Reaction: Nuggets 88, Warriors 92 – Another 1st round exit for Denver

Capitalizing on the many mistakes made by the Warriors down the stretch, the Nuggets put themselves in a position to win this game near the end. They closed the deficit to just two points with 32 seconds remaining after having trailed by as many as 18 earlier in the fourth quarter. But with poor offensive execution in those final seconds, punctuated with symbolic flair by a missed Andre Miller 3-pointer on their final possession, they ultimately fell short of a comeback, and fell to their ninth first round playoff exit in ten seasons, eight (or seven) under the tenure of George Karl.

There is a lot that could be said about this one game. But it was essentially a microcosm and extension of the entire series. The Nuggets were never able to establish the upper hand in exerting the hallmarks of their style of basketball: forcing turnovers, scoring in transition, and most especially racking up points in the paint. After averaging 19.8 fast break points and 57.5 paint points per game in the regular season, the Warriors held Denver to just 13.3 and 47.3, respectively.

It’s fair to say that everybody was surprised by the version of Andrew Bogut that showed up. Mobile, energetic and aggressive, he denied the Nuggets inside shots and, for the most part, dominated the glass. He played tough, and his inside presence more than compensated for the loss of David Lee (which in terms of the physicality of the playoffs, and how they specifically match up with Denver, may actually have been addition by subtraction for the Warriors).

But nobody was more unprepared for him than the Nuggets, who were caught totally off guard when Koufos and McGee seemed helpless against him early in the series, and Karl compounded the problem by starting Chandler at center in multiple games. With Bogut controlling the glass, the Nuggets struggled to create transition opportunities, and when they tried to attack the basket, he was usually there to block and alter shots, and essentially prevent any easy scoring.

By comparison, the Nuggets centers were more disappointing than not. Koufos basically withered and disappeared for much of the series, including tonight’s critical elimination game, in which he ended up accomplishing the improbable by having a +/- of -21 in 21 minutes in a 4-point loss. Aside from setting a couple nice screens for Lawson, he was practically worthless. He has now pretty much disappeared in every playoff series he’s played for the Nuggets, and one must wonder if he’s really built for the postseason.

McGee fared a little better over the series. He had bursts of energetic, game-changing play in some (but not all) of the games, and though he continued to be lost defensively much of the time when he got drawn out of the paint, he kept the “Shaqtin” fodder to a minimum. He had one of his better games tonight, where his assault on the offensive glass played a big part in the Nuggets establishing an early lead. All the potential is still there, but he still clearly has a long way to go with fundamentals like simply staying in position and blocking out (only 3 of his 10 rebounds were defensive – Iguodala, by comparison, had 7). Though he made big strides this season, he remains a work in progress.

But the Nuggets’ offensive shortcomings did not only result from transition and paint points. When Gallinari went down, one of the big questions was whether Chandler would be able to step up and fill the scoring void. And for a while through the last games of the regular season, he seemed to be rising to the occasion. Unfortunately, that pretty much all went out the window when the playoffs started. After going for a career high .556 TS% in the regular season, Chandler was held to .458 in this series, and his 3-point percentage dropped from .413 to .310. The Nuggets needed more from him, and he wasn’t able to deliver. In tonight’s game, he shot 5-17 (1-6 from the arc), and if he had come through as the offensive player some hoped he might be, Denver just might have survived this game.

The Nuggets’ inability to make their 3-point shots hurt them badly in this series (except in game 5, when they actually made a few) by concedeing a huge shot value advantage to Golden State, and by destroying their ability to space the floor and create paint points. And Chandler alone was not to blame. One might think that for a player who takes as many 3-pointers as Brewer does, he probably couln’t ball below his season percentage of .296. Yet he somehow managed to brick his way down to .250 this series (including 0-5 from the arc tonight). Lawson also plunged from a regular season .366 to a disastrous .190 against the Warriors. Somewhat surprisingly, the only player whose 3-point shooting actually improved was Iguodala, who jumped from a regular season percentage of .317 to .483 in this series.

Of course, with just six games we are dealing with a small sample size, but it’s enough to drive the point home that the Nuggets are badly missing a consistent, reliable perimeter shooter. It was rumored earlier this season that they are targeting Kyle Korver in free agency, and if they do succeed in landing him it should add a very much needed dimension to their offense (the fact that Gallo should return at some point during the 2013-14 season notwithstanding).

But enough about offense. The real story of this series was the complete and utter collapse of Denver’s defense. To a certain extent it is tempting to cut them some slack for this. Strictly in terms of matchups, of all seven opponents the Nuggets might have faced in the playoffs, the Warriors were probably the worst one, with Denver’s biggest defensive weakness and Golden State’s biggest offensive strength forming a perfect storm of raining 3-pointers. We saw Stephen Curry put in an amazing shoting performance of historical proportions that looked unstoppable by even the greatest NBA defense. And there was not only the unexpected emergence of super-Bogut, but also of rookies Harrison Barnes and Draymond Green. Simply put, the Warriors turned out to be an offensive juggernaut on a scale nobody had quite imagined.

But there are no excuses in the playoffs, and both the players and Karl let the situation get more out of control than necessary.

If Masai Ujiri and the Nuggets front office take only one lesson away from this series, it will hopefully be this: George Karl and Andre Miller are bonded in an unholy alliance that needs to be broken up for the good of all parties involved. When Miller’s on offense, the fast pace Denver needs to play at screeches to a grinding halt, he dribbles away the shot clock usually looking first for his own shot off a post-up, and all the other players stand around. It’s a bad flashback back to the Allen Iverson days (though Miller operates at a slower speed).

But when he’s on defense. Oh, when he’s on defense. Pretty much, the whole system breaks down. There’s not much need for me to rehash here what Matt already broke down (here) and Kalen expanded on (here) in great detail. But everything we at RMC have been saying for a long time about Miller’s defense was exacerbated by orders of magnitude in this series. His hero ball worked to get the Nuggets a win in Game 1 (and then never again after that), giving Karl cover – though he might not need or want it anyhow – to play Miller for too many minutes, play him alongside Lawson too much (an open invitation to Curry and Thompson to fire away like they’re in the 3-point contest), and leave him late in the games on critical defensive possessions. Karl clearly – though to many of us inexplicably – has an infatuation with Miller that goes well beyond any good, rational basketball sense or logic.

Ujiri and Kroenke do not deem yet another first round departure sufficient cause for Karl’s teermination (though many Nuggets fans certainly will). If that’s the case, then we can only hope they’ll understand the importance of trading Miller this offseason in order to discard its weakest defensive link, and prevent Karl from overusing him in the future. At his best, Miller brings some crafty post work and ball distribution. And he has won the Nuggets some games when he’s been on. But in the bigger picture he’s a greater liability than asset, and he’s just not a good fit with the Nuggets as currently constructed.

But not all of Denver’s defensive woes can be blamed on Miller. As Matt wrote about in his Game 6 preview (here), Faried struggled to guard Barnes on the perimeter. As mentioned above, the centers struggled to contain Bogut.

Brewer was a disappointment defensively through much of the series. He usually gambles too much, but he went way overboard with taking too many risks, leaving shooters open, having to play catch-up and go for reach-in fouls (something which got him into early foul trouble tonight). Prior to this series I was somewhat firmly in the “Denver should bring back Brewer” camp. He did a great job early in the season of helping keep the team afloat when Gallo and Ty were slumping, he’s a hard worker and he’s a great person. But at the very least, I’d be looking to lower the price tag on a re-signing if I were Ujiri.

It also must be acknowledged that Lawson, too, was one of the weakest defensive links in this series. Despite some big successes on the offensive end, Lawson ended up after Koufos (-0.43) with the second lowest +/- per minute (-0.22). Even granted that +/- is an imperfect stat, and is dependent on which players someone is sharing the floor with (when Iguodala was resting on the bench, usually Miller was in alongside Lawson for the double whammy), that’s an extremely poor number, and it’s there above all because Lawson got torched at the arc.

But this is where it comes back to Karl’s blind Miller love. And being that both Kalen and Charlie have posts on Karl in the works, I’m going to make just one simple point here: Players like Lawson and Faried are flawed defensively. Thatt’s in part inevitable (Lawson’s height) and in part something they need to work on (Faried’s awareness). But despite that, they’re also incredibly important to the success of the team. They need to be in the game, and given that’s the case, their defensive vulnerabilities need to be masked by the players around them.

In my opinion, the biggest coaching failure by Karl in this series was not trusting Evan Fournier with the larger role he’d proven worthy of late in the regular season. Not only is Fournier a much better fit with Denver’s offense, given his speed, slashing abilities and the fact he doesn’t stop the ball, he’s also a far better defender than Miller. It’s impossible to know if, had Karl trusted his rookie as Mark Jackson did his (which paid off bigtime for him), it would have changed the series enough to alter the outcome of at least one Nuggets loss. But the fact that we didn’t even get to see him try it at poisnt of games when Miller was clearly struggling is, to me, a fairly unforgivable offense.


This game, this series, this season – all we are left with now are the implications they all have for how the Nuggets will approach this offseason and their longer-term future. We’ll see how events unfold in upcoming weeks, and whether this failure (and it is a failure) will negatively impact Denver’s chances of retaining Iguodala or signing free agents. The “Fire George Karl” debate will indubitably rage on. And Ujiri and Kroenke will have to survey a large array of tough choices, more than they probably thought they would have just two weeks ago.

This season was one hell of a ride, and as disappointing as its closure has been, there is a lot to be hopeful about for the future. I for one remain (until given good reason to doubt him) in the “In Ujiri We Trust” camp, and here’s to hoping he’ll use Denver’s flexibility and deep trove of assets to assemble a team that will reach greater heights next season.

And as always, thanks so much for reading, and stay tuned to Roundball Mining Company for furtheer analysis of this playoff series, where things stand now, and where the Nuggets go from here.

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Joel is a long time Denver Nuggets (and Broncos) fan from Colorado who's been living in Japan since the mid-90s, and blogging about the Nuggets since 2008. You can contact and follow him on Twitter: @denbutsu.
  • AaronCAPS

    Nuggets worked hard all season for George Karl to draw up a play that has Andre Miller of all people!? To take a 30 foot jumper. PATHETIC!

    • Old Timer

      The play was drawn up for Lawson, but he could not get free. The problem was it was too slow of a play for a two possession game and no timeouts left. They needed a quick hitting play, not a slow developing one. Once Golden State sniffed it out, Miller had to shoot.

      • LBJ

        It also had nothing to do with the outcome – we were down 4 with 7 seconds left and no timeouts.

        But I’m sure Karl will be blamed for Lawson missing a freaking layup or Chandler fumbling the ball away while he was there for a wide open tip in.

        • clive

          i don’t blame karl for players missing layups. i do blame karl for calling a play that takes 4 seconds to setup when you have 7 seconds left in a 2 possession game.

        • Ryan

          Lawson got clobbered on that play. If the refs make the right call, it could have changed the game…

    • Thomas

      As I no longer will watch the Nuggets as long as GK is coach, I gladly cancelled my NBA leaguepass subscription and I will not attend the 3 or 4 home games I manage to get in when I am in town.

      For the sanity of other fans who are on the fence after yet another GK debacle – I recommend doing the same and avoiding more time wasting.

      I will happily rejoin the bandwagon if GK is gone and management takes a different approach (which isn’t very difficult).

      Use your time wisely – from now on I will.

    • Mike K

      The play shouldn’t have even been drawn for Lawson. It should have been drawn for Iguodala. Let HIM inbound the ball. He could get it back easier with his height and he was the only Nugget player who could shoot the ball from further than 10 feet.

      It would have been a 1 point game with about 3 seconds left and no time outs, but strange things happen in the playoffs and the last 3 minutes of that game.

  • Blacks1218


  • Fraser

    Best 25k Mark Jackson ever spent

    • joshtk

      Agreed, that game was so poorly officiated. Don’t like to be the guy who blames the officials, but it was really bad on lots of obvious calls

    • Mark

      Who knew $25k could buy biased officiating in a clutch playoff game? Unfortunately Karl doesn’t seem to care enough to do the same thing.

  • RegimeChangeTime

    1. Fire Karl.

    2. Only sign Iggy for 12mill per year tops or let him walk.

    3. Trade, amnesty or cut Miller.


      with MCGEE +8 denver

      with Koufos ? -21 ?

      for Nuggets fan in january : Karl best of the world
      Gallinari not important

      • Alessandro

        Gianluca scherzi su Gallinari “not important”?

        McGee he’s a key player for next season. We need a shooter and big man on backup power forward position. Also Gallo have to stay healthy.

        • Alessandro

          McGee is a key player.

          • GIANLUCA

            i tell 1 year ago :
            FIRE KARL and Van Gundy coach .
            Gallo and McGee are very very important !!!
            Gallo is important also with bad % !!!
            and for the nuggets fano of this group KARL was the BEST -.-

            trade/amnesty miller brewer w.chandler mozgov
            for VASQUEZ and KORVER
            free agent Blatche and Budinger


          • Charliemyboy

            McGee needs to perfect a face up jump shot. I saw him take one, and, on balance, it showed nice hands. Any of you old farts remember Daniels of the ABA? He had a jump shot close to the basket that always shot over the opposition. If McGee would practice shooting 50 every day in the paint, straight up, not fade away, he would score 20+ each game; unstoppable. He doesn’t have the (current) balance to try the sky hook.

    • Riley

      We really need to get rid of Miller now. If he is calling out GK for the Loss he needs to get his head out of his ass

      This guy needs to die already

      • Mark

        I hope what he meant by that was, “I suck. I can’t believe he would give me so many minutes in an important game!”

      • Ryan

        I think it speaks volumes to the kind of person Andre Miller is when he throws his only fan in the world under the bus. With that being said, he is right. Karl and Miller can flee from Denver to Mexico together and never be heard from again, Shawshank Redemption-style…

        • Mike K

          I hope Masai read that or heard him say it. Miller seriously has got to go. One way trip outta town. Tierra del Fuego is lovely this time of year.

  • natrho

    This hurts…this game, this series, this season. Don’t know where you go from here. Two years in a row, same team, same result…not sure what other growth you can expect by staying the course.

    They fought hard, but never should have been in the position to have to win a closeout game on the road. Give them credit for not giving up, but just too many holes, too many missed shots, not enough consistency.

    Masai has some tough decisions to make for sure…will be interesting to see where this team goes.

    • googergieger

      His only decision should be Stan Van Gundy or someone new. Then buid roster accordingly. More shooters and such. Team wasn’t the problem. Coach was.

      • Thomas

        Stan would be great.

        Honestly, I think Masai keeps GK. If he does, he is a chicken and a lousy GM.

        • googergieger

          Not up to him with Karl. Kroenke is the guy.

      • Ryan

        Agreed. They stopped doing everything that made them so good during the regular season, mainly pushing the pace the whole game, running off makes and misses alike. For some reason, they turn the playoffs into half-court possessions with Andre Miller dribbling for 20 seconds, then Brewer bricking a 3 as the shot clock expires. If they want to win without a superstar, then they have to play differently than teams with superstars do. The talent is there, just need a coach who will think outside the box and won’t fall prey to slow-it-down playoff basketball

      • Joshua

        GK wins a franchise record 57 games and everyone is now dying for van gundy… Van gundy??? I almost want it to happen so everyone’s brain can explode next year when they realize we really don’t have that great of a team and GK actually is a solid coach.

  • Old Timer

    Only Iguodala stepped up. Ty went 3-14 after starting 4-7. Chandler pulled down 0, ZERO, defensive rebounds in 36 minutes and shot poorly. Corey Brewer continued to shoot too many threes finishing the series with 7 assists and 27 missed threes. Miller took 12 shots and dished out 3 assists. Koufos was atrocious. Someone has to make shots. This loss was not about defense, but horrific and passive offense.

    Such a disappointing outcome. Of course, the ready made excuse of Gallo’s injury will probably ensure status quo for next season. The 57 wins were fun while they lasted, but the playoffs are what matters.

    • Delay

      I hope Iggy comes back he needs to be a go to guy and step up, though his free throws need to improve greatly. Miller needs to go away time now!! McGee needs to start at center and they need to find guys to replace Brewer and Chandler if they can’t become more consistent. But I believe a back court of Ty and Iggy can be good for the Nuggets.

      • Leftbaseline

        Bogut had 21 rebounds. You can’t blame the players here when the tallest guy on the court is 6’7 playing versus a 7 footer. Then add to that Andre Miller guarding Harrison Barnes. Seriously! That 3rd quarter killed us. But it started in the middle of the 2nd quarter when Brewer and Andre were the back court tandem. This team is weak. KK is not a serviceable 5 man. The guy is not a good finisher and gets pushed around by Carl Landry. SMH I am losing it. Time to get wasted.

    • Joshua

      Well if Gk was a good coach none of that would have happened!!! Lmao…

  • Uncivilized

    Well, it was fun guys. It was a great season but I just cant seem to be happy with it. So tried of these first round exits. Its taking a toll on me.


  • Prashant

    10 years of being a Nuggets fan from Cincinnati, I’m done unfortunately. I’m not fanning any team anymore unless the Supersonics come back somehow. It sucks always talking so highly of them every year and then getting merked embarrassingly and telling my friends next year. Shit, I reminsce more on our Melo/AI/KMart/Nene/Birdman/(Ty) days than anything.

    I’m glad we came back from that huge gap in the third but come on.

