Karl wins 2012-13 NBA Coach of the Year award

After a historic 57-win season including a franchise record 15 straight wins, George Karl has become the recipient of the Red Auerbach Trophy for 2012-13 NBA Coach of the Year. Karl received 62 first place votes followed by the Miami Heat’s Eric Spoelstra with 24. Mike Woodson and Greg Popovich finished third and fourth respectively. Karl becomes the second Nuggets coach in history to win this award after Doug Moe took home the honors in 1987-88.

After failing to advance past the first round as a three seed many Nuggets fans have been focusing on the negative aspects of the latter half of this season, including myself. This award should serve as a reminder for just how incredible the 2012-13 Denver Nuggets regular season really was. I think I speak for most everybody when I say Karl and his squad totally outdid themselves in the regular season. Breaking the Nuggets all-time single-season wins mark of 54 games was one thing, but beating that record by three full games was simply phenomenal — as was the 15-game win streak… and the franchise record 38 wins at home… and pretty much everything else that happened in the regular season.

Earlier in the year when asked how he felt about winning Coach of the Year, Karl responded jokingly saying, “I’m not sure I want that legacy,” and continued by asking, “Have you seen what happens to guys who win coach of the year?” Karl was referring to the recent trend of Red Auerbach Trophy Award winners to be fired the year after taking home Coach of the Year honors. The list includes Avery Johnson after the 2005-06 season, Sam Mitchell after 2006-07, Byron Scott after 2007-08 and Mike Brown after 2008-09. It should be noted, however, that Karl’s contract expires at the end of next season. He still has three more years of single-season options after that, but if the Nuggets did decide to let him go (say, after another first-round loss, for example) he wouldn’t technically have been fired.

But, of course, this is all speculation. The future is still wide open and for all we know Karl could steer the Nuggets to another Western Conference Finals appearance — which would be much needed. In the meantime, this award serves as a fitting reminder for just how incredible the 2012-13 Nuggets season truly was.

Congratulations, Coach Karl.

You deserved it.

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Kalen Deremo

Kalen was born in Durango, CO, in 1988 and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2013 with a degree in journalism. He's now an itinerant hoping to travel as much as possible before eventually succumbing to the "real world." Aside from writing Kalen likes movies, music, spicy food and the great outdoors. Edward Abbey is his current idol.

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  • steve

    Congrats to coach Karl and the Nugs. Very deserving. I’m surprised he hasn’t won it before with his regular season performances. I’d still prefer to add him to that list and fire his butt though.

    • George “Gentlemen, I want you to run” Karl

      I guess telling your players “Gentlemen, I want you to run” all the time will get you a NBA coach of the year award….

      • Forret

        Yes… that and the small matter of winning 57 games with no stars…

  • al68

    GK, Spoelstra, first and second, this is a joke. Also Hollins not among the top five.

    • trank

      GK deserves 1st. Spoelstra joke as 2nd – with that roster?

      • Old Timer

        Spoelstra had to battle something we as Nuggets fans know nothing about. Preventing a let down after winning a championship. Also, it is much more than just throwing talent on the floor. Look at how much more efficient the team is since their first year together. Spoelstra has done a great job of managing the talent and developing an offense that takes advantage of his player’s talents. It sounds simple, but again, look at the growth of that team over the past two years. He has done a great job.

        I also agree that Hollins was criminally under appreciated.

  • Kalen

    Guys, just to be clear: This is a regular-season award. Voting is cast prior to the playoffs. Under these circumstances, Karl deserved this award as much as anybody. I voted for him second behind Eric Spoelstra but originally had him as my first-place vote. However, I really wish the NBA would wait until the playoffs conclude to hand these things out, because, you know, the playoffs are kind of important and everything.


  • JoelK

    Spo makes sense because for the first time LeBron’s career, a coach actually designed an offense around him. I think that is worth something seeing as how several others (including himself in year 1) failed at it.

  • al68

    Hollinger forecast 58 victories earlier in the season.
    If I have to FC Barcelona I think I can only finish first.
    FC. Barcelona=Miami heats.

