5-on-5: Draft night effects and beyond

On June 27, Nuggets fans got their first up-close glimpse of how the Nuggets’ front office would operate with Tim Connelly at the helm. Like past drafts, the Nuggets were active. They traded down from the 27th pick to ultimately select Erick Green and sent last year’s starting center to Memphis for a package that included stretch-four, Darrell Arthur. In the end it was a busy night with implications that could be felt for years, which is exactly what we hope break down in our latest 5-0n-5. As always, we encourage you to play along by answering the questions we posed to our writers in the comments section below.

1. What was your overall impression of the Nuggets’ first draft under new management?

Joel: Too soon to judge. Erick Green certainly appears to have major steal potential and if he pans out better than some of the 25-30 picks Connelly will be looking pretty smart a year or two from now. I must admit to having held a remote hope that Miller would be off the roster by the end of draft night. But there’s still plenty of time for that.

Matt: I don’t think there’s much too really take from it. They got Green, which was nice, but that seemed more luck than anything. The team doesn’t have a ton of room under the cap if they want to bring Iguodala back, so I don’t mind the Nuggets getting out from under a guaranteed first-round contract in a weaker draft. Green is just a bonus on top of that.

David: It’s difficult to judge a draft a couple of years after the fact, much less a couple of days, and it’s even more difficult to get a grasp on the competence of a front office from a couple of second-round picks; however, they knew at least one of the players they wanted would still be there at 46 and not only got Green at a cheaper, second-round rate, but received cash for their unnecessary first-round pick. That seems like a pretty good start.

Tom: I didn’t have high expectations for this draft. At best, the Nuggets were going to come away with a specialist bench player with potential. Not only did they do that by picking up Erick Green, but they managed to pick him up 19 spots later than I expected him to be drafted, coming away with extra cash and a little bit of extra cap space in the process. It wasn’t spectacular, but it was a successful draft.

Kalen: It had its ups and downs. The Nuggets obviously liked Green, so trading down nearly 20 spots and still being able to grab him was a shrewd move. But passing up on guys like Livio Jean-Charles, Archie Goodwin and Ricky Ledo could come back to haunt them. My question is: If they didn’t want the responsibility of a guaranteed contract this year, why not just swap for a future first rounder instead of going halfway in on their plan?

2. Did the Nuggets get fleeced in the Koufos-Arthur deal, as some have suggested?

Joel: I think “fleeced” is too strong a word, but Denver should have milked more value from a Koufos trade, and the move feels forced. I’m somewhat underwhelmed by the Arthur addition. He may be able to help by spreading the floor and playing pick-and-roll defense, but low efficiency and rebounding rates are concerning, and the two Nuggets power forwards who will presumably be atop the depth chart are now both undersized.

Matt: I liked Kosta but I don’t think any trade where he is the best player going out can be considered fleecing. I think Denver will feel the effects of losing Koufos defensively at center but Arthur will help plenty and eliminates the need for Denver to go small as often, and to play Anthony Randolph at all which should both help them a bit.

David: I don’t know how someone could get “fleeced” in a trade revolving around two players on the periphery of slightly above average. Koufos’ main contribution to Denver was his capacity to do everything a big does at a competent level. With Faried both undersized and in development and McGee as raw as they come, it fell to Koufos to be the post-up threat, interior defender and pin-down screener. Arthur brings similar skills with an added pick-and-pop threat. At worse, the Nuggets acquired a player of similar value with a slightly more expensive contract.

Tom: Kosta Koufos is a solid player on a pretty good contract. Darrell Arthur was an equally solid player, with a different skillset, prior to his injury. If Arthur returns to his 2010-2011 form he will be a good fit as Kenneth Faried’s backup, and this trade will be a win for both teams. If he continues to struggle with injuries, the Nuggets will have lost the trade and taken a moderate step back.

Kalen: No. Koufos had a great year under Karl but there’s no guaranteeing he duplicates that success in Memphis. And people just forget just how awful he was in the playoffs. If you can’t be relied upon to show up in the postseason, then what’s the point in having you on the team at all? (See: Karl) Additionally, Koufos was not a good defender against more athletic forwards. That said, the Nuggets should have gotten more for him. 

