Link: Ujiri likely to leave Nuggets, says Wojnarowski

What started off as a bad dream has now morphed into a nightmare. According to Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski, “significant momentum has gathered that likely will lead to Ujiri’s departure from the franchise that he completely remade into a Western Conference contender.” Though nothing is final, it appears that unless a drastic turn of events occurs, the current NBA Executive of the Year and Nuggets general manager Masai Ujiri will be taking his talents north of the border to Toronto. If you had one set of fingers already crossed, now’s the time to double up.

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  • S

    This may end my time as a Nuggets fan. It isn’t difficult to pay the current executive of the year and the guy who completely rebuilt your team without going through the rebuilding stages good money. Fuck you Kronke.

  • pissed off

    Josh can really go fuck him self if he doesn’t pay masai. That’s just completely absurd. This franchise is fucked. We cant pay someone like masai but we pay a coach who is losing his mind .. This is totally fucked

  • George “Gentlemen, just run” Karl

    Speechless.. I’m just done with the nuggets.

  • http://espn herpderpnuggets

    Damn…….I hope whoever replaces him is decent…

  • Ckwizard

    Well maybe Uriji and kronke are not on the same page as far as George Karl and Miller or small ball goes… So if Uriji goes to Toronto then maybe he hires Karl as the Coach and he appeases him by bringing Miller along for the ride… Or maybe Kronke doesn’t want to keep Uriji simply because Uriji wants to keep Karl… But maybe it is the opposite and Uriji wants to let Karl go and Kronke won’t let him…

    • pissed off

      I feel like the kronke’s are being cheap and are just trying to save money with everything that is going on with the avalanche. IMO I think masai might not be happy with josh’s dedication. Perhaps josh is okay with the level the nuggets are at and isn’t willing to pay for the next level of success. Its a damn shame regardless of the reason, it’ll be more disappointing if we lose andre igoudala. That could potentially cap off this offseason as worst in nuggets history

    • Blue

      The rumor I have always heard was that Stan Kroenke was the big Karl fan. Even though Josh Kroenke is the owner on paper, it still is really Stan’s team. I don’t think Masai is a big Karl fan, he seems to trade Karl’s favorite players (in terms of minutes) like Nene, Harrington, etc. Especially when those players hurt the development of Masai’s players like Faried.

      • Mike K

        Well, if Karl doesn’t like it, I wouldn’t exactly be heartbroken if he walks…

  • lcoreyl

    Settle down.

    1) Adrian Wojwhatevski is a gossip columnist working in sports. If it isn’t tantalizing–he isn’t typing.

    2) Ujiri is where he is based because of his ability to make people like him. He’s not going to a meeting with the team that promoted him from scout to director of global scouting to assistant GM and leave them feeling anything other than he loves the Raptors.

    3) if you really liked your boss, would you enjoy going back as THEIR boss??? No, that’s weird… (For those not following: Colangelo was Ujiri’s boss in Toronto and they are “moving” him and making Ujiri #1.

    • Mike K

      I agree that Woj is a gossip columnist pretending to know sports, but from my vantage point, I dunno that he misses all that often on a story like this.

      That’s why I, and others, are so worried.

      • steve

        Woj is a gossip columnist, but he also hits 8 out of 10. he is always the first to report everything and well respected with other writers. He is a smart guy. Heard him talk just the other day on radio. he knows his stuff.

        • Henry

          Yup, it ain’t one way or another. Woj is both a gossip columnist *and* somehow a go-to guy for NBA “sources.” His writing is over-the-top, soap-opera narrative CRAP, yet somehow he still gets league execs to talk to him with abandon–and often before they speak with others.

          However, we have absolutely no idea whether or not Ujiri will take the Raptors job, nor *why* he will if indeed he does. The speculation here and around the blathersphere is so irresponsible and inflammatory it’s just beyond belief.

          Have some faith, folks. These are professionals. If Ujiri leaves, we may never know what transpired. If we fans want to be upset that the Kroenkes didn’t do their best to lock up the Nuggets’ excellent GM, that’s certainly our right.

          But we’ll never know exactly what went on behind those closed doors. The career trajectories of NBA coaches and GM’s (and indeed any “executives”) are pretty complex, don’t you think? Why aren’t fans also making up stories about Ujiri using the Nuggets to get his dream job with the Raptors? Why couldn’t it be that Toronto is a better place for a Nigerian with a family? Maybe because that story doesn’t fit as well with making the Nuggets the target of your uninformed speculation?

          Let’s be more careful. Or not. But the latter just makes you look like you need something to bitch about.

  • AaronCAPS

    Fucking Kroenke is a money whore. Look what hes done to the Avalanche. Ruined the franchise & couldn’t get 2 shits about it. Same thing is about to happen to the Nuggets. Sorry guys..But no Colorado team (Except for the Broncos) is getting anywhere near a championship until all these owners die off or somehow in hell sell the team to Simeon decent..Sucks being a Colorado fan in sports.

  • JoelK


  • KW

    Denver Nuggets. Come for the first round exits, stay for the reality tv.

  • Allan

    This is actually good news! Now maybe the Nuggs can get an executive that does not get emotionally attached to the players and will use some of the depth to obtain top tier players. Maybe bring in Larry Bird.