    • Ryan

      Maybe the SuperSonics can come back and Karl can go coach them and haunt their fans instead of us…

  • googergieger

    Need a new coach pretty much. Most people were in agreement, if he is one and done again with this team, he should be gone. Well, he should be gone. No excuses. Yes the refs gave Golden State the game tonight. But the series as a whole? Well, Warriors did mug us the whole series and Karl let it happen. Should have picked up a tech. Should have just made a passing remark to the media. Not the pathetic and transparent HJ Jackson gave to get calls tonight, but to just say, if this is how the series is going to be played, they need to be consistent. Bigger picture? Clearly McGee should have gotten time and opportunity to get better in the regular season. Clearly Koufos should have been the back up. Clearly Miller should have been limited plenty and sat outright if he complained about it. Clearly this team misses Gallo, if only for the fact that it stops Karl from being too stupid. Clearly this team needed a set rotation to build familiarity and consistency with each other. Clearly we need a new coach. Hopefully Iguodala resigns, though I wouldn’t blame him for leaving. Especially if Karl comes back.

    • GB

      Word. I would like to add:

      Clearly JHam should have been getting a chance to develop since he’s a much more reliable shooter, rebounder, and even defender than Brewer. But he’s not an “energy” guy, which is basically gambling on D that doesn’t get punished as bad in the regular season.

      With Fournier in the pipeline, as well as whoever we get in the draft this year, I think we have the talent to compete in the West, and if McGee keeps developing, we would have the kryptonite to Miami’s success.

      Only one guy in the way: George Karl. This team could win 65 games next year and I won’t give a shit if GK is still the coach, because we WILL get bounced no matter what.

      • JD

        65 games? Seriously? What a joke. This 57-win team just got punished–and badly–by a six seed that lost its second best player in game one. Yes, Karl was terrible early in this series and Miller stunk too. But the rest of this team is nothing special. Chandler was terrible. KK. Brewer. The so-called “Manimal.” The team can’t shoot threes or FTs and they can’t defend. Once the garbage buckets were taken away, Denver was hopeless. Denver will be lucky to win 55 next year. We can blame Karl and Miller, but really this series was no closer than the Lakers one last year.

        • GB

          No, I don’t think that would happen, but even IF IT DID, I wouldn’t care. Just trying to illustrate how regular season wins are meaningless in the Karl-era.

        • googergieger

          Okay. Miller wins game one. Karl decides to over play him the rest of the series despite how bad he was playing. GS goes small. Works for them. Karl decides to match up with it. Which is something you don’t do. You don’t change your style of play to match someone elses, which Karl did the second he was given the excuse to. Beyond the fact he didn’t give McGee that chance to get better in the regular season and gave every chance to Koufos because he loves to prove points. He let the team get beat up without so much as a tech to show for it. But whatever, I guess. Never had a set rotation throughout the season, and constantly went away from hot players in favor to play his favorite ineffective ones. Switch heavy defense that relied a lot on guys like Gallo and Iggy. GS wasn’t the better team. Karl freaked, and like always would rather lose games his way than win any other way. Definition of insanity here. You can say Denver didn’t show up or whatever, but guys were constantly put in places to fail, and this is what Karl always does. I mean how many years of this? Basically Karl supporters, would be the guy that doesn’t buy different toilet paper despite that being literally the only thing that could cause the rash. Instead they’ll blame it on literally everything else and say, “Even if it was the toilet paper, new toilet paper could be worse! It could kill me!”.

    • Thomas

      I’m done with the Nuggets. Will check back and spend my money and time when they get rid of George Karl. What a waste.

  • AaronCAPS

    Blow the team up..Everyone is right man..You cant win with all semi decent players..

    • googergieger

      No. Have young talent that will get better. Has been getting better. Plenty of people with talent. Stacked team honestly. Better team than GS. Karl lost us this series. Like he always does. Because he’ll rather lose his way with his players, than win any other way.

      • mike

        this is UNQUESTIONABLY not a “stacked” team. Faried is a nice ballplayer. But he needs to be coupled with a skilled/dominant type big. Other than that all their bigs should get 15 or less minutes per game in a playoff series. I see people saying nice things about Mcgee and he is an athletic freak but he is also just as freaky bad about all the little things. It kills their defense.

        Chandler was horrible on both ends the entire series and ridiculously bad on the boards the last 3 games. Brewer OK on defense extremely horrible on offense. Lawson was actually pretty mediocre in this series as he was great in game 3, good in games 2/4 and really below standard in every other game including very bad in game 6. Miller played poorly in this series. It was a very bad matchup for him in particular because they could not hide him on anyone essentially the entire series and Mark Jackson smartly put bigger guys on him and he struggled.

        This team’s greatness was a mirage to a degree. It was built on an element of attacking on the fast break that can be mitigated by a smart coach that can go small at times. Andrew Bogut would be the best big on the Nuggets and Curry would be the best player on the nuggets. Jarrett Jack would not be far off Ty’s value or even a healthy Gallo (it should be pretty obvious from this series that ty is a below average defender) The FT shooting has been abysmal all season and played a significant role in losing this game.

        You laying this all on Karl ignores the fact that this team clearly overacheived it’s talent in the regular season based on the style he plays. You are correct that he plays miller too much. Otherwise you have very few complaints. It’s a decent but flawed roster. He can’t make gallo’s ligament not torn. He can’t make Lawson not shoot under 20% from three point land Chandler around 30% Brewer hit 25%.

        I made a mistake by getting on the bandwagon after that Thunder road game win. I had kept to my guns calling this a borderline 2nd round team before that and let that win and the general streak cloud the reality. This team has good talent and runs a system geared to regular season basketball that allows them to overacheive their talent by 4-6 games. They shoot poorly from everywhere on the court beyond 10 feet compared to the rest of the league. Especially in probably the 2 most important areas 3 pt and FT. They have Zero above average defensive bigs (with Mcgee poor and faried below average). They have zero above average 3 point shooters (for their position) Ty, Gallo, Faried are the only guys you could say could be a top 5 guy on a championship caliber team (that doesn’t have 2 top 10 players in the league a la OKC or Miami) and really none should be any better than your second best. (Fournier may jump into this category next season and hypothetically Mcgee could be the best but he has less than 10% shot of meeting even near his peak abilities).

        Disappointing but not unpredictable end of the season. Need to add shooting wing or big. Need at least one big to anchor the team on defense or offense and above average on the other end.

        • googergieger

          No. We’ve already been over this. All you have in this argument is, “espn says this and I am saying the same thing”.

          Curry can’t defend. Can shoot. Needs the refs to protect him on both ends of the court. Bogut got away with murder. Every team is weak in one area. We aren’t. We are stacked. Lots of depth. Karl is the one that has to play who has it going that night the most minutes. He didn’t do that. Never does it. Plays his favorites. Seriously, definition of insanity here. How long do you give Karl a shot before you go, okay need someone new? Golden State didn’t have a better team. Had a horrible defense. Had a very predictable offense. Went small and Karl panicked. Always does. Always will. For all the hate McGee gets, this series proved how much Karl was holding him back. McGee should have been better by now. Eighteen sporadic minutes a game isn’t going to do that, though. Plenty of other examples of b.s. like that as well.

          • heykyleinsf

            well said Goog.
            I totally agree
            I may add..
            it’s a crazy idea of some fictitious playoff fairy…
            that you need a superstar to be….

            They lost their lone all star player
            after our first win.

            We win only one more game while GS
            wins four.


            • Charliemyboy

              All reactive incoherence. Perspective lends that we whipped Memphis ass playing grind; whipped Clipps running; whipped Indiana and Chicago at their games; even whipped NY.. it’s merely a matter of more timely adjustment; Karl needs to adjust more quickly. Saw great things at times; love McGee, Faried, Gallo, Iggy and Ty to eat lunch next year, even in the playoffs. Don’t know enough about Korver; Chandler is here; Kufos can still help. Sorry Miller, Evan will play.

          • Jen

            Not stacked at all. The team has no shooters, which are needed in the playoffs. They got exposed.

            • googergieger

              Yup, we all know you live by the jumper. How is Memphis doing with all their jump shooters? We did not lose this series because of our offense. It was defense. Defensively we have a great roster. Great potential there with Faried and McGee as well, who I don’t think will get better under Karl in that area.

          • LBJ

            Mike: You hit the nail on the head. In no way is this team “stacked” – whatever the hell that means.

            We have some pieces that fit into our style of play. However, if we changed coaches we would also have to overhaul our roster.

            Playing in a post-centric offense requires shooters – which we don’t have (not to mention a post with any back to the basket moves).

            We need to stay the course with this young team and keep adding pieces.

          • Guy

            I have to partly disagree in that I don’t think this team is built for the playoffs. It’s built for one game against a team not to win 4 out of 7. You don’t get all of the transition baskets in the playoffs that you see in the regular season. To win in the playoffs you need:

            1. Shooters who can make shots in key situations especially 3’s.

            2. Bigs who can score in the half court.

            3. Consistent defense and rebounding.

            All of which the Nuggets don’t have. Every team that is moving on with the exception of Miami and the winner of the Houston-OKC series has all of these. I know that Lawson got fouled on that late layup and it had a bearing on the outcome of the game but blaming the refs is bush league. The refs didn’t play poor defense and miss all those open 3’s throughout the series. The truth is that Golden State is the better team when it matters. The play of their rookies alone (Barnes & Green) was the difference in the series. Mark Jackson was not only a better coach in the series but throughout the regular season for he sacrificed wins and played his rookies so they would be ready for the playoffs and now it’s paying dividends.
            The really depressing thing is that I don’t know where the Nuggets go from here. The players that need to be traded don’t have much trade value, the Nuggets are over the cap and they have only one late 1st round pick in a weak draft. Gallo probably won’t play next year, at least at a high level so if they don’t resign Iggy they might as well go for the lottery. I just don’t see a scenario where they get out of the 1st round without addressing at least a couple of the issues listed above and I think I’ve had enough.

            • googergieger

              1. Hamilton and Fournier can shoot. Need more than one dimensionality here.
              2. McGee shows great promise in the post. Maybe give someone like that minutes in the regular season to I don’t know, develop?
              3. Hard to do that when you go small at literally every position majority of the time because, “why not?”. Hard to be consistent with defense when you have Miller on the court not even pretending most of the time, and when you have three different starting line ups, and an infinite amount of different rotations in one playoff series.

              Team isn’t the problem. Could have done plenty of great things defensively. All of which can not be accomplished if you go small all the time, and let your favorite players get away with bad play, and expect consistency from everyone else. Not for nothing, but if my boss tells me to work harder, meanwhile the guy that always gets a raise is the guy that throws his own crap at people, chances are, I’m not going to work all that much harder.

              • Ryan

                Googer is right. Fournier, Hamilton, and Stone could have been our Green and Barnes this series, but Karl let them rot on the bench because they are young players/rookies. Mozgov could have knocked Bogut on his ass, but he doesn’t play at all because Karl has a boner for Koufos. You can’t say this team doesn’t have the talent to win when they don’t use the resources available correctly…

              • Guy

                Hamilton & Fournier can POTENTIALLY shoot. Through no fault of their own we really don’t know what they can do when the lights are the brightest. That was my point about Mark Jackson getting his rookies ready to play in the regular season and living with all the ups and downs.
                We are 2 years into Hamilton’s contract and we still don’t know what he’s capable of. I do agree with you about this being Karl’s fault. The question is now what do they do?? I wouldn’t be relying on Gallo to come back for I remember what happened with McDyess & Laphonso Ellis when they had serious leg injuries. They never played at anything close to an allstar level again.

                McGee shows flashes but will he ever develop any consistency and can he play more than 20 minutes a night?? He’s been in the league 5?? years now and he still plays like a rookie. This is unacceptable.
                All this being said, I think the most disappointing thing about these playoffs is that I probably liked this team more than any Nugget team I’ve seen in the last 25 years and I thought that a team that could find a way to win 57 games in the regular season could at least make it out of the 1st round.
                I do agree that Karl needs to go and that lineups that include Lawson, Miller and Brewer or my favorite Lawson, Miller and Stone should never happen. My favorite Karl comment on TNT last night was when he said the series was lost in games 1 & 2. What a loser, did he expect to just cruise into the 2nd round by not winning any road games?? So Golden State won a road game in game 2. A winner makes adjustments and steals a road game on the other teams court. See Houston, the Celtics and New Jersey.

                If we want Iggy to stay I think the Nuggets have to be willing to go out and get a couple of guys to fill their needs and stop relying on potential. And get a new coach. Wishful thinking.

          • mike

            It has nothing to do with ESPN. I have OVER AND OVER given you clear statistics that imply these players you seem to believe are some type of set of borderline all-star team are actually mostly just above average to average ballplayers. Lawson is overrated on this site because his defense is not valued properly (it’s below average) and he has not been able to hit 3s consistently or set up teammates in the way a top 5 passing PG can. He’s a borderline top 10 PG in this league. The stats clearly say this. (some on here believe he is borderline top 5. they are WRONG.) Iguodala in this series played like a top 30 ballplayer (better than his regular season version). Chandler is a strong BACKUP forward. He obviously can’t be counted on against even a slightly above average defense like GS. NONE of their bigs are anything other than complimentary players (Faried is an extremely effective one, but complimentary none the less). Bogut outplayed them in practically every game in this series because he is finally healthy and has more talent/skill combo than any of them. As has been said on this post for the entire year the Nuggets half court offense is average at best and has long stints MUCH below that. Without gallo they are even worse as he is probably their best half court player. The Warriors turned them into a half court team and this is what you get with this set of talent and lack of shooting/spacing/lowpost threat. Mark Jackson was overheard in the huddle OVER AND OVER saying this. If you take away the fast break and Offensive rebounds the offense is below average without Gallo. Sorry you can’t be realistic about this.

            It would be nice of you to actually ADMIT you were wrong but of course you can’t.

        • mike

          Curry is an AMAZING shooter, very good dribbler and very good passer. He is slightly behind Ty in dribbling and better at passing and UNBELIEVABLY better shooter. Its not close. And defensively they are about equal. Not sure why one couldn’t understand this after watching this series or seeing him at all in the regular season.

          This team is stacked with C+ to B+ level talent.

          Their best big (Faried) is a B with Koufus and Mcgee as C+/B-. Iguodala is a B+. Lawson a B/B+. Gallo B/B+ when healthy. Chandler B/B- Brewer C+ Miller is a C+ that Karl plays as if he is a B+

          Bogut is a B+. Curry is an A-. Jarrett Jack B/B+ Thompson B Landry B-, Barnes is a B. Ezeli C+

          You’re either overrating the Nuggets or underrating the Warriors. You’re making excuses like refs etc. for why they (bogut/curry) played better. They played better because they are better. I don’t really care whether they keep Karl. It’s obvious he isn’t a top 5 coach so if they got in another good coach they would probably be the same results with different team emphasis. It’s silly to pretend this team is on the level of OKC or the spurs or the Heat. You have been making this contention as have a few others. It’s simply not true. Their system allowed them to overachieve in terms of wins during the regular season by 4-6 games.

          Sorry you can’t see this reality googer

          • googergieger

            That explains Houston and Charlotte’s success then. I mean they run too. In Houston’s case they have Harden who you have said is a top ten guy right? But alright Denver won a lot of games because of Karl and his system. Clearly they were the seventh seed that over achieved with the third seed? In any case, post all star break Ty and Curry? Ignoring the fact Curry gets the star treatment and Ty plays on a team that moves the ball around and is forced to play a lot of minutes with Miller. Assist to turn over ratio? Might show you who is a better passer between the two. But alright, this game was lost on the offensive end?

            What is so revolutionary about Golden State’s offense? They live and die by the three. Take away the three. Tell your guys to make a collective effort to crash the glass. Denver played against plenty of great defensive teams that took away the fast break and they won majority of the time this year. Karl panicked. Three different starting line ups in the first round of the playoffs? Random substitutions and line ups thrown out there, throughout? Finally going big for most of game five and succeeding rather easily, and struggling at the end by going small, and then decide the next game which was a close out to go small? He was even reminded in the post game that when he went small in game five Golden State went on a huge run! This isn’t a coaching thing? None of it, according to you. Nuggets over achieved because they ran? Come on, sport.

            Defensively this was a great Denver team with plenty of versatility. Offensively? Well again, Karl panicked. Rest of the team did as well. But no, according to you they got the third seed in the regular season because they ran. Which won’t work in the post season. Ignoring the fact, Denver won plenty of times this regular season not running. Ignoring the fact Karl road Miller regardless of anything else. Ignoring the fact he had three different starting line ups this series with Chandler at center during a stint. Ignoring the fact we dominated game five not playing small(it doesn’t work if your small line up doesn’t even spread the floor!) and only let Golden State back in when Karl decided Miller would play the entire fourth. Ignoring everything else!

            Okay, forget it. Let’s hear it. What is Denver’s system that allowed them to overachieve and tell me how many teams out there have a better one than Denver from top to bottom.

            • mike

              What success are you speaking of concerning Charlotte? They play a high pace but I don’t know if they overplayed their talent or not. As you referenced the rockets have Harden who is an A level Offensive player (probably only 4-6 players in the league that are better in the half court). So when you reference their success you are actually supporting my argument that the Nuggets NEED more talent. And of course their success is as much about Westbrook being injured. It shows you the value of another player you inaccurately trashed during the regular season.

              They are primarily oriented toward the three because they have a top 5 shooter all time two other guys who shoot over 40% from three and another good 3 pt shooter in Barnes (essentially he is equal to the Nuggets best guys though he had a bad March Chandler I think was small sample size and he is more of a mid 30s 3 point shooter). But all those guys have good dribbling and complementary shots off their shooting (Thompson the fading baseline 10 footer, Barnes the Elbow shot). But the offense is predicated on having Curry and Jack break down the defense on a team that has VERY good spacing because of their shooters. Curry is 90% as good as Lawson at driving and Jack 80%. That isn’t an offense just working on the three.

              Game 5 was more about the Warriors not showing up in the first half. The second half Miller in the game that long is inexcusable I agree (especially because of the spacing issues it caused). But that is the only thing you have a legit complaint on.