    • Giovanni

      One year ago maybe…

      bayern Barca 7 0 total….

      barca is done…

      • al68

        spanish league no champions league.

  • al68

    if my team is memphis lost 4 players in mid-season and he win 56 games he´s the best.

    sorry for my english.

  • AaronCAPS

    Karl desereved it until he went back to his losing ways in the playoffs AGAIN.

  • Chris

    Congrats to GK! This is a good opportunity to remind Nuggets fans that while we shouldn’t be content with another first-round debacle, things could be MUCH worse.

  • Fed up Nug

    What a joke! You’ll notice the next 7 candidates for coty are all still in the playoffs. Regular season award for a regular season only coach. Congrats Karl, please retire now.

  • Martin Silver

    Ridiculous. Did anone really think for a moment that this little windup toy of a team could actually succeed in the Playoffs? No consistent outside game/shooters, no half court game, no stars developed, the non–featuring game of Danilo Gallinari. A lot if fast guys and dunkers that never fire in the Playoffs. Karl loved it because it was the antithesis of the chucking superstar led teams of Carmelo Anthony
    that never got anywhere. Unfortunately, this system gets you even less. Karl’s approach to coaching this year was rigid in its flexibility. It might have been fun to see all the running and dunking but all the running and dunking knocked them right out of the Playoffs. That’s never enough.

    • Mike K

      I’m with you. He got this team to believe you can do it without a superstar because he doesn’t LIKE superstars. Note every star player he has had HATES him. Passionately hates him. Even when he had the FIBA team in 2002, the stars there HATED him. He rubs stars the wrong way. He hasn’t learned that the players rule the roost.

      His entire mantra since the Melo trade has screamed to me “Eff Melo. I don’t need him. This team doesn’t need him.” Melo’s still playing. Ray Allen who he had in Milwaukee, still playing. He won a ring in Boston and is likely to get another in a few weeks in Miami.

      He’s too old school. Even old school coaches have come to the realization that it takes stars to win. Stars run the league. If David Stern, the most obstinate of commissioners, has realized this, George Karl needs to. If not. buh-bye. Coach of the year or not.

  • Jazz

    For his work for the regular season, I would say yes, very well deserved. He did a good job base on the overrated talent we may have. Just that the playoffs exposed the talent and some of his coaching. Something to watch, COYs are usually fired a year or two later. So my advise to the COY, win a first round and stop pairing Miller with Lawson, LOL. Congrad Coach.

  • Tyler

    I’ve always had a love-hate relationship for George Karl. I’m very glad he won this award for the first time in his career. I mean it’s simple to say he is one of the best regular season coaches in the NBA. To watch his press conference when receiving the award just reminded me of what it might be like when he’s either fired or retires from the Denver Nuggets. It’s going to be hard for me to adjust not seeing him on the sidelines, but at the same time I’ve always enjoyed having him as head coach of the Denver Nuggets no matter the outcome of each season.

  • http://yahoo.com prospector

    Just out on ESPN:


    Great job KARL!! You earned it!!!

  • ny nugs fan

    was just getting over what a waste this season felt like after ANOTHER first round loss… most wins in a season, unselfish ballplayers, 3rd seed in the west, one of best overall records in the league, best record against top teams in west…. now coach of the year

    • ny nugs fan

      what makes it worse is you see the rest of the team’s in the playoffs and you know the nugs could beat any of them; even without gallo

      and we all know the refs handed the warriors that series on a platter, but even with that the nugs still should’ve won that series

      but that’s all in the past

      go nugs… win it all next year!

  • Tyler

    Congrats coach Karl you deserved it for the regular season of course. However I am not going to throw him under the bus for the 1st round exit again. Barely anyone showed up for the playoffs. Ty was pretty consistent offensively, however everyone else played sub par for most of the series not including Igoudalas game five, Andre Millers game one and Kenneth Faried after the ankle healed up. There was not one game in there series were multiple players stepped up. Now I will not say Karl shares no blame, however he is not to be fully blamed.
    Last year in the playoffs it was very encouraging to see players develop and fight back in the series. This year however it was almost the exact opposite. Most of the team played worse in the playoffs (brewer, chandler, McGee, Koufos). In conclusion I am not saying George Karl is not to blame at all, because that would be false, but we can’t pin it all on him. Excited for this offseason and next year. Time to see some more Masai magic and hopefully Karl has some extra motivation next year to not let it happen again next year, but im just hoping…..

