Rapid Reaction: Denver Nuggets 107, Golden State Warriors 100 (GSW lead series 3-2)

Denver got up big early and held on late to win the first of three straight elimination games, thanks to a dominant effort by Andre Iguodala who scored 25 points and added 12 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 steals and a block. Denver also got good games from Wilson Chandler and Ty Lawson among others.

Golden State Warriors 100 FinalRecap | Box Score 107 Denver Nuggets
Kenneth Faried, SF 32 MIN | 5-8 FG | 3-4 FT | 10 REB | 1 AST | 2 STL | 1 BLK | 1 TO | 13 PTS | -1

The energy was there. The rebounds were there and on a spectacular transition block the defense was there. But Faried let Harrison Barnes get going early on again as he just seems lost in where he should be as the Warriors forward wanders the perimeter. It will be interesting to see what happens in Game 6 with the match up.

JaVale McGee, C 20 MIN | 4-9 FG | 2-4 FT | 8 REB | 0 AST | 1 STL | 3 BLK | 4 TO | 10 PTS | +2

JaVale had an incredibly important 20 minutes. He brought energy and activity through dunks and blocks and general JaValeness. A nice way to earn another start for sure.

Ty Lawson, PG 40 MIN | 5-14 FG | 7-10 FT | 3 REB | 10 AST | 2 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 19 PTS | +6

The shooting wasn’t as good as it had been in the past few games but Lawson distributed the ball well and got to the line, two very important things for Denver. The difference between tonight’s game and others in the series was that Lawson finally had help through the whole game.

Andre Iguodala, SG 40 MIN | 10-17 FG | 2-2 FT | 12 REB | 7 AST | 2 STL | 1 BLK | 2 TO | 25 PTS | +16

Denver needed someone to step up and will the team to a win and Iguodala did just that. Offensively he made threes, finished lobs, found open cutters and just dominated. On defense he took it upon himself to make sure Stephen Curry did not hurt Denver again and sure enough he didn’t. The key will be if he can continue it for two more games; if he can Denver will have a great chance to complete the comeback.

Wilson Chandler, SG 39 MIN | 6-14 FG | 2-2 FT | 2 REB | 0 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 19 PTS | +12

The five threes that Chandler hit were a huge part of what made the Nuggets offense so different tonight as opposed to earlier games in the series. When Denver has someone knocking down those threes it opens up space for others to attack the middle and tonight that happened. Chandler also played tough defense frustrating the Warriors shooters.

Corey Brewer, SF 22 MIN | 1-11 FG | 2-2 FT | 3 REB | 2 AST | 3 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 4 PTS | +2

Brewer is a hard grade tonight. On the bright side he created havoc at times on defense jumping passing lanes and deflecting passes. Yet at other times he left his man and wandered allowing open corner threes. Offensively he was a mess, chucking up a shot for every two minutes he saw the floor, despite only hitting one. Brewer needs to be more disciplined on both ends of the floor to help Denver the best he can.

Kosta Koufos, C 15 MIN | 3-6 FG | 0-0 FT | 5 REB | 1 AST | 1 STL | 1 BLK | 0 TO | 6 PTS | +4

Koufos did everything people have been asking from him in his fifteen minutes. He grabbed rebounds, finished at the basket better than he had and even gave a hard foul. He doesn’t have to be a superstar to be effective, just tough and physical like he was tonight.

Julyan Stone, PG 5 MIN | 0-0 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 0 PTS | -2

Stone played five minutes but didn’t really do much of anything as evidenced by his stat line, though it did come as the Warriors made their fourth quarter run.

Andre Miller, PG 26 MIN | 4-10 FG | 3-3 FT | 2 REB | 5 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 3 TO | 11 PTS | -5

11 points on 10 shots isn’t great production, especially when your defensive production is so poor. Lost in Faried’s fantastic block of Jarrett Jack at the rim is the job Miller didn’t do at stopping Jack from getting there. This just isn’t a series where Miller should be seeing more than 15 to 18 minutes.

George Karl

People had been screaming for adjustments and Karl finally made some, moving McGee into the starting lineup and removing Evan Fournier. It worked as the Nuggets got off to a roaring start and held on for the win. Karl called a timeout to stop a Warriors run and forced Mark Jackson to react to what he did. While the small lineup at the end almost hurt him, he knew when enough was enough and ended that following the timeout.

Three Things We Saw

  1. Curry Corralled: Stephen Curry struggled a bit to get going tonight as Denver did a better job of making sure every catch and shot was as difficult as possible. Andre Iguodala in particular did great work, never really helping that far off Curry and unlike earlier in the series not switching on every off-ball screen Curry would run around.
  2. Faried’s Defense: I said before the game I didn’t really like the big lineup because of the situation it left Faried in on defense. For someone who struggles with his rotations at times on the back line I felt it was unfair to ask him to know make those and perimeter rotations as well. Faried took care of that problem but in a bad way, and a way that can cost Denver. As was the case in Game 4 Faried just plays too far off a spotted up Barnes. Part of it is Faried’s nature as a rebound chaser where he wants to be around the rim once a shot goes up and part of it is unfamiliarity. Either way he needs to be closer and able to contest more of Barnes shots, because another 20 point game from Barnes is possible and for the Nuggets that is dangerous.
  3. Game 6: The Nuggets season now comes down to Game 6 in Oracle Arena. Win and the season lives on, coming back to Denver for a pivotal Game 7. Lose and the season ends, in disappointment and what-ifs. Some things need to stay the same for a victory to happen (rebounding, Iguodala’s aggressiveness) and some things need to change (Dre Miller’s minutes, Faried’s defense on Barnes). It will come down again to adjustments. Can Karl make more? Can Jackson counter the seemingly new starting lineup? We will all find out in a few days.

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  • enk

    Lets go Nuggets!!!!!

    • Joshua

      George Karl is the best coach ever!!!!!!!!!

      • Fed up Nug

        i lol’d irl

  • http://twitter.com/xantoniooo808x D3Ntilthe3ND

    Looks like GK finally figured it out.

    You can see how much better we are than them because even when he went to his bad lineups, the good lineups created enough slack to win the game.

    Steal game 6 Thursday & bring it back home!

  • Daniel Y

    Despite Andre Miller’s/George Karl’s best cumulative efforts to end this series, the Nuggets prevail and will try to force a game 7 back at the Can. Go Nuggets

  • http://espn herpderpnuggets

    The only thing that worried me was giving up that lead when we went super small. Hope GK doesnt do that again, but he probably will. Good game nuggets

    • Evan Woodruff

      Bogat wasn’t playing so he didn’t put mcgee in. Mcgee is anti bogat.

  • Chris

    Missed the game while on a flight. Nice news to power back on to.

  • Aaron

    Well, still mad at Andre M. . . . still mad at GK. But, as a fan it was nice to see the Nugs play the way they had all year. It was nice to see the Nugs play their brand of basketball for 3 quarters. I’ll miss it over the summer. We have a very exciting team to watch.

    Having said that, it is still inexplicable why GK leaves Andre on the floor with Ty at the beginning of 4th quarters. And, why don’t we have 1 big on the floor at the end of the game to protect the paint. The Warriors last 10 points were all inside except 1 3 pointer. It just doesn’t make any basketball sense. It will probably lose us the next game. But, I’m a fan, and I”m hopeful. I think we win a game 7 at home. GK, TAKE ANDRE OUT OF THE FREAKING GAME.

