Report: Andre Iguodala likely to opt out, weigh his options

Chris Tomasson, former Nuggets beat writer for the Rocky Mountain News now with Fox Sports, is  reporting that Andre Iguodala is leaning towards opting out of his contract this summer, forgoing the roughly $16 million remaining on his final year in favor of a longer term deal which offers more security.

Tomasson also reports that it’s not a sure thing Iguodala will remain in Denver:

As for Iguodala’s NBA future, he doesn’t know where he’ll be playing. […]

“Yeah, definitely,’’ Iguodala, 29, said of [opting out and signing a long-term contract]. “You got to weigh options. Security-wise, a player would opt out, especially with the type of season we’ve had as a team. Teams know what I can bring to them, and I know (the Nuggets) know what I can bring to a team here. […]

Iguodala said it’s no guarantee he would re-sign with Denver if he does the expected and opts out. But he has liked the progress the Nuggets (50-24) have made recently…

There is much more to Tomasson’s report, including Iguodala’s interest in playing again for Team USA both at the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain and the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Please click here and check out the article in its entirety at


Retaining Iguodala should be offseason priority number one for Masai Ujiri and the Nuggets front office. Denver is currently 11th in the league in defensive efficiency after ending up at 19th last season, and it’s hard to underestimate the importance Andre has played in that improvement.

Of course, that all depends on how much he actually wants to stay with the Nuggets. He has been very consistent in his comments this season that staying in Denver would be his preference, but polite diplomacy doesn’t mean much in the NBA when it comes to real desires and intentions.

If it turns out to be the case that Iguodala wants to “take his talents” elsewhere, he will be an unrestricted free agent if he opts out, and there’s really no leverage that the Nuggets hold (as there was in the Carmelo Anthony trade) to prevent losing him for nothing.

Though “nothing” may be too strong, since if he left it would unburden the Nuggets of a major chunk of salary, giving them more leeway in free agency and in re-signing players like Kenneth Faried who are not far off from graduating from rookie contracts.

Still, it’s difficult to imagine how much more often we would cringe than we already do at Denver’s perimeter defense if Andre were no longer around to anchor it down.

Reading between the lines, it may be the case that playoff success could be the key to keeping Iguodala:

“My main goal is, if we win here, everything will take care of itself, no matter what,’’ Iguodala said. “I want to play for a team where I have an impact on the game without even scoring … I feel like if I win (with the Nuggets), I won’t have to worry about having to prove my worth.

It’s noncommittal, and at this stage all we can do is speculate, but it seems reasonable to infer that a reasonably deep playoff run and a respectable long-term deal from Ujiri just might be enough to persuade Iguodala to stick around.

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Joel is a long time Denver Nuggets (and Broncos) fan from Colorado who's been living in Japan since the mid-90s, and blogging about the Nuggets since 2008. You can contact and follow him on Twitter: @denbutsu.
  • Ban Johnson

    Iguodala is a smart guy. He understands leverage.

    In an interview earlier this season, he hinted at 5-years, 60 million. He might expect a little more now after the awesome 2nd half of the season the Nuggets have had. For him, it’s probably about security, stability, and respect (being the highest paid guy on the team.)

    Hard to know what his value around the league is right now…but 5 years, 60m, seems about right. (Ty $, but for a little longer) He knows it. Nuggets know it.

    It’s tricky for the Nuggets…but if they cheap out on Iguodala and lose him just as the team is right on the cusp of greatness…it will certainly be disillusioning. Nuggets are either trying to be great…or they’re content continuing to be fun and merely competitive.

    • http://espn herpderpnuggets

      You make some good points, and I personally would love to see him back next year and possibly future years because, the Nuggets ARE a different and better team than last year. Hopefully the offseason wont hurt us too much.

  • Native Nugget

    Scares me to read this. Why you scaring me on Easter?! Last article about Igoudala was more optimistic. Defense is the type of thing players have to work harder at and they get less recognition for it. Can’t picture having any real success without a veteran presence mentoring this young team to do make the extra effort. Not saying we wouldn’t survive without him, just that he is a perfect fit. Many defense first players aren’t as athletic and capable of running the floor as Igou.