  • Tyler

    I’m just wondering if this executive of the year award is more of a curse for nuggets fan. Think about it if Masai didn’t win the award would the raptors still have pursued him as quickly as they did? Another thing that boggles my mind about this whole thing is what possible reason does kroenke have for justifying letting Masai go? It just doesn’t make sense at all to me. Masai in my opinion and in the opinion of many others is the best GM in the league why would we not focus everything on getting him back? I don’t know kroenke personally but to me if he lets Masai leave he doesn’t really care about the winning, just the money.

    • mike

      yes they would have pursued him as they were likely thinking about it before or midway through the season. In fact I would not be surprised if there is some tampering involved though it would be difficult to prove.

      PS if Indiana is able to dump granger contract for a pick and cap room they could conceivably get David West at a similar 10 millionish dollar deal and still sign Iguodala. If I am Iguodala I have to consider that strongly.

    • Mike K

      Leiweke is a smart guy. My guess is he was on his radar the second he signed HIS contract with MLSE a couple months ago.

      The moves that Masai has made dating to the Melo deal (where everyone knows he absolutely took NY to the cleaners) and then got Iggy for less than nothing had him on the radar of any team needing a GM, especially knowing Masai was coming to the end of his contract that paid him peanuts.

      If it wasn’t Toronto, someone else would have come calling as soon as the final buzzer hit in Oakland.

  • JetLife82

    Hmm maybe Josh will take over as GM

  • GB

    It seems like it’s more of an ego than a money thing. They have the money obviously, but paying him would indicate that he is the brains of the franchise, not the Kroenke’s. We would all do well to remember that billionaire’s (and they’re coat-tail riding spoiled children) have HUMONGOUS egos, and are sometimes the cheapest people of all, purely because they think they are the only deserving people on the planet. Studies have shown that the poor give a FAR larger percentage of their income to charity than the rich.

    • Will

      lol this seems a bit off-topic and unfair.

      • GB

        I think it’s a fair answer to the question “why would your franchise do something as stupid as let Ujiri go?”.

  • http://yahoo mile high

    Think it’s the same tactic that got McGee big money last year. Building a case/market for himself and then get the fans and local media to pressure the team.

    Masai gave McGee too much money then and now he wants to get more money himself.

  • Jake

    josh kronke will take over each role like the Avs and become the Jackie Moon of the NBA: Player, Coach, GM and President.

  • Jake

    the Jerry Jones of the NBA

  • prospector

    Joshy & STAN are cheap when it comes to executives… IT IS A FACT…. Karl will be further in control… Anyone who is still optimistic is stupid…… KARL is a playoff loser, his BFF Miller is a 37 year old Barkley wanna be who has NEVER WON A SINGLE PLAYOFF SERIES…. If you look up Loser in the dictionary you’ll see their pictures together side by side…… So now we are doomed with the lame KARL who hates young players… Bye Bye JHAM, BYE BYE STONE, chump minutes for EVAN, FARIED, Mcgee… Adios IGGY…… Hello MILLER playing more minutes…. HELLO 2 point guard lineups…. HELLO to BREWER throwing bricks from the arc, and his pathetic gambling no perimeter defense.. With IGGY gone, Brewer and Miller will play more minutes….. There is no hope.. People wake up… Karl choked in the first round back to back times with KEMP and PAYTON… And don’t give any of the owners and KARL know best… What do they know? They let MILLER play mega minutes and he flat out sucked…. There is a reason he hasn’t won a playoff series in his entire career… The dude runs at a snails pace, and has a KARL like attitude that he definitely does not deserve……. KARL knows how to win in the regular season.. That’s it….. He’s a punk and I am freaking sick of his head games with young players….. My only freaking hope was that MASAI would take charge of this ship…. And now those dreams are gone……. I love all the boys on our team and it sucks that I’m going to have to watch them all leave and freaking be left with KARL’s pathetic know it all smirk… YO KARL, You are a playoff loser…… Just freaking retire and end our misery.. Cause God knows JOSHY boy and CHEAP STAN aren’t going to do squat about it….. THIS SUCKS BEYOND BELIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gregory

    In the following article, we read about the Nuggets changes that need to be made for next year including outside shooting and big men who can pass the ball. Trading Nene, who could pass the ball and has a really good post game for McGee is Masai’s doing. We’ve know all year long that the Nuggets couldn’t shoot the 3 but had tons of trade-able assets to possibly obtain a shooter or 2 – not pulling the trigger here is also on Masai. He may have won the executive of the year but that award should also have gone to Karl who coached this team to significantly over-achieve – making Masai look like a genius. Sorry, the Raptors can have him. When it’s obvious to the fans what we need and we don’t obtain these players (again, we have plenty of players we can trade) the fault lies at the feet of Masai.

    • dynamo.joe

      We have shooters(Chandler, Fournier, Gallo, Hamilton, Lawson all are above average from 3), instead Karl decided to play Brewer and YMCAn’re. So, who was the problem? Hint: Not Masai.

      • Gregory

        Perhaps you did not watch the playoffs this year. Andre Miller made 46% of his 3’s. Chandler 31%, Lawson 19%, Hamilton 0% and Fournier 0%. Of course Gallo didn’t play. And, during the regular season, only 4 teams shot WORSE from 3-point range than the Nuggets. If you do not think they need better shooters or a center with a post game, you have not been watching. And I am wondering if Masai was watching either.

  • I always make it past the 1st round

    Can you blame him? I mean really, I’d leave to if all we do is get bounced in the 1st round every single year. I wouldn’t want to lose my whole life. (regular season doesn’t determine winners, playoffs do.)