Breaking News: Nuggets Hire Tim Connelly as GM

Things finally seem to be turning the proper direction in Denver as Adrian Wojnarowski just reported via Twitter that the Nuggets have found their new GM.

Connelly is said to be one of the rising stars in the NBA as he has spent the three seasons under Dell Demps in New Orleans as assistant GM.

In Denver Connelly will hold the position of Executive VP of Basketball Operations.

Now that Denver has someone in place to run the basketball side of things one would expect the coaching search to get kicked into high gear so that the team has someone in place in the near future.

Stay tuned at RMC for more news on the rapidly changing Nuggets summer.

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  • steve

    did some light reading on him. seems very similar to Masai hiring a few years ago. Up and comer. I’m sure he’s probably the lowest paid GM in the league now, lol.

    • LBJ

      I’m sure that is just a coincidence! :)

  • Duane Grasmick

    Got the GM…now go hire Brian Shaw

  • Scott

    This guys story sounds eerily similar to Masai’s… Which can be a good thing. Masai was immediately put under pressure when he came in to trade melo, which he was massively successful off of a risk of getting nothing good back. Connelly will be under no pressure, therefore will have time to make level-headed decisions and sounds like the fog is clearing out just slightly of this weathered offseason.

  • Gordon

    If he was the guy who drafted Austin Rivers, I’m already pissed at this hire

    • LBJ

      Early indications are he was a big supporter of drafting Rivers.

      • dynamo.joe

        I don’t even care if he supported it or not. The fact that he didn’t resign immediately condemns him in my eyes.

  • D3Ntilthe3ND


  • MacKenzie Pantoja

    Even if this guy is associated with Austin Rivers, he found Brian Roberts and Gustavo Ayon out of the middle of nowhere, and was involved in getting Greivis Vasquez and Ryan Anderson (the latter for a bargain).

    • tytechortz

      Who are those 4 stiffs you just named?

      • MacKenzie Pantoja

        Vasquez was third in the NBA in assists. Anderson was second in 3 pointers… and he played power forward.. Roberts was one of the best backup point guards in the NBA. Ayon shot 55.1% and averaged 9.2 rebounds per 36 minutes

        • tytechortz

          That was tongue in cheek, and your quick response with stats was impressive. I’ve actually heard of them. But, seriously, when I watched them play, I didn’t see one guy I’d want on the Nuggets. Those guys are the core of a really bad team.

          • MacKenzie Pantoja

            First of all, Anderson is definitely a guy I would want on the team. I think the core of a bad team that’s not Charlotte/Orlando bad is the core of a bench on a good team like the Nuggets. What I like is how little New Orleans gave up to get those guys. Roberts and Ayon literally nothing, Free agents signed to minimum contracts. To get Vasquez, a 6’6 pure point guard that passes like Andre Miller and is still young (finished 2nd in most improved player voting), New Orleans gave up Quincy Pondexter. None of those guys are awesome, but all of them are quality NBA players that cost the Pelicans nothing to get

  • sherlock

    Did we let Pete go? The guy under Masai? I must have missed that.
    Edit: Hahaha story right under this one…i’m retarded

  • Ernie

    So they hired an “up and comer” out of the organization to replace the two people within the organization that other teams wanted? Does anything besides cost make sense for doing that?

    • trank

      not really, unless the other two didn’t want to be here…

  • Rhino

    I’m glad they have at least one of the empty chairs filled. Don’t know much about the guy but thank goodness the GM, Assistant GM, and HC chairs aren’t all empty. The longer that went on the worse the outlook would have become. Still seems like Denver is every available coaches 2nd choice behind the Clips (which isn’t really a surprise).

    • Christopher Reinhard

      Two years ago it would have been a humongous surprise. Damn you, Chris Paul!!!

  • Michael

    Well I hope he is better than the record of the Pelicans the past couple years; a CP3 trade so lopsided the league vetoed it, a 2nd CP3 trade that netted them Aminu instead of Bledsoe and Gordon who they signed to a max contract and has barely played in 2 years. Oh yeah they let David West go for nothing to get a very reasonable contract in Indiana and they drafted Austin Rivers in the lottery. I am hoping he had nothing to do with any of that, of course if he didn’t have any pull why is his a “hot” name?

    • LBJ

      When I look for front office employees, I always like to start with teams that get shafted in trades so lopsided the league has to veto them.

      • dynamo.joe

        Hey, he must have learned a valuable lesson from that debacle, right? Please, someone, tell me I am right.

        • sherlock

          I’m becoming more and more concerned the more I read here. Holy crap what have we gotten our selves into? Washington from 00-10? oh lawd have mercy

  • JED89

    All I know is he likely went along with the bad CP3 trade and the Austin Rivers drafting but he wasn’t the real GM just an assistant. In fact the chances are his opinion was different than what Dell Demps did unless they both think exactly alike. I just hope he and Josh are on the same page with whomever the new coach is going to be. I will say with this dude resign him early if he turns out to be a stud. Know point in being a starting platform for GM’s only for them to bail for shitty organizations that couldn’t run a little league team like Toronto.

  • slugdugg

    I think you guys are being overly harsh on his time in New Orleans. Don’t forget that prior to that stint he spent 2000-2010 with the Washington Wizards, where he was in charge of the draft and player evaluation. He was most likely responsible for great draft pickups such as Kwame Brown with the #1 overall, and Jan Vesely.

    • dynamo.joe

      Holy Crap!

  • ben ward

    A few thoughts:

    A whole lot of the
    Nuggets roster is set, Iggy being the exception. Considering Ujiri’s
    approach to the last trade deadline, where he basically said he wanted
    the roster to stay put, isn’t the bulk of the GM’s job as it pertains to
    W’s and L’s largely taken care of for the next few years? What I’m
    saying is that I hope the Nuggs can ride out Ujiri’s good work for
    awhile. The Carmelo trade secured a good bit for maybe 2 years.
    Hopefully this new guy, Tim or whoever, can make good decisions with
    minor tweaking and whatever else a GM does.

    Iggy. Of course I’d
    love to have him back. But, say he walks. Even if the Nuggs downgraded
    at his spot, as long as his replacement is a better shooter from 3 and
    the line (which isn’t hard, since Iggy is a terrible 3 anf FT shooter)
    couldn’t it possibly be better for the team? If Denver could spend x
    amount of money for either Iggy or a starting caliber shooter, I’d
    suspect the latter would be more beneficial. Offensively, we already
    have plenty of finishers, which was Iggy’s strong point. The only thing
    we might miss on that side of the court from him is his above average
    ball handling. And yes, of course, finding someone who could guard 1 on 1
    as good as him would be impossible. But, the Nuggs defensive trouble’s
    aren’t coming from isolation plays. Their weakness was their defensive
    scheme in general, and however it gave up that gave up an uncountable
    number of 3’s to the Warriors. Just the sheer number of 3’s they gave up
    tells me that they are late rotating, collapse anytime the paint is
    penetrated, etc. leaving the open 3 shooter. Those are all teamplay
    problems on D, and I don’t know if losing Iggy’s stellar 1 on 1 defense
    will do much to either hurt or help that main issue on the defensive
    end. Seems more like an issue that comes down to coaching, which brings
    me to my next thought:

    Who the heck and what kind of coach do
    we even need? Supposedly Karl just told them to go play street ball on
    the offensive end, not calling plays and all. So since Denver was one of
    the best offenses playing that way, perhaps that’s something going for
    us. There’s not really a system to mess up with a new coach coming in.
    My guess is we need a guy that can establish a “big picture” on defense.