  • bigelowsmalls

    First Ty’s injury and now this? The blissful days of our 15-game win streak seem so long ago…

  • Bobby

    I would rather they let him go then overpay. If they can overpay and trade him like Nene, I would be fine with that. Losing Iggy on the D will hurt but that can be mitigated by not playing Miller. I love his game but I can’t see playing if he can’t take over a game with his offense and shoot better than 58% from the charity stripe.

  • al68

    60 mill 5 años= 44 mill x 4 years+ 16 mill season 2013-14, I think that its very expensive,I would rather let him go and sign with another player in 2014.

  • The Gun Young

    Improved defense and rebounding has been the difference for the Nuggets this year. Iggy fits them perfect. I think they could be better and save money by letting Miller go, keeping Iggy to play more point, and use Miller’s minutes to let Chandler and Fournier start playing more.

  • ben

    what, am i really hearing 60 mil for 5 years? every team in the league with the cap space would pay that for andre. maybe thats why he wants to test free agency, but imo that is a gross underestimate of the contract he’ll get wherever he ends up. thats the same contract that our backup center and shaqtin-a-fool star has, if i’m not mistaken. i would not be upset if, and even expect, the nuggets offer him 80 mil over 5 years. i dont know if that works for our payroll, but if we do as well as we hope this postseason, he’ll get that either from us or someone else.

    • Ban Johnson

      Javale McGee is overpaid currently, okay. (If he’s a stud in the playoffs, we can reconsider that judgment.) That doesn’t mean everybody better than him gets to earn considerably more. If that were true, every team in the league would go into bankruptcy… Bigs get overpaid, especially promising ones. It’s just how it goes.

      Mavericks, Hawks, Pistons, Rockets, Jazz…if somebody were going to overpay AI, it would probably have to be one of those teams with cap space…and they’re going to find Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, and Josh Smith more attractive.

      And those are hardly the only guys. 2013 free agent class is packed with guys. Jefferson, Milsap, Bynum, Ellis, Jack, West, Brewer, Mayo, Ginobili, KMartin… More good guys than there is cap space, for sure.

      Iguodala doesn’t put butts in seats (except insofar as he contributes to a good team.) He has a lot of miles on him. And he can’t hit free throws (a significant weakness for a shooting guard.) He’s not a star. He’s not a perfect player. And at the end of the 5 year contract, he’ll be on the downside of his career. 5 years, 60 m sounds pretty right on to me, considering he has the leverage of exercising his 16m this year if he wants.

      • Charliemyboy

        Still, Iggy is sharp; a top 5 shooting guard (who can’t shoot), and maybe THE difference maker in this year’s progress. I think he’ll stay if we get through to the conference finals.

  • #TeamOfDestiny

    if he leaves we start chandler at the 2 and with his 16m off the books we sign a shooter like korver or Anthony Morrow.

    • http://espn herpderpnuggets

      Chandler would definetley not play sg….he is way too big for that. We need iggy back next year to be a great team, and we also need to sign a shooter like morrow or korver.

  • Kalen

    Iggy is obviously a top priority this offseason but Ujiri understands how the cap works. He really cannot offer Iguodala anything over $12 mil per year. The Nuggets are already in dangerous territory with the cap. I think if Iggy re-signs, another key role player is gonna have to leave. Between Miller and Mozgov there’s $8 mil. If you jettisoned both, you’d likely open up enough room to re-sign Iggy and Brewer. If worse comes to worse, at least the Nuggets have a backup SG option in Fournier. He could probably fill Iguodala’s shoes pretty damn well next year, sans the lock down defense.

    • theo

      Agree fully re the numbers. One of the little discussed ‘problems’ of this style of play–requiring tremendous depth of highly athletic talent–is the cap issue. Works ok if you’ve captured a moment in time when your roster is filled with currently undervalued players (Brewer, for example) and guys on first contracts, but that moment doesn’t last very long before your busting the budget with 10 ‘essential’ guys. Inevitable there will be roster change–some younger guys on first contracts got to step up and older guys gotta go. Hate to say it because I so enjoy this team and the kind of chemistry they obviously have, but reality is reality. Kroenke obviously feels he got burned with the money he spent on the best Melo teams, and with the much more severe penalties coming up can’t see him going on a spending spree.

