Rapid Reaction: Golden State Warriors 110, Denver Nuggets 108

Denver Nuggets 108 Final

Recap | Box Score

110 Golden State Warriors
Kenneth Faried, SF 30 MIN | 6-7 FG | 3-3 FT | 7 REB | 0 AST | 2 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 15 PTS | +2

Faried’s numbers are better than he actually played. But considering this was only his second game, and first start, since coming back from an injury, it could have been worse. Faried just can’t keep up with the defensive schemes the Nuggets need to run in order to stifle the Warriors on offense. He played valiantly, had some nice dunks and a few strong rebounds, but he’ll need to play out of his mind on defense in order to win more games this series.

Ty Lawson, PG 38 MIN | 11-22 FG | 12-12 FT | 3 REB | 10 AST | 2 STL | 0 BLK | 4 TO | 35 PTS | -2

Lawson had his best game ever in the postseason. His 35 points were a career playoff high and only two short of tying his regular season high. He had about three or four unbelievable plays this game — the type that make you drop your jaw in amazement. That said, he missed some crucial shots down the stretch and turned the ball over when the Nuggets had a chance to win the game. Had he made just one more shot late in the game he likely would have gone down in Nuggets postseason lore.

Wilson Chandler, SG 37 MIN | 4-8 FG | 1-2 FT | 9 REB | 2 AST | 2 STL | 1 BLK | 2 TO | 11 PTS | -6

Chandler did his best playing center. It’s only the second time in his career he’s started at center and neither performances were ones to remember. He gave solid effort on defense for most of the night and hit some big shots, but he hasn’t been the type of scoring machine he was after Gallo went down in the regular season. If the Nuggets want to win this thing, he’s gonna need to step up offensively — which would likely be much easier if he were playing his natural position.

Andre Iguodala, SG 42 MIN | 6-15 FG | 0-1 FT | 5 REB | 5 AST | 2 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 14 PTS | +5

Iguodala had a typical Iguodala game: He started off incredibly hot, then pretty much disappeared offensively for the rest of the night. His defense was excellent through the first half, but once the third quarter rolled around his performance slipped along with every one of his teammates’ sans Ty Lawson. He also made a crucial turnover when the Nuggets had a chance to win the game late.

Evan Fournier, SG 13 MIN | 1-2 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 2 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 2 PTS | -8

Fournier saw minutes early on and played well, but was inexplicable taken out for almost the entire game after that.

Anthony Randolph, PF 4 MIN | 2-2 FG | 0-1 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 4 PTS | -2

Randolph had one of the worst goaltending violations I’ve ever seen. That was about all I could recount from his brief, four-minute stint.

Corey Brewer, SF 24 MIN | 6-12 FG | 3-3 FT | 3 REB | 2 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 3 TO | 16 PTS | +11

Brewer was probably the second best player on the team this game. He provided a great spark off the bench that led to the Nuggets grabbing their biggest lead of the game in the second quarter and shot the ball well all night. Late in the game he got a little dramatic with his flopping which led to some bad turnovers, but overall he did a great job of giving the Nuggets a spark off the bench.

Kosta Koufos, C 11 MIN | 0-0 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 1 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 0 PTS | 0

I’m baffled at what’s come of Koufos lately. He’s had a steady decline the last month but he’s been virtually worthless in the playoffs. I hate saying that because he’s been so solid all year, but at this point I can’t see anything positive he’s bringing to the roster. He refuses to score, he’s slow on defense and doesn’t play with a chip on his shoulder anymore. At one point in the year Koufos was the toughest guy on the team. Now he looks as if he just wants to run and hide somewhere safe.

JaVale McGee, C 14 MIN | 2-5 FG | 0-2 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 4 PTS | -1

McGee was mostly a train wreck. Not full-on train wreck, but close. His defense is just unbelievably bad this series. He’s a guy who needs to stay in the paint and contest shots, yet the Warriors are forcing him to come out of his comfort zone and into the perimeter which is confusing the hell out of him. Like Koufos, he’s slow to react to everything thrown his way. Once the Warriors get him off balance, it takes just a few extra passes to penetrate and get an easy bucket at the rim, or an open shot from downtown. Thankfully his offense is still functioning… somewhat.

Andre Miller, PG 27 MIN | 2-13 FG | 2-3 FT | 4 REB | 4 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 3 TO | 7 PTS | -9

I don’t even want to talk about it. I don’t even want to. This guy is driving me nuts. He’s making me lose my mind when I watch this team. His defense is nothing short of embarrassing. It’s insulting to anyone who’s ever tried to prevent someone doing something in the history of the world. His defensive effort is nonexistent; it’s grotesque at the same time. I just, for the life of me, will never understand what it is George Karl sees in him. I promise, as bad as J.R. Smith was at times, I don’t think I ever remember him underhandedly sabotaging the Nuggets like this. Now, obviously Andre Miller isn’t purposely trying to lose this series for the Nuggets, but if he were he wouldn’t be playing a whole lot differently!!!

Usually his offense bails him out, but his game it only exacerbated his issues. His selfish, “Hero Ball” mentality cost the Nuggets at least eight possessions, which could have been used to actually try something intelligent when it came to scoring the basketball. If he sits out the rest of the series I’ll have no problem with it. In fact, that’s probably the Nuggets’ best shot of winning, as his perimeter defense seems to be the genesis of the Nuggets most costly problem against Golden State.

George Karl

I really want to give Karl an F. I’ll just say that. But he did manage to keep this game close and he did suite up and he did show up and draw up plays and form sentences that made syntactic sense — so because of that I can’t give him an F. But judging his coaching alone, I think an F might be warranted.

He started Chandler at center, which just makes no logical sense whatsoever. He also had wacky lineups all game long, none of which seemed to have any positive effect after the first half concluded. Mark Jackson continued to win timeouts. The “plays” the Nuggets did run didn’t work at all — especially Lawson’s isolation at the end of the game. And overall the Warriors played much better, more focused defense than the Nuggets did, which likely won them the game.

But Karl’s biggest mistake was his insistence to ride Miller until he dragged the Nuggets down to the lowest depths of humiliation that could possibly be felt by someone who refuses to take any sort of defensive pride whatsoever in their game. (Note: Hyperbole likely present in previous sentence.) How fitting it was that Jackson, a first-time playoff coach decided to stick with his young rookies like Barnes and Green, whereas Karl went down gunz-a-blazin’ with Dre Miller and both took the entire team with them. At this point Karl is getting out-coached while his lineups and obsession with going smaller than his opponent just seem like futile, nervous farces that a coach of his experience should not be making.

