Rapid Reaction: Denver Nuggets 96, San Antonio Spurs 86

San Antonio Spurs 86 Final
Recap | Box Score
96 Denver Nuggets
Kenneth Faried, SF 25 MIN | 1-4 FG | 1-2 FT | 7 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 2 BLK | 1 TO | 3 PTS | -18

Faried was quite bad, getting routinely abused on defense despite San Antonio having no one remotely athletic enough to match up with him. Couple that with a measly one offensive rebound and it sure looks like he was simply outhustled and outworked by a hobbled, inexperienced Spurs front line. He made a big defensive play and secured a key rebound late, but his 25 minutes were pretty generous considering the way he played most of the night.

Kosta Koufos, C 21 MIN | 1-5 FG | 0-0 FT | 10 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 0 TO | 2 PTS | -10

Koufos had a confusing game. He’s never been much of a rim protector but he normally beats opposing bigs to the paint and takes away the easy angles. Koufos’ paint defense alternated between sublime and uninspired in this one, but he saved his best play for when the Nuggets needed it most. At this point I expect some consistency and something more than a total zero on offense, where Koufos seems to have lost some confidence.

Andre Miller, PG 34 MIN | 4-8 FG | 4-6 FT | 1 REB | 5 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 3 TO | 12 PTS | -7

Miller was not a net positive in this game. He was a spectator for the first 10 minutes and most every meaningful stretch of play. Miller closed the game like a pro and his ability to make free throws and manufacture offense paid off late, but he was not on the floor for the crucial stretches where Denver looked dominant.

Wilson Chandler, SG 41 MIN | 11-20 FG | 4-4 FT | 8 REB | 4 AST | 2 STL | 1 BLK | 3 TO | 29 PTS | +6

What a great performance, and it’s really easy to forget that Wilson has already scored 30+ two other times this season, both off the bench. Wilson caught fire in the second half and practiced much better shot selection than we’ve seen in the past. He stayed off the midrange stuff the entire night and created several running opportunities with his defense. He has not missed a beat since moving into the starting five.

Andre Iguodala, SG 43 MIN | 5-11 FG | 1-4 FT | 13 REB | 10 AST | 3 STL | 0 BLK | 7 TO | 12 PTS | +5

Yes, he had seven turnovers and still hasn’t looked decent on offense all year. He also nabbed the first triple-double by any Nugget since Marcus Camby in 2008 exactly one game after predicting he’d soon get one. There were a lot of things working against the Nuggets early and Iguodala’s unwavering effort anchored the defensive push that got Denver back in the game and kept them there.

Anthony Randolph, PF 8 MIN | 1-1 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 2 PTS | +6

I gave his grade a bump because he looked good as part of an uptempo bench that reinvigorated the Nuggets’ transition attack. Brewer went nuclear off the bench so it just wasn’t his night to see many minutes.

Corey Brewer, SF 34 MIN | 12-25 FG | 2-5 FT | 3 REB | 2 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 28 PTS | +30

Is this not a match made in heaven? Teams generally don’t want bench players hoisting 25 shots a game but Brewer’s outburst was just what the Nuggets needed after starting the game with two Miller turnovers followed by two Miller isos and predictably, zero points. Karl went small with Brewer early which paid immediate dividends for Denver’s anemic offense. I worry about where else Brewer will play if the Nuggets can’t bring him back because this is just too fun to watch.

JaVale McGee, C 16 MIN | 1-4 FG | 0-0 FT | 10 REB | 1 AST | 2 STL | 4 BLK | 0 TO | 2 PTS | +18

Much like Brewer did for the offense, we saw a drastic change in the Denver defense pre-McGee and post-McGee. Denver was flat out soft in the paint until his resounding arrival in the second quarter with three huge blocks. JaVale capped off a nice night with an improved effort on the defensive glass and his second straight game with no turnovers

Evan Fournier, SG 18 MIN | 3-8 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 3 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 1 TO | 6 PTS | +20

He should have played much more. Fournier was assertive with the ball in his hands and was the Nuggets second-best creator behind Iguodala. He wasn’t great on defense and didn’t have his shot going but the guy showed remarkable poise under pressure and has a knack for finding Denver the right kind of shots. With Lawson out and the offense quite frankly struggling under an overused Andre Miller, he could use more minutes.

George Karl

Karl waited way too long to get Miller out of the game. Other than that, his adjustments worked and he got the most out of a small Brewer-Chandler lineup San Antonio had no answer for. He’s pushing his players hard and getting results, but Koufos, Miller, and Chandler all looked gassed after long second-half stints with no relief. Karl should be more trusting of his bench, who clearly got him the win and turned around one of the most dreadful starts in recent memory.

One Thing We Saw

  1. Expect San Antonio to pick and roll the Nuggets a lot more when healthy. The Nuggets were not bad defensively but a lot of San Antonio’s struggles on offense were self-inflicted. They stopped attacking the weak side after a wildly successful 14-0 opening run in favor of a perimeter based attack off just one or two passes. Great victory for Denver but this was an unusually flat Spurs offense and I still think this is the playoff matchup the Nuggets must avoid for as long as possible.
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  • Evan S

    I hope everyone who wanted Chandler gone rethinks how they evaluate a basketball player

    • Ban Johnson

      to be fair, most Nuggets fans had never really seen him healthy. And he was a bust in the 2011 Playoffs against OKC, if you remember…

      But he’s showing his talent lately, and it’s massive.