      If we do lose Iggy, though, a huge step backward defensively. Agree Fournier should get a good look as back up PG. If the kid can shoot, get him on the floor. And if we keep Chandler, they can always use him for defenses purposes at the 2 when needed.

      • Tom

        Actually, the money works pretty well.

        The tax line is around 70 mil and adjusts each year based on league revenue, probably at about the same pace as contracts increase.

        So if you can build a rotation around 4 guys each starting at around 10 mil, 3 starting at around 5 mil, 2 at around 3 mil, and the rest of the roster (4-6 players) on rookie or minimum deals in the 1-2 mil range, you can build a 13-15 man roster and still stay under the tax line.

        Assuming Iggy extends for 5-60 (which is 10 mil starting, +1 each year) the Nuggets will have 4 guys under contract in that salary range: Ty, Iggy, Gallo, JaVale.

        The Nuggets have two guys in the 5 mil range: YMCAndre and Chandler. Some have suggested targeting Kyle Korver for the MLE as a Brewer replacement; he would be the third at that range.

        At 3 mil, there’s Koufos and Mozgov (who could be retained or moved for a pick).

        On rookie/cheap deals there’s Faried, JHam, Fournier, Randolph, Stone, and QMiller, and whoever gets picked near the end of the first round.

        Faried will eventually need to be extended, but not until after Andre Miller expires (summer 2015).

        You might be tempted to point out the Thunder as a small-market team that had to give up a key rotation player for money reasons. But they don’t have 4 guys making 10 mil each; they have a guy making 17 and 2 more making 12-13, which means they have to be 12 mil cheaper with the rest of their salaries to fit under the tax line.

        • theo

          Very nice breakdown re cap, but we’re still dealing with a relatively narrow window here where this approach will work financially and you assume a lot in your take. Don’t think we can win a championship with this roster, so changes will have to be made sooner or later. Not sure Korver for Brewer does anything but move us sideways–I don’t think Korver is athletic enough to play this system. We need a couple of athletic additions who can play decent D and can actually shoot the ball.

          No temptation to cite OKC as an example. I think of them as one of the best counter examples to the approach Ujiri and Karl are taking. We really are doing something unique right now that I’m not sure most fans get or appreciate. Love it but still skeptical it can work on the court into June or financially.

  • houtrout

    I understand that these contracts are not performance based, but why reward the player who’s shooting 58% from the free throw line?

    • mike

      Well likely because he does many other things great. Iguodala is one of the top 3 defensive wings in the league and is a top tier distributing wing. He hits a high rate at the rim as well.

      Still I agree the FT percentage is amazingly bad and perplexing given he hit 70% the rest of his career prior to last year. My opinion is that he has a little TOO much arc on his shot but it may be moot at this point to attempt to make him shoot differently…

  • googergieger

    Think we have the best chance of resigning him. Top three or four team in the west, depending on what argument you want to have. Have plenty of chance to get better in the future simply due to the fact we have the third youngest team in the league. And we have money to offer him. Spurs and OKC would probably get him a championship right away, but could they afford him? Spurs are probably set with the team they have for a while as well. In the east you have an easier conference to deal with but what team would become a contender with him? Bulls? With a healthy Rose? Maybe.

    I don’t know, when it comes to the present and future, probably no better team out there than Denver for him.

    • mike

      good points googer… see I can agree with you when you make good points.

      In terms of teams he could potentially go to: I would say Atlanta if they get their hands on Howard is a potential spot (howard should be more healthy next year). Houston could have money and top end talent depending on if they make other moves. Houston would obviously have to trade lin for that to work out because Harden is a superior creator/offensive focal point to either Lin or Iguodala. The other teams you mention don’t have any cap space and Iguodala would need to take a HUGE paycut or sign/trade. He’s pretty young to do that.