    • mike

      I agree except Ty shot SOOOOO horribly from 3 point land (under 20%) that he was not a consistently valuable scorer either. He was getting crushed by whoever he guarded on the defensive side of the ball though, that has more to do with his height than effort or skill. Really Iguodala played better than you would have thought on offense and played great defense against Thompson and in limited minutes against Curry. Lawson played below that and Chandler, Brewer, Koufus, Mcgee and Miller far below what you would have hoped/thought realistic. Brewer is the only one of those guys who was even average on defense/boards and everyone was HORRIFIC on offense.
      After seeing how GSW has done against a very good spurs team you would think some of these posters would temper their thoughts but I guess who wants to let reality get in the way of your FEELINGS. I guess popovich is trash too.

      Great coaching job during the regular season by george with a roster full of good players. Very mediocre job in playoffs especially concerning giving Miller too many minutes. Job made harder by having multiple guys get VERY cold shooting simultaneously and having mediocre to poor defenders across the board besides iguodala, Brewer (to a lesser degree) and Gallo (to a lesser degree and not in the playoffs obviously).

      Significant upgrades in talent need to be made for expectations beyond a decent shot of getting to the 2nd round to be realistic.

  • doop snog

    Let’s switch sports here. What if John Fox lost in his 1st playoff game for the next 4 years? Well, see, that would be impossible because Elway would fire Fox so fast after the 2nd occurrence (we’ve already had one). So why do we accept it from our basketball team?
    GK, you’d be better suited in Charlotte or DC- take some time to improve a franchise rather than hold it down.

    • GB

      I think it’s mainly because he’s profitable for ownership: he cranks out regular season wins which puts butts in the seats, and that means more money than taking a chance on a new coach, who could have a losing year. Because this is a football town, and the Nuggets were bad for sooooo long, the general fan population is ok with regular season success and playoff flameouts. Diehard fans care, but we are not a large enough % of the population to affect the economy of the team (unlike Chicago, NY, LA, etc.)

      So, ownership takes a sure thing, and the money that comes with it, rather than taking a risk on a new coach that could potentially win a championship, but could also have more regular season losses than GK. Broncos own this town, everything else is just gravy.

  • Nathan

    Grats to Karl- the award is a regular season award and he did a good job. I don’t know if he’s my first pick, but I’m not sad he won- it was close. The Nuggets DID have their best regular season ever.

    I am still on the fence about him coaching the team in the future though. Can we hire him for the regular season, then give the job to someone else for the playoffs?

  • heykyleinsf

    If all of you above..

    think that anyone on the planet is hurting more about
    this disappointing end..

    You’re out of your mind.

    George Karl hurts more than ANYONE right now.
    You can take that to the bank.

    And if you think anyone in the world wants next season
    more… to make it different…. you are also out of your mind.

    If you think anyone can do this better right now?
    Let’s hear it.

    Everyone loves to hate him.. and put 101% of the blame on him.

    I don’t like a lot of the things he did either..
    But I see next season and this finish.. as a blessing in disguise.
    Right now.. I don’t see any other answer.

    But one glaring suggestion that nobody else but Clive
    and myself seem to be getting..


    Get him back. Right away.
    Coaching, motivational and playing
    if he is feeling it.. but get him back
    in the house, and get him back to
    being synonymous with the city of Denver.

    Let’s start acting like it is ours for the taking again.

    • http://twitter.com/xantoniooo808x D3Ntilthe3ND

      Why do you…..

      feel the need to…
      type like this?

      Maybe the reason only you & someone else think that’s a good idea is because it’s an awful idea.

