Pickaxe Pulse for April 13, 2013

Taking the pulse of the Nuggets every weekend

The Nuggets tied their NBA franchise record for wins in a season by defeating San Antonio on Wednesday, and had a chance to break the record in Dallas on Friday, but came up short in overtime.  Andre Iguodala led the way against the Spurs with a triple double and JaVale McGee’s four blocks helped spark the bench in the comeback win.  In Dallas, Corey Brewer’s tying basket off of an Andre Miller steal brought up memories of the previous week’s heroics against the Mavericks, but in the end, poor shooting and poor defense were the Nuggets’ undoing.

Record this week: 1-1 (1-0 home, 0-1 road)

Current record and standings: 54-25, third seed in the Western Conference, tied with Memphis and 1 game ahead of the Clippers.  The Nuggets hold the tiebreaker over Memphis due to head-to-head play, while the Clippers hold the tiebreaker over both Memphis and Denver due to winning their division.

Upcoming games: Sunday vs Portland, Monday at Milwaukee, Wednesday vs Phoenix

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Tom Darrow

Fourth generation Denver native, stay-at-home dad with a masters degree in applied mathematics, and all-around geek with a passion for Nuggets basketball.
  • Ckwizard

    Lets enjoy the playoffs win or lose, a lot of those that visit this board will have their opinions and arguments either validated or disproved… Next three games are not as important as the Playoffs and to be honest the Nuggets should beat whoever they face in the first round, home court or not.

  • A.D.

    I like how we’re playing, clearly we gell best when the ball is moving and we can utilize our speed.
    But I’m not sure id I see this season as success unless we get past the second round.

  • http://yahoo.com prospector


    Karl has learned nothing, absolutey nothing about going big in his backcourt with IGGY and EVAN… The 5 or 6 game former win streak be damned.

    No matter what anyone of us thinks or says KARL loves his DREADED two point guard lineup more than life itself..
    It’s his “trademark”… You know Michael Jordan used to stick his tongue out when dunking, KARL goes two point guards…….

    For all his b/s talks about matchups, the only matchup he uses is variations of small, and SMALLER… Regardless of the team or situation, it’s small…. We win despite Karl due to MASAI’s amazing work as GM…

    However, we will lose in the playoffs unless we had a MILLER injury (which will never happen since the dude only plays 85% effort on offense, and 20% on defense)…

    Again I say we would be better off with no TY LAWSON in the playoffs… (Losing one point guard = no two point guard lineups… I MEAN HELLO…. DID ANYONE NOTICE OUR LAST WIN STREAK????)

    This is very frustrating to watch unfold….. I love this team… All the guys… I could live with MILLER playing limited minutes WITH NO NO NO TWO POINT LINEUPS..

    BUT KARL loves MILLER… It’s is completely sickening… It’s like having MILLER’s own kid handing out minutes to his DADA…..

    This sucks really, really bad.. Cause with the way EVAN stepped up as a playmaker and a scorer, it really got me excited.. And add that to the way IGGY stepped up at the point.. Iggy averaged double figure assists and was an animal… He loves being a playmaker and plays better when he is doing it…
    But it’s over…. We will never see it again as long as Miller is on this team (or any other KARL loving pg.. AC comes to mind)…..
    MY biggests fear is tha IGGY walks after season, and MILLER stays…. If was a team I would offer IGGY money and PG minutes as well…. I think that is what is going to happen… KARL will not ever promise point minutes to IGGY… He will never, never, ever play big in the backcourt BY CHOICE…. So I hope you all enjoyed this small preview and what could have been, cause we will never see it again… AND THAT MAKES ME REAL FREAKIN SAD……

    • http://espn herpderpnuggets

      I think you are being way too pessimistic.

    • Riley

      You’re not half as smart as you think you are. Hoping for a Ty Lawson injury? Are you nuts? Quit being so damn pessimistic about this team you claim to love, because they’re having one of the best seasons in franchise history. They have every opportunity to beat either 6th seed in the first round and with some health they would be considerable contenders.
      So have some freakin faith mon

    • clive

      Brewer,Corey – Gallinari,Danilo – Iguodala,Andre – Lawson,Ty – Miller,Andre

      that lineup has had the best +/- per minute average of all our lineups this year.

