Game 1 Rapid Reaction: Denver Nuggets 97- Golden State Warriors 95 (Nuggets lead series 1-0)

Thanks to an incredible offensive game that included the game winning bucket from Professor Miller the Nuggets took game 1, 97-95. Miller took over the game on the offensive side of the floor in the fourth quarter, willing the Nuggets to points. Defensively the Nuggets kept Stephen Curry in check for most of the game despite him hitting a three to tie the game up late.

Golden State Warriors 95 FinalRecap | Box Score 97 Denver Nuggets
Kosta Koufos, C 26 MIN | 2-7 FG | 2-2 FT | 7 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 1 TO | 6 PTS | 0

Koufos didn’t finish well on the offensive end but he rebounded the ball pretty well and made life at the rim tough for the Warriors at times.

Ty Lawson, PG 39 MIN | 6-15 FG | 0-0 FT | 5 REB | 4 AST | 3 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 12 PTS | -8

Lawson had a strange game. When Klay Thompson was matched up with him he struggled to really do much of anything. But when he saw Jarrett Jack or Harrison Barnes on him Lawson attacked the rim relentlessly getting easy baskets for himself and teammates. The Nuggets need more of that second Lawson to continue to be successful.

Wilson Chandler, SG 39 MIN | 5-16 FG | 1-2 FT | 13 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 2 BLK | 1 TO | 11 PTS | +10

Chandler rebounded great in the first half; he had 11 of his 13 then, and played very good defense on David Lee. Offensively he was normal Chandler, at his best when attacking the rim and streaky when settling for jumpers. The rebounding was the biggest deal though with Denver missing Faried. He also did a great job denying Curry the ball in the possession where Golden State burned their final timeout.

Andre Iguodala, SG 36 MIN | 2-4 FG | 4-6 FT | 10 REB | 5 AST | 3 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 8 PTS | +11

The offensive numbers look iffy but on the other end of the floor Iggy was his typical self. He saw time on Curry, Thompson and Jack and defended them all pretty well. There were a few times he lost Thompson for baskets but his late game work on Jack was terrific forcing the Warriors to burn their final timeout which ended up coming very much into play. Things are just different defensively with Iguodala on the floor.

Evan Fournier, SG 22 MIN | 3-9 FG | 5-6 FT | 0 REB | 2 AST | 2 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 11 PTS | +1

Fournier started the game very well attacking Curry and getting to the rim but things fell apart a bit. He needs to hit threes to provide spacing and had some defensive miscommunications at times. Not a bad playoff debut for the rookie though.

Anthony Randolph, PF 6 MIN | 1-2 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 2 PTS | -6

Randolph was on the floor but didn’t have that much of an impact. The hook was terrible but the ball fake on the dunk wasn’t.

Corey Brewer, SF 21 MIN | 4-12 FG | 0-2 FT | 0 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 10 PTS | +1

Brewer impacted the game much more than his shooting numbers show. He deflected passes on defense and his threes really changed the game and sent momentum back to the Nuggets.

JaVale McGee, C 23 MIN | 4-4 FG | 1-3 FT | 6 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 1 TO | 9 PTS | -4

It has gotten to the point that Playoff Pierre is clearly a thing. JaVale dominated the game at times most notably the end of the first half where he made a terrific cut and but Andrew Bogut on a poster. Just a few defensive possessions later he denied David Lee’s dunk attempt and Denver got back into the game around halftime. The second half had a few defensive lapses and rebounding problems but he was clearly gassed when it was happening.

Andre Miller, PG 27 MIN | 11-16 FG | 5-7 FT | 3 REB | 5 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 28 PTS | +5

Wow. Miller has always had moments offensively where he becomes unstoppable and tonight’s fourth quarter was another one of those times. He YMCA’d his way to bucket after bucket including the game winning reverse layup that showed more athleticism than I thought Miller had. For someone I had said could, and would, cost the Nuggets a game this postseason because of too much hero ball and a lack of defensive effort it was a game that makes me step back and give him all the props he deserves.

George Karl

Karl experimented with lineups he had not showed much at all (Koufos/McGee, McGee/Randolph) and trapping Curry on high screens. Curry had an off night and the Nuggets came away with a win and without having to use Faried before his is ready. It was a very good job by Karl outside of a few moments.