Three Things We Saw

  1. Perimeter Paralysis: There is a lot happening in this series from a technical standpoint that’s worth mentioning, but nothing more so than the battle for supremacy at the perimeter. Golden State is currently winning this battle, and therefore winning the series. They’re doing this by setting rock-hard picks, moving the ball at light speed and eventually knocking down open shots. When Miller is in the game, one pick is all that’s needed to completely stifle and destroy any defensive gameplan the Nuggets had hoped to impose. After one pick, Miller is done. He gives up chasing his man which forces a big to step out and attempt to guard the errant opponent. This leads to easy penetration, which leads to help defense that’s too late, which leaves someone wide open on the perimeter which the Golden State players almost always find and capitalize on by hitting shots. The Nuggets defense is much like a set of dominos at the moment. Once the perimeter is compromised (usually a pick and roll is all it takes), everything becomes late and people begin to scramble just to keep up with the previous pass. The longer this goes on the greater the chances are the Nuggets’ defensive identity eventually crumbles for good.
  2. Heartbreak Hotel: One thing that’s become ever more clear as the series progresses is Golden State’s mental composure and it’s sharp contrast to that of the Nuggets. Golden State is firmly winning the battle between the ears. I credit Mark Jackson for a lot of this. His pulpit is the hardwood. His preaching during timeouts is killing the Nuggets and George Karl. His energy is palpable. He has his guys believing in him and in themselves. Meanwhile, Karl’s team looks lost, short of confidence and intimidated. The funny thing is: Karl has the better roster. The Warriors are also without one of their best players, in David Lee! This series has taken an absolutely fascinating turn, as the better team really isn’t playing the better basketball. It’s as if the roles have been reversed. Right now Golden State is playing with nothing to lose. They’re going after every 50-50 with twice the verve the Nuggets are. They aren’t afraid to lose, nor are they afraid to win! Karl may be a great Xs and Os coach. He may know twice what Mark Jackson does about coaching basketball. But right now, the team that’s playing the best basketball is the team with the best orator — and that’s Mark Jackson.
  3. Bright Side of the Road: Even though the Nuggets trail the Warriors 1-2 and have already relinquished the homecourt advantage they worked so hard to achieve in the regular season, there’s still reason to be positive about their chances. The Nuggets are still an incredibly talented team. They won 57 games in the regular season for crying out loud! This team is better defensively and offensively than Golden State — they’re just not playing like it! If the Nuggets decide they want to win this series and figure out a way to turn things around, there’s no doubt they can pull it off. But it’s not gonna be easy and George Karl is gonna have to elevate his game to match Jackson’s. Again, this is all on Karl. This is where he has to earn his check and prove to Nuggets Nation his ability to coach basketball when it actually matters! If the Nuggets are gonna construct a legendary masterpiece, Karl has to be the architect. End of story.
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  • Ban Johnson

    Well, the George Karl love affair with Andre Miller has cost the Nuggets one game now. (Andre Miller probably won game 1, however.)

    What a terrible waste of a GREAT Ty Lawson game.

    Sunday night is pretty much the Nuggets’ season. If it’s a special team, they’ll find a way to win. If it’s just a young, chaotic, questionably coached team, they won’t.

    • Ackdog

      Yeah didn’t quite understand the rotations tonight. Our defense in the second half was the issue. I thought more Evan and less Andre tonight. Tough loss however I do think that we get back to Denver 2-2. Stay positive peeps!!

      Man we desperately need a couple of jump shooters!!

      • Charliemyboy

        We have the jumps in Lawson, Chandler, Brewer… the problem is they have to create themselves and they aren’t quite that good. GS sets screens we should learn from. We just go through the motions. Two things to work on: screen and roll defense and screen and roll offense. Oh, and how do you spell box out?

    • Thomas

      Mark Jackson 3 x 0 George Karl. Worst playoff coach I’ve ever seen.

      What amazes me is that many of you still haven’t seen this – despite the unsurmountable evidence.

      Way to go, Masai.

      • Thomas

        In the playoffs:

        Too much Miller, you lose, GK.
        Too much Miller and Brewer, you lose, GK.
        Too much Miller + Ty, you lose, GK.
        No Faried +KK onthe court together, you lose, GK.
        Change schemes every other minute, you lose, GK.
        Small ball, you lose, Gk.
        Faried less than 35+ minutes, you lose, GK.
        Chandler as center or PF, you lose, GK.

        A monkey throwing darts to pick line-ups would have similar results as GK. the monkey would have a better playoff winning percentage.

        • Charliemyboy

          What always gets me is that, sans one shot and the win, the attitude would be different without all this bemoaning. This reflects how the Nugs have played. Immature. Up and down and not consistent. Emotions tied to the wind. Be steady, reasonable and full of effort and intelligence; not reactive, ok?

          • Thomas

            You deserve GK, intelligent one.

          • dynamo.joe

            There were people complaining about Karl’s stupid lineups all season and you guys all said, “you are stoopid. They r wiining. Therefore, GK knows what he is doing.”

    • Thomas

      Good analysis of GK’s moves against GS:

  • Danno

    Sooooo disappointing to see the Nuggets lose another close game. It’s like they don’t even care if they win or not. Just going through the motions

    • http://espn herpderpnuggets

      Another late game situation turning into a turnover, couldnt get a halfway decent shot off……ridiculous.

      • Ackdog

        In all fairness TY got fouled, bad no call for sure, but the game was lost in the 3rd quarter!

  • Philip L

    Gotta make the FTs!!! I have no idea how jarret jack called a timeout when he was wrapped up. That was my only complaint of the game that was major. Solid game though, entertaining. Bit chippy with Bogut but dang this is a must win next game otherwise it’s not looking good. Glad faried is coming back. I thought Iggy’s HC shot was going in that was so close

  • Stephen H

    Please Masai ujiri don’t allow Koufus to wear nuggets colors next year and don’t let that spectator/coach of ours back he lost passion for game and it shows.


  • kwelitysoul

    Tough one…too many mental errors, despite Karl coaching better tonight…I’m confident it’ll come back to Denver even.

    • Mark

      It’s just a fact in the NBA – the head coach who jumps, screams, complains, yells, lobbies, etc. gets the calls and makeup calls. George Karl is always quiet, and that’s why the Nuggets are so often on the receiving end of poor officiating.

      • Mike K

        I am so glad I am not the only one who sees this. Every other coach is up, pacing, yelling at the players, the refs. Look at Thibbs in Chicago or Doc in Boston–they can’t talk after games. I realize that Karl had cancer and it affected his voice, but he can be more demonstrative than sitting on the bench looking bored.

  • Mark from Charlotte

    I will be glad when this season is over so the Nugget management can fire GK after this series. AMiller needs to go as well……………

    • Charliemyboy

      So Mark, it will not happen. Wrong. 3rd best team in the NBA…. just young. Think more broadly. Just as frustrated as you are, but mature and realistic. Will you say the same when we win the next three games?

      • Cory

        Charliemyboy.. this is not something new. Every single year Nuggets fan go through the same thing, and the team never plays well in the playoffs no matter how great we are during the regular season. This is just standard George Karl playoff basketball. You keep arguing with people about this, but honestly you have to look at the whole body of work, and it is obviously a trend.

  • http://twitter.com/xantoniooo808x D3Ntilthe3ND

    & there’s the game I said Miller would cost us in the playoffs.

    & pleeeease….use your bigs. enough giving up O rebounds & letting them get 2nd chances at 3’s.

    • Mark

      Every time we shoot, there’s one guy (Faried) going for an offensive rebound. Put the god damn big men in there! It seems like when we get to the playoffs, Karl just watches what the other coach does and tries to match it.

  • Infuriated

    Total BS no-call on Lawson. Terrible. Awful.

    • LBJ

      That sorry ass excuse for a ref that swallowed his whistle on that call is a joke. What the hell is he doing in the playoffs??

  • Damon

    Not even remotely the same team as the regular season. The team that won 57 games played with poise and made teams play their game. This team plays scared and lets an inferior team – without it’s 2nd best player – dictate everything. A deserved loss tonight.

    • Mark

      Definitely not the same team, but that’s mostly Karl’s doing. He’s playing lineups that we haven’t seen all year, just because he’s trying to match what Jackson is doing. How about trying what worked for 57 games this year?