3. Will JaVale McGee be able to handle the responsibility of playing starter minutes next season?

Joel: His stamina concerns me more than his “That’s so JaVale”-ness. He had just five starts with Denver. However, he’s started in 153 (43%) of his 354 career games, so it’s not like it’s a brand new bag for him. Will he struggle at times? Sure. But he made progress last season in reducing his infamous “Shaqtin’s,” and those mistakes (a small percentage of his overall game) have been blown out of proportion anyhow, in part due to his awkward physicality and goofy personality.

Matt: I think he will be able to handle the extra minutes but I don’t think it will necessarily be pretty for the Nuggets. The defensive numbers with JaVale and Kenneth Faried together aren’t pretty and while Shaw should coach defense well, he has his work cut out for him with that duo. One-block chases leave him out of position and one-rebound chases before shots are taken leave him out of position. Tough to change those mentalities.

David: We have no idea, and that’s kind of the point. Karl was very resistant to starting JaVale, in part because of his ageist bias in favor of veterans, but also because the Faried-McGee pairing was a defensive disaster on the court (posting a horrifying defensive rating of 108.7). Denver will likely fall short of last season’s win total, but, for better or worse, they’re going to find out what they really have in this $11 million-a-year investment.

Tom: JaVale McGee has shown the ability to start games for a full season and to play well in extended minutes in the playoffs. He can handle the responsibility. The real concern is whether he and Kenneth Faried will be able to adjust to playing together. If not, one or the other may need to have their minutes limited even if their individual play is good.

Kalen: Barely. Between his asthma and decision making it’s hard to see him logging more than 30 minutes per game — but he should get close. I have faith in McGee. He’s not a bad kid and his brain is still malleable. Karl was not the right coach for him; Shaw is. If McGee does somehow take that next step in his game the Nuggets will be lethal; if not, they’ll likely have no trouble trading him.

4. Is it a good idea to invest more money into Mozgov by re-signing him, as management has hinted they plan on doing?

Joel: It depends on two things: price and (if retained) how well he fits into whatever Shaw’s system turns out to be. Also, having traded Koufos, Denver now has just two centers. So if they lose Mozzie they’ll need to replace him via free agency or trade. If they keep him for one more season at $3.9 million, that’s reasonable. But a raise and extension would be a big gamble, and I’m not convinced he’s a good fit.

Matt: I don’t think it will be a large chunk of money so I’m not opposed to it, especially with the other options available at center. Only Zaza Pachulia would be better but he’ll probably cost more than Denver wants to spend and it’s hard to see him leaving Atlanta. The other option for defense is Sam Dalembert and that won’t end well. At all.

David: Depends on how much it takes to re-sign him. It’s not that much of an investment if he comes back on the cheap, but if he passes around a $3 million threshold, I’d pass too.After a few years in the league Mosgov still doesn’t play like he’s anywhere near as towering as he is and seems more an emergency stop-gap then rotation player. I’d prefer a big around the league minimum to warm the bench rather than a $3 million-plus player.

Tom: I don’t expect Mozgov to command any more salary than Kosta Koufos. I also don’t see any better options on the market in that price range. And I don’t anticipate the Nuggets taking the risk of pursuing Dwight Howard or Andrew Bynum in a sign-and-trade. Keeping Mozgov for a good price is the best option available.

Kalen: No! I’m not a huge “red flag” guy — I think it’s foolish to label someone before you give them a chance — but this is as “red flagish” as it gets. Mozgov has had his chance in Denver for three years. He was handed the starting center job on a silver platter and lost it to Koufos immediately. He’s almost 27 and still doesn’t understand the nuances of the game. Why in the world would you give him money and trade Koufos!?! It makes zero sense.

5. Do you see Brian Shaw playing a significant role in the Nuggets’ attempt to re-sign Iguodala?

Joel: Absolutely. Which is not to say anything is guaranteed, but a buzz of excitement from Nuggets players could be felt on Twitter when the Shaw hiring was reported. Not only Iguodala, but players across the league have such high regard for him, and he’s got great rapport. The fact the Nuggets now have a coach that many players will truly be excited to play for is quite promising for Denver’s chances to retain and hire free agents moving forward.

Matt: Absolutely. To get a guy like Iguodala, any interested team is going to need to put on the full-court press, and that includes the head coach, important players and the front office. Shaw seems to have a good reputation among players so that should help, but no one seems to really know what Iggy is thinking. The whole process may be long and difficult but needs to be important to Denver if they want to build off last season.