Five Things We Saw

  1. Curry Contained: I am going to go back and do a more in depth look at Curry’s 20 shot attempts once video gets up on the NBA media site, but Denver held him to 19 points on 20 shots. He missed some open ones but the Nuggets made life tough on him by working him on the other end of the floor with Fournier and throwing a lot of different defenders at him. It may not happen again so it was important for Denver to win the game.
  2. Length on Lawson: Ty Lawson really seemed to be bothered by the length of the six-foot-seven Thompson. He would get into the paint and have to pull up and make a pass because he had no clean looks at the rim. He did dominate Jarrett Jack though, so there is hope if the Nuggets can continue to get him into mismatches. Iguodala also did a good job creating some offense for a bit when Lawson was being hounded by Klay. I assume we may see a bit more of that as the series goes on, especially Iguodala in the post.
  3. Defensive Versatility: As usual Iguodala was great defensively most of the game and he did it guarding a multitude of players. But two other players did great jobs on multiple guys as well and it may fly a bit under the radar. Wilson Chandler saw minutes on Curry, Lee, Barnes, and Landry and performed very very well. In fact he was denying Curry the ball on the play that forced the Warriors to call a timeout, and was on him tight when Lawson stole the ball from behind. Corey Brewer also saw time on Thompson and Curry and did well chasing both around screens. The length and athleticism the three bring, especially in passing lanes, will be a big part of the Nuggets defensive performance in the series.
  4. The Injury Factor: While the Nuggets seem like they will be getting back a starting power forward for Game 2, the Warriors may have lost theirs. David Lee went down with what looked like a hip injury and was seen mouthing the words, “I heard a pop.” For a team that is not necessarily deep like the Warriors the loss is a big deal. It will probably mean Carl Landry joins the starting lineup and Draymond Green, who Miller beat on the final possession, will see rotation minutes. It also may mean more small ball with Bogut in the middle and Barnes at power forward which Faried may be able to take advantage on, on the offensive glass if he is indeed fully healthy.
  5. Game 2: Game 2 is scheduled for Tuesday night in Denver at 8:30 MST.

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  • bill


    • heykyleinsf

      I could kiss that guy right now!!

    • Charliemyboy

      Professor Miller. I like it. After all the abuse he has taken here, redemption is sweet. He deserves the accolade heretofore: Professor Miller (somehow sounds more respectrul than Old Man Miller). Do you think he doesn’t have the heart of a lion even though the feet won’t move at times? I like character to win, so does Karl. Professor Miller can tell his grandkids about his 52 point game, and the time he put the Nuggets on his educated shoulders and won the playoff game with 1.3 seconds to go!

  • Philip

    Javale had a nasty dunk on Bogut but miller showed up to play I’m glad he did. Great game that was very entertaining.

  • Evan Woodruff

    Thank you Andre.

  • will


    • trank

      streaming sucked today

  • Tonia01

    Can I withdraw all at once all the bad things i have said so far about the old slow men ?

    • will

      Miller would be easier to stomach if he got his hair in order.

      • heykyleinsf

        Seriously Will?

  • Jim

    Steph Curry thought he would be redeeming his otherwise poor game with that 3, but andre miller took out his old man penis and dick slapped him across the face.

    • D3Ntilthe3ND


    • magster

      RMC needs a “rec” button!!

    • Fraser


      • Charliemyboy

        Hey, that’s disgusting! (ROTFL).

  • Chris

    48 minutesof YMCAndre hero ball…And I loved it wire to wire. Are we watching this guy come into his own at age 37? I sure hope so. Go Nuggets!!!

  • Drew

    Seemed like the Nuggets allowed the Warriors too many offensive rebounds late. How do they clean that up?

    • googergieger

      Not going small at every position? Faried back on Tuesday will help. Gallo’s boxing out will still be missed however.

  • Fraser

    Andre Miller I’m sorry for doubting you!

  • allAround

    I hope / think that this was the toughest game of the series


    never speak bad for Miller again

  • http://espn herpderpnuggets

    really sloppy play until late in the game which isnt normally what happens…glad they pulled it out and hopefully next game will be a blowout with the manimal coming back.

  • D3Ntilthe3ND

    WOW. I’ve been hard on Miller all season, but DAMN he saved the day today.

    He forced the offense, but he did it under control.
    He played decent defense & Golden State wasn’t able to go on any crazy runs.

    There was those two runs GS went on when Miller & Lawson were out there w/o Iggy, but no harm no foul.

    This is gonna be a fun series, but if Lee is out & Manimal’s ready to go soon, I don’t see us struggling too much.

    The good Andre Miller showed up today. thank God for that.

