Rapid Reaction Game 4: Denver Nuggets 101- Golden State Warriors 115 (GSW lead 3-1)

The process.

Those are going to be the words that Nuggets fans hear a lot between now and Game 5, between the end of the season and the draft.

The truth is this was another year in the process. The process of moving on from Carmelo Anthony and the idea of a singular superstar and towards a team oriented approach built around above-average, not quite superstar level players like Ty Lawson, Danilo Gallinari and Andre Iguodala.

The truth is the Nuggets probably did overachieve this year. Because when you look at this roster a bit more closely there are still some big flaws.

The Nuggets struggled all year to shoot the ball, relying on opponent’s turnovers and a terrific transition game to score a massive amount of points in the paint. The problem just became worse when they lost their undisputed best shooter in Gallinari late in the season.

All year the Nuggets struggled to make the proper defensive rotations, leaving teams open for wide open spot up three point attempts. The problem got worse in the playoffs as the one Nugget big who could be relied on to make proper rotations, Kosta Koufos, became a shell of himself and virtually unplayable.

All year the Nuggets big men struggled in general to defend anyone one-on-one, whether it was the undersized Kenneth Faried, the outmuscled Kosta Koufos, or the undisciplined JaVale McGee. In the playoffs it has hurt them as Carl Landry and Andrew Bogut have had stretches of dominance in the post, in pick-and-rolls and as shooters.

And all year the Nuggets were stuck with a backup point guard that didn’t fit the roster but was given heavy minutes on a nightly basis. Andre Miller slowed the Nuggets offense down to a halt, and refused to give effort on defense. Yet Karl trusted him, trusted him to run the offense and to the team for important moments. In the playoffs he has won the Nuggets their only game but cost them in the three losses.

Unfortunately for the Nuggets they ran into a team that could exploit all of those flaws for the playoffs; unfortunately for the Nuggets that team also had one of the best shooting series of all time.

Game 4 was no different. The Warriors took an early lead as Kenneth Faried struggled to make his rotations once Wilson Chandler left Andrew Bogut to double Stephen Curry. It led to open shots from the other Warriors perimeter players.

Then JaVale McGee entered and the Warriors attacked him the best way that any team can, a pick-and-roll. Bogut posterized McGee and set the tone, if it wasn’t already set.

The Nuggets went down early, and as with most games they just couldn’t shoot themselves back into the game. That was until Ty Lawson immediately got hot at the start of the third quarter. Lawson willed the Nuggets back into the game, clawing them to within four points by attacking the rim and finishing or dumping passes off to teammates for easy finishes.

Then Miller entered. And not only did Miller enter; he somehow improbably ended up defending Stephen Curry. And Curry took advantage, ending the quarter 8-11 from the field for 22 points, 5-7 from behind the line thanks to the defense of Miller and the gambling of Corey Brewer that left him wide open.

The dagger finally came at the end of the third when Curry pulled up between three Nuggets from the top of the key and drilled his final three. The game was over then, even with a quarter to play, as the fire storm from the perimeter that had troubled the Nuggets all series hit its apex.

From there the discussion inevitably turned to the big question.

Do Nugget fans still trust the process, or is it time for a new process and with it a new leader?

I think the answer is to trust Masai Ujiri and let him continue to tinker the roster to let it reach their full potential.

Take away Karl’s crutch in Miller. Find a backup point guard able to push the tempo and defend. Find big men that can make the right defensive rotations or one that can create some form of offense besides dunking and layups. Find shooters to run the wings next to Lawson and the should be re-signed Andre Iguodala.

There are players on the roster that can be part of the future. Iguodala showed how valuable he can be as he helped transform a group of mediocre defenders into an above average group. Lawson is a great point guard, capable of getting to the rim almost at will and create looks for others. Gallo is a dangerous shooter that showed greater defensive ability than most realize. And Faried is an elite rebounder and great energy player that would flourish even more if he could slide into a bench role and not have to worry as much about those defensive rotations or his lack of real offensive ability in a bit fewer minutes. Evan Fournier looks like he has a ton of offensive talent as a slasher.

Even if some do want to get rid of Karl, and there will be a group of people that possibly includes some of the other writers on this site that want to do so, try and see that there are some things in this series that the Nuggets couldn’t possibly control.

As I said on Twitter during the game, this series has gotten to the point where the Nuggets just can’t do anything about it. They got caught in a shooting stretch that seems unfathomable. Sure some looks were open but the Warriors have made a ton of tough shots and should be commended for it. And once the Nuggets went down so much they didn’t have the shooting to get back into a game quickly. Not without Gallo.

So now the talks will turn to the next step.

To the process. And with that people will have to see where they land.

Because in the end, this season, whenever it ends, was a big step that may have even come quicker than some expected and given a lot of people hope.

So is it time to continue this process or start a new one?

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  • Ban Johnson

    It’s not over yet.

    • al68

      With coach GK have a 99% chance of losing. 1% of hope.

      Not a problem with stars is a coaching problem. GK with different system of play RS won many games, but when they arrive the PO is blocked and goes crazy. Today I have the certainty that the players do not know what they play or what position they play. Neither the fans nor the coach know today who will play in started lineup in the next game started.
      It’s fun to see the team during the Regular Season, but I would like to see denver ever play in the finals.
      Also why not lack technical causes when we are killing personal fouls, the referees.
      In no team has done nothing above normal GK, we must change coach if not win this round.

      • Mark

        Unfortunately I think the people on this board who think Karl will be fired have their heads in the sand. Everyone except for the people on this board, including me, thinks GK is a great coach. That includes Nuggets management, the NBA, Denver sportscasters, and everyone else who matters. The bum is about to finish in the top 2 for coach of the year honors, and he has a good chance to win it. ESPN and Sports Illustrated are picking him to win coach of the year. If you think the Nuggets management is going to fire the guy who they – and everyone else except for us – think is one of the best two coaches in the league, you’re insane. We’ll need to shift our expectations and be more realistic in the future. Under GK, the season is over when the regular season ends. If you’re not already, get used to it. I, for one, skipped last night’s game and I won’t be watching on Tuesday.

        • Marcus

          Don’t you think it’s weird that everyone who matters thinks GK is a great coach and you don’t? I’ll take the opinions of people who study basketball for a career than a bunch of people who post comments on a blog.

          GK is not the problem. We can’t shoot, GS is insanely hot, and every defensive game plan has been shredded. Last night it was Draymond Green, Bogut, and Landry who looked like all stars. Some of that’s on the Nuggets execution but some of it is just a team that is clicking like never before.

          And please don’t watch. You are the worst kind of fan.

        • Ron

          Karl may be a great regular season coach, but he is a terrible playoff coach. I’ve been telling people all year when they were excited about this team two things. 1) this is a team designed for regular season success and playoff failure and 2) George Karl can figure out a way to cause disruptions in the playoffs to ensure an early playoff exit. Fournier and Randolph getting significant minutes is proof of that. We’re either of them part of the formula for regular season success? The truth is, Nuggets management seems content with regular season success and early playoff exits, and until they are not Karl will be the coach.

          Having said that, the players aren’t playing with any intensity or passion. It’s like they don’t realize that the playoffs is different. With the exception of a few like Ty, they are really not stepping up. Karl can’t make his players try.

        • emie

          Perhaps if you watched all the games you could form a more informed opinion.

  • Samuel

    After a while you just get sick of it. I mean, you put Miller in when Curry is hot, I just don’t understand it sometimes. We deserve to lose. Obviously we can still win this series, but with how they are acting and their body language it’s probabl not gonna happen. I hope they show some anger at the press conference, and GK really needs to go. He just doesn’t know how to win in the playoffs, he just doesnt get it. We spend 6 months devoting our lives to this team and they just throw it away. It’s just amazing

    • Ban Johnson

      not just in the game, but guarding Curry on most possessions. Made very little sense…maybe Karl was counting on the pick and the switch?

    • CJP32

      Start of the 3rd qtr. Brewer on Curry. He was 1/2 FGs in 6 mins, with 2 PFs and 1 TO. Miller checked in with 4:09 for Brewer. Curry goes 6/7 for 16 points. You think that would of happened if GK left Brewer on him?

      • Ban Johnson

        Karl has an ENORMOUS blind spot when it comes to Andre Miller. We suspected it wouldn’t change and it hasn’t…it just gets more absurd as the games get bigger.

        • CMFJ

          “blindspots for Miller”

          I realized that in the game against the Celtics in Boston. Miller took about the worst shot possible at the end of the game – a 3 pointer off the break – and Karl defended it as a great decision. If it were Ray Allen, then sure. Andre Miller had only 1 option on that play and it was to get to the rim instead of showing off his 20% 3 pt stroke. Sadly, this was the second time in that game Miller tried a 3. At least the first time the miss only resulted in a more OT.

    • trank

      yeah we sit around on our asses while they work they asses off

      what a bozo

  • CJP32

    We were down 69-64 on CBrews FT with 5:20 left in the 3rd qtr. Andre Miller checks in, Curry scores 16 points. Game Over.

    GM 5 – start Ty, Iggy, CBrew, Chandler, Faried. Hope to play Denver basketball

    Pressure is on the Warriors to win at home in GM 6. Bring it back to the Pepsi Centre for an epic GM 7.

    • leeds

      I would like to keep Brewer coming off the bench. Start Stone on Curry…seemed to give Curry a little bit of an issue in the 4th.

  • Isaac

    This series won’t end Tuesday but this game was really disheartening.

  • Jake Arscott

    its pointless to watch game 5. its over, especially the way GK is coaching. Andre Miller is not LeBron. putting him on curry was idiotic. turnover after turnover… it looks like Sacramento basketball out there. no emotion. no defense. bad coaching…another blowout

  • AaronCAPS

    I’m fucking done with this team until we get a new coach
    Not even kidding. Bye guys.

    • Thomas

      Out of here, too. Must confess I didn’t even watch second halfs of playoff games 3 and 4 (East coast) as too many years of GK has taught me that you should not expect any changes from his “system”.

      Many years back, I would watch this team thick or thin, at 3AM if needed. That’s all gone away. It’s all on Karl, just a terrible, terrible playoff coach – gets beat regularly by rookie coaches.

      Thumbs down to Masai and the Nuggets brass – they made the worst possible move of signing GK to another 3 years, killing our prospects of ever contending for anything. They are too chicken to get rid of him, they will ride him and get rid of one of his crutches, Miller. That’s just not enough, GK will always play his system and will always lose in the playoffs.

      By the way, the blogs playoff reviews here are on GK’s level – terrible.

    • Joshua

      Nice if we could weed out all the Karl haters we’d get down to the good analysis and not the endless whining

      • emie

        Yup. Well said.

  • Riley

    Why would anyone put the worst defender (Miller) on the best 3 point shooter in the league? Someone please just put a hit man on Miller before this series is REALLY over

    • ryanvdonk

      paging tonya harding!

  • natrho

    Wow…just wow. Like almost all other Nuggets fans, knew this game was lost when George pulled Brewer for Andre. Just unbelievable that a man with George’s coaching and playing experience could be that oblivious to the the flow of the game…then, when he did send Brewer back in, it was for Ty! You could see Ty throw the towel walking off the floor. I’m not so sure he hasn’t lost the team at this point. Guys playing out of position, doing things they haven’t been asked to do all year, and its failing in spectacular fashion on a national stage. Our second best scorer fouls out because he’s guarding a center, no one knows where they’re supposed to be defensively, mostly because they’ve never played individually or as a team defense like this…it’s just ugly. Sad to see a great season be so close to ending this way…

  • Slugdugg

    Kroenke should be pissed

    • Thomas

      All Kroenke thinks about is $$$. As long as you come back next year and put your hard-earned money towards tickets, he doesn’t care about much else.