David: I still think the biggest factor for Iguodala is money, and maybe even more importantly, the years Denver will offer him. When players get to Iguodala’s age, security eclipses salary as the most important thing for them and if the Nuggets offer him the best deal he’ll likely stay. If they don’t, he’ll go. It’s that simple.

Tom: Iguodala will stay if he thinks Denver is a good situation for him in terms of playing time, team fit, competitiveness and long-term security. Team fit and long-term security are mostly in the hands of the front office. Any coach would give Iggy enough playing time. The main role Shaw will play is in convincing Iggy that he’ll give the Nuggets a chance to be competitive in the postseason. If Shaw’s news conferences and interviews are any indication, he should have no trouble getting Iggy to buy in.

Kalen: Absolutely. In fact, I think he’s Denver’s best bet it terms of convincing Iguodala to re-sign. Had the Nuggets hired someone else, I think Iguodala might have one foot out the door due to the amateur-hour instability that occurred this summer. Shaw’s specialty is his ability to connect with players and I’m willing to bet that will play a huge role in recruiting Iguodala.

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Kalen Deremo

Kalen was born in Durango, CO, in 1988 and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2013 with a degree in journalism. He's now an itinerant hoping to travel as much as possible before eventually succumbing to the "real world." Aside from writing Kalen likes movies, music, spicy food and the great outdoors. Edward Abbey is his current idol.

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  • trank

    sounds like the nuggets just got lucky green was there at 46 although there were probably other players then that might have pleased the analysts. and can he play defense? maybe his team only wanted him for scoring and the others were going to take up the slack, but can he actually play defense in the NBA?

    and does anyone think, considering some talk about trading faried (for the various reasons- and i hope it doesn’t happen) that the thunder thought denver was going to take roberson so they traded up to get him?

  • heykyleinsf

    Kalen was the only one who made sense about Mozzy. We know what we have.. we’ve seen what we have. We’re FKD with that plan. I am not a huge K2 fan, but lord.. Mozgov is fathoms below Koufos. Why give him even a $100K contract? He sucks. I think everyone who doesn’t realize that is dreaming.

    Birdman to me.. would be far far far more of a plan.
    I don’t know how anyone at this point, could feel good with Mozzy minutes.

    • herpderpnuggets

      soooooooo….who is better? And at a reasonable price? Might have to trade for another center then.

      • heykyleinsf

        I said Al Jefferson and Goog hated me for it.
        I stand by it. I get it.. no defense.
        But it’s better than a $3M/year complete statue.

        Yeah.. there isn’t a lot out there.
        But we have a project asthmatic that can
        get three fouls in 30 seconds sometimes.

        We need someone.. and Mozzy offers nothing.
        At least Jefferson would play on one end.

        • herpderpnuggets

          but the problem i see is we would have to decide between iggy and jefferson because there isnt enough money to go around

        • Brad from Arvada

          I agree with what C. Dempsey said in the Post a few days ago: Nugs should pursue Jefferson if Iggy bolts. But I have a better idea: JJ Hickson. Cheaper, younger, 12 and 10 banger — pursue him if Iggy stays or goes. Not sure what his $$ tag is.

          • googergieger

            Hickson put up those numbers from playing with Aldridge, and again no defense. Jefferson and Hickson our defensive holes. One offers less effort than Miller and the other just has no defensive instincts. Mozgov will at least bang and give hard fouls if anything. He’s a back up. Can’t really judge McGee until he is given a real shot this year. Never the less, no on Jefferson or Hickson. Dempsey is a tool, just like everyone else at that post.

            • Brad from Arvada

              Do you like anyone, Goog? All I know is Jefferson and Hickson consistently fill up the stat-sheet against the Nuggets every time we face them . . . so do Karl Landry and Paul Millsap, for that matter. All four are available FAs, and I’d take any of them over Mozgov, the human highlight film for facials. Hell, I’d take any of them over McGee. Qualities that these four bigs have that neither Moz nor McGee possess: Consistent scoring/rebounding, court awareness, and playing within themselves (contrast to playing erratic and out of control). We’d be better off having 6-9 PFs Hickson, Landry or Millsap in our rotation than our two 7-foot stiffs at the 5. And, are you kidding me?, anyone who wouldn’t take Jefferson, one of the game’s top 3 post players, over Mozgov . . . well, did someone use the word tool?

              • dynamo.joe

                Brandon Wright would be a big improvement over Mozgov. It’s only his 6th year, so he could be around/effective for an entire 4 year contract.