    • Kasey

      Yes! That seriously killed me when Miller was in there screwing up. Sure he made a few shots, but GK also needed to sit him down after awhile when he couldn’t make his shots which in turn created turnovers and defended horribly once again to let GS come back from that lead. I don’t think any of us will ever understand GK’s love for Miller and the man is making the others work extra hard to come back. I’m tired of it. What the hell is wrong with coach?

  • al68

    Muy mal es increible como puede jugar todo el ultimo cuarto Miller es un cancer apoyado por GK, un partido muy malo que deja claro que la eliminatoria se acaba en GS.
    Play with TY+Miller= loss.

    La unica opcion de ganar que se ponga enfermo Miller.

  • Aaron B

    I would like to see some more of Julyan Stone. He showed glimpses of good defense on Curry.

    • Gorillabuddy

      For sure. Even though he was a bit too aggressive and ended up fouling, Curry was definitely bothered.

  • Gorillabuddy

    Masai… PLEASE get rid of Miller in the off season. Even if you have to amnesty him.

    Anyway, it was good to see how well McGee did. I can’t comprehend why Karl decided to go small at the end, but at least it showed that our big lineup is solid.

    Brewer needs to play better.

    Other than that, it was a solid performance. If Karl can resist going small(I doubt it) then we have a good chance. If not, well, I doubt we can get game 6. But a man can dream.

    • Daniel Y

      Already used the amnesty clause on Birdman. But I agree, he needs to go. Some team will take him. He’s a decent player with a fair-ish contract. He just takes away so much from what this teams identity is, and he’s George Karl’s boy toy lover. Masai needs to force GK’s hand and get rid of him this off-season.

    • clive

      miller’s not the problem; karl is. a good coach knows how to use the players that he has. a good coach would not play small-ball and have 2 or even 3 pgs with faried playing center. a good coach would not play miller 26 minutes. karl needs to go.

      • Mike K

        Actually, Karl will adjust if you force him. Case in point: he had Faried rotting on the bench in favor of the dead-weighted, over-paid Nene. He got traded and voila, Faried sees the floor. So the same to Miller and maybe we see some more of the other guys that we have Karl refuses to acknowledge exist.

      • Charliemyboy

        Karl just wants to lose games and get fired. This is why he plays Miller. He wants you to coach to just give you a chance. Come on; you can do it! What will you say when we win the series and beat San Antonio and OKC?

  • Philip

    Needed a win like this. If we win game 6 it’ll be extremely interesting to see how game 7 turns out. We need to play A+ basketball though for game 6 if we want to come out alive. I’m hoping we do. Good win tonight we needed that feeling of having a 20+ point lead at one point during the game.

  • Kyle

    Im glad I am not the only one who thought Andre Miller playing the entire 4th quarter was ridiculous. We were up 19 before he went in then the Warriors came back. I was beginning to think Karl had a revelation and wasnt going to play Miller, then yup he did. Miller almost lost us the game.. Im still hopeful they will steal game 6 and come home energized and hopefully win. Need to see more J Stone, less Miller

  • Scott

    Why does anyone like the warriors?!?!

    First of all, all they do is shoot. Not fun to watch at all.

    Secondly, SOOOOOO dirty out there today. Cheap shots at Kenneth, pushing Koufos, cussing out gk!!! How do people like them?

    Curry to me is also a poor poor example for a superstar. Not a role model at all personality wise and also game wise. No one can model their game after him because he’s a one of a kind shooter and younger people watching will want to be like him and take 3pters 10 feet out. He pushed Koufos on a basketball play because he was mad he got touched. I also heard he chewed out a fan after the game. Also so much of an ego after he hits a shot.

    Overall nice win with a scary ending. I BELIEVE we can bring it back to Pepsi!

    • Scott

      Watching the press conferences and Mark Jackson has the audacity to say WE played dirty???? Karma is gonna come back for him and his team.

      • Mike K

        I liked JaVale’s retort: “It we’re dirty, they’re unsanitary.”

        Pretty much. You have to push them around a little, especially Curry and Thompson. Get them off their game and their spots. Make every shot they take regrettable. Not dirty, but hard, playoff basketball, like Mark Jackson talks about **winkwinknudgenudge**

        • El Diablo


          I love Faired’s energy, but he literally throws himself at people in order to get the ball (which I love) this will result in lots of physical contact.

          In this case it appears Bogut knows this and instead of standing still, he moves into Faried (the old two moving objects hit each other rule), hence why Faried is bouncing off Bogut.

          Curry on the other hand, is not a physical player, I would be very disappointed if Faired was trying to get back at Bogut through Curry. Beat your own man!

          • Charliemyboy

            Mozgov for 10 minutes; he knows what to do. Put him and JaVale in there. Watch those elbows JaVale; you remember what happened to Love.

    • PlainsNugFan

      Scott, at first I thought you were being sarcastic: “All they do is shoot”??? The whole point of the game of basketball is to put the ball in the hole. The reason the 3 point line was invented was because teams would just pack it in on teams like the Nuggets. I would give my left (you know what) to be able to shoot like Curry or Thompson, or to have just one guy like that on the Nuggets. The Nuggets style of play screams for two outside shooters that can space the floor. I love the Nuggets, but I love watching the Warriors play.

      • dynamo.joe

        No, that’s half of the point of basketball. The other half is preventing the other team from putting the ball in the basket.

  • CJP32

    Great to win, but it wasn’t a great finish. A few bad ref calls could have gone Warriors way. Andre Miller should not play the entire 4th. And the lineup of Miller-Stone-Ty was bad.

    CBrew shot 1/11, but was great defensively in the first half – he will redeem himself in GM 6.

    Faried/McGee were awesome. Chandler had the break out game he needed. Iggy looked to score the whole game

    Pressure is on Warriors now to close it out at home, Nuggets will be 110% focused on bringing it back to Denver.

  • Markos

    Gk almost cost as the game by going small the whole 4th quarter! Kk should play the 4th quarter! He was solid tonight! Mcgee was also good but had also 4 turnovers! Brewer was 1-11 and played 22 minytes!!! Also Miller had 3 turnovers and was really going to the rim and missed alot of shots! Next game JM and KK should play 20+ minytes , CB and AM should not play more than 15 minytes!

  • Steve

    Geez i wanted to reach thru the screen and break andre millers ankle so Karl couldnt play him. He is so slow he cant even contest shots smh. Game 6 will come down to the wire and i think we lose due to small ball. GK is gonna live and die by it unfortunately. I just cant see how we win on the road playing dumb.

  • natrho

    The good…

    We won…can’t believe that was ever in doubt, but it was. Don’t know if that will be a good or bad thing for us next game.

    Chandler and Iggy…surprising what you can do when you’re playing your natural position and get some shots. Iggy looked like an All-Star tonight, hitting big shots and getting big rebounds.

    Our bigs…for as much criticism as they received in other games, Kosta and McGee were the big reason we had the lead we did. Don’t think it’s a coincidence that GS made their run with them off the floor

    The bad…

    Andre…nothing personal. I like Andre. That said, no way he should see more than 10-12 minutes a game the rest of this series. He looked all night like he was running with ankle weights in quicksand. This is not the series he will help us; against SA or OKC, fine, but he’s too out of place against GS.

    Stone off the bench…this has nothing to do with him, but in a elimination game at home you’re going to play someone who hasn’t played meaningful minutes all year? Not fair to him or the rest of the team. Fournier or JHam I could see…Stone seemed like a reach at this point of the season/series, especially when he didn’t replace Miller!