              Just to be clear the offensively rating according to basketball reference for regular season nuggets is 110.4 (which is essentially how many points per 100 possessions)

              Game 1- 96
              Game 2 117
              Game 3 109.2
              Game 4 105.8
              Game 5 111.6
              Game 6 98

              That means they averaged about 4 points less per 100 possessions (they hit 31% from 3 versus 34% in regular season because of iguodala so that’s not the reason). That offensive rating drops them from top 5 to 14thish. They became Portland’s offense.

              Their defense is NOT stellar. It is slightly above average with Gallinari (11th in the league in points per 100 possessions). Since he was likely their second best perimeter defender (Brewer and him may be a tie) and they have zero above average post defenders it’s likely that a team with 1 Great, 1 extremely good, and 2 very good perimeter players are going to create problems.

              • googergieger

                *face palm*

                Yes supporting your argument. So Charlotte has a worst talented team than us at least. Ignoring the fact you completely are oblivious to the point, because well, you would be. Houston proves you’re an effin mook. According to you, they have a much more talented roster, got the eighth seed because of it, and at home, against a Westbrookless OKC, lost.

                Denver in game six was on the verge of a huge run playing big. Heck Miller was even involved in some of it. Then Karl against overplayed him and went small, and instead of going in at the half up fifteen, we went up like three or something. Which is where the game was lost. Hyperbole, yes I know, but you needed a cushion to hold back the run Golden State was going to be put on.

                So game one and six, are the only poor offensive games Nuggets had? Okay. Golden State was a perimeter driven team. Denver has plenty of perimeter defenders, and if it would have spent the year developing McGee who was huge in the series, despite not once getting significant playing time in it, well, Karl still wouldn’t have played him, and found a way to close with Miller.

                Now again, explain to me Denver’s system that is run by Karl that allows this team to over achieve in the regular season and tell me how many teams top to bottom(significant rotation guys) that are better than Denver.

      • Charliemyboy

        I’m so suprised that all the experts here are being so positive. It’s done. They recovered from being down 20 in one quarter. Could have been their game, playing poorly. Still beat all but Miami all year. This is basketball; ebbs and flows. Dissapointment causes negativity to blind accomplishments. I really like this team and was set off every time they lose. But you have to always look ahead, even if you’re Miami or OKC. I have to reluctuntly agree on Miller. He should have played sparingly with specific instructions to run, for 5-10 minutes. Get a shooter to accompany Gallo and Chandler on the 3. So close. Karl will stay one more year so stop crying like babies.

        • googergieger

          They guy had three different starting line ups in one play off series, and despite the fact he almost lost game five because he went small in the end, and was reminded of the fact in the post game, still decided to go primarliy small in game six, and still limit McGee’s minutes in that game as well! This is the guy that you are defending? I love this team. Karl had his shot and he lost. Again. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? Know what they call that right?

          • dynamo.joe

            I’m certainly not here to argue for Karl, but I want to point out that Einstein was wrong.

            This quote was in reference to the then new field of quantum mechanics, in which Einstein did not believe. But the well verified fact of the matter is that at levels where quantum effects are relevant doing the same thing over and over does in fact produce different results. Einstein was WRONG.

  • dave

    im looking forward to some changes. there is a lot of talk about going for a kyle korver. i love it. also, i want to do anything i can to get a better back up pg than miller. he has his good moments granted but the dude is too slow on horrible on defense. i like what i saw from mcgee the past two nights. and honestly hamilton has shown some signs too. but, if we could get two good shooters and a strong, TOUGH center. i would feel better about our team. i think we get rid of brewer, (hopefully) miller, mozgov, koufas, and maybe try to use chandler for a trade. i wouldnt mind seeing those guys gone. thoughts?

    • Delay

      I think Fournier getting some playing time thorughout the year will make a good backup point guard to Ty. If Iggy resigns improves his free throws and becomes more assertive on the court I believe our back court will be pretty good. McGee should start at center but they need to find someone to replace Koufos.

  • CJP32

    I just feel saddened. We have a great bunch of guys that were put in a bad situation down 3-1. They fought hard and we should be proud of that. But it hurts so much. A 57 win team and gone in the 1st Rd.

    For the series – Ty was the leader and played his heart out (19% on threes though)

    Chandler – had to play PF/C for 4 games, and shot woeful for the series – 35% FG and 31% 3PT%
    Iggy – was dominant in games 4,5,6
    Faried – started to play better as series developed
    McGee – got his chance to start and shined
    CBrew – started series well, then really faded
    Andre – won Game One, pathetic rest of series
    KK – garbage
    Evan – INC
    Randolph – INC

    Questions for off-season:

    Does GK stay?
    Will Iggy Opt Out?
    Is Cbrew gone?
    Is Mozzy gone?
    Is anyone traded?

    Just feel down and out. Gonna be a long off-season again.

    • al68

      If we are unlucky enough to continue with GK, let’s hope we fire Miller and hire a player that GK likes, like Calderon, a very intelligent player who could be usefull in PO when GK disappears.

  • Philip

    Why did Miller take the last 3 point shot. That is the question that will haunt me forever…

    • CJP32

      Ty inbounded and ran through 2 screens in the key, tripped on Barnes, so Dre had to launch. It was the wrong inbounds play. Should have been a catch n shoot to Iggy, he was 5/8 on threes, then steal and/or foul on Warriors inbounds.

    • Ryan

      Because there is no better way to punctuate a season that fell short of its promise by having one of the main culprits jack up a 27 foot 3. Kind of poetic. The game was lost when Chandler missed two relatively easy shots that could have tied the game. Would have liked to see Ty or Iggy take that shot…

  • Dubz

    At the end of the game all I could think about was Brewer and that unbelievable foul at the end of the 3rd. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I like Brewer but that’s what happens when you’re leaning on a guy like that during life or death situations, they choke.

    Anyway, the Nuggets lost primarily due to the play of the Nuggets. It was nothing MJ did or Curry did or the refs did. Karl was out coached the entire series and the players were outplayed as well. With the exception of Ty, Iggy, Gallo, and Faried, everyone else should be considered VERY EXPENDABLE this off season. Actually, Fournier should stay too and anyone else on a rookie contract because they’re cheap.

    I’ve been the nightly Chandler apologist on this website and I can officially say he really took me down a peg or two tonight. I think it’s a disgrace the way GK used him this series (I mean having him play the 5 are the f’ing serious George?), but Chandler played like a complete chump tonight and has probably earned himself a one way ticket out of Denver. The only reason he stays is because Gallo is hurt. I love Chandler’s game but he clearly doesn’t give a crap about the Nuggets. All I can hope for is that he somehow convinces Miller and GK to tag along with him.

    I’m a very disappointed and embarrassed Nuggets fan right now, probably the worst feeling I’ve had as a Nuggets fan in a long time. I feel like I’ve been duped one too many times by these guys. SMH and FML.

  • Riley

    dissapointing end to a great season. Refs didn’t help at ALL. But this team has grown a good amount over this year and losing only makes them tougher. some minor adjustments could me made to make this team an elite group. But really showed up how much Gallo means to this team during this series. BUT GET RID OF OLD MAN MILLER!!!!!!!!

    • Ryan

      We should play “worst call of the night”: For me, it was Ty getting mugged while missing that layup after Miller did something right for once by stealing the inbounds pass. Other candidates: JaVale’s blocking foul, which could be used in a training video to show referees what the textbook example of a charge is, Chandler’s “offensive foul” when Green jumped in front of him without even having one foot set… anyone else have nominations?

  • Lane Yetter

    Hey Nug heads,
    Watched every game this year, enjoyed the comments as I read them, enjoy the columnests.
    Ty Lawson should average 24/8/4 next year and be an all-star. He has proven he can get 20 any night he wants regardless who is on the court.
    Trade Andre Miller and Jordan Hamilton for a pick in next year’s draft. We all know the reasons Miller MUST go, and next years draft is supposed to be epic.
    Tell George Karl if he wants to give it one more shot, he must play McGee 25(top ten PER this year) minutes a game regardless of what happens, and will not play small ball. The guy has a horrible playoff record and has won a playoff series one year in the last 10. I like the guy as a person but in no place on earth is that postseason record acceptable!
    Sign a SHOOTER! Preferably Kyle Korver, or someone with a similar skill set. I love Corey Brewer, love his energy, but he must be let go. If you are a wing player in 2013 and you can’t shoot, you are a liability with the way defenses play.
    Play Fournier and Julyan Stone with the backup PG minutes. They have both proven they can play that role, and it helps overall depth.
    If Igoudala wants to sign for 11 mil or less/yr , sign him for 2 yrs. Flexibility for him and the Nugs. Turns the ball over too much. Disappears often.
    Sign a BIG who can SHOOT a JUMP SHOT!!! Every other good team I watch has a threat from a big man outside of 6 ft. Guys like Milsap and A. Jefferson, Kevin Love should be available (per Bill Simmons), and David West need to be targeted in a trade.
    I hope Masai continues to have the focus to do whatever it takes to make the nuggets better. Including getting rid of Miller and maybe G.K. Karl has never been in the top half of defensive efficiency, and you will never win a championship with below average defense!

    • LBJ

      To get Love, we would have to convince them to take McGoof. I doubt that is going to happen…

      • JJ4

        maybe they’d take faried and gallo for him

        • trank

          for a guy who breaks his own hand, great….

          • googergieger

            Don’t forget he can’t defend one guy in the NBA.

            • Ryan

              If you look up “oxymoron” in the dictionary, the example it gives is “Kevin Love defending”

  • Ban Johnson

    I respect them both as men, and they both deserve respect, but the GK-Andre Miller stranglehold on this team has to end one way or the other. I won’t pour money and energy into this team next year if it’s the same old, same old again.

    Gallinari was badly missed. The team was really clicking on all cylinders right before he went down. Such a bummer.

    Refs were incompetent, but that’s sports. NBA reffing, in hot arenas like Golden State’s, is extremely difficult. Still, that Javale block and the out-of-bounds idiocy were hard to stomach. I’m getting too old to be this invested in sports — there’s just too much idiotic randomness involved.

    Ft-shooting, 3-point defense, too much Andre Miller, and perimeter shooting were problems all season long. Not a huge surprise that they were the Nuggets’ undoing in the playoffs.

    George Karl never prepared this team to play against the zone. That’s pretty inexcusable.

    Bogut was huge. Hats off to him. Nuggets clearly lack an interior presence of his stature. Javale is never going to grow into that…but he will definitely improve if he gets a coach who believes in him and gives him enough minutes.

    Ty Lawson is a guy you can build around. Iguodala is a really valuable piece. Faried is a warrior (don’t underestimate how much his injury cost the Nuggets’ this series.) You can build a pretty good team around those 3 guys.

    Chandler wasn’t terrible this series, but he sort of underwhelmed. He’s solid, but no Gallo. I think that argument has been settled.

    Oh well. A really fun and memorable regular season. The Gallinari injury was probably the death blow this season. Just as Westbrook’s was for OKC and Griffin’s for the Clippers… Again…more dumb luck. Sports isn’t worth all this investment, I swear.

  • Nayvee

    release koufos miller and brewer and fire george karl

  • Kyle

    I am sick to my stomach… I thought this team had a chance to beat OKC this year, or at least give them a run… So disappointing… Miller and Karl should be gone jettison them to toronto or some piss poor place. Then at least they cant ruin a good team… Iggy stepped up, but where was Ty, Chandler, and everyone else the 2nd half? ugh, Im hoping we get a shooter, or simply give JHam more minutes. If Nate Robinson is a free agent and cheap wouldnt he be a decent backup? Idk man just sick to my stomach gonna be a looooonnnngggg offseason. No Gallo next year is scary, maybe no Iggy, and no brewer. Yikes. On a bright note at least the Broncos will win the Super Bowl

    • Ryan

      Nate Robinson playing for George Karl… I take it you’re a part-time comedian… It is a good example of good coaching vs bad coaching though. Tom Thibideau hates how Robinson plays, but still plays him because he knows it gives him the best chance to win. If Karl hates someone, he won’t play him, even if it hurts the team…

  • LBJ

    When you can’t make a shot and your bigs get schooled – you aren’t going to win many games.

    It took a massive choke by them to even get us in the game.

    Iggy was the only guy who came to play tonight – the rest of the team played like crap.

    As we expected, the officiating was horseshit.

  • Gorillabuddy

    We really missed Gallo this series. We needed to make a few shots outside very very badly. The starters played very well though, I’m proud of them. Showed a lot of heart coming back from 18 down. And if a few bullshit calls don’t happen, we win. But oh well.

    Going forward, I’d like Masai try to pull something together with a trade. I’d put Kofous, Brewer, Miller, and Hamilton on the block. Koufos just shrank really really badly this series. He’s solid enough that someone will want him though. Hamilton is just sitting on the bench, no use keeping him. Miller is ok in spurts, but he really doesn’t fit with the team. He’s a good veteren that someone will want though.

    Brewer played like absolute dogshit these past few games. Seriously atrocious. By the way, if he didn’t commit that retarded foul at the end of the 3rd, the game would have been tied at 88 at the end of the 4th. He can be good, but he’s certainly expendable seeing as how unreliable he can be.

    Our backcourt is really really good with Lawson, Stone, Fornier, and Iggy(hopefully). Lawson is decent defensively and the other 3 are extremely promising. Fornier can also stroke it from deep.

    Our midcourt is great with Gallo and Chandler. I don’t see a reason to muck about there.

    McGee has shown a lot of improvement in the post. Good movement most of the time. Needs to work on his decision making still, but it’s not horrible. He just gambles a bit too much on blocks and takes hook shots a bit too far out. He should really be the starter next year.

    Faried has been good. He can make shots from a better range now and isn’t just an energy guy. I’m happy with him.

    The only thing we really lack in my opinion is a true stretch 4. Someone like LaMarcus Aldrige, Kevin Love, Pau Gasol even. I don’t think we can get someone like that without giving something pretty major up, but it would be pretty damn nice to have.

    Anyway, I still think we have a bright future. Go Memphis the rest of the way!

    • Ryan

      Agreed, go Memphis…

      • Jet

        Funny you would mention Memphis. Even before the playoffs started, I was wishing we were the 4th seed and played Memphis instead of Golden State.

        We probably win that match-up, and with an OKC team without Westbrook, who knows how far the Nuggets could have gone. Sigh … but they had to go on that incredible run to lock up the 3rd seed.

  • Big Stub

    The only time the Nuggets succeeded in the playoffs is when Chauncey made the Nuggets play half-court basketball. Oh, and made some threes in the playoffs. Running is fun. But making threes is a lot more important in in the playoffs.

    • Delay

      I miss Billups I really wish the Nuggets would have went after him after the Knicks released him. I understand why the Nuggets traded him though I didn’t like it but we really should have gotten him back. It only made it worse when Miller came back.

      • clive

        man i miss billups. if we had him instead of miller, we’d have won this series :(

  • Samuel L Jackson


  • prospector



    Masai proirities:::

    DUMP MILLER…. DUMP BREWER…. Develop or dump MOZZY….. MUST, MUST, MUST resign IGGY…. Do not go out a get us another old point guard for cheap… Cause you know damn well KARL would use the hell out of them….. MUST go into year with STONE, and TY at point….. SAVE MONEY by using JHAM, EVAN, and STONE.. USE MONEY TO pay for IGGY… It is simple math…… I know both JHAM and STONE could develop into solid players if allowed time on the floor…. What did playing BREWER and MILLER all those minutes get us??? A 1st round exit….. Nice……. I would have rathered finish as a eighth seed, and spent the season turning JHAM, EVAN, and STONE into MEN…. Kinda like GOLDEN STATE did with their youngsters…
    The problem is MASAI and JOSHY will not fire KARL…. Karl will break out his no GALLO card and blame the losses on our BIGS… Karl will spend the entire off season spending time on figuring out how to play SMALLER….. He’ll unveil his 4 point guard line up next season with Chandler at center… We’ll win 52 games and get booted out of the playoffs again due to the ANDRE MILLER JINX… Have you heard of it??? ANDRE MILLER HAS NEVER WON A PLAYOFF SERIES!!!! NEVER!!! SO WHY THE HELL IS HE ON OUR TEAM??? We need that jinxed human off our team ASAP… The problem is we’ll come into next season with KARL, MILLER, AND BREWER…. And probably without IGGY… AND that my friend will suck…… SUCK REAL BAD!!!!

    • Riley

      You’re a pessimistic lousy fan

      • Old Timer

        I do not see how any Nuggets fan can be optimistic.

        • heykyleinsf

          IDK Olde Timer..

          Best season ever?
          Longest win streak ever?
          Best home record ever?
          3rd youngest team in the NBA?
          (I think outlier Andre Miller leaving
          will keep us that way)_
          Discovery of Evan Fournier?
          Maturation and development of McGee?
          Potential in Stone, Randolph and Hamilton?

          I’ve been a fan for 20 years.

          If I was going to slit my throat over a Nugs
          season.. it would have been far before this one.

          • Charliemyboy

            Thank you. It was one of the most fun seasons, after the tough start. The question is what abodes new? The question is, has Masai improved things from last year? The question is: has the basis of this team shown what the possibilities, with maturity, can do? I say only tweaks to continute the chemistry, which takes a year to get; if we get the same result, change… just be careful: what happened to Dallas? Miller and iggy made excellent, no excuse remarks. Listen.

          • trank

            33 yr fan and you said it well. thanks.

          • Ryan

            I agree, but it just hurts a little more because of the way it ended: to an egomaniacal, manipulative coach with the softest “superstar” in the league. It would have been nice to shut them up. I’m with you though, I remember 11-71, Junior Harrington: starting point guard, Raef Lafrenz: franchise player, Tsk Tsk Tskitishvili, Mengke Bateer. There were many more reasonable times to jump off the building than this year…

            • googergieger

              Think it was more during those days, no where to go but up and all that. Where as this time if Karl is back next year, well again, definition of insanity.

