It’s official: Masai Ujiri named 2012-13 NBA Executive of the Year

UPDATE: Just minutes after posting this, it was announced on the official Denver Nuggets Twitter feed (@DenverNuggets) that Ujiri has officially won the Executive of the Year award. More details at here.


Benjamin Hochman (@nuggetsnews) of has reported that just on the heels of George Karl winning Coach of the Year, Masai Ujiri will also receive a prestigious NBA honor by being named 2012-13 NBA Executive of the Year:

The passionate Ujiri will be rewarded for his work Thursday, when he is named the NBA executive of the year, a source told The Denver Post on Wednesday night. Ujiri, the first African-born general manager in major American sports, put together the Nuggets’ roster, a squad that won 57 games — the most in Denver’s NBA history.

Stay tuned to Roundball Mining Company for further analysis and reflection on Ujiri’s award and the accomplishments which led to his receiving it after the announcement has been made official.

And in the meantime, if you haven’t yet seen Karl’s heartfelt, emotional press conference held in acceptance of his COY award, it really is a must-watch, irrespective of any opinion on whether the Nuggets would be better off with or without him:

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  • AaronCAPS

    Coach Of The Year + Executive Of The Year

    = First-Round-Exit.

    Maybe for the first time in Denver Nuggets history, they are getting TOO MUCH credit. They both desereved these awards but sense when do the Nuggets get so many awards? Whats changed sense the last decade? Why now?