    Small ball…why, George, why? He made the adjust to the starting lineup that he needed to, but don’t understand why he went away from that success when it was most needed. We started and played so well because we had people playing in their comfort zones offensively and defensively because they were in their natural positions…then we blow a 22 point lead because we go away from it. Just don’t get it…

    The commentators made a great point about either taking away the paint or 3 point line from GS, and that so far in the series we hadn’t done either. Our best team and chance for success going forward is to continue playing our way, not reacting to the small lineups GS plays. We dominated the paint on both sides of the ball, and their is nothing they can do about it. Hopefully we don’t get too cute next game and start tinkering with our lineups again.

  • Fraser


    Here is a vid of Curry getting into the crowd!!

    Great to see him so frustrated after Iggy LOCKED HIM UP!

    Amazing to see he isn’t a 90% shooter when someone other than Andre Miller plays on him! Who knew!

    • Mike K

      This should be on TV and then the league office. That’s a no-no.

      • Natrho

        On the clips on tv, another Warriors player comes up and grabs the guys towel and throws it…would think that might be a bigger problem than what Curry did.

  • obert

    no energy in the building tonight until 1 minute to go. I assume that it is for 2 reasons. First, we are worried we might lose. Second, the style of play was slower and less exciting than we are used to seeing in the regular season.

    I would like to see much more Javale. He alters all of the shots and excites the crowd. The game should have never become so close so they better figure out what is depleting the lead and change it at Golden State or their enthusiastic crowd will lead them to a blow out close out. COME ON NUGGETS

    • steve

      I think it had to do with it being an early game also. If you noticed, the stands were only 70% full probably at start of game. It wasn’t until 2nd quarter when they finally filled up. Obviously it was kind of a blow out at that point until end of game when it was closer.

      • toluene_hawk

        That’s because people won’t stop moving to Denver and ruining the city, turning it into Los Angeles. Game started at 6, work is out at 5. Do the math. CO needs it’s own immigration reform.

    • Ryan

      Agreed. Even the announcers commented on how poor the crowd was. I’ve said it for years that the energy at Pepsi Center does not match other venues in basketball-crazy cities, like Oakland. I’m not a huge football fan, so it’s frustrating sometimes to be a Nuggets fan when most people in Colorado are more interested in Peyton Manning Papa John’s commercials than the professional basketball team…

  • Corey

    Great first half, loved seeing McGee in the starting lineup, ran well and turned them over. Second half, way too much Andre Miller. He’s the biggest defensive liability in the NBA and completely slows down the offense. Crappy coaching by Karl almost lost that one. Cannot win with Andre Miller playing 20+ mins.

    Anybody else hear Mark Jackson post game? He is so full of shit. Called the Nuggets dirty and said they were setting illegal screens. I haven’t seen a single legal screen set by Bogut and all they do is foul in the paint. Sadly, I think the NBA will listen and give them even more calls in game six.

    • natrho

      Wonder what he would have said if someone took out Curry like Bogut did Faried…what a joke. We got under their skin tonight, and we actually the looked like the older, more mature, higher seed. Will be interesting to see how that caries into Thursday…

    • Gorillabuddy

      Yeah fuck him. Faried was getting mugged the whole game, I guess he’s fine with that though. Pretty unprofessional to be accusing people like that when your own team is just as bad.

      • LBJ

        and when one of your dickheads is over cursing at the other team’s coach.

    • Reposted ESPN Comments

      So… all those FTs the Warriors have been given really add up, right?

      To the tune of, oh, I dunno, +40-some for the Nuggets.

      Eat it, Corey.

      • Daniel Y

        Hey retard, when all GSW does is shoot jumpers and the majority of denvers offense is driving to the paint, what do you expect the FT disparity to be? Open your eyes and stop making your classless fanbase/team look even dumber.

      • Corey

        A jump shooting team like the warriors is never going to shoot a bunch of free throws. We all know officiating in the nba is joke, but no sane person would watch that game and say it was the Nuggets who were playing dirty.

        • LBJ

          I heard Jackson’s comments on TNT. What a dumbass! That foul by Faried was a joke, not a dirty play. Jackson is ok with his thugs two handed shoving and body blocking Faried, but if some touches Curry while he is prancing around the court – they are dirty?

          When did Steph become Kobe????

        • Mike K

          The comments are on now. He is so full of crap it isn’t funny. I’d like to see him back up the talk with evidence.

          Every Bogut screen is illegal. Some of Curry’s shots come with kickouts which should be offensive fouls.

          The Nuggets game tonight wasn’t dirty. It was the hard, playoff basketball that Jackson said it should be. He was whining to the media in the hopes it gets him some calls at home next game and slows the Nuggets attack. It’s bullshit but sadly effective since the officiating is crap.

          I hope the Nuggets keep playing aggressive with both Bogut and Curry. With the exception of Barnes, it seemed to take everyone else on the floor out of their game.

  • ryanvdonk

    ugh, really wish he hadn’t gone with miller the entire 4th, 2pg lineup strikes again..

    .anyone else notice the triple PG lineup? haha, georgie probably got a chubby with that one.

  • Carlos

    Only stat that matters for miller is that he was the only player with 20 mins that finished with a negative output (-5). That’s how terrible he’s been in the series. But I’m sure his late ally hoop to Faried wil get him more mins in GK mind. Shame.

  • JohnDenver

    It was the bigs tonite. Our great running play paradoxically is so dependent on this bigs doing well

    • Aaron

      TOTALLY agree with this. Ty even said it after the game. We need to go Big, and even bigger. run ’em off the 3 point line and then block the shot in the lane. JVMG was great in this game. Even with all the bad JaVale that we saw. . . he changes their game. That’s the key. Even with the dumb GT and some TO’s, he was key. K2 did a little better. . But, when Faried was at center, they go on a 12-1 run. . what gives? Is Karl looking at the stats?

  • ckwizard

    This is a different place when nobody can love on Miller, Brewer, or Coach Karl even after a win in the playoffs.

    • ryanvdonk

      corey’s defense is important, he just needs to gamble a little less often, and learn to tone it down when his shooting is cold.

    • CJP32

      I understand the hate for Dre getting huge 4th qtr minutes…there were times when he should of come out. But then he makes up for it with a jumper and lob to Faried. Brewer just wasn’t clicking shooting wise, but was aggressive on D and was a positive on the court.

      Karl made an adjustment with the starting 5 and it worked. Now we gotta build on that.

      GM 6 will define this team. I don’t think they are ready to pack up and go on vacation just yet. They have an opportunity to do something special and turn heads.

    • Carlos

      The lovely writers of RMC gave Karl an “A” and Miller a “C” respectively. If that’s not love then I don’t know what love is anymore.

  • LBJ

    Looks like a little grade inflation tonight…. :)

  • yeazy

    you beat small teams going big, i’ve been screaming that all series.

    • mike

      not with this nuggets team. They don’t have any skill based bigs. You can crush a team with skill based bigs because they can get easy shots in the low post against a small ball team. That and none of the bigs plays even average defense in any facet of the game (other than Faried as a defensive rebounder)

      • yeazy

        our bigs job is not to score like duncan, their job is to clog the lane and rebound. so the other team is limited to jumpers. we won 57 games because we out rebound other team and paint points

  • Owen

    Long time reader, first time actually writing.