          • al68

            i´ve been fan 30 years, I´m spanish and I´m very tired to loss too soon and we are an PO series pathetic.
            I think we fired GK and we try to sign to Van Gundy or the best european coach Obradovic.
            I like GK but your period in Denver is over, he was a very good coach to Sacramento, Minnesota…, team which can grow.

  • Cory

    Did Brewer step out And obviously McGee was in good position. Key moments when we were oh so close. Had momentum on our side and could have seized the lead. Whatever is in store let it happen. As long as this team has Masaii I’ll be watching even if we can’t get of the first round. They showed some heart tonight. Hopefully we get Korver, release miller who was actually good this game, and pick up bledsoe. Shorten the rotation the 11-15 shouldn’t even get pt unless there are injuries.

    • googergieger

      Only way we get Bledsoe is to give up Gallo, maybe Chandler and something else. But probably Gallo. That would make Clippers contenders in a second. Coin flip for us.

      • Cory

        Get rid of miller, brewer, stone, mozzy should be enough to snag bledsoe and korver. START McGee next year!

      • Gorillabuddy

        Clippers will never be contenders until they get rid of Vinny

        • googergieger

          They will. Probably look to get SVG, but if we get rid of Karl, they’d be dumb enough to snag him.

          • LBJ

            Van Gundy is going to the Bucks. He belongs in the east to play his crappy brand of hoops. I keep forgetting about all the NBA titles he won while coaching DWade, Shaq and Superman.

            But I’m sure he would do much better with the nuggets’ roster loaded with all of our all stars!

            • googergieger

              Shaq didn’t want to play for him because Shaq doesn’t like to be coached. He likes to have his ego stroked. Howard had who around him? Not to mention Van Gundy made Howard a defensive player of the year. Look at Howard without Van Gundy. We have much more talent than the Magic team SVG had. Which by the way used plenty of the drive and kick offense when Howard wasn’t on the court. SVG is going to coach you. He isn’t going to say one thing and play Miller who does everything you say you don’t want someone to do.


              • LBJ

                SVG had Shaq and Dwight Howard.

                Karl has McGoof and KK.

                Put down the crack pipe, you are making a fool out of yourself.

                Didn’t SVG have JJ Reddick too?

              • googergieger

                No, he had a rookie Dwight that HE made into the Dwight Howard there is today. And again how is Dwight Howard doing now with more talent around him, huh?

                Redick? What about him, troll?

                Gallo? Ty? Iggy? Faried? Chandler? McGee showed in this series, why he needed more than eighteen inconsistent minutes a game in the regular season. For all the crap he gets from trolls and others like yourself, he does have all the talent in the world. He wants to be coached. How was he supposed to get better if he was never given the chance to get better? But yes, SVG with a Shaq that didn’t want to be coached and a Howard(who he took to the finals and out of the first round plenty) that was a rookie with potential to work with only, is somehow worse than Karl who lost to Golden State because according to apologists like yourself, it couldn’t have been helped. Effin knobs are dense.

              • LBJ

                You are clearly the biggest dumbass on the board.

                SVG made Howard into the player he is – what a joke. Orlando spent tons surrounding Howard with talent, yet SVG couldn’t win.

                Pat Riley fired SVG’s fatass becuase he couldn’t win with 2 of the all time greats on his roster. I suspect he knows a little more about the NBA than you, jackass!

                Keep blaming Karl/Miller for all that troubles the Nuggets – and screaming for more PT for McGoof (regardless of whether he earns it or is so out of condition he can’t run up and down the court)

              • googergieger

                What talent did Howard have around him and how is Howard doing now? And what talent does Howard have around him now?

                Answer that question.

                McGee is tired? Sit him, then. Is he tired forever now though? Him getting winded means you can’t play him after he gets winded? This is your logic?

  • AaronCAPS

    Only thing keeping me from drinking myself to death right now is the Broncos. Man I hope they don’t let us down too..

    • Scott

      Don’t sleep on the Rockies…

      • heykyleinsf

        Keep your chins up peeps.

        Look at the Rockies!!
        Look out for the Broncos!!
        Avs are getting Seth Jones after they won the lottery as well.

        This team will be awesome next year also.
        This team grew more than ever..
        Did you really expect a title?

        I think we all need to take a breath and remember
        this is a process, a disappointing end.. but a big
        foundation to build on next season.

        This season now over… we might be looking at the
        best year in sports in Denver history.

        Nuggets still had their best regular season ever,
        and they are the 3rd youngest team in the NBA.

        No reason at expect a dropoff next season.

        Thank you all RBMC and all posters.
        It was fun.

        • Mike K

          The West was WIDE open, especially about 2 seconds after Westbrook was bouncing around on one leg.

          I expect Memphis to take out OKC. SA will now beat Golden State. Had the Nuggest not shit themselves out of the playoffs, they’d have gotten a not 100% healthy (but healthy enough and big enough to beat GS in 5). The Nuggets won in SA this season and it was a blowout win if I remember correctly.

          The conference became ripe for someone other than SA or OKC to make it out of the West and the Nuggets shit that opportunity away.

  • Chris Gibbons

    I think the 2nd quarter was the difference. Too many shots would not go for the Nuggets, and the offensive rebounds dried up. They should have had 10 more points by halftime. What a disappointing end.

  • Stephen

    Just want to say a quick thank you to the writers here @ RBMC. Thank you for providing a place for us to come and discuss, argue, exclaim, and vent about all things Nuggets. It’s a treat to have content posted after every game about the team I love to follow. Thank you all!

    Obviously disappointed with the result of this season. Changes need to be made. Looking forward to watching the off season transactions.

    Here’s to watching another season of exciting and frustrating Nugget basketball.

    • Ryan

      Well said. I’m stuck in Iowa for a few years for school and, needless to say, no one here gives a crap about the Nuggets. If it weren’t for this blog, I would probably go nuts from not having anywhere to vent about/talk Nuggets. The writers here do a great job overall and, while I disagree with their opinions sometimes, their posts are always worth reading. It’s easy to forget: these guys don’t get paid, they do this because they either love the Nuggets or love basketball (or both). Much respect for the time and energy they invest in this site!!

  • LobCiudad

    Can’t say he had a great game tonight, but the most positive thing I can say right now is that Lawson is going to be a top 5 point guard and all star next season. He played his ass off this series and deserves high praise for the way he carried this team. At the risk of saying anything unnecessarily nasty about the Nuggets whom I truly do love despite this disgrace of a series, I will leave it at that. Great work this year RMC!

  • John in LA


  • Old Timer

    One thing to keep in mind is when Mark Jackson was hired he immediately started preaching defense. The front office made moves to bring in more defensive minded players, trading Monta Ellis for Bogut who played a massive role in this series and drafting players like Barnes and Green. Tonight Golden State advanced to the second round on the strength of their defense.

    Until Karl decides that defense needs to be emphasized instead of mindless pleas to constantly play faster, Denver will always under perform in the playoffs.

  • gfleon

    Felt like we were playing 5 on 8 tonight. Free throws and poor perimeter shooting were problems all year and hurt us in he playoffs.

  • Nathan

    Losing to Stephanie Curry hurts. Regular season only matters for setting you up for a good post season; the Nuggets had every reason to at least get out of the first round. No excuses.

    Another season where they only got as far as 16 other teams. Another year, another off-season of what-ifs.

    Let’s go Rockies.

  • dave

    im supposed to be studying for a test tomorrow morning, but all i can do is think about what just happened. i hope the next time we play GS. we absolutely demolish them. i would rather watch a tough, mean team then a fast one. i want to be defensive. if we can go out and get one more defensive guy. that will help a lot i think. im the kinda fan that wants revenge on teams that beat our teams. ravens, flacco and curry, i hope they get crushed to bits next time we play em.

  • natrho

    Playoffs are all about matchups…the things GS does well are the things we struggled with all year. The Spurs are probably breathing a sigh of relief, because I think we would have given them a more difficult time than GS will.

    George said it right in his post game comments tonight…we lost this series in game 2. We squeaked by in game 1, came out flat in game 2, and all the hard work we put in during the season went out the window and, more importantly, so did the confidence.

    If we’re being honest, and not taking anything away from Curry, but he takes shots JR Smith would call questionable. Difference was, he had the confidence to take them, knock them down, and it spread to the rest of his team.

    The Nuggets, however, didn’t handle being favored to win well, and you could see the pressure take it’s toll. Part of that is maturity, part of it is coaching, part of it is the players.

    Again, don’t know where you go from here…got to win in the regular season to get to the playoffs, but not sure there’s much point when you are continually losing in the first round.

  • tom

    i hate miller i hate brewer i hate GK i hate koufos i hated small ball i hate not having a big who can post up or hit a mid range

    • Ryan

      Koufos was, by far, the worst player this game. Karl left him in over McGee when GSW went on their huge run. Missed easy shots, didn’t block out, didn’t hustle after loose balls, dropped passes with his hands of stone. I think we’ve seen what Koufos is by now: serviceable backup center in the regular season, but should play sparingly (if at all) in the postseason. Of course, in Karl’s world, that makes him a starting NBA center…

  • Italianstallion

    Well put everyone. I will add that as bad as we played and as much as we deserved to lose for the variety of reasons highlighted above, the refs blatantly cost us the game with the Mcgee charge and the out of bounds “replay”. Blatant favoritism at the crucial moment. Curry was about to complete the choke job of a lifetime, and they refuse to paint him in that light. I was amazed at how bad curry and their whole team choked.

    If Karl and miller are both back, this team will be frustrating to watch. Trade anyone but Lawson gallo faried and Mcgee. Get a true 6th many again. Bledsoe for chandler? Tyreke is on the block… ? Only trade Hamilton if we don’t change coaches. I’d be fine for Korner off the bench but prefer to keep Hamilton and go for a shooting big, like bargnani. Mcgee and chandler for cousins…

    Get to work masai ship the playoff non performers out I’m looking at you Wilson.

    I’ve been very unhappy with the coaching on gks part this series but truthfully I think he is the best coach for this group and he should get one more shot w some roster upgrades and a healthy gallo. Remember between now and next playoffs will be a really entertaining regular season.

    Who else wishes we had chauncey instead of miller? Should have picked him up when nyk amnestied him.

    • Delay

      Damn right we should of got Chauncey when Knicks let him go. I was fuming when I heard he went to the Clippers. I think our backcourt will be good if we keep Iggy granted he improves his free throws and get rid of Miller. Brewer has to go as well. Koufos needs to go.

      • gfleon

        Move Mozzy to 2nd string and keep koufos as insurance on the cheap.

        • Charliemyboy

          Nope. Chauncy is slower than Miller. This is why Miller will be let go. Iggy came in mature and Ty and Gallo are there now. so we don’t need Miller. I would have given Moz 10 minutes to bang Bogut. But who knows, back seat driving…

    • gfleon

      Chauncey said he wouldn’t come back as a player, they already traded him twice. Could see him coaching somewhere down the road.

  • vice707

    anyone got a video of the out of bounds call at the end of the game?

  • LobCiudad

    Free throws and defense need to be a theme in preparation for next season. You can’t shoot from the line like we do and not have it bite you in the ass at some point. That should be fixable. If we can get a little more defensive minded and acquire a three point shooter like Korver, and possibly a more reliable big man, I could see the Nuggets being unstoppable next year. I can’t blame GK for this particular loss, but it is hard to understand how this has continued to be a theme for the Nuggets. Oh, and also a better PG to backup Lawson. Again, Lawson is going to explode next year.

    • googergieger

      He didn’t lose us this game. Though when we should have been up fifteen going into the half, he over played Miller and let the refs keep Golden State in the game. This is when I knew the game was over. But he did lose us this series.

      • LobCiudad

        I think GK’s biggest transgression was not knowing when enough was enough with Miller. At the beginning of the series he could have been quicker to call timeouts to stop their rallies too. And unfortunately it took until the end for GK to find a proper lineup to play against them. When Miller was the hero in game one I couldn’t help but fear what that would do to us in games when Miller isn’t playing out of his mind and beyond his talent. Man, free throws hurt us too, and I’m not sure there was much Karl could do about that this year.

  • Ckwizard

    So Brewer had he opportunity to lift the Nuggets in this series he was unable… Same goes for Miller… Igoudala showed and proved why he was an Olympianno to mention showed he was Denver’s best all arid player ( given Gallo was out)

    Nobody knows if Hamilton could be an upgrade over Brewer but at this point Brewer isn’t going to get much better and Hamilton can become an all star same goes for Fournier not. Saying they will be but the can be.

    I don’t see this team being as good with a different coach but I like the style of play. Let Brewer and Mozzy walk, cut or trade Miller, Let the team grow with the young talent and let Ty and Iggy lead them… So most important thing is resign Igoudala, Second get I’d of Miller, Third let young payers play… If Miller and Karl are both Nuggets next year, expect these results… If just Miller is a nugget expect the same results… If Brewer and Karl stay poor Hamilton because he won’t play ever… but if Miller and Brewer are gone watch out because he ay get a true opportunity… Exciting time to be a Nugget fan it can still get better!

  • Justin

    I’m gonna go with a player by player review, and a closing arguement.

    Ty Lawson – I am glad he’s under contract and underpaid. He’s fantastic.
    Andre Iguodala – If he’s back for semi-realistic money I’m ok with it, but if someone throws a tone his way? Bye Bye.
    JeVale McGee – People pub up his PER and say he needs more minutes. You know why he has no minutes? He’s not in shape! Dude runs up and down about 6 times and he’s gassed. That’s why 2K is the starter. He needs to take it.
    Kenneth Faried – Great energy, and if he’s healthy going in I think they win another game. Future looks bright, but he needs a jumper or something.
    Andre Miller – People seem to forget that he ran the team pretty flawlessly when Ty went down, and he’s a huge part of why they were a 3 seed in the first place. You think this would’ve been better as the 5 seed against Memphis?
    Danillo Gallinari – He’s out until this time next year by all indications, but if healthy he’s the other main cog here.
    Jordan Hamilton – He must be awful in practice, because the guy can really shoot. I hope they let him soon.
    Evan Fournier – Was overwhelmed in this series, but he looks like a player to me.
    Kosta Koufos – The yin to McGee’s yang. We all love Jevale’s crazy dunks, but seem to forget his general confusion on D, and 2K is is opposite. They need him around.
    Corey Brewer – Plays pretty tough D, shoots poorly, has decent athleticism. In the end, he’s replaceable and really he’s a Homeless Man’s Andre Iguodala.
    Wilson Chandler – He’s the spark they need some nights, and others he’s the wet blanket. If they can move him for a legit piece, see ya!
    Anthony Randolph – A great pickup by Masai on the cheap who plays hard and does a few things well, but nothing exceptional.
    Mozzy/Q. Miller/ Stone – Don’t play much, probably gone in Mozzy’s case, Miller may hang around, and Stone is anyone’s guess.
    George Karl – I don’t think he should be fired, but I think he may walk away. They have improved each of the last 3 seasons, and weather or not you want to believe it, the Gallo injury is a big loss and series changer. Teams don’t win 15 straight and 23 of 26 to end seasons. Other coaches would run a basic system, and frankly, I’m not sure that some of this team can play any defense. Stan Van Gundy makes a bit of sense, and so I could see that, but really there’s not a lot better out there. You’d take Vinny Del Negro?

    The team is still all potential. I have complete faith in Masai to add or subtract accordingly to this team, and this draft has a bunch of players that fit needs in the area around where we draft. Shane Larkin? Mason Plumlee? Glen Rice, Jr.? That, a price drop for Iggy and signing J.J. redick or Kyle Korver seem like smart moves to me, while letting Brewer go. But the best move may be to trade Chandler and their first to the Lakers for Gasol. A stretch 4 who can play the 5 with Faried and allow them to play inside out in games like tonight would help a ton. Are we destined for status quo? Probably. But hey, it’s nice to dream!

    • Corey

      I like your evaluation, but I have a few things to point out.

      1. McGee has asthma so I don’t know how much that has to do with his windedness.

      2. This team is so dreadfully at off-ball defense. Most of the blame to Miller and Brewer, although McGee is often out of position too.

      3. KK was solid but inconsistent, and actually has a lot of potential (I always forget he’s only 23 cause he’s balding). He’s a big dude but needs to play like it.

      4. J.J. Redick. Yes.

      • Corey

        Koufos is 24 actually

      • Justin

        Yeah those are all fair points. I agree on 2K, people seem to think he’s old and crappy. Didn’t know McGee has asthma, but that’s just more reason to keep 2K. They are tragic on off-ball D, and that CAN be traced to Karl’s lack of defensive coaching. J.J. Redick is totally my wet dream pickup for us, the perfect fit. Wouldn’t shrink from the moment, range, solid player, plays both guard spots. Hell, the team would be perfect if they added Redick and Gasol. Not sure how they do that…but still imagine:
        McGee, Koufos, Gasol, Faried, Randolph, Gallo, Hamilton, Fournier, Lawson, Redick, Miller, Stone, Q. Miller. I’m not huge on Andre right now, but still, what’s honestly better out there?

        • Corey

          I like the idea of Gasol, the only problem would be $ to keep Iggy and get him but truthfully I’d take Gasol. The biggest problem I have with Andre Miller is that he takes minutes from the young guys especially when he plays with Ty.

          I think Ty is the key. If we can surround him with shooters and a big who can stretch the d (Gasol), I can see him averaging 20-10 and being an all-star. (Then maybe getting one or two calls)

        • Steve

          Don’t agree…why do we have to worry about so much off ball D? It is because MILLER can NOT stay in front of anyone. Switching all the time trying to cover the ATROCIOUS D.

      • Frank

        JJ reddick, NO. I’ve always hated that guy and his defense makes brewer look like bruce bowen

    • tom

      your a idiot miller koufos and brewer are garbage

      • Justin

        Backing up your words with reasons helps. Acting like a dick does not.

