You don’t tug on Superman’s cape

Over the last three games the Denver Nuggets have morphed into a team unrecognizable to those who followed them in the regular season. The team that won a franchise record 57 games — and tacked on a 15-game winning streak in the process — has disappeared before our eyes. Though it’s easy to become memorized by the demigod known as Stephen Curry, it’s worth noting that less than two weeks ago Denver was the team whom fans and annalists alike were salivating over — not Golden State.

Saying the Golden State Warriors are hot and there’s nothing anybody can do about it is lazy and incorrect. The Nuggets won 10 more games than the Warriors in the regular season. They defeated the Warriors 3-1 when they met throughout the course of the year. And three of those games came in the early part of the season when the Nuggets were struggling to stay above .500 and had 22 of their first 32 games on the road. Granted, the Warriors were a totally different team then too. They had a healthy David Lee.

Fastforward to the end of April. The Nuggets dropped only three games in a two-month span leading up to the playoffs. (To put things into perspective, the Nuggets have lost three games in a row since the playoffs started.) Meanwhile, the Warriors dropped 12 games in that same amount of time, including three of their last six. But somehow, someway, when the playoffs began the Warriors suddenly transformed into The Best Team Ever.

The problem? Average NBA teams don’t suddenly go all superhero on you just because they felt like it, just because they wanted to, because they secretly held that metamorphic power all along and were only waiting for the right time to unleash it. The Hulk doesn’t turn into the Hulk unless prompted. Superman doesn’t start sawing boulders in half with his eyes unless he has a damn good reason to. For most of their lives Superman and Hulk are nothing more than the mundane Clark Kent and Bruce Banner. And they’re perfectly content with that. But what you absolutely, positively must keep in mind at all times when in the presence of Clark Kent and Bruce Banner is that they’re still capable of doing incredible things — just like every NBA team (sans the Bobcats, maybe) and many players throughout the league.

For those with innate superhero powers (i.e. Steph Curry) the playoffs are a robbery, a kidnapping, an injustice which must be rectified. Their game will always climax when the season is on the line and the lights shine brightest. As an opponent your mindset should be to shut them down, but in reality your goal must be to mitigate what predetermined damage is bound to occur. That goal, however, cannot be compromised. When in a battle with a superhero what will ultimately get you killed is pushing their buttons. Or in NBA terms: letting them do what they want.

Through four games this series, George Karl has let Steph Curry and the rest of the Golden State Warriors do exactly what they want. The Warriors like to shoot, so Karl abides by designing a defense that provides them open shots. Mark Jackson likes to give fiery sermons, so George Karl counters by preaching calmly as if nothing is wrong when his team’s actually on the brink of a meltdown. Worst of all, Golden State has a player with superhero powers, and knowing this, Karl decides to do the last thing on earth you’re supposed to do when facing a superhero, which is give them a reason to transform. That reason is Andre Miller.

Steph Curry is dangerous for essentially two intrinsic reasons: (A) his quick release, and (B) his accuracy. If you give Steph Curry a smidgeon of daylight, he’s gonna make you pay. Knowing this, you’d think Karl would chose to guard Curry with one of his two best perimeter defenders, either Andre Iguodala or Corey Brewer. These players understand the nuances of defense and what it means to guard a jump shooter with proximity. Instead, Karl chose to guard Curry for large part of Game 4 with his worst individual defender (one of the worst in the league) who’s clueless about the value of spacing when defending a shooter with a quick release, as can be seen below.

1. The following screenshots unfold in a few seconds time. Curry dribbles up the floor with Miller guarding him, executes a simple crossover dribble and gets past Miller with minimum effort. By the time he reaches the top of the key (which is about 10 feet from when he started his crossover), Miller isn’t even close to being able to contest his shot. And once in the key, Curry draws the Nuggets help defenders his way which leaves other men wide open, whereupon he makes an easy pass to an open man for an uncontested shot or takes a fairly open shot himself. Easy as pie.

Ease 1

Ease 2

Ease 3

2. The following is virtually the exact same play as the one seen above. Curry starts off at the top of the arc with Miller guarding him one-on-one. There’s movement down below but nothing to impede on Curry’s sole focus, which is to take Miller to the rack. After a few dribble crossovers, Miller is spent. He then lazily shifts his feet straight forward, placing his body weight on his heels, which allows Curry to score a routine, uncontested teardrop in the lane.

