Masai Ujiri Wins 2012-2013 Executive of the Year

As Joel announced a few minutes ago Nuggets Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Masai Ujiri has won this season’s NBA Executive of the Year award, becoming the third Nuggets executive to win the award after Vince Boryla in 1984-85 and Mark Warkentien in 2008-09.

The award comes on the heels of a 57 win season that was possible due to the incredible depth Ujiri has built up on the Nuggets roster.

This season nine players averaged more than eight points and the Nuggets bench finished second in the NBA in scoring by averaging 41.3 points per game.

Ujiri’s biggest moves this past off-season was the addition of Andre Iguodala in the four-team blockbuster trade, a move that gave the Nuggets another perfect fit in their roster.

Iguodala flourished in Denver, becoming the team’s lockdown defender, and a fantastic finisher-finishing second only to LeBron James in field goal percentage at the rim. He also signed JaVale McGee and Andre Miller to contract extensions and the two players were important parts of many Nugget victories.

Ujiri also has a history of drafting well nabbing both Kenneth Faried and Evan Fournier in recent drafts.

Ujiri now must continue to build upon the foundation he has set forth, as the Nuggets roster has some flaws that need to be fixed.

But as Nuggets fans have believed since Ujiri took over, and voters said again today, Denver is in good hands.

The final breakdown of the votes is as follows:


Executive, Team                           1st           2nd          3rd           Total

Masai Ujiri, Denver                     8             6             1             59

Gary Sacks, L.A. Clippers             3             4             1             28

Daryl Morey, Houston                   4             1             2             25

Glen Grunwald, New York            2             4             3             25

R.C. Buford, San Antonio             4             1             1             24

Pat Riley, Miami                            4             1             1             24

Bob Myers, Golden State               1             4             6             23

Sam Presti, Oklahoma City            1             1             4             12

Danny Ferry, Atlanta                     1             1             –              8

Rob Hennigan, Orlando                                1             –              2       7

Billy King, Brooklyn                      –              2             1             7

Donnie Walsh, Indiana                                 –              1             4       7

Kevin O’Connor, Utah                   –              2             –              6

Jason Levien, Memphis                 –              1             –              –        5

John Hammond, Milwaukee          –              1             1             4

Dell Demps, New Orleans             –              –              1             1

Gar Forman, Chicago                     –              –              1             1


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  • Fed up Nug

    Unlike the joke that was the Coach of the Year, Masai actually deserves this award. Its too bad that in a desperate and feeble attempt to deflect criticism away from Karl, his apologist scum have decided to throw Masai and this great team he’s assembled under the bus. After all, this is just a starless, no talent, group of role players and scrubs that would have a been a sure fire lottery team if not for the genius coaching of Karl… spit

    • Blue

      Lol, things are starting to get too heated again. We are all Nuggets fans :)

    • mike

      Ujiri did a good job. Probably Morey deserved it first as he traded two decent pieces (Martin/ medium first round pick from Toronto) and another OK piece (highly protected Dallas pick) into an ALL-STAR the most important part of developing a championship caliber ballclub. And he made a very smart move too on getting a very good Center in Asik and another decent guy in Lin for nothing but cap space. And getting Robinson for very little in return is quite impressive whether or not he ends up being anything more than an average big.

      Ujiri made a mistake in adding Mcgee and giving him that contract, but overall has made many good draft pick choices and the Iguodala trade (Poaching?) was extremely good (despite him having a down year on offense). The melo trade was very strong as well given he was put in a bad position. Other than mcgee all the contracts have been very reasonable.

      The question is can he take those pieces and develop them into at least one star player and better bigs. Otherwise, this team is relegated to 1st/2nd round mediocrity.

      Im sure “F”ed up will reinterpret that as “no talent scrubs” but the difference between good and great teams is all-star or NO all-star. The difference between Great and Championship level teams is more than one all-star and/or top 5ish coach. The difference Between a one time champion and multi-championship team is a top 5 player coupled with another top 5-10 player AND a top 10 all-time coach. When you’ve been told this over and over despite your protestations and it comes to fruition EXACTLY as was expected and then you throw a temper tantrum at the coach for not magically making your unrealistic predictions the result, most rational people have limited sympathy or agreement.

  • Ernie

    This news is really secondary to the Snoop Dogg pimping for the Nuggets and Broncos revelation today…

  • George “Gentlemen, just run” Karl

    He deserves it.

  • Rdc

    Well deserved! Good job masai!
    Morey probably deserved to be more in the running, as in recieve more votes, and possibly have finished ahead of masai, just because executive of the year means of this year, this season. Oh well, maybe the league, like it always has, just gives awards such as coty and eoty to people the league wants to recognise.

  • D3Ntilthe3ND

    I’d just like to say….


    A Very good GM..

    PS.. Bring..
    Back Chauncey…

    • Joel

      I think at this point, Billups is more of a coach than a player. It might be on this one the fans have a similar perspective to Karl about Andre Miller because I suspect Billups would be about like Miller at this stage.

      That said, I didn’t like seeing Billups get traded and wish he could have stayed in Denver.

      • D3Ntilthe3ND

        I completely agree with you on that, Joel.

        Billups would probably be just like Miller with LESS scoring honestly because Andre has the inside game down.

        Just taking a little sarcastic dig at some of the people that want him back.

    • ballin

      ^ Haha I see what you did there!! I laughed…thanks

      • Rdc

        I think brandon rush would be a nice addition. Ironically, he’s signed to gs. Though i think he’d be perfect for this team, 6’6 sg/sf, 6’11 wingspan, shot 45% from 3 during 2011-12 season and is a career 41% from 3, very unselfish on offense, pretty athletic, blocks shots occasionally, and is very good on defense. Though his injury history is something to worry about, but assuming he comes back strong, he’d be a better fit than someone like korver as a role player for denver.

  • clive

    bring back billups… as a coach to replace Karl!

  • allAround

    Still cannot understand the trade and the contract offered to McGee.

    • Ryan

      McGee is just gravy at this point. To get rid of Nene’s lavish, waste of a contract still brings a smile to my face. Nene was BY FAR one of my least favorite Nuggets of all time. No heart, no effort, but all the tools in the world to dominate. A big baby who wishes he could play soccer instead…

  • prospector

    from DRE at :

    “Now that Karl has the distinction of losing in the first round of the playoffs with 57+ win teams three times (Seattle in 1993-94, Seattle in 1994-95, and Denver in 2012-13), should we really think he knows what he’s doing?”


  • diehardnr1

    Congrats Uriji!

    Even if I think this was a make up award for him not getting it his first year…he did an admirable job in landing Igoudala and providing Karl with a lineup that could win 57 games despite having the most lopsided opening road schedule in 30+ years.

    I blame that schedule on Nuggets first round loss. If Nuggets had a normal…or even just difficult (instead of mind boggling) opening schedule, then I feel they would have been the 1 or 2 seed and faced laughable Lakers or Rockets instead of their worst match up.

    Good job again Masai! Now get that contract extension for yourself!

  • Stephen H

    Trade miller for Bledsoe from clippers, don’t resign brewer or mozgov, resign stone and Quincy miller, sign korver or jj reddick, and of course resign iggy, and drop coach who only coaches regular season teams and not postseason teams. If iggy doesn’t resign then we sign oj mayo.