      It’s easy when, in general, our fans are so understanding and easy to please. Pathetic, if you ask me.

  • Jake Arscott

    credit to curry. he was insane out there. without him, 19 points alone in the third quarter would be erased. Jack was 8/9. meanwhile, we have guys out there who put up 7 turnovers (iggy) or no stats at all in the series (KK) or, well, George Karl’s son in Andre Miller.

    • Riley

      you can credit old man miller for that one.

    • Jake Arscott

      no intensity from Karl. his coaches are the ones off the chair yelling at the players. the bench for GS was off of the bench the whole game, while Denver looks like they don’t want to be there. That’s Karl’s fault. His rotations are awful and the lineups have not been seen before this season.

  • Joey

    Karl needs to go, I agree with what everyone has said so far about the joke that was Miller on Curry tonight. Karl also needs to quit playing Kofus, he’s been a no show this series and it isn’t gonna change.

  • robert


    Karl knows he just cannot win in the playoffs so he should leave out of pride.

    Two areas that drive me crazy…Iggy loses the ball all of the time. Miller is ridiculously bad at guarding.

  • Zack

    Out coached, out played. Karl is an idiot for not using more javale. I had hope at the beginning with a koufus and javale line up, but Karl screwed it up again. Poor masai, such a good roster squandered. Bye bye iggy

  • AaronCAPS

    Okay I overeacted….But wtf man!?!? Denver is just like Cleveland…Btw George

  • AaronCAPS

    *Btw George Karl deserves an F tonight.

    • Jake Arscott

      Lawson: A
      Iggy: C-
      Brewer: B
      Faried: C
      Koufos: F—-
      McGee: D+
      Chandler: C+
      Miller: F——-
      Stone: inc.
      Hamilton: inc.
      Mozzy: Sympathy
      Fournier: inc.
      Randolf: F
      Karl: F————————————————

      • al68

        Brewer D- no defense, no shot selection.
        Lawson B no defense.

        GK, fired.

    • Steven

      Correction to your grades..

      Stone…..A for playing great D

  • Fed up Nug

    I am officially done with this franchise until Karl is fired. I’m not wasting anymore of my money or time supporting this garbage. Time to sack up Kroenke and do what should have been done 5 years ago. FIRE GEORGE KARL!

  • Brad

    This is unreal!!!!! I said after last game that we should stick with George, because who else are we going to hire? But this is pathetic, if he puts Miller in for any extended period of time in ANY other game, I’m going to go nuts. MILLER = TY BREATHER, 4-8 minutes TOPS. He should NOT get on the floor otherwise. If GK doesn’t get his head out of Miller’s a$$, George HAS lost this team. Miller saved game one, but he has acted like a petulant child in the last three and has literally been a HUGE reason why we have lost them. I have no hope.

    • Thomas

      As many have said before, including myself, in the playoffs for every game Miller wins for you, he will lose 3. That’s why he has never won a playoff series, that’s why he is buddies with GK, who sports a pathetic 43% playoff winning percentage.

  • Paul

    I don’t recognize this Denver team I have watched and been proud of all season.

    • heykyleinsf

      nearly verbatim the words that came out of my mouth at the end of the 3rd.

  • Blacks1218

    Just as everyone else on the blog I am angry, frustrated, and disappointed. I am also done watching this team until George Karl is fired. There is no way in hell Iggy is going to re-sign with this team and unless we get a new coach Karl is going to continue to ride out Miller. I’m Done! I will continue to read this blog, but will refuse to watch or go to the games. I’m not supporting this team under George (which is heartbreaking because I love the players).

    • Tmo

      If you love the players then watch them play. I don’t get you people saying you’re done, and I’m also certain that you’re all liars. Voice your frustrations, but you aren’t done with this team and you know it.

  • Justin

    They haven’t lost because of the coaching, they’re in a lose lose situation. If they had played Stone they have another non shooter on top of a non playmaker on the floor. So they have to leave in Ty. Any minutes played without Ty are a loss. They cannot cover Curry, and when he’s hitting NBA Jam 3’s and basically doing whatever he wants they can’t win. If you came into this series saying that Curry will get his but you’d still score 100 every game and they’d have to beat you by having Jack and Landry shoot 80% AND Lee would miss 90% of the series, you’d have said “YES PLEASE!” The bigs have been dismal, to the point I’m thinking Mozgov could help (ugh), and they have hit EVERY open shot they’ve had. I can count on one hand the number of open shots they’ve missed, and if a team is going to shoot 60%, what can he do differently? None of the players are playing well with the exception of Ty, Iggy is a tragedy, Miller is shot, and Chandler is no Gallo. He can draw up the plays, but ultimately, if they are unwilling to give consistent effort and play Nuggets basketball they should lose. Let’s get a superstar for the love of God.

    • Mike K

      They should let Curry go. He showed tonight that it doesn’t matter who you put on him or where on the court he is, he ain’t missing. He had a couple threes from Fisherman’s Wharf that never touched rim for god’s sake.

      Koufus is a lost cause. Put him on the bench. McGee has been ok on Bogut. Put Mozgov in there. He can’t be any worse than McGee, Faried, or Koufus guarding him. He might be the best strength-wise to muscle him around.

      Spend your defensive effort, if they can find it before Tuesday, on Jack, Thompson, Green, Landry, and Bogut. None of those guys should be shooting over 60% (8-9 for Jack, 6-9 for Bogut for instance tonight).

      It isn’t Curry that’s killing them. It’s everyone else getting whatever the hell they want.

  • tony h

    . Their horrible on defense don’t shoot free throws well are very soft and have no guts. and as koz says this season is OVER

  • AaronCAPS

    Ty – No leadership
    Igoudala – Turnover Machine
    Gallinari – Always injured.
    Faried – Hardly ever shows up
    Koufos – Softer then a fox coat
    Miller – Ball hog/Worst defender in the league
    Brewer – Thinks hes Kobe
    Fournier – Doesn’t do anything
    Chandler – Never shows up in big games
    McGee – Dumbest NBA player in NBA history

    George Karl – ….Biggest loser in the NBA.

    • Gorillabuddy

      Why are you here?

    • mike

      AaronCaps- Optimistic

  • http://roundballminingcompany.com Josh

    Fire George Karl!

    • SmokinNugs

      Keep Karl, ditch Miller. Miller is literally the only Nugget that I shudder when he enters the game. Take him away and Karl can’t hose us with bad lineups. It’s like flashbacks to when Anthony Carter was a Nugget!

  • Justin

    Does anyone in their right mind even want Iggy back? He’s awful.

    • AaronCAPS

      I Agree in a way. Overrated defender & turns the ball over constantly.

      • toby

        Love iggy, but if he thinks he’s worth 12 million I say pass on him…. I’d love to keep him he’s a good defender and sees the floor usually although he can be a turnover machine… All we need is one solid defensive big man, Luke Taj Gibson, and a Kyle korver or jj redick .. both of which are unrestricted free agents this off-season.. masai has expressed interest in korver before the all star break and jj redick isn’t pleased in Milwaukee.. 95% chance he doesn’t sign back..

        Point is, we need a big that is skilled enough to catch and finish outside and inside, as well as being able to defend 1on1 in the post, and most importantly, pick and rolls.. Taj Gibson is the man…

        We need someone that is a respected 3 shooter to stretch the defense for easier buckets in the paint, or dribble penetration kick outs for 3.. brewer is not the man for the job

      • nugswin

        Iggy has basically the best assist to turnover ratio in the league for shooting guards. On the ESPN site the only shooting guards with a better ratio are Kirk Hinrich (actually a point guard who averages fewer assists than AI) and Reddick, who averages a couple of dimes a game fewer (and who started for Orlando but wouldn’t get those minutes for a good team, thus would get even fewer assists). That’s it.

        It’s completely wrong to call him a turnover machine. Total misread of the game.

        • Jamie

          They are calling him a turnover machine based only on the playoff games, come now. He is a part of the reason why the team was winning during the regular season regardless of his struggles. I actually still love point guard Iggy. I’d prefer him playing point than freaking Andre Miller. He is a bust and I’m tired of Karl’s love for him. Sure he made the layup that helped them win the first game of the series, but he hasn’t done anything since and I’m tired of it.

  • Italianstallion

    If Karl and Miller are not gone next year, this team will be frustrating to watch.
    I think it’s about time we packaged people together for better players. Who can we trade for cousins? Miller and chandler? Done. I cant watch this Miller hero ball and horrible defense any more. The game winner in g1 was great and all, but he’s too old to play the minutes that he does, and it’s obvious to everyone but the coach.

    I am sure Ujiri sees this. I would try and get cousins from sac or tyreke from sac, kemba from charlotte, love from minn, bynum (fa), bargnani from tor for cheap, and theres more. Anyone is tradeable except lawson, faried and gallo, imo.

    You know who would be great to have in these games is jr smith, the one man comeback. Wish Karl hadn’t hated him.

    Anyway this is a bummer because its yet another direct example of how a star (curry in this case) beats george karl and teamness in the playoffs.

    And this also settles the starting SF argument. Chandler is a sixth man, not a starter. Fouls too much and turns the ball over, cant pass. Gallo is much better.

    I hate curry, he’s too cocky for his first good season in 4 yrs and now he will get star treatment.

    Another obvious statement. Koufos is not and can not be a starting center. Either start McGee or get someone better, period.

    • LBJ

      Agree with Chandler. He fouls too much and was horrible tonight. In fact everone pretty much got their ass kicked out there. Faried is getting schooled by Landry and Green. Jack is abusing Ty. Iggy is the only one winning his matchup – and then he turns the ball over 7 times.

      • Guy

        Find a way to sign Al Jefferson &/or Chandler Parsons. At least you’ll get consistent offense at the center position. I believe Parsons was a second round pick which might limit what Houston can pay him. Just think if the Nuggets would have drafted him instead of JHam. He’d fit right in to Gallo’s spot since he probably won’t play next year.

    • LBJ

      Miller and Chandler for Cousins???

      Why in the hell would Sacramento make that trade???

      Get real…

      • dynamo.joe

        I don’t like Miller (for a fast break team), Chandler, or Karl and I would still take them over Cousins. When Bargnani retires cousins will probably take over as the worst center in the NBA.

    • clive

      cousins? no…. he shoots like .450 from the field as a center.

  • Really Guys

    If this team plays and coaches like they don’t want to be here in the playoffs, then why bother cheering for them already. This is ridiculous and sad. Do they even know that this is the playoffs?

  • Jake Arscott

    We need a new face at coach and someone who can shoot! Kyle Korver or some 3 point specialist! look to beef up on d by upgrading at center. potential runs out at some point. next year has to be the last chance to prove this system can work. Once again, Karl must go..