Cross 1

Cross 2

Cross 4

3. For the third time in just a few minutes span in the third quarter, Curry yet again finds himself guarded one-on-one by Miller at the top of the arc. And for the third time, Curry routinely crosses over Miller, drives left and penetrates the lane with ease. This time Curry even marches all the way in for a scoop layup as his teammates have confused the Nuggets big men with trivial shuffling down below.

Left 1

Left 2

Left 3

Left 4

Left 5

4. Of all the times Miller was schooled in the third quarter, this might be my favorite. Here we see Curry bring the ball up with three Nuggets defenders in front of him. Realizing he’s screwed, Miller raises his hand up and begs in a pantomime fashion for help from somebody, ANYBODY!!! With the baseline ripe for penetration, Curry fakes that way and instead hesitates with a behind-the-back dribble that nearly sends Miller into another dimension. By the time Miller is able to stand fully upright again Curry is already in shooting motion. And instead of at least getting a hand up, Miller puts both in his pockets, cocks his head back and waits for the sweet splash he’s become all too familiar with over the course of the season.

Point 1

Point 2

Point 3

Point 4

Point 5

Point 6

Throughout the game seven of Curry’s 10 field goals came by way of isolation. In only two of those instances was a pick even set and in those situations Curry didn’t use the pick to explode towards the basket or shake his defender for an open shot. In fact, he didn’t even use the pick at all. Instead, Curry dribbled until he was once again face to face with his defender, almost as if he preferred to humiliate them all by himself. And aside from two of those isolation baskets, all were defended by none other than matador maestro, Andre Miller.

Nuggets fans are in quite a state of disbelief right now. There looks to be no light at the end of the tunnel. They’re frustrated with George Karl, and rightly so. But this series is not over yet. Until the Warriors advance, the Nuggets will continue to remain the better team in the eyes of many. But if things are to change, it starts with George Karl. He did an incredible job of coaching this team to 57 wins and a three seed in the regular season; there’s absolutely no reason why he can’t turn this sinking ship around and dispel the stigmas about superstars and uptempo offenses he’s been talking about all year. But if he’s to find himself on the good side of history (instead of the bad, which is where he usually resides this time of year), then things have to change. Karl has to change. No more Andre Miller on Steph Curry. No more playing roulette with the lineup. No more lackadaisical defense. No more letting Golden State do exactly what they want!

As the great Jim Croce once said: You don’t tug on Superman’s cape.

If Karl tugs any harder, he’ll get what’s coming to him.

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Kalen Deremo

Kalen was born in Durango, CO, in 1988 and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2013 with a degree in journalism. He's now an itinerant hoping to travel as much as possible before eventually succumbing to the "real world." Aside from writing Kalen likes movies, music, spicy food and the great outdoors. Edward Abbey is his current idol.

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  • Woobly o Balls

    Great post

    • Thomas

      That is if you actually believe GK will admit that his schemes don’t work and not play Miller, 2 PG line-ups and small ball. Has never happened and I doubt it starts today.

      I’d rather they get this over with and we pray that somehow they grow some balls and get rid of GK (better for everyone if he quits).

      For the long-term prospects of the team and the sanity of our fan base, the only viable option is to get rid of GK.

      Just saying that I don’t believe in unicorns and I’d much rather have hope for seasons to come than see GK stay and remain the fan-slayer that he is – killing hopes of all fans that wish for playoff success.

      • ryanhodo

        As much as I hate to say it, I have to agree. I’ve been a GK supporter from his first day in Denver. But I can’t take this playoff failure any more. It’s too much. He has a team now and has had prior teams capable of competing for a spot in at least the WCF each season, if not a birth into the Finals once or twice. Masai Ujiri has made incredibly smart decisions with player personnel, but his biggest test will be releasing GK after this season if they lose in the first or even the second round. We’re never going to get over that championship competing hump if we keep things the same. We have a young team that is meshing well, it’s a great time to bring in new leadership.