    I disagree with Karl getting an A. His new starting lineup worked beautifully and helped get us the lead, but it felt like he was trying to start summer vacation early by keeping Miller (and thus 2 PG’s) out there for the whole 4th quarter when it clearly wasn’t working.

    Even when we were trading possessions/timeouts in the final minutes, we were not subbing Miller out on Defensive possessions?!? GS is willing to do that with their superstar Curry!

    An almost blown home win does not redeem him in my eyes for Games 2 and 4. Karl will not get away with that 4th quarter lineup in Oakland Thursday. He doesn’t correct and my favorite Nuggets team ever goes home all too soon.

  • S

    It was discovered this game that Curry is soft, keep up the shit talking and hard fouls.

  • mike

    bad sign that 4th quarter. I don’t ALWAYS hate miller as much as a lot of people do if you can hide him on defense. Against this team it is hard enough to hide Lawson let alone both at the same time as neither can play any of: Curry, Thompson, Jack or Barnes. And Miller has issues against the size of Thompson, Barnes or draymond green on offense so he becomes virtually useless. Fournier has been in over his head (which makes sense given his inexperience). Stone plays nice defense but is useless on offense. Brewer has had a bad series other than one game. They can’t seem to get the running game going against this team. And they don’t have the players to create spacing with shooters so they really only have to play to 17 feet beyond the basket.

    They’ll have to get hot from 3 pt land to have a decent shot in game 6. Like 45% on 20 plus 3 pt shots. Mark Jackson gets a lot of credit in this series. They’ve choked off the transition and given how small the Warriors have been playing they have kept the nugs down on Offensive boards.

  • Fed up Nug

    Congratulations to Karl, he’s finally realized who his starting center is. It only took a season and a half, watching koufos disappear in two straight playoff appearances, and going down 3-1 to a 6 seed mainly due to a tragic and misguided attempt to play Chandler at the 5.

  • Z

    finally a real starting line up Ty/Iggy/Chandler/Faried/McGee and guess what a win, gone be tough on the road but i think the nuggets can get it back to Denver for game 7

  • Z

    gotta stay locked in on Defense on the Road though no gambling make Golden State make shots over hands all night

  • clive

    how the eff does Karl get an A? for making the obvious adjustment that every other coach would make for the starting lineup, only to play his small ball in the 4th that cost us the game? for playing andre miller 26 minutes with a -5 +/-? folks, we won despite karl, not because of him. if he hadn’t played this small ball 2 pg lineup, we would have won this series by now.

    • Owen


      I am happy we won and extended the season, but its not going to solve the Karl/Miller issue that will cost us any shot of winning in Oakland Thursday.

  • Aaron

    Mark Jackson is out of his mind. . . I’m glad the TNT guys put the smack down on that. KF was just standing there and MJ thinks he was going after Steph’s ankle. Who pushed who when Koufos fouled Steph??? Ridiculous. I think MJ is trying to light a fire, but he might light one under the Nugs. Those comments are way off base. GK doesn’t send hit men anywhere. Ridiculous.

    • toney

      I think this is just a case of overreaction. Curry got frustrated because now there’s defensive pressure that’s been absent for the last 3 games. They retaliated with flagrants on Farried. Hope the refs put a lock down on this, because we can get more calls next game from their ticky tack fouls.

    • Mike K

      This game did get more physical than the other 4. Other than Bogut, no one on GS can take getting pushed around. I’ve said it all series, only way to beat Curry, is to get physical with him. Not dirty, but physical, there’s a difference. MJ doesn’t like it because it hurts his team; hurts his star player.

      It’s a tactic. He wants the whistles next game anytime anyone is in the same zip code as Curry. I hope the league doesn’t take the wind bag seriously.

  • natrho

    Next game is a tough one…kind of sad to hear the difference between their home crowd and ours.

    I think a fast start will be needed again for us…if we can start fast like tonight, we’ve got some cushion for when they go on their crazy shooting sprees. Big difference between being up double digits when they go on a run than versus a few points or being behind.

    We’ll have to keep our composure, because after Jackson’s comments tonight, you know they’ll come out and try to send a message physically at home.

    Start fast, stay calm, and we have a great chance of making it back to Pepsi Center Saturday.

  • Patrick

    I can not believe.
    Karl reacted
    And he needed only 3 playoff losses in a row
    Coach of the year

  • Dubz

    I’ve been calling for chandler to start at sf all series I’m happy gk finally did so. He’s so important for this team he needs to ignite his play on the perimeter by driving to the hole and shooting 3s both of which he does very well. He can’t do this as our center for crying out loud. Karl made him completely useless and he was scoring roughly 20 a game for the last 10 games or so before the playoffs. This team is so athletic they don’t need to go small in order to keep up with the warriors. If we go small we lose its that simple. I wish Fournier would move more into that chandler role off the bench but play sf and sg instead of pf and only play miller as Ty’s backup. Keep chandler at the 3 and use him to backup faried at the 4. Faried only plays at the 4, McGee starts at center and koufos backs him up. If we stick to this I believe we have a great shot at closing out this series. This team is so fast and so athletic lets use our size as our advantage. One more thing, I love brewer but he should never shoot over 10 shots. Never. Especially when he only makes 1 he just isn’t talented enough and with the nuggets playing a more playoff like pace, he’s taking shots away from guys who are far better offensively.

  • Brad

    I just hear Mark Jackson accuse the Nuggets of sending “hit men” to take Curry out of the game. I have to say that is a joke considering all the crap they got away with in the last few games. He’s just huffy because Steph Curry is a waif and any bump gets him out of his rhythm. Ty gets KILLED all the time and no one complains. We’ll see how this series turns out (I’m not sure Denver pulls this out), but it sure looks like for the moment that the Warriors are SORE LOSERS!

  • Mike K

    GS’ comments, especially those of their head coach, who should know better, tells me that tonight the Nuggets did the one thing they hadn’t done all series–they got in their heads. They realized they could be physical with Curry, bump him, screen him, all the little things that take a shooter out of rhythm.

    And to this I say it’s about time.

    I think they, especially Curry, was in the heads of guys like Iguodala and Lawson that thinking about trying to defend him took them out of their games. Tonight, they cleared up and gave it right back. They need to do it again, only better, to win G6 in a really hostile environment.

  • Zorba

    Curry’s 1-7 from 3 show he’s human… Miller had made him seem a divinity.
    GK, if your Basketball IQ is above average, and I’m sure it is, after five games you have all the elements to win this series… Just do what almost everybody on this blog ask you…

  • Brett

    Miller’s +/- for the series is -22 and dropping. It will be very difficult for the other players to offset his horrific play in a difficult environment at the Oracle on Thursday.

    GK: if you must play Miller, please limit him to 15 minutes. As we saw near the end of the season, Iguodala is more than capable of running the point while Ty is resting.

  • Old Timer

    Curry is a mental lightweight. The plays he reacted to were so minimal. I had no idea it was so easy to get him off his game. His reaction to Koufos doing what every other team does by grabbing Curry’s arm, pretty gently I might add, to prevent him from taking a shot after the whistle was way over the top. It looked like he started teh game worrying about Denver being even remotely physical. The Nuggets have not even scratched the surface of what you can do without getting even close to flagrant territory as GS did tonight.

    Apart from that Faried looked healthy, the bigs look like they have learned what they need to do to help on ball screens and the offense through the first three quarters was flowing very nicely. They move the ball from side to side and were patient. The fourth quarter that all changed and I think we all know the primary reason why.