  • Stephen H

    This is what happens when a coach doesn’t show up for a playoff series sorry nugs players except to Koufus that you have to play for George Karl hopefully Masai ujiri finds a new coach and trades Koufus


  • Justin

    The saddest thing for me to think about is that if the Nugs had beaten the Wizards at home they would’ve played the Fakers and would have probably won already. The Lee injury completely changed everything about this series. Mark Jackson is too stupid to have gone small like this on his own, if Lee is in they play normal lineups and probably rebound better and play more inside out. It’s be more traditional. Instead, here we are. Fluke matchup with a horrible match in a fluke series that is ripe for a playoff upset for the NBA: team in non-popular city plays team with superstar that they can shove down our throats, and Steph Curry (to his credit), took full advantage. He’s a superstar now, if he wasn’t before.

    • Italianstallion

      I like this. Agreed

      • Snark Smackson

        To be fair to Curry, he’s not shooting a ton of FTs, he’s just making an ass-ton of 3’s. I’m a Warrior fan and the out of bounds call in game 3 could easily have been called a foul, but I think that the series has been called fairly evenly (though not accurately) so far. Hell, Miller-Lawson-Iggy-Brewer-Chandler have taken more FTs than the entire Warriors roster.

  • GeorgeLovesAndre

    On the bright side fans are just one loss away from the end of the Karl era. He will not survive this embarrassment.

    Miller the team killer who has never won a game that mattered will also finally be gelded. Traded or relegated to towel boy minutes under the new regime.

  • Justin

    They won’t fire Karl. To get who? They don’t have the money for Phil, and everyone else sucks. It’s not the coaching, people. It’s the lack of superstars.

    • Mike K

      It is not the superstar or the lack thereof. It is the coaching. I will continue to harp this–forget Curry. Concentrate any, if it exists, defensive pressure on the rest of the floor.

      That’s on the coach to see, understand, and plan for.

      Oh, that and do not let Andre Miller check in to any other game in this, or any future series should a miracle occur.

      • mike

        Curry makes it easier for those guys. That is the point of a superstar. He makes the guys around him get better shots. Honestly I hadn’t seen much of curry the past 2 years (maybe 4 games). I knew he was a stellar shooter, but was unaware how good he is as a dribbler and passer. I saw David Thorpe refer to him as a guy who needed to develop his game like Nash after Curry’s rookie season. Obviously I assumed it was a reach (and passing wise it still is as there are probably less than 5 guys in the History of the NBA on Nash’s level as a passer) but it’s not a horrible comp otherwise. You essentially can’t move more than 5 feet from Curry or he buries the 3. And this is him HURT. It makes it easier for other guys to get spacing for shots and he sets guys up as well. Also the general team shooting, but especially he and Thompson make playing the warriors bigs harder as you can’t really sag on defense.

        It will be interesting to see what the Spurs end up doing with them in the next round. I think they have a much better roster construction to defend the warriors with Leonard or Green playing Curry, Parker on Jack and ginobili or Leonard on Thompson.

  • Scott

    What I hate is the contsant hype Curry and the Warriors get. On TNT at the start of the 3rd Ty goes hard and scores 15 straight and no one says a word. Then at the beginning of Currys run everyone goes crazy all over twitter and the commentators as well. “CURRY HAS 8 POINTS IN THE QUARTER OH MYYYYY.” It’s biased and I hate it.

    • Justin

      They sure did all instantly jump on Curry’s jock and act like he’s the new LeBron. The guy shoots like a video game, but if they 2-3 zone against the Spurs or Heat they’ll die, and Curry doesn’t defend. Parker will kill him.

      • Steve

        Huh? What does any of this have to do with the Nuggets and this series? The only reason they have the hype is because the nuggets are playing like complete crap. If the Nuggets took care of their business like they should, the media hype around Curry wouldn’t exist right now. Instead, the Nuggets are blowing it and Curry is deservedly getting accolades for his play.

        This homer-fan bitterness is not a good look.

        • Justin

          I’m not bitter, just annoyed that they seem to be doing the usual of ignoring a Nugget player and jumping on the star. Kudos to Curry for shooting lights out and hamming it up, that’ll get you calls. Just saying what we thought man.

          • Steve

            I get the gripe because fans constantly complain about media bias. I just don’t see how it matters at all. As long as the nuggets win I could care less how much publicity they get. Not to mention the fact that the nuggets (as a team) got tons of hype going into the season and into the playoffs. But I get it, this series has been exceedingly frustrating as its gone on.

            • RJ

              Nuggets are 4-1 favorite but 3-1 down now… Bad thing is there are curry haters now….

          • Snark Smackson

            Yeah, Curry’s 15 FTs (over 4 games, including a tech or 2) are what’s killing the Nuggets. I mean, if you take those out, the Nuggets would have been dominant in this one.

            In other words, quit hatin’. Yes, Lawson has been great in this series, but just look at the stats: Curry’s scoring better (on fewer FTs), boarding better, and passing better. He’s averaging 27 pts (on 50/47/100), 4.5 boards, 10 assists on 2.8 TOs, and 2.8 steals. That is a superstar line, and that’s including a fairly lousy game 1.

            Lawson’s averages? 23 pts (48/15/95), 3 boards, 8 assists on 3 TOs, and 1.5 steals. That’s good.

            But come on man! Add in that the Warriors are the underdogs, the ankle sprain storyline, and the fact that the Warriors are winning, and who do you think is going to get the attention?

            • nugswin

              I’m a massive Nuggets fan (and have been since the ’80s when I started watching the NBA). But I’m not so naive to think that Lawson is as good as Curry — it’s the calls or whatever. Curry is just a huge talent, the only thing that has held him back so far is the ankle injuries. If he can stay healthy he IS a superstar. To say anything else is just sour grapes.

              Lawson has been great and deserves tons of credit for stepping up — had his best game ever in game 3, big game, big moment — you can’t ask for more. The Nuggets can win with Lawson as the PG. But he’s still essentially a poor man’s Tony Parker. Not as dynamic with the ball, doesn’t finish as well, less reliable jumper, not as good a pick-and-roll player, etc. He’s not a superstar caliber player.

              • RickP

                I’m a visiting W fan. I, like everybody else, assumed the Nuggets were the better team. And, in the regular season, that was true.

                We W fans have never seen this W team. Bogut has looked completely hobbled all season. His right elbow doesn’t work properly, his ankle microsurgery has ongoing complications and a couple of weeks ago, he was absolutely knocked off his feet by back spasms. Yesterday it’s hustle and dunks. Who is this guy?

                Curry’s shooting may be news to the national media, but he’s been shooting great all season. But, he is a suspect ball handler (as GK proved). So, Jack does a lot of the ball handling (not much better, really). I don’t understand why the W’s aren’t punished for playing a 6 3 shooting guard (Jack or Curry). But, the W’s have gotten away with it all season.

                Lee’s injury, on paper, should be horrible. But, Lee was probably the softest defender of the entire rotation. Suddenly, we’re seeing games from Barnes and Green that we never saw before. Who are those guys?

                Landry went off — but we’ve seen him stopped – repeatedly — during the regular season. That’s because in the regular season he shot everything from right under the hood. Suddenly, he showing more range on his jumper.

                During the regular season, my impression was that the Nuggets were a decent, or better, defensive team. Now, I can’t tell if the W’s have gotten that much better or if the Nuggets weren’t the defenders I expected.

                Anyway, my point is that I don’t get it.

  • natrho

    I think someone said it in another thread the other day, but Nene would have been a beast in this series…not so sure Masai shouldn’t get some criticism for that trade. Also, think its hard to blame Chandler much for the last two games, the guy was starting at center. Chandler has actually shot 50% the last two games…problem is, he’s only had 8 and 6 shots respectively. He’s a slasher, not a post up guy, and a streak shooter, who needs more shots.

    • clive

      well, one thing that’s overlooked is durability. nene played, what, 50% of the games? iguodala is durable which results in better overall chemistry. sure nene would’ve had a field day in this series, but i doubt we would be #3 seed with him on our team.

    • Ryan

      Nene is the Andre Miller of big men. No heart and will never win anything…

      • al68

        Por favor no insultes a Nene.

  • MMZ

    I agree with Paul… unrecognizable. Karl did a pretty unbelievable coaching job all year and then the playoffs… What the hell. If he wasn’t so well paid I’d say it’s a betting scandal. How can the Nugs be so much fools gold in the end? Clearly when the talent is blended well through out a game they can be competitive with anybody. Karl seems to have lost the forest for the trees. He has a coaching legacy of it in the playoffs. Guys playing out of position, I agree, huge problem. Think it’s cut the balls right off this team. Not allowing Stone, Hamilton, and Mozzy much minutes all year limits the possibility of having them contribute now. But as well as the other guys had been playing it was hard to argue with. Hamilton’s shooting in particular seems a glaring omission in the development of this team’s capabilities. Shocked and awed!

    • Justin

      Completely agree. I always thought it was weird that Fournier got minutes after the Gallo injury, Hamilton must just be awful in practice. But they have no one to kick to that scares you, and that’s why GS can cave and rebound better with smaller guys (that and effort, which has been absent). They just look like they thought they would win without much effort, and that’s what they’re giving.

    • toby

      Totally agree. That 2-3 zone is kicking our ass right now… Great strategy considering Ty brings the ball up the floor looking to create so he’s basically out of the equation, who does he have to count on to hit wide open 3s in this zone? Miller? Iggy? Brewer? Chandler is in the paint with bogut and Landry… We have no 3 shooters they are clogging the lane making it hard to get east buckets.. problem is we rely on forcing turnovers when curry is an exceptional ball handler and Jack is playing like a demi-god on us…

      I’ve said 2 things throughout the regular season before entering the playoffs… Poor 3 shooting, poor free throws, and no nasty paint physical defense… Letting Jordan Hamilton rot on the bench was the worst thing Karl could have ever done.. we need help, desperately, from 3 to open the lane up for easy buckets.. that’s what the heat do.. we need 3 guys that can shoot the 3 ball well and Ty is the only one with Gallo injured.. everyone else are no shows, brewer thinks he’s ray Allen…

      Off-season points of interest on improvement:

      1) resign iggy but for no more than 10 mil. If he wants more, adios. Wilson is a good wing defender we will just go with him.

      2) find 2 3pt shooters that won’t rot on the bench. Masai has expressed heavy interest in korver before the all star break this year and says he’s a top target thus off-season. Let’s pray that works. If iggy doesn’t sign.back, we have to obtain JJ redick. He’s highly unhappy in Milwaukee. He will be unrestricted.

      3) Cut miller. Too much hero ball, consecutive missed layups upon calling “that’s a foul” every play. Defense is horrible. Complains to.the officials and doesn’t get back in transition. Doesn’t have the speed to relate to.the identity of this team. Slows the team down.

      4) Go after Josh smith if iggy doesn’t resign. He’s an all around amazing defender, better scorer than iggy, and knows how to keep his head up despite being a power forward. Transition game is excellent. Rebounding is ridiculous. Make Kenneth come off the bench as an energy guy, because frankly, that’s all he is. No jumper, no inside game, not physical or strong enough to play 1on1 post defense, not a good pick and roll help defender, looks lost on his assignment. If iggy does sign back, get Taj Gibson via trade. Great mid range shooter, good pick and roll defender, finishes strong, good 1on1 physical post defender, and he can get out and run. He’s perfect for the lack we have in the post. Trade Anthony randolph and mozgov for Gibson. Gibson is a second stringer to boozer while Randolph has trade value and a high ceiling.