        • Fed up Nug

          Not to be a dick but how did it take you so long to acknowledge something so obvious? George Karl’s ability to coach has been in question since 06. When the Clippers tanked to the six seed so they could get the easy first round match up and proceeded to dominate us in 5. The next year the Spurs tanked their last three games so they could get the easy first round match up and proceeded to dominate us in 5. The next year was the infamous “don’t just sit there” meltdown when the team flat out gave up on him and the Lakers DOMINATED us in 4. The next year he sabotaged the Billup’s led WCF run with his unbelievable incompetence, playing AC on Kobe and totally failing (of course) to draw up a play out of bounds, not once but twice. The last few years have been no better and now we’re staring down the most humiliating post season failure in franchise history.

          Again I’m not trying to be an ass, I’ve seen a few people say they’ve finally seen the light and realized Karl is doing a terrible job. I just wonder, why are people noticing now? He has been terrible for years.

  • CJP32

    In that 4 minute span with Andre defending him, Curry went 6/7 for 16 points. Meanwhile CBrew was watching from the bench shaking his head.

    In GM 5, I want to see a starting 5 of Ty, CBrew, Iggy, Faried, Chandler. Minimal bench minutes for Dre, McGee and Randolph. Focus on defense and creating fast breaks.

    It would be nice too if Iggy could play an offensive game for two whole halves, not just one.

    • http://espn herpderpnuggets

      Fournier as well, he has actually played pretty well except the fact that he cant hit 3’s

    • leeds

      did you read the SB Nation article on Brewer. He let Curry let started by going “rogue” on defense.

      Brewer gambles too much.
      Iggy should be on Curry or try Stone to rough him up a bit.

      Remember CP3 didnt like it when DJones pushed him around in 2009? Need to do the same thing to Curry tonight

      • CJP32

        Yeah and I also watched the game live – 2 plays Brewer messed up and Denver paid for it. But Curry went on to score 16 points on Dre. Not sure that would have happened had Brewer stayed on the court though….GM 5 we will see a more focused Brewer.

  • Jonathan

    great article!

  • Jonathan

    disappointing series for all nuggets fans but this outlines the source of the problems!

  • tz13

    Like somebody has already written down here, I really think that Nuggets overachieved the regular season. And Karl was the main cause and the man to thank for it. With 3-4 games per week, it is impossible to prepare every match and knowing in detail how to play against a certain team. Coaching strategy has always been to speed up the tempo, fast break, energy in rebounds and easy paint shooting. Every different game rised up a different superstar in this team, giving no reference point to Nuggets’ opponents.

    But with playoffs, things change. You know that you are going to play at least 4 games against the same team, and coaching suddenly becomes completely different. Jackson is outcoaching Karl because he has prepared a strategy to limit Nuggets’ strength and to hit on where it hurts.

    Nuggets are not sinking because they miss a superstar like Curry. This guy is the most talented and the top scorer of his team, but all the Warriors roster are doing it great. Better than us in rebounds, assists, blocks, steals and FG percentage. But basketball is not only stats. I prefer watching games and cannot recognise the Nuggets. Tough shots, very nervous, too many experiments.

    Let’s hope Karl has a strategy for Game 5 and let’s see what happens. Come on Denver, come on nuggets!

    • Riley

      Yeah and the ball movement is almost completely gone. They were third in the league in assists but in games 1 and 4 they only average 15. Ty is of course the only one who this does not pertain to

      • tz13

        exactly Riley. This means not easy baskets, very easy to defend and also opponents are not tired when it’s their attacking time. That is correlated with also the fact that we have been outblocked so far by GSW.

  • steve

    Miller should not play more than 12 minutes unless he is torching them. Brewer should be on him and maybe even Stone. I liked the way Stone was guarding Curry for the few minutes last game before Curry went out after being poked in the eye. Length and quickness is what is needed for curry.

  • Thomas

    I actually liked Juylan’s defense on curry for that short few minutes span

  • Evan S

    Great article

  • Old Timer

    Brewer cannot guard Curry either. He is not quick enough laterally and when Curry does not have the ball, Brewer loses him. In game four there was a sequence where Hastings said that Iggy told Brewer to stop sagging off of Curry and that very play Curry was on the weak side and Brewer simply turned his back. Curry drifted a few feet up the three point line and received a swing pass and drilled a three. Brewer’s gambling and lack of attention is a killer combo against Curry.