  • googergieger

    The first half Golden State got everything. Two fouls on Evan weren’t called. McGee clean block was called a goal tend. Two Curry flops went as offensive fouls for Denver. Chandler gets mugged and it is a jump ball somehow. McGee gets mugged and it is only out of bounds. McGee posterizes Bogut where Bogut tried to foul him about three times on purpose and still no call. Iggy gets the steal and drive at the end and Warriors try to foul him on purpose again and still no call. Etc…

    Hopefully on Tuesday with Faried back and Chandler off the bench our rebounding and bench get much stronger. Also hopefully we get much better officiating. Refs clearly had an agenda tonight. To make this game much closer than it had to be and give Warriors a chance to win a game they had no business being in.

    Andre Miller was fantastic tonight. Sometimes guys just have “it”. Still have a feeling Brewer is going to win us a game a series, tonight I’m glad Miller came through. Hopefully the next game is a much more comfortable win. We are the better and more dominant team all said and done.

    Also hope Lee is okay. Injuries for anyone are never cool. Guy is a great offensive talent and he’s worked hard to get to the playoffs.

    • http://espn herpderpnuggets

      Chandler will probably still start, but i agree with you 100%, bad calls and dry spells couldnt stop our boys from winning tonight.

    • magster

      Brewer did win us this game. Those 2 3’s and turnover he caused GSW to close the 3rd was the most important stretch of the game besides the gamewinner.

      • CJP32

        Yep, down 62-60, with 3:19 left in the 3rd, CBrew checks in for Evan. Denver goes on a 13-2 run to close the 3rd, Brewer scores 7. That was the game changer right there. He got his confidence back in that span.

        • googergieger

          McGee also helped us close the second half strong. Surprised the refs didn’t give him a tech, but I think they were scared of what would happen if on top of the bad officiating they’d start handing out techs. Even Chandler started complaining and getting angry, and Chandler never changes expressions!

  • Nugget Pablo

    Remember this game is so hapy

  • Ernie

    Looked to me like they were tight. Everyone but Miller couldn’t make a shot, though Brewer had a nice stretch. Was nice to win a game where that happened.

    I expect the play to improve on both sides going forward. More so if Faried is back on Tuesday.

  • CJP32

    Whilst CBrew struggled in the first half, his 7 points to end the 3rd was a huge momentum boost. He had the confidence to take those jumpers. Dre did the rest

    Iggy and Ty need to step up on offense. Wilson would score everytime if he drove and not settled for threes.

    Good win but GM 2 has got to be better. Had Curry not started 0/8, GS would have won this.

  • Remark

    WOW …. Can you say Miller time….. Hope Faried is back Tuesday that will help the rebounding

  • heykyleinsf

    DEFENSE folks.


    I have never seen a Nugget team play that possessed on D.

    We escaped a seriously cold offensive night (save for #24)

    But WOW.

    That’s what I’m talking about.. and we get Faried back soon!!!

  • heykyleinsf

    Was it just me??

    Did my eyes deceive me?

    I counted four steps on that drive
    before the dish to Curry for three.

    How in the holy F was that not traveling???

    • Ernie

      The bigger travel to me was on the time out call by Jack just prior. He moved one foot and dragged the other another foot. Very frustrating. It’s one thing to not call fouls, another to just not call blatent violations.

      • heykyleinsf

        I’m still recovering from Fournier’s mystery foul.

      • Ryan

        Yup. I was screaming when I saw that. Jack dragged his pivot foot about 3 feet before he called timeout. The Warriors had numerous obvious travels that were not called. The officiating was “suspicious” at best tonight…

  • heykyleinsf


    DENVER — Warriors forward David Lee did not return to Game 1 after sustaining a probable right hip flexor injury early in the fourth quarter and will be a question mark as the series moves forward.
    Lee drove to the basket and collided with Nuggets center JaVale McGee. He fell to the court and immediately began holding his right thigh. He got up and split the free throws, then the Warriors intentionally fouled to get him out of the game.
    Lee had 10 points on 4-of-14 shooting with 14 rebounds and four turnovers in 29 minutes of action

  • Duane

    Andre having the most playoff experience really helped us out today….I expect a much better effort from everyone on Tuesday plus hopefully the Manimal returns!!!!

    Great Job NUGS!!!!

  • Aaron

    Andre MIller. . always knew I loved that guy!!!! :)

  • Aaron

    Seriously though,

    This is trouble for us. If we can’t get more out of Chandler, Brewer, Iggy offensively. . we won’t win this series.

    The refs had an agenda to make this a certain kind of game (ugly) and they got their wish. I almost wish this would’ve just been a foul parade so the tone would be set for the rest of the series. But, this was ridiculous. It totally took both teams out of what they do. I was so pissed, and if I’m GS, I’m pissed too. It was awful both ways.