        • tom

          if you watched the serious and look at the stats you would clearly i repeat clearly see the proof

          • Justin

            Pretty sure you can’t tell what kind of player someone is based off of one bad series. But we’ll never agree, I’m going about this with the optimism I didn’t have for the last few years.

            • tom

              i do agree with you on some points…my biggest problem is yes miller is a great back up PG but he is over used wit that small ball lineup and he plays to much hero basketball in the season he had games where he had 10 assist of bench but the series he was nothing looking to pass he was just looking to scored and force up shoots most of the time so was brewer and they can clearly not shoot the ball…… for koufos he plays grounded didnt block shots lay-ups to much when he have a dunk and his hands are not active on defense also plays weak and get pushed around not 1 game this serious he had 10+ rebounds or more then 7

          • Charliemyboy

            Can you write in English please?

    • googergieger

      How many oppurtunities was Koufos given to succeed? How many was McGee? Koufos was given time to get better with the team. Learn the defense. Learn people’s movements. McGee would get bad minutes regardless of play. This is another thing that can be traced back to Karl. Karl wants to show he can make someone like Koufos a great role player. He wants to show someone like McGee needs more than talent to succeed. Well here is the thing Karl. McGee wants to get better and learn! He doesn’t party. Bad mouth you or anyone else. Just cheers his team mates, loves the fans, plays his heart out, and wants to be coached!

      • tom

        you are right on the money with the whole koufos, mcgee and Karl thing

    • clive

      Everyone: work on your FTs and 3P shooting.
      Ty Lawson – yeap!
      Andre Iguodala – yeap! please stay! pleeeeeease!
      JeVale McGee – I was thinking that’s exactly why we need to start him, not so that he gets more minutes per se, but so that he gets more rest in between. Plus him and Faried both on the court equals monster offensive rebounds.
      Kenneth Faried – yes. and better positioning / awareness on both ends.
      Andre Miller – on any other team he’s a great backup for $5M/yr, but over-utilized by Karl in this series. we should not play this small ball crap and not use him as a SHOOTing guard b/c you know, he can’t shoot. plus, his game doesn’t really fit with our philosophy – have guys who can play D and run. sure, he can pass and throw up alley-oops, but that’s just half the equation. plays too much hero ball. bring him back to play limited minutes solely as a backup pg, or ideally bring him back as an assistant who teaches our bigs post moves.
      Danillo Gallinari – Please come back healthy!!
      Jordan Hamilton – Did he kill Karl’s cat or something?
      Evan Fournier – very promising. backup pg.
      Kosta Koufos – hopefully a solid backup center next year who can give us 20 mins. and not disappear in the playoffs.
      Corey Brewer – $3M/yr seems about right. bring back for that price.
      Wilson Chandler – pretty reasonable contract for what he gives you.
      Anthony Randolph – hopefully he continues to develop.

      George Karl – gone. please. he’s a great regular season coach but a perennial under-achieving playoff coach. look at his playoff record. don’t the spurs have an assistant coach we can snag?

      Pau Gasol would be awesome if we could get him. Lakers would probably want more than Chandler + 1st.

    • trank

      i agree GK may leave on his own but i’d hate to see a traditional coach. it might be hard to find a replacement coach to fit these guys-someone who’d start trying to teach a long list of plays would suck. their chemistry comes in large part from GK’s style and personality.

  • SapperDrew

    BLUF, Nuggs had their chances in this game and game 3. Turnovers and missed lay-ups a key times doomed this team. GK is not the problem, all year I’ve bought into the ‘not a superstar needed’ but as it turns out, the analysts were right about this. Ty has the ability, but we need a deep threat to make the other team pay for collapsing on Ty. As far as the game goes, Brew, WC and Miller shot way too many 3 pt attempts. we only got back into the game in the paint and WC needs to make a 10-15 footer, he missed a bunch of those. It just seemed like every bounce or lay up we had to have didn’t go the Nuggs way. FTs also were an achilles heel for this team.

    • LobCiudad

      I agree on all accounts.

  • James

    Did Bogut EVER leave the paint on defense? Could have been a defensive 3 seconds every possession.

    And WHY OH WHY do the refs love Draymond Green so much? NEVER seen a middle of the road rookie get so much love. If that charge is called, we win. Warriors were choking.

    Brutal loss, but we are a tweak or two away from real success. Maybe one REALLY GOOD outside shooter, or some big with an actual post game. And I was a Miller defender, but get rid of him and Karl is a better coach.

    • Mark

      Yeah but under Karl, that tweak will never happen in the playoffs. Ever.

  • Justin

    The main thing I can’t shake is the feeling I had over 3 months ago. Friday, January 18th. We lost a home game to the Wizards (!) and I remember thinking that it was going to cost us something in the long run. Guess what? We finished one game behind San Antonio for the 2 seed. You don’t think they would’ve gotten up to get Laker revenge? Could’ve changed everything, and they lost AT HOME to the Wizards. They only lost 4 home games all year: this series, to the Heat, Wizards (?!) and T-Wolves (?) Maybe the issue all along is the complacency and inability to get up for crappy teams.

  • heykyleinsf

    great response Justin..
    with you all the way with two exceptions..

    Miller. He just needs to go.
    I get your points, but either GK
    needs to go or Miller needs to go.
    Both are toxic. Karl’s friendship
    goes back to his college days.
    (wow.. when you think about it)
    GK can’t be objective. I think
    Andre Miller is in the way of
    Fournier developing.
    He’s got to go.

    Chandler… if you asked me around
    midseason.. yeah. And you are right..
    he is freaky streaky.
    Tonight in a bad way.
    But I will also contend.. he wasn’t
    fed the ball a few nights ago when
    he had a hot hand. I think we need him.
    I think being out a year.. cold with the
    start… warming up to be crazy good..
    and a few bad games to go with it..
    I would really hate to give up on that.

    Brewer also sucked tonight..
    ain’t no getting around that.
    But he was super important to our run.
    I don’t see him staying though.
    We’ll see.. but I would not be a bit
    broken hearted to see Corey back.

    Otherwise.. I agree with everything.

    • LBJ

      I actually think we have a reasonable chance to sign CBrew for a pretty reasonable price. He is a system player and not many teams want to run like us. We do need to build up our depth, so we only need him for 15-20 minutes a game. He is a decent 8th guy off the bench. When he plays 30 minutes a game, his weaknesses get exposed.

    • Justin

      I’m not against letting Andre go, but who is there to replace him? Fournier shows promise, and maybe they keep a similar team and draft Larkin (for guessing sake), but if Ty went down? They can weather that in the regular season with Andre, but if Evan ran the team? Also, I don’t want to seem like I’m being a hater on Brew or Chandler, I like them both. I just tend to think they can tighten up their rotation a bit with one gone.

      • Steve


      • heykyleinsf

        You just made me think of something..
        when was the last time Miller was an assist asset?
        It’s been a while.

        He posts up good some times..
        He used to be the lob champ..

        but that’s one thing that diminished from his game
        as the year went on.
        He turned in to a wannabe shooting guard.

        I don’t see the last month of him being a PG
        and he’s a liability in transition.

        No question.. Lawson is our PG hero..
        but Iggy has picked up the assist slack.
        I’m rough on Iggy a lot.. but I do appreciate him
        bringing that.

        I think Fournier has amazing passing potential.
        He blew us away in the last month …
        especially after Gallo went down.
        Not a good playoffs.. but be reasonable..
        the dude just started getting playing time..
        not like 15 seasons.. one month.

        Miller needs to GTF out of the way..
        and now.

      • leeds

        you dont need two undersized PG (if you draft Larkin)

  • LBJ

    A lot of good points here, Justin. I’m all for landing Gasol, but we are probably going to have to wait for Lakers to amnesty him to make the cap work.

    We need some size in the draft, with Mozzie likely gone and Gallo out for the year. Ujiri likes Euros – maybe he has one stashed away?

    • Ryan

      Why would they amnesty Gasol? I thought they were going to amnesty MWP. The smartest thing for them to do, financially at least, would be to amnesty Kobe, since he probably won’t play much next year and will be a shell of himself if he did. They would never do that, so that’s fine. I like seeing the Lakers in turmoil…

  • Ted

    Man Koufus played absolutely awful this series. He looked lost the entire time and didn’t give effort. Bogut threw him around… What a joke.

    • clive

      yeah Koufos by far had the poorest showing out of all our players. he was clearly over-matched and needed to be more physical.

  • LobCiudad

    What hurt more: Broncos losing to the Ravens, or Nuggets exiting the first round, again? Depressing question I know. I’m saying Nuggets. I had such high hopes for these dudes.

    • Justin

      Only way it isn’t Broncos is if we lost game 7 on a Curry halfcourt heave.

      • LobCiudad

        Haha, oh god that made me cringe. Only reason I say Nuggets is because the Broncos were an unexpected delight last year. Most people suspected it would take longer to adjust to a whole new system for Manning. And probably the fact that I’ve seen the Broncos win Superbowls and I feel confident they will again. The Nuggets on the other hand…man you just don’t know. The NBA is so lopsided, but I thought this crew was gonna make some noise…

    • heykyleinsf

      come on that’s not even close.

      We had home field throughout.. 13-3
      11 game win streak..
      not too far off from embarrassing the Ravens..
      Vegas odds of being title champs..

      Not even close.

      Sure the Nuggets were supposed to go
      further.. but hardly anyone saw us past
      OKC (pre Westbrook injury) or Spurs..
      especially dismissing the Lakers in 4.

      Unquestionably.. the Broncos loss was rougher..

      But things are looking up for all four teams.
      Hello Seth Jones!!

    • http://espn gary g

      Broncos easily. I still beleive they were the best team in football and would’ve won it all.
      This hurts as well, but GK failures are well documented and there was always a ? if this style and team would work in the playoffs. Think they were better than GS but coaching, effort and a ton of things were lacking right from get go.
      And Moreover Football is King……………any win or loss on the grid iron just has a bigger impact.

    • Mark

      Easy. Broncos. Anyone who thought the Nuggets could overcome George Karl was delusional. But I still think the Broncos were the best team in the NFL last season.

    • Ryan

      I know it’s sacrilege, but I’m not much of a football fan. Broncos won back-to-back championships, hard-core Broncos fans know what it feels like to be on top of the world. The Nuggets are the only team I’m truly passionate about and basketball is the only sport I really watch. With that being said, I just want to know what it feels like to be the best, at least once in my life I want to see a Denver Nuggets: World Champions banner raised. I would die a happy man if that ever happened…

  • Junior

    nuggets have been my team since i first started liking basketball… i Just hate seeing them work so hard and never make it past the first round…The things i can take out of this season though is that lawson is our star (not galinari) miller needs to go his isolations 99% of the dam time is detrimental to our second unit, and mcgee has to be starting next season he deserves it…

    • Justin

      I have similar conflict. I love the Nugs, never liked another team (even in my teenage hip team years), and I remember loving LaPhonso Ellis, Antonio McDyess, Jalen Rose, a bunch of guys. I remember being awful and seeing no light. So in a sense, this is a nice change, to be complaining that they can’t advance more. But hell if it isn’t frustrating to keep investing in your team and actually liking the players and seeing this result.

  • Andrew

    1) Thank you RMC! You guys have been great all year long and are the place a lot of us come to first for Nuggets chatter!
    2) Man, Boguts had 21 rebounds? Why not try Mozzy on him? Just a thought. I am not as down on K2 as everyone else because this was such a tough matchup for him, but Karl clearly should have been using more Geez and it wouldn’t have hurt to have tried Mozzy.
    3) My wish for all of us Nuggets’ fans is a new coach, a new backup point guard and a lights out shooter. We’ll probably get one of the the 3 (sigh)…

  • Justin

    I think we all need to see the glass half-full. This is a good team, with no major pieces leaving (well, maybe Iggy, and he would create cap room) that won 57 games. They should be able to come back again and try again next year, and I think if this were to happen again everyone would get their wish on GK. But ultimately I think we have it pretty good to be complaining about 10 straight playoff appearances. I love all the teams around here, and the Nugs are a model of consistency. In those 10 years, the Avs went from the Cup to the first pick, the Broncos move up and down and had to have Peyton save us from ourselves and Tebow, and the Rockies had 2 great runs surrounded by awfulness. You can set your watch by the Nugs. I think we are all ready to set our watches forward. When is it daylight savings?

    • prospector

      Yo JUSTIN,

      Tebow did what KARL couldn’t do.. Move a team to the next round…

      • heykyleinsf

        you spelled Demaryius Thomas wrong.

  • clive

    so i loved the way Ty showed up in this series. but i don’t know why he has such a low +/-. is it because he was playing alongside miller half the time? or playing w/ koufos?

    • Charliemyboy

      I agree on the PER. They need to add one more factor: include the collective PER of the rest of the team on the floor at the same time as 80% of the calculation (or some credible percentage). Then, there will be more other players contribution significance to the data for the individual PER.

  • ToughGame

    Tough game indeed.. lots of bad calls both ways by the refs. Very sloppy on the Warriors side at the end, but what hurt the Nuggs the most was inability to score. Also started out really strong on the boards, but faded quickly .. whether it was Bogut on turbo, or something else, I dunno.

    The W’s deserve credit though. Bogut definitely came to play, and Curry just seems to turn on at the critical 3rd quarter. I still can’t believe Draymond Green had a career night though and Barnes was so calm (as a rookie) hitting clutch free throws.

    Overall, other than Games 2 and 4 which became blow-outs with crazy shooting by Curry (or in Game 2’s case, every Warrior), this series actually became fairly evenly matched. Would a healthier Faried and Gallinari have made a big diff? Possibly.. but then again, Bogut wasn’t 100% and they lost Lee early.

    Iguodala was the best Nugget tonight and he played it straight. If he could do that consistently, he is the guy the Nuggets shouldn’t let leave.

  • prospector


    Your number priority is resigning MASAI !!!! I will not be able to sleep until MASAI gets a FAT extension…..

  • John L.

    Andre Miller is a disgrace

  • dumbass

    Trade Gallo and Faried for Kevin Love add picks if you have to. Resign iggy, sign tony allen. Let timofey go. Resign brewer if there is any cap room left depending on how much you overpayed allen and iggy.

  • tom

    the hero basketball that miller and brewer tried to play single handly kill us

    • Mike K

      How about the inability to hit a free throw? Four more and the game goes to OT.

  • Jeff

    Bad calls both ways. Like the screen on Big-gut when Ty reached around Curry. But had they not called that offensive foul we would have had a fast break dunk, so it actually hurt us.
    Reminded me of a few years ago when we were streaking in the regular season, Karl got sick, and we lost in the first round to Utah. Things fall apart. Sucks to watch that many games in a season just to be made mince meat in the playoffs. Still looking forward to what we do in the offseason.

  • tom

    i am from the bahamas and i am the only nuggets fan i know about and year after year first round we are knocked off we need to start need start with the coach and miller and focus more on defense

  • Woobly o Balls


  • Reposted ESPN Comments

    Hey guys, just a Warriors fan who wanted to stop by and say I fucking hate Mark Jackson more than you do. I do think he’s the most effective coach we’ve had in… god, decades, but I’m still unhappy with his preachy shit, his ref-baiting, and his horrible, horrible timeout and inbounds calls.

    Seriously, the guy is an ass. I hope he gets caught cheating on his wife while using church funds to buy meth.

    Also, yes, those were some terrible, terrible calls, like, the among the worst calls I’ve ever seen (that out of bounds call was horrifying) but the Nuggets were fouling on every inbounds once they started pressing. Look at the tape; they’re just grabbing Jack and Curry. There’s no finesse, they’re not jockeying for position, it’s just a full on hug.

    All that said, I’m not happy with the way this game ended. There was too much garbage down the stretch (from the refs and from the Warriors) to really smile about. And what the fuck is Miller doing in the game at the end? Just… ugh.

    Anywho, we’re going to go get whupped on by the Spurs. I shudder to think about what Pop could do with this Nuggets team, much less Parker-Manu-Leonard-Duncan

    • Jeff

      I’m also a casual Warriors fan because I live in Oakland and I agree totally about Jackson. If I played for him his preachy crap would be tough for me to stomach. But congrats on the win and good luck in round 2.

      • Reposted ESPN Comments

        Bro, don’t throw that round 2 shit in my face! You and I both know that even KD and Harden’s luck (y’know, the refs), wouldn’t save this Warriors team from the wrath of the Spurs. Maybe Bogut can handle Duncan, maybe (even less maybe) Thompson can cover Parker, and super unlikely maybe Jack can match Manu, but we’ve got nothing to stop Tiago and Kawhi.

        Those maybes I listed? I’d say each of those is a 10% shot. But add on to that (and Kawhi/Splitter) the fact that they’ve got Green and Leonard to throw on Curry? The Warriors are doomed (though, happy day for me, I’m a dual Spurs/Warriors fan, and since the Spurs are the team that has a shot at Miami, I’m okay with that).

        • Uh Yeah

          Is there such a thing as sore winner? Relax, dude. Also, you’re not a true Warriors fan saying that kinda s**t. Why not stay with the Spurs and chill out?

          • googergieger

            I think you can like/love a team but still hate some of the personnel. Jackson is a horrible human being. He literally preachers at people as a preacher. Despite the fact that A) Christians should follow the new testament already and be good people and not worry about anything else. Which is basically what it says. B) He cheated on his wife. Guy that has problems with gay people, cheated on his wife. C) His comments after game five and making David Lee play one minute were all done to get the refs to give him everything and they did. He knows his team was hitting and hurting people the whole series. He has done it before in the regular season. He knows everything he said was a hypocritical statement, and he knows the NBA loves a good narrative, so he played Lee one minute. He isn’t a coach he is a politician, and his hypocrisy is disgusting to hear and watch.

