Breaking News: Pete D’Alessandro to Become Kings GM.

As if things couldn’t get any worse or more chaotic in Denver at the moment, Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that Nuggets Vice President Pete D’Alessandro has agreed to become the new general manager of the Sacramento Kings.

D’Alessandro had been rumored to be the front runner to take over for the departed Masai Ujiri but apparently he has decided the Kings job for one reason or another is the better fit.

It becomes just another blow for Denver as they now must widen the search for a new GM again, while also interviewing coaches and preparing for the upcoming NBA draft.

It also continues to make the offseason in Denver look completely disorganized and confusing as it had been reported since the departure of Ujiri that D’Alessandro would become the new Nuggets GM yet no news ever broke of any kind of offer.

The Denver Post has a bit more about D’Alessandro and why his departure is a loss for the Nuggets and also mentions that former 76ers executive Tony Di Leo as a name to watch, though the situation remains very fluid.

Keep on eye here at RMC for more news and reaction as this tumultuous offseason continues in Denver.

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  • LBJ

    Looks like anyone who had anything to do with putting this team together is going to shown the door. Oh wait a minute – I forgot that Joshy boy was doing it all himself!

  • Christopher Reinhard


  • Mikey K

    Forget about dynamite blowing this up. Josh is going full on nuclear.

    Apparently he wants a complete break from anything that is remotely close to what just was running the team. Di Leo is an interesting fit. He put together a roster in Phily that made the playoffs that included Iguodala, but he also blew it big time trading for Bynum.

    I applaud Josh for seeing that Karl had maybe overstayed his welcome (based on Karl’s recent comments), but he better damn well start letting us fans know that he has a plan he’s following because this is close to becoming comically unfunny.

  • otgonbaatar.b 彡ῼ

    Regrouping is going to take place anyway – why we have to be a down here? It might be a good chance and timing to figure out who fits the best. 2013-14 is going to be totally new start for Nuggets.

  • DenVer

    I don’t understand why people say the Nuggets will have a down year next year. Even if it’s true, I still don’t understand. It’s going to be the same, young team that went 57-25 last year and Iggy can still opt out, then sign a 5yr deal to stay in Denver. I realize Karl is gone, the GM and the vice president, but it’s still going to be a talented team.

    • LBJ

      It’s not going to be the same team. Brewer is a free agent. Gallo out for at least the first 2 months – and then who knows? What makes you think Iggy wants to stay in Denver in an unsettled situation? Especially since it looks like our snot nosed walmart owner is getting rid of everyone who built the team.

    • Mikey K

      I believe that the 57-25 was smoke and mirrors. You play a LOT of shitty teams in that stretch. The game is more free-flowing. In the playoffs, defense comes first. You can’t run and put 120 on the board and dare the other team to keep up. It doesn’t happen.

      There’s also the fact that with a new front office and coaching staff, the entire philosophy of how they play likely will change. Will certain aspects be kept (like running more here at home)? Sure. But by and large, the philosophy will change and the cast of characters will certainly change. Iggy’s timing couldn’t yell any louder that he has no intention of coming back.

      The future will be a lot better than the present as a new leader was needed on the sideline, but there will be a step or two backwards. I wouldn’t even be surprised if we missed the playoffs entirely next season. Bringing in the right coach and staff who will work and develop the young guys will have things moving right again sooner than later. That will be the key.

      • John Kobbeman

        I know what you’re saying, and it is often the case, but if you look at “our” schedule last year, we played a lot of Playoff teams down the stretch, all of whom needed to win for Home Court… thru the very last game. So that wasn’t a factor at all in the record.

        What was a factor was the Road heavy start of the season… Had the Nuggets schedule been similar to the Lakers first two months, they’d have won 60+ games… and still lost in the first round.

  • John Kobbeman

    On the upside… if you’re gonna clean house in the front office… good to do it when you don’t have too much to worry about draft-wise with only a 27 pick… Trade down to the Cavs 31 or 33, and take someone you don’t have to give guaranteed money to.

    Just sign and trade Iggy, Corey and Mozzy for what/whoever… trade Andre for a second rounder and some wooden nickels, and pick up a 3pt shooter combo guard and a project PF/C and be done. Mike Muscala and Ricky Ledo…Done. How hard was that… Add Byron Scott or Nate McMillan for some defensive coaching, and I think we’d be set.