    • Tom2

      Chandler was brutally bad before this past month, so don’t get ahead of yourself. But it does seem he’s turned a corner. Hopefully he can keep it up!

      • TyroneH

        Before this month? You have to be joking!! He had 35 last month against the Bulls when both Gallo and Lawson were out if you remember that overtime game.

        • Tom2

          Uh, that game was within the past month (March 11th to April 10th). Anyway, he might have been playing well for the past month and a half, but that still doesn’t change the fact that he was awful before the trade deadline. He was still recovering from the hip surgery, of course, so he was bound to get better. The Nuggets are fortunate that he’s picked the last month to play the best ball he’s ever played for them.

          • mike

            best basketball he has ever played period.

    • Steve

      Its not as much as wanted chandler gone but wanted to upgrade. I mean he was getting 20-25 min and is a better player than that. So my projection all along and was similar to others was trading chandler and 2 others for an upgrade. We have alot of depth that is sitting. I mean hawks almost gave jsmith away at deadline. I would have given chandler moz and hamilton away easy for him.

      With that said, chandler is a good player. Never said he wasnt.

      • Evan

        Yes he struggled in the playoffs but in the half season before the trade he was great. Hes a great standstill jumpshooter, on ball defender, and shot blocker. I also think he had a broken toe in that first playoff series? Its always just been a matter of getting healthy for Wilson.

    • Mark

      I know, I hate all those “Get rid of Chandler” posts. He hustles, plays smart, plays good defense, and deserves more minutes. If anything good can come out of Gallinari’s injury, it’s Chandler getting more minutes.

      • mike

        I think you all are overplaying “get rid of” as opposed to trade as a part of an upgrade. He has played very well of late. He has stepped up. He MAY be showing an increase in shooting from 3 point land. He can still be pretty feast or famine in his effectiveness like Brewer.

  • Jeff

    Never underestimate the value of players that have something to prove (Chandler, Brewer, McGee, etc).

    • MainFrank

      Never underestimate players in their contract years.

  • Ban Johnson

    Nuggets are 43-12 their last 55 games. (I don’t think even the biggest homer saw that coming when they were 11-12.)

    Wilson Chandler may be growing into his abilities for the first time. (Remember, he’s played behind Gallo pretty much his whole career.)

    Corey Brewer makes stuff happen.

    What does Javale have to do to get more minutes?

    Nuggets are going to have some hideous stretches of half-court offense without Gallo and a 100% Ty. But at least so far, the trio of AI-Brewer-Chandler makes up for that with incredible stretches of D leading to fast breaks. 3rd quarter tonight was pure Nuggets’ basketball. Going to need A LOT of that in the playoffs.

    • Ckwizard

      Guess you didn’t read this blog much early in the year or just ignore the “big homers” like me… talented, deep, and athletic, oh yeah and long… Just needed some “quality practice time” after the brutal road heavy start to the season… But hey I am the kind of homer that still expects this team to be on the western conference finals and I believe they will push OKC and can beat them in a seven game series….

    • Tom

      I predicted they’d be 12-11, and finish 58-24. I feel pretty good about those predictions right now.

  • Scott

    Shocking how San Antonio’s deep bench could get so many calls in a game that we should have won by 20… even the Lakers bench wouldn’t get that many calls…

    Either way the NBA should give a 3-way tie for 6th-Man of the Year to Chandler, Brewer, and Mcgee. Either that or create an overall best bench award because the Nuggets win in a landslide.

    • Jeff

      I give sixth man of the year to Jarrett Jack with Crawford, Brewer, and Chandler also in contention.

      • Cory

        Brewer should snag this award. JJ has done how much for a so so team. And havent heard about Crawford in a while. I mean just look at whar Brewer’s been up to lately.

        • Kane

          Everyone forgetting JR Smith?

          • Jeff

            You are right, I guess I think of him as a starter even though he’s not. I still take those other guys over JR personally.

          • googergieger

            I think Brewer is more important to this team than any other bench player in the league. His energy alone has saved this team many times. I mean I know people say Kobe is a guy that always gives his all and all that b.s., but Brewer is the only guy in the league that plays every game like it is his last. He has his down side, but nobody loves playing basketball more than Brewer.

            Sixth Man shouldn’t be an offense dependant award, it should be an award for the guy that makes the best bench in the league the best bench in the league. I think Denver has the best bench in the league, and I think Brewer is the most important part of it. He’s the heart.

            • Dubz

              Brewer has been and continues to be fantastic, there’s absolutely no question about hit. The truth is however, that the race is basically done already. JR will will 6th man and deservedly so. I wasn’t a fan of his on the Nuggets but always knew that if he improved his shot selection, he could be a 20 ppg guy in the NBA. Look at his numbers for the last month or so, they’re staggering. Brewer is essential for this team’s success, but 6th man is an individual award and JR has probably had a better season that Brewer from an objective standpoint. In fact, I bet most casual fans outside of Denver hardly know just how important Brewer is. That’s not the case with JR. He was carrying the Knicks for a while there.