      5) Karl needs to go. He simply cannot win in the playoffs. He does right all regular season long, but when it comes to playoff time, he folds and does things abnormal. He let’s other coaches dictate the tempo and subs, ans as a result, he tries some on the fly coaching to counter other coaches strategies when he should stick to what worked all season long. It’s obvious Karl has his favorites, I.e. Andre miller. He simply doesn’t care about the ramifications that come with his poor subs. He feels pressured to give miller 30 mins because he’s the vet or miller will be upset with him for lack of mins, or atleast that’s what I get from it. As a coach, you have todwwhats best for the team, not for the nest interest of one player. Put it this way when Miller’s out there, it totally cuts Ty Lawson in half. If Ty Lawson isn’t on the floor, something is wrong and it shows up on the boxscores. Miller is negative every game because of hero ball and poor defense.

      Nuggets have a lot to think about this off-season. We need to increase 3 pt shooting, find a better PF that’s physical and can hit a mid range shot, as well as catch and finish, but most importantly defend the pick and roll. Gotta find a younger pg than miller. Keep up the pace and defend the perimeter. We should be good if they follow my keys of.emphasis.

  • heykyleinsf


    You are seeing what I have been saying about
    Andre Iguodala all year long.

    Let’s get real for once.. let’s just get real.

    $15 million a year.
    $16 next year.

    All of you hoping he resigns? Congrats.
    Nobody is going to be impressed enough
    to give him anywheres north of $10M a year.

    We are stuck with him. Congrats.
    His money is going to handcuff us from getting
    new players and resigning ones we need to keep..

    Btw.. Brewer haters.. you got your wish as well.
    Brewer is long gone.. teams are going to be all
    over him.

    Iguodala had a front row seat to the thrashing we
    got by the GS trio of guards.

    Let’s hear all those gushing praises now.

  • Justin

    I liked the Iggy trade as an outsider, but he’s a black hole. Can’t shoot, misses free throws, plays ok defense (it’s overrated), and turns the ball over in bunches. The best thing he can be to this team is a way to get a high priced player from someone else. They could (in theory, and not that I want him) dump Iggy for Gasol or someone else making boat loads, since his contract is expiring. He could net us Kevin Love. But he won’t. When he goes they’ll just have cap space and probably sign crappy middling players and be the same as always: the best crappy team.

    • S

      Iggy would not get us Love. No chance in hell dude.

      • Justin

        I IN NO WAY mean straight up. But with other players, if Love asks out (a real possibility)? Why not?

        • LBJ

          Gasol is a more likely guy. If the Lakers want to sign Howard, they will likely have to dump Gasol.

          • toby

            I love gasol, but honestly, our system is more suitable for a josh smith. He’s basically a one man defensive show. Scores more points and does it more efficiently than iggy does. Block, steal, and rebound machine. Put Kenneth on the bench, he’s just an energy guy. All he can do is run the floor off forced turnovers and put back offensive rebound opportunities. He lacks in so many different areas, I don’t like him as a starter. Defense ispoor 1on1 in the post, poor pick and roll defender, no jumper, no inside moves. Smith will be a huge upgrade. Smith is awesome in transition.

            After trading iggy or letting him go in the off-season upon acquiring josh smith, we would have money to sign a 3 shooter in an unrestricted korver or jj redick. Last puzzle of the piece is cutting miller and adding a defensive younger quicker point guard off the bench. Ty shouldn’t compete for minutes on a nightly basis.

        • Thomas

          Yes, come over here and play for GK and Andre Miller. You are guaranteed regular season glory and early and long summer vacations, not to mention you don’t have to play defense. Who wouldn’t want that.

          But wait, those guys are bigs. They are not important in GK’s “system”.

  • Jeff

    I know this season is not over yet, but I feel like making just a couple observations of where we are at and where we are headed.

    1. Lawson has lived up to his contract, he’s our best player, and he comes to ball in the playoffs. He has been very consistent and tough since his poor start to the season. He is our biggest bright spot.

    2. Faried overall actually had a pretty poor season. I think we were all hoping for more out of him. He disappears and doesn’t have any offensive game. He also gets lost on D. You can’t have that out of your starting PF. While he can still improve, his future as starting PF for the Denver Nuggets is not a guarantee in my eyes.

    3. Karl has done a pretty good job during the regular season establishing this teams identity. However, the Andre Miller thing just stinks. He also misuses Chandler down low when I think he can be much more effective on the perimeter. However, unlike most people here I don’t totally blame Karl for this performance in the playoffs. I am curious what a new coach could bring.

    4. Iguodala has been what I expected, and I like re-signing him. But the free throw shooting is just a disgrace. The rest of his game I’m fine with.

    5. McGee hasn’t really improved at all. We really need a center that can clog the paint like Bogut has been doing, but McGee just jumps around like an idiot. Koufos was pretty solid most of the year until now, but he’s pretty ‘blah’ and I’m not a Mozgov fan. I don’t know what we’re going to do about the center position for the next game OR the next year.

    6. This team is still a mystery. Are they fool’s gold or did they just catch an extremely fired up Golden State team at the worst possible time? I think it’s a little of both. I have no idea how they will play Game 5.

    • Justin

      Thank you. This is everything I would have thought, minus the Iggy stuff, he’s had entirely too many turnovers and if he’s making $15 mil he better step up to this kind of stuff. Honestly the perfect guy to have on this team: a healthy Andrew Bynum. I hate him, but man could he do everything they aren’t doing now.

      • LBJ

        I pretty much agree with Jeff also. Chandler is a nice stretch 4 and 3. But he is getting exposed in this series because he is playing too many minutes down low because of our worthless centers and Gallo injury. Faried needs to improve offensively and defensively this summer.

    • Kasey

      I agree with everything you wrote. I notice a lot of people on here bashing Iggy for the turnovers tonight and saying that his defense is overrated. They want him gone. I don’t think a lot of them were watching the regular season games and the impact that he had on this team. Yes he needs to work on his free throws and shoot more, but he is a good player. Folks are also acting like he was scoreless tonight when he had 19 points tonight. I’d love for this team to re-sign him for a little less than what he’s making now so hopefully Kiszla and others can maybe shut the hell up.

      • Jeff

        Yeah, I don’t think Iguodala turning the ball over has been a huge storyline this year. Just tonight. His storyline has been passing up too many shots and missing free throws. Other than that he’s been a solid leader. And I like when he gets mad at teammates on defense.

      • clive

        iguodala is a terrific defender and a freakish athlete. however, if he gets paid more than $8 mil / yr, then he’s getting overpaid. he needs to shoot better than .317 on 3s and .57 on free throws.

        tony allen, who is probably on-par with iguodala defense-wise or close to it, made 3.15 mill this year.

        quality wing players are dime-a-dozen in this league.

        • nugswin

          “tony allen, who is probably on-par with iguodala defense-wise or close to it, made 3.15 mill this year.

          quality wing players are dime-a-dozen in this league.”

          Except that Iggy averaged 5.4 assists and Allen 1.2 (massive, massive difference), not to mention had over twice as good an assist to turnover ratio (and basically the best in the league for a shooting guard). And more steals (and almost certainly more deflections though there are no stats for that). And averaged 13 points compared to 8.9.

          Yes, we’d like Iggy to shoot a higher percentage (and he probably will, he’s not the kind of guy to sit on his ass all summer). But he has a unique skill set that fits quite nicely into the Denver scheme and that you most definitely do not get from “dime-a-dozen” players.

          Now if your talking dime-a-dozen guys, you know who is replaceable? Corey Brewer.

  • natrho

    At this point, if we’re going to go down, go down playing the way we did all season…

    Play our normal starting five of Ty, Iggy, Wilson, Kenneth, and Kosta.

    Stop trapping up top all the time; pick your spots. If Curry beats us, so be it, but shut the others down and stay in better defensive positions instead of leaving wide open shooters.

    Miller shouldn’t be on the floor when Curry is…if that means fewer minutes, so be it.

    Tighten our rotation, and leave Ty on the floor when he has it going. They still have no answer of him like we have no answer for Curry.

    Let Kenneth and Kosta work through their mistakes, instead of pulling them so quickly.

    If we lose, so be it, but at least it will be on our terms, playing our game.

    • clive

      the thing is trapping was working and in the first halves of games 3 and 4. karl just thought we’d stop using it in the second halves. sure, bogut had some dunks, but that was because whoever was playing center and was late to rotate.

    • Thomas

      congrats, natrho, you just outcoached GK! the wonderful thing is the simplicity of it all, you didn’t have to do anything, just played what worked wonders during the regular season. we dump it inside almost every time, we either score or rebound at a high rate. one bogut is just not enough against our size advantage.

      we may not have won this series by playing our 5 starters together 80% of the minutes. my gut feeling is that we would have won, that by the 3rd game Faried and KK would have much more of a positive impact despite their periods of ineffectiveness. my gut feeling is that a rested chandler (not guarding Bogut, for crying out loud), along with brewer and fournier in spurts, could have contained GS outside shooting damage to an acceptable level.

    • Jamie

      Yes I agree with all of that. I just want to see the Nuggets that I watched and liked all season long. If the team loses, at least they played like the winning team that they were all season.

  • Z

    Chandler is no Gallo? where is this coming from, he’s guarding a CENTER you idiots took 6 and 8 shots last 2 games and Fouls trying to clean up mistakes on Defense helping. but whatever

  • S

    Guys, is it wrong to think we should just start over? We’re going to lose Iggy in FA, maybe Brewer too, Miller is disintegrating before our eyes, Karl has wore out his welcome, Gallo probably won’t be back to his old self until the 14-15 season. The “no superstar theory” is not and has never worked out. Next years draft has Wiggins and Parker.

    Just saying.

    • Justin

      I don’t think it’s unreasonable, but they would have to trade everyone to get close to the top pick. Even without Iggy and Brew they’re a playoff team, or at least fringe.

  • LBJ

    Iggy wasn’t guarding all 3 of them at the same time. In fact, he is one of very few nuggets winning his head to head matchup.

    If we don’t sign him ($11-$13m per year) we are screwed. Gallo will be out most of next year too.

    Brewer is a 7-8 guy, good for about 20 minutes a night max. I don’t see anyone handing him wads of money.

    • CJP32

      Toronto gave Landry Fields almost 19 million for 3 years…..there is a GM out there willing to offer Brewer silly money, and Im sure he will take it.

    • heykyleinsf

      I don’t know if I would call a -21 and 7 turnovers as “Holding his own”.

      I’d call it “destroying our chances”.

  • Justin

    I don’t think Iggy wants back and that’s the key. Why he would opt out, when it’ll cost him at least 3 mil per (and possibly 5-8 vs his 16 mil guarantee) is beyond me. He must hate it here. Nugs will have 19 mil in cap space without him, so they could sign a major FA if anyone would come here.

    • LBJ

      He is opting out to sign a longer term deal with a pretty good salary. Every year he waits, the less money he will get.

      • Justin

        I get that, but there’s more money flowing in 2014 than this year because everyone is high and thinks LeBron is leaving South Beach. If he did, it would be to the Lakers, not Cleveland, not anywhere else. Tell me he couldn’t get the same 8-10 mil per on a 4 year deal next offseason? He’s banking someone will have an overflow of cash and they’ll get all excited to pay him. Well, unless you wanna play in Atlanta without Josh Smith you’re not likely to get it man.