    Reasonably optimistic about game 6. The one thing Denver has going for them is GS has very little playoff experience and they have a ton of pressure to win game 6.

  • 9Iggy9

    Itskyle…etc. id love to hear your thoughts on igoudala’s game tonight since you so happily bash him if he doesn’t have an exceptional game. He’s had an alright series and a great game tonight. Anything?
    GO nuggs! Starting 5 looked legit, bogut is overrated, McGee can dominate in the series given the PT and confidence

    • clive

      i love iggy’s game; just don’t think we can overpay for him. anything more than $10m would be too much given the new CBA and our small-market. iggy’s a lock-down defender and facilitator with some glaring weaknesses. he’s not a top-15 player or even a top-30 player in this league, and maybe not even a top-5 player in his position. His PER of 15.27 was 131st in the league.

      yes, he had a very good game, and yes he is vital to our success. but no, we can’t afford to overpay him this off-season.

      • dynamo.joe

        If PER wasn’t a meaningless stat, that might mean something.

        • clive

          well, even if you’re a PER-skeptic, my argument still stands. iggy isn’t a top 30-player and we simply can’t afford to overpay another player. (we’re already overpaying mcgee by about $4M/yr).

          do i love his game? yes. are his strengths a good match for our team? absolutely. can we afford to overpay him? no we can’t. will other teams try to overpay to get him? maybe. still not sure how teams will react to the CBA, but if cuban’s any indication (and say what you want, he’s a pretty good business man), teams will start to tighten up their purses. (unless the team is in NY or LA).

          of course if we do get past this round, and maybe even past the spurs, things might change.

          • dynamo.joe

            Ya, Cubes is brilliant: “What should I do with this Championship team? I know! I’ll dismantle it!”

          • nugswin

            Yes, Iggy played on the Olympic team even though he’s not a top 5 player at his position or even top 30 in the league. Riiiiight.

            As I mentioned in the last game thread, he’s far and away the best assist man and best assist-to-turnover shooting guard in the league. It’s not even close. Furthermore, offensively he can play the point and small forward more than credibly. And the offensive side of the floor is his weak spot. Defensively we all know he is the second best complete wing/perimeter defender in the league — he can guard every kind of perimeter player from stretch 4s to lightning quick point guards. At least as capable and far more versatile than guys like Avery Bradley and Tony Allen in the kind of players he can effectively play.

            The only better guy is LeBron. Which brings me to my point — the guy Iggy most resembles is LeBron. Don’t get me wrong, he’s nowhere close to being in LeBron’s league (neither is anybody, guy might as well be on a different planet than everybody else). There isn’t anything AI does better than LeBron and James is even more versatile. But he does come closer than anybody else to matching Jame’s skill set (maybe Paul George?).

            The entire package you get with Iggy is irreplaceable. I can’t stress that word enough. Irreplaceable. There’s a reason he signed such a huge contract in the first place. We and he know that he isn’t worth that money but he’s easily worth $10 mil a year and we would be stupid to let him walk if that’s what it costs to keep him a Nugget. There is absolutely no way we could sign anybody who could replace him without putting a lesser team on the court next season.

            I can already imagine somebody saying we could sign two Corey Brewer types for the $10 mil we might give to AI. But neither of those guys would be anywhere near as good as Iggy and two players don’t replace one on the court. And if you’re seeing a game that says that Brewer is almost as good as Iggy then you’re not seeing the game well.

            • 9Iggy9

              Nugswin, Very well said! ^^

            • LBJ

              Losing Iggy would be a disaster. We will give him his $12-13m per year – which he is clearly worth.

              Hell, we are paying McGee more than $10m per year!

            • clive

              all very good points. perhaps i was discounting some of iggy’s skillsets.

              however iggy was on the olympic team because they needed a defender and they had plenty of scorers. tyson chandler was also on that team, and he was on there for the same reason.

              and i agree with you that corey brewer is not as good as AI even on the defensive end, and i agree that having two players for the same money is not the best thing to do. by no means should we sign 2 players of corey brewer’s level instead of signing AI. for the same money i’ll take AI every time.

              i am still convinced that our sense of what players are worth is completely skewed from the previous CBA. the harsh reality of the new CBA is that teams cannot afford to dole out humongous contracts to players. 2013-14 is when the new CBA penalties kicks in. we were already over the salary cap this year; next year as a repeater, we will face harsher penalties.

              plus, there’s no reason to outbid ourselves. there aren’t that many teams out there who have cap space next year. and the wizards and cavaliers probably won’t make huge FA signings because they have young players that they want to extend. probably the hawks? maybe the pistons?

              and perhaps you’re right; perhaps we cannot afford to lose iggy. i do hope that the owners are willing to splurge a little and dip over the salary cap though the penalties look pretty dreadful. and perhaps iggy will offer us a discount? *hopeful*

              • nugswin

                “and perhaps iggy will offer us a discount?”

                I’m hoping that the whole deal with him announcing early that he was going to opt out of next year is based on a conversation he had with Masai. Maybe a gentleman’s agreement has already been reached?

  • Old Timer

    Mark Jackson made even more ridiculous comments that they just played on TNT that he had “inside information” that not everyone signed off on the “hit” on Curry. Such BS. He knows he does not have a case and is doing all he can to conjure one up. I lost a lot of respect for him tonight. I hope he make sure his players know that flagrant fouls that can cause injury are in appropriate too.

    Loved the Shaqtin’ a Foul segment they played too that showed actual hard fouls over the years like McHale’s close line of Rambis. Just wish they would have showed when Karl Malone cracked Isaiah Thomas’ head open. Now that was a hard foul from someone putting a hit on someone!

    Jackson tried comparing Faried to guys like Dale Davis, Anthony Davis and Charles Oakley. Faried has never done anything like those guys have. They should all call Jackson and complain that he compared their actual dirty play to what Faried had done. If any play Faried made was even close to being dirty it was when he pulled Jack down, but it was to prevent a potential three point play and it was certainly not rough, just a little awkward.

    • jmers

      My wife noticed during the game and said “why is Iguodala talking to their coach?” I just went back and looked at the TNT broadcast and before Lawson shoots his first FT at the 2:40 mark in the 1st, Andre goes over and talks to Mark Jackson with his mouth covered and you can see Jackson say “I appreciate that”. I think there is a good chance this is his ‘inside info’. Weak move by Andre.

      • Old Timer

        Interesting, good catch by the Misses (however you spell that, Mrses?). As someone who admittedly was hoping the Nuggets would be much more physical with Curry, I did not see a single play that could be considered cheap. If last night was the Nuggets putting the hit on Curry they are definitely not going to get jobs as loan sharks.

        The sad thing is once coaches go public like Jackson did, the refs typically respond. Combine that and the crowd in Oakland and there is little chance the Nuggets get a fair whistle.

        What Denver has to hope is Jackson’s comments actually get into Curry’s head even more that he needs to be careful. In that sense, it might backfire on him.

