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As I sat trying to formulate a clever way to say the words “thank you” I had quite the epiphany: Saying “thank you” isn’t something that should be hard. The average person probably says “thank you” more than five times per day. It’s not something you think about. You just say it.

But writing is different. I never say “thank you” to anybody in writing. Sure, I say “thanks” at the end of the e-mails I pester our writers with, but that’s really a way of saying “goodbye” and “thanks you for putting up with my pointless ramblings,” more than anything. Then again, perhaps that’s exactly what I do here. Writing pointless things that are “TL;DR” is kind of my calling card, and for whatever reason a good amount of you stick around to put up with it. For this, I — or rather, we — are incredibly thankful. We are grateful and we are appreciative. We really, really are. I hope each one of you who reads this understands that level of gratitude all our writers have towards the RMC community. You are without question one of the best, most loyal, and informed blogging communities in the NBA and all of sports. This is not debatable. Just look at the incredible insight you post in the comments section of each and every article. It’s f*ing incredible, and something we don’t take for granted. Not for one second.

So, without further ado, I’d like to extend my most sincere level of admiration towards you, the reader, and say these two words: Thank you. No, really, THANK YOU! I know we’re not the most flashy, nor the most timely, nor the most refined blog on the Internet, but we try. And for you to be there with us as we improve means the world to us. RMC is hoping to undergo some changes this summer so we can make this an even better place for Nuggets fans to convene. We really do want to make this the best blog it can be so that readers like you can enjoy a more comprehensive Nuggets experience instead of just listening to us talk all the time. In the meantime we’ll continue to recap the 2012-13 season and ramp up our NBA Draft coverage shortly thereafter.

Thanks again, and as always, GO NUGGETS!!!

— Kalen

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Kalen Deremo

Kalen was born in Durango, CO, in 1988 and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2013 with a degree in journalism. He's now an itinerant hoping to travel as much as possible before eventually succumbing to the "real world." Aside from writing Kalen likes movies, music, spicy food and the great outdoors. Edward Abbey is his current idol.

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  • S

    Thanks for writing all year long. I check out other teams TH pages and most if not all compared to this one, suck. From the layout, to the consistency of people writing to hardly anyone commenting, they mostly all suck. I’m thankful we have this one.

    • Jack Hodgins is also a very good TH raptors blog.

  • googergieger

    Well, thanks for the site. Unfortunately with Karl back next year I’m going to take a break from the basketball. Pick up another hobby to kill time with. So, you’re welcome and thanks for the site as well. See you later.

    • Charliemyboy

      Too bad there are people here who place their own interests motivated by frustration first, rather than their passion for the sport. None are more frustrated than I, but I can stomach something when others have different opinions. The ownership of the Nuggets, with there incomparable sports enterprise, including many world championships in the most competitive arenas, believe that Karl can still take the Nuggets to that pinnacle with much of our current configuration. You’ll be back to see the 60 win season and the hope for that championship.

    • mike

      W-R-O-N-G. See game 1 3rd quarter versus the spurs. The nuggets were beaten by a BETTER team. It wasn’t only googs but he has been the ringleader of this witch hunt. But a retraction and apology is all that is needed.

  • alessandro

    please masai trade gallo far from denver if karl returns.
    please justice, make miller vanish

    • Gregory B

      Agreed…The Nuggets would be better off w/o gallo…the problem is, trading someone with an ACL injury, and getting value, won’t be easy

    • Gorillabuddy

      Why would you trade Gallo? He’s our best shooter and probably our best iso player. He’s also clutch. Trade Chandler if anything. He actually said he’d like to be a starter, and that won’t be happening with Denver. Him, Koufos, and Miller would be a good package.