    McGee and the playoffs, what can you say. . . the kid needs more minutes than K2 against this bunch. We need him to neutralize Landry again. That was big.

    Both coaches had ingenius defensive plans. . they both worked. . now for the counterpunches. Faried will help too.

    Fournier needs more minutes because of his penetration.

    Now that Iggy, and Brewer got their defense mastered against this bunch (not Ty though. . ughh) let’s hope they can show up on the other end Tuesday. We’ll make more shots next game. That was really a bad shooting game for us.

    • NugzNazty

      Fournier looked like the best player on the floor the first 1/4

    • Dan

      I only caught the first half, but I thought Ty looked great on Curry. Steph may have been a little bit off in the first half, but what I saw was just great defense from everybody who played him.

  • Stephen H

    Stop loving on Koufus he does not get a b he gets a d at best he’s so weak he loves the layup and weak d and loves to watch others rebound

    • aaron

      I agree with that, . . K2 too looked out of his league. . jvmg stepped up and I think he will next game too

      • heykyleinsf

        K2 scored the first 4 points of a very worrisome 3rd quarter start.
        He played even .. though not stellar.. even and consistent.

        I don’t get why you hate on him like that.

    • Cory

      Koufos is a solid starting center in the NBA. He played solid defense tonight and grab seven boards what more can you ask of a guy. His offense does need work and i cringed everytime he took a Hookshot.

    • pgwarner

      GK leaving Koufus in the game down the stretch nearly cost us the game. He was terrible. Plus McGee looked pissed on the bench. He had a right to be pissed. He played very well and deserved to be in at the end. Karl was forced to put him on KK 5th foul. Thank God for that.

      • Cory

        How did he nearly cost us the game? Obviously McGee was better but that doesn’t mean Koufus was terrible our defense was great tonight.

        • pgwarner

          The last 7 mins he played he was constantly out of position. He changes nobody’s shot in the lane. He got out muscled in the paint and did not score. I like him in general. Just in the playoffs you need bigs to play like bigs. Golden State was pushing, grabbing and pulling. You better do the same. McGee figured that out tonighr. KK didn’t.

          • Cory

            he doesn’t have to score to be effective. His defense is good his whole thing is being a position to affect a shot rather than get blocks. As for the last 7 minutes of the game our offense was more out of sync than anything. Can’t really blame it on him.

            • googergieger

              McGee is the type of guy that will get in players heads. Bogut would have been very sheepish against McGee on both sides of the court. Look at the play at the end. He didn’t leave McGee alone because he experienced his length first hand. With Koufos he’d have helped almost immediately. Part of Karl’s job is playing the hot hand. If Miller isn’t feeling it next game and McGee is, sit one and play the other. For their respective positions that is. If Evan is playing great and Brewer’s shot is off and he is gambling too much on D, play one over the other. If.

        • Ryan

          Koufos was the main culprit in letting Bogut get offensive rebounds late in the fourth. If you’re getting outhustled by a guy who runs like Frankenstein, you need to be benched…

        • Charliemyboy

          Karl has to make tough decisions. With his experience he has to go ‘gut’ sometimes. At the end of a close game, who makes less mistakes is paramount. KK is more reliable the JaVale for the most part. But he had to go with stopping the drive which JM can do better. Tough, but hey, it all worked!

      • clive

        mcgee looked gassed in the second half. mcgee at his best > Koufos at his best, not doubt about it, but mcgee doesn’t play at his best when he’s tired.

    • Markos

      All your talking about KK is bullshit!! Everytime you say say! U are a kosta hater, shut the fuck up! U wanna play Javale 40 minytes? He will foul out and make 5 mistakes in 20 minytes! KK is solid !!! Not impressive but fundamental!

  • Steve

    Go nugs!

  • Scott

    A funny moment at the game was on the jumbotron a commercial of a ref promoting education or something and everyone started booing. It was hilarious.

  • Mark from Charlotte


    • Ernie

      …3 of 16 from three point range?

    • Ryan

      Yup. FT misses were huge in this game, should have been a much more comfortable win…

  • casper

    First winning shot in Miller’s career. Nice he saved it for today.

    • heykyleinsf

      Come on.
      That’s an idiotic statement.

      • NugzNazty

        can’t tell if you are trollin…. andre said himself that was his first game winner. to me that seems unlikely as well considering how long he’s been in the nba

      • pgwarner

        Thats what they said post game. I think they must mean first game winning shot in a playoff game.

        • heykyleinsf

          Playoff game.. maybe makes sense..

          but he’s played in over 1000 NBA games.