    I know Iggy has done a very good job shutting down Clay Thompson in games three and four, but I think he is the best option to cover Curry.

    The other thing they need to do is put Curry on his butt a couple of times. Run through him and make him wonder if you are going to do it again. Maybe it will get him three free throws, but if it causes him to think about who is running at him instead of just focusing on the hoop when he shoots, it will be worth it. That may not be a very popular tactic, and GS could certainly do the same to Ty in retaliation, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

  • Old Timer

    My favorite sequence is the first one where Curry goes from being three feet in front of Miller to three feet past him in about two seconds. The sad thing is Miller is shading him to go that direction. With Miller angled to his right, Curry’s left, he is better able to react to Curry driving that direction. He has such heavy feet that he cannot react fast enough to even keep contact.

    When Curry has the ball at the top of the circle Denver needs to zone up in a 1-2-2 so they can help on him whichever way he goes, especially if Miller is on him. Of course doing so will require quick rotations to recover and we know how well the Nuggets execute even the most basis rotations. They have gotten a little better from the beginning of the year, but sadly it is still not good enough.

    • CMFJ

      “He has such heavy feet that he cannot react fast enough to even keep contact.”

      Exactly, and because Curry has such range, Miller has to stay close even at 26 ft. His choices are either to give up a 3 or to have Curry blow by him.

      The other Andre or Brewer seem preferable. Brewer certainly has at least as much lateral quickness as Miller, but can also play a little more off of Curry due to his length.

      At this point, it isn’t about shutting Curry down, but slowing his roll.

  • Native Nugget

    Loved the article. Have read a lot of posts either demanding Karl’s head or claiming he’s an amazing coach and only the frustrated followers on Roundball can’t see this. Then there are those that see Karl as a great regular season coach and a poor playoff coach. I’m in this camp.
    You can’t claim the problem is our talent when we are clearly the deeper team. Outside of Curry, the Nuggs can put a more talented player in every position, especially given that Lee is out. No matter how you slice it, this was among the strongest teams the Nuggs have ever entered into the finals with, they had home court, they won the season series, the sole all-star for GS got injured AND we are still getting creamed. Don’t try to make a case for waiting, developing, getting a few key players, GS going on an unusual run, or blaming it on the refs. NO amount of distortion can account for the simple fact that we are underperforming under GK in the playoffs and this is a trend consistent to his entire career.
    Simple test: Name ONE playoff series in which a GK team over performed? I challenge anyone defending Karl’s playoff coaching to stop making excuses and lay out the evidence of his playoff coaching talent.

    • LBJ

      What are you talking about?? Bogut (the #1 overall pick) is twice as good as any post on the Nuggets. Barnes and Thompson are very talented players (taken #7 and #11). Curry is better than Lawson and Faried is gettng schooled by Landry. Iggy over Klay Thompson is our only advantage.

      • Thomas

        Chandler is better than Barnes, AI is better than Klay, a healthy Faried is better than Landry or Bogut, and our bench is in theory deeper than theirs.

        What is most puzzling is that now for the last 144 minutes (3 games) since Faried came back, he played a grand total of some 15 minutes alongside Koufos – posting a +4 in that span.

        What’s downright idiotic is that our starting five has played ZERO minutes together in this series!

        • nugswin

          Faried has not ever played as well as Bogut did until the gruesome elbow injury. He led the league in blocks yearly, combines that with being a quality man-to-man defender and is a high IQ guy with great passing ability. Frankly, it’s not even a close comparison and it’s too bad for us that he’s just getting back to being himself right as we meet them in the playoffs.

          • Thomas

            Much different players, but I’d go with a healthy Faried.

            Despite size difference, Faried is a better rebounder. His average PER in his first 2 years is higher than any year of Bogut’s career, with the exception of 2010. His win share/48 minutes in his first two seasons is higher than any year Bogut has played – not to mention that his contributions added to a team that reached 57 wins in 2013, whereas Bogut’s Bucks only won 46.