        • LBJ

          He is going to be a year older and more importantly, the salary cap will be more puntative

          • Justin

            I suppose, but that’s a lot to leave out there. I’m not sad or anything, just wondering why.

    • clive

      iguodala is crazy to opt out. no one in their right mind would pay more than 10 mill to a sg who shoots 57% at the free throw line and .317% from 3s. too big of a liability near the end of games and doesn’t space the floor. you look at teams like OKC and houston, they build with players who shoot 3s and FTs. that’s what the analytics say is the most effective, and that’s why iguodala wont’ get that money.

      then again, Kahn.

      • Jamie

        There are probably more than a few teams out there that would love to have him actually. Also a lot of fans, especially Laker fans who always wanted Iggy in a Laker uniform. Trust!

  • will

    Lawson IS a star. Who exactly does SA have that’s better than Lawson? The real problem is that Miller gets lots of playing time, Gallo is hurt, and Koufos is our best center. Faried is sub-par starter.

    And I’m sick of Karl. He gave JR Smith less minutes than 37 year old plus Anthony Carter and Andre Miller.

    By the way the Nuggets could still sweep the celtics.

    • LBJ

      “Who does SA have thats better than Lawson?”

      They have a couple of good players – Duncan, Parker, Ginobili…

      Maybe you have heard of them….

  • yeazy

    I don’t understand Karl’s love of small ball when we have a huge team. We don’t match up to GS’s small line up so go big and dominate the paint like we have all season. jus saying!

    • clive

      1st half, our koufos and mcgee lineup was actually WORKING. and yet Karl plays Chandler as a center. genius….

      • yeazy

        I agree with you, SMH

  • Bryan

    Masai had to trade Nene to get him to play Faried, if we’re at a point where we have to trade Miller to take away his crutch, you just have to come to grips with the fact that the coach has basketball ideas that aren’t congruent with reality, and that it’s time to move on.

    • yeazy

      maybe the Bucks would trade for him, and give us Dunleavy

  • yeazy

    The one player that i think would help this team that no one is talking about is mike Dunlevey, he can shoot the three and is a solid defensive guy. hope we figure out a way to get him from the Bucks.

    • dynamo.joe

      I don’t think he is the ONE player who could help, but he definitely is a player who would help. Especially considering Gallo will be out for a good hunk of next year and probably not up to his usual level of play when he does come back. Also better than Brewer. So should be plenty of minutes even post Gallo return, assuming a rational coach.

      • yeazy

        I agree he’s not the one player but we could get him cheaper then resigning Brewer and he’s more consistent with the corner three.

  • yeazy

    Karl will not get fired, and we signed miller to an extension. We just need to hope an east coast team needs a backup Pg and wants Miller.

    • Justin

      Miller will be here. They may draft a PG, but Miller will be here. I just don’t see how they can escape the rut without blowing it up or getting a high dollar superstar. But no one is coming here, and if they blew it up and didn’t get Parker or Wiggins, they’d be bottom feeders again and waste Ty or trade him. It’s like we have to be content with mediocrity and hope they surprise.

    • Mike K

      I’d love to know why we signed Miller to an extension. What the hell was Masai thinking when he did that?

      I think we need to make it abundantly clear this off-season he could be had. Sadly, the video of Curry lighting him up time and time again makes dealing him impossible so I am probably dreaming. Still there are a handful of stupid GMs out there.

      • yeazy

        the bucks need a veteran back up PG, trade him for Dunleavy

      • Thomas

        Masai is no genius, for sure. you need to have some serious gray matter issues when you sign GK for 3 more years and you extend Miller. Then again, half of ESPN thinks GK is a great coach and Miller is a “professor”, so no surprises there.

        I surely hope most real fans give a serious thought to boycotting the Nuggets next year should GK and Miller still be around. It’s become offensive to one’s intelligence.

        • dynamo.joe

          The word is Stan Kroenke made the decision to re-sign Karl.

          As for Miller, Stone was injured and unavailable until January. So we had to pick up some FA or undrafted rookie. Add that to the fact that Masai is loathe to give up assets for nothing, even though that is sometimes the best option.

    • branden

      Are u fukkin kidding me we gave andre miller an extension?!?!?! That a joke? Can we amnesty him?

      • Mike K

        Nope. That’s how Chris Anderson’s getting himself a ring down in Miami.

        • branden

          Wowwwwwwwwww we used it on the birdman our best center fuckin supberb so what are any options to rid of miller?!

          Id rather fire miller and karl but georgie pal is untouchable such bs

          • dynamo.joe

            I think the 3rd year is not guaranteed so we could get rid of Miller for nothing after next season. Otherwise we have to find a trade partner or he has to retire.

  • Justin

    Possible Free Agent Targets for Denver:
    J.J. Redick
    Kyle Korver
    J.R. Smith
    Corey Brewer
    Paul Millsap
    Andrew Bynum
    Carl Landry (Ironic)

    • Fraser

      Lol JR Smith hates denver (actually I think he hates Karl) and loves the Knicks

  • http://yahoo.com prospector



    • clive

      yeap. he’ll win you one game and lose 3 for you.

  • Martin Silver

    Nonsense. This wasn’t another year of progress toward building a team that can win a championship. Unless George Karl’s thinking changes, this team will never win a championship. He seems like a nice guy, but why he is heralded as a coach, i do not understand.
    You don’t need to be wedded to one chucking superstar like Carmelo Anthony, but you DO need stars!
    Democracy is wonderful, but it has nothing to do with basketball. You want whoever the five players who are on the court at any given time to play together, but there has to be a pecking order. Everyone does not have the right to shoot as much as everyone else.
    Gallinari should have been encouraged to step forward and be the star of this team. He is the only real three point shooter on the team and should have been encouraged to take a lot of them. His injury makes that moot for this year, but using it as an example of how there are no stars on this team, no other 3 point shooters, no half court players. Just run, run, run and whoever gets there first, “Shoot. Wonderful!

  • juan

    I am a Gallo fan indeed, so I’m biased, but Gallinari is their best two way player and 2nd best glue guy behind iguodola. His IQ is way higher than Chandler’s even though Chandler has about the same talent or more. And the team always seems to play more confident with him on the court.

    • juan

      I feel as though they follow his lead more than anyone else on the team because they respect his unselfishness.

  • clive

    our roster is not the problem. sure it has flaws, but a better coach would have had a much more competitive team playing in for him in this series. karl does so many things wrong.
    1) he doesn’t believe in his players. just compare the way mark jackson talks about his guys (even when they lost game 1) to the way karl talks about his guys. would you play your heart out for someone who doesn’t think you’re good?
    2) he’s not a great X’s and O’s guy. he doesn’t even draw up plays. tonights game was the first time i ever saw him call a play, and he did it once in the third quarter. when chauncey came to denver, if was surprised that denver didn’t have ONE out of bounds play.
    3) he is horrible at calling timeouts. compare the way poppovich or spolestra calls timeouts vs. the way karl calls them. those coaches call them earlier to stop the opponents run. karl waits until we’re down 20. is he not paying attention?
    4) he does not develop young players. he always goes with the veterans whether or not that’s the best option. andre miller. oh and remember anthony carter? compare that to poppovich. his young players become great role players.
    5) he does not utilize favorable matchups. carl landry is 6′ effin 9″ playing center sometimes. i know koufos and javale don’t have great post moves, but THEY CAN SCORE ON LANDRY IF THEY POST HIM UP INSTEAD OF CHUCKING 3’S.
    6) he gets advantage of on bad matchups. miller on curry. oh and i’m still mad about lamar odom on anthony carter.
    7) karl panics in the playoffs and screws up the lineup and chemistry.

    but honestly, #1 is enough to get any other coach fired. if you lose your players, you can’t be an effective coach. karl needs to go.

    • http://yahoo.com prospector

      Thank you Clive!! Great post!!

    • Jeff

      While inspiring speeches are great, that’s not what makes you a good coach. I could stand in the huddle and say “I love you guys. I am so proud of you guys. Let’s leave it all on the floor.” But that would not make me a good coach. I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on being a motivational speaker.

      • clive

        i agree that motivational speaker doesn’t automatically make you a great coach.
        but demotivating your players makes you a bad coach.
        (not sufficient, but necessary)

        karl alienates and demotivates his players. look at woodson in ny. by no means is he a ‘great’ coach on the level of rivers or poppovich, but he’s getting so much more out of melo and jr.

        • Jeff

          I felt that way early in the year when the Nuggets were losing. I thought man, GK has lost the ear of his players. But when they started winning I changed my mind. I think winning and losing has more to do with how the players respond to a coach than him doing something to alienate them.

          • clive

            yes, winning makes everything seem alright. but karl is notorious for having issues with his players. once you get in his doghouse, watch out!

            and even if you don’t think karl has lost his players, there are the reasons 2 through 7. we still need a new coach.

  • http://yahoo.com prospector

    EVAN plays good defense and is a playmaker… But he gets dumped on the bench after his first 6 mins…. I have said again, and again that Chandler plays great at SF-SG… We know from all season that FARIED and KK play well together… We should have started our NORMAL ROTATION with Chandler at GALLO’s spot… Of course we go small instead… So FARIED, CHANDLER, are playing out of position against a real BIG in BOGUT… Nice….. Perimeter defense has always been a problem for KARL nugget teams.. But when MILLER, TY, and BREWER are on the floor together well it’s a disaster…. I am sick of BREWERS gambling BS… IGGY was yelling at BREWER when he left CURRY to help out on iggys guy, and CURRY then hits a three.. BREWER sucks.. I want him gone… Miller is just doing the same crap he has done his entire pathetic (no playoff series winning) career.. I said MILLER would cost us, and he has over and over again…. We are using rotation we haven’t used all season.. How about J. STONE?? He looked good on defense and he hasn’t seen a sniff on the court all season… Great move KARL….. Imagine EVAN, IGGY, and STONE guarding the golden state backcourt for 30 mins??? THAT would equal WIN….. We could actually win this series if we benched MILLER and played Chandler at the SMALL forward, sprinkled in with some IGGY at the point along w/EVAN……. But guess what???? It’s not happening…… What is going to be the “MASTERMIND WANNA BE” KARL’s lineup for the next game?? Chandler at center, IGGY at PF, BREWER, TY, and MILLER… You laugh but that has a higher probability of happening than KK, FARIED, Chandler, IGGY, TY…. The NBA is full of lame coaches with tired strategies, so a new coach may be worse than KARL…. But MASAI can dump MILLER, and BREWER.. And force KARL to play EVAN, JHAM, and STONE…. AS far as JHAM goes, don’t give me the he is playing bad at practice BS… Karl hates young players, and would rather ride MILLER (did I mention he never WON a freaking playoff series in his career) to the grave…. This is pathetic, and this is exactly what I said was going to happen to this team all year…… At least maybe the pro-MIller pro-KARL genious fans can at least admit they were completely wrong… SO which posters have been accurate all season???? The anti-small ball, anti-miller, posters…. So less hate towards us, and more hate towards KARL and MILLER…
    This sucks!! MASAI time to man UP!!!

    • clive

      well, to be fair, small-ball works great for regular season games, and so is miller, b/c he creates +4 to 8 points every game from catching defenses being lazy (alley oops and “fast” breaks). so this bit of offense makes up for his lack of defense. however, in the post season, the teams always gets back on transition d. i think i saw 1 alley oop this entire series thus far. so what happens when you take away that +4 to 8 pts miller gives you? you get net negative.

      look, miller’s a pro and a great regular season BACKUP pt guard, but in the playoffs, any time he’s in the game, you’re ending up with a net negative, especially against the backcourt that golden state has.

