Evan Fournier has a clear cut chance to impress & guarantee himself a roster spot next year.

    • mike

      are you implying you think there is a chance that the nugs would NOT bring Fournier back next year?

  • Ckwizard

    There have been a couple of themes expressed by prominent posters on this board specifically Googergieger, Prospector, and Myself. As this season has carried on Theo and others have carried the discussions farther and deeper. Matt, Kalen , Joel and others thank you for the work you do because this is becoming a great place to discuss Nuggets basketball.

    I like these pulse sections and hope that they can generate a place for continued discussion because as Matt said awile ago we are lucky fans to have a team that has a outlook that generates hope not only for this season but beyond… That being said the talent and youth on this team the reason for optimism and expectations should be to see the team become serious contenders and not just playoff bound.

    Pulse for me right now is I am reserved about this season now because of the injury to Ty, Because for me this team with a healthy Focused Ty is a contender THIS YEAR.

    Pulse right now for me is excitement to see this core of players next year… Yes I am getting excited for next year even of we stumble out of the playoffs inthe first round. I am fine with Karl as long as no major additions are made to this team outside of the draft and Fornier, Hamilton, and Randolph become part of the rotation. If Igoudala comes back this will be the first time the starting five players are the same without drama between seasons. Brewer and Miller are fine but the upside of Fornier, Hamilton, and Randolph combined with the experience and growth in the games of Chandler and McGee not to mention all the Starters can and should be better puts the Nuggets in position to be fighting for BEST RECORD IN THE ENTIRE LEAGE NEXT YEAR not to mention a Posible 10 man rotation of players that have been in GK system for over a year and all those players are Talented in their own ways plus multidimensional… If Miller and Brewer are with the team next year then the team is going to be in the same position they are now with a vunribility to the season being derailed by an injury to Ty. Tribute to Prospector here Free Fornier, Hamilton, and Randolph and let them get better as players through game experience and this Nuggets team won’t be o dependent on Ty…..

    Good times are a comin and Better times can be expected if Uriji keeps up the goo work… Peace and Go Nuggets

  • heykyleinsf

    I am hearing Lawson has a torn tendon in his foot.

    Could be the end of the year for him.

    I do not like our chances without him.

    Not at all.

    • http://espn herpderpnuggets

      He is definetley not done for the year….maybe til playoffs

  • allAround

    It is a critical turn for Nugs now.

    Some players seemed out of gas ( Manimal , Gallo , Koufos and perhaps Iggy)

    Karl needs a clever way to rest those 3 a little bit. Moz can step in.

    Nugs have been planned around Ty’s way of playing . His loss from playoffs would be a big misfortune for the Nugs and for people who love basketball. With him Nugs can go really far and is a bet that a lot of people could take.

    ( Free the ball from Miller when a game is ending. That is my main worry for the playoffs)

  • googergieger

    Well Clips lost tonight. Memphis won. OKC whistles won again tonight. Westbrook and Durant got almost double the free throw attempts Bucks got. Speaking of awful refs, right now they are letting Lakers get away with murder. But it is against The Kings, so at least they are used to it. Still have to keep on winning if you are Denver. Hope Lawson can come back in time for the play offs. Even without him we should win the first round relatively easy if we have the third seed(or if we somehow get our head out of our asses and make a serious play for the two seed). Just need everyone else to seriously show up and get rid of whatever hang up they have going on right now. Something does seem up with a lot of the team. Like they are tired of basketball or something. So yeah hope we can play great inspired and professional basketball for the remainder of the season, and hope Ty can come back in time for the play offs or at least we can win the first round without him and we should get him back in time for the second round in case he isn’t ready for the first. Though I believe he’ll play in the playoffs no matter what this year. Just hope his injury won’t hurt him and the team too much.

    • mike

      Agreed they need to get their heads out of their asses. Starting January 1st the nugs are 33-9. The Spurs are 30-9. The heat are 35-7 (including the 2nd best win streak in THE HISTORY of the NBA). And that is despite the fact that the Nugs have 3 or 4 hall of fame players in their prime playing and the Heat and Spurs have a bunch of D leaguers populating their teams.

      This is a REAL embarrassment of a team. With their losing 3 of their last 20 games. Let’s get the guillotine fired up so we can offer up a player to motivate the survivors and sacrifice to the Aztec Basketball gods.

      As usual your lack of realism never ceases to amaze googs. You act as if missing their best offensive player, with no player on the roster able to approximate his style of play in his place.