              • googergieger

                If you are saying it is a popularity contest, well yeah all these awards are. But easy, Smith is getting more minutes and more of a green light and feasts on playing bad teams. He is still taking plenty of bad shots that go in often enough, and he is given more of a chance to make a positive impact on the game, but he is still the same player. Just Karl isn’t around him to talk him down, and the people around him there are around to talk him up. Really he is somewhere in the middle, and in a depleted team like the Knicks he is bound to be the most important bench player as he is by default the second most important offensive player period.

              • Dubz

                I couldn’t reply to you there goog duno why. Anyway, I can’t believe I’m defending jr and normally I’d agree with you but just to let you k know, the Knicks are 51-26 good for 2nd in the east. Right now he’s there 2nd best player. I wouldn’t want that to be the case for the nuggets but it seems to be working for jr and the Knicks. His numbers are pretty great and even though these awards can be popularity contests, the numbers speak for themselves. I’d be shocked if jr didn’t get it and 5 times more shocked if brewer did. I’d love for brewer to get it but I’d say jr is probably deserving of the award. But knocking the Knicks talent really only makes my argument for me because he and melo are carrying a team that’s 25 games over .500

              • googergieger

                It’s the east. They have the seventh best record overall. Overly rely on the three ball, and Melo and JR are still incredibly one dimensional. Granted JR is at least competent at defense, and again I’m not saying Brewer is going to win it and JR won’t. Just saying Brewer would be my pick and JR will probably win it because it is a popularity thing. How else can you explain all of Kobe’s all defensive team honors and Iggy’s constant snub off all defensive first team honors?

              • Dubz

                In a world where a 6th man shouldn’t play more than 25-30 mins I’d say Brewer would definitely be my pick. Today however, all these teams have these guys worthy of starting who come off the bench and play 32+ mpg. Ginobli started it if I recall and it continued with Harden, Odom, Crawford, etc. They kind of cheat because they play so many minutes they should be considered starters so in that sense I agree with you. As for Kobe being named all defense and Iggy never getting that recognition? It’s a disgrace and even a lot of the people voting for the awards have said so. All defense seems to be the worst one for whatever reason. Iggy should be on every year so it’s a joke really. Not every award is as ridiculous though.

              • Go Gators

                Smith > Brewer.

                Enough Said.

              • googergieger

                I don’t know, for some reason the MVP is never given given to the best offensive guy, but the sixth man award seems to always be given to the best offensive player that comes off the bench. But yeah, all awards in the NBA are pretty much about politics. Same as the Oscars or any award like that. People network, put the name out there, create the hype, league runs with the hype they themselves sometimes helped create, and then you end up with a team with the fourth best record in the league after dealing with the worst schedule in twenty years, without one all star, or one guy getting any sort of consideration for any major award. Is what it is. One hopes Denver can make a fight of it in the second or get to the conference finals to finally get our team some much earned respect.

              • dynamo.joe

                If you look at the numbers, JR just barely noses past Corey.


                +1.7 pts, +1.9 reb, -1.1 stl, all per 48 minutes.

                In addition JR has played 700 more minutes. So, clearly he is a better 6th man candidate. Add in the fact that he plays in a market that is 5x larger and the media capital of the US and plays for one of the most storied franchises in the sport and it’s pretty clear Corey hasn’t got a snowball’s chance in hell.

              • googergieger

                It is like people literally don’t read one effin word I say.

              • Ryan

                What makes the Knicks a “storied” franchise? I never quite understood that. They were dreadful more years than not, have a couple championships eons ago. No different than the Rockets in that regard. I guess it’s just a popularity thing or using the term “storied” very loosely…

              • mike

                JR smith is by no means the 2nd best player on the Knicks. Before this recent barrage by Melo you could easily make a contention for Tyson Chandler as their BEST player. JR smith may well be worthy of a sixth man trophy but only by default that there is not a strong candidate. It’s a bunch of nice players like Brewer, Jarrett Jack. There aren’t any emerging young talents or starters who are put as backups for the purposes of the second unit…

  • Jeff

    Iguodala 3 turnovers away from a quadruple double!

    • Tom

      Over on the Basketbawful blog, they call that a “quadruple bumble”.

  • Cory

    Team be balling!

  • googergieger

    McGee deserved more minutes tonight, but we got the win, so tough to complain, and I did promise not to go off on Karl rants after that OKC win. So yeah, just say I think McGee deserved more minutes tonight. Guy pretty much shut down Duncan whenever he was guarding him. Meanwhile Koufos was just abused. Glad Iguodala got his triple double tonight. Tonight’s sloppiness really showed why Gallo is missed. Guy sometimes has turn overs but they are hardly ever live ball turn overs and the kid has a great way of finding out what the team needs that night and doing it. Also he will straight up shove people into their right places on defense.

    But yeah good win, not a great one, against a great opponent who is as hobbled as we are.