      Chauncey is a SHELL of a SHELL of himself.
      You think he could defend any better than Andre Miller?

      What evidence do you have the Chauncey is this amazing mentor & coach, Mr. Obergfell? Cause I haven’t seen any.

      • heykyleinsf


        Douchebag much?

        • heykyleinsf

          I have to say..

          I am creeped out by this stalking.




          But fuck you very much for stalking me asshole.

          And for using my name.



          • http://twitter.com/xantoniooo808x D3Ntilthe3ND

            I’d hardly call looking at your YouTube with your name out there in clear view “stalking you” lmao…

            You just made it even harder to take your already questionable opinions seriously, Mr. O.

            • heykyleinsf

              ITS STALKING.

              And you are an ass for doing it.

              This a basketball fan forum you fucking jerk.

              You went completely out of your way to research me..
              I’ve never heard of you asshole.

              I wish today that hadn’t of changed.

              Fuck you. . You creep me out.
              What a loser.

              • heykyleinsf

                Chauncey wants to play two more years.
                He said that the past two years he has been hurt,
                and that he feels better and will be ready.

                “I’ll be there next year. I’ve finally got my body back in position where I’ve turned a corner and I feel good. Now, it’s all about me putting in the work and going through it.” Billups is a free agent and said he wants to play at least two more seasons before moving into a role in a team’s front office.

                COME BACK HOME.

  • CJP32

    GK deserved this award considering the start of the schedule, the age of the roster, the egos, the glaring deficiencies, the home record, the 15 straight, the injuries.

    It took Ty 3 months to finally ‘get it’ and play like a Top 5 PG. It took Iggy 4 months to ‘fit in’ offensively. I took Gallo 3 months to start shooting well. He turned Corey Brewer into a contributor. He kept McGee under control. He turned KK into a starter. He was missing Chandler for half the year.

    GK gets the blame alot when we lose, and not much recognition when we win. The players also play a role when we lose games, series. I’m sure he will be back for 2013/14 and I hope that Masai makes the necessary changes in the roster to make us even better.

  • heykyleinsf

    For all you butthurt chumps..

    That want to burn a cross on my lawn..


    Eat a great big jumbo size bowl of dicks.

    I gave him tons of credit when he deserved it.

    If I was being so ridiculous and laughable..


    And while we’re at it.. that goes for any player
    or coach.. good or bad..

    We’re fans. It’s a sport. It is hardly life.
    I don’t mind passion in fans.. I think I have
    passion about it..

    But JC some of you take yourself and your idols
    so seriously.

    Grow up.

    It’s an opinion.

    Some micro-phallused loser looks me up on the
    internet. I am deeply disturbed and majorly pissed.


    • Chris

      Get a load of this guy.

      • heykyleinsf


  • Ernie

    This season peaked the night of the OKC win on the road after playing Chicago the night before. It extended the winning streak and announced this team had arrived. Then a rash of freakish injuries, some hot GS shooting and it’s over.

    I hated how much GK used Miller and how often he went small. I hate how he seems to panic in the playoffs. But this team on March 19th had a chance to win the title and then lost it’s leading scorer and had injuries that seemed to limit both it’s leading rebounder and PG. Name me another team or coach that could survive a similar situation and win in the playoffs? I can’t think of one.

    This 1st round loss isn’t just on Karl. Give Golden State credit for playing great but for me it’s on bad timing for bad luck.

    • Blue

      Really? Chicago has been without Derek Rose the entire season but still make the playoffs and advance to the second round and take one from Miami in Miami. OKC loses Russel Westbrook and still advances. Golden State lost it’s lone all-star player from this year in the playoffs against us and still advanced. Only Nugget fans on one hand mention how we have no all-stars but then cry because Gallo is injured and use that as an excuse for playoff futility. If we have no all stars, then losing a non all-star player shouldn’t matter as much as losing an MVP or all-star. All teams deal with injuries to players, it’s not just the Nuggets.

      • heykyleinsf

        You know…

        If we’re not ready.. we’re not ready.