            • Uh Yeah

              I respect your opinion on this.

              One thing unrelated to basketball though. Christians doesn’t mean perfection. It means you recognize you’re a sinner and you submit to God to save you. On this, who knows what Mark Jacksons believes? He has done bad things undoubtedly. But if you believe in sin and Christianity, everyone is a sinner. Every. One.

              Back to basketball — I absolutely thought Mark was doing screwy things during the regular season as a coach. But as a coach in the playoffs, I think he’s been masterful in keeping the team aligned and motivated. Isn’t that what he’s supposed to do? So, on this, I guess we disagree (which is OK) — I think he helped drive the Warriors to the series win — exactly as a coach is supposed to. Whether he’s a good person or not — subject to interpretation — but in the end, not up to us to really judge.

              • googergieger

                Buddhism says, it doesn’t matter where you come from or where you are going, what matters is now. This moment. And us finding a way to be okay with it. Beyond all that, be a good person. New testament says as much. Yes it says the whole, accept Jesus as your savior, but it says, don’t judge. Love. All religions(though I wouldn’t say Buddhism is a religion) basically say, be a good person. Jackson hasn’t been one. He’s been a hypocrite. Who has no problem preaching, and judging, all the while just happily living in hypocrisy knowing no one is smart enough or has enough integrity to call him out on it. Sin? It’s a nice thought. Be good. Be evil. Whatever you do, whatever you are, just make sure it’s honest.

                What did he do? Tell his shooters to shoot, play to the refs, and tell his team to play dirty while accusing the other team of doing that for one game? Jackson is going to get swept by Pop because he is a great coach. Karl is a horrible play off coach. Jackson didn’t out coach Karl. He just did some common sense things. Karl just coached horribly. Three different starting line ups in one play off series? Going small about ninety percent of the time despite the fact you never won that way in the regular season and it wasn’t working in this series?

                I’ll judge Jackson all I want. I’m an honest person. I have conviction. I have sense of self. He on the other hand is a hypocrite. Which while I won’t say is the worst thing you can be all things considered, it is about the worst thing you can be spiritually.

              • Uh Yeah

                Cool thoughts.

                On the Christian note: my understanding is that sin isn’t about “being evil” though it is often interpreted that way. It actually starts with “belief in God as savior/lord” — the lack of that belief is the original and core sin. Stealing, murdering, lying, that’s gravy on top.

                To your credit, a “true believer” will do everything they can do not sin in other ways — so being a liar and a hypocrite, etc. But again, it’s hard to know what’s in anyone’s heart.

                Not sure how buddhism came into play, but I’m fairly sure new testament does NOT say “live in the moment.” It mainly talks of a better eternal life, which we receive as a gift of grace from accepting and following Jesus.

                Back to b-ball: You can hate Mark J. for being “bad” (I don’t love him either really). You can also say he just coached common sense. All of these things may be true. I was just saying I didn’t understand how the personal ethos came into play here. Nothing he did hasn’t been done before by other coaches really. Anyway, judge away. I’m just hoping for good basketball to watch. On religions — I enjoyed the conversation and wish you well.


              • googergieger

                More to do with the be a good person, which again basically all religions try to preach. But sure, enjoy watching the Warriors get swept. Politics don’t work against Pop, and neither does a one dimensional team.

    • Joji

      you’re satan’s number 1 pick in the coming draft. lol

  • Steve

    We are so good in some areas, and so pathetic in others. To recap the team..

    Massi..Gotta to sign him for the long term

    Karl..Gets out coached in the playoffs. Always has, always will. Having a D only minded coach takes away our Home Court advantage in Running people into the ground. We failed in this series because we lost at home…We were out coached.

    Ty…Should be an all star next season. When he starts to get the CP3 calls, he’ll average 23 per game.

    Iggy…started terrible this season, played with some heart at the end. I say resign him, 48 million over 4.

    Farried…has to develop a mid range and post game. He needs to score 15 consistently.

    Gallo…come back healthy.

    McGee…Must start. Has the tools to be a top 5 Center. Must grow his post game and focus on D Rebounding.

    Chandler…Nice 6th Man, not an answer for us at SF. Gallo has proven he is much better.

    Evan…Back up PG.SG Has the stroke, should get better next year.

    JHAM…Must be allowed to play and be the “Brewer” player next year. Can score and Rebound. Don’t need to overpay for a shooter when you have him here.

    Stone..THE back up PG that plays great D. 6’7″ and is a pass first guy, perfect for the second team and running we need to do.

    Mosgov…I say resign him 10m for 3 years. He is slower than KK but has better hands, more physical, and shoot better. He should be the back up.

    AR…Use him for energy and a change of pace with a long body.

    KK..He is nothing more than a back up/3rd center on this team. He can not jump, gets pushed around all the time, and can not shoot. If we could trade him I would.

    Brewer..Won games for us this year but should be let to sign else where. He will not have a stat year like this one ever again, especially for another team. DO NOT RESIGN.

    Quincy…Really don’t have a feel for why he might be able to do.

    And of course..

    Andre Miller…God If I could get him to retire it would make me so happy. THE WORST DEFENDING PLAYER IN THE NBA. The worst guy for an uptempo system that we run. He alone makes us not be able to play a pure man on man D.

    Package KK, AM, QM, for ….. anything…just make them go away.

    I have been kicked in the gut 2 times this year, when I froze to death at the bronco game and watching this team choke in the playoffs…again.

  • mysteried

    If you’re a player, will losing in the first round make you tougher? Will that give you the most fire, the most focus in the offseason? I can’t see it. I think you need to taste some measure of victory, feel a level of ascension to want to climb higher than you ever have. A first round exit year after year becomes habit. Here’s to hoping that our team won’t settle into saddle of their head coach.

    I agree entirely with Ban and Gorillabuddy regarding roster priorities, though I have to afford some extra words at the end of the season to our three most dangerous, expendable Nuggets.

    Corey Brewer seems incorrigible. If he thinks that the team needs him to lead, he’s taking 12+ shots. If you’re a lucky Nugget, tonight they’ll go in. If not (and the percentages say ‘not’) you’re in trouble for leaning on Brewer. He had some stellar games this one year but these playoffs proved how little you can rely on him. If you want to give yourself the best chance to win, Corey Brewer cannot be THE scorer for any lineup on your team. This type of player is not worth $7M if he only comes with slightly-above-average team defensive skills. Let him go if he wants that or more.

    Andre Miller’s value is even more of a unicorn. He’s basically only a net-positive (i.e. better than the competition and the next player on the bench) a couple of times a month when the rest of the team has an off-night and he’s ball-dominating AND shooting well. That won’t truly help you win a playoff series. He also happens to be the weakest link defensively in a league of ruthless matchup exploitation. We will never – truly never – stop a well-coached team from scoring if he is on the floor. You can’t let the rest of your young players become accustomed to that defensive letdown. Trading him is best. Better long-term players wait on the bench: Fournier and Stone.

    And then we have George Karl: persistent executor of weak defensive strategies, weak lineups to win games in hostile environments. You can’t let your team be coached by a man ignoring reality. More: beyond the failures in coaching tactics during games, we’ve seen broken fundamentals all over the court. Players are ball-watching when they should be boxing out, they jack up jumpers when they ought to swing the ball, faster, to work a seam in the defense. Maybe these are temporary stretch marks on the surface of a young, growing team – but when we see them against the Washington Wizards twice and the Golden Boy Warriors in an elimination game, it’s fairly clear that GK hasn’t found a way to extinguish these rotten behaviors. If he can’t get through to them to impart solid, winning basketball behaviors, how is he valuable to a young team? There are some answers to that question but are any of them adequate? I doubt it these days. I do, though, imagine that somewhere around the league, there’s a coach, maybe an assistant coach, who really wants to mold a team to fit winning ways and begin writing their own legacy together. I don’t know who this coach is but we may have men to find him.

    Masai and Josh – above all else we have Masai and Josh Kroenke. What kind of story will they make for themselves? As executives they have the power to choose the team’s path. Will they do everything necessary to assemble a team of fighters, winners? So far they have to an extent, but the biggest decision waits in the coach’s office. Everything I’ve read regarding M+J and GK says that they adore him. But after this season we know that they would have to give him inviolable conditions (like consistent, growth-promoting rotations for our young players; lineups that allot players stable positions they can learn, only allowing the smartest players [Iggy, Gallo, Fournier] multiple roles), inviolable conditions to abide by in order to keep his job as head coach. Even if they were to give him this kind of ultimatum I think we can only depend on GK’s failing creativity, not a triumph of willpower to keep him abiding by these conditions. Trade away his crutches for bad habits, force him to play growing players. Consolidate talent in 2-for-1 or 3-for-1 trades, bringing your wealth of cheap, young, promising players into regular rotation roles. If you think of every young player as a bet, you can see Masai and Josh having placed so many great bets recently that may pan out. Can they drop some of their old, fuzzy-feeling bets in order to place more odds-on winners? So far Masai has made me believe that he can. But firing an iconic coach takes a true willingness to play the game. Maybe he’s only waiting for the right coach, the right basketball mind to become available. He’ll either have to find it elsewhere, or puppeteer it in George Karl to beat the basketball legends of our age. Fortunately, if we keep most of our team’s players between the ages of Fournier and Ty, letting them grow together, they’ll peak as LeBron returns to earth. Masai has the pieces and the time to build a real winner. And I’ll watch him try. The long game continues.

  • Woobly o Balls

    Lawson and Iggy separated themselves from everyone else on our roster this series.
    Down 2 with 20 seconds the ball should have gone to Iggy, he was feeling it
    Lawson starting to look like an all star

    Faried got better as he got his legs back

    We get it Miller needs to go. Doesn’t seem to care.

    Brewer had a up and down series but was mostly disappointing

    Koufos – doubted him early in the year, turned around on him and then he was terrible and soft in this series. 2 straight years he has been mauled in the playoffs. Last year though Karl was smart enough to use Mozzy and Javale instead. KK might have been a better matchup against the spurs but in this series he shouldn’t have seen the floor with the way he was playing

    Javale showed some flashes. His o rebounding was great tonight but we just didnt make them pay. No idea what to think of him though
    I think he plays well with Faried. The miller/mcgee combo was overrated all year

    Wilson Chandler was disappointing. He is so athletic on that first step to get past then he runs into contact and jumps back and takes a tough floater. End of the day, I think the Chandler/Gallo debate is officially over. Gallo is just a much more natural scorer. Chandler is a great glue guy off the bench (and he is a SF)

  • Tom2

    This lost series is as much the Denver fans’ fault as far as I’m concerned. From not really believing in the team, to wanting every player and coach to get jettisoned at various parts of the season, to not showing up to support the team in the playoffs the way Golden State’s fans showed up. Honestly, I’m embarrassed by the Nuggets “fans”. The Golden State fans significantly outclassed us, and we didn’t deserve to have any rosey playoff success with the attitudes I’ve observed here. The “oh no, here we go again” attitude is pathetic. If you can’t support the team at the most important time of the year, then get out of the stadium! I don’t care if you feel you’re being “objective”. This is about rooting for and cheering on your team, sticking with them through not just the good times but also the bad times! Even when you feel the team has let you down, that’s no excuse to let them down. It was a good season, they played hard to the end, and I’m glad I got to enjoy their games this year. But I am sooo pissed at the Nugget fans right now.

  • Josh

    Glad to see McGee playing well of late. Same goes with Lawson and Iggy who have stepped up their games and become more confident leaders and scorers. Let’s hope we can keep Iggy around for another 4 seasons or so. I wish Karl would draw up better plays at the end of games. Hopefully we pick up a 3 point specialist this offseason. I wouldn’t mind getting a post scorer/stretch 4 coming off the bench either, perhaps even snatching Carl Landry if he opts out. Stay positive

  • Woobly o Balls

    Masai isn’t an idiot. He knows this team isn’t a contender. He’s actually said it. There seems to be a feeling in the media that Denver is trying to build a winner without a superstar. False. Masai sees the entire team as assets. He is rebuilding whilst staying patient and competitive. There will be a lot of pressure on him to make wholesale changes this offseason but that’s not how he operates. He is patient and I think he’ll make small changes and wait for a young star to become available.

    First things first: must re-sign Igoudala. There seems to be some dumb group-think that he has been a disappointment because the former all-star hasn’t played like your typical star and scored. But he has made this team so much better on defense, his passing and play making has been excellent and he has shown the ability to have big scoring patches. He is a great #2 or #3 option. As is Lawson. Stating the obvious here but we just need to turn the rest of the roster (minus Lawson and Iggy) into a #1 or a couple of 1a/2 options. Ujiri has shown the ability to then find great role players in the late 1st round.
    I wish Carmelo had stayed around and give Ujiri a chance to build around him. Iggy would have been the best possible wing compliment to him and Lawson would have been a great option at PG with his driving and unselfishness. We have so many great ROLE players. But that’s irrelevant now.

    Who knows who that guy could be?
    Off the top of my head we could trade for Aldridge, Gasol, Love (would take a lot), Cousins.
    None are really superstars that will take over at the end of the game.
    Aldridge: Would give us a post option who can score at will. They would want Faried back though and something else
    Gasol: Don’t really want- contract, age etc
    Love: Bit of a testy relationship b/ween love and wolves f/o. Could be available but maybe not. They’d want Faried and gallo probably and maybe more
    Cousins: Has the youth and potential to be a top 5 player in this league. No joke he could be that good. Will he ever reach that point? Probs not. But unlike Mcgee’s huge potential, you feel he’s much closer. If you got him: Karl would HAVE to go. He has a lot of attitude issues and his acquisition would divide fans. Me? If I could get him without giving up Faried, Iggy or lawson, I’d take him in a heartbeat and gamble on the upside. You’d need a couple of vets to help him but not chuck hayes type vets, but vets that have done stuff and have universal respect.

    But atm there isn’t that james harden franchise changer really out there, so we may have to wait.

    Extreme extreme route:
    I would not be opposed to a real rebuild and use our assets to lure a high pick from a desperate young team that needs to win soon. There would be many teams that would kill for the type of team we have. Basically I wouldn’t mind throwing all our eggs in the Andrew Wiggins/Jabari Parker sweepstakes. A lot of fans would be opposed to a complete rebuild but the ONLY young potential superstars that I see available in the near future are sitting at the top of the 2014 draft.

    Shall be a very very interesting offseason. Pressure is on however I’d be disappointed to hear the “no gallo” excuse. That is an excuse you use for not beating the spurs or thunder in tight series not the freakin warriors in the first round

    • Zack

      I agree with you about your “extreme extreme route”. I don’t think Masai would do it, but why not try to get a top pick in next year’s draft? You win championships with superstars. You can win games in the regular season with great depth (i.e. this year’s Nuggets team). But if the Nuggets got Wiggins/Parker that could change so much.

  • googergieger

    No, Karl needs to go. Get rid of Miller, he still won’t play McGee over Koufos until it is too late. I mean if this wasn’t a Karl proof roster, I don’t know what is. There literally isn’t a roster that can be built, he won’t find a way to muck up.

  • Tonia01

    Probably it is easy now to point at GK as the reason for this new blow in the first round. But I truly believe it is GK fault.

    The fact that many things went the wrong way for the Nuggets just before the playoffs (with the injuries of Gallo, Ty and Faried) is for sure an important factor, but could not be considered enough to justify the loss agaist a weaker team.

    Reality is that it was sufficient to lose the second game of the series to make GK losing his mind, messing up all the rotations and throwing out of window all the work done until there.

    Every game since was improvvised and the result is only the consequence of it. This shows a lack of Basketball IQ and personality and just confirms what many Dever fans always thought, with GK there are no chances to go ahead in the playoffs.

    The team is not bad though, we need a new coach and a couple of adjustments in the roster with free agency. Plus we need to hope that gallo comes back healthy …. and granpa miller is traded or retires for ever ….

  • http://espn herpderpnuggets

    That horrible charge call was the last kick to the nuts this game…hate to see the season flushed down the toilet like that, so now we all get to be spectators…fun

  • ny nugs fan

    the game was lost at the end of the first half when we let them get confidence and back in the game

  • Giovanni

    I’il give up with my Nuggets…

    Too many delusion in these years…

    Good luck forum…

    I”m done…

  • Zack

    Gotta say, this is sad that so many people are saying “I’m done”. I mean, yes this is extremely disappointing and of course I’m hoping for some changes (i.e. GK and Miller gone). But I would be lying if I said “I’m done”. It’s upsetting, but believe me I’ll be watching during the offseason for what happens, during the draft, and next season I’ll be rooting for the Nuggets like crazy, just like this year and every year before.

    Come on, root for the team through the highs and the lows.

    • Thomas

      No, Zach, you can be a fan and still use your brain.

      If you enjoy the regular season, then carry on. Otherwise, forget about it because this team will NEVER go anywhere in the playoffs with GK.

  • A.D.

    Our priorities this offseason:

    1. Sign Igoudala

    We can’t afford to lose a player with so much value by just letting him walk. At the very least we cater to him a bit, allowing him some choice in the matter and negotiate a sign and trade to get at least 75 cents on the dollar

    2. Address Miller

    His age won’t allow him to yield much as far as trade value so either cut his minutes in half or cut the player altogether. He can be a major liability and we can’t take his sort of mistakes, especially in high doses

    3. Address Brewer

    Higher value than Miller, but a similar situation. He gambles on defense and we’ve probably already seen his best. Sign him to a one-year deal at two million and re-evaluate in 2014

    4. Develop McGee, Randolph and Gallinari

    Between these three players is about 20 million dollars. We are not shelling out ten mill a year to have McGee be a benchwarmer. High ceiling and has shown flashes of what he could be. Similar situation for Randolph, with the exception of salary
    Gallinari is the most versatile player on the roster and could easily be the best in a few years. Already great as a slasher and outside shooter, but shows need for development in the post, especially on defense. Loses track of his man and handles could be better

    Sign a Post-man

    1. Jefferson
    2. Kaman
    3. Dalembert
    4. Pryzbilla

    Our front-court, though exciting, is not very stout defensively. We’ve all seen the effect a defensive-minded center can have on a team (see Chandler/Mavs and Chandler Knicks). Top three in scoring, we could stand to shore up some of our deficiencies on the defensive end.
    Jefferson is ideal, he stretches the defense with his mid-range and can take some pressure off other players on both sides of the ball. Kaman, Dalambert and Pryzbilla are all stout post-defenders and can also make an impact, even coming off the bench

    • clive

      We do not need Jefferson, Kaman, Dalembert, or Pryzbilla. Old and slow, doesn’t fit our offense. Jefferson, especially, doesn’t play defense.