            Regardless if you agree with stats or not, those are the numbers. A very good case can be made to pick Faried (unfortunately not yet in this series!).

            • Old Timer

              You cannot judge Bogut by PER. Hollinger himself has admitted over and over that PER does not capture a player’s defensive production other than blocks and steals. Bogut is shutting down the lane when he is in the game. Faried cannot and will not ever be that kind of player.

              Nuggets fans, and management, need to realize that Faried is great in space, but when the lane turns into hand to hand combat, which it does in the playoffs, he is very undersized and will struggle. Not only is he dwarfed by Bogut, Landry has 20 pounds on him. Faried is basically the same size as Draymond Green.

              I believe Bogut has been just as valuable to GS as Curry has.

              • Thomas

                Nonsense. As long as Faried is playing alongside KK (which has been a rare occurrence in the playoffs), Bogut becomes a non-factor and we win the rebounding edge.

                You seemed to forget that last year against the much bigger Lakers in the playoffs, Faried not only held his own he dominated a couple of games and averaged a double double in less than 30 minutes.

                Of course, if you play him straight against Bogut alongside Chandler, bad things happen. He is not a center and only GK doesn’t see that.

              • Old Timer

                I’m talking about defending the paint. If you think Faried can lock down the paint defensively the way Bogut has you are crazy. Faried cannot even guard his position. There is a reason Karl is assigning Chandler to cover Bogut. If Faried was anything in real life as you think he is, Karl would have Faried guarding Bogut and Bogut would not be a factor on offense. As it is Faried is guarding Barnes to start games with the hope he can sag off, cover the lane and crash the boards and please tell me how that is going.

                For everyone who wants Koufos to play more, just watch him, he is getting physically dominated and Denver cannot afford to have him on the court. Denver desperately needs Koufos deliver to compete tonight, but there is no evidence over the previous four games that will happen. I am fine with reinserting Koufos him into the starting lineup, but how he plays to begin the game will show whether or not they can afford to keep him out there.

        • Felix

          I cannot agree that Faried is better than Bogut, but even if you are correct, this is not fantasy basketball, where the sum of all parts equates to relative strength. It is always about matchup, devising strategies to take advantage of any mismatches and deploying schemes to counter such efforts.

          What the nuggets have is a very deep team devoid of superstars, and we call it teamwork. In reality, we have a team that is 10 or 11 deep, with maybe three well rounded players, and about two or three specialists who excel in certain situations. The rest of this bunch? Can do most things very well, but each of them has glaring weaknesses, maybe lacking one of speed or size or range or defense or scoring. During regular season GK was able deploy each of them wisely, creating mismatches for the other team and using Denver’s altitude to achieve disproportional home court success. In other words, this team regular season performance is a poor indicator of its postseason fortunes.

          More importantly, without Gallinari and a barely healthy Faried, nuggs do not have options in the frontcourt. There has been some good spurts by Chandler, Faried or even Randolph playing defense, but there has not been a combination that is athletic enough to match the speed/defensive range of Barnes/Landry and the 4 and Bogut’s physical presence in the middle, while also doubling as legitimate options outside the paint on offense. Barnes/Landry/Bogut has taken turns to dominate in each game after Lee went down. Regardless of two or three guard sets deployed by the warriors, this is one mismatch upfront GK have yet to fix.

          Against a two-guard set of the warriors, Iggy defending Curry and Brewer on Jack is probably the best bet. Corey’s aggressive nature may lead to defense breaking down in pick n roll situations, allowing Jack to feed to a mismatch frontcourt player, or simply become open for no reason. To me that’s not a bad situation because I would rather see Jack or Landry take a mid range shot than Curry getting open looks from 3 point range.

          The biggest problem comes against a 3 guard set, because it means Miller or Ty will be in the line up. Let’s automatically assume Miller is not an option. Ty, meanwhile, has demonstrated to be a defensive liability because of the size mismatch. Playing three taller guys is not an option either, as quickness of the warriors guards will help them easily find open space against taller but slower players. Moreover, none of the guys left in the frontcourt is capable of scoring much or become the go-to scorer.