      • Fraser


  • danzante13

    I just have one question. . How do we start a petition to get Karl fired like the fans did to get the Orange jerseys back for the Broncos!!! It worked then and maybe we can get another to work for our Nuggets. Disappointing and heartbreaking playoff series once again.

    • Thomas

      Don’t buy tickets next year, don’t renew season tickets, write to the front office, write to your (lousy) newspaper, try to make sense to these blogs that, unfortunately, have become very soft as they became too close to team management and coaches and distant from real fans.

  • Josh

    It has gotten to the point where I literally have no hope in the Nuggets other than when Ty has the ball in his hand. I don’t trust Karl’s coaching or Dre’s decision making. When Ty has the ball I feel at ease. Despite our high octane offense, the truth is that we have no consistency other than from Lawson and maybe Fournier. I really hope Masai will make some roster hauls and build a team around Ty, Gallo, and Faried (Iggy?). Even if we win in game 5, i don’t think that the Nuggets will have played like the better team. GS’s offense looks like they’re in practice and everything that should go right does.

    • Mike K

      It’s in the coaching. Mark Jackson played for coaches who emphasized defense first and foremost. He has taken that and instilled it from day 1 on his team and they’ve listened.

      But he played point guard so he wants to run and gun at the same time. He’s found the perfect match of roster to philosophy and we’re seeing, with both amazement and disappointment, the results of that blend.

      I don’t think Karl knows what to do with his roster and it’s showing. He doesn’t use half the pieces he has, hence guys sitting on the bench rotting all season while Andre Miller sucks the life out of the team and fans.

  • Steven

    Another game we loose by more than 10, to a 6 seed. There are so many areas we need to improve on, but here are a few that might win us a game at home and in the future.

    Miller hurts this team more than everyone realizes. I think Kalen said it best the other day when he called ti Hero ball. Miller will win a few games with his post moves, but there are too many teams come the playoffs that salivate when they see that they have
    Miller trying to guard them. If you notice our defensive scheme we switch everything. No one MANS UP and plays shut down D. It is because Miller can NOT guard any guard in the league. EVERYONE on the team has to try and cover the PG from the other team because Miller gets beat so badly.

    Karl should shoulder the blame . Look at his playoff record with Denver. Every year except for the Billups year we are out in the first round. One or TWO seasons, I can take excuses, but not 9. If you remember earlier in the season, he made the comment to the Denver Post that he was giving the Vets a lot of the minutes to build their confidence. Why not JHam, Stone, Evan who can actually help? He is stubborn and since his illness, the fire is gone. He is not Phil Jackson . His substitution patterns are SOLELY to blame on us getting thumped. WHY are we adapting to GS and not pushing our will on them?

    Quite a few of the posters here talk about our Centers. McGee with all the issues still should be playing 35 minutes a game. You have to let him make mistakes and work with him to unlock the MASSIVE physical gifts he has. KK is a BACKUP, nothing more. Mozgov at least is a physical presence.

    We should see the starting lineup for Tuesday, if we stay small

    PG TY
    PG2 Stone (lets see Curry make those shots on his 6’7″ length)
    SF Iggy
    PF Chandler
    C Mozgov (we know he will foul out but he will lay some wood.)

    Miller sees only 12 minutes max
    JHam sub for AI
    McGee for Mozgov
    Brewer for Chandler
    Evan for Ty
    Farried for a shot of energy

    We have the players, but not sure Karl still has them.

    Karl needs to go away next year, as does Brewer (love him but he can not be THE scoring option off the bench.)

  • GAC

    This was the first Nuggets playoff game I have had to turn off, didn’t even watch the 4th. I have watched the Nuggs since the late 80’s and this had to be the most frustrating series I have ever seen. Watching Miller’s complete lack of defense or effort destroy such a beautiful scoring run by Ty was enough for me. It will be an interesting off season if they drop game 5.

  • Woobly o Balls

    I feel dirty even suggesting it but… I think it’s finally time to start Anthony Randolph instead of Fournier.

    He looks really good at both ends when he plays and he looks like he actually cares.

    • clive

      completely agree. Randolph would match up really well. he can chase down the high pick-and-roll better than any other bigs we have. and although he doesn’t box out very well, no one on our team has been doing that anyway. i’d like to see him at the 4, and cycle in javale / koufos at the 5. post up whoever’s playing the 4. we have size and they lack big bodies; we gotta take advantage of the match-ups instead of jacking up 3s.

    • Joji

      Randolph is Warrior discard. We also thought he can be a player. What he lacks is between the ears. No amount of athleticism can fix that.

  • steve

    I’ve never been this mad about a sports team ever. I’m a buffalo bill fan and went thru 4 SB losses in a row. But at least they got to the big dance. This team/coach can’t get out of the first rd. They are getting destroyed. It isn’t even that competitive at this point. Just watching game i thought the warriors were up by 20 the entire time, even when score was within 4 or 5. It’s embarrassing. Such high hopes. Andre Miller needs to go. Karl REALLY needs to go. Come on, been here 10 years and made playoffs every year just about and can only get out of 1st rd once? ” doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Eistein

  • OriginalJakeSauce

    By the second half I was yelling “Cut Andre Miller! Just cut him and be done right now!”

    Hard to believe that GK finally chose to implement the KK JaVale combo until this series. Hard to believe it was the worst combination possible against GOLDEN state. All caps? Yes. Steph Curry should’ve fouled out all three games, he’s the new anointed one…. haven’t seen the refs baby anyone so bad since BronBron. If the refs did their job, or called everyone else like they called it for Steph… probably a tight series.

    Time to find a Kevin Love, David Lee, Al Jefferson type dude to insert into our lineup as a starting center.

    • James

      Hate to bitch about reffing, but you are so right. Apparently, pushing someone away from the basket when they drive is no longer a foul, unless it’s Curry driving (but when you shoot like him, who needs to drive).

      Also, how do Wilson Chandler and Andre Miller not score at will against Curry on the block? I know Curry is getting away with a ton of overly physical play, but he’s been matched up on Chandler (by switches or whatever) and Chandler can’t get score. Somehow, Miller, who has a good post game, can’t either. ANY Reasonably decent post player should score at will. We have too much talent for the coaches not to develop some post moves in some of these guys. JaVale McGee throwing up fadeaway ten-foot hooks doesn’t count.

  • Zorba

    I’m not a GK hater, but he’s so one-dimensional, and his lack of adaptability in the playoffs is just embarrassing…
    Yet, he should have found the way to motivate his players, but they’re actually playing like losers…
    For the next year I wish Masai could bring Zeljico Obradovic to Denver. He’s the best European coach ever and some NBA teams have already shown interest on him…

  • Jamaal

    What is being missed about this series. We blame GK for bad coaching, blame players for lack luster play and so on but once Lee went out injured the nuggets were in trouble. All season we were able to see the nuggets run every team off the court but that is happening here because of 4 guards on the floor running plays which is causing the nuggets d put in extra effort. With the 4 guards in it forces Chandler down low which he is getting beat down making his offense of game irrelevant. Koufos is just horrid out there as well as andre miller put them on the floor together its turn over city for the nuggets with Jack running circles around these 2 left footed clowns. Anthony Randolph needs more time and i like stone in there on Curry he plays physical and shooters hate that. Miller and Koufos should lose there min completely in this series and that is the assistant coaches jobs to let GK know they are negative plus and minus and are slowing the offense down.

    • Mike K

      Plus/minues doesn’t matter to GK. He doesn’t do stats. He’s said it a million times. If he did, Andre Miller would be playing in Antarctica.

  • Zorba

    And here you can see how he faces cluch situations…and wins games…

  • ChuckinJapan

    Tons of good posts, but not a lot of analysis of last night’s game. Was watching with my fam and we all said it would be awesome to watch this game… as a warriors fan. They had every single big moment the entire game. So much more fire and leadership from Bogut Curry and Jack. Not to mention last night’s crowd kicked the shit out of any crowd that ever came to Pepsi Center. Sadness that all the regular season poise we had and chops we developed were abandoned so quickly. George’s playoff mental block killed us again and barring a miracle we will be done again. My vote is George out and Nate McMillan in.

  • Zack

    I just can’t believe this. When the playoffs started, a lot of people were picking Denver as a dark horse to win the West. Now Westbrook is out and Denver probably wont’ even get out of the first round.

    One thing that I don’t get is these rotations. GS has Bogut, and Karl decides it’s best to put Chandler on him? Chandler works hard on defense, but is a good wing defender, no one can expect him to be a good defensive CENTER against an actual big like Bogut. Come on, give me a break.

    I think this team needs a change. Andre Miller has to go. George Karl, you have done a great job year in and year out during the regular season, but you have to go. Outside of 2009, the Nuggets have never made it out of the first round with GK. This year they were heavily favored over GS and there’s a good change they still don’t make it out of the first round.

    Change it up. Get a new coach that will preach defense and running (DEN is still a great fastbreak, up tempo team). Get Redick or Korver (hell, or both) as shooters in this drive and kick offense.

    Obviously the season is not over yet, but if the Nuggets lose this series, I think there needs to be some serious changes.

    • LBJ

      Yeah, adding Reddick and/or Korver will really help our D!

  • Greco21

    I am really sad Koufos is underachieving.

    The comment by Matt nailed it. He just looks for a place to hide on offense and is too afraid not to be called for a foul on defense.

    First of all Kosta you are not the starting center anymore… So do not worry about fouls.

    You can push with so many parts on your body other than your palms and your palms do not have to go hand with hand to make life difficult for the opposing center. Push on the hip while on air and have your right hand up.

    I mean you play with great indiference… So much work, pain and patience and gets lost in few play off minutes. It is so unfair for you…


    (shall excuse me)


    I really have nothing against Andre Miller. The ball travels faster than the fastest legs. Its just the whole system that proves Andre worthless.

    Mark Jackson has an actual plan and a plan B.

    George Karl has a plan and you cannot call it quite a plan. Its just a simple word. Run…

    Run just ain’t enough for the play offs.

    You see the same “riksy” double team on the point guard that is outworked each and every time. Stop it.

    If i was Karl I would do just this…

    1) Let Steph Curry without a double team.
    2) Do not foul him and use different guys on him.

    (he may reach 40 points) OK

    3) Ensure that Ezeli has 0 points, Bogut not over 8, Landry not over 10, Jarret Jack have Iggy on him… IN GENERAL not let anybody go close to his average performance. Nail them down.

    4) Grab all defensive rebounds ( DO NOT SWITCH, BLOCK OUT)

    5) RUN, RUN, RUN

  • Greer

    Love the blog.

    I have been an avid Nuggets fan since 1982. I am done with them after this debacle until they George Karl is no longer the coach. The process you mention is an endless cycle of losing every year in the first round with the other team looking like basketball gods. The Nuggets players look horrible and then we get to hear all the excuses and why we are rebuilding. Stop making excuses for them this is a garbage series they are playing.

    I am just not masochistic enough to continue suffering through Mr. Karl and the playoffs. I certainly do not hate Mr. Karl and want him to succeed, I just have zero confidence he can do it.