      That’s why McGee needs to develop. he can be a monster on Defense and hopefully develops more post moves.

      • Guy

        I like Jefferson, not the other 3. Our offense doesn’t win playoff series and that is really all that matters. I don’t know if Jefferson is the answer but he would at least fill a need for playoff basketball which is a big man who can score.

        • googergieger

          Our offense isn’t the problem.

          • Guy

            Bad offense leads to bad defense. If we had a post up player the other team needed to double we’d get more open shots and more offensive rebounds in the half court. Our shooting % for most of the playoffs was well below that of the regular season because you get so few easy baskets in the playoffs. I didn’t think our defense was that bad last night, with the exception of the 3rd quarter. Obviously you can win 57 games in the regular season without shooters and a low post offense (or at least a Big that can hit the 12-15 footer) but it doesn’t work in the playoffs. If you disagree give me an example.

            • googergieger

              Going small at literally every position, preaching constantly leaking out without securing the board first, telling our bigs to slip the screen instead of setting the pick, and not teaching everyone that boxing out is important(Gallo was apparently the only one that learned that) is what doomed us when it came to rebounding. Field goal percentage? Well Miller, Brewer, and Chandler for most of the playoffs, innit?

              If you want Denver to become a half court team all of a sudden with someone like Al Jefferson, you do realize we get less possessions which would mean less scoring opportunities, which would mean less points, right? Not to mention our defense would be worse. Again, offense isn’t the problem.

              Look at Memphis, Chicago, Indiana, and Boston. Granted I’m not saying become a slow it down team on both sides of the court myself, but letting Brewer gamble without ever calling him out for it, letting Miller just take possessions off, and stubbornly making Koufos a great role player at the expense of building up McGee to become a top center in the league, along with many other things, are all fixable things. Mostly fixed by getting a new coach, a shooter or two, and becoming committed to being a great defensive team that knows they can score any time they want by outrunning everyone in the league.

              • Guy

                Less like those Eastern conf. teams more like the Spurs.

          • James

            Our offense IS a problem – not a big one, but a problem. In game 6, as at various times during the year, we had extended scoring droughts. We don’t have Steph Curry, and our guys collectively go cold way too often. In game 6, cost us the game. Starting lineup has enough scoring, but a RELIABLE inside scorer of Jefferson’s skills would be perfect off the bench. Slow the game down temporarily, let him get 8 or 10, put him back on the bench. Yeah, he plays no D, but much less important against 2nd unit bigs.

            I assume, however, that his salary is far too large to use him 20-25 min per game.

  • buffalo soldier

    Tough loss. Great year except ….

    So who is the next coach? Other than Phil I see nothing.

    • Zack

      How about Brian Shaw?

  • nugswin

    Great season for the Nugs. Franchise record for wins and it took the loss of our best two-way player to knock us out of an extremely tough western conference.


    I’m on the Miller/Karl combo has to go train. Miller is a liability and Karl’s blindness regarding that fact should be both their ticket out of town. Been discussed ad nauseum though so I don’t have anything to add.

    Shouldn’t the Gallo is over-rated assessment be tossed out at this point? We missed his presence on both ends of the floor something serious. With him we probably win this series despite not being mentally ready and having to overcome the Karl/Miller duo of loss.

    Nice to read the support Iggy is getting after last night. It is crucial for us to lock him down as a Nugget if we want to continue to improve and challenge to make the finals. Without him we are a guaranteed first round loser which would be a step back despite this season’s disappointment.

    The referees did not lose us this game or this series. Please, just stop with those tired claims. They made mistakes, yes. NBA refereeing is hard. But no neutral observers watched last night and thought, “Denver got screwed by the calls.” Did. Not Happen. And if you want to see how consistently good NBA reffing is just don’t watch any college ball until the NCAA tournament while watching the NBA until then. The contrast is stark.

    Ty Lawson is not an all-star. Sorry but he’s not one of the top point-guards in the west. You’ve got Tony Parker, Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul at the top of the heap. All three obviously better than Ty. Then the next tier is headed by Mike Conley (so much better defensively than Lawson that he’s ahead of him — comes out ahead in almost any way you measure it in advanced stats despite Lawson supposedly being better offensively), and Ricky Rubio, who would be an awesome Nugget (and, again, a much better defender). Can you imagine how many assists Rubio would get if he played for us? Plus Curry, who should have been an all-star this season. As I’ve said before, Denver can win with Ty, he’s very good. But he’s just an above average PG in this league, not an all-star. He’s not a good defender and the only areas he’s top 3 in is pushing the ball in transition (where he is still behind Parker and Westbrook).

    Shout out to the writers on RMC. Thanks for providing your thoughts and insights and giving us a forum to cheer for our team!

    • Bryan

      You lost all credibility when you asserted that Mike Conley was better than Ty Lawson. That’s ridiculous.

      Gallo isn’t the Nuggets best two way player, AI is. Everyone seems to have forgotten that Gallo is wildly inconsistent and was having a horrible 2013 offensively.

      Great seasons don’t end with the team being upset in the first round of the playoffs.

      • nugswin

        Conley is holding his own against Chris Paul right now in their series. Conley is above Lawson in all the advanced stat measurements — win shares/per/etc. He’s twice (or more) the defender Lawson is — Ty benefits hugely from the fact that on Denver Iggy can play the guard spots defensively (instead of Philly where he had to play the three) because it allows us to hide him on the weaker perimeter players. No need to hide Conley.

        Conley gets to the rim in the half court just as effectively as Lawson and is a better shooter — better free throw percentage/same 3-point, Conley’s shooting percentage is (slightly) lower because Memphis plays at a much slower pace so he gets fewer opportunities for easy buckets (which also explains the difference in assists where Ty averages .6 per game more).

        Calling my assertion ridiculous only shows that you’re being a total homer as I’m sure there are many coaches and GMs around the league who wouldn’t hesitate to take Conley over Lawson. It’s not as cut-and-dried as the difference between Ty and Parker, for example. But it’s at least credible to make the argument and rises to more than that when the advanced stats back me up.

        • Bryan

          First of all explain to me how you hide someone on a defense that favors the pick and roll by defending everything?

          I also like how you attempt to make a statistical argument to defend your idiotic assertion and then engage in apologia to explain away stats. “Conley is a better shooter..but but Ty Lawson has a better shooting percentage because of Denver’s offense.

          If you’re going to look beyond the stats, look beyond the stats. Conley plays on a team with Marc Gasol (the best big man in the business according to World Peace) and Zach Randolph.

          When teams are going against the Grizzlies, who are they most worried about? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not Conley.

          In contrast, Ty Lawson is the number one guy on his team. Keeping him out of the paint is the primary concern of teams facing the Nuggets there are no skilled big men to pull guys out of the pain and there are certainly no competent three point shooters he can feed the ball to, to prevent the paint from being packed.

          If the switched teams the Grizzlies would be better and the Nuggets would get worse.

          By the way, since you’ve elevated Conley into this elite defender in your mind, I’m curious as to who was guarding Chris Paul when he hit that game winning shot?

          • nugswin

            “Conley is a better shooter..but but Ty Lawson has a better shooting percentage because of Denver’s offense.

            Dude, if you don’t understand how this works you should just keep quiet. It’s not difficult.

      • LBJ

        Conley is very comparable to Lawson – and an argument can be made for either player.

        I would also agree that Paul, Parker, Westbrook and Curry rank ahead of both of them.

    • googergieger

      Worldwide twitter trend of “bad call” saying the McGee charge and the Brewer out of bounds, were bad calls, would disagree with your neutral observers claim.

      Hard to argue just how good the Denver players are, because Conley never plays big minutes with a guy like Miller, and while he is a better defender than Ty(post all star break is a better comparison for stats though considering how bad Ty started the year) a lot of Conley’s success can be traced back to team and coach. Where as Ty carried Denver in this series more often than not, while having to deal with the taking names out of a hat style of coaching Karl did with his line ups and rotations.

      Ty is an all star. Rubio can pass, play the passing lanes wonderfully, but offensively just have to worry about the pass really. Curry is beyond overrated. Jamal Crawford can do everything he does(and defend better despite the fact he isn’t a defender), he just doesn’t get the green light to chuck up that many shots and he doesn’t get the protection from the refs. There is a reason it took three straight fouls being called on Faried, and then the Nuggets having to back off of Curry, in order to get him going in that third quarter. Refs didn’t lose Denver this series. They did lose Denver this game.

      Am wondering though, has Karl ever made someone a better defender? Cause most guys that were good to great defenders under him, were good before coming to him right? I do think Ty could become a better defender despite his size. I mean Paul is just allowed to foul, but he is still decent enough more often than not and he is pretty small too. Compared to the rest of them anyways.

      • LBJ

        Jamal Crawford as good as Curry?? Fool, do you even watch the NBA?

        Last time I watched the Clips, Crawford does chuck up shots from all over the court!

        • googergieger

          And he gets just as many minutes as Curry, so you totally argued my point there. Well you didn’t. Didn’t argue any of it really. Try harder, troll.

          • LBJ

            No one with half a brain believes that Jamal Crawford is as good as Curry.

            Keep confirming that you are the biggest idiot on the board.

            • googergieger

              Still not arguing any of what I said, knob. Start doing so, or move along.

              • LBJ

                Googergoof – I’d suggest you stick with telling us why Mark Jackson is not a good Christian.

                Leave the basketball discussion to those of us that know something about the game.

          • nugswin

            Curry – 38 min, Crawford – 29 min. But those aren’t the stats that would blow holes in your Crawford is as good as Curry idea.

            • LBJ


              I doubt even Stan Van Gundy would trade Curry for Jamal Crawford!

              • LBJ

                Just watching the Clips get ousted in 6 by Memphis. How is this even possible?????

                Chris Paul, Chauncey, Blake, Bledsoe, and superstar Jamal Crawford

                BTW – Conley is 3 of 4 from 3 and looking pretty good.

              • Charliemyboy

                Ya’ know what makes me sick? Ya’ know what makes me wanna’ beat the dogs outside to take a leak in front of all the other apartment dwellers? We whipped Memphis and Clips butts all over the lawn! One more year; one more tear… butt, hope runs.

      • nugswin

        So, because there was one bad block/charge call against the Nuggets that everybody agrees was bad means that everybody watching thinks the Nuggets got screwed overall in the game? What about the illegal pick foul against Bogut that was just as clearly a bad call? Listen, the refs missed some calls but we didn’t lose last night or lose the series because of bad calls or because Curry is pampered. Taking that position is putting yourself in the same shoes as Mark Jackson complaining about the refereeing. How did you feel about about his assessment of the refs? Well, that’s what he thinks about your complaints. . .

        As far as a Conley/Lawson comparison goes, the idea that Conley’s success can be traced back to team and coach cuts both ways. What kind of numbers would Conley put up on the high pace Nuggets? I’m guessing pretty good ones, at least as good as Lawson’s. The important point is that whichever side of that debate you might take, the difference is small and if you feel Lawson is an all-star then you should also feel that Conley is.

        And either way, who do the people think that Ty should make the all-star team think he should replace? Paul? Westbrook? Parker? And I’m sorry but Curry is better than both Conley and Ty — %45 3-point percentage on 600 attempts that were on average higher difficulty than the open looks Ty more consistently takes. Plus much higher TS%, better FT%. When is the next time Ty is going to put up 55 points in the Garden? When is the next time he’s going to put up 55 points anywhere?! Um, never. Face it, Curry is the better talent, all the advanced stats say it’s not even close.

        I’m trying not to be argumentative. I know we all are just trying to support the Nuggets and want them to win. But I just feel we should be realistic in our assessments of our players and coaching and not engage in excessive homerism.

        • LBJ

          What are you talking about – Curry better than Lawson????

          Googergoofball just told us that Jamal Crawford is the same as Curry!!!!

        • googergieger

          Not what I said, but that worldwide trend was indicative of what majority of unbiased eyes felt. Most people on twitter did see the game as being painfully one sided. Last year OKC versus Spurs, Spurs got screwed in game six. Shouldn’t have come down to that game either mind you, but it was obvious the refs made sure OKC won. Just like last night. Refs wanted to make sure GS was going to win. Now don’t get me wrong, refs can’t make it so one team wins and one team loses, but they do make it a lot easier for one team to win and a lot harder for another team to win. That is what happened last night. Look at the game and you will see majority of calls and no calls going Golden State’s way. Difference between myself Jackson is, I don’t think Denver were saints. He thought Golden State was clean and Denver was dirty. I think both teams did the same type of stuff, but last night at least, Golden State was allowed to get away with more. And I never cheated on my wife. Well, I can’t get married, but if I could, I wouldn’t cheat on my spouse.

          I don’t think anyone can put up all star numbers in Denver in the conventional sense. As the ball is supposed to constantly move around. Conley is about the only perimeter player on Memphis that can get his, so has to. I think Conley and Lawson are comparable, but Lawson does have the edge offensively. I think if you switched both, Memphis would be better, and Denver would be slightly worse, just because of their personalities. Conley isn’t much of an attacker and all, but I’d agree both are just as good. Though Conley isn’t as great as a decision maker.

          Miller once put up fifty points, what is your point? Curry is better offensively? Okay. In this series we saw Lawson could take contact all series long and still get his when he wanted to. Curry needed illegal screens, Denver to get into foul trouble, and then he hit down his shots. Great shooter. No doubt about it. Basketball is about more than that, and unfortunately officiating does play a huge part in it. If Gallo got KD calls and KD got the rookie treatment from the refs, where would they both end up stat wise? Tough to say.

          • nugswin

            Curry isn’t just better offensively, he’s a LOT better offensively. I don’t think you and the Curry detractors understand just how impressive it is that he shot over %45 from beyond the arc. It’s not like he stood in the corner and shot open 3s off Jarret Jack penetration.

            You know, I think you take a lot of guff on this board that you don’t deserve. And I agree with a lot of your takes on things. For instance, I’ve thought you were right all along about the McGee/Koufos dynamic and that Karl plays that one all wrong (and the last two games pretty much proved you right). I also agree with your take on Gallo.

            But the harping on the refs thing is misguided. Your attitude is the attitude that EVERY losing team has. When the Spurs (small market, no less!) beat the Warriors you can bet their blog comment sections are going to be filled with ‘the refs screwed us’ claims. But it wont be true any more than it was true that last night we lost because of the refs.

            I watched the game and I rewound (DVR rocks!) any close or controversial call, because I’m into detail (I also do this with good passing or defensive movement). And you know what? They blew it on a number of them. Just like in every other NBA game. And you know what else? Denver had many, many opportunities to win and they just couldn’t do it — missed open 3-pointers from Lawson or bad shot decisions of all kinds by Chandler and Brewer or Karl not giving Fournier minutes when we needed somebody who could hit a shot. Whatever, there were a ton of things that mattered more than the officiating.

            • googergieger

              So he can shoot better? Okay.

              Anyways. I don’t blame the refs for the series. I do blame them for the game last night(yes other things went wrong but if they called a consistent game, there would have been a game seven). I mean three straight fouls on Faried to open the third? Charge and out of bounds aside which clearly hurt all the momentum built up to that point. The make up calls Denver got and they were make up calls(I.E. gave Golden State some bullshit so give Denver something stupid to say there was no bias), did nothing to make up for the fact that the calls Golden State got were to help them go on runs or stop Denver from going on theirs. Again, refs made it really easy for Golden State to win and really hard for Denver to win. Are you telling me refs do not have any bias when it comes to the sport? Are you telling me Jackson’s comments, Lee playing for a minute Willis Reed style, and Curry being the next superstar because points matter more than anything else in the NBA and their propaganda machines eyes, were totally out of the refs minds when they were officiating that game? You are telling me it was bad on both sides? You are telling me it was fair? I rewatched the game. Those three straight fouls on Faried were calculated and it did open up the Curry shooting, because it stopped Denver being aggressive. Don’t get me wrong, Karl should have gone into the half with a fifteen point lead to help cushion the run the Warriors were going to go on, but to sit there and tell me it was fair. There was no agenda, is just, I mean people believe Lakers beat Portland and Sacramento fair and square in those series, I guess. We got blown out a few times in the regular season and I didn’t blame the refs. Last year I didn’t care about OKC/Spurs and I can admit Spurs got screwed. Last year OKC went up against Miami and I HATE OKC and I can admit they got screwed too. This isn’t just blind homerism. This is seeing Lawson attacking the basket on one end, getting contact and no call, and literally the next play a Warrior doing the exact same thing, getting the exact same contact, and getting an and one from a ref. This is Bogut not being called for one three second violation. This is Curry not being called for one shove every time Lawson went for a jumper. This is three straight fouls on Faried to open the third. This is Denver attacking the paint a lot more than Golden State did this series yet the foul total for the entire series is Golden State having one more foul than us. Series as a whole? Golden State played rough and we only responded the last two games. So be it. Not much to complain about when we never tried to answer back until the last two games. However this last game? It was not called fair on both sides. This can not be argued.

              • nugswin


                I guess you missed where I said that every team that loses feels they got screwed by the refs since you mention a bunch of teams that lost then claim they got screwed by the refs.