                If you were willing to take a stop gap, I think Reggie Evans could probably be had for a song from Boston. Plus he could also be a defensive/rebounding presence next to JaVale when Shaw/Josh realize Darrell Arthur is a dogs breakfast.

              • googergieger

                Amazing. Price, fit, circumstances, etc…

                How does Jefferson fit here and how much money would it take to get him here? Hickson filled up the stat sheet last year, why? Aldridge, and three point shooters surrounding the two of them. Milsap would be a great fit, but we have an undersized four in Faried, who we hope can at least become Milsap good. See, you’re the type of guy that saw the Lakers last year coming into the season and said, “THEY GETTING THE CHIP!”. Same people that think Brooklyn is now a contender. Because people like you, see stat sheets, or sound bites, or talking points, and you jump on them. Without once taking anything else into account. In regards to your last statement. I used the word tool. Because I actually know what it means.

              • Brad from Arvada

                Goog, you’re completely missing my point. I’m not saying any of these guys can be the savior of the Nuggets, or that from a financial perspective it makes sense to secure any of them. I’m simply saying that they’d all be better than either McGee or Mozgov in the Nuggets’ rotation. I repeat: Any of these four would be better from any angle you want to look at it — price, fit, circumstances, scoring, rebounding, defense — than either McGee or Mozgov! And, no, wrong on both your assessments of me concerning stockpiling stars on any team. Rarely works. (Not sure how you jumped to that far-reaching conclusion about me . . . oh well.) And finally, Goog, there are lots of slang usages of the word “tool.” Not sure how you were using it to describe all Denver Post writers, but I was using it to describe anyone who will not acknowledge that Jefferson over McGee or Moz is a total improvement as simply “foolish, obnoxious and uptight” (Wiktionary). I certainly wouldn’t call you a “tool,” Goog, because now that you understand my point I’m sure you’re a reasonable guy and will agree.

              • googergieger

                Really? Cause I think McGee is a perfect fit for this team. What with the running and the jumping, like probably no other big in the league. Granted, conditioning and the like, but I think Shaw will at least try to show him how to be more controlled. We’ve seen him be controlled some games and be a monster for us. Now it just has to be consistent. With consistent minutes and a consistent message that doesn’t reek of hypocrisy, hopefully we’ll see that. If Mozgov can be gotten cheap, which I severely doubt anyone you mentioned who outside of Milsap are defensive holes by the way, can be gotten, I say I like the two bigs we got.

                But alright sport, how is Jefferson a fit for this team? Assuming Ty, Iggy, Gallo, Faried, and anyone who you mentioned is the five, how do they fit in that line up and the over all team who will more than likely still be a running team first and foremost. How do the guys you mentioned fit? Especially if the knock on McGee who at least is an intimidating presence in the paint, is that he and Faried would be a defensive nightmare.

                I jumped to that conclusion because you are sighting box scores and again sound bites and talking points for your arguments. “Jefferson would be great here(now you are arguing better here) than the guys we have because he would be! He can score!” “McGee is just always Shaqtin a fool!”.

                Yeah I’m from the day where the words we used meant what they meant. See when I use the word irony and the like, I make sure I use them correctly.

                Suffice to say if Iggy bolts, I say we go after Kirelenko if he is still available. Defensively he is very versatile and a high IQ guy in general. Granted a bit harder for him to play the two than it is for Iggy but he can still defend that position very effectively. I don’t hate the idea of Milsap here, but I want to see Faried develop, and I think that means majority of minutes at the four. And him and Milsap at the four and five would make us small at every position save maybe the three.

  • dynamo.joe

    C’mon are guys even paying attention? At least one of you said we got out of guaranteed money. No, we didn’t. We offered more guaranteed money to Mozgov than it would have cost to retain Kosta and Gobert.

    I can understand management wanting to start the McGee era, but isn’t that basically the reason they fired Karl and brought in Shaw? Did Koufos, a guy who was never even a rotation player before this season, say if I’m not the starter I’m gonna refuse to play? The Twin Towers seemed to work OK the couple times it got rolled out. You could have told K2 that he would get back up minutes at the 4 and 5 if he was gonna make a fuss.

    Maybe Josh was concerned that JaVale would be looking over his shoulder all the time if Kosta was still there? Well, you just drafted Gobert, is he too intimidating for JaVale to handle his presence? A late 1st round rookie?