    Also refs beat the Blazers tonight. Looks like Lakers are going to make it to the playoffs, where you assume they’ll be helped out to make a series of it? Which will be odd if they end up facing OKC. Worlds longest seven game free throw contest ever.

  • CJP32

    Anyone who said that CBrew isn’t worth re-signing has got to man up and apologise! He came to play – 28 points with a +30, and averaging 20 ppg over his last 5.

    Chandler is IN FORM – and at the right time. Iggy trip-dub. KK was solid rebounding. McGee was a beast.

    I knew down 14-0, this team would fight back.

    • Ckwizard

      Lol I will man up when the playoff are over and this team overcomes years of bad play… Brewer is playing awesome and it is good you are excited about a “Regular season win” but I personally want some playoff improvement from this team before I jump on that bandwagon… This team is performing as expected from my prospective and they can still get better!!!

      • CJP32

        So a 5 game win streak without our 2 best scorers isn’t good enough in your books??? Damn, you a harsh man!

        • Ckwizard

          This season is going as I expected, why didn’t you have a conversation with me about my thoughts earlier in the season when people on this site were calling for Karl’s head and proclaiming how bad the team Was on defense and how the Iggy trade didn’t improve defense?

          More over when looking through me eyes the talent and team ness on this team was talked about early in the year back when theNuggets were still at .500, I said this team would finish with the best record after the all star break… Well I wasn’t to far of on anything I have said on this sight regarding record… So no a 5 game winning streak with out Lawson or Gallo isn’t that surprising especially given this teams depth

          I don’t want this but hell If Brewer got hurt it would be nice to have the argument settled about Hamilton because you all act like Brewer is the reason for this teams success this year….

          This team is working because of Uriji, Coach Karl and a group of talented athletic players with a good mix of stuff with a few bad habits.

          This season doesn’t surprise me one bit and to be honest it won’t surprise me if the Nuggets reach the Finals because I think they are that good…

          So you issue is that your view is the correct one in that it is surprising YOU that the team is still good without Gallo or Ty, sorry that I view this team differently.

          And to finish it off yes I have said that this team goes wear Ty takes it and I think the path is harder without Ty but guess what based on interviews and watching the games it is OBVIOUS that Ty is providing leadership to the Young players and being a leader even while hurt… That is the step Ty needed to take for this team to become great this years playoffs will tell a lot about this team… Be patient because Next year if Igoudala is here then this team will finish with the bet record in the NBA!!! They are that good!!!

      • Guy

        Where are you going to get more production for the price Brewer will sign for?? Not resigning him and Iggy will not only hurt the quality of the roster but the psychological makeup of the team. This would be a huge step backwards. Brewer wants to be hear. Resign both of them as soon as the seasons over.

  • NugZeit

    Great Win! Key step in locking up the 3 seed.

    McGee should have gotten some more run tonight – some great defensive energy and rebounds for once! While Koufos was struggling.

    Scary bad start, but Brewer and Chandler really got it going – plus we threw down some good D for a few key stretches.

    In what’s becoming too routine, rough game for Faried.

  • Gorillabuddy

    Seems like Chandler is able to really able to come into his own now that Gallo is out. I hate to think about it, but some point soon we’ll probably have to choose between them.

    Other than that, it’s great to see how well McGee played. He’s really been giving the Spurs, and Duncan in particular, problems. I kind of hope San Antonio falls to the 2 seed so we get them instead of OKC.

    • Charliemyboy

      I’m just wondering if Chandler and Gallo shouldn’t start. Next year, with developement, how about JaVale, Gallo, Chandler, Iggy and Ty. Brewer could start, you know.

  • LobCiudad

    At moments it was ugly, at moments it was pretty, but in the end it was a W, and I love me some Nuggets W’s!

  • Jeff

    Go away theo. You’re insane.

    • Jeff

      I didn’t call you insane for suggesting Karl is coach of the year. I hope he wins it. I called you insane for impersonating a blogger, accusing them of doctoring posts, and being a negative nutjob. Why don’t you make a “take” on the game instead of attacking this website?

      • Jeff

        Now that his posts were deleted, I look insane! lol

        • Tom

          Sorry about that, Jeff. If it helps, your comment was what made me notice the impersonator. So, thanks.

          Everyone else, you have my word that Jeff isn’t insane.

          • Jeff

            No problem!

          • dynamo.joe

            Let me correct that for you:

            “His replies to non-existent posts aren’t the reason you should think Jeff is insane”.

          • Ernie

            I’m still not convinced

            • heykyleinsf

              after beating all the playoff teams in the west
              and a franchise records win streak, home wins
              and overall wins…

              Ernie.. that would be a this point..
              entirely a personal problem.

        • LobCiudad

          Haha, I guess I look insane too….Glad they took that bullshit post down. I expect trolls on ESPN boards, but on here the conversation is usually much more sophisticated.

  • Taskerone

    Anyone notice that the minute Fornier entered the game, the Nuggets took control? He didn’t have an epic game or anything, but every time he was inserted the Nuggets went on a run.

    • Ban Johnson

      Nuggets seem to work best with a mix of chaos guys — Brewer, Faried, McGee, Randolph — and cerebral guys — Iguodala, Miller, Fournier, Koufos — on the court. (Ty and Chandler are kind of hybrids.)

