Gallinari tears ACL

As was suspected from the beginning, Gallinari will miss the remained of the season with a torn ACL, according to the official Denver Nuggets website. Most ACL injuries require about a year for recovery so Nuggets fans should get used to not having Gallo around. We’ll have much more detailed analysis on this subject over the weekend, so stay tuned.

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Kalen Deremo

Kalen was born in Durango, CO, in 1988 and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2013 with a degree in journalism. He's now an itinerant hoping to travel as much as possible before eventually succumbing to the "real world." Aside from writing Kalen likes movies, music, spicy food and the great outdoors. Edward Abbey is his current idol.

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  • Brian


  • Tonia01

    I am so furious, not only because I am a fan of Gallo, but most of all as I really loved the Nuggets this year. It was a fantastic ride and, in our best moment, when we started building the confidence that this was our year, Gallo is out and Ty future is unclear. It is really bad luck, that this organization did not deserve.

  • dynamo.joe

    Good luck Rooster, We’ll be waiting for you.

  • magster

    Very sad news. Not giving up on playoff success, but am not hopeful of winning it all. I was deluded to think we had a chance 24 hours ago.

  • Giovanni

    The gods hate the Nuggets…

    Get well Gallo!!!

    Maybe(if Lawson come back)this bad news can regroup the team and given 110 % of effort…

    Win for Danilo…

  • OriginalJakeSauce

    Damn. I expect we’ll still see the second round, but what a shame. Our best two way baller is down and out…. I felt like this year it was anybody’s game in the west, and that we had more weapons than anyone, but the injury bug came late this year.

  • k

    Prayers go out to Gallo.
    Still don’t see how this hurts the nuggets. Wilson easily replaces Gallo, while a little Jham can’t hurt. And it seems brewer is deserving of some more minutes.
    Only fear is a miller gets even more time now. Keep him at 25-30 a game.
    Evan is doing ok. Playoff time your main guys usually Getty extended minutes anyways. So more manimal, maybe even more javele? Let’s see GK earn his money.

    • mike

      if you really can’t understand why this hurts the nuggets significantly then you don’t understand the value of gallo. Jham is a better rebounding version of JR Smith. Good Backup wing who is streaky (and he isn’t even as good as JR smith on defense yet). Chandler is not as good as Gallo overall though he is a starting caliber wing. But what gallo did best was create facilitate/score opportunities in the half court which the Nugs have a dearth of. Chandler does not do this well. Brewer is a very good backup but streaky too.

      And most importantly the Nuggets were likely to take the 3 seed if they had Gallinari. Now I would give it 50/50 at best and they will be underdogs against Mem/LAC if they play in round 1 with ty still out for first game or so OR even back at not full strength.

  • al68

    Que pena, espero que se recupere totalmente, por él por los nuggets y por la seleccion italiana.
    Otra vez la mala fortuna nos va ha dejr fuera de las finales de la nba.

    • Forret

      Grazie per i vostri pensieri gentili! E ‘bene sapere che ci sono tifosi italiani là fuori.

      — nativo di Denver

  • Jeff

    How do we make sure gianluca is not a threat to himself or others?

  • tz13

    I hope Gallo’s career is not finished..many sportsmen have suffered ACL break and returns have seldom be better than the past.

    He should be back healthy next year for next playoffs..i would at this point recommend Ty to go for’s no sense to risk him..bench players will develop more experience and i am pretty sure we can still go through the first round without ty-gallo.

    • will

      I don’t think nuggets can get through first round without Ty and Gallo unless we hold on to 3rd seed (which now seems unlikely). if not we are playing LAC or Memphis. without Ty and Gallo our best scorers are.. Brewer and Iggy. Andre Miller is 37 years old and his backup is Fournier…

    • allAround

      Gallo’s plays are more based on shooting and “reading” the game . His game is not based so much on his athletic skills, so I would not worry so much for his returning state . He is going to take some time but he is going to reach his current state.

      What it is lost for me is the chance to be in the western finals not this year but the next. Gallo is a unique peace of this team that opens space on offence, let the team play small ball , box out assists and so many other things.

      What happens with Gallo absence for a year is that Nugs will learn to play differently. The chemistry that this young team could have with him is lost, and that is what was missing from this Nugs chemistry ( and experience ) . It does not matter how good your players are they need to play at least a year together to start rolling all together.

      Anyway I will wait to see Gallo play again . He is one of my bests

  • googergieger

    A lot of things suck about this. The schedule this year that was made to break us. The officiating that is star driven in this league. Setting a record for how much we dominate the paint this year and yet third in the league in free throws?