      • Gregory B

        Gallo shoots 42% from the field, averages just over 16 ppg…that’s not THAT fantastic. Its not as though he supplements it with assists (2) or rebounds (5)…

        by comparison, Lawson shoots 48% for his career, averaged more points and more assists this season…iggy 46% career average, more rebounds, more assists…

        heck, from a FG% standpoint, EVERYONE (except for hamilton and stone) had a better shooting percentage than Gallo…

  • Rdc

    This site has been the shit for nugget fans. I stumbled across this site after reading a bunch of crap from those terrible writers of bleacher report, just reading for my own benefit, without ever feeling the need to post because everyone from the writers to those who choose to reply to the site actually know what there talking about when talking nuggets. Although i did come close when during the nugs-boston triple overtime game, thanks andre miller.
    Anyway, that kizla(? Did i spell that right) guy was mentioning on targeting kevin love. What do you guys think? Personally, no. Who the f**k needs k. Love. I believe we’re only a few tweaks away from getting way past the first round:
    – re-sign iggy, everyone here knows why. Hopefully it doesnt take more than 12 mill -> 48 over 4 yrs/60 over 5.
    – sign korver
    – trade miller for a bag of chips and let stone or fournier gobble up those minutes.
    – let brewer walk. He’s a great dude. But he must go.
    – let mozzy walk
    Im probably missing something but Thats it! Its all we have to do.
    Hopefully the rest of the team grows a bit during the break.
    Particularly Mcgee. And gallo comes back strong.
    As for Karl, we all know about his faliures when it comes to the playoffs, small ball, 2pg lineups etc. Yes, i was also torn, very torn about the results of these playoffs, again. But we should probably look at the positives that can only be taken out of the regular season. You know what they are. Record-breaking stuff. His contract runs out next year, and that will be his final chance as a coach in denver.
    On a final note about targeting k. Love, while love isnt exactly a FA, if i could choose anyone i wanted out of this FA market then it would have to be josh smith. His long 2’s are annoying but the rest of his game is awesome and would fit in our system, plus he fits into that no all-star theme, as of now. Faried is more suited to that energy off the bench. In saying this i know its highly unlikely we get smith. But Masai has worked miracles for this club, and is probably the only reason why i didnt slit my wrist after the way our season ended. Jokes.
    Thanks for the site! Go nuggets!

    • mike

      Love is an optimal piece. He brings stellar offense and shooting that will lead to more open lanes for penetration. Doubt they can get him, but He is likely traded between July of 2013-July 2014 cause he is NOT returning to minny after he becomes a free agent. If they got him they would need to get a shot-blocking big who could run the floor. That is easier said than done. I think the only way they get their hands on love is with Faried. I could see a combo of Faried, chandler Miller and Hamilton working out for Love and Ridnour (if they could pry that 12th pick out of minny too that would be nice).

      I would also call PHX to see if they would trade Gortat for Mcgee. Gortat is a little older (29) but he is a near perfect match for Love in terms of he has good all around skills and plays good 1 vs. 1 defense and good paint defense and he makes a reasonable 8 million and would probably sign an extension for around the same. (If they could get Dudley thrown in for a low 1st round pick as well that would be great). It makes their window 3-4 years with Gortat and Iguodala at near peak, but once gallo gets back to decent health by playoffs next year and full health by the following season they could make a run.

      • Rdc

        I wouldnt mind k. Love assuming we somehow get him. Gortat would actually be pretty good, but i think we shpuld see how mcgee fares mext season, his massive potential is something to look forward to.
        What are your thoughts on josh Smith?

    • dynamo.joe

      Faried to Love isn’t an upgrade. Love is more versatile, in that he can shoot 3’s, but he is not anymore productive than Kenneth. It’s basically a lateral move. Lateral moves don’t make you better.

      There is only one significant upgrade from Kenneth at PF, and that is LeBron.

      Gortat is worse than all of our bigs other than Mozgov.

      The guys you want to replace to improve the team are Corey and Wilson and YMCAndre. Those guys get starters minutes and aren’t very good. Well, Andre is actually still effective, the problem is playing Andre makes Ty worse. If we had to have an old PG, we should have had an old PG who could play SG, like Kidd, the 2 PG stuff would have been less bad.