  • http://yahoo.com prospector

    JHAM last spotted with ELVIS in the Amazon jungle.. I think he was looking for his lost potential… Yo JHAM KARL has it locked in MILLER’s personal KARL blackmail file.

  • http://yahoo.com prospector

    A cry from the wilderness:

    As long as MILLER is on this team he will get the preferential Minutes….. BYE, BYE, EVAN…. BYE, BYE IGGY triple doubles… HELLO TY and MILLER in the backcourt… One short guy that 3point shooters love shooting over, and another guy that hates playing defense… That’s the Karl receipe for championships……

    How has it worked??? He as #1 seed got punked by our beloved Nuggets….(Who had an inside enforcer in Dikembe).. And he has lost every year in the playoffs since… He had MELLO ( a superstar by lame media standards) and it got us zero…. He couldn’t win with KEMP, PAYTON, Schrempt, Perkins… And he won’t win here in DENVER…. Why because he refuse to bend in his philosophy… When injuries force him to bend, he does so begrudgenly (my spelling sucks)…. Results could be off the charts and he doesn’t care…. A rational person gets excited such as ” Wow, now we can play iggy and evan and rest miller and ty for stretches, thus making those guys minutes on the floor be more impactful…..”
    However, KARL will punk us by actually putting injured TY, lame MILLER, and EVAN on the floor TOGETHER at the same time in a must win game….. INSANE…. YES… VERY… Karl’s way has failed year after year in the playoffs.. He always has a different excuse…. Well I am sick of it….. But I am sad because I know as bad as KARL is the current collection of NBA coaches are far worse…. So we as nuggets fans are doomed to watch this failed KARL strategy over and over again, since one thing karl can do is get to the playoffs… I just wish that we could find a new coach from outside the fraternity, that could change the game… I am just a dreamer, and I am forcing myself to get used to the nuggets for what they are under KARL, a fast team with no half court game (due to KARL) that will get beat in the playoffs every year no matter who the cast of characters are…

    • CJP32

      You must SCREAM a lot, lol

      I love your enthusiasm and passion for the team, but sometimes your negative rants just bore me. We are on the cusp of winning a franchise record for team wins, we have won 21 straight at home, we are locked in for 3rd Seed (almost) and we have played without Gallo at a very competitive level

      What GK has done with the schedule we had to start with – has been nothing but amazing. He has introduced Iggy into a brand new type of basketball, he has got great numbers out of Koufos, he has made CBrew a better player (that still needs work) he has made our 2nd Unit the best in the league and he has made our team believe in each other

      To me, that is the sign of a great coach – we all want to do well in the Playoffs, and Im certain we will.

      • Thomas

        Great coaches regularly advance in the playoffs, have winning records in the playoffs – or at least close to .500.

        GK doesn’t and there is a reason for it. Those that have been watching know what I am talking about.

        As much as I hope as a fan that this year is different, i can tell it won’t because it’s the same GK brand of bball.

        Even if we are ar full strength, we will be doomed by too much 2PG line-ups, excessive Brewer shooting and poor coaching at crunch time.

        Not being a pessimist, just have seen this play itself over way too many times and no willingness to adapt come out of it.

    • Daniel

      Nuggets didn’t lose to the Mavs because of the two PG lineup, they lost because they couldn’t secure rebounds and were taking the Mavs lightly after the first half. Let downs happen over the course of an 82 game season, luckily for us we’ve already witnessed 54, and will probably see 57, wins! Franchise record in Ws!

      And also with all the talk about postseason losses, look back at most of those series and you’ll see the nuggets were the inferior team and they were up against a bad matchup for them. Some tough luck. Also the year Karl left with cancer, I think the nuggets were poised for another deep postseason run until he left

    • mike

      some people are only happy when they are upset. oh well.

  • Tyler

    I’m really sick and tired of people who continue to criticize coach Karl. Yes he has his faults I don’t agree with the two point guard line up either however he is a coach of year candidate. Also I see no one give Karl credit whenever we are winning except for a few. I like Karl and I HATE when people just throw Karl under the bus whenever this team loses. Keep in mind Karl has coached a team without a single all star and we are now currently sitting in the third seed. He also has got guys playing some of their best basketball (chandler, brewer, and McGee). He may have his flaws (Andre Miller addiction) but he is a good coach and is not deserving of constantly being the one to blame after losses.