    • RaptorJesus

      I wold not say they are an inferior team. they lack the depth, but have more size inside, and better shooters outside. No big man can answer Bogut.

    • Damon Ables

      Hey there Damon! I’m Damon! We are both nuggets fans and have the same name! Weird right?

  • Slug dugg

    We got out coached again, and our bigs have been completely worthless. I expected the GS guards to have the advantage, but not their freaking bigs…especially with Lee out.

    I just don’t think the GK system can win in the playoffs.

  • mcz84

    Please Please get rid of Karl, Miller and Doufos cant stand any of them Karls love affair with MIller makes me sick.Doufos always looks lost out there.MIller way to many forced shot and terrible turnover that Curry beat him to the ball wow.Yes this game is on MIller/karl why take out Brewer for Miller!!

  • Native Nugget

    Strange. Karl coached this team to more wins than I thought possible during the season and now it’s deja vous with the nugg underperforming in the playoffs. If we lose this series against Golden State without their all star forward – I will be forced to admit that Karl is a bad post season coach.

    • Numba2stunna

      Can’t agree more, it’s been 10 years now (1 trip out of the first round). Very disappointing but NBA sucksyou have to be a supermarket to make any news in the nba. Whatever I guess just start cheering for the rox and broncos (they have had a solid draft so far)

      • David

        Biggest problem with the whole nuggets franchise is the lack of a winning mentality. Look @da game today, all the fans were super pumped, I didn’t even know if the fans in Denver thought those 1st two games were regular season games, there is no passion in that city of Denver for basketball, it’s shocking because its not like the football team is great. The guys went on a 15-game streak and you could not even tell in the crowd that was the case. We will continue to be good but never great, would you rather win 50-55 every season n bow out 1st rd or win 45+ and win a rd aka Golden State.

        • bobby

          What? The football team won 13 games last year, opened up as favorites to win this year’s Super Bowl, and, as far as I’m aware, are still the odds-on favorite to do just that. Denver has always been a football town.

        • SmokinNugs

          You have clearly never been to a game at the Pepsi Center if you think there is no basketball passion in Denver…..

  • Bobby

    Well, we are in position to take game 4 just like Golden State took game 2. Let’s keep the Negativity to a minimum. The West is stacked and turns out there are 6 teams that can play, not just 5.
    This team has been resilient all year, there is no reason why they can’t win 3 out of 4. Great Game Ty, you just need Iggy to be better and Miller to not suck so bad.

  • AxeTheFossil

    7 1st round exits in 8 years. So long Karl, you and Miller enjoy fishing together.

  • http://twitter.com/xantoniooo808x D3Ntilthe3ND

    I’ll just leave one stat for everyone here, hopefully it makes everything clear.

    Corey Brewer played 24 minutes & was +11

    Andre Miller playes 27 minutes & was -9.

    • mcz84

      I agree Brewer was playing really good, have no idea why he was taken out for A Miller in the 4th. I dont see how Karl doesnt see that as soon as MIller enters the flow of the game is bad for Denver as soon as hes out we start gettin in a groove.

      • LBJ

        Because Brewer as playing piss poor defense on Curry. He lost his cool and picked up a couple of dumbass fouls – which killed us because they make their FTs. He needs to simply stay between his man and the basket without taking a bunch of chances.

        • http://espn herpderpnuggets

          That foul when he got tackled was just plain sad…

          • Mark

            Looked like the ref was about to call that the other way, but when he realized it was Curry he changed his mind.

            • Mike K

              I for sure thought that was on Curry. That would have changed the WHOLE game as it would have been 5 on Curry early 4th, if I’m thinking of the right play.

        • Old Timer

          It was a mistake to have Brewer on Curry in the first place. Iggy should have been on Curry and Brewer on Klay Thompson. Then Karl compounds that mistake by taking Brewer out for Miller because he fails attempting to fulfill a defensive assignment he is not well suited for.

          How bad does Miller have to be to sit out the end of games? It was obvious he was worthless tonight to everyone but George Karl.

    • Jake

      Whatever happened to going with the flow at the end of the game? Miller is 2 for infinity and he is still standing out on the court in the fourth! he is not meant to play nuggets style of basketball anyways with his age and slow play. since game 1 Karl has treated him like a savior and he is driving the Nugs to the grave with 5 year old defence

  • Ckwizard

    Well this series is proving Googergieger right in regards to the importance of Gallo to the team. This series is proving Prospector right about the lineups and the use of Miller.

    Couple of games yet for the Miller lovers, Brewer lovers, or the GK lovers to be right… I want you to be right because I am a Nuggets fan and I will gladly eat crow!

    • Ban Johnson

      Corey Brewer was great tonight. Not the night to be bagging on him.

      • Ckwizard

        Brewer was serviceable yes, But great is a no. He gambles way to much and while I prefer him to Miller, Brewer is good at what he does he has the opportunity to push these Nuggets over the Top and he is not delivering. In other words Brewer is not showing hat he is so much better than the other reserves on the team and this is his opportunity… But to his credit a lie up of Ty, Miller,and Brewer is bad for the team and probably is bad situation to evaluate Brewer’s contributions. George Karl’s problem is playing Miller and Lawson but it is Brewers opportunity to make that lineup work and it isn’t, yes it is because of Miller but it is an opportunity for Brewer.

    • GK4Prez

      What does that leave those of us that cannot stand any of the 3 with?

    • al68

      Cuando se pierde siempre se echa de menos a los jugadores lesionados, pero en esta eliminatoria lo que se esta viendo es que GK es un pésimo entrenador de PO.
      GK me parece una persona fenomenal y un gran entrenador de RS, pero cuando llegan los PO se bloquea y lo mismo pasaria si tuvieramos a Gallo.
      Por qué jugamos sin pivot.
      Porqué hacemos alineaciones incomprensibles y no usamos a Modgov?
      Porquè se lesiona Gallo y no Miller?
      Qué hace el equipo de entrenadores ayudantes?
      Porqué es tan tonto Mcgee?

  • http://espn herpderpnuggets

    im really tired of all the bullshit ticky tack fouls trying to get the warriors back into the game, that foul on brewer was just….mind boggling. i just dont understand how this can possibly happen, the nuggets played so well up until the third quarter, this loss just makes we wanna go nuts. If the nuggets cant win the next game, they cant win the series.

  • chronosynclasticinfundibula

    Bogut is the key to their success. If the Nuggets hope to win this thing they have to find a a way to neutralize him. That’s probably obvious to everyone. Is Mozgov’s thumb broken? I wonder why they don’t put him on Bogut to get physical like he did last year against the Lakers.

    • Jason

      I agree. Put Mozzy on Bogut, Kosta and McGee are f***ing soft.

      • Ryan

        Yup. McGee deserved an F as well. He didn’t even try to block any shots, committed stupid fouls, and didn’t rebound at all. He also rolled around on the ground like he was mortally wounded after getting hit on the arm. If he was actually hurt on the foul, he should have left the game. Otherwise, his play was completely unacceptable…

    • Mark

      Put Mozgov in there & just foul the shit out of Bogut. It seems like Bogut never comes out of the game; he just stays in there and dominates all three of our big men who guard him. We need to start punishing him a bit.

      • Mike K

        There’s that and it seems like he is a little soft between the ears. Faried and McGee got under his skin really easily last night that he got T’d up. Mozzy might get him tossed.

  • THCJ

    JaVale McGee played 14 minutes. That should tell you everything you need to know about George Karl’s coaching acumen.