          • Rupert

            Miller specifically said that was his first game winning shot including high school, college and NBA. It’s not all that crazy. Game winning shots don’t happen all that often on the last possession. Hitting a shot with 30 seconds left that ends up being the game winner doesn’t count. I remember hearing another really good player say that same thing recently when he hit a game winner. Might have actually been Lawson after the OKC game winner. Not sure though.

  • Stephen H

    Matt why do you and all other rmc writers always give credit to 2k when credit belongs to someone else, like tonight anyone else, Koufus was the worst nugs player tonight.

    • Markos

      All your talking about KK is bullshit!! Everytime you say say! U are a kosta hater, shut the fuck up! U wanna play Javale 40 minytes? He will foul out and make 5 mistakes in 20 minytes! KK is solid !!! Not impressive but fundamental!

  • NugzNazty

    Many player’s sucking and a few stepped up, that’s winning basketball. Hopefully the money makers have got their heads on for game 2.

  • Cory

    Unnecessary negativity going k2’s way right now. His offense wasnt stellar but his solid rebounding and defense held us together in stretches

    • NugzNazty

      Yeah kinda, but he wasn’t better than bogut.

      • Cory

        Yeah bogut played better defense as seen by his three blocks and better offense as seen by his better looking hook shots.

        • NugzNazty

          yeah, i kinda doubt he beats us again. we were playin a bit scared in this game

        • Ryan

          One of Bogut’s “blocks” involved touching no ball and all of Corey Brewer’s arm… gotta love NBA officiating sometimes…

          • googergieger

            Not to mention dude was just camping out in the paint. McGee stands out of bounds on most offensive sets. How one earth is Bogut close to anyone in the paint to be allowed to stay in there as long as he does?

            • Markos

              All your talking about KK is bullshit!! Everytime you say say! U are a kosta hater, shut the fuck up! U wanna play Javale 40 minytes? He will foul out and make 5 mistakes in 20 minytes! KK is solid !!! Not impressive but fundamental!

              • googergieger

                How is work in the lunchroom Franky?

    • slader

      K2 didn’t have a very good game, true, but he is generally solid. I think GK should give Mosgov a few minutes just to bang on Bogut, make him work hard for position, tire him out. Might make a difference in the 4th.

  • NugzNazty

    Man that was a dominating dunk by Javale. YIKES

  • Ryan

    The free throws would have made the game winner a non issue. Everyone missed one even the kid right? Also, does anyone think JVMG starts at some point during the playoffs?

    • NugzNazty

      I doubt he ever starts because GK likes to have his rotation. Probably more minutes though.

    • Ryan

      No. McGee is fine coming off the bench, he’s the one player that can get the crowd going if the starters are struggling. Putting Bogut on a poster got the crowd fired up late in the second quarter, helped them finish the quarter strong. GSW was threatening to stretch the lead to double digits, after the dunk, the Nuggets only trailed by 4 at half. Kind of an overlooked, but important, stretch of the game…

  • al68

    Increible Miller que bien ha jugado el ha ganado el partido.
    Preocupante la poca efectividad de Koufos y Chandler a pesar de los 13 rebotes, para cerrar nuestro aro.
    Muy buena defensa exterior pero muy mala interior a excepción de Mcgee que hasido el único jugador interior que ha estado a la altura.
    No hemos sabido imponer nuestro ritmo en todo el partido, creo que por la presión, por eso soy optimista para el siguiente que pienso que lo jugaremos mas tranquilo y será mucho más fácil.
    Go nuggets!!!!!

  • prospector

    Miller had the offensive game of his life…. he also showed effort on defense today… However Golden STATE will not miss threes that often like they did tonight… And despite Miller going off for 28 we only won by two at home against a David LEE less Golden State….. When we were ice cold in the 3rd, there was my dreaded BREWER, TY, and MILLER lineups… We were lucky golden state was cold tonight…. Karl tried everything except what won when TY was out… Anyone remember IGGY as the ball handler??? The more he handles the ball the more engaged he gets and his overrall game goes up….. LET IGGY RUN THE POINT…. NO MORE MILLER, BREWER, TY, EVAN B/S… We beat a sorry lame Golden STATE at home by two… Instead of being pumped up, we should be pissed…. We are a third seed with the expectations of an eight seed…

    KARL no more TY and MILLER minutes together… OK.. Pretty freaking please??? I have higher aspirations than just barely beating a lame GOLDEN STATE team.. However I will give andre PROPS for todays game… Let’s hope FARIED comes back like a man possessed…