  • Gregory B

    I, for one, like the site, the writing and GK…While I don’t see Karl as a long-term, championship winning coach, I sure do love to watch his (our) team play. This Nuggets team is so very fun to watch, and any of 7 players can have a 30+ point night and carry the team. Also, its not really Karl’s fault that goldenstate couldn’t miss a shot for three straight games (four if you count game 1)

    This core of Lawson/Faried/Iggy/knucklehead McGee could be very successful for a very long time.

    Moving forward, keeping Karl (the man got us to 57 wins this year…that’s pretty awesome when you think about how we started) and trading Gallo off would be ideal…

    Anyhow, I do like the in-site, the blog, the writings…keep up the good work!

  • steve

    Love this site as well. I visit it at least once a day to see new stuff. I’m a huge fantasy fan and in a 30 team nba dynasty that is built like the nba. so i’m in bball mode 365 days a year :). But really enjoy the stuff you guys put out. Thank you!

    One thing i’d love for you guys to start is a offseason blog/thread. Alot of us here like to talk strategy and be a GM. I think that’s what makes it so much fun. We’d love it to start conversing about what the nugs should do on the offseason and continue the talks as they truly make moves. Is that possible?

  • Edd

    Heck of a Blog… I read the 82 and 6 postgame reactions and more than a half of the rest of the entries….Excellent work (Exciting team help of course becouse I’m not reading the freaking bobcats blog)

  • heykyleinsf

    Thanks to the RBMC and so many posters here that
    I really learned a lot from.. and helped me watch
    the team with a bit wider open eyes on things.

    Of course it was a disappointing end..
    But I also remember a rocky beginning..
    Quite a year! This one goes down in the books..
    My favorite memories…

    Iggy arriving and finally gelling in.
    That crazy schedule of road games.
    Stopping the Clippers streak on New Years Day…
    Beating the Thunder in overtime and taking the series 3-1.
    Faried maturing and getting recognition in the All-star weekend.
    Wilson Chandler finally coming back.
    Corey Brewer hitting those three free throws for that wild comeback win.
    McGee rejecting Duncan back in his face.
    Hating Russell Westbrook for goaltending Rocky.
    Iggy’s steal and no look oop to Faried.
    Gallo’s circus no look layup.
    Buzzer beaters by Lawson and Iggy.
    The win streak.. (actually several..)
    The home record 38-3.
    The best all-time NBA win season.
    George Karl restrained by his assistants.
    Fournier and Randolph helping when Gallo went down.

    You can’t tell me this wasn’t a good year.

    Can’t wait to do it again!!!

  • Jazz

    No! we should say thank you as Nugget Fans. You provided the “REAL” on this site. Your coverage of the Nuggets are good reads. I really enjoyed the site. Keep doing what you do. Go Nuggets!.
    PS: as far as firing Karl, that’s really a tough one, 57 regular season wins should mean something. I do believe more of a problem is, Andre Miller(sad to say). Miller and Lawson should not be on the court together as your regular rotation. He needs to understand that. My starting five for 13/14:
    PG : Lawson
    SG : AI
    SF : Gallo
    PF : Smith from ATL?
    C : Mcgee

    • http://espn herpderpnuggets

      I feel like Faried would be pretty put out, but we need a star and someone with Smith’s skill set

      • CouchGM

        J-Smooth would bring D, rebounding and would fit our fast paced offense. However, our team need for shooting and spacing may only encourage him to jack up those horrible long jumpers more. Whether he’d sign fo Denver is another question and he’d limit our cap space moving forward so it’s a tricky decision tbh

        • dynamo.joe

          Really, you think Josh Smith needs encouragement to take horrible shots? He so badly wants to be Kobe Bean Bryant it’s ridiculous.

  • CouchGM

    Long time reader, haven’t posted before much. I think the GK issue is really interesting moving forward. On one hand he has developed certain elements of a gameplan – the fast-tempo, push-the pace style – that suits our team’s personnel and age. He also, believe it or not, is known to value player development and takes a hands on approach in practice alongside numerous other specialist coaches.
    However, he fails to see that there is no better place to develop than on the court. Our team is young, and I would personally sacrifice a few victories in the regular season to help players develop and be successful in the playoffs. Guys like McGee need minutes. Fournier should have played more from day 1, J-Ham deserved more time also. His obsession with Miller is well documented, and it is literally killing us on both ends, as well as stunting Ty’s development. That said, if he goes who de we target? I say force his hand and trade away his crutch and force him to go younger. My only concern is if this will truly force him to develop some half-court sets, a coherent defensive strategy or stop him from going small whenever he can. Time will only tell.