    Ty and Stone on point

    Evan and JHam at the 2 (Ledo)

    Ill Will (Gallo in Dec, JHam when needed) and QMiller

    Faried and AntRand

    McGee and 2K (Muscala)

    Looks like a 50+ win team to me… C’ya Karl.

    • Michael

      You could compete with the bottom of the playoff tree in the East but that team will get smoked in the West. JHam is only good at summer league That 4 position couldn’t defend anyone. I thought it was an interesting pick at the time but after 2 years without even a peep of “Quincy is awesome in practice” talk I think it safe to say he ain’t a player. That looks like a 35 win team to me.

      • Mikey K

        And realistically, how bad is that looking at the top half of next year’s projected draft? Even if they over-achieve and sit at 9 or 10 in the West, draft well given the deal with NY, they could also land themselves something in FA next year.

        In the long run, a step back this season isn’t exactly a bad thing. If the team learns to play defense and a little half court in the process along with continuing to try and run teams outta the gym here, the turnaround could be faster than anticipated.

        This is contingent on getting a guy in the front office that knows his head from his ass about evaluating talent as well a coach that preaches defense and player development as much as they do offense.

    • LBJ

      Looks more like the Bobcats/Hornets to me. JHam, Stone and QMiller have proven nothing in this league. To think they will be able to beat the Spurs, Lakers, OKC, Clips and Memphis (or even Golden State) on a regular basis is laughable.

      • John Kobbeman

        True… it is really hard to prove anything sitting on the bench. But even in limited minutes they all showed a higher FT, 2, and 3 pt shooting % than Iggy, Brewer, Mozzy, and Dre(except FT). I can only assume they will improve with more playing time.

        Stone is as good as Iggy on D, but the others still need work there. Which is why I called for a Defensive coach…

        Will they beat those teams or any elite team every time, no, but they can beat a whole slew of the teams(especially when Gallo is back) most of the time, some crap teams(Orlando, Cavs) all of the time, and the Elite teams occasionally. Which is why I said they may lose “up to” 32 games… I will say the longer Gallo is out the more losses they will have., but a starting 5 of Ty, Evan, Will, Gallo(at the 4) and McGee would work pretty nicely against a lot of teams.

        • LBJ

          Are you serious??? Stone is an undrafted free agent who has done nothing in the league. He isn’t better than Iggy on D (or at anything for that matter) except maybe FT shooting.
          If Q Miller, J Ham and Stone were earning PT I practice – they would play. Obviously, their not -so they don’t.
          The starting 5 you listed (which we won’t have for the half the season) would be below average. The bench would be horrible.

          • John Kobbeman

            OK… people need to learn to read. I said Stone D = Iggy D, not Stone D > Iggy D, and you are correct Stone has proven nothing yet, but yes he “is” in fact better than Iggy in a few areas… Passing and ball control(handles.) His just shot is just average, but then so is Iguodala’s. Even George Karl thought Stone’s D was top notch… and unlike most, I’ve actually watched some of his college games, his Summer League play, and all of his D league games, and think he has potential to be Good, not Great, but a decent player.

            Iggy had something like 4 games this year that were impressive offensively, but at no point did he look like an Olympian or an AllStar. He simply is not an Alpha Male, he (by his own admission in several interviews) would rather distribute and play PG.

            Yes, he was a AllStar in the East, and yes he D is good, but he is in no way a “lock down” defender. And the people that matter seem to think that too, obviously. Since he didn’t make the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Defensive Team this year… again.

            For his position, his handles are below average, and his passing is average, but he often tries to get too cute. His shooting is below average, and his FT shooting is well below average. When he is aggressive, he is very good. Unfortunately, that is only about 10% of the time. So no I’m not in favor of signing him to a 5 year 60 million dollar contract, unless it is a sign and trade.

            I’d rather see if one of the untried and untested guys has a “killer” instinct once they’ve gotten out from under George Karl’s crap coaching. That guy obviously plays favorites… (see Anthony Carter) Once these kids get with a coaching staff that actually “develops” them, rather then giving up, and parking them on the end of the bench. While playing Andre frickin’ Miller 25 minutes a game… no D, no 3, slow as f@#$, hero ball Miller. SMH

            I do however agree that this team is not going anywhere, until they bring in better talent, but I would like to see what happens when the guys we have actually get playing time… Best case scenario with the current players is another 1st Round exit.

            and BTW… Jeremy Lin, Gary Neal, Brad Miller, Udonis Haslem, Bruce Bowen, Ben Wallace, John Starks, Jose Calderon, Raja Bell, Chris Anderson, and Avery Johnson all went un-drafted… three of these guys are currently playing in the NBA Finals, and one got his number retired tonight.