    • Ryan

      Agreed. The 2 PG lineup was awful today. We were winning 30-27 when GK brought it out for the first time. Everything went stagnant on offense and Golden State took the lead, which they didn’t give up until late in the 3rd quarter. I’m glad Miller made a clutch shot and we won, but the ball movement was non-existent the last 2-3 minutes of the game, giving GSW the chance to come back. Playing run the shot clock down/hero ball will not get it done in the playoffs with this team. If we want to do something great as a team without a superstar, we can’t operate like teams with superstars do down the stretch. I’m not complaining, but we made this game much harder than it needed to be…

      • Charliemyboy

        Sometimes you look at a fantasy game, not what is happening. Both teams were exhausted due to the afternoon timing. Karlhad to go with best options, which is what he did. Miller willed the win. Karl will play the two, or three, or four, guards again. Live with it.

        • Ryan

          Exhausted? After two full days of rest and no travel? It was a weird time for a game, but no excuse for either team to be “exhausted”. I realize that GK is going to use the 2 PG lineup, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. If he is going to use it, the ball movement shouldn’t stop in the fourth quarter, as that isn’t how this team is constructed to win. We win when we don’t play iso-ball and move/cut/set picks to get good looks within the paint. That’s all I’m saying…

    • NugzNazty


    • John in LA

      I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the game he scored 52 on Dallas when he played for Portland was probably the “offensive game of his life” This one was pretty good too though.

  • prospector


    • heykyleinsf

      agree.. if nothing else in spirit and inspiration.

      I want to see him on the sideline.

      Anyone spotted him lately?

      • D3Ntilthe3ND

        He was sitting behind the bench all game….
        Good eyes…

  • googergieger

    To be fair Memphis already has three starters in foul trouble, and two obvious Chris Paul push offs have yet to be called. What are the odds Griffin running into Conley and doing a back flip will be a flop worthy fine? Point is refs were really bad for us but they aren’t even going to give Memphis a chance.

    • brick

      But LA was the home team. The home team usually gets a few extra calls to go their way. Nothing like that happened for us, and in the first half especially GS got all kinds of benefits from crummy reffing.

    • trank

      a panel of retired refs ought to put together a website to evaluate these playoff games. there’s too much media money involved in getting the right match-ups.

  • Ckwizard

    Miller and Brewer +1, Both played well and the Nuggets need them to in order to win playoff series. Karl may get an “A” this game but these playoffs will highlight his lineups, Lawson, Miller, Brewer on the floor at the same time wasn’t very effective even. Though both Miler and Brewer played well.

    Those talking about how the Nuggets were lucky that the Warriors didn’t shoot well or were “cold” need to realize that the Nuggets played poorly on offense also with too many turnovers and gave up too many rebounds. Nuggets will play better as the series goes on and The warriors will continue to struggle because these Nuggets PLAY DEFENSE!!! Go Nuggets

  • AaronCAPS

    This game makes me feel amazing! We had wayyyyy to many dis advantages, while GSW had a lot of advantages. We get Faried back. Warriors lose Lee. Guarentee we will shoot better in game 2. Guarantee GSW wont play as good defense as they did today. Refs wont be as bad. & the best of all. WERE 39-3 AT HOME! GSW is 19-23 on the road. #EasyGame2ForDenver

  • Z

    complain,complain,complain on a bad shooting night the nuggets won thats all that matter. Gallo gone get over it

  • Ban Johnson

    This was a really accurate and superb assessment of the game by Matt.

    There has been a lot of complaining about Andre Miller this season on this site. I’m one of the offenders. I still don’t understand why GK brings him in for defense! (end of 2nd quarter today), and I never will. Nor do I understand why GK keeps him out there when he’s obviously fatigued. Nor why he needs to close almost every game, regardless of the circumstance or how he’s playing.

    But holy cow did he shine today.

    The truth is, games like today are why he’s on the roster. You simply can’t always avoid grind-it-out physical games like this in the playoffs — and something clicks on in Andre Miller’s brain when the game has that sort of tenor to it. His game is made for half-court creativity. He sees so much out there…and he’s tough as hell — it’s an effective combination.

    • NugzNazty

      Despite an atrocious offensive game for Chandler, he was absolutely massive on rebounding and defense tonight.

      • NugzNazty

        errrr this was supposed to be 44

  • Andrew

    Everyone pretty much said it all, above, but I have to come on here and eat my Dre Crow, as well. Outstanding game by Old Man Miller. I’ve been a detractor, but he was just clutch tonight. Having said that, I hope Game 2 doesn’t come down to that…Nuggets should be blowing this team out at home.

    Cheers! Go NUGGETS!