    You want a 2nd round pick? Call Cleveland and say “your center was hurt most of last year and you didn’t take a center to start the draft, we would be interested in trading Kosta Koufos for Omri Casspi (because our starting SF will miss a chunk of the season) and your 2nd round pick. Do the Cavs really say no to that?

    As far as the trade we actually did make, I’ll end on this. Darrell Arthur is a poor man’s Bargnani and look how much shit the Knicks are taking for trading for that atrocity.

    • toluene hawk

      The Nuggets’ SF is Wilson Chandler, Corey Brewer, and/or Jordan Hamilton

      • dynamo.joe

        And as soon as Gallo comes back it’s back to the bench for any and all of them.

        • toluene hawk

          Yes, but Gallo will not soon come back. And when he does, will he be 80% of the player he was? 100%? Even a 100% Gallo (per last season before injury) as the best player on the Nuggets does not bode well for championship visions.

  • LBJ

    Karl was “ageist” against JaVale??? KK is younger than McGee and has less NBA experience.
    Our backup center is going to play about 20 minutes a game (unless Shaw is like Karl and also likes the small lineup). It looks like that backup C will be Mozzie (unless someone gives him an insane offer). As far as claiming Mozzie doesn’t understand the nuances of the game – neither does McGee. Yet somehow McGee (who has run thru numerous coaches – is “malleable” but Mozzie is not?

  • aaron

    I honestly don’t understand why everyone is so down on Mosgov. K2 worked better in a frenetic paced smallball-ish offense with Gallo at the 3/4. But, Mosgov certainly had his moments in 2011-12. He can actually hit a foul line jumper consistently (looking at you manimal), he plays just as good of defense as K2 down low. (pick and roll defense is bad on our whole team, except for AI. . .we should stop grading our players individually on this. . it was awful last year all the way around because Karl wanted them leaking out and gambling, etc. . . Let’s drop this player by player evaluation)

    I think he will be a good solid presence when McGee is having a crazy night, which will happen. Now, we just need to get our shooting in order. I say, if we re-sign AI, let’s get rid of Cbrew, and Andre Miller, and give all their minutes to Erick Green, and Fournier. We need consistent outside threats, especially until Gall gets back.

    • Brad from Arvada

      Aaron, I like Green. Reminds me of Rip Hamilton. I’ve loved C-Brew and Miller for years, but I’m inclined to agree — time for a change with those two: Miller because of age and body (one of my all-time faves nonetheless), and C-Brew because of inconsistency. But you’re placing too much faith in Moz — trade him for Al Jefferson if Izzy goes or Tiago Splitter if Iggy stays. McGee and Moz as our sole 5s? That’s depressing.

      • googergieger

        Jefferson offers no defense and would slow our entire team down, and Splitter is softer than Koufos. Ugh.

        • Brad from Arvada

          Goog, I’d take either over Moz. That was my point. Even better, let Moz go and pursue JJ Hickson from Portland. Hickson’s a PF, but he’d be light years more effective in the Nugs rotation of than Moz.

          • googergieger

            How would he? People aren’t going to double any big or help off our shooters to leave him wide open to fill up the stat sheet.

            • Brad from Arvada

              Oh but they certainly will for McGee and Moz . . . I get your point, Hickson benefitted from the presence of Aldridge. Still, give me Hickson in the Nugs rotation over Moz any day. (Splitter’s going to stay in SA, so he’s not an option.) But Hickson, Millsap, Landry, Jefferson — any day, any time, over Mozgov or McGee.

              • googergieger

                Well thank Bob you ain’t in charge of this team. You’d just find a way to make us the Joe Johnson Hawks and have us be completely risk free for the longest. With a boring brand of basketball on top of it.

              • Warner Dean

                Goog you need to relax bud. This is a place where people offer their suggestions take it easy with the negativity. Quit nit picking its annoying. Anyway, I think mozzy needs to be given a chance. Often times he looked lost on the court under Karl but the truth is he’s a big center who didn’t fit in with the style of offense Karl deployed and he didn’t receive any coaching on the defensive end just like the rest of the team. If someone can coach him to pick his spots offensively and to play solid defense then he’ll be just fine. The one fa center I’d take a look at us robin Lopez. He started to play very well towards the end of the year but he might be too expensive. And to brad there’s no way I want hickson or Milsap or Landry to be our backup c. Just look back to the warriors series where we went small against bogus. He absolutely abused us thought the series it was a disgrace. I want to give shaw a chance to mold mozzy. In fact, I believe he can be molded far more than McGee can. I think McGee will be trade bait come February but I pray I’

              • googergieger

                Ugh, I know what this place is, and people offer their opinions and other people either disagree or agree with them. Ideally they have reasons behind why they agree or disagree, and ideally the person that raised the original point has backing to the point he tried to make. People just have no conversation skills or balls anymore.