      • Charliemyboy

        Excellent observation. They do ‘team’ with those they are familiar playing with, equaling more than the pieces.

    • Gorillabuddy

      To be honest I don’t think it’s necessarily Fournier himself, but just that our current starting lineup is awkward. Miller seems more at place with our more athletic guys like Brewer and Mcgee.

    • Charliemyboy

      Fours and JaVale changed the speed. I love Miller, but, when he’s trying to do everyting and holding onto the ball, coach should bring him out without a second thought. Miller will then adjust; he’s so smart.

  • Cory

    Iggy has to be aggressive with his dribble more often. When we made that run in the third iggy was atracking and passing. An agressive passing iggy makes fir a great playmaker. Loved the defense period.

  • LobCiudad

    Seriously. Why do you try to ruin this blog for fans who actually care about basketball and the Denver Nuggets?

  • LDT710

    So proud of these Nuggets! I’ve been negative and upset at just about every player and especially at George Karl countless times this season because I’m a fan and I’m passionate about this team, but let’s reflect on what a great season this has been. Anyone who is considering posting something negative needs to get some perspective. I’d like to point out that the team is 18th in payroll and 4th in overall record! This team is the definition of overachieving!

    • Ckwizard

      Only overachieving if your perception is the Nuggets are not as talented a team as the Thunder… I think the Nuggets with a healthy Gallo are just as talented as the Thunder so to me they are not overachieving!!

      • LDT710

        Not arguing about the quality of our talent compared to other teams. I’m extremely optimistic about the rest of this season as I think we can beat anyone in a series. “Overachieving” in the sense we are getting the most out of our payroll as a small market team in putting together a group of talented, underrated players running a system that works well with the strengths of our roster.

  • LobCiudad

    Amazing how ESPN really doesn’t know anything about the Nuggets. The announcers talked all about how we should remember that this is San Antonio without two of their main guys….as if that was a caveat to the Nuggets win. I was screaming at the TV “What about TY and Gallo??!!!!” Made me mad, but no mind. Nuggets rollin’

    • Fraser

      I spat out my drink when in the opening 2 minutes they described Andre Miller as an “Excellent defender” and then raged later as they
      1) Said JaVale is playing so well as a result of the trust GK has in him and the extended minutes he gets… I mean C’mon man! A simple look at a box score will tell you he doesn’t get the burn!
      2) When the started barracking for a SA comeback despite the fact we were playing fun, awesome end-to-end basketball!

      • trank

        i think that was hubie brown- what a knucklehead- he’s been around long enough one would think

    • clive

      i think we SHOULD be worried about the spurs and DO remember that they were without parker / ginobli, since you know, they’re not REALLY injured – poppovich is probably just resting them for the playoffs. but for us, gallo’s out for the season and Ty has a legitimate injury. we did play pretty badly for most of the game and i was surprised we couldn’t put away the spurs in the 4th despite they were playing their 3rd stringers.

    • Joshua

      ESPN commentators were really bad. I mean their presentation was fine, but the substance was completely off. I think their color commentator (I can’t think of his name) must have read about 5 minutes worth of cliff notes before the game as preparation. I wasn’t expecting Chris Marlowe and Scott Hastings by any means but they coulda been better.

  • Jeff

    By the way I love when Hubie Brown is calling the games. Not biased or sensational, just gives sound basketball analysis. I hope we get a lot of him in the playoffs.

    • Joshua

      Nice guy, knows basketball. I don’t like how he presents his “inside knowledge” of the Nuggets as facts when more often then not he was completely wrong.

  • will

    Chandler is as athletic as JR Smith but he’s longer.

  • corby

    wilson chandler is my favorite nba player.

  • http://twitter.com/xantoniooo808x D3Ntilthe3ND

    JaVale has asthma…

    Put down the pitchforks cause he’s never gonna get morethan 25-30 a game… Just not gonna happen.

    • googergieger

      So why didn’t he?

    • Daniel

      but he’s got only 16 mins… I think everybody would be happy with 25 mins for him tonight.

    • ryanvdonk

      it would be easier to get him more minutes if he started, he just needs breaks to catch his breath…6-8 minutes at a time. karl just seems to forget he took him off sometimes, there’s no way he needs a whole quarter to catch his breath. no reason he can’t get 25 minutes a game, with 30 in big matchups (duncan, howard, hibbert…).

  • Idlejack

    Nice win,bad game.

    McGee should have played in the last 5 or 4 minutes instead of Faried.
    I dont mind when Karl goes small but Keneth was simply bad while McGee was brilliant defensively and on the boards(although he didn’t produce on offence)
    When you got the lead you must protect it through D.

    I can’t complain though,they got the W!

  • Dubz


  • Dubz

    Delete all his posts I beg of you!! Haha that guys a troll. Keep up the good work Rmc can’t let trolls take us down the nuggets are making me too upbeat! What a fun team

  • John in LA

    What a great first quarter…. in Portland.

    Anyway… I’m glad they pulled it off. Nuggs still look strong and Playoffs look doable. I think the guys can actually take every team in the NBA, but Miami.