    • Ackdog

      I think resigning him is a priority but I don’t think he should be paid more than TY or Gallo. He should probably be making slightly more than Javale. The Nuggets have some interseting roster moves to make in the off-season. Mozgov, Miller, Brewer. Does Randoiph and Jham get more time. Do they bring in a speedy back-up PG. Do they sign a shooter this team so desperately needs.

  • Zorba

    Ujiri has recently been to Greece to scout an 18 year old Greek of Nigerian origins. His name is Giannis Adetokunbo, a 6-9 ball handler with 7-3 wingspan who can score in all ways (off drives and cuts to the basket, threes (even though he has to improve his shooting), can score on a put back, and also can get out to score in transition. He can play at pg, sg, sf and pf!
    Here’s the link to the scouting video

    • http://espn herpderpnuggets

      Nice, i wouldn’t doubt that another team would pick him up before the Nuggets though.

    • dynamo.joe

      That guy is not human. Did you see them measuring his hands? Those are not human hands.

    • Tom2

      Reminds me of Brewer a little bit: similar frame, mediocre shooter, likes to handle the ball, gambles and is inconsistent on defense, etc. Do the Nuggets really need another player like that?

  • heykyleinsf


    He’s the second coming of Kenyon Martin.

    Too much money for someone who on some
    nights is dubious even to be a starter..
    let alone nearly make more than the other starters
    combined. I don’t see the payoff.

    People are blindly in love with this guy.

    I will not dispute his talent.

    I will not.. at the same time..
    delude myself that he’s some
    kind of shut-down defender.

    I don’t want him back if he thinks
    he’s everything so many fans think he is.

    • Kasey

      Who said that he thinks that he is everything so many fans thinks he is? Andre has said before that there is a chance that he would opt out to secure his future. What is so hard to understand about that? You don’t know if he wants to leave or not.

      I’m also tired of people like dumb ass Kizla who always have a problem with his salary. I don’t think people are blindly in love with Andre. He is an impactful player and those who don’t see it aren’t paying attention. Ty Lawson has said that Iggy helps the team with their defense and he’s their glue guy.

      Too bad he doesn’t want the spotlight like LeBron and others, because maybe he would be more appreciated. Sixers fans are missing him now and that’s probably the same thing that would happen if he leaves this team. Watch!

      • heykyleinsf

        some might say we need an outside sharp shooter worse.
        And they are easier to come by.

        Looking at the March Madness..
        they are a dime a dozen..

        I am so UNIMPRESSED with Iggy.

        COME ON.

        barely 50% at the FT line.
        Maybe 12 points a game when
        he’s “hot” offensively.
        Every time he has a 3 steals a game.
        and fans compare him to LeBron
        Sort of like you just did.

        I’m conceding that he is good.

        But nowhere near the level you think he is.

        • heykyleinsf

          Oh .. and Kasey…

          he’s making $15 million a year..
          by far.. more than any other Nugget.
          AND.. if he chose to stay.
          he would get a million dollar raise.

          And he doesn’t want to stay.


          I am going to still go ahead and still say…
          he thinks he is as good as fans say he is.

          • Dubs

            Man those are some obnoxious comments bud I’m not gonna lie. Before you knock the guy do two things. First, check out the winning percentages of the sixers and nuggets for this season and last. The two teams’ only main subtraction/addition has been iggy cause the sixers obviously thought they were getting a healthy Bynum. I can tell you the sixers were a playoff team last year and are now in the lottery. We all know how improved the nuggets are and who else have they really added? Gallo and Ty have gotten better but not enough to improve the team this dramatically.
            Second, look at iggys numbers when he signed his current contract. He was a perennial all star who softened the blow of losing inverson big time. Has his shooting dropped off since? No question. However he’s still a top 5 sg and probably the most versatile sg around. Instead of simply looking at individual stats, look at the big picture. Is he worth 5 yrs 60 mil like a lot of people have thrown around? I’d say no. He’s probably worth 4 yrs 45 million though. I bet he re signs with us somewhere in that ballpark and maybe a tad more if he forgoes fa and simply extends to save some risk of losing him. He’d be the first guy to tell you he must improve on his fts and I bet he will. Other than that, he’s been the PERFECT fit for this team and it would be a devastating blow to lose him.