  • Dan

    We should not have won this game we got out-rebounded in a big way, they did a much better job of sharing the ball (significantly more assists than us), we shot horrible from the line and from 3. We lacked energy and hustle for much of the game, its a miracle we pulled this out. But I guess thats what great teams do, they win even when they play poorly.

  • Cephus

    We caught a break. Take the gift & run. Too many sloppy turnovers & contested, hasty shots from mid-range. I loved what Miller did today but we’re in deep trouble if he’s” the man “. MAD PROPS for overall effort especially on D.

    People are saying that we’re lucky that Golden State didn’t hit their 3’s. Frankly I see that as a altitude , fatigue & lockdown mentality that homecourt & Karl’s coaching to receptive talent gives us. So close ? What would have happened if Lee hadn’t got hurt.

    Lovely to see Javale in full effort mode with his hard work manifesting in tangible & needed results. I echo the amazement seen with McGee & KK in lineup together. Karl is pulling out all stops. The only way this could be sweeter short of heathy Danilo, is if Chauncey were here.

    So much to be happy about, so much to refine. Mark Jackson, Curry & Thompson are stepping up in playoff spotlight. Gotta wait till Tuesday ??? Can’t wait …but it seems I must. Darn !

  • googergieger

    Also look at the end of this game and throughout the season. Iggy is having the time of his life and loves playing with this team. I think we resign him as long as Masai doesn’t insult him with a really low ball offer, which I doubt he does. Got the best GM in basketball after all. If/when we advance to the second round, I have a feeling Miller tears up. We’ll play better in the second game as will Golden State. Difference is they will still rely on the jumper, where as we’ll rely on our points in the paint. Still think we’re the better team all said and done. Dominantly so. When both teams play to the best of their ability, we’re a top four team and they are arguably a top ten team.

    • Charliemyboy

      Difference in paint was absence of Faried and their game plan. They were back and we didn’t have offensive rebounds. KK and other big men are too reliant Faried to do the dirty work. George, show the tape of our bigs not crashing the offensive boards. With Lee gone and Faried in, we should do better. If we keep playing one on one, the team has to crash the offensive boards!

      • googergieger

        I told people, the reason Koufos is able to get so many rebounds is because Faried demands almost two people boxing him out. On top of which Gallo is going to box out for you. Granted McGee still needs to learn how to grab boards without relying so much on his athleticism and length, but still.

        • heykyleinsf

          I am so on board with McGee..
          I know you think I’m prejudice to him..

          I see a complete monster waiting to hatch..
          If I was a gambling man.. my money is on him.

          I may be wrong about effort.. he seems so close.
          It may be confidence. Something..
          Something that just doesn’t seem that hard to fix..
          and something he is dangerously close to.
          He could be so lights out.
          I’m hoping. I think he has the gifts.

  • Evan Woodruff

    Hey guys. Stop with the “we should blow this team out next game!” and “Easy game 2!” Sure I like that you’re having confidence in the Nuggets, but come on. After today’s game can’t you give a little respect to the Warriors? They flat out played a hell of a game. They proved that they’re not to be underestimated.

    Of course I think the Nuggets will wrap this one up early, but it will not be any shade of easy. Similar as to when OKC eliminated Denver a few years ago in 6, where it was very very close. Alla the Perkins illegal tip-in.

    • Evan Woodruff

      In 5**

    • googergieger

      Honestly the refs were basically the entire Golden State offense and defense in that first half. We should have gone into the half with a ten point lead at least. With consistent refs if not fair, this shouldn’t be a tough series. Warriors are a good team, Denver is a great one. Denver just needs to play like it and hopefully the refs will let them play like one.

  • Giovanni

    Andre iIgoudala A???

    he almost cost the game with a fastbreack 3 1 and he crash on a warriors player…

    • googergieger

      You mean when Curry was falling down before contact happened?

      • Giovanni

        But he did pass the ball…

        +7 at 3 minutes to go…

        • Giovanni


          Had pass the ball…

        • googergieger

          If nobody stops the ball you take it all the way…

  • John in LA

    Good lord… imagine if Dre played D… he would be an All Star and go to the Hall of Fame for sure.

    • Mark

      Didn’t know you could go to the hall of fame from one good game.

      • John in LA

        Where in my post did I say anything about 1 game, or even this game?

        All I said was… he’d be pretty stellar if he also played defense…

        Additionally, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he’s had more than a single good game in his career. I know I’ve see a quite a few.

  • John in LA

    We really need to step up and steal a win on the road… see if that takes the fight out of ’em…

  • toluenehawk
    • mysteried

      I love this.

  • Cory

    Glad you saw that too Goog. Both Dre’s looked like they were having a great time.