    • FAN 4 LIFE


      • Greer

        Oh I have been with the Nuggets through thick and thin for many years. I understand your point to “be a good fan”. My issue is that when you are a perennial first round loser then you ultimately have to fix the problems. We have been watching this for 9 of the last 10 years – one and out. At some point you have to ask why every year this type of thing happens, and the point of this blog article is to ask if the Nuggets fans will stick with the “process”. My point is that no, they are going to lose fans who get physically sick watching games like 2 and 4 in this series.

        I believe in the front office making great decisions and fixing holes. The only issue is that there is no fixing our head coach’s very predictable choking teams in the playoffs for the last 20 years. I like George Karl and want him to succeed, there is just too much evidence that he won’t in the playoffs. This is professional ball and results matter.

        I hope to eat crow here with a huge Nuggets run for the next three games and on to round 2…

      • Mike K

        I am a fan because I want my team to succeed. 10 playoff trips and only once out of the first round is crap. You know it, I know it, everyone reading this blog knows it.

        We had an opportunity to prove everyone wrong and win the West. The dominoes were falling into place–home court advantage so teams would have to run here, Westbrook gets injured, the Spurs are less than 100% (beating the Lakers is no proof they’re healthy), the Clippers and Grizzlies are beating the hell out of each other….

        We are angry, frustrated, and upset. The issues of this team are squarely on the shoulders of the head coach. George Karl has been coaching since Mark Jackson was in high school and he’s being out-coached, out-thought, out-managed, and out-motivated by him. This has happened every year in the playoffs save one year.

        Something has to give. We’re not bad fans or bandwagon fans simply because we want the coach out and the back-up point guard gone. We say these things because we’re fans and we give a damn.

  • leeds

    that’s right…now you are saying this is a process? the process of getting home court only to lose another series?

    Matt, youcan have Karl coach your Bucks next year.

    I have two questions:

    1. Does anyone have an faith in Karl? Let me hear the excuses

    2. Its been three years removed from his cancer, is it now probably “safe” to fire him? I had always thought that was a major reason why we didnt get rid of him eariler

  • Evan S

    I’m not wasting anymore of my time watching the nuggets until Karl gets fired. I’m so frustrated. Does Karl know that there are two sides to a basketball game?
    The heat, spurs, celtics, and thunder have all been contenders because of sound defensive principles, not doubling the post and allowing wide open jumpshots off basic screens. Its really just pathetic. And then factoring in favoritism.
    to be fair there are roster issues, but there is still plenty of talent here to win.

  • FAN 4 LIFE


  • Z

    i dont see why TY/Iggy/Chandler/Faried/KK cant go back to starting this is crazy

  • steve

    Are we going to see more of Julyan Stone in game 5? He actually looked good on Curry for the few minutes he was out there before he left the game after being poked in the eye. Lengthy, quick pg is what could help prevent curry from doing what he wants, when he wants. Obviously it hurts on Offense but we need to shut down curry best we can. Not going to win this game on offense after watching the last 3 games.

  • nugswin

    Karl must go. Yes, we’ve never been favored in the series’ we’ve lost. But we’ve also never looked like we might win, never been in position to pull off the upset. Then, first time we’re legitimately favored, we become victims of the upset. Just like in Milwaukee and Seattle. He’s a good coach but cannot make the adjustments that are needed in the playoffs and is probably better suited to be an assistant.

    Like so many others have said, Andre Miller should only be on the floor in Ty Lawson isn’t. No need to elaborate.

    I think people are starting to realize that Faried isn’t the next coming of Dennis Rodman. And he’s never going to be — Rodman was already a solid one-on-one defender right off the bat with Detroit and became a very, very good one eventually. Faried might, if things go right, become a solid one but he’s never going to get a vote for an all defensive team. His ideal role on a title contender is energy big guy off the bench, sort of a Reggie Evans with some motor.

    Because of that, I’m going to go back to something I said preseason, that we should be starting McGee at PF with either KK or Mozgov at C. JaVale has the foot speed to run the floor like Denver needs and the athleticism at 7′ to play PFs in this league. When is GK going to realize that the lineups with two of our seven footers will work because of the particular skill set JaVale brings? Other teams will have to adjust to us, not the other way around. And with Kenneth coming off the bench it just makes us all the more difficult to deal with. Going from there you can mix and match those guys depending on the matchups and game situations (not that I trust Karl to read those correctly). But that’s a winning formula for us. It needs to be used more, especially with Gallo out.

    With Koufos’ slump Mozzy needs to see minutes against Bogut tomorrow night. Somehow I think he’ll end up being a very large 48 minute chair anchor though. Too bad.

    • Zack

      While I agree that McGee can play PF sometimes, this series is the wrong time to do that. With GS going small (with Harrison Barnes at the 4) McGee would do way too much defending on the perimeter. He’s already shown this series he is not a good enough defender on the perimeter yet.

      In general, I dislike the rotations against GS (going super small to start then playing KK and McGee together and going super big) and wish Gallo was healthy.

      • nugswin

        “While I agree that McGee can play PF sometimes, this series is the wrong time to do that.”

        You say this as if what we’re doing now is working.

        • Zack

          No I’m saying it exactly how I meant it (and said). McGee and KK have played minutes together in this series. It doesn’t work.

          You’re right, however, that not much is working in general. But McGee is not a PF (and especially not in this series with GS playing small ball).

    • Mike K

      McGee can’t play the 4 spot. Too many PFs are now playing more on the perimeter than down in the block. He’d be great at the PF position if the team we’re playing utilized their forwards down low. Too many teams are utilizing the “stretch-4” where their big can get out and hit the 18-20 foot jumper and even the three. McGee can’t and probably never will be able to defend that.

  • Cory

    Isn’t Eric Bledsoe a free agent. We could pick up him and Kyle Korver. Would have to let some people go though. A la Brewer, which i don’t mind i mean he can shoot a little has good defense but gambles to much for my liking. Would rather have a Dead-Eye shooter and Eric Bledsoe. People actually worth the money.

    • Zack

      Eric Bledsoe will be a restricted free agent after NEXT season. So he’s not a free agent this summer. I agree with trying to get Korver though. The Nuggets need more shooters. Drive and kick offense requires more 3 pt shooting.

    • steve

      Bledsoe has 1 more year after this on his deal and then he is a restricted FA. He will demand 7-8 mill per year i bet which is most likely not going to happen. Id love it as he would be a great compliment to an undersized Ty Lawson, but i don’t see it happening. I honestly think the Clips trade him away this offseason.

      • nugswin

        “I honestly think the Clips trade him away this offseason.”

        I think so too. And the team that gets him is going to be very lucky. He’s a great defensive player with tremendous finishing ability. Still a little raw but improving as a shooter and playmaker. And did I mention he’s already an elite defender? Would be perfect for the Nuggets.

  • Legalize Denver Nuggets

    Hold me closely and tell me everything is going to be OK. Lie to me.

    • dynamo.joe

      “It’s not your fault.
      It’s not your fault, Will.
      It’s not your fault.
      It’s not your fault.”

      • Jeff

        Lol. Good will reference.

  • PlainsNugFan

    Matt, the Warriors “made a ton of tough shots”??? Other than Curry’s wide open 27-footer, I don’t recall him or any other Warrior making any “tough” shots, and that was tough only because he shot it from San Francisco. They were wide open from 3 all night long…

  • Old Timer

    It is sad to see how baffled the coaching staff is. Prior to the start of the third quarter they did the standard interview with an assistant coach and when asked how the Nuggets could get back in the game and the first thing Chad Iske did was shrug his shoulders.

    It is obvious Karl is just throwing players out on the floor praying that something will work. I’ll start Miller in the second half, now this time I’ll start Brewer in the second half.

    The reason Denver cannot guard GS is because they never put the work in all year to tighten up their perimeter defense. We all know it was a problem, but the emphasis is always on getting steals and blocks and running. Now when the Nuggets need solid well coordinated perimeter defense, they are a mess and every time they lunge at a pass the result is an open three.

    If there is anything good that can possible come out of this, the last time the Nuggets were completely embarrassed in the playoffs, swept by the Lakers in 2008, they came back and emphasized defense instead of offense and the result was the trip to the Western Conference Finals.

    The next season they were playing great again until Karl got cancer. Ever since then Karl has decided all he cares about is proving his offensive system can win. When you do not play any D there will always be someone else who can outscore you!

    • GK4Prez

      Excellent post Old Timer, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • trank

    IF GS beats nugs, first game they play next series curry will break his ankle. at least it won’t be the lakers they’ll lose to like that.

  • James

    Wow. What a debacle this is turning into. Miller can’t play D AT ALL, Chandler is a no-show, Faried is either still hurt or just outmatched, Iguodala can’t hold onto the ball, our bigs are awful, and the list goes on. George Karl looks like he doesn’t have a clue what will work against a team that hot, and just gave off this desperation vibe from the beginning. Play your regular rotations, man! He had people coming and going so fast it was a joke.

    Ty is the only guy stepping up, and I’ll tell everyone who said losing Gallo didn’t matter, you’re wrong. 15-20 points a game, clutch shooting, pretty good rebounding, and long D, can guard centers some. They really miss him.

    Big picture some things are clearer to me now.

    1. Playoff reefing flat out sucks. All the Warriors, Bogut in particular, are fouling the hell out of the Nuggets with regularity, but at least they, unlike the Nuggets, understand refs are swallowing the whistle. All those drives to the basket the Nuggets are getting hacked and pushed, and nothing is called. And it gets worse near the end. When things that are fouls all season suddenly aren’t, you have to have a plan B.

    Ty’s drive the other night is called a foul EVERY time in the regular season, including fourth quarter. It would have been called in quarters 1-3 the other night, but not in the fourth. For the Nuggets style of play, this is brutal, and difficult to overcome the drastic change.

    2. And for those of you who say, well, the Warriors play the same way and they adapt, they don’t. They can shoot from the outside, which the Nuggets can’t. Much better shooters, shooting more quickly, and if they’re covered, they just shoot contested jumpers from farther out, and still make them (hello, Steph Curry).

    In the playoffs, you just have to be able to score when the whistle won’t blow, and you HAVE TO have a shooter. The Nuggets don’t. We need someone, anyone, who can shoot the ball. Korver and his ilk would help. He can’t get his own shot, but would benefit from the drive and kick offense. (Except the Warriors, unlike the Nuggets, would figure out that Korver could shoot and actually guard him. Leaving Curry or Thomson open, EVER, from behind the arc is criminally bad defense, and happens shockingly often).

    3. But I think the biggest problem is this – they have literally no post game. They have three huge centers and a high-energy rebounding forward, none of whom has ANY back-to-the-basket skills. In a slow down playoff game, you have to have an option down there, and they have none. I mean, even Nene gave us a little in this area. The Nugs have had these scoring droughts for years, and no one to just pound the ball to.

    I would have loved to have seen Al Jefferson here (don’t know for who, but maybe McGee, Chandler?). Wouldn’t need to start him, just play a slower second unit, or bring him in in any game that slows down. He knows how to score.

    McGee and Koufos look AWFUL, and without the fast break have no value. If McGee’s not dunking, he’s useless (bad rebounder, gambling defender who’s too slow to rotate or guard the pick-and-roll), and with no penetration from the point or wings, Koufos has nothing to offer. Can’t even rebound against GS’s small team. (Begging the question, where is Faried?)