    What sucks is next year you assume we were going to get a sane effin schedule. Meaning we could fight for that first seed like we should have this year. Unfortunately without Gallo, and Brewer and Iguodala a question mark, who knows what will happen. Here is hoping we make enough of an impact in the playoffs so we can get those two committed here long term, and get some respect from the league. Hopefully Gallo comes back some time next year and him and the team don’t miss a beat.

  • heykyleinsf


    “The MRI showed no signs of other ligament or meniscus damage.”

    And hopeful.

    Adrian Peterson was in the starting lineup 9 months after his
    injury.. went on to the 2nd most rushing yards of all time.
    RG3 tore his in early January.. he is expected to take every
    snap in the first game in late August or early September.

    We look at Derrick Rose and think.. a year or more..
    BUT.. best case scenario.. Gallo is back in February..
    or at least for the playoff run this time next year.

    Get well soon Rooster.. we still need you.

  • casper

    I’m not ready to give up on this team. I’ve been a Nuggets fan since they were the Rockets. This is the deepest, biggest, most athletic team they have fielded in the years I’ve followed them. And that’s without Gallo. This is still a team that can go places.

  • heykyleinsf

    does it make me a bad person…

    when I wonder to myself..

    Why can’t it be Russell Westbrook or Ron Artest
    or Kenyon Martin or Dwayne Wade??

    It never works out that way.

    Just one time.. why can’t an asshole get what
    he deserves and cool guys like Gallo not have
    this kind of BS to deal with?

    • dynamo.joe

      Ummm, I seem to recall plenty of Kenyon Martin injuries, and Wade has been out 1/4 of his career, Ron Artest is out right now.

      • mike

        gotta say this team seems slightly snakebitten. They get the 3rd pick and end up with the 4th best player of the top 5 picks (including missing out on two generational type talents). They go into free agency and get/overpay for a good Center, good pg and good (injury prone) PF after losing out on Ginobili and not making a run at Nash. They finally put together a top 5 team in 09 making a run at a very good lakers team despite not having one good defensive wing and then getting unlucky with Karl’s health in 2010 when they did have a good defensive wing. Melo sabotages the 2010-11 team.

        This team looks like it is playing stellar ball and even above their heads a bit as a sum versus their individual parts. And now they get kicked in the teeth with two significant injuries in 30 days.

      • heykyleinsf

        how many of them out for a year with a torn ACL??

        AND THIS “Ummm” is so ultra douchey.
        I hate that.
        not the telephone

        • Blue

          A person might also say it is “Ultra Douchey” to wish injury upon another person.

          • heykyleinsf

            didn’t know you were a Ron Artest fan.

            hope your feelings are going to recover.

        • dynamo.joe

          Ummm, nope. I was on my telephone.

          • heykyleinsf

            uhhh ummm LOL BRB
            cliche cliche cliche douche.
            irregardless, just sayin’

            show some intelligence.

            • dynamo.joe

              I’m willing to bet you had to use the spell checker to spell ‘intelligence’.

  • Brad

    Get well Gallo! Nuggets are still in this though, too much talent/depth. Guys will definitely step up. But in all honesty, I hope this lulls teams into thinking we’re easy pickings…

  • clive

    aaaaand there goes our postseason.

    or maybe Evan Fournier plays even better in the postseason, we play better with a big lineup and ty lawson returns with a pep in his step just in time to finish off whoever we have to play in the first round.

    but still, without Gallo, our half-court offense is half-dead.

  • AaronCAPS

    Just when all us Nuggets fans had hope :/

  • prospector

    My heart goes out to GALLO… He is a great kid and I know he must be crushed… KARL needs to release JHAM from his Siberian gulag.. I know this kid can play, he just needs regular minutes so he can rebuild his confidence… I have a feeling that JHAM is ready to ball after he watched EVAN play with the attitude and confidence the past 3 games… I only hope KARL gives him his chance… (he probably won’t cause he know the “FANS” want him to)… Nice to see Miller play at least half-@#$@ defense.. Hopefully KARL will give EVAN more PT and limit Millers PT to like 25 mins a game, so Miller can maintain some energy for defense.. Hopefully Gallo’s injury could a blessing in disguise for us by allowing us to see JHAM, and allowing us to see IGGY handle the ball more…