    How this fucker has a coaching job is beyond me. It really is.

    • http://espn herpderpnuggets

      Javale was hurt for most of the second half

      • LBJ

        McGoof was pretty worthless out their tonite. He is probably the worst defensive rebounding 7 footer in the NBA.

        In fact all our bigs sucked again. You can blame Karl all you want – but he wasn’t fumbling rebounds out of bounds and forgetting to block out. Faried needs to play better. Koufos was totally worthless. Chandler can’t score with players 6 inches shorter than him All of them made dumbass plays. Grabbing the rim on a made layup and goal tending airballs. I was wondering why Mozzie doesn’t get a shot – hell, he can’t possibly play any worse!

        • GK4Prez

          I can blame Karl for over playing a role playing center as a starter all season when the guy he needed to develop for this time of the year was parked on the pine. Karl gets no pass for being out coached in this series, and out coached is what he has been.

          • Thomas

            Faried and KK played like 2 minutes together last night.

            The most solid defensive frontcourt we have, who dominated the boards against the opposition in the regular season, played 2 minutes, against a team that has to go small as they lost Lee.

            And GK tries to…go small.


    • GK4Prez

      I like Mcgee, but those 14 minutes tonight were 14 too many.



  • leeds

    We’ve seen the movie before…

    Time to change the director

  • Joji

    If the Nuggets can’t win in-spite of 20+ turnovers by the Warriors, they don’t deserve to win at all.

  • Mark from Charlotte

    Masai ujiri needs to find a new coach next season. I don’t understand how a coach can be so stubborn and play AMiller during the 4th quarter when AMiller had several turnovers during the game. JHam and EF94 should get playing time because of their outside shooting. The BIGGS need to step up KK and MCGEE 4 POINTS………………….

    • LBJ

      JHam is never going to get major minutes on this team. Next year, Millers minutes will go to Fournier.

      • Guy

        JHam has played his last game with the Nuggets. As far as Brewer goes, what do you want from a 7th guy on the roster?? Name me a 7th man who is more productive, Brewer isn’t the problem. Taking him out for Miller when Miller can’t guard a foot stool probably lost us the game.

    • Thomas

      I assume you haven’t suffered enough years of GK coaching, yet.

      • LBJ

        I suffered thru a lot of years of the guys that preceeded him. Karl is likely going to be coach of the year — and you want him fired.

        If Ty gets the call (or drops the wide open 3) or our bigs get their head out of their collective asses – we would have won the game.

        • Thomas

          Our bigs? We lose the game again on perimeter defense and a lack of bigs.

  • mcz84

    Where the hell is Doufos at, I havent seen him at all.Hes been invisible, McGee hasnt been playing that well either, WE NEED THEM TO GRAB SOME FUKIN REBOUNDS



  • D2G

    IDK about everyone but I sure like Mark Jackson’s coaching and he looks to be the huge difference in this series. Sure they have Curry the best shooter and some really good pieces but GS is not as talented as this Nuggets team and the reason why were losing is because GK cant set up and exploit the match ups. If he wanted to win this is how Mark Jackson would win if he coached the nuggets. First Ty Lawson or Miller vs Jack, Iggy and chandler on Curry all day no milller no lawson he just shoots over him. Match Chandler and brewer on Thompson and Barnes maybe some iggy if curry isnt in the game. Faried and KK on Landry. Mcgee and Randolf on Bogut. There is no way if GK exploited these match ups we would win instead he put miller and lawson in and faried at center for periods of time they go on runs. We cant let slow miller get juked all night by curry he can barely guard Jack but on O he can take jack to the paint. We need our bigs to push and keep bogut out the paint a faried can not stop bogut from getting boards or blocks on drives he cant push bogut out the paint only mcgee and randolf can. Randolf can make bogut look silly yet GK never exploited the match up he put him in when the match up wasnt there vs the younger center GS has.

    IDK but if the Nugs loose game 4 its over. It is only up to GK to put the right match ups on the court so GS doesnt go on huge runs because they get one mis match and just exploit it all night and get open looks and it just pisses me off how much the nuggets should be winning and they cant get it together because they cant control the line ups and stop the mismatches. THEY ALSO CANT MAKE SOME DAMN FTS!!! Iggy needs to be more aggressive. The way chandler has played he has settled for jumpers way too much. No wonder why we miss Gallo now he actually makes his FTS and drives when his shot isnt there. IDK what to say….

    Is this going to be our typical one and done nuggets im just getting tired of going to these playoffs and GK just isnt one of the top coaches he cant rally and create mismatches in the playoffs he sticks to his game plan to death.

  • mcz84

    If we lose this series GEORGE NEEDS TO GET FIRED ASAP nuff said

  • Big Stub

    Amazing how ineffective our bigs are. Golden State has one post player . . . with a bum ankle. And none of our bigs can take advantage. And we seem totally unprepared for the playoff intensity and style of play. Karl is an amazing regular season coach. But the magic just vanishes in the playoffs.

    • Ryan

      Bogut runs like Frankenstein, yet he has completely outplayed our bigs. Unbelievable…

  • http://roundballminingcompany.com Josh

    George Karl must go. Does a fine job with gameplans but his rotations are hideous. Starting Faried at the 5.. you have to be kidding me. Andre Miller playing that many minutes was pathetic as well, the guy easily cost us the game alone. His defense was hideous and he killed us offensively with his terrible decisions. It does not take a scientist to realize AM kills our team. Sooo frustrating and embarrassing. It’s not like we can tip our hats to GS and take the loss; its more than that. We have to sit here and pound our heads thinking about how we keep losing games because of our stupid rotations

    • RaptorJesus

      In his defense, starting KK wasn’t working.

      • http://roundballminingcompany.com Josh

        I agree, so start another big such as Mozgov!

  • Brad

    Sinking feeling this thing is over. I’d say fire GK, but who would we get D’Antoni? Byron Scott? Avery Johnson? Phil isn’t coming to Denver, so unfortunately GK is currently the best thing going. If we lose this series. Koufos HAS to go, Miller HAS to go (Ty is good enough now to take over for Andre’s “saavy/smarts”), Mozgov is gone. Trade Koufos, JHam and Chandler or Gallo and get Klay Thompson (or someone equivalent) god knows we need somebody to consistently spread the floor. Unfortunately, I get the feeling that Iggy is gone. And what if they can’t get Massai back…actual rebuilding mode may be in effect. Scary thought.



      • ryanvdonk

        McMillan would be a good fit, similar system to karl but with defense and more discipline with less playing favorites.

    • D2G

      as much as I think Phil would hate coming to denver small market but i think he would love the talent we have and would know he could turn this team into the champions they should be he would get the kucklehead out of mcgee and randolf and develop them into the studs they should be. He would play JHam probably get rid of Iggy and have chandler at the 2. Add a shooter and turn us into champs lol

      • LBJ

        What makes you think anyone can get the knucklehead out of those two? They have both been in the NBA for years and still make dumbass plays that most HS players wouldn’t make.

        What you see is what you are going to get.

        • D2G

          I wouldnt exactly say that. What notable coaches coaches has either gotten throughout their careers? Theyre knuckleheads cause they havent had a damn post or center coach that has the Status to tell them if they never do this or that they’re not shit! Coaching has a lot to do with a player development they need to respect their coach i sure dont think Mcgee or Randolf respect GK.