    • Joshua

      It’s just people sitting on their couch pretending to be a coach like they know something. Is it annoying? Ya. But, people need stuff to gripe about. Instead, I’m gonna enjoy a good coach, a good team, and the best season in my favorite team’s history.

    • spalding

      Here is my take on Karl. He has got this team to perform beyond expectations and probably deserves COY honors for it. The only thing that I can truly “hate” on Karl for this year is his total and complete lack of interest in defense. He occasionally puts together a defensive lineup and that’s when we go on the runs. Our offense works on transition baskets which will only ever come from good to average defense. We struggle to close out games because Karl goes to his 2 decision makers (ie 2 Point Guards) which is not terrible in the half court, but incredibly lacking on Defense! Sadly Ty (because of size) or Dre (because that’s what he has done since the dinosaurs were around) can guard anyone. This means they are both requiring help and the bigs are constantly flying out to contest shoots. Meaning no rebounding on the inside, giving up easy second chance points. Having 2 defensive liabilities on the court in crunch time is a major problem and if it continues to happen, the Nugs will continue to struggle to close out games.

      • spalding

        that should say ty and dre can’t guard anyone…

  • Ban Johnson

    Clippers beat Memphis tonight, and close the season with Blazers at home and Sac on the road. They’ll win out. And they hold the tie-breaker over Nuggets.

    Which means, Nuggets need to win out to grab the 3rd seed. Or else it’s a 4-5 war with Memphis in the 1st round and then probably OKC in the 2nd.

    3rd seed would be MUCH, MUCH better.

    • Andrew

      Agree. Nuggets could really use that 3rd seed. I think they will take care of biz tomorrow against Portland, but I am worried about the roadie in Milwaukee on Monday. I hope the Nuggets can pull that one out.

    • Woobly o Balls

      I’m not 100% but I’m pretty sure you’re wrong.

      We hold the head-to-head tiebreaker with the clippers (2-1) and the grizzlies.

      Therefore if we go 2-1 over the final 3 games we can’t lose the 3 seed.

      Portland and Phoenix at home should easily be wins and even then Milwaukee is winnable. We should easily get 2 of those.

      We will play GS or Houston in the first round and we will win.

      Who knows what happens from there.

      • mike

        tiebreaker goes to division winner first. Clips have their division. That supersedes the head to head. So they will need to stay a game ahead of the clips to keep 3rd place.

      • Woobly o Balls

        Lol, disregard that. I have no clue when it comes to tiebreakers. They defy logic sometimes. Carry on…

    • Woobly o Balls

      I wouldn’t totally discount the kings against the clippers.

      – Clippers on back to back
      – In Sac
      – Could be the last game in Sac. Fans will be crazy

      But yeah my bad, we really need to go 3-0

  • Zorba

    Sorry for the off topic:

    Danny Ferry was in Greece to meet Giannis Adekotumbo, so it is probable that he’s going to be drafted at n.18 by Atlanta…

  • Vec

    Coach commented that Brewer shot to many after loosing to Dallas(6-20), He should over said something in the game vs Houston (12-25), granted they won, I was amazed that Brewer thinks he’s a superstar and the coach allows him to take any and all shots possible when in. I haven’t seen him sera shot he didn’t like. With the injuries to Gallo and a limited Ty, give those shots to Iggy and Chanfler more ..Coach””, Brewer needs to know when his shots aren’t dropping, continue doing the other intangibles. Nothing will change from Miller, he thinks he’s the leader of this team and will continue to make those same mistakes as he did vs Dallas. (would rather see the ball in Iggy’s hand during crunch time because you know he’d pass first if he doesn’t have a shot). Funny everytime Miller shoots (miss) or gets blocked, he’ll yell “it’s a foul man”!! And does not hustle back on D. Hoping things get fixed come playoff time, really want to see Nuggets do well and take it all. If not, hope Iggy walks, can not stand another season of Milller and Brewer trying to be superstars. lol

    • BigOlBar

      Dude, you are so right.

      I don’t hate on Miller like the rest of you all, but anytime any of his 2inch vertical drives gets blocked, he yells really loud so you can hear it on camera. Like “aaahhhh”. Then he looks at closest ref with this grimacing face saying that’s a foul man! Then he checks down the court to see if the guy he is defending slammed it home on the fast break.

      BTW, did you guys see Faried give Iggy a dirty look when Iggy wouldn’t give him a high 5 after Iggy got fouled early in the Dallas game?