        Remember a few short years ago..
        Dallas were World Champs from a 5th seed.

        They didn’t make the playoffs two years removed.

        Miami looked great again today.
        (Birdman had a pretty sweet game)

        But I am betting this is the year Golden State makes history.

      • Ernie

        But it wasn’t just one injury. If it was just Gallo, the leading scorer, then maybe. But it has to be the leading scorer, and then also limiting the leading rebounder (Faried) and PG (Lawson). It just wasn’t the same team in late April that it was in late May.

        And also if you lose people then you lose your depth. Part of the reason Gallo was so important was it meant that Chandler was on the 2nd team. That meant very little dropoff at that position.

        • Ernie

          Meant late March, not late May.

          • heykyleinsf

            That’s totally true..

            We lost Lawson and Gallo and Chandler..
            Kept on thinking we wouldn’t have a problem.

            I forgot that as well.. at least enough
            to not appreciate how much it hurt.
            We did so well picking up the pieces..
            that probably added to the entitlement.

        • Blue

          Gallo wasn’t our leading scorer, Lawson was. Other teams deal with just as many injuries as the Nuggets. Chicago hasn’t had Deng either and has had to contend with other injuries, etc. This is just an excuse for a team that failed in the playoffs. Next year we will hear the same excuses.

          • Ernie

            When Gallo went out he was the leading scorer on the team. Ty caught up after that. Partially because Gallo wasn’t there to take those shots anymore.

            So you aren’t accepting that the injuries were a major factor? Because the Bulls beat a crappy Nets team in the East? The team going into the playoffs looked the same to you as it did in late March during the streak?

            • Blue

              Injuries can be a major factor but don’t use it as an excuse is what I am saying. Go to blogs for Chicago, OKC, Golden State and tell them our woeful Nuggets plight of not having Gallo and justify our first round loss with them. You won’t be getting any sympathy. Those teams all lost players whose percentage of their teams scoring was much greater than what Gallo was on the Nuggets. Those teams all played hard and with heart and advanced. We lost because Karl thought it was wise to go small against Bogut and put Andre Miller on Curry. We were outrebounded and Miller usually failed to even get a hand up for Curry’s shot. Those are coaching flaws, I don’t know how else to explain it.

              • Ernie

                I really am not looking for sympathy at opposing team blog sites. I just don’t care. And you could also explain it with Faried being significantly less than 100% and likely Ty. It was not just Gallo. Not sure why you aren’t acknowledging that.

                But neither Chicago, Golden State or OKC is going to win the title this year because they are not healthy. I guess you can can go to their sites and refuse to offer them sympathy for that.

                My point is I wanted to see what this team could do put together as constructed in late March. That is the team GK should have had a chance to coach in the playoffs.

  • http://twitter.com/xantoniooo808x D3Ntilthe3ND

    This heykyle guy makes me want Theo back…lmao

    • heykyleinsf

      That was the most intelligent thing you said.

      I don’t know who you are.. I don’t know who Theo was.

      You care way more about me than I do about you.

      If I’m a troll.. why feed me?

  • Giovanni

    This is the year of Memphis….

    Ps I’m very tired of losing every fucking year and watch another team play with heart in post season…
    A post season with weak Thunder and decadent spurs is an occasion waste away….

  • Cephus

    Looking back with impeccable 20/20 hindsight these are the things I wish Karl had done differently.

    1) play Miller 20-25 minutes max, play Lawson 30-35 minutes max & develop Fornier with the remaining time. Frankly I hope Miller is traded this year- his slack defensive skills get exposed in playoffs. Maybe Evan wont fare any better but I fail to see how he could be worse. I concede Miller is a competent gap filler in regular season but that’s it.

    2) Javale needs help! A big man specialist needs to be retained both on and off season. There must be some Pete Carril disciple available. McGee needs at least 20-30 minutes. This will cost games- the big picture is rounding him into shape mentally & physically by the playoffs. Small ball ultimately is exposed in money time. We’re paying ten million – let’s find out if he can play or not.