                Plus, paragraphs. They are your reading comprehension friend.

              • LBJ

                “Calculated” foul calls? How is that done? Does Stern call the refs at half time and tell them “Call 3 fouls on Faried ASAP”? Or do they just huddle and decide to do that – knowing that is what Stern wants?

                foul #1 was debatable

                foul #2 was unlucky – stepped on his foot

                foul# 3 was a dumb play by Faried

              • Ryan

                It’s naive to think there aren’t sometimes agendas/forces behind the scenes. Has everyone forgotten Tim Donaghy? He claimed that game 6 of Kings vs. Lakers was rigged back in the early 2000s. The evidence bears that out. If you think the refs called that game fairly, I just don’t know what to tell you…


              • googergieger

                And comma’s are great friends to have, too. What is your point? But alright, Kings weren’t screwed. Nor was Portland. Nor was San Antonio. Refs are always fair. Always. Always consistent. Always.

                I mean this is the thing, sport. I’m not blaming the refs for the series. Have said this quite a few times. Just blaming them for game six, and even then not blaming them entirely. But whatever, chief. Want to buy these magic beans, I got? NBA approved!

              • nugswin

                Yes, Donaghy was corrupt. That impugns all NBA officials? And his going around trying to get back at Stern and garnering public support by confirming their base speculation doesn’t mean squat. You don’t trust him as a referee but his word is sacrosanct when it confirms your biases? Nice.

        • Ryan

          Calling that foul on Bogut HELPED the Warriors. Ty had an easy layup if they called the play correctly (Ty knocked the ball away cleanly). Bad example…

          • Ryan

            I need to clarify: I don’t think the refs rigged THIS series, but they absolutely have rigged previous series, most notably LA vs. Sacramento in 2002

            • LBJ

              So what are you saying?? Did the refs cost the Nuggets or not?

  • Stephen H

    George Karl, Corey brewer, and Andre miller must be removed this offseason and insert jj reddick, oj mayo, or Kyle korver for brewer, Eric Bledsoe or jarrett jack for miller, and anybody for George Karl.

    • LBJ

      OJ Mayo for CBrew??

      As long as we are being absurd, why not just get Durant to replace him?

  • Bryan

    The need to let Brewer walk, especially if they’re targeting Korver. Letting Brewer walk would also (hopefully) prevent Karl from giving Fournier the Jordan Hamilton treatment.

    Miller needs to be dealt. I don’t think he even wants to be here based on his comments.

    If the Nuggets front office is serious about building a contender, Kofous isn’t a guy you can count on. He’s been useless in two post seasons now.

  • al68


  • Stephen H

    Why not oj mayo he’s a free agent this summer

    • LBJ

      I suspect Cuban will resign him – and very likely for money money than we can offer.

      • Ryan

        He didn’t always get along with Carlisle. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him go elsewhere. He was kind of out of his element this year, as he’s a much better 6th man than starter…

  • Stephen H

    You trade miller and think of that ending lineup mayo, Lawson, iggy, gallo, McGee/faried

    • LBJ

      And if we were ahead at the end of the game, we would be playing hack a nugget.

      Yet another reason McGee doesn’t get his minutes – he can’t make FTs.

  • http://espn gary g

    Think i would throw up if i ever see Karl & Miller together even in a picture. Miller shouldn’t even be allowed to clean his lockers. And Karl is done….for god sake get rid of him. Blow this thing up. Doing the same is clearly not working and this is the best Karl will ever have in his style of play…it sjust not good enough. Things might get worse before they get better, but at least the trajectory will be established. This is nothing more than insanity….doing the same jazz overa and over. There is some talent in the locker room but the majority of the guys are benchwarmer material when it counts. Go youngand startover. Get some pure talent, rather than system guys who would also sing in Karls’ choir on Sundays.
    Ujiri is smart, but he needs to move in a new direction now…no point waiting another year and spending dough on more marginal contributors.

  • doop snog

    I’d trade Gallinari, McGee, Iguodala, and our 1st round pick in 2014 for the 1st overall pick in the 2014 draft. Andrew Wiggins would make this team better right now. He is a franchise cornerstone and someone with superstardom written all over him. He is humble, works hard, and believes that nobody’s bigger than the game. WIGGINS 2014!

    • LBJ

      Hmmm. Have you even seen him play? Or just heard what recruiting blogs say about him?

  • Eric W.

    Corey Brewer and Stephan Curry have very similar abilities when it comes to three point shooting

    Both rarely hit the rim.

    • leeds

      LMAO…unfortunately, Curry’s count for 3 pts and Brewer’s count towards rounding stats

  • Mark

    Great article and analysis Joel, thanks.

  • chronosynclastic infundibula

    There are just too many questions. What to do with Karl? Do you dump Miller and force Karl’s hand, or do you keep Andre for the regular season benefits? What about Ty and Faried’s defense? Iggy’s free throw shooting is another weakness. No consistent three point shooters. I think the ONLY answer is to find a reliable star-caliber player that can throw this team on his back when the chips are down. Easier said than done, but unless Denver has that guy, their team will remain too fragile for post season success. Only a star-caliber player can mask the numerous player and coaching flaws of this team. Not to mention, the likelihood of injuries occurring to one of Denver’s core eight is very high when the philosophy is dependent upon the good play of many versus the great play of a few.

  • morning coffee

    My final post of the season:

    Yes, Karl, not great, but I think he should get one more year. I really do. I think he is going to retire after next year anyway. Honestly, watching this series, I thought to myself how the hell did Karl get 57 wins with this team? They can’t shoot!! They can’t hit a free throw!..and like so many were saying, it all got exposed. Golden State is the better team with better players right now. Flat out.

    I think this game was actually lost on the offensive end, not defensive. In the third period, when Curry started getting hot, we had SEVERAL open looks, open 3’s, and wide open drives to the rim that did not go in. Clank after clank.

    What needs to happen:
    1. Continue to develop Fournier and get Korver or someone that can hit a 3 for God sakes.
    2. Get Gallo healthy. I now know why Chandler was the backup. Because Gallo is clutch, can shoot, and make play. Chandler is not as good.
    3. We need at least 1 big, either a center or PF, that can stretch the floor.
    4. Get rid of Miller, find fast backup who can at least hit a mid range jumper and defend.

    I think they will get better next year and continue to add pieces. I’m actually proud of this group. They fought hard and battled, but in the end, not enough firepower, at all.

    • LBJ

      Excellent post

    • Cory

      You are saying they can’t shoot free throws and that isn’t the coaches fault? Free throws are the easiest thing to practice in the world. Also, the reason they shot so poorly in the series is Karl doesn’t know how to run a half-court offense! They get fastbreak points during the season, but Karl needs to know they won’t get as many foul calls and that teams will play better d in the playoffs, and needs to teach the team to run plays and get people open. When we have open shots that were properly set up Ty, Iguodala, and Brewer can all hit the three, as can Fournier and Hamilton who never get playtime because Karl is so stubborn. Most of their shots in this series were rushed and off balance because our offense doesn’t know how to get them open.

      Karl is the only reason the Nuggets failed in the post season this year. This last game showed the players’ heart and will to win despite terrible reffing and poor coaching. Karl needs to go.

  • LBJ

    Go back and watch the game – we had plenty of open shots. We just didn’t make enough of them.

    • morning coffee

      Glad you’re seeing what I did LBJ.

      You could have built a home for all the children Kobe Bryant has fathered out of all those bricks.

  • Crawford

    All great points, especially about Miller. As for Lawson’s +/-, I think it would be interesting to see his #’s there for when he doesn’t share the floor w/ Miller. Not only was Miller the bigger defensive liability, but Karl also lets him handle the ball almost exclusively once he enters, leaving Ty to act as a spot-up corner shooter — rendering him basically useless on offense, through no fault of his own. Without a doubt, Lawson was lighting up the Warriors in the 1st quarter last night, only to lose all mojo when he went out with 2:30 left in the quarter and then never ran the team again until the 2-3 min. mark of the 2nd qtr. Just inexcusable coaching. I hope Karl returns, but without Miller and with a shooter to replace him.

  • RickP

    Visiting GS fan …

    The Nuggets were a tough team to beat and the W’s got lucky and maybe a little dirty. I’m a W fan, but I’m not a fan of dirty play. It went both ways, but my impression was that Bogut’s pick in Game 2 (was it?) was the first move in that game.

    You guys know Karl better than I do, but I thought he did some things well. For example, in the 4th quarter last night he turned Jack into a liability. He figured out that Jack has one reliable move, a floater in the center of the lane, and he moved a big in the way and shut Jack down. At that point Jack pounded the dribble and turned it over way too often.

    The W team that showed up for this series was not the team we knew. Bogut played far better than in any regular season game. So did Green and Barnes. The W’s main weakness is ball handling and Karl exploited it nicely.

    I was extremey impressed with Iggy, Lawson and Faried.

    Good luck (against everybody else) next season.

    • Fraser

      Classy post- thankyou

    • Ryan

      Yeah, Iguodala said he “couldn’t remember anything” after Bogut’s pick. May have been a concussion, may have contributed to his poor play in the second half of that game. Thanks for your post!

  • Danno

    Another first round exit! My dream come true! I fucking LOVE first round exits!

  • Gregory

    When you keep reading game after game about how this player or that player had a break-out game, after a while, don’t you begin to put it together that it might not be luck or fate but, rather the ineptitude of the Nuggets defense? I’m pretty sure that Nene would have faired much better than the current Nuggets centers agains Bogut. And also, in Ujiri, I don’t trust. He has made his share of mistakes, Andre Miller being another one. He’s had all off-season and current season up to the trade deadline to find anyone who can consistently knock down a 3-pointer. Miami has 6 or 7 people than can. San Antonio has a few too…all the best teams do. Ujiri constructed this roster and he has failed IMO.

    • googergieger

      Miller was resigned because of Karl. This team was built for Karl. Fournier and Hamilton can shoot three’s. Karl play them? Why would Masai get a three point shooter that Karl won’t play over Miller and Brewer?

      • al68

        you are right. this team was made the way GK wanted except Mcgee.
        All the responsability is his.

    • LBJ

      Miami signed 3 point shooters because they want to win titles with LeBron.

      These older role players take less money to play there.

      FYI – LeBron doesn’t play for the Nuggets.

  • Jazz

    Nugget Nation: 2013/14
    PG – Lawson
    SG – Iggy
    SF – Gallo
    PF – Kenny
    C – Mcgee

    Bench – Stone, fouier, Kufos, J-Ham, Randolph, Mozzy.
    A trade for a 4 would be great

    Here’s a thought, sign and trade with Lakers for D. Howard
    Give up Brewer, Chandler, Miller, Mozzy and a draft pick.

    Just a thought, go Nuggets

  • Z

    Gallo vs Chandler lol funny thats what it boils down too Gallo did nothing vs Lakers last playoffs but hey. Chandler played Center for 3 games battled but is which leads me to what i’ve been saying all year TRADE CHANDLER the nuggets will be better without him. NEWSFLASH iggy not coming back EVERYONE HATES DENVER

  • Z

    Nuggets need a spot up Shooter and Gallo that should win a title lol

  • Z

    Not bashing Gallo he is a decent young player coming off ACL surgery i hope he recovers because its a lot of Love for white players in Denver

    • heykyleinsf

      IDK why you bring something like that up.

      It’s basketball and it’s 2013.

      Not 1947 with Jackie Robinson.

      Most disappointing post.. hands down.

  • Z

    no more Iggy no more Dre find a shooter get healthy trade Chandler when Gallo is healthy so Denver can be a great 2nd round EXIT

  • Fed up Nug

    From the post…

    “George is under contract for next year. At this point in time, we haven’t really given any thought to making any change whatsoever,” Nuggets president Josh Kroenke told The Denver Post and “As we do at the end of every season, we’ll have internal meetings and George will obviously be a major part of them. We won 57 games and in my mind, he should hands down be the NBA coach of the year. We’ll all put our heads together and try to figure out what happened (in the playoffs) and why it happened. We were without our second-leading scorer, and some benefit of the doubt should be given to a coach with well over 1,000 wins without one of his leading scorers (Danilo Gallinari) in the playoffs.”

    Excuses, excuses, excuses, I knew this was how it was going to be, screw it, I’m not going to a single game, buying any more merchandise, or even watching next season. I’m tired of being told that Karl’s **** sandwich tastes great, it doesn’t, it tastes like **** with not so subtle tones of failure and despair. Enjoy the next 4 years fanboys.

    • LBJ

      Thanks for the good news!

  • heykyleinsf

    You deserve credit Joel..
    especially the way you worded about Andre Miller and George Karl.


  • will

    I don’t get Karl. Why does he have such a good track record in the regular season and such a bad record in the playoffs?

    • al68

      Because he gets paralised like a coach very famous in europe Aito, Barcelona´s coach, he always used to gets record in the league and never won the european champs.

  • Poz_303

    I will read through the comments bt jst wanted to say… GREAT ARTICLE!!! It was almost like you were reading my mind 😉

    Seriously, a great read and hard to not agree 100% with your analysis of the Nuggets.

  • heykyleinsf

    I’m surprised that nobody brought this up yet….



    Ethan Strauss… “(Andre) what have the younger
    players learned from this series.”
    Miller… “Nothing. Nothing.”
    “We got outplayed. We got outcoached.”

    WOO HOO HOO!!!

    He threw down the gauntlet!!

    If Miller is back.. proof. GK has ZERO backbone.

    check the story here….

  • Mike K

    What Nuggets need to do this off-season:

    1) Ship Andre Miller COD to Tierra del Fuego.

    2) Re-sign Andre Iguodala

    3) Ship Koufus COD to Abu Dhabi

    4) Bring in someone (Diekembe Mutombo?) to work with McGee this off-season as well as ensure the training staff adds some bulk to him. Bogut abused him by pushing him out of the way at will.

    5) Sign a shooter (Korver would be awesome). Someone that’ll spread the floor even more allowing our flow to work even better.

    6) Faried….?

  • Ricardo

    What nuggets need to do this off-season:

    1.Re-sign Iguodala

    2.Re-sign Brewer

    3.Sign a three-point shooter

    4.Get a center in draft

    5.Trade Chandler

    • al68

      The roster isn´t the problem is the coach.
      Miami heat with GK 75-7 in RS and lost in the finals.

  • SonicNugget

    I was a Sonics fan since I was a kid. I watched the Nuggets defeat the Sonics in that historical 1st round upset – beside the Sonics leaving Seattle, that was my worst moment as a sports fan.

    When the Sonics left I was in fan purgatory – I watch NBA but was not passionate about any team. I was watching a Nuggets game 2 years ago and my girlfriend joined me to watch, she took a liking to the Nuggets and I jumped on the moment and had her watching the Nuggets more and more – she became a fan! She could tell you every player and give her opinion each also! I could not help but get pulled into it also, watching the team grow and play I finally made the call – I’m a Nuggets fan! (Though I was wary of George Karl from my Sonic days).

    Fast forward to now, we watch almost every game this year and were enjoying the ride – the Gallinari injury was a stomach punch, but we still believed something special was on the horizon.

    So being dispatched in the 1st round the way it happen, after the Sonics leaving and the Sonics 1st round exit, I have a new number 3 worst moments as a fan for myself. And my girlfriend has now learned what being crushed by your team feels like.

    This moment displaced my previous number 3 – Where the Sonics (ironically with 57 wins, the year after the loss to the Nuggets) got knocked out again in the first round. These were the 2 years Jordan was out and the Championship was there for the taking.

    Sure, the following year was a 64 win trip to the final, but Jordan was back with his 72 win Bulls so it was too little, too late.

    I have been firmly on the “Fire George Karl” bandwagon for quite a while – he’s not the same fiery guy who coached the Sonics, he seems to me to be a frail old man that needs to step away from the game, for the good of the franchise and it’s players. Who would replace him? I really don’t know, I’d almost go for a young assistant from another team or a college coach, someone who the Nuggets young tallent will take a liking to.

    I just read on the Denver Post that Josh Kroenke supports Karl, so I don’t think he is going anywhere, for at least next year, which is the last on his contract. After that I feel it only fitting that both sides bid farewell and move on to the next chapter of the club.

    I’m sure Karl is a good person and cares greatly about the team, but it’s closing time on his career and it’s time he acknowledges it.

    My girl and I will be back following the Nuggets next season, but if Karl is extended beyond it I will be pining for the Sonics to return any way they can…

  • Mike K

    They need to bring someone in and say “this is the coach after Karl”, let him learn from Karl (the running and gunning), but let him come from a system of defense. When he takes over, you end up with a team similar to what we just saw in GS–a team that runs and plays defense.

  • Giovanni

    San Antonio 4 GSW 1

    My two cents…

    And we all see Pop destroy the reverend…

    • al68

      I think 4-0. GS is a very poor team that we became Olimpic Champion.

  • NugZeit

    We could have easily won this series. It was all about matchups and GK exploited our weaknesses to the benefit of GS. Pathetic. I hope find a better coach this off-season.

  • KeyserSoze

    WOW!!!!! Been a Nuggets fan my whole life, George Karl is a good coach. There certainly isn’t a better one out there available, Van Gundy really?? I’d be tempted to harm myself if he was our coach.

    I gotta say majority of the people posting on here have no idea what they are talking about as far as this team is concerned… and if you’re going to sell your tickets and give up on them, good get the fuck out I don’t want shitty ass fans like you sitting next to me at games when I go and have a good time. Lame ass douches… have some pride that your team set some franchise records this year!! Yea we lost in the first round again… However, we still have the second longest active playoff appearance streak, I’ll take that shit. What’s cleveland got? atlanta? New York? yeah…

    So stop bitching and start throwing out some ideas about players, I love miller but I think he needs to go. Just too damn slow, and especially for this team.