          • LBJ

            McGoof signed with Nuggets because Karl and the staff were teaching him what he had allegedly never been taught. He also spent the summer learning post moves from Akeem. Yet, he has played like shit for most of the season.

            He needs to get in shape and his head out of his ass – we are paying him way to much money for this kind of perfromance.

      • Mark

        Phil Jackson always had two of the best three players in the NBA at the time. That’s why he won’t coach again – taking over a team that’s not a sure thing would put his legacy at risk. The only team he would have considered coaching again was the Heat, but they won the championship last year so he knows he wouldn’t be able to take the credit for them winning it again.

        • Sky

          Phil’s Daughter graduated from CU.
          So its not out of the realm of possiblitly.

  • Josh

    Plain and simple – if you cant shoot from outside and make free throws, you cant win in the playoffs. The Nuggets cant do both.

  • Natrho

    1. Too much Miller. Understand he had a big game 1, but we’re down in the series and he’s been mostly ineffective the last two games. In some ways, I’d almost rather start Miller and have Fournier come in to relieve him. Their minutes tonight should have been reversed.

    2. More Ty. 38 minutes isn’t enough. They have no answer for him like we have no answer for Curry. If he’s going to be the leader, he needs the minutes.

    3. More Wilson. No way he should only have 8 shots this game. Coming down the stretch, after Gallo got injured, he carried us several games. He’s the second best scorer behind Ty, and probably our best perimeter shooter, especially when he gets it going. Don’t know how many times he had Curry on him tonight and we couldn’t/didn’t get him the ball.

    4. More Mozgov. I don’t care if he fouls out the first five minutes. Put him out there to knock people on their ass like Bogut has been. Maybe he gets called for fouls, maybe he doesn’t, but send a message. Too many layups, too many easy shots. I’m not saying play dirty, but make them start to think twice before going to the rim.

    Sunday will be a telling game about the mental makeup and character of this team. I’ve been a believer that a true team could overcome not having a superstar, but at some point this Nuggets team has to prove it when it counts. That’s on the coaches and player equally, in my opinion. Hope they come out and prove the faith we’ve had in them as a team wasn’t misplaced. Maybe it’s time for George to dust off the Nuggets/Sonics playoff series tapes to show the guys. Or better yet, get Dikembe or LaPhonso to come talk to the team…they have all the pieces, just haven’t been able to but them together. Maybe a talk like that would do it…

    • toby

      Totally agree.. if mozgov ain’t gonna get any mins, atleast bring him.in the game to hard foul and put people on their ass… McGee is the worst defensive rebounding center in the league and Kosta doufos is garbage… Both are soft we need someone to be a mean ass.. we don’t have a mean ass and that’s what hurts us. Bogut is a mean ass with all of.his illegal screens he does that never get called

  • CJP32

    We got out rebounded again. GS shot better again. Andre Miller was 2/13.

    I say start Ty Iggy CBrew WC Faried and play Denver basketball. Game 4 is a must winner.

  • toby

    2 blown calls coated us the game at the very end… Chandler played the basketball as jarret jack had hos hands on it as well.. yet, a magical Disney where dreams come true time out was called? wtf? Last possession of the game Ty Lawson was getting bumped and grinded on by festus ezeli as he was moving laterally to the goal… That’s a damn blocking foul.. blown call which led ro a turnover… Should have been 2 at the line they were in the bonus.. but of course no ref wants to be shot in Oakland for calling the right call…. Denver 1 golden state 1 NBA refs 1… Refs take game 3 in the last minute on 2 blown calls…. Wilson Chandler or jarret jack on a jumpball? C’mon.

    • http://espn herpderpnuggets

      Cant completely blame the loss on the refs, the nuggets had their chances, but there were some horrendous calls

      • toby

        Excuse me I’m on my phone stupid auto correction.. screwed instead of coated, palmed instead of played….

        Dude I know our d was iffy despite forcing 20 turnovers, but those last 2 possessions of the game determined the game… No jump ball.call instead it was a magical time out call? And the obvious blocking foul on ezeli bumping ty out of bounds as he was moving laterally to the goal… Bull shit

  • branden

    I dont know how none of our nuggets analyst dont notice that as soon as miller checks in the ball stops moving and everybody is just standing around doing nothing!!!! And so andre miller bein the asshole he is says hey imma try and dribble may way all the wayyyyy to the cup and throw up a brick at the rim!!!! And then im gonna guard steph curry and let him abuse me all night and when my man is wide open at the 3 line im not gonna run him off the 3 point line im GONNA WATCH!!!!!!!!!! And this is where is gets the best!!! Our good old coach georgie says hey im gonna play u NO MATTER WHAT THE FUCK U DO BECAUSE I THINK UR THE GREATEST THING TO EVER TOUCH THE EARTH!!!!! Thus a 12 pt. Lead is blown in the 2nd half and a great energy guy in brewer and a streaky shooter (he was on today) rides the damn pine!!!!!!! GEORGE KARL I HATE YOU FOR UR LOVE FOR THIS OLD FUCK BUT MILLEE I HATE U MORE FOR BEIN A TOTAL ASS AND NOT RECOGNIZING THAT U CLEARLY SHOULDNT BE PLAYIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok I think im done……….. no wait I got one more rant inme even if we win/lose this series either george karl goes and we get a coach that recognizes when a player is playon like complete shit *cough cough miller* and gives our players who are just waiting for a chance to play there hearts out *hamilton mcgee more min stone and fournier* or weget rid of miller and pick up a back up pg who plays the up tempo pace we do *bledsoe Bradley beverly aaron brooks!!! I mean fuck cmon its either one of those 2 gotta change or both and we will be sittin pretty!!!! Otherwise if nothin changes WE WILL NEVER HIT OUR FULL POTENTIAL. ..ok im done lol

    • Ryan

      It’s a fun game: note the score when Miller comes on to form the 2 PG lineup, then note how the lead gets smaller or the deficit gets bigger when the 2 PG lineup is on the court…


    ahahah NOW they sayd : Fu** Karl

    is ridiculos .. for Nuggets Fan KARL is the BEST coach of NBA
    or top5 coach of Nba ..:

    coach Bulls , coach Memphis , coach Warriors are 3 good coach

    Rivers and Popovic the best

  • toby

    I can’t wait till miller is gone, we get Kyle Grover to stretch the floor for easy baskets in the paint, and another consistent mid range or three shooters.. that’s what we lack.. no outside presence but Ty Lawson and an injured Danilo Gallinari.. I. really hope masai is serious on pursuing Kyle korver despite how much he thinks he’s worth

  • Grant

    You can’t blame Karl for how awful our centers have played all series long. It’s like Koufus and McGee look lost out there.

    • toby

      No the problem is McGee is an awful def rebounder and Kosta don’t know.h ow to box people out.. they are both soft as a carton of eggs

      • LBJ

        If the piss poor rebounding isn’t bad enough, they are doing a horrible job of hedging screens (game 3 was just bad, game 2 was a disaster).

        • ryanvdonk

          i think that’s cause karl refuses to coach that, they’re too used to george’s “always switch” gameplan.

  • http://roundballminingcompany.com Josh

    I wish I could sit down with Karl and ask him why in the world it is okay to play Andre Miller 27 minutes in the game tonight..

    • Kasey

      I wish I could as well. I’ve noticed all season that when Miller gets into the game, the lead falls. Sure he made the last shot in game 1 for the win, but he was horrible in this game. He has been a thorn in my ass all season.