    • ryanvdonk

      i actually think the nugs can take miami, but they’d have to play all 21 feet of center they have. miami thrives on getting in the paint, so going small would kill us. not having gallo to continually run people at lebron hurts though.

  • Jason

    Wilson Chandler is a beast! I’m so close to being convinced that if given the minutes, he’s better than Gallinari. I don’t think there’s enough definitive evidence for me to think this but he sure as hell is making a case. Dude is way athletic and can just create his own drives. His shooting isn’t bad either.

  • googergieger

    Surprised you didn’t harp on McGee’s minutes Kalen. Usually you are unforgiving when he plays great and he still gets shafted.

    • zorba

      GK is an excellent coach and knows what to expect from his players better than anybody else…
      That being said, I think Javale matches up with physical players better than Koufos and in this game he should have been given more minutes…

  • AaronCAPS

    If we win the rest of our games, then we have a huge chance at the #2 & maybe just maybe….Maybe! Have a chance at #1, but only if both teams (Spurs & Thunder) Choke it away. Isn’t that crazy!?!?

    Go Nuggets!

    • Joshua

      The mathematics say its possible but its highly improbable. Even if we do run the table it would require EITHER Spurs or Thunder to only win 1 of their next 4 games for 2nd and BOTH of them to do it for 1st.

  • clive

    good win. but faried looked really bad today. he didn’t go after everything, and he got abused defensively by splitter / blair. he also gets lost on defense / offense so many times. it’s frustrating when he fails to recognize what his teammate are trying to do and end up getting in their way or being out of position.

  • Giovanni

    Brewer and Jr in the same phrase?

    Ah ah ah…

    Man san antonio want the second seed to avoid the Lakers…

  • CJP32

    Can I just say that CBrew’s numbers since the Gallo injury are insane:

    32.7 mpg, 45% FG, 43% 3PT, 75% FT, 24.3 ppg and only ONE Turnover. Plus/Minus of +30, +23, +5.

    The guy has grabbed this opportunity by the horns and is playing amazingly. He is worth 14-16 million over 3-4 years to me. With Gallo gone, Masai has gotta do it

    • clive

      i’m not sure if he can sustain that 3p%. but he’s probably worth that amount anyway.

      • John in LA

        I’m guessing he’ll get the MLE or more… so 5-6 mil per year.

  • http://twitter.com/xantoniooo808x D3Ntilthe3ND

    Hahah. I have no clue what’s going on up there ^, but Jeff is insane! haha jk, I have to say this has become a lot better since Theo left…js…

    Anyway, I said earlier that JaVale has asthma & he’ll never get 30 mins..

    There’s nothing we can do.. he was born with asthma add that to the altitude, & add that to his freakish body just not enough oxygen to go around.. It’s unfortunate because I’d love to see him get 30+ mins & be our guy down low, it’s just not gonna happen. So there’s no point in constantly harping on his lack of minutes.

    Anyway, as for the rest of the game.. honestly, I feel like Popovich gave us this game. Scariest win of the year, Pop did everything he could in the 4th to lose & we still almost let them back in…

    That being said, I don’t think there’s a team in this league minus maybe the Heat, who could beat the spurs, without their two best players, with officiating like that… honestly just awful, & still get the win, so no matter what agenda the Spurs may have had, I’m extremely proud of the guys fighting through the BS & sticking together, gotta give GK & the Andre’s all the credit for that

    • dynamo.joe

      The problem with you asthma + altitude theory is he doesn’t get minutes when they are on the road.

      In Washington he averaged 27 minutes, so presumably he should be able to handle that for away games.

      The restrictions that Karl puts on him have nothing to do with medical conditions.

      • John in LA

        In an interview near the beginning of the season, JaVale said his asthma(once he get the inhalers dialed in) is actually better in Denver’s high altitude, because it mostly triggered by pollens and pollutants that aren’t as prevalent there.

  • dynamo.joe

    Last game recap Tom said Chandler was solid from mid-range, but the ESPN shot chart showed all the shots from the paint or 3.

    This recap Kalen says Chandler stayed off the mid-range stuff, but the ESPN shot chart shows him as 1 of 3 from mid-range. So, I’m a little confused.

    So, for any who may be keeping score; I agree that Chandler has been fantastic in the last 2 games and with the exception of 1 bad game, pretty good since the all-star break (hey, everyone has a bad game now and then).

    Having said that, I still think they should get rid of him over the summer because 4 years of bad shot selection out weighs 2 months of good shot selection.

    Maybe someone reminded him there was a tattoo of the Juggernaut on his back. Maybe GK is a great teacher of the game of basketball. Either of those things COULD be true, but I don’t believe it.

    • Tom

      I consider any two pointer that’s not at the rim or from the post “midrange”. That includes 8 foot jumpers that are technically taken from the painted area. Against Houston, Chandler only had a couple of layups and seven shots that I’d consider midrange, and he was making those at a good rate.