    Offseason goals should be:
    1. Re-sign Massai
    2. Trade Miller to a team desperate for a vet PG. Despite his play Miller still gets a lot of good mainstream press (analytical guys tend to not be a fan) so I feel he may still have value. I’d be calling Utah, Dallas, Lakers and any other team who may feel he could push them further into contention. I’m not particularly fussed about who/what we get back.
    3. Perhpas look at Calderon to fill some of Miller’s minutes. If Karl goes two PG at least Calderon can shoot and play off-ball. Limit his minutes and let Fournier and Iggy have some on-ball responsibilities.
    4. Let Brewer walk unless he’ll sign for $3million. Love him but between Chandler, Fournier, J-Ham and Iggy we have enough wings who defend, shoot 3’s and rebound. Brewer is a luxury who gambles too much on D, can’t create in the half-court, kills our spacing and limits our young guys’ minutes.
    5. Whilst we need spacing I’m not sure Korver is the answer: he can’t defend, will take up younger players’ minutes and would probably have Karl play Chandler too much at the 4. I’d much rather go for a stretch 4 if possible, although no names really stand out.
    6. Start Lawson, Iggy, Chandler, Faried and McGee. Rotation of Calderon, Fournier, J-Ham, Koufos plus a stretch 4. Incorporate some half court sets, have McGee and Faried actually set picks and roll hard to the basket. On D only swtich if we have our ‘long’ guards/wings out there: Fournier, Iggy, Chandler. Otherwise develop a D scheme built around McGee’s intimidation in the middle/Koufos awareness and our athleticism outside. Put Iggy on their best man regardless and start our offense with our D.

    • CouchGM

      Appologies for the long post. Other options include only re-signing Iggy and giving our young core a chance. With the strength of next year’s draft if there’s a season to struggle it’s next season

    • nugswin

      Excellent post!

      I have to admit that through the season I was a stickler about how important it was for us to win every game possible. As far as it goes I was right about how every game counted, the two early season losses to Philly and Orlando were difference makers.

      But your point about developing the young guys at the expense of a few wins is well taken. That getting the 3rd seed in the west didn’t help us advance argues for for playing the young guys some — that’s experience and knowledge that they’ll never get. Game 37 of the regular season is the place for long term planning, not stroking Andre Miller’s ego.

      • Mike K

        And as for playing young guys, you only have to look across the court during the playoffs to see the benefits. Mark Jackson played his season perfectly. He wasn’t afraid to let his young guys fail and cost them a few wins. They were one Miller buzzer-beater from sweeping and just took San Antonio to double-OT in a game they had won save a buzzer-beater by Ginobili.

        They’re legit because Mark Jackson trusted his young guys. Something Karl needs to learn to do. Any lineup that gets rid of Miller and allows those guys to develop will help this team both next season and in the future.

  • Poz303

    I’d like to return the “thank you” and add a “very much” as you guys call it like it is and are always well informed, educated and pull no punches.

    Don’t know why people are saying to trade Gallo. He is probably our best mismatch for other NBA teams. A 6’10” mobile SF who can score from outside or drive to the basket and get fouled.

    I like Andre Miller, but he does grind our fast paced offense to a halt, great to see his YMCA moves but he is a huge defensive liability. At $5 million a season I think we could find a player more suited to our style. It is interesting to see that GK loves Miller yet he plays a totally different style to what GK preaches.

    My initial take on the offseason… We need a sharp shooter and another beast on the boards. We should try to move A.Miller, let Mozgov walk, and only retain Brewer if the contract is similar to what he is on now. I’d try to get Korver (sharp shooter) and JJ Hickson (rebounder).