      Hopefully the team can win 6 or 7 of the last 8 and sneak into the 3rd seed. If Ty plays (well) they are very likely to win round 1 as a 3 seed. If he is out or semi functional they are 50/50. If they have to take the 4/5 seed it will be close for round 1 with Ty and significant underdog without him.

      • googergieger

        Not biting troll. Go find someone else that doesn’t know your tired, predictable schtick that is ripe with the stench of failure.

        • JoelK

          Hate to break it to you, but he’s not the troll. He’s just pointing out we’ve been playing basketball on pace with the top teams in the NBA without having a single All Star, much less Hall of Famer on the team. The Spurs and Heat have a minimum of 3 Hall of Famers on their teams that are being very productive.

          That is quite amazing when you step back and think about it.

          • googergieger

            He ignored everything I said except for a tiny bit he can focus on to build a straw man out of it. His response has nothing to do with the entirety of my comment. Either respond to all of it, or none of it.

            What do records have to do with the fact we’ve been playing bad since that OKC game? Heck even the Chicago game the night before? Dude wants an argument out of a make believe thing I said. Fox News tricks don’t work on me. Shame they seem to work on others.

            In any case, his reply to my comment was solely made to try to bait me into an argument. No problem with that normally. As long as the argument is based on something I said.

            • mike

              Respond to your entire post as if your ideas are a fountain of ingenuity. How narcissistic can one be. I choose the ones that are most flawed and I correct them for you. Most of your “points” weren’t anything at all, but just for the fun of crushing you:
              Memphis won (WE agree on that FACT, YEAH)
              OKC and the Lakers get whistles (yes, as I let you know before most of the OKC ones are earned by Westbrook and Durant).
              the last 2/3 of your post were about how the team would perform in the playoffs which I counter pointed in a rather respectful manner. How the team has it’s “head up it’s ass” which I counter-pointed with the correct amount of mockery and analysis (by way of sarcasm).

              Be real googer. It was a bad post. I disagreed with it generally and the tone you had especially and gave you feedback. If you want to pout that’s your deal though.

        • mike

          Umm nice response Googs. I mocked you because I have seen you mock others repeatedly on this site when they disagree with you. Im better at it (it being: Mocking, understanding basketball, making points, etc.) than you so I understand why you resort to name calling. Especially in this case as you made a preposterous statement that I corrected for you and there is no rebuttal. Joel distilled my point clearly. Thanks for not letting Googs lie to himself JoelK.

          • googergieger


            • mike

              googer didn’t reply to all of my points. How Ironic.
              Yeah pretty much you’re a chat room bully and when you meet someone who comes with facts in their counterpoints and is able to make their points as well (BETTER) than you, you quit. It’s OK. whatever delusion gets you through the day… :-) You are right I do enjoy messing with people that are narcissistic, judgmental, and aggressive.

  • googergieger

    Also even though I don’t think anybody could do much better with The Kings as that roster just doesn’t make any sense, Smart has to be about the worst coach in basketball. I see him constantly yelling at his team and it seems to just confuse them more than actually help them. Guy hardly ever plays the hot hand or tries to develop his young talent like that Thomas kid who is probably their one reason to have some hope for the future.

  • theo

    Potential for an epic last 8 game run w/out Ty to get the 3 seed. Gonna test Karl, the system, and the roster. If they pull it off while breaking the Nugs NBA win record, gotta be impressed. Feel like the next game @ Utah on the road is huge for the possible epic narrative. Houston gave us help tonight. Spurs at Griz Monday so maybe more help on the way. Has a 5 day break between games ever been more welcome?

  • googergieger

    In any of my post did I imply Denver was sucking since the new year? Heck it is accepted around here since after OKC Denver has been playing bad. It is rather accepted majority of players haven’t had a consistent stretch of good games since before that OKC game. Much more majority of people were raising the fact majority of players aren’t giving their best effort since before that OKC game, and before I even said anything close to that. Now Mike, have you gone after anyone at all that has raised that before now? Hell have you even gone after me when I raised that before?

    No? Of course you haven’t. You wanted to troll me, I ignored the trolling and called you out on it, and now you are going to stalk my comments even more than you do now. Normally I’d have no problem with it. I own trolls like you on forums all the time, but this isn’t a forum. It is a blog. And I am respectful towards the fact. If you want someone else to bite on your pathetic attempts at trolling, try BR, or ESPN, or anything along those lines. Heck continue trying on here. Someone is bound to bite. Not me though. I know better. I am better.

    Yes, I know I am replying to you, and really not even a minute’s worth of effort is spent. Enjoy that pat on the back if you want it. But really, get better.