  • Daniel

    With all the doom and gloom coming from these comments you would think Gallo was LBJ…the guy is great and he is a nice piece to this team, but what was he averaging since the all-star break? I think he was around 13-14ppg, 5 rb, 3 ast. I like him and all and I don’t want to seem like I’m diminishing him, but that production can be replaced. All us Nuggets fans always brag about how we’re the deepest team in the league, and now when it’s time to prove to the NBA how true that is, we’re all going to cry and moan that the season is over? Lawson is coming back and now we have a chance to see players like JHam step up and deliver like everyone seemed to think he can a few weeks ago. Stop the moaning and moping, nobody wants to hear it. 2011 Mavs won when their #2 guy went down. Keep on believing people

    • mike

      because depth is more valuable in the regular season than the playoffs when you aren’t playing teams that are constantly running out rosters that are equal or better in talent to you. This team is deep and versatile and needs to play their top 8 players the most minutes. Gallo is probably their most versatile player on offense (with Lawson). losing him takes away three key elements: good 3 pt shooting, getting his own shot and some creation for teammates, and a good guy to play with Chandler and Iguodala in their small ball lineup that are all difficult to replace on this roster. Because they don’t have a dominant star the team can’t just say to Lebron or Wade instead of initiating the offense 70% of the time you are going up to 85% now.

    • googergieger

      He is the team’s second best defender as well. The team rebounds better with him on the floor. Shoots better with him on the floor. Turns over the ball less. Etc.

      I understand how people that never watch a Denver came can underrate the kid and the team in general. But so called Denver fans that supposedly watch more than the five games can write off the kid as an “inconsistent shooter” is beyond me. Not saying you are doing that, and good for you in having faith in this team. I think we can still get out of the first, but Gallo is really important to this team. Even when his scoring is off, he is going to find ways to help the team win. He is honestly one of the better all around players in this league. Not as great in areas as some players, but he wasn’t really bad at any one area.

  • http://espn herpderpnuggets

    This might mean that the nuggets need to sign another player this offseason or make a trade….having gallo out really hurts the offense but hopefully this team is able to show what it is truly capable of. Go nuggets.

  • Cephus

    Looking at Gallinari’s build and musculature, I hope he uses the rehab process to get yoked. I don’t mean big, but cut. As I was watching the injury footage, it came to me how his overall frame is that of a player in the 70’s era. He’s pretty lean, but just a little soft.

    Kobe & Jason Kidd are examples of players who makeover their diet & fitness program & rarely are hurt even in the latter stages of their career. I LOVE GALLO’s GAME, not a hater. But it depends on him giving above & beyond effort on D & hazardous excursions to the paint on offense.

    To his credit , Gallo doesn’t rest up on D like say Carmelo or JR Smith. I appreciate that so much. But to sustain that quality injury-free, he needs to find a Tim Grover ( MJ’s trainer ) type while in rehab. Otherwise he could be the hardwood roundball equivalent of the exotic Porsche that spends 25% of it’s days at mechanic’s shop for repairs.

  • JetLife82

    I read some comments on B/R that Masai has his eye on Delonte West to replace J Stone. Makes sense as Delonte has six playoff trips under his belt, but I don’t know if this is any more than just speculation. I wouldn’t be opposed to the idea, even though I do think Stone has game, it does make sense to take the health and experience where you can get it (even though Delonte is said to be a bit of a loose cannon). We could possibly even sign J Stone again next season when he has a healthy summer league and training camp, who knows…

    Anyway, what are your thoughts on this; is it a good move? Would you rather keep Stone? Sign someone else?

    • John

      It would be a good move if West can keep his behavior in check. I have always thought Delonte was a very good PG.

    • JetLife82

      For what it’s worth, if I were inclined to make a change it would probably be waiving Mozgov for someone who can put points on the board and/or bring energy off the bench. He’s kind of the odd man out, doesn’t really run well or score well and is more suited to a slower paced game.

      A couple of players I’d look at signing in his place, besides Delonte West, would be Dionte Christmas (his game is like a less explosive Michael Redd) who currently plays in Europe, and Sean Williams (an extremely athletic big man who can run the break well and block shots at an elite level).

  • John

    Gallo is probably my favorite player but this does not hurt as bad as most people think. Chandler is just as good of a player and will become our starting 3. Brewer and Iguodala will have to play more minutes. This means our defense will improve while our offense is slightly worse.

  • Cephus

    Delonte West has game, but is a literal head case. I forget if he’s bi-polar or schizoid. They needed him in Dallas. Rick Carlisle gave him multiple chances & in the end was still let go. Too much drama. If George Karl wants to take a chance, fine. But his stint with Cavs has given birth to scuttlebutt, fellow team members must watch out if they got a half cute mom. Javale, that means you.