            …but this is all just an opinion… I really don’t care if anyone agrees or not. Besides I’ve turned off the response notification alerts… lol

            • LBJ

              I won’t even bother with your Iggy/Stone comparison. Think – Olympian versus a guy barely hanging on in the NBA.

              Karl plays favorites, just like all coaches. You favor guys that have never played in the NBA (apparently based on a D league showing). His job depends on winning – so he plays guys that actually do what the coaches ask. As for developing talent, Karl does a pretty good job. C-Brew was barely hanging in the league until he came to Nugs, KK has improved greatly.
              Winning 57 game with a hell of lot players that the rest of the league didn’t think could play is a BIG deal!

              • sherlock

                I agree with John we have to see what’s on our bench from a fresh perspective. Karl played favorites almost to a fault. Do all NBA coaches have their “guys’ or guys they feel take their coaching better then others? Sure! Look directly at San Antonio for an example, a wide variety of player types. And if one doesn’t fit they kick that player to the curb (see Stephen Jackson). San Antonio goes 8-9 players deep. Their second team is made up of low draft picks that have been given court time to improve/mature (Danny Green anyone?!).

                For the record Brewer was an integral piece with the Mavs and their Championship team, Cuben just blew up the roster for a moves at big time FA this summer/last summer. KK was riding one of the deepest big men benches in Utah. Personally I think Mozzy could be better then KK (toughness, bigger, stronger, better post moves) but Karl thought otherwise.

              • LBJ

                Apparently, you have a different definition of “integral” than I do. Brewer played a whopping 23 minutes the entire post season in 2011 as the Mavs won the title. In other words, he watched it and got in a little garbage time. I suspect even Brewer recognizes that he is playing better than any time in his career.
                The Jazz/T Pup front line is real devastating. KK is just a better player.
                Pop didn’t “give” Danny Green court time to improve/mature – he cut his ass twice and told him not to come back until he was ready to get serious. I would have loved to watch Pop give JR his court time to mature – that would have been hilarious!

              • sherlock

                That year for the Mavs Brewer played a key role on the 2nd unit, defensively and energy wise. Maybe “integral” was a bit of a stretch but he was by no means “clinging to an NBA roster.”

                Pop did cut Green, but also gave him a chance to prove himself. I heard an interview with Pop the other day, he said Green proved to him that he deserved more minutes during the regular season, that he could handle the pressure. That’s my point Pop brought Green along with minutes through the regular season. You’re helping to prove my point in one area specifically GK lacks compared to a championship caliber coach. Could pop have done anything with JR Smith? Hell no, he probably would have cut him like the did Stephen Jackson. The comparison I was thinking is JHam and Danny Green, similar skill set. Pop got what he wanted from Green, Denver has JHam riding the pine year after year.

              • LBJ

                Green is 25 and in his 4th year in the NBA. J Ham is 22 and in his second year. Big difference. Furthermore, Green’s first 2 years look a lot like J Ham’s.
                Finally, I think Karl singled JHam out as the one guy who should have got more minutes in the regular season.

    • D3Ntilthe3ND

      Saying “done. how hard was that” doesn’t complete things or make them any easier. lol

      • John Kobbeman

        Really?!?! I had no idea.

        • D3Ntilthe3ND

          I know. I can tell. lmao

  • Erlingur Grétar Einarsson

    I’m becoming a little bit more than apprehensive at the scale to which the shake-up is taking. It’s starting to remind me of a darker age, back in the ’90s, when the then-owners let one Dikembe Mutombo go, relied on an unquestionably talented but perennially injured LaPhonso Ellis, were unstable coaching-wise and then topped it off by shipping Antonio McDyess away, followed by almost 10 years of awfulness.

  • heykyleinsf

    famous last words.. “I’m in no hurry to hire a coach and a GM”

  • Ernie

    Having good people leave your organization is not a sign of strength. I believe the phrase is, “the ship be sinking!”

  • asdqqq

    It was clear the moment that Kroenke let D’Alessandro interview with the Kings that he wasn’t going to be the next GM. Kroenke said he thought about it hard and then let him interview. That means he thought hard about making D’Alessandro the next GM, decided against it, then let him interview. It would have been great if we could have kept him as an assistant, but he wasn’t going to be the top guy here.