        • dynamo.joe

          The fact that shooters are so much easier to come by, maybe should inform your opinion of his value.

          • heykyleinsf

            which is what???

            he is a good defender..
            but not game changing good.

            So over rated I want to hurl.

            A 3 point shooter would drive
            every coach crazy.. we could
            play our game everywhere..
            nothing anyone could do about it.

            We just might be the worst
            3 point shooting team in the NBA.
            We get killed by it as evidenced in
            New Orleans.. and a lot of times we
            don’t have an answer..

            even some fantasy shut down defender..

            IT’S SUCH BS..

            where was IGGY at New Orleans??

            This integral MVP that ye all speak of??

            Give me one game that he took over.

            Still waiting on examples..
            It makes me sick.. he’s like Tebow.
            Just legend.

            I don’t believe it.

    • googergieger

      Again, the guy is a wing that affects the defense on this team even better than Chandler and Noah do for their teams, while also bringing skills to the offensive end. Advanced stats say so. Eye test often says so. Our improved defense says so. Advanced stats also constantly have him as the top perimeter defender in the game or awfully close. He may not be challenging Lebron James for the best in the world title any time soon(though he is easily a superior defender), but he is more valuable than Tyson Chandler.

      • mike

        stats me please. or at least an article. Intuitively and history of basketball suggests that is HIGHLY unlikely…

        • googergieger

          Noah might be a point better in the on/off court numbers, but when you take in Denver’s ridiculous pace into account compared to The Bulls incredibly slow pace and again both of their positions, Iggy comes out looking really good doesn’t he? Also the stiffs had an article on Iggy a while back. Showed just how dominant he is when it comes to defense. Which again is almost unheard of coming from his position.

        • googergieger

          Oh and in case the links don’t work, look it up on nba’s site and stats section. Compare players to their teams and you can see their off/on numbers with defense and offense.

          • mike

            are you using defensive rating numbers? Those are highly contingent on team defense. So Chandler works on a team that is horrible on defense other than him (bottom 5-8 teams) so his Drating is dragged down. For instance Paul George has a 94.5 rating vs. Iguodala 100. That is because Indiana’s defense is so much better than Denver. Im not really sure how they determine drating, but I can’t imagine anyone suggesting Paul George is anything more than equal to iguodala on defense let alone HUGELY better. (Danny green has a 98.5 rating because the spurs are 3rd rated defense, etc). In another example Omer Asik has a 97 and 92 rating in two seasons with the Dominant Bulls defense. 103 for the mediocre Rockets… Doesn’t seem likely he has lost that much value in one season.

            Ive read some stuff referring to differences with guys on and off the court. This seems a better approximation of value on the defensive end. I don’t know where to access information for individual players though.

            • googergieger

              It is how the team does on the court with him on defense and off the court with him on defense. They do about four points better with him on the court, compared to like three points better with Chandler on the court, and five points better with Noah(one point worse on offense). And again this is at the ridiculous pace Denver plays in. Again it is hard to quantify defense as a stat, but everything that says one is a dominant defender, points to Iggy being one. Along the lines of a big man. Which again is rather impressive considering he is a wing.

              Just check out nba’s site and go to stats, go to a player, and then compare that player to their team. Then go to the advanced stats on that page.

              • mike

                So Im not sure why there is a difference between Drating on and Basketball Reference Drating. But those stats suggest the nuggets are equal with Iguodala on/off, Chandler 2 points better and Noah 4.5 better…. PS Tim Duncan on Basketball reference at 6.4 better. He’s about equal to Noah on NBA stats… Larry Sanders 7.4 Breference, 3.7 NBA stats.

              • googergieger

                Denver is 100.9 on the court with Iggy, 104.8 when he is off the court.