  • ENK

    so easy to argue so many plays in this game that could have lead to a different outcome. but gk obviously played andre miller too many mins, and especially way too much in the 4th. it pisses me off that he refuses to actually play fournier and allow him to get into a groove. at least the kid can hit FT’s. he is the closest thing to a gallo lite that we got and when given minutes he’s produced. he’s the last bit of scoring punch that were missing. and he has length and footspeed on D, and he definitely plays better D than miller. does anyone else agree that we need a lit bit #morechampagne ?

    i loved ty lawsons agressiveness tonight. i thought he got mugged at the end there.

    i will not count the nuggets out. but GAME 4 is crucial.

  • chantech

    Blah, I can’t post pictures here but check out these 2 pictures I put together:

    Nuggets vs GSW in the regular season: http://i.imgur.com/5JYkElL.png
    Nuggets vs GSW in the playoffs: http://i.imgur.com/ckl3qiP.png

    In the regular season, while Golden State out shot us in terms of field goal percentage, we won the series 3-1. The reason why is because we outplayed them in other phases of the game.


    1. We caused way more turnovers while not turning it over
    2. We got to the line significantly more often
    3. This is the most important one, we beat them on the offensive boards

    If you look at the playoffs, they’re now winning the offensive rebound battle…which is effectively turning the series. The question to ask yourself is why is GSW now winning the rebounding battle? Well, it’s a combination of Koufos struggling with Bogut and Faried being out / not the same. In game 1, no Faried. In game 2, Faried was limited. In game 3, Karl benched Koufos so it was up to only Faried to outrebound Bogut, a tough feat.

    I know it’s unpopular, but I think we need to start KK + Faried.

  • http://yahoo mile high

    The game was lost by our big men who can’t seem to get any rebound. Paying 10 million+ to a center who gets 1 rebound in 14 minutes of a play-off game is ridiculous.

    Put in Moz and we may even have a better chance.

  • Old Timer

    Lost in all the well deserved complaining, Ty had an incredible game and played with heart and passion. As Hastings said, although he was obviously fouled on that last drive, he cannot count on the sissy refs to make the right call on the road at the end of a game. Hopefully he learns from that as he seems to have learned from the other late game situations he struggled in earlier in the season.

    Anyway, great game Ty!

  • Jason

    This game was almost as emotional to me as the Broncos first round playoff exit. There is still hope but we’re going to have to do some major adjusting. My biggets concern is Bogut. Hes out rebounding us and giving GS way too many second chances. He’s playing physical as hell and no one on our roster can match up with him. I seriously think we should put Mozgov on his ass and wear him out. Foul him and just play rough on him. What do we have to lose? So far Kosta has been a huge bust and McGee isn’t much better. I think Mozgov would be a much better rebounder, but thats not saying much.

    If we lose on Sunday night then i’ll give up all hope. I really miss Gallo out there.

  • Steve

    Well….another game AM costs us. He does not play D and when he gets in hero mode and is not making the shots….it is doom for us.

    KK was being lauded most of the season by everyone…saying that he is so solid. He soes not look very solid. Remember, he is the reason Bird was let go…how is that working out for both teams. (very happy for Bird)

    Also, look how well JR is doing…IT will be the same when JHam gets let out of Denver.

    It is so sad watching them play hard and then have mental errors and the no D miller on the floor.

    Maybe, just maybe, Julian STONE would be an option….A 6’7″ PG who loves to play D on Curry.

    McGee needs to play, for better or for worse for him to develop and to get in 30 min a night shape.

  • Old Timer

    The one piece of credit I have to give Karl is as was reported after a second half timeout, I think to start the fourth, he implored the team to stop settling for jumpers and what happened? They came out of the break and shot several jumpers completely giving up on getting in the lane.

    Hard to fault the coach for the players’ inability, or unwillingness, to heed guidance.

    Denver is just not moving the ball like they need to. It is one pick and roll and a shot. They must be more patient and work the ball back and forth across the court to get good looks in the lane, especially when Bogut is in the game. Driving directly at him is doomed to fail.

  • Giovanni

    Outcoaching By Mark Jackson….

    Rebound,lack of bigs,injuries of Gallo(but GSW lost Lee)but with that system you don’t won in play offs…

    One year we advance because we have too talent for fail…

    PsMelo revenge…

  • DHinLV

    George Karl is the best BAD coach in the NBA. Maybe all of professional sports. He is so f&@$’ng sentimental, and just good enough despite bad decisions to be successful enough to be really, really bad for a franchise. You’d have to serve him a squad with 7 centers and 6 rookie guards to get an adequately sized, athletic linup for more than 5 minutes of a game. Mark Jackson and all logical observers are scratching their heads bald pondering his logic.

  • Patrick

    I lost my hope, its going to be the same as last ten years.
    Karl won’t start using big lineup, still will be overusing Dre , Nuggets will not play any defense nor any reasonable offense. Andre Igoudala will not resign a contract if there will be no succesful run in the playoffs and Karl will remain as a head coach because of great regular season which, to be honest doesnt matter at all right now.

    Next year Nuggets will be still coached by karl, with no D, Andre Miller playing 40 minutes instead of 14, without Andre Igoudala and so, last hope of defense in Denver, also without Gallo but with Wilson Chandler playing as a center with all Javale, Timo, Jham in a doghouse.

    Welcome to Denver Nuggets, where nothing has changed since 2003.

  • WhiteFlash82

    Last 2 games i have no idea why we are playing the defensive scheme we are. We are so scared of the 3-point shot by Golden State that we are playing a style of defense we havent played all year. We went 3-1 and was 0.1 seconds away from being 4-0 against this team in the regular season. Obviously we were doing something right then, so why change now?

    I support GK because he has helped bring Nuggets basketball back to its winning ways. However the Nuggets need to just put Iggy/Chandler/Brewer whoever is in on Curry and match up from there. We dont need our Big coming out 25-30 feet from the basket to hedge the pick and roll and try to trap and get the ball out of Curry and Jacks hands. All that is happening when we do this is a wide open paint with no one in it because you have Barnes and Thompson sitting in the corners keeping other defenders occupied resulting in uncontested buckets at the rim or scrambling to help as the ball moves from player to player on Golden State.

    The Nuggets need to get back to simple Man-Man principles and make Curry beat us if they are going to win. If Curry scores 40 and makes 10-12 3’s then so be it, but we CAN NOT LET Barnes, Thompson, and Jack score in the 20’s along with Curry. Take everyone else away and if Curry works his Davidson magic then so be it, i’d rather that happen then trying a defense we havent used all year that is allowing for open shots all over the court.

    • Giovanni

      Best post of day…

      Make Curry drop 40 but don’t make in rhythm the other players…
      Or play big and make pay the mismatches…
      Or learn to make an inbound plays…


  • al68

    hay que hacer pequeños cambios KK no sirve contra este equipo saca entonces a Modgov, no tires a la basura nuestra ventaja interior y de rebotes. Miller ya hizo su partido y se acabo no le saques más todo el año ha sido nefasto excepto 2-3 partidos.
    Con Miller se acabo la defensa y se acabo nuestra ventaja y agresividad.
    GK se bloquea en PO esto tiene que cambiar, estara muy bien ver dentro de 10 años que esta fue la mejor temporada estadísticamente pero será otra gran decepción.

  • heykyleinsf

    I really thought this was our year.

    We still have a good young team.

    This series is far from over..