      I would also agree with Kalen that WC has done a good job of staying away from bad midrange shots; of the 35 shots he’s taken in the last two games only three have been of the long-two variety. In his Knicks days he might have taken 15 of 35 shots from that area. Our friends over at Denver Stiffs had a post on this just a week ago: http://www.denverstiffs.com/2013/4/4/4169184/five-wings-analyzing-the-george-karl-effect

    • clive

      maybe he had a revelation in china.

    • Tom2

      I think you give the guys at wagesofwins and thenbageek too much credit (which is where I think this particular opinion is coming from). Their analyses are based entirely on WP48, and the only reason they do that is because WP48 is more consistent from year to year than most other metrics. But WP48 (like almost all metrics) ignores things like match-ups, injuries, rotations, and of course other things that aren’t easily measurable. So I completely disagree with those guys that Chandler is awful just because his WP48 has been awful, or that McGee is good just because his WP48 (and PER) are good. Advanced stats are good at telling a story given the right context, but in a vacuum we should be more skeptical. If WP48, and synergy, and RAPM, and WS48, and PER all agree that someone is awful, then maybe you can have more faith that the player is actually awful. Don’t just base your opinion on one metric.

      • dynamo.joe

        My analysis is based on the fact that he can’t hit dick all from outside the paint.

        Actually comes more from Hickory-High


        If you look up Chandler now, you will see his shot selection is above average and he is slightly above average at hitting the shots he is taking. But if you could look up his pre-all-star break numbers you would have seen that he was taking bad shots and was hitting those shots at below average rates.

        Which is why all season I have been clamoring for him to get to the rim, retreat to the 3pt line, pass, or get out of Denver.

        Well, for whatever reason he has dramatically reduced the number of long 2’s. If he keeps it up, great, then the only problem I have with him is the freaky baby head popping out of his throat.

        But it is rare for a player to complete change their shot selection after 5 years, so I don’t trust it. If it continues through the playoffs, when people are more inclined to play D, then I will start to believe it is for real.

  • dynamo.joe

    Wait a second. I left a post at 8:26 #38. And another at 8:48, 22 minutes later which became #31?

    Jeff’s insanity is starting to make sense to me.

  • Herman VanNess

    Iguodala did not have an A+ game. I’m sorry but, you cannot have 7 turnovers and shoot 25% from the free throw line and get an A+. Those are things that will usually get your team killed in a close game. I think this dude lacks confidence and is doing this whole “distributor” thing because he’s scared to shoot. He disrupts the offense by dribbling into bad shots instead of taking the good shot within the flow of the offense. His sloppy handle and unwillingness to shoot with confidence drives me crazy. He’s a great defender and all but, you can find a Tony Allen for 12 million dollars less. Your highest paid player can’t be a “helper”, he needs to be an alpha-dog leader that plays with confidence. Not a dude that’s hiding from shots under the guise of unselfish team player.

    • clive

      he’s been distributing more b/c ty is out. so you can’t really fault him for passing more.
      but i do agree that we shouldn’t overpay him especially with the new CBA. anything more than 10M/yr would be too much.

    • Kasey

      It’s like a broken record with a lot of you talking about Iguodala’s pay all the time. Mind you, this is his contract with the Sixers and he was put in a situation where he was supposed to be “The Man.” I can’t wait until he opts out and takes less so you people and that idiot Kizla can finally shut up. We all know that his game isn’t perfect like a lot of guys out there. I can’t knock the man for his struggles, because he does a lot for the team. His teammates even said that he helps them with their D. People are so stuck on offense, but they brought him here for his defense.

      He can’t help that he is the highest paid player at this point. The team knew that when they got him, so you can stop that nonsense. He’s a great distributor and he helps with the role of point since Ty is out. The best guys in the league have turn overs. I don’t think you’re paying attention. You’re probably just watching for the offense. Wonder if you said all of this sh*t last game.

  • Legalize Denver Nuggets

    My favorite play of the game was Javales poke away steal turned into a transition dunk. It was so Javale and so not Javale at the same time! I love seeing him make plays like that where his freakish wingspan throws his opponents off their games, but I wouldn’t have expected Javale to have the intuition to use that closer to the perimeter. Anyway, sweet play dude! This was a Nuggly game, but very fun to watch and cheer for! Nice to see some early game adversity turn up the heat in our guys to bring the defensive intensity. I mean, we shouldn’t need to struggle to do that, I’m just pointing out that other Nuggets teams could have mailed this one in, being down that much early to an efficient Spurs team.

  • toluenehawk
    • Tom

      That guy’s analysis of the Nuggets system is really weak. No, our system is not “run”, we do have an actual offense that’s predicated on repeated dribble drives causing defensive mistakes, eventually leading to shots at the rim or open threes. And being short both Ty and Gallo is a definite disadvantage, as they’re both quite good in that system.

  • Z

    chandler will never be loved in Denver no matter what he does! He will ball out every night though and not say a word good game or bad game.