                Chicago is 98.3 with Noah on the court and 103.7 when he is off the court(and again one point better offensively when he is off the court)

                Knicks are 103.6 when Chandler is on the court and 102.4 when he is off the court. So a point better defensively when he doesn’t play. Huh.

                What are you talking about?

              • mike

                Im talking about the Basketball Reference Drating numbers. They have a writeup of how the obtain those numbers from work that Dean Oliver did. The numbers are SIGNIFICANTLY different than numbers. I don’t know the methodology for each. Look at the team Drating (105.3) and scroll down to advanced numbers. Iguodala is at 105…


              • googergieger

                I tend to go with as it’s the official site. Not to mention I showed you what the team’s defense is when he is on the court and what it is like when he is off the court. Which again. Comparable to a dominant defensively sound big.

              • mike

                Not saying one is right, just one suggests your opinion is true and the other suggests my opinion….Obviously since we don’t know the methodology of the site it is hard to define the difference or debate the merits of each…

              • googergieger

                Yeah alright. What it is the team’s defense when Iggy is on the court and what is it when he is off it?

              • mike

                Just so you are aware: According to NBA stats The on/off stats for Andre Miller are positive by 2 points. Given that Miller is probably among the worst 15 defenders in the entire league (getting over 10 minutes a game) I can’t imagine this stat can be as accurate as you would hope.


              • mike

                oh and Basketball reference has Miller at a 109 Drating and team at 105. I’ll take -4 over +1 as a determination of Miller’s defense any day of the week

      • mike

        oh and I generally agree he is among the 2-3 best wing defenders which with his averagey offense makes him very valuable but not a max WORTHY player.

        • dynamo.joe

          But I don’t think anyone is talking about giving him max money.

          He only makes max money if he opts in for the final year of his contract.

  • D3Ntilthe3ND

    Everyone needs to calm down. This was the 1st step of him coming back next year for less money.

    • heykyleinsf

      I’d love to hear this quantum equation laid out.

      His option is for $16 million next year..
      he’s making $15 million this year..
      and he is looking for more money..
      opting out.

      After this year.. this team..
      and he says this now?????
      NOW IGGY??

      Kenyon Martin the 2nd.

      Who put popcorn in Iggy’s car????

      • mike

        It really depends on if another team will give him that type of money. I think it is a stretch, but Eric Gordon got a max offer so anything is possible. I agree he is more of a strong starting wing unless he can raise his 3pt % to a respectable range and FT back to his previous norm of 70%. He is more of an 8-10 million dollar guy. Sometimes those guys get 8 million (Ryan Anderson, Ilyosova) sometimes they get 10-11 (Gallo/Batum) and sometimes they get the max (Eric Gordon/Rudy Gay/Joe Johnson).

        • theo


      • Dubs

        Do you even follow the nba? Players do this every single year that’s why it’s called a player OPTION. He’s not saying he’s worth more than 16 mil in one year he just wants long term security. He’s definitely not worth the max and he won’t get it trust me. He just doesn’t want to blow out a knee in the next 14 months and lose out on another deal. Again players do this all the time. In fact I would bet the Nuggets were assuming he’d opt out when they traded for him.

  • AaronCAPS

    Well. Guess it was fun while it all lasted guys :/

  • blackhill

    I would like to see 5 year, 50 million. Gerald Wallace rec’d 4 year, 40 million and that was probably an overpay.

    I hope Nugs draw thew line at 10 mil. per year. If Iggy wants to elsewhere, Nugs can use that dough to resign Brewer, Mozzy and a pretty nice player with the MLE (Korver?).

    • Ryan

      The difference there is that Gerald Wallace is dead and Iguodala is still alive…

  • clive

    5 yrs for 60 mill is overpriced for the current CBA.
    if andre thinks the teams are going to open up their wallets in this new CBA, he’ll be in for quite a surprise.
    i’d say 5 yrs for 10 mill max.

    • theo

      Think 5 years for 50 is what you were trying to say. At some point its all funny money for most fans that recognize ‘the market’ wildly overpays hoops players. In the fantasy world we’re discussing, yeah, a guy that can’t make a free throw or a shot outside of 5 feet deserves 50 million dollars because dummies like us spend time on blogs like this and pay for tickets.