          GK has offered no solution for this frontcourt mismatch. However I believe the best solution in the backcourt is to put iggy on curry and corey on jack. Put ty on Thompson and let warriors live and die with a streaky shooter who is no curry.

          Years of disappointment have taught me one very important lesson: Lower expectations. I am too numb to be frustrated anymore.

          • Thomas

            I just wish GK became someone else and played Ty-AI-Chandler-Faried-KK for the majority of the game, do or die.

            I’d venture to guess that we would win comfortably, at home, despite Curry scoring 30 or 40+.

          • LBJ

            Felix – nice analysis of the Nuggets. While I’ll admit what we are doing now isn’t working, I’m not sure I agree with your 3 guard defensive assignments. Jack would overpower Brewer and Ty is too small to guard Thompson.

        • LBJ

          There is no way in hell Faried is better than Bogut! He is getting his ass kicked by Carl Landry.

  • heykyleinsf

    Thank you Kalen and all RBMC for working so hard
    this season. This is a great forum.

    I am not even watching tonight.

    I will see you all back here in the offseason
    pending shakeups we know are coming.

    Great year.

    Unacceptable playoffs. AGAIN.

  • ny nugs fan

    thought julyan stone came in and did a great job picking his guy up

    koufos needs to throw bows and set hard picks; ohio state style

    we just need a win baby

    let’s go

  • leeds

    did you read the SB Nation article on Brewer. He let Curry let started by going “rogue” on defense.

    Brewer gambles too much.
    Iggy should be on Curry or try Stone to rough him up a bit.

    Remember CP3 didnt like it when DJones pushed him around in 2009? Need to do the same thing to Curry tonight

  • http://espn gary g

    Bottom line…Karl sux and so does this team. Can’t believe i bought into this hoax. Still supporting the team but this one is over like yesterday’s lunch. Way to go go Nuggets for making the friggin Warriors look like the show-time fakers.

  • Brian C

    The problem isnt really Curry he can get his. The problem is Jarret Jack going for 25 a game and shooting 75% from the field. Also Carl Landry. Karls stupid trap he keeps sending is leaving Landry wide open for jumpers and hes hitting them. Jack is pretty much doing whatever he wants to do..

  • A.D.

    Clearly, we’re looking at a loss of identity. Could be where we land when you put a team that thrives off of high emotion atmosphere with the pressure and slower-pace of the playoffs

  • prospector

    Receipt for win:

    Go back to KK, FARIED, CHANDLER (AT SF), IGGY, TY…
    Rotate MOZZY (no more randolph, he is totally lost in the playoffs), MCGEE, EVAN, J STONE, and perhaps a little JHAM for kicks… (also I want IGGY to play the PG for a few minutes along side EVAN)..
    NO MILLER (no explanation needed)… NO MORE BREWER (unless IGGY is guarding CURRY).. I am so sick of Brewer’s gambling on defense… Anyone who is dumb enough to leave CURRY open to cheat in the paint is no longer needed on my team….
    DO you hear me… NO MILLER… NO BREWER… EQUALS WIN… MASAI you better make sure IGGY is on the team next year MINUS MILLER and BREWER!!!

  • prospector

    Daily friendly reminder:

    The sorry excuse for a point guard has probably set a NBA record for most playoff games played in without a series win…

    • Tony

      He is 0-9 which ties the record. Can’t remember who he is tied with at this moment.

  • GAC

    What a surprise, another playoff meltdown orchestrated by GK. It is gonna be hard to not just turn the tv off when Miller enters the game since we all know what is going to happen. Anyone that is still saying it is not GK’s fault is delusional. I cannot support this team anymore with that clown running the show.

  • clive

    every 2-point guard lineup is killing us. the only positive 2-pg lineup was with Fournier and Lawon, but that’s only +4 (+/-).

  • Joji

    Too many excuses and justifications for Denver’s failures. Isn’t as simple as the Warriors are playing better and the more talented team? I feel bad for Karl and Andre for being the scapegoats. Be A TEAM and win or lose as a TEAM!

    • GAC

      You honestly feel bad for Karl, after he sat by and let Miller get torched by Curry? I am not even going to acknowledge feeling sorry for Miller considering he doesn’t play defense or even give an effort. A TEAM is only as good as its weakest link, don’t complain when people point it out.