    Gallinari’s regular season minutes need to be limited to 30 as well. He needs to yoke up & get cut. When he’s tired and makes just one off balance wrong footed move – something on his body snaps & he’s out for a month. Let’s learn from history – this is just how it is.

    I leave Corey Brewer and A.I. to the experts. I’m just praying that if they are retained- they’re diligently practicing their three point shots.

    I have mixed feelings on Karl winning coach of the year. With aforementioned hindsight I wish he’d gone another 1-2 players deeper in the rotation , sacrificing Reg season wins to having the prime players healthy in playoffs THEN go to 8 man rotation. The NBA season is a grind. Recognize ! Popovich does.

    I’m still a Nuggets fan, even a Karl fan . The first is unconditional, the 2nd less so. It grinds my gears to see Carmelo moving on to 2nd round of playoffs. He’s a hardhead albeit a talented one. Mike Woodsen has my admiration for bringing out the best in him. It’s the East . The weak sister conference …but still.

  • allAround

    Good for Karl .

    Summary of the year
    1) Gallo and Iggy are much needed in those Nugs. Chandler is OK , Ty is OK to very good , but he should play D.

    2)Defense is also part of Basketball. Miller and Ty cannot play at the same time . During regular season perhaps i is ok, but during post season thank you but no.

    3) Koufos , McGee and Farried they are still kids .
    Koufos thank God he did not cry when he was asked to
    play .
    McGee oh well Focus man focus! You are paid for that.
    Farried is the best from those three, but still he needs to be tougher, he is boxed out easily. 2 things he should do shoot and take better positions under the rim.

    4)CBre unreliable , Mozz who ? ,

    That is all .

    PS If add the age of those saying fire Karl will I get 16 in total??

  • Charliemyboy

    Just wonder how many saw Inside the NBA with Ernie Johnson, Chuck, Shaq and Kenny the Jet? Did you see their understanding of the game that basketball is and the relevance of Coach Karl? They adore him as a coach and more as a man. Did you reflect on Karl’s video and what he acknowledges and sacrifices to bring you this team? Sometime the audacity and negativity of these blogs reflect the Kiszla attitude: “I’m so important and knowledgeable that I should be the coach.” Think Kiszla will win the Pulitzer? Or maybe the Foot in Mouth? The best reality is to think bigger and live bigger; don’t live lives as crying piss ants. Great season, great coach, great management, and we should be thankful and hopeful of even greater things in the future. Don’t be small.

    • Joshua

      Thank you! A voice of reason in a sea of endless whining. Enough with mindless Karl hate. He should definitely be open to critique but most people are just mindlessly ranting.

      Be proud that your team had it’s best reg season ever and that OUR COACH was COTY. A couple good moves this summer and we can be even better next year.

      Go Nuggets!

      • Henry

        No, no, it’s not “Karl hate,” whatever that might be. It’s criticism, and it is so deserved that it’s shared widely. Karl did not put his team in a position to win in the playoffs. He has performed extremely poorly in the playoffs over his career.

        Take a look at his record. Read Kalen’s excellent piece. The case is made. Karl must go. Now. If he does not leave or get fired, the Nuggets will tread water next season. I will not watch or spend money on the team. The Karl era is over for me, and let’s hope it’s over for the Nuggets as an organization.

        And congratulations to Karl for this award for the regular season. He richly deserves it. And no, that is not a contradiction.

        • Joshua

          I just don’t get it. Fine, let’s fire Karl. Say we pick up Van Gundy (since everyone thinks he’s the Messiah), or Phil Jackson, or heck let’s just say Popovich decides to jump on board or whatever, (insert greatest coach available here). Do you really think this team as constructed does significantly better than what we have now? I mean, maybe with another coach we could have eked out of the first round. But then what? We probably wouldn’t have been favorites in the 2nd round no matter what. So woohoo we have our coach now and instead of an annual first round exiter we made a slight bump up to a 2nd round exiter. It’s our team that’s not constructed to do well in the playoffs, not Karl. Karl does a great job of getting all he can out of this team and in doing so can rack up some regular season wins. But once playoffs come around we just don’t have the right team composition to be successful in the playoffs.