    Not sure what to make of JHam. I think his has NBA game but if we get Korver and GK doesn’t play him then it might be time to trade him.

  • clive

    thank you guys. i come here to celebrate and commiserate with fellow nuggets fans. thanks for providing that place to do that.

    i agree with most of you about letting Karl go. How about trying to bring in Chauncey Billups as a coach or even an assistant?

    Our numbers are off the charts offensively when Gallo’s at the 4 and Chandlers at the 3. also, Josh Smith would fit our system very well, although I think resigning Iggy would be our top priority and we won’t have much cap room after that. hope that Masai can work a miracle. Go nuggets!

    • heykyleinsf

      Thank you Clive.

      Seems a perfect no brainer…
      and it’s hard to figure why
      we’re the only ones that think
      this makes complete sense.

    • Blue

      When the New York Knicks cut Billups there was talk of the Denver Nuggets claiming him off the waiver wire. He let it be known he would retire rather than play for the Nuggets again. What makes you think his stance has softened?

      • heykyleinsf

        Just the fact that you hallucinated that.

        He never said that.

        And last month… GK said this..
        “I just think Chauncey’s a winner — he’s a class human being, he cares about the game, he cares about the city of Denver,” Nuggets coach George Karl said. “He’s just one of those guys, whenever he retires, I’m sure the Nuggets will figure out how he can be part of the Nuggets organization if he wants to be part of the Nuggets.”

        • Blue

          “I can’t see me, basketball-wise, playing in Denver again. What do you want me to do? They traded me two times. Want me to give them a third opportunity? My years there were great. We accomplished some great things. And they are looking good. … I had some great years there, and I’m always going to live there, but I can’t see that.” Chauncey Billups quote. It won’t let me link the article but it was a Dempsey piece in the Denver Post. Maybe you should read more and post less.

          • dynamo.joe

            Really? You expect anyone to believe the Denver post over Heykyle? You just hallucinated that.

  • bm12

    Thanks Kalen. I appreciate the hard work you and all of the other writers here at RBMC put in to help feed our Nuggets addictions. May you have an awesome off-season!

  • Byron

    No, thank you to you.

    Love the site and the knowledge. Great site, nothing else compares. OK Sinead.

    Still hurt from last week.

    Have a great off season, hope Nuggets come back stronger next season.

  • Tonia01

    Thank you guys, it did not pass a single day this season without reading you. I truly enjoyed participating into the blog discussions. Well done !!

  • Greer

    I have posted one time ever (regrettably in frustration) but I read the blog every day during the season. My thanks goes to you for making it easy to get some inside scoop on my favorite hoop!

  • AaronCAPS

    Thanks Kalen! Maybe You can write a little bit longer next year though. Wont happen if George Karl stays here though.

  • Native Nugget

    I’m bummed this site is going into hibernation for the summer, I will miss it. I became a bit of a junkie this season and am very grateful to have had such a quality source of information and exchange. Thank you to the columnists and to the posters!

    Great year – tough ending. I see a brighter future and that says a lot after winning 57 for the first time. Love management, like the roster, need to make some offseason changes to truly compete. Good bye Miller, develop Evan (and McGee and Faried and…), trade for a shooter, start camp with a finals or bust mindset and never back off of it.


    • dynamo.joe

      I think you mis-read the OP, Nugget. I don’t think the site is going to hibernate.

      Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out Kalen likes the draft season better than the regular season.

  • Zorba

    I really enjoyed the site. Thank you RBMC!

  • nugswin

    Thanks Kalen! We really do appreciate the site, your opinions, analysis, and the effort from you guys to make it possible for us to celebrate, put our 2-cents in, vent our frustrations, etc.

    Hopefully you’ll be keeping up this summer and posting as Masai pushes the right buttons to push us further toward us being a contender next season.

  • LBJ

    Maybe GSW are a little better than we thought? They gave the game away tonight – just like they tried to do in #6 to us, but we didn’t take it.

    Too bad googengoof is on a long sabatical – I was hoping he might admit that Curry is better Jamal Crawford.