  • http://yahoo.com prospector

    KARL finally listened to probably an assitant coach and started CHANDLER at the SF.. In the 1st half Chandler was the man….. But guess what, like a true crack head KARL decides to play small the entire 4th QTR… Apparently, he wasn’t satisfied with playing BIG… He has to win SMALL….. He actually played a 3 point guard lineup.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? IN the 4th qtr of an elimination game CRACK HEAD KARL actually had STONE, TY, MILLLER, BREWER, and FARIED on the floor… REALLY?? 50 years of coaching experience and you roll that out????? Karl actually was freaking dumb enough to leave MILLER on the floor the ENTIRE 4th QTR?? Apparently the genious doesn’t watch any film… CURRY destroyed him… JACK owns him…. He slows the team down… He turned the ball over on an inbounds…. ON AN INBOUNDS??? He is completely worthless… If I was JOSHY boy I would get in KARL”S face and tell him if ANDRE plays another minute in this series you are fired….. Defense wins championships… PERIOD…. MEMO: to the slow denver fans ANDRE MILLER HAS NEVER, EVER, EVER WON A PLAYOFF SERIES.. We almost lost this game because of his pathetic self… Also KARL::: Play Chandler at the SMALL FORWARD position for ALL OF HIS MINUTES… He is clearly better…… ALso instead of throwing RANDOLPH in the game throw a bone to MOZZY….

    Coaching grade: KARL F… F due to 4th qtr stupidity… If KARL doe this MILLER CRAP at GOLDEN STATE in the 4th, it is game over… MEMO TO KARL: Shooters shoot better at home…. THIS MEANS KEEP MILLER’s FAT BEHIND GLUED TO THE BENCH… I would rather see MOZZY run the point than freaking MILLER… OK… WE won despite KARL…. He is a pathetic fool incapable of learning from his mistakes… MILLER needs to be traded ASAP…. I want to win this freaking series… PERIOD… DID I MENTION THAT MILLER HAS NEVER WON A PLAYOFF SERIES???? DO you know how hard it is to suck that bad??? KARL only you can manage to COACH a big lead into the toilet… I mean we lose the lead and you still keep MILLER in the GAME??? ARE YOU CRAZY!!!! DIDN’T YOU watch game 4 film of MILLER GETTING TOASTED ON DEFENSE??


    • Kasey

      Preach!! Well Said! I agree with you.

  • http://yahoo.com prospector

    early christmas wishes: A van gundy as coach, or even scottie Skiles…… MILLER, and BREWER GONE… Playing time for STONE, EVAN, JHAM…. IGGY resigned… Please MASAI and JOSHY boy make this boy’s christmas wish come true!!!!

  • dynamo.joe

    Try again with your Stone comments, Matt. They didn’t go on that run until Stone came out of the game. -6 in the next 1:05 when Javale and Wilson came in. -8 in the remainder of the game.


    I thought Stone played pretty well. Good D on Curry and was driving and moving the ball on offense.

  • Stompy

    This is for all of the GK and Miller apologists. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! GK continued to play Miller through the 4th quarter, even when he was forcing shots, not playing defense and the lead got cut down to 5 at one point. He even played a 3 PG lineup at one point. Playing big got them a 22 point lead, then all of the sudden he needs to play small? For what? He even had Iggy on the bench during the Warriors comeback stretch, but not Andre. God forbid Andre isn’t on the floor. At one point, I was kind of hoping the Nuggets would lose so that Masai would have not choice but to get rid of both.

    • clive

      ugh that 3pg lineup was the worst.

  • Giovanni

    Kick out the butt of poor soft warriors…

    Play physichal,make hard fouls(not dirty) an we’ll win game 6…

    Too bad i have a sense of deja vu(last year?last 7 years?)and we dig yourself in a hole…

    Interesting to see Popovich if Warriors pass(i hope not)will coach versus Curry and company…

  • Chas

    Sorry guys, but if we play like this again, we are losing game 6 in Oracle.

    There is just no way that the Warriors will play this badly again at home in the next game. GK REALLY NEEDS TO STOP PLAYING MILLER WITH TY/BREWER. We got KILLED when we threw those small lineups out there. I don’t understand why we stopped trapping in the 2nd half (again!) when it was clearly working so well and why we went small when our big lineups were tearing them apart.

    I mean, my eyes are telling me that, the stats are clearly telling me that, so why doesn’t GK make the clear adjustments and only use AM24 as a traditional backup in this series? (i.e – only put him in when Ty needs a breather)

  • steve

    Jacksons comments at the end of the game were for 1 reason only…to get the refs on his side in game 6. He realized we brought out the can of whoop-azz with us and if we bring it again, gsw could be in trouble.

  • Tonia01

    I am not confident at all, yesterday we had a decent game, but everything is improvvised, McGee in the starting line up is something we have been asking forever, but not as a last try in the game 5 of the playoffs after having tried to play Chandler at 5 in the previous game with obvious disastrous results. We lost the alchemy, GK is changing rotation almost every game, this is not the way the playoffs are supposed to be played: this is the moment to play at our best not to make desperate tries.

  • Woobly o Balls

    I love what we did defensively for most of this game.

    – Let Lawson chase Curry around (he’s going to shoot well regardless of whose guarding him)
    – Continue to double team him with Wil & brew
    – Iggy to Jack is a great move. He is ultimately the guy that kills us and he can be slowed down
    – Javale obviously isnt a great defender but his presence in the paint cannnot be denied and his athleticism can bother bogs
    – Faried is doing a decent job boxing out and getting steals, causing havoc but he just needs to close out harder on barnes and landry. Can’t see Barnes shooting that well next game though
    – Miller’s minutes obviously needs to go down for this series. You just can’t hide Lawson (average to bad defender) and miller (worst defender ever) on d
    – I liked koufos getting a little bit more physical with hard fouls

    One thing that i’d like to see if the shooters go offffff for patches : HACK A BOGUT/ EZELI



    side note: if we actually traded miller (unlikely) and wanted a veteran backup, maybe beno udrih? He isnt great but he can score and distribute. suspect d. more athletic than miller obviously
    or maybe like earl watson if you want a gun lob passer

    • dynamo.joe

      If you are going to take chances on guys, take chances on young guys. They are cheap and it’s possible they can turn into real contributors. The old guys that are available are GENERALLY available for a reason.

  • nugswin

    I was elated to see Miller come in for Lawson in the first quarter. Exactly the role he should be playing. He and Ty should not be on the floor together. Ever. But then, as people have already mentioned, he went back to normal habits in the second half, played Miller the whole 4th and we got lucky it didn’t cost us the game.

    Did anybody else notice that Curry came out early and then Jackson brought him off the bench the second Dre came in for Lawson? Jackson is smart.

    Not everybody has to play great for us to win. All we need is everybody to give the effort and then have two guys have really good games and a couple others not suck. The McGee/Faried starting lineup helped set the tone on the effort front and it was the difference in the game. Sadly, I’m not optimistic that Karl will put the right lineups in when it matters tomorrow night and we’ll have to fight not only the crowd but our coaching decisions.

    • rss15

      Completely agree. I saw that substitution and started bracing for the worst.

      Everyone else has already said it well, but seriously – how can the entire fanbase realize that small-ball lineups incorporating Miller have been our undoing in this series, yet our coach does not? Does he watch film? Does he listen to his assistants? If I’m on that staff, politics be damned – I’m telling him like it is with Dre (easier said than done, I know).

    • will

      yeah Miller should only be in when Curry is out and when Lawson is out. It just doesn’t make any sense to go small ball with a weak defender who is redundant on offense.

      Miller is almost like Melo on offense – he mostly just plays hero ball – and ignores his teammates.

      • Mike K

        Melo could score. He also won more games than he lost us.

        • dynamo.joe

          He can? I couldn’t tell last night.

  • Charliemyboy

    Karl did stumble when being reminded about the 22 point lead disappearing when they went small and we went small. He said he would evaluate going bigger to rotate rather than try to defend the pick and roll with a small switch… if he listens to himself and looks at the film, and tells them to get hard fouls, we will win.