    Anyway, I think they somehow find a way to win game 5, and I won’t rule out a game 6 win, though not likely, for sure.

    Offseason, get a real shooter, and a real post-player – you have the assets. And as much as I have been a Miller defender, ship him out, too.

  • mcz84

    Masai should give Mel Hunt a chance to coach this team he was showing way more emotion than Karl.If I didnt know Karl was the coach I would think Hunt was the coach.SO sick and tired of Karl and his love affair with MIller.As soon as he took out Brewer for MIller I was just incredelous, and stickin with him even as Curry was going off was just astonishing, SORRY BUT WERE DONE

  • Z

    Bigs not giving DENVER anything!!!!!! they cant guard the screen n roll at all forcing Karl to keep Chandler guarding the Center, but cool blame him for not scoring but the problem is Denver cant get a stop not 1 its Defense thats the problem

  • AaronCAPS

    I’m going to to game 6. & I’m going to try to get the stadium to chant “Fire Karl”. Anyone else wanna try?

    • AaronCAPS

      Game 5*

  • http://espn gary g

    This team is a f’n joke, a friggin laughing stock. Can’t beleive ol’Karl almost coaxed me into beleiving in his high school back yard run and gun BS by the end of the season. They can’t even run basic sets that most college teams would execute. I know the Warriors got insanely hot and even Miller himself might shoot a few buckets if he wore their jersey, but the Nuggets are one of the biggest regular season hoax job in this sport.
    Chuck Karl and his trash out with him which includes Miller. Star / no star, we’ve seen it all, its the same gig year after year. Talent does eventually prevail but this group doesn’t even have a structured D and even O for that matter. Even with Gallo at full strength, they don’t win more than 2 max.
    We can blame the hot shooting of GS all we want, but just wait till the Spurs make them look like the 6th seed which they really are. And we were probably the 10th best team in the West if you would compare the difference between us and the punkin warriors.
    Its a friggin Joke…

  • Z

    Al Jefferson and all these other corny player names yall throwing around wouldn’t change nothing, cant stop curry or Klay or Landry or Bogut or Jack or anybody on the warriors roster

  • Z

    Gallo the great wouldn’t change nothing i dont care what his support group says i like him as a part of the TEAM but what would he change in this Series?

    • A.D.

      As a member of mgmt what are you getting done this offseason?

  • Jose Garcia

    Some of y’all some fake ass fans that turn on your teams when the chips are down…. Yeah George Karl made a mistake by puttin in miller when we were down 4 in the third but what about the stupid turnovers they made in the last 2 minutes of the 2nd quarter??? Have faith guys we know the warriors are good but they are not the better team… I have faith that the nuggets will win game 5 and will battle in 6 to also win…. Which will end in a battle in game seven…. Have faith in the nuggets and Karl…. Ty is the only one that had balled… Nuggets can’t kill themselves with turnovers an whack ass defensive rotations… Focus and effort is the key

    • http://espn gary g

      Stop drinking the cool-aid buddy. This series is over. Just cos we critique the team and point out obvious shortcomings and facts doesn’t make us bad fans. If we had walked away from supporting the team we wouldn’t care what happens from here on. We want the team to get better next year and avoid falling in the same goddamn trap/funk every year at this point. Doing nothing bout it doesn’t make us better.
      And we will stil be supporting the Nuggets on Tuesday night and beyond…..but the better team “right now” is actually winning this series currently.

  • Peter

    I am all for canning GK – it appears that his ceiling with this team is a great regular season and failure sooner or later in the playoffs. Who could we replace him with? Has anyone heard either Jeff Van Gundy call a Nuggets game this year? Does it seem like he would be interested? Are there any other top notch coaching talents out there?

  • fluffhead

    i’m so over this team and coach. one win in 8+ postseasons (not to mention failures at milwakee, seattle). It’s time for a change to a coach who cares, isn’t old, sick. HoF’er, yes GK is. our 2014 coach, i certainly hope not. we need a culture change (and no 37 yr old back up PG).

  • Joji

    It’s really pathetic how people look for excuses and blame. Poor Karl and Miller. This is not what a team concept means. You win and lose as a team. If the Nugget fans here represent the team, it’s pretty obvious why they are losing.

    • leeds

      a coach is supposed to put his people on the best position to succeed.

      Karl is not doing that…he is putting our players out of positions and the results are curry schooling Miller, and Chandler trying to muscle up with Bogut (thus taking away from Chandler’s offensive game). Giving up 50+pounds will wear a SF out quickly




    • ENK

      wait, r u saying iggy is better than gallo gianluca? thats groundbreaking of you. not sure if i agree. its so easy to miss gallinari right now though. if anything it seems he was maybe the most vocal leader the nuggets had. if not the vocal leader he was the heart of the chemistry it seems, with the team on the sidelines doing the italian chants and such, they t haven’t seemed as united as a team since he went down.i wish i could go back and undo that play where he got hurt. w/o his shooting and darwing fouls the offense has been ticky tacky even though we kept winning w/o him. it seems like that ticky tacky offense didn’t hold up in the playoffs


    i sayd VAN GUNDY and FIRE KARL in january 2012

  • MILAN74

    one word: OUT-COACHING.

    gk has done nothing to change the defensive mindset of the nugget, he thought the quickness would be enough.

    this is the fatal error who endure, since i begin to watch gallo.

    please masai pleeeeaaaase!!! byron scott or steve van gundy.

    • ryanvdonk

      there’s another van gundy?

      they really need a coach who emphasizes defense. mcmillan would be my pick, but there are other coaches other there, stan van, byron scott, brian shaw, ect… maybe even someone in the college ranks.

  • Fed up Nug

    You guys should go watch the fantastic recaps Coach Nick from bballbreakdowns has done for the last three games. Needless to say, our defense is a joke, offense is a mess, Anre Miller is killing us and Karl is getting schooled by Jackson. I would post links but then this comment would end up in moderation purgatory for the next 18 hours.

  • Greco_21

    One simple tune…

    Do not play traps.

    Just simple man to man.

    Contain everybody except Steph Curry…

    Have Ezeli and Green with 0-4 points
    Barnes and Bogut below 10
    Send Iggy on Jack to contain him (he can create a nightmare match up)
    Let Landry hit from mid range…

    and let Curry hit 40…

    Add it up and won’t be more than 90 points.

    Easy to beat.

    No double teams, no traps

    • Mike K

      I’ve said this since we nearly lost G1 when Curry heated up after halftime.

      Let Curry go. If he breaks the single-game playoff scoring record, who cares. If he breaks the 3-point record in a game, who cares.

      It is the other guys shooting and creating that are killing us. Use the little bit of defense we do have to stop them. It would sting a little less for everyone.

      • Jeff

        Let Curry go is stupid. He will shoot very high percentage 3s. Give up 2s but don’t give up 3s. That should be the way to play golden state.

        • Greco21

          He ain’t Michael Jordan or Kobe you know…

          He can go off… but there is a limit. It is a mind game too. How many consecutive shots can he make in a play off game in one of the toughest courts on the nba?

          He is a star he is not a superstar yet….

          He will become if his team advances too much.

  • Ckwizard

    Positives is GK style, I love his brand of Basketball. That being said George Karl is a below average Strategist and Motivator. George Karl is unable to look at his team and accurately determines its strengths and weaknesses or another teams strengths and weaknesses in terms of personnel.

    People fall in love with Brewer and Miller because at times they can excel in George Karls system but they are Players that other teams can take advantage of because of their Glaring weaknesses in terms of strategy or game planing and these weaknesses become highlighted in a 7 game series.

    • Jeff

      Agreed. Gotta understand players like Brewer are considered such a “good fit” for Denver for a reason. They overachieve in the system, but aren’t versatile basketball players. I do love Brewer but you are right.

  • http://roundballmining Sam

    There’s no way this team is gonna amount to anything without defense. If you want to win without a superstar, you’re gonna need to play outstanding defense (2004 finals). Personally, I’d give Larry Brown a call himself.

  • LBJ

    As someone who has only read this board for the last season – I am amazed by the dumbasses that come on this board demanding that Karl and/or Ujiri be fired. The Nuggets were essentially blown up 1 1/2 years ago when our “superstar” demanded out. Yet, they somehow compiled one of the top 5 records in the NBA -with one of the youngest teams in the league. In contrast, check out Orlando and Cleveland who underwent the same process. Also, for the bozos who think we need Nene (a $13m player that sat out 1/2 the time) check out how Washington did this year. $13m per year). This team is still a work in progress and we need to add players – which I am confident that we will.

    It wasn’t like Karl came to the Nuggest and destroyed our great tradition. We were freaking horrible until he arrived. Am I disappointed with our showing against GS? Of course, I am. I also recognize that any chance we had to go deep inthe playoffs this years vanished when Gallo tore his ACL.

    • clive

      you are wrong. we made the playoffs the year before karl with jeff bzdelick as our head coach. that was melo’s first year. if we made the playoffs and got bounced first round on melo’s first year, you would think that we’d get farther into the playoffs as melo matures. but nope, in comes karl, gets bounced in 1st rnd every year, and has all this drama with melo, k-mart, smith, and plays past-their-prime players tons of minutes like veshon lenard, anthony carter, and andre miller, failing to develop the young players.

      karl has underachieved. any other mediocre coach could have taken the nuggets to the playoffs. only when we had chauncey billups as a coach on the floor did we have a semblance of structure on offense and defense.

      • LBJ

        I said we didn’t have a great tradition. I prety sure one #8 seed in 10 years (with the coach getting fired mid way thru the next year) meets that criteria.

        Drama with Melo, JR and Kmart? Do you mean coaching them to play like NBA players and not knuckleheaded fools?

        Wasn’t Melo’s 1-8 in the playoffs with the Knicks going into this year. He is just lucky he is in the hapless east. Oh, ad before I forget, didn’t he play and game in Denver this year (with his fellow knuckleheads)? I seem to recall the Nuggets blowing them off the court – and Melo pussying out of the game. Typical.

        • Giovanni

          He play without a leg!!!
          Only to honor his former team….

          Thank Melo because we have a team…

          • LBJ

            Thank Melo for walking out on us??? I wonder if that is what the fans in Orlando and Cleveland think?

            We have a team because Ujiri fleeced the Knicks for an overrated player. And Karl has coached players that no one else wanted.

        • clive

          you can’t credit Karl for taking us to the playoffs every year in one breath and then bad-mouth melo in the next sentence.

          look, i’m just as much an anti-melo as the next nugget, but that does not mean that he was the sole problem for all those years of 1st round playoff exits.

          my argument is this: any coach other than karl would have gotten the nuggets to the same result. hence, karl is just an average coach.

  • clive

    Maybe George Karl is getting back at the nuggets and the nuggets fans for beating them in 1994?

  • clive

    No lineup with both ty lawson and andre miller together had a positive +/-. (filter > 5 mins). our best lineups were javale mcgee, wilson chandler, andre iguodala, corey brewer, and either ty lawson or andre miller. sadly this lineup which makes so much sense was used for a total of 12 minutes.


    • Mike K

      Sadly I don’t think Karl cares about statistics or he wouldn’t play them together at all, or only for a minute or two at most.

  • CannedKarl

    If they lose the series Karl should get canned, but if they lose tonight he will certainly get canned.

    Without Gallo this group has no chance of advancing out of the West anyway, so a loss tonight is not a bad thing. Unless you are Karl or Andre Miller.