    But I have lost complete confidence in GK..
    and I will agree with everyone else that says
    Miller is a disaster.
    What struck me the most.. was how feebly
    Miller didn’t reach for the ball he dribbled away
    untouched towards the end of the game..
    I’ve never seen him look so old.
    He looked like he needed a cane out there.

    Ty Lawson has always been my guy..
    I adore him..
    but I can’t agree with an A+
    there were a few possessions that he needed
    to pass the ball instead of panicking a little to
    match up with Curry’s run.

    I really think there is something deep between
    Lawson and Curry.. and there are a few times
    that Lawson seems to overcompensate.

    Iguodala gets no pass from me on this one.
    Out of any one player.. say what you want
    about Koufos and McGee..
    I feel Iggy isn’t providing any defense that
    makes any difference.
    Golden State’s guards are mopping the floor
    with us.. and one supposed elite defender
    has the best seat in the house.. watching it
    happen.. like he’s watching the game with
    the rest of us.. doing nothing about it.

    • LBJ

      Did you not watch the game? Iggy dominated Thompson on defense! Totally embarrassed one of the best shooters in the NBA. If I have a problem with Iggy it is on offense – he passes too much.

      • Kasey

        Don’t mind him, he hardly sees any good that Iggy does. Iggy is still one of the best defenders and I saw him working out there during this game. Yes his offense is off, but he did his job on the defensive end. I’m tired of people not seeing that. People shouldn’t blame him for what the other guys on the team aren’t doing defensively. I’m sure he has helped them tremendously this season.

    • Ryan

      I can’t believe I’m defending Miller (just for that play, not for the rest of his awful performance), but Barnes was subtly grabbing and holding him back, which was why he couldn’t quite get control of the ball. Of course, the refs didn’t see it/ignored it. Miller is terrible and there’s a reason both him and GK never have any success in the playoffs.

  • Z

    ty,iggy,chandler,faried,KK has to start the game, as bad as KK has been you still need a Center on the floor the nuggets still in this series

  • Thomas

    One last comment, before our season is over:

    W are the third best team in the west, they are the seventh. They lose one of their most important players. We then change the way we play to “match” what they are doing.

    That, my friends, is the definition of dumb.

    • Ryan

      Yup. It’s Mavs vs. Warriors all over again…

  • Sky

    Fournier needs more minutes, I was impressed to see how he played D on Steph. the kid didnt score but he played his part.

    I wish someone would knock Bogut in the eff’in mouth! playing dirty as hell with his “screens” and pushing off to get rebounds… just knock him out!

    As much as i love Lawson, he is a Deffensive liablity.

    • Kasey

      So I’m not the only one who can’t stand Bogut. That screen that he did on Iggy in game 2 was foul. Iggy’s body jerked really hard because he bumped him hard. I was so mad when he did the same thing to Fournier last game. I am sick of that jerk and I wish I could knock him out. There is nothing wrong with playing hard, but that idiot takes it to the extreme.

  • http://yahoo.com prospector

    All year I made comments about the two point guard lineups… All year I made comments about Miller’s BARKLEY wanna be no defensive playing fat butt…. I also commented about KARL being a monkey boy pressing to two point guard lineups for a banana, or you can call it his crack addiction….. So I expected this…

    KARL bonehead moves:

    1) Wilson Chandler is a SF/SG, when he took GALLO’s minutes at SF he was an animal… When he plays PF his offensive stats go in the toilet… FACT… So why the hell does he continue to do this to CHANDLER….

    2) MILLER, TY, anc BREWER on the floor together.. NO PERIMETER DEFENSE…

    3) Not playing IGGY and EVAN together in the back court for 10 minutes… I will again say our only hope is for MILLER or TY to get a hangnail injury and force KARL’s hand to play these guys together…

    4) EVAN comes out in the 1st and the nuggets trap on defense and look great… 30 minutes of evan would have wore out CURRY…. But guess what EVAN disappears… KARL thought MILLER (2-13 minus 9) we be better for the team… MILLER on floor equal no IGGY playmaking…. KARL I will never forgive you for this stupidity alone….

    5) PUTs miller back in the game in crunch time rewarding his pathetic game will crunch time minutes….


    Looks like another 1st round exit, and KARL will play his no GALLO card and keep his job… NEXT year same garbage, and we lose in the playoffs and KARL plays his no CHANDLER card….

  • http://yahoo.com prospector

    MILLER’S 37 YEAR OLD LAZY SELF HAS NEVER WON A PLAYOFF SERIES…………… NEVER…………………NEVER……………………..NEVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rhino

    Reading some of these comments you would think the Warriors were up 3-0 If Denver can come out and control the tempo in game 4 they will have control of the series coming home.

  • A.D.

    Much credit to Curry and Co., Mark Jackson and the Warriors organization for making the superior team look out of sorts. With that said, the postseason is the last place we want our players’ deficits to make an impact, but we’re seeing very quickly who performs under pressure and who folds

  • http://yahoo.com prospector

    KARL WLL GO TO THE GRAVE WITH HIS SMALL BALL………… MASAI DO YOUR FREAKING JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    BYE BYE MILLER, BYE, BYE BREWER OR BYE BYE PLAYOFF FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LBJ

      Apparently, you didn’t watch the game either.


      • ryanvdonk

        except they keep a center in the game, protecting the rim and rebounding.

        • LBJ

          Since our centers were doing neither – we should have kept them on the floor anyway?

          Bogut played 29 minutes – our 2 clowns played 25 minutes combined and yanked down a whopping 2 rebounds.

          More minutes for shitty performance is not a recipe for sucess.

          • Guy

            I agree with you, our centers have been completely useless and that’s why losing David Lee isn’t hurting the Warriors. The Warriors just plug in another shooter and we have nobody up front who can dominate offensively. I would have given Faried a B for I thought he played well considering he’s playing out of position guarding Bogut and then chasing much quicker players all over the perimeter. I can’t figure out why Karl’s not playing Mosgov.

      • http://yahoo.com prospector

        YO LBJ::::
        MILLER is not small ball… He is a fat no defense playing liability on defense…. YO FAT BOY MILLER, PROVE ME WRONG!!!!

  • Jim

    The media always tags demver for not having a “star” in the playoffs. They do fine without one in the regular season. It’s time for George Karl to go. He’s a terrible playoffs coach

  • Colton

    Found this blog through ESPN. Thought it would be sports journalism revolving around the Nuggets, but I guess it’s just written by angry fans. So much negativity driving the analysis. Wow, I actually feel worse after coming here. Guess I’ll keep reading what the grown ups have to say at Denver Stiffs. Disappointing. I was looking for a good blog for my Nuggets but this is fueled by anger and blame as opposed to level headed analysis.

    • ryanvdonk

      you’re as soft as kosta. there are valid points made on both blogs, but if you can’t handle the the heat then get your butt out the kitchen.

      looking at the stats, andre miller played more minutes than our three 7 foot center combined. this needs to change. we are getting abused on the boards, not a time to play 6-8 guys down low.

      • Colton

        I am a softy 😛 and our centers have been nightmarish this series. I ain’t a Miller hater, but I hated watching him get minutes without being effective. Also he was trying to play like Lawson and it wasn’t happening. Lawson was the best player on the court by a mile and it’s a shame we lost in a career performance. But one minute GK is hailed COTY and the next people are screaming for him to be fired???? Look, the Miller minutes made me scratch my head like everyone else, but based on why I heard from our coach, it was the players fault for comin out flat in the second half. GK didn’t lose this one. Nobody was expecting to have to win this series without a viable option at center. That’s on McGee and Koufus. They are paramount to our ability to play OUR game. Say what you will, but despite being replaceable in many situations, Gallo is desperately needed in this particular matchup. I saw it coming the moment we got matched up.

