BREAKING NEWS: Brian Shaw to be Named Nuggets Head Coach

According to Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post, Brian Shaw has agreed to become the new coach of the Nuggets.

Shaw most recently worked as an assistant under Frank Vogel in Indiana and has also worked on the staff of Phil Jackson when he was with the Lakers.

Shaw has been a hot name in many coaching searches the past few offseasons and last year turned down an offer to coach the Bobcats, preferring to wait to be in a better situation.

While the signing answers one question for the Nuggets it opens up many others.

Does Shaw try to run the triangle? Will his offense be post-up based like his stops in Indiana and L.A.? Can he shape the Nuggets into a better defensive team without the likes of an Andrew Bynum or Roy Hibbert on the backline? Who will round out his staff?

Stay tuned to Roundball Mining Company for more news and analysis on a big decision for the Nuggets.

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  • TomRMC

    Hochman says Shaw told him he “probably won’t” run the triangle here. Via

  • Ckwizard

    Well I am happy with this choice, Denver’s roster is a good match for Shaw and it is an opportunity for a never before head coach to build his own legacy not being under the shadow of any one or being held hostage by a “star”. Nuggets basketball is in a good place!

  • Duane Grasmick

    I absolutely love this hire….defense will be a requirement and not just lip service like the last regime!!

  • steve

    Love this!!! Whho i wanted from the start. I thought it wasnt going to happen. Go Denver!

  • heykyleinsf

    I am hoping Shaw can work with McGee, Faried, Fournier, Randolph, Hamilton etc.. as GK couldn’t seem to.

  • Tom

    All indications suggest Shaw can be a great coach in the NBA. It’s certainly a better hire than taking a proven loser like Del Negro. However, I don’t want to rush to any judgement. With both the front office and coach we are getting two unknowns, but two people who seem like they have the ability to be great assets to the Nuggets. I don’t want to say great hire or not great hire until we find out.

  • herpderpnuggets

    step 2…..get rid of miller

  • D3Ntilthe3ND

    As much as I wanted George Karl gone, it’s gonna be weird to see someone other than him on the sideline.

  • Mikey K

    Re-sign Iggy, trade Miller for a rack of half-inflated basketballs and then sign someone that can shoot the 3.

    Then teach this team some DEFENSE.

  • asdqqq

    I like it.

  • Daniel Winston

    This is Great news. Love the hire!

  • Daniel Winston

    Hey Nuggets fans. How would you feel about signing Al Jefferson as a force in the post. If Iggy walks.

  • JED89

    The more I hear him talk about his plans for Denver the more excited I am. I wanted a player’s coach, a Mark Jackson type guy who can come in and instantly command the players respect. Unlike Mark though Shaw has major championship experience and I believe he will be the type of guy that Josh Kroenke will have to look up to, not down on which is what I was worried about with other smaller names. This proves to me that this organization is still committed to winning, and that Kroenke heard a lot of good stuff from Shaw. He will continue the run and gun, but emphasize halfcourt execution and defense. He will focus on player development over regular season success, something paramount come playoff time. McGee, Lawson and Gallo are the guys I really expect to really be happy about this hiring. They are the future of this franchise and they need a roll model, not a parent.

    • LBJ

      If Shaw spends too much time on “player development” during regular season games – it won’t mean a damn come playoff time. He will be watching on TV.

      • JED89

        tell that to Frank Vogel, Lionel Hollins, Mark Jackson and all the other guys who focused on developing young players as opposed to winning as many games as possible. GK would have started Richard Jefferson over Harrison Barnes for the 1st half of the season.

        • LBJ

          One of the reason Hollins was fired was because he didn’t like playing young players (see Ed Davis).
          GK and Ujiri would have never traded for a stiff like Jefferson with his $11m contract. As far as developing young players – see Ty Lawson, Ken Faried, and KK (most of whom were low draft picks).
          Finally, it is easier to develop talent when all your guys are top 10 picks (Curry, Thompson and Barnes) when you are picking in the 20s.

  • Michael

    I think the players like the hire, judging by the tweets from Lawson and Hamilton. I think Hamilton has the most to gain as he seemed to be chained to the bench under Karl.

    As for the Al Jefferson sign, if we did it may allow Shaw to run some triangle, he has said that he will not run it with the current roster.

    If Shaw had anything to do with the development of Paul George or Roy Hibbert then hopefully he can work some of that magic with guys like Hamilton, Fournier, McGee, Randolph and Faried.

    I have been trying to think of possible trade scenario’s that could actually happen. I’ve been thinking we could trade Miller with a sign and trade of Mozzy to open up some roster spots and give us some cap room. I was thinking maybe Atlanta may be interested if they don’t get Howard, they could start Mozzy and move Horford to the 4 and Smith to 3 and Miller can provide some veteran leadership and a lob passer for Smith, we could get Korver in a sign and trade in return and if possible maybe one of Atlanta’s First rounders (I’d settle for just Korver but a pick would be a nice throw in and would help work money wise).

  • sherlock

    WOOOOO!!! I didn’t even read the rest of the article! This is GREAT news! Of the coaches left, I think he was our best shot at keeping our core and our running scheme in place. I’m EXCITED (for once) to see what’s going to happen!