  • astreight

    Great game, got back to what we know and have done the whole season. I was pulling my hair out watching Andre Miller in the 4th quarter though. Just like in Game 3, his inability to play defense was the key to sparking runs for the Warriors. GK-please, please, please don’t do that again. It’s unbelievable.

  • http://espn gary g

    I swear I saw Miller wearing dark blue last night, cos what the whole Warrior team couldn’t do in 36 mins, he single handidly did in 5…brought them back in the game. Honestly this guy has to go, am losing all respect for him as a player/person. Kills the pace, doesn’t move the ball around, turns it over and hasn’t played D ever in his life. And Kudos to George karl for ensuring that the Nuggets don’t win easy. What could’ve been a demoralizing blowout for the Warriors, eventually probably left them feeling pretty good bout them selves despite being handled the whole game. If Miller sees more than 15 mins on thursday, this series is over……as simple as that. Bigs were causing all kinds of issues for GS, hence karl made sure they finished small in the 4th. Was a good W, but the final score left some to be desired.
    GK-Miller pairing has either to break or both should leave.
    And Mark Jackson turned out to be quite a sissy afterall despite having the biggest dirty punk of all, Bogut on his squad.

    • astreight

      I totally agree. I’d be willing to bet that the GK-Miller love affair will be the reason we lose in Game 6, if we do. Another game with 20+ minutes for Andre Miller, especially in the 4th, and we are in serious trouble of another first round exit. I just don’t know how we get the message to George Karl.

      • rss15

        It’s the most helpless feeling in the world knowing that GK will lean on Miller in crunch time regardless of the situation, opponent, or Dre’s recent performance.

  • Jet

    Sometime during the 2nd half, there was a shot of Iguodala having a conversation with Mark Jackson. I’d love to know what that was about.

    I suspect it was Iggy who apologized to Jackson about the targeting of Curry’s ankles. I’ve always found him to be an honorable competitor, and it probably hurts him to play that way

    • jmers

      My wife noticed during the game too and said “why is Iguodala talking to their coach?” I just went back and looked at the TNT broadcast and before Lawson shoots his first FT at the 2:40 mark in the 1st, Andre goes over and talks to Mark Jackson with his mouth covered and you can see Jackson say “I appreciate that”. I think there is a good chance this is his ‘inside info’. Weak move by Andre.

    • Ban Johnson

      What is this “targeting of Curry’s ankles

      I see 1 trip of Curry by Faried. And not even a good one. And a foul was called. Nobody likes to be tripped, but that’s a very common basketball play. Seen it thousands of times — but never before followed by these sorts of wild accusations.

      Is it possible GK asked players to target Curry’s ankles? I guess so. But there is absolutely zero evidence for that. And if he did so, they barely listened.

      • Jet

        I doubt anybody can come up with any significant evidence. And it is pretty hard to target the ankles specifically, even if they tried.

        But this is the play-offs. If you’re facing elimination, you do anything to stay alive. There will be cheap shots coming from both sides. The difference is the Warriors bigs were too dumb and made it obvious. The Nuggets were better at being discrete about it.

        There’s no doubt it’s an extremely effective ploy to disrupt the opponents rhythm with physical hits. The Pistons used to do it all the time to Jordan.

        Hey, if it’s the Manimal taking shots on our end, and it’s Curry taking shots on the other, I think we’re way ahead on that count. I expect to see more of it in game 6.

        • Mike K

          I like that Karl could have said almost the same thing Jackson did after Games 1-4. He actually acted like a professional. We question his coaching decisions, but he didn’t say a word about his guys getting mugged, especially in the paint where the Nuggets have thrived all season.

          I still can’t believe MJ sat there and gave us all that bullshit. I didn’t much like him as a player. Didn’t much care for him on ABC with Breen and Van Gundy (like them together MUCH more the last couple seasons), and now hope GS tanks next season and he gets canned.

          The Nuggets had enough and returned the favor and MJ blinked. I hope the refs don’t feel they HAVE to give them the calls tomorrow night because the crowd is insane. Last night’s game was probably the best officiated game of the series. I hope it continues. Call the fouls, but call them both ways.

      • trank

        here’s a link to a great angle on the ‘ankle’ event that shows faried using his shoulder and maybe his foot moved an inch to help him get the shoulder over- http://www.csnbayarea.com/warriors/were-nuggets-playing-dirty

  • Anthony

    Thought this was funny:


    ….isn’t that exactly what Denver did last night??? come on Mark Jackson

    • clive

      ahaha mark jackson what a crybaby.

  • http://RoundballMiningCompany Mark

    Sympathetic sportscasters make stephen curry sound like bubbleboy

  • Robert

    Have to say I love the way he is not affraid to speak the truth about Andre Miller… That guy can’t/won’t play defense and it hurts the team. He is also no longer looking down court everytime he gets the kick out and that has all but stopped our fast break off the rebound, which is one way we get the points in the paint. I would be okay with the line up missing Miller and leaving Stone to stalk Curry around the court.

    Also have to say that the Warrior Fans seem to be all about the trip that didn’t happen but fail to mention the to layouts put down on Manimal.. That is not hard that is over the top un called for…

    If we can find a way to play all 4 quarters on Thursday like we did the first 2 yesterday we can bring this back to Denver for game 7 and let the best team win at that point… Leave it all on the floor…

    Go Nuggets!!!!

    • Zorba

      I agree with Stone making a couple of hard fouls (not bad) on Curry…

  • Zorba

    We need Iggy on Curry and Chandler’s perimeter defense. I would also see McGee at 5 with kk at 4 if Faried can’t match up with Barnes…
    Go Nuggets!

  • Stillo

    Loving how all you Nuggets fans were so quiet and scared you all were gonna lose in the lat 5 minutes of the 4th quarter. Curry and Klay hit those last couple of wide open 3’s? Your season is over last night.

    Cheap shots or not, watch out. If faried goes after Curry? Guess what? Bogut will set him down again.

    Must be tough to be a good regular season team, and hopeless in the playoffs.

    Don’t worry, you guys will be done Thursday, and will be able to concentrate on that miserable baseball team you have lol.

    • astreight

      Did you seriously spend time creating an account on a Nuggets blog just so you could say this? You must live an extremely boring life. No one cares dude.

    • http://roundballminingcompany.com Josh

      what a loser.. hahha. All of this coming from an Oakland sports fan…….. I don’t think I need to say anymore lol

      • Mike K

        Well it’s GS or the Raiders. We DO have to give him credit for picking the team that actually had a GOOD season.

        Oh, and the Raiders SUCK!

    • Woobly o Balls


    • Jamie

      You Warriors fans are pathetic. I notice you trolls everywhere (Nuggets Facebook, Nuggets Instagram, Message boards, etc). Grow up and get a life. You’ll never see me on Warriors stuff, because I don’t care. Focus on your own team chump.