      • LBJ

        When are two centers are playing like shit – your answer is to give them more minutes?

        Yeah, that sounds like a good plan….

        • Colton

          Uh, I never said give the centers more minutes, if you actually read my post. The point is you can’t blame GK when he has no good option at center. We’ve needed those two to show up in order to dictate our style of ball, so without then he is forced to play players out of position. He’s got limited options despite our depth when two key players can’t get it going. That’s not a coaching problem so much as a personnel problem. Get it? Or are you arguing just for the sake of arguing?

          • LBJ

            I was responding to ryanvdonk, not you.

            I actually agree with pretty much everything in your post. Sorry about the confusion.

            • Colton

              That’s my bad, dude. I wonder if its worth throwing Mozzy out there, or if we need to keep playing small ball…?

            • ryanvdonk

              my problem is that george needs to change the scheme, i have complaining about the 2 PG lineup all year. yes kosta has been a complete 0, and javale hasn’t done much since game one, but last game was painful to watch the warriors attack the basket freely. when javale is in, that doesn’t happen…with miller in it creates two problems, as he doesn’t put much effort into chasing people off shots and he can’t protect the paint (though he’s in position to a lot of the time). this is fine for some of the time, but when he’s in with ty it just causes another mismatch, as ty ends up guarding the 2 and just getting shot over.

  • Gregory

    While most think Masai walks on water, the Nuggets would be a much better team with Nene playing center and Kosta off the bench. The McGee for Nene swap is coming home to roost during this series.

    • Bryan

      Kofous has been useless this entire series (just like he was last year). He’s weak and soft. The Nuggets would better off with Mozgov starting. He may not be able to catch the ball in the post but he doesn’t get bullied and he sets screens a lot better than Kofous.

    • LBJ

      Nene defines soft. At least by trading him for McGoof, we freed up enough cap space to sign Chandler.

      That $13 million we were paying Nene was a waste considering he plays the same position as Faried and Chandler. Trading him for a bin of basketballs would have been OK. Great move by Masai.

      • Ryan

        Agreed. Nene was one of my least-favorite Nuggets of all time. Won’t play through injuries, too lazy to dunk and always trying point-blank finger rolls that miss, plays with the intensity of a corpse, etc. I would have traded him for a candy bar…

  • RickP

    I’m a GS Warrior fan, visiting your board. I like the Nuggets and I’ve been a George Karl fan since he tore the door off JB Carroll’s locker when Karl was Warrior coach.

    The Nuggets have a much better record than the W’s and are, presumably, the better team.

    But, I’d say this. We Warrior fans are seeing a new Bogut. He did not play at this level during the regular season. And, he didn’t play all that many minutes this season overall. If he was playing like this, the W’s would have had a better record.

    Similarly, we have seen better play from Harrison Barnes in the last two games than we saw all season.

    Anyway, my point is that the Nuggets are playing a better team than the one that managed 6th seed. Even without Lee — who was, arguably (by +/-) the W’s most effective player this year.

    Anyway, it has been a great series and, if the Nuggets win, I wish you the best later in the playoffs.

    • LBJ

      I like the GSW – and their style of play. Looks like they finally have put things together after a long stretch in the desert. Now – if you can just keep everyone healthly for the next few years.

      I thought the Nuggets had a chance to have big success in the playoffs this year. However, that pretty much went down the drain when Gallo tore his ACL. With Westbrook’s injury it looks the Spurs will be playing the Heat in the finals (and might have anyway, without his injury).

    • ryanvdonk

      you’re describing “furious george” the fiery, get in your face hothead who would fight for his guys…that GK hasn’t been around in a decade. he just doesn’t have the same passion he used to.

  • http://yahoo.com prospector





    • nugznazty

      You are using caps because you are wildly mentally unstable.

  • GoDuBs

    First, you guys have to be the only folks in any NBA town that would swap George Karl for Mark Jackson, and I like Mark Jackson, but the two are not even close in terms of coaching ability.

    Here are the real problems for the Nuggets in this series. One, Gallo is not playing. Second, you don’t have strong true “bigs,” i.e. back to the basket post players.

    Third, David Lee isn’t playing, which actually lets the W’s play better defense while still rebounding well and sharing the ball on offense. (if Lee were playing, he’d get abused on d, and mark jackson would stick with him anyway because he’s an “all-star.”)

    It is so much more about the matchups of the available players than it is coaching. And if the W’s get past the Nuggets in this series, Lee’s absence will then hurt more than help them.

    • Colton

      GoDubs is smart. People on here should listen to this guy (or girl) cause the problem isn’t GK it’s matchups and lack of focus and strength at the 5. This has turned the games into a shoot out because we can’t operate in paint as usual. Also, as in the first game, we can’t leak out in transition to get our fast break points because the Dubs couldn’t miss. I was impressed with the Nuggs ability this season to win even when they were forced to play half court offense despite having few players who could spread the floor consistently. Who was the guy who could hit j’s? Gallo. Chandler was a good replacement when our game was fast and our centers owned the blocks. That is not the case this series, and it’s not because we need Nene or a better coach. We need somebody like Gallo who plays good D, but also creates his own offense. I still think Fournier has the ability to do that to an extent, but he is a liability defensively as well. No amount of depth can cover for two ineffective centers and your top scorer, and it forces chandler and Faried to play out of position. We have to drive this series back into the paint because thought we shoot well, without Gallo we can’t win a shoot out against these snipers.

      • Ckwizard

        Matchups are the PROBLEM. Golden state has three decent gaurds in Curry, Thompson , and Jack the problem is not at the fiveosition but who s matched up on those three players. If it is CURRY, THOMPSON, JACK, vs LAWSON, MILLER, BREWER it is a HUGE advantage WARRIORS on BOTH OFFENSE AND DEFENSE. If the Nuggets take out either Ty or Miller and replace that player with Fournier, Iggy, or Chandler then it is at worst now a wash or at best advantage Denver. Take out Ty OR Miller (and) Brewer and put in TWO of the above mentioned players it is advantage Denver NO MATTER WHO IS AT THE 4 or 5 Positions. Nuggets are losing because CURRY, THOMPSON, JACK is BETTER than TY, MILLER, AND BREWER.

  • kW

    Lebrondre Miller comes in with w a few minutes left in the first q, Curry goes for his first eight straight points. Nuggets lose lead built during 4nays starting minutes. 4nay doesn’t return, game over.

  • RickP

    Most of us here in the Bay Area have had real questions about Jackson’s coaching ability. Probably surprising in light of his apparent success. But, he’s lost some games by himself in the last two seasons. The W’s also have Malone, who may be the X’s and O’s genius. What Jackson seems to be good at is developing chemistry. This W team has the best chemistry of any in the last 30 years, IMO. I never saw Karl as a chemistry guy, but I think he knows his basketball.

  • NugZeit

    The Nuggets are capable of beating anyone in the playoffs!

    Including themselves.

    • Ryan

      Got a laugh out of me, sad but true…

  • NugZeit

    Oh, and thanks GK

  • jjhaff

    Fire Carl never won a title, and all his players are doing well elsewhere Felton, Birdman, k-mart, JR what does this tell U head office…..