  • http://yahoo.com prospector

    Good win… I think what we should be talking about is how when IGGY becomes the main ball handler we play better.. I am starting to believe that our biggest problem isn’t going small in the front court, it’s when we play small in the backcourt…. When IGGY and EVAN are in the backcourt together good things happen.. I can only imagine good things with stone & iggy, stone & evan as well… The bigger backcourt provides good length to help counter the opposing teams three point shots… In yesterday’s game the spurs shot poorly from the arc until Andre Miller began getting minutes again… IGGY can average double figure assists… I am starting to believe that KARL should use IGGY instead of MILLER when he gets the urge to play his two PG garbage…
    The problem is KARL’S love affair with MILLER…. When TY comes back we will see the same old garbage… This offseason our number PRIORITY should be to dump MILLER…..

  • googergieger

    Spurs didn’t throw the game as much as they were trying to win it and then the big run happened and then Pop decided it wasn’t worth trying to get back into it. I mean that is what the first three quarters looked like anyways. Could have easily rested Duncan under due to sore something or other. I mean Spurs are probably going to avoid the Lakers in the first round but they don’t want to fall back too far and somehow end up with the three seed. It won’t happen, but if Denver wins out OKC and Spurs pretty much have to as well.

  • http://yahoo.com prospector


    Nuggets are 8-1 this season without TY LAWSON…


    Because we are not playing the dreaded two point guard lineups… We all know it sucks… The stats back it up… The opposing teams 3 point % against it prove it… I realize now that I can live without a center on the floor for stretches due to Chandler IF we DO NOT PLAY two point guards out their at the same time… And I MEAN TY and MILLER……. No two PG’s = WINS..

    I AIN’T LYING!!!

  • Paul


    Could you imagine, with this trade we would be the ultimate running team.

    PG- Lawson,IGGY, Fournier
    SG- Iggy, Fournier, Brewer
    SF- Chandler, Iggy, Brewer
    PF- Manimal, Stoudemire, Chandler, Randolph
    C- KK, McGee, Randolph

    This would be a ridiculously athletic team, still crazy deep

    • Ryan

      The ultimate running team with a guy who has no knees? The Knicks can’t even insure his contract because of the condition of his knees. Not to mention the fact that Stoudamire doesn’t play any defense whatsoever… No thanks

    • Ryan

      The ultimate running team with a guy who has no knees? The Knicks can’t even insure his contract because of the condition of his knees. Not to mention the fact that Stoudemire doesn’t play any defense whatsoever… No thanks

    • denver4ever

      LOL. no, thank you. Gallinari is very important to this Nuggets team and we are NOT going to get someone who stagnates our offense, cannot defend and cannot stay healthy

    • dynamo.joe

      There are people that deserve $20M for playing basketball. Unless he comes with a time machine, that guy ain’t one of them.

  • googergieger

    I normally won’t condone this, but Karl needs to start a player that won’t get any playing time in the playoffs when we face OKC and have that player kick one of the OKC whistle’s in the face. Just to let the refs know they aren’t going to put up with it. Seriously without the refs, OKC is easily a fourth seed at best. Allowed to foul on one end, and you can’t be close to Durant or Westbrook on the other or you’ll get called for a foul. Which leads to them scoring easy on one end and looking great defensively on the other. And this is on the road. At home, refs practically spot the OKC whistles ten points a quarter. I really hope they don’t get to the finals this year. Anyone but them.

    • mike

      OKC gets massive quantitites of Foul attempts becuase they have two supremely talented players that understand the most efficient shot in the game is FT (other than for a few under 65% type guys). OKC teaches their best players how to use their athleticism, length, speed and balance to get to the line. Gallo is good at this too. It’s a skill they have most likely worked on at a team level (as Harden is actually the number 1 FT attempt guy). The Nuggets play an extremely aggressive and physical defensive style. They’re going to get fouls called on them.

      • googergieger

        How many free throws have Durant and Westbrook attempted compared to the entire Denver Nuggets team in the head to heads?

        How many fouls does an aggressive on both ends of the court Westbrook average? How on earth is a known jump shooting team in OKC attempt the second most attempts in the league yet a team like Denver that is setting a record for their points in the paint attempt the third most?

        • Fraser

          + 1 this. OKC is a jump shooting team and really don’t deserve to get to the line nearly as much as they do.

          On that note losing Gallo is an absolute killer if we play OKC. Not only do we have to be a 20point better team on the night to win by 5 points (once fouls are accommodated for) but we also lose possibly the best Durant defender in the league. Gallo is the same size and is stronger than Durant. Now No doubt Iggy will spend time on KD rather than Gallo, and that leads to Miller/Ty guarding Westbrook :( :( :(

      • trank

        that’s BS. there is no rational explanation for the discrepancy other than someone is giving way too much respect to OKC penis. i’m sorry i had to bring up that word but that’s a fact.

  • trank

    nuggets are setting a trend. two sets of starters.

    after this it’ll be the structured conservative predictable NBA or something new and wonderful.

    • toluenehawk

      There is not enough talent in the league for every team to do what the Nuggets do

  • denver4ever

    I wonder where is that dude named “heykyleinsf”? Who wants to talk sh** about Iguodala just about every time ‘coz we TRUE FANS are overrating him? Just show up here and talk shit about his stat-line, the impact he made in this game (and the other wins the Nuggets got), and his salary which wasn’t given by the Nuggets.

    Oh wait, maybe he won’t.