  • Ckwizard

    I am sorry but those that are ok with losing Igoudala and retaining Brewer are fans that are ok with first round payoff exits. For crying out loud do some research for this year do you realize what Brewer’s shooting %’s are compared to Igoudala’s? Brewer does one thing better than Igoudala this year and that is shoot free throws better…
    Brewer also has a slightly higher Per. Brewer is a fine role player coming off the bench but Igoudala is a cornerstone to an effective defensive starting lineup. Our starting lineup doesn’t require Igoudala to score, we have Ty and Gallo, Igoudala gets to be a facilitator that is extremely valuable when Faried and Kofous actually catch passes.

    Resigning Brewer doesn’t do much to improve the Nuggets and Losing Brewer doesn’t actually do much to hurt the Nuggets. IGOUDALA is vital to the defensive scheme George Karl wants to implement and losing Igoudala is a HUGE step backwards ESPECIALLY if Brewer and Miller get more minutes.

    • heykyleinsf

      ironic that you pick on Brewer.

      We lost our season opener against the Sixers…
      a certain brand new player was a no show.

      We had no business winning the rematch.

      Fortunately.. Brewer played out of his mind awesome.
      Hit three free throws incredibly clutch to win it.

      A certain former SIxer laid another egg.

      ANd you want to lose someone like Brewer..
      who is making a fraction of Iggy’s salary..


      • dynamo.joe

        Yep, Corey won us 1 game, maybe 2 over the course of the season.

        Iggy about 9, so he is worth 4.5x Corey or 13.5M.

        • heykyleinsf

          about 9???
          do you have a list of those hiding in your ass
          like you pulled that one out or did you just
          see Iggy’s jersey number and go with it?

          But I don’t need 9.

          Just name me one.

          • googergieger

            Defensive play on George in that Indy game. Key defensive plays in that Bucks game. How has he handled Harden in that head to head? Honestly don’t get your logic here. When our defense is awesome it has nothing to do with him. When our defense is terrible it is solely because of him. That is your logic? Everything points to him having an impact defensively that is normally reserved to bigs and everything points to him being at least in the conversation for best perimeter defender in the game. So really, start coming up with a solid reason for hating on the guy or shut up about it already.

            • googergieger

              Oh and offensively, Chicago game and that Golden State game where Gallo hit that big three as well.

              • heykyleinsf

                This is exactly what I am talking about..

                he sucks all game with missed layups and free throws..
                threes rain on us..

                the whole team hustles.. but Iggy gets credit for
                one steal.

                Andre “Tebow” Igoudala.

                LOSE HIM.

                Win a title as a team.

  • plattinum

    Yes, I want Iggy back. His D is huge for this team and I think he is worth the $12 mil a year. I think they should consider trading McGee. I think Mozzy could be a fine backup center and much, much cheaper than McGee. McGee has games where he looks amazing and others where he looks clueless. We NEED Iggy’s defense. Do you all remember the few games when he was out before the AS Break? Their defense looked just awful. Sure, I hear all the KMart comparisons, but Iggy is much more durable and brings the “all-around” game that no other current Nuggets player can bring to the table. I think McGee is replaceable and Iggy is not.

    • blackhill

      Have to agree about McGee. I love the guy and think he has a huge impact on games. Nonetheless, Nugs want to pay lux. tax (I don’t think Nugs will unless they add a superstar & and, in a shift of FO expectations, consider themselves legit title contenders) it doesn’t make sense to pay someone 11 million for 20 minutes a game. I could see McGee for Garnett this summer after Celtics part ways with Pierce. McGee and some other parts for someone like Kevin Love would be nice too.

      As far as Iggy/Brewer, clearly Iggy is a far superior player. Still, if Iggy wants 12 per year for 5 years (60 million total) and Brewer would take 3 per year for 3 years (10 million total) on e has to consider that money saved could mean being able to extend Faried, Koufus, Fournier, etc).