  • Fed up Nug

    Another must watch recap from bballbreakdown.

    “Andre Miller shouldn’t be anywhere close to Curry unless it’s after the game and they’re having a dinner together”

  • al68

    Despues de ver por segunda vez el partido, puedo decir que sabiendo que Curry es muy bueno, la principal diferencia son las alineaciones estupidas de GK, sacando a chandler contra Bogut, dejando a Mcgee con Landry que le deja tirar solo de media distancia, lo unico que sabe hacer, defendiendo fatal a Jack 20 puntos y 62%,que esta jugando a placer tirando desde fuera y entrando facil a canasta.

    La solucion jugar más con Fournier que esta defendiendo bien y siendo agresivo, salir con chandler de suplente y con un pivot que no sea Koufos de inicio, decir a Iggy que no intente jugadas dificiles que acaban en TO, y ser mucho mas agresivos sobretodo dentro sobre los centers sin importar las faltas ya que tienen muy mal FT y ademas tenemos 4 centers.

  • Z

    Ty/Iggy/Chandler/Faried/KK nuggets win if they start

    • Fed up Nug

      Rumor is that the coty will be starting Ty/Brewer/iggy/Faried/Chandler… Lol

  • Jeff

    What happened to Andre Miller finding open guys for lobs on the break? What happened to those 3 minutes runs where we force turnover after turnover that seemed to happen once a game or so? What happened to Koufos starting the game with some easy hooks in the paint to get our flow going?


  • thawk

    So, how long till the negative nancy’s come crawling back after they threw their hissy fit and wrote this team off?

    haha, losers. GO NUGS!

  • clive


  • Aaron

    OH MY GOODNESS, TAKE ANDRE MILLER OUT OF THE FREAKING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • leeds

    WTF….get Miller out now when there is a timeout. 100-93…take Miller out now for defense

  • JetLife82

    No matter if we win or lose, the offseason is just around the corner. Watching the Nuggets flounder in the first round, there is one obvious weakness I can see that needs to be addressed: outside shooting.

    Denver is a team that lives in the paint. That’s no secret. The Warriors have packed the paint, played zone defense and forced the Nugs to hit outside shots all series. With no reliable shooters in the game the Warriors have been able throw a spanner in the Nuggets offense quite easily.

    Rather than go for a wing player who can shoot lights out, Ujiri should sign and trade Mozgov for a first round pick, use the extra cap space to re-sign Brewer and go after a cheap stretch 4 option either in the draft or from free agency. Channing Frye would be good if he’s healthy but a younger, cheaper player like Justin Harper might be a better option. This player then backs up Faried, while Wilson Chander mainly sticks to SF.
    I also think that JHam should be moved this offseason. Maybe sign a bunch of guys to the summer league team including some good perimeter scorers and see how he compares. If he plays well enough let him keep his spot. Otherwise give it to someone better who gets paid less.

  • Aaron

    un real. Miller kills us for the whole quarter. un real. I was all happy to write a good comment about this game. I’m even mad with us winning

    • leeds

      It’s because now Karl thinks he can still use Miller and Ty at the same time if we pull this one out

  • ny nugs fan

    what mark jackson doesn’t realize is that we don’t even need to play the way he thinks we’re playing or create a mirage for the refs about what happend on the floor to smoke dat azz

    one possession, one quarter one game at a time

    let’s go!

  • doop snog

    Andre Miller’s +/- splits for this series
    Game 1: +5 (shooting unconsciously)
    Game 2: -8
    Game 3: -9
    Game 4: -5
    Game 5: -5 (won by 7)

    Denver +/- when Ty Lawson and Miller share the floor
    Game 1: -5 (18 minutes)
    Game 2: -14 (20 minutes)
    Game 3: -9 (17 minutes)
    Game 4: -9 (13 minutes)
    Game 5: -6 (18 minutes)

    Ty Lawson +/-
    Game 1: -8
    Game 2: -24
    Game 3: -2
    Game 4: -20
    Game 5: +6

    It’s hard to say this, but it looks like Andre isn’t our only problem this series.