          I understand the frustrations people have with Karl. He (like every coach) makes questionable decisions, favorites players, and sometimes does not have the team prepared. That said, it is important to go beyond just the gut reaction and realize this team already has a solid coach but needs some more pieces to be a contender in the West.

          • Henry

            What now? If Karl didn’t have the players he wanted to run his “system,” then what the hell has been going on with the organization the last three years?

            No, you are plain wrong. Ujiri and the Kroenkes have gone out of their way to make sure Karl has the horses to succeed with how he wants an NBA team to play.

            That approach has not paid off for the Nuggets and their fans. THE KARL ERA IS OVER. For me, anyway. Sure hope the owners and GM come around. I have no doubt they know they are treading water with Karl. I just hope they’ll have the gumption to say it and act on it, instead of waiting another year and another certain ill-prepared playoff “run.”

            • Joshua

              I respect that you are passionate about your opinion but I just don’t see it. I mean, our biggest acquisition last off season was Iggy and I wouldn’t necessarily consider him a run and gun player. Before that it was Mcgee. Same thing. Then it was the trade with New York where we got what we could. So to say we are targetting players for the “Karl” system just doesn’t add up to me. I mean maybe Brewer and the draft of Faried but that’s about it. Management tries to get the best players then Karl runs his system with what they provide.

              The other thing I don’t understand is this rogue, “if the Nuggets don’t fire Karl I’m not watching attitude.” Maybe some fans don’t remember the Nuggets pre-Melo. That’s when it was tough being a fan. Now we have a great team (best reg season ever, seriously…), COTY, and a management staff commited to making the team better. Now we lose to a team (who by the way is doing the same thing to the Spurs) and everyone jumps ship? This team is at the peak of my interest right now and better things lie ahead.

              Anyway, I’d never want to attack my fellow Nug fans – I just see things a bit differently is all. Nuggets winning is way more important than my opinion being validated so I hope for a great season next year regardless of who is at the helm.

              Go Nuggets!

              P.S. I want to thank RMC for all their hard work this season. They enhance our Nuggets experience and do a great job for us fans. Thanks guys!

          • Mike K

            The team isn’t constructed to Karl’s system???? Are you looking at the lineup? Masai Ujiri just won Executive of the Year for twisting himself into a pretzel getting the players to play Karl’s system.

            Karl didn’t want Melo here as much as Melo wanted out. The hatred was mutual even if both take the high road in the media.

            Karl’s system is geared towards regular season success. Unless you’re playing 2OT, you’re not scoring 120+ in a game. The scoreboard operator should not be needing carpal tunnel surgery in the playoffs. These three things I know are true about playoff basketball: You need half court offense, 3-point shooting, and lo and behold, you need DEFENSE in the playoffs. Karl’s system is 0 for 3 and thus he’s 1 for 9 in playoff series here in Denver.

  • Charliemyboy

    BTW, Kenny the Jet mentioned that Shawn Kemp and Gary Peyton were only average players, until they were coached by Karl. Now hall of famers?

    • Henry

      This former Sonics fan has to laugh at the notion of Kemp being a Hall of Fame candidate. Kemp was an amazing athlete, but not much of a basketball player strong on fundamentals. He was hilariously bad quite a lot of the time, regardless of his stats.

  • http://Denverstiffs.com slader

    3 pointers kill us on both ends. Our offense generates a lot of good looks which we convert at 25% instead of 40%. on defense, a weak link or two (Miller too slow, Brewer overplay) cascades across the whole D rotation, leading to wide open 3s.
    I like our chances better shedding Miller and Brewer and adding say Korver and more Fournier. Always have at least 2 shooters on the floor, choosing from Ty, 4s, Iggy, Will, Korver or other FA and Gallo later on.

  • http://Denverstiffs.com slader

    Forgot Hamilton, who deserves another shot.

  • clive

    Meanwhile, Woodson takes the Knicks with half his rotation full of ex-nuggets to the 2nd round of playoffs.