This Weekend: 24 Hour Pick-Up Game in Denver for the Hoop Dream

Do you play basketball? Live in Denver? Want to contribute to a good cause dedicated to bringing basketball to those less-fortunate?

Our friend Brian Smith is organizing a 24-hour hoops marathon for the Hoop Dream, an organization dedicated to teaching basketball and building courts in Africa.  The event will run for 24 hours starting this Friday, May 31st at 5pm through Saturday June 1st.

Check out the details below. You can use the map we’ve embedded to find directions.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop 24 Hour Pick Up Basketball Marathon

Dates: Friday May 31st at 5pm – Saturday June 1st at 5pm

Location: The Central Christian Church of Denver (map below)
3690 Cherry Creek South Dr. Denver, CO 80209

Traditional pickup basketball, show up, get put on a team or form one with other participants. Music and possible DJ apperances, food on a first come, first served basis. Pancake breakfast Saturday morning.

We will have a “film room” where we will be projecting some basketball movie and documentary classics.  Open to all ages and skill levels, The Denver Rolling Nuggets Wheelchair basketball team will be joining us on Saturday afternoon.

There is a suggested $5 donation.

Basically, we want to get people passionate about basketball out to one place to learn a bit about The Hoop Dream, so that they might feel compelled to share it amongst other basketball fans/players who might become involved or help us with the networking to businesses and possible donors.


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I have been told by Brian that groups and spectators are welcome. If you’re interested in connecting with other Nuggets fan for a good cause, check out this great event.

Live, love, hoop!

More on The Hoop Dream

acebook: The Hoop Dream Team
Twitter: @thehoopdream

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Charlie Yao

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