    • dynamo.joe

      JaVale is probably over paid, but I still agree with his contract. JaVale is an offense 1st center, but Karl wants a defense 1st center. You pay for what the guy is capable of producing, but if you decide not to use him that way, that’s on you.

      You can run an offense thru him. But you have to put a defense around him to cover up his block hunting tendencies.

      I can imagine that a Stone/Iggy/Chandler/K2/McGee line up would be effective on both ends. With four guys making up for McGee’s defensive short comings and McGee adding scoring punch. I could wish Stone was a better shooter to open driving lanes for Iggy/Chandler, but…

  • A.D.

    The only way we’ll be able to tell if he’s worth the pricetag is to up his usage. He’s capable of more offensively than we get out of him. Pair him with an impactful big and we’ll see where this team can really go. There is no way. I repeat, NO WAY we can get a title starting both Faried and McGee. One will have to play the role of sixth man. FREE AL JEFFERSON!

  • prospector


    • dynamo.joe


  • Frank

    Iggy is a defensive stud. We have plenty of scoring obviously. Iggy takes us up a knotch or two on the defensive end, which is really valuable. I don’t care about his shooting %. Our starting 2 guard next year cannot, i repeat CANNOT, be Brewer. Brew is a baller but he fits the bill of our 6th or 7th man perfectly. Think about our playoff opponents this year and moving forward. Iggy can effectively defend Kobe, CP3, Westbrook, Durant, Harden, Curry, etc. He is our ticket to postseason success.

    Also, two things Iggy doesn’t get enough credit for. 1) Clutch gene – remember @ Chicago? 2) Stellar ball handling – dude can rock the cradle and set up teammates. With Lawson he is also the best on our team at creating his own shot when needed.

    Guys, remember, Karl loves Iggy. He wanted to trade Melo for him as you might recall. I doubt he will be going anywhere. I also doubt we will overpay for him. So as you might imagine I see him signing something like 4 for $40.

  • juan

    Why would you want Brewer and andre miller gone they’re half the reason that we have won 50 games. iguadala is never consistent with his defense or offense he has had his games i wont lie. But if im gonna pay some one more then my whole team i also expect them to outplay the whole team i want someone conitent that will be ready to play everygame and bring energy to the court and thats something that he hasnt shown enough of this year.

  • al68

    we must let go of Miller, Mogrov, Jham, Stone, Randolph and keep Iggy (11 million), Brewer (4 million), and some free agent (Korver, T Evans, Morrows, D. Harris, Calderon, Pekovic (11 mill)…)

  • Tom2

    Iguodala is the best player on the team at the moment, but he’s also significantly older than all other players not named Andre. 5 years $60 million is reasonable if he can maintain his current level of play. But how good will he be in 3-5 years? Players who can’t shoot and rely on their athleticism to be effective don’t age very well. He could potentially be Bruce Bowen 2.0 in a few years, and do you really want to be paying Bruce Bowen $12+ million? Consider also that every player on the team will be up for a new contract by the time of that 4th and 5th year, and all of those player sans A-Miller will be in their primes. The only way that contract works out for the Nuggets is if it’s either front-loaded or they manage to trade it before it becomes poisonous. At least with McGee’s bad contract, he’s young and athletic enough that some team somewhere might be interested.

    The Nuggets will likely repeat what they did with Nene: they’ll give Iguodala a good contract, and then try to trade him for younger pieces.

    (PS — Andre Miller is not going anywhere; he will be the backup point guard till his contract runs out.)

    • CMFJ

      I agree with your concern about the back end of the deal being potentially being problematic. Also agree with the sign now and then trade later if necessary.

      However, although I do like the idea of front loading it, the last time I looked at the cap situation for next year, but my recollection is that they are scheduled to be about $2.5 mill over the cap and therefore in tax territory. If Iguodala opts out of the $15.9 mill dollars and takes 5 yrs/$60 with each year at $12 mill, they could be under. (I believe those numbers assumed the $15.9 million for ’13-’14, but can’t find the link right now).

      I think they should keep him for at least 1 full season, possibly 2. At that point, they would know if he is headed down, but the dropoff would probably not be so bad as to make him untradeable.