  • Blue
    • Ban Johnson

      It’s possible the Warriors’ defense will improve a little bit with Lee out.

      But their offense will suffer greatly. He was a huge part of their pick and roll game. (Bogut just isn’t mobile enough anymore.) Plus his offensive rebounding…

      Nuggets need to put their foot on Warriors’ throat and end this thing as fast as possible: the 2 Andres need some rest and Faried could use the extra recovery.

  • googergieger

    Nothing scarier than a wounded and cornered animal folks. Warriros literally have nothing to lose now. They are going to play desperate, and it is our job not to give them the chance to beat us by playing over confident and thinking they’ll just give up. We have to play Nuggets basketball and dominate. We still have to show the world why they should be afraid of us.

  • doop snog

    Gotta say, I actually don’t want the Nuggs to sweep. I’d rather win in 5 (preferably) or 6. Too much time off isn’t conducive to winning I believe, and the Nuggets need to stay in their groove. Especially because I believe the Lakers and Spurs are going 7.

    Lawson scoring 22 and 12 assists on Tuesday. Go Nuggets.

  • A.D.

    Sort of unrelated, but why is it that the Nuggets receive so little recognition for their achievements. We don’t have a star, but the headlines are there. Our body of work speaks for itself and still we’re stuck with the same positives every time: Incredible depth and homecourt advantage…Is there a lack of creativity with writers’ these days or am I splitting hairs?

  • A.D.

    Sort of unrelated, but why is it that the Nuggets receive so little recognition for their achievements. We don’t have a star, but the headlines are there. Our body of work speaks for itself and still we’re stuck with the same positives every time: Incredible depth and homecourt advantage…

    Is there a lack of creativity with writers’ these days or am I splitting hairs?

    • Ryan

      ESPN doesn’t pay attention to the Nuggets, so they just say the same few things over and over. “George Karl is a great coach”, “Andre Miller has only missed 4 games his entire career”, “The Nuggets have a deep bench”…. Even against the Warriors, they don’t get any respect. The announcers yesterday seemed biased towards the warriors because they all went to church with Mark Jackson together and they did the stupid prank of filling the rookie’s car with popcorn, and there’s great camaraderie with them. Blah blah blah. ESPN announcers are the worst!

      • googergieger

        No team loves playing more with each other than the Nuggets. They don’t snatch rebounds from each others. They don’t hate each other when they are losing. They don’t’ give up when they are down. They all cheer each other on and want each other and the team to succeed. The league and by extension their propaganda machine ESPN and company need “superstars” to sell. You won’t find many superstars on this team. Too many unselfish guys that don’t care about stats and care more about winning. NBA isn’t good or smart enough to market that.

        • dynamo.joe

          One of the few things I actually think GK is right about. If the Nuggets make a big run, the media will manufacture a “superstar”. Probably Ty possibly Iggy, but basically whoever has the highest point total in the playoffs or makes the most winning shots.

          They just don’t know how to craft a narrative without one, so the more games the Nuggets win the more likely one of them will be anointed with superstar oil.

          Hopefully it will be Ty his next contract is already on the books and it will help the team immensely if he starts getting superstar calls next season (he should be getting more calls anyway and converts at a high rate).

    • toluenehawk
  • http://espn gary g

    Strange game, but victory is sweet. Best part was that they played awful for almost the entire game yet pulled off a W. GS threw everything they had at the Nuggets and to be honest had a great strategy, but still couldn’t pull it off. And now I think that’s it for them. Great thing is the Nuggets just have trust and confidence in each other and their collective ability that they can pull off any game and that is largely due to at least one guy stepping up on any given night. Ty might be out most consistent and talented bet on a nightly basis, but you can bet at least one guy will be the hero every night and its always different. Think this is going to be the story of the playoffs for us. Hopefully they are over the stage fright now and can start playing their game and dispatch of the now already spent warriors quick. They do need to step up intensity a bit.
    BTW….what is the connection between Miller & YMCA?

    • Tom

      We use “YMCA” based nicknames for Andre Miller because of the style of game he has. He doesn’t play a fast, athletic, above-the-rim game like you expect from most NBA players. He plays a slow, plodding, methodical game with the goal of getting layups and the occasional “jumper” that doesn’t involve any actual jumping. He looks like he has the athleticism of the average middle-aged man you might find in a pickup game at the YMCA or your local gym. But he also has the creativity and subtlety to be successful despite his physical limitations — again, kind of like the old guy at the YMCA who makes all the younger, faster, stronger, more athletic guys look foolish because he just understands the game so well.