  • LobCiudad

    Not even going to respond to the sad GSW fan who trolled RMC. I will argue that Miller is a very valuable player and has many times elevated the guys around him to play like veterans and stay in the game. However, I’m flabbergasted that GK gives him a free pass to play minutes regardless of his effectiveness. In this series he should be limited to 15, MAX. He should never be on Curry, NEVER. As soon as we played small ball last night the Dubs crawled back into the game. There are situations where Miller’s confidence and veteran game elevates the Nuggets, there is no doubt. Game one he had the balls to take over despite not being the most talented player on the team, and that’s simply experience taking over and not getting demoralized by a frustrating game. Everyone here was applauding Miller for that performance, so let’s not forget his value. But he is NOT going to be the hero in this series. Lawson is that dude right now, not Miller. GK just needs to realize that Miller is incapable of defending in this matchup, it’s too fast for his heavy feet. Unless he is taking over on offense, which he certainly doesn’t do often, he should really just be a break for Lawson. It can also help sometimes to change the pace for a minute or two, as Miller tends to do when he’s at point, because it makes it hard for opposing teams to get into our groove. I just don’t understand how he get’s 27 minutes a game, when he has (aside from game 1) cost us so many possessions on both ends. He should be content letting Lawson be that dude who controls the pace and sets the tone in this series. Miller could be much more effective against a team like the Spurs (if by some divine grace we make out of this series alive). Go Nuggs. Also, I loved seeing Bogut get frustrated in the paint last night. Shoving Faried like that was great. Faried loves it. Just makes him hungrier.

  • Stillo

    You don’t have to “create” an account to post, Genius. Just put in a screen name, and an email.

    Warriors in 6. You all know it lol.

    • PlainsNugFan

      That “miserable” baseball team we have has a better record than both Bay area teams…Genius

    • http://roundballminingcompany.com Josh

      Being an Oakland sports fan this guy hasn’t seen a playoff win in how many years???? Haha get out of here

      • http://roundballminingcompany.com Josh

        Oh wait, excuse me, I forgot about SF. So one successful team out of 5 in a decade

        • Ryan

          SF isn’t Oakland…

  • Prashant

    Lmfaooo, this is your GSW’s first time in the playoffs since 2007. Pretty cocky for a team that’s been continuously sucking in the regular season and is foreign to the playoffs. Loving how all you GSW fans want to cry about playing rough and no one is siding with you guys but the fans.

  • http://RoundballMiningCompany Mark

    Fox sports news has a headline calling them the whinning warriors today fits them perfectly

  • LBJ

    During the lull in the series, I turned on the Knuckleheads tonight and watched them gag at home to a washed up Celtics team.

    Steve Kerr was right on target when he questioned whether they had the “poise and maturity” to win. JR got a 4th quarter T – after getting suspended from game 4. He and Melo were launching bricks from all over the court. After that showing, they have a real shot to be the first NBA team to choke a 3-0 lead.

    Where is the idiot that was blaming Karl for causing drama with Melo/JR/Kmart?????

  • Stillo


    In the Bay we have got The 49ers, Giants, A’s, Warriors, and the Sharks in the playoffs routinely. The Raiders hve historically owned the Broncos. Look it up people.

    Now you have a choke artist QB that loses in the first round of the playoffs just as much as your Nuggets lol.

    $3 dollar playoff tickets for Tuesday nites game and you people call yourself fans lol.

    Denver is lame to say the least.

    • Ryan

      Wait, so you can like both Oakland AND SF teams? Wow, just pick and choose the good teams to “support”. You’re quite proud of your 2 playoff appearances in 20+ years, it must feel liberating to finally not see your team going through it’s annual spring tankfest. I doubt any Nuggets fans are trolling Warriors blogs, so perhaps that’s a hint??

    • PlainsNugFan

      I looked it up. All time, the Raiders lead the series 50-45. Since 1980, the Broncos lead 35-31…but ya, the Raiders “OWN” the Broncos…

  • Stillo

    I loved the wat Faried went down too. Manimal, my azz. Plua you have to account for the brainless Mcgee lol.

    Wariors in 6 easily….

    • LBJ

      Thanks for coming on the Nuggets board an reminding us that the raiders have been the worst team in the NFL the last decade (with no end in sight).

      But shouldn’t you be on your own board debating whether your whiny ass coach should make a bigger ass of himself than he already has by bitching about bubbleboy getting touched by defenders????

  • Prashant

    So you’re assuming that Denver Nuggets fans are fans of all Denver sports or are from their, good one. That L really cut deep in Whiny State huh???

  • Stillo

    From their? obviously your from an illiterate section of America.

    For future reference, the correct word is “there,” Dumbo.

    Be back Friday to rub your noses in it.

    • doop snog

      stillo- If you’re going to be a grammar nazi, at least get your grammar correct. Your post should have read, “Obviously you’re from an illiterate section of America.” Here’s a tip: If you’re confused, just remove the apostrophe and insert the phrase, “you are” into your sentence. If it makes sense, use the apostrophe.

      That being said, GSW will most likely win Game 6. GK keeps trying to reinvent the wheel with this small ball shit. Andre Miller will continue to play non-defense on whoever he is guarding for the ungodly amount of minutes he plays. If Denver is going to win, we will have to shoot >40% on 3’s, have 15. 2/3 we have a remote chance to win, 1/3 we have no shot.

    • Tom

      No you won’t.

      -Tom, Roundball Mining Company staff

  • 9Iggy9

    Haha it’s hilarious…most of us have to find time to keep up with a blog about a team we all love. And this guy^ must have nothing better to do than comment on a nugget board. Kind of sad man :)

  • jinstahh

    i love how he says you’re illiterate when he can’t even use the write “you’r” . deep

  • Prashant

    lmfaoooo, good one Stillo you sure showed me. I didn’t know people still used spelling and grammar errors as comebacks, you must still use the internet like it’s 2005 or something. Regardless of who wins, your team has continuously BEEN the weaker of the two in every way besides shooting really. Denver just has a stupid coach… While you got a coach who wants to be a butt hurt hypocrite.

  • cnguyen

    It’s “you’re” smart guy. If YOU’RE gonna try to correct others, you should make sure your grammar is correct as well.

  • Dubz

    Trolls are like assholes, every teams got’em. Just ignore him he’s obviously a douche and not worth the time…

    Anyway, I’m excited for the game tonight. I think we have a real shot. I think all the MJ stuff has been overblown, I think his guys were really upset in the locker room and he was trying to stick up for them. It seemed pretty out of character for him from what I’ve seen of him in the past. However, I do believe this shows that the Nuggets got under the PLAYER’S skins on the Warriors. Especially Curry who was ready to go after anyone who had a few words to say, even fans. The Nuggets just need to continue to do what they did on Tuesday and it seems like he might take himself out of the game. Even if he has a huge game, I hope the Nuggets realize that taking Jack, Landry, and Thompson out of the game is even more important. As long as those guys don’t shoot 50% or better, I bet the Nuggets win. Also, I’m calling a big game from Chandler. Go Nuggets!!!

    • zorba

      Curry’s reaction was really excessive. Makes me think he was under the effect of drugs…

    • Jet

      I have to agree with Dubz. Don’t feed the trolls. I’ve found myself wandering into the GSW blogs, and have found a few Nuggets trolls making the rest of us look bad. It happens in every fanbase.

      As to the way Curry and rest of the Warriors reacted to the increased physicality, that’s a great sign for us, because we’ve gotten under their skin and thrown them off their game.

      I hope to see even more physical play from our guys in game 6. We can afford to take a flagrant 1 here or there, just to show we’re not backing down.

  • Mike K

    The league took umbrage to MJ’s yammering. They asked for a check for $25,000.

    Hope that means the refs ignore him tonight.

    • Mike K

      Guess it was worth the $25k….

  • http://RoundballMiningCompany Mark

    Refss setting up a win for gsw by calling every touch on bubbleboy