Iguodala snubbed from NBA All-Defensive teams

All-Defensive teams have been a joke for a while now. They’re more a popularity contest than a real measuring stick of who the best defenders in the NBA really are. In this sense, it shouldn’t be surprising that Andre Iguodala has been left of the NBA’s All-Defensive First Team. But leaving him off the All-Defensive Second Team as well? That just seems… well… fitting, given how completely inept voters are with this “honor.” But it’s also unfortunate and unjustified. Iguodala changed the way the Nuggets defended this year and was a big reason his team finished with the best regular season record in franchise history. Naturally, Nuggets GM Masai Ujiri was quite perturbed by the announcement and recently let off some steam to Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post.

Members of the All-Defensive First Team include: LeBron James, Serge Ibaka, Tyson Chandler, Joakim Noah, Tony Allen and Chris Paul. Members of the All-Defensive Second Team include: Tim Duncan, Paul George, Marc Gasol (even though he won Defensive Player of the Year), Avery Bradley and Mike Conley.

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Kalen Deremo

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  • Joel

    I love the Nuggets and really love Iggy, but out of the perimeter defenders and point guards there – LeBron, TA, CP3, George, Bradley and Mike Conley – I don’t think Iggy is much better than any of them. But then again, I’m not an expert on advanced stats or anything. But purely on watching basketball, I would take LeBron, TA and George all over Iggy to defend a perimeter player for me.

    • Jamie

      Chris Paul is not a better defender than Iggy at all. Chris is an excellent flopper though. There should be all-flop teams. He’d make first team for sure. Iggy was robbed.

  • http://www.chazkemp.com Chaz Kemp

    AI should’ve been DPOY in my opinion. He changed the entire culture of our team with hard work and stellar defense. There are quite a few really good defenders out there but AI is in the top 5 easily. A complete travesty that he wasn’t included.

    Of course – Marc Gasol was voted DPOY but was voted to the SECOND all-defensive team. So that should tell us something right there… It’s politics and popularity. Such a drag.

  • AaronCAPS

    Who cares??? Kobe Bryant made the second-all-defensive team last year. Its a complete joke.

  • Zack

    Also, Marc Gasol only made the second team because there was a tie between Noah and Chandler for #1 Center. So they’re both on the first team, and Gasol (the DPOY) makes the second team as the #3 voted Center.

    What a joke.

  • Will

    This article is more relevant. Who should the Nuggets take in the NBA Draft? http://roundballdaily.com/2013/05/14/nba-draft-who-should-the-denver-nuggets-take/

    • dynamo.joe

      None of those guys produced in college, what makes you think they will fair better in the NBA?

    • dynamo.joe

      I didn’t answer your question tho.

      The best guys in this draft (actually I’m not sure Miller declared for the draft).

      Victor Oladipo
      D.J. Stephens
      Macolm Miller
      Jack Cooley
      DeQuan Hicks
      Kelly Olynyk

      Only 2 (Oladipo and Olynyk) are likely to be drafted, so bring those other 4 guys in for workouts/undrafted rookies.

      I don’t think it would take too much to get into the late lottery for Olynyk. Would the 76’ers take our 1st + YMCAndre? Probably not, but I think that would be good for both teams. Jrue Holiday is not good, despite what everyone thinks.

      The Suns are nearly devoid of Talent. Would they take our 1st this year and next year for their 1st this year? They need to stock up and next year is sposed to be deep. Would that be enough? What if we bumped it up by agreeing to swap Beasley for Chandler?

      Anyway, I think we could easily get 5 of the (IMO) 6 best guys available. Of course we don’t have the room for 5 guys but if we trade a guy away to move up and let Corey and Mozgov walk, that gives us room for 3.

      • mike

        not sure what you are talking about with Holiday. He is a very good defender and a good penetrator and shooter. He just played with a horrible team whose coach was ready to quit in February. depending on roster construction you can easily contend that Holiday is a better player for many teams than Lawson (they are very similar in overall team impact with very different strengths and weaknesses).

        Otherwise tend to agree with your post.

  • Mark

    All the way through January, people on this board were saying, “Iguodala is not as advertised. How on earth is this dude considered a good defender???” He picked up his game around early-mid February, but that’s way too late to be considered for the all-defensive team.