              • Brad from Arvada

                Millsap, Landry or Hickson do not have to play the 5, necessarily. But any of the three to take the place of one of our 7-foot stiffs in the rotation is an upgrade. Go ahead and keep either Moz or McGee, and get rid of the other (doesn’t matter which one), and replace with any one of my recommended bigs, and you’ve got an improved front court. All I’m looking for, gentlemen, is improvement, not a flippin’ savior. And Warner, I appreciate your reasonable approach to this conversation (quite a contrast to the Goog), but our smalls played Bogut better than our bigs in the round 1 debacle. Nuggets need muscle and scoring from our bigs — if both McGee and Mozgov are to be counted on as regulars in our rotation and given 20+ minutes apiece then 31 teams are already lickin’ their chops to abuse that lumbering mess.

    • Markus Grimaldi

      I agree with getting rid of Miller, and C-Brew, but wouldn’t mind also giving Jordan Hamilton a shot at some minutes now that he is out of the Karl doghouse that only he and JR Smith could really understand. He’s a pure shooter who can space the floor, with more size than Fournier or Green, which may help on defense, especially while Gallo is still out. If it doesn’t work out, fine. But I don’t feel has has gotten enough consistent minutes to see what he can do.

  • Brad from Arvada

    Thanks for the great summer Nugs discussions fellas. Our off-season lives are worth living because of you. Brief replies to your questions: 1. Erick Green’s game reminds me a lot of Rip Hamilton’s. Let’s hope Shaw can isolate his strengths and get some use from his long-range shooting skills; 2. The Koufos move had everything to do with eliminating distractions in the nerve-wracking McGee-As-Starter Era. I like Arthur’s upside more than Koufos’, who probably hit his ceiling last season; 3. “Starter minutes” is a misleading term. “More minutes” is probably a better way of inquiring about McGee, whether he starts or not, and more minutes for a knucklehead who doesn’t “get” the game, his role, the concept of team, or the #5, means more opportunities for McGee to be a hindrance and a distraction to winning. Shaw will have his hands full with McGee and Mom; 4. Trade Moz and get Al Jefferson (if Iggy goes) or Tiago Splitter (if he stays); 5. Iggy wants a ring, and he also doesn’t want to be “The Man” on any team. He’ll take less $$ if he gets an offer from a legit title contender who doesn’t need him to be a superstar, i.e. Miami, SA or LAC.

    • Brad from Arvada

      Even better, hope Nugs make a play for JJ Hickson. 12.7 and 10.4!

  • Isoc Von Tronstein

    The more I hear, the less likely it seems Iggy will re-sign with the Nuggets, way too many teams pursuing him.

    • herpderpnuggets

      I have only heard the pistons and nuggets were pursuing him….and that iggy is excited about coach shaw

    • heykyleinsf

      I really think the draft was 100% completely about Iggy.

      I am not worried about him leaving..
      Everything point to him staying.

      Isoc if you have other news I haven’t seen..
      Otherwise I agree with herder.

    • Brad from Arvada

      Found this on Yahoo by Adrian Wojnarowski and Marc J. Spears: “Iggy is meeting this week with the Nuggets, New Orleans Pelicans, Sacramento Kings, Golden State Warriors, Detroit Pistons and Atlanta Hawks.” http://sports.yahoo.com/news/nba–nba-free-agent-buzz–tony-allen-draws-interest-from-grizzlies–pacers–bucks–knicks-234954522.html

      • herpderpnuggets

        i just dont understand why iggy would leave a pretty successful team to a team that is in semi rebuild

        • Brad from Arvada

          Nor do I, herbderp. Maybe Iggy does want to be shown the money. And if that’s the case, Nugs are in best postion to make best long-term offer. All I ask is, if Iggy stays here . . . make your f-ing free throws!

      • googergieger

        Pelicans and Warriors offer the best scenario for him besides us. I mean Pelicans will have Holiday who Iggy likes, along with a young roster with potential for something big. Though granted, Gordon and Davis seem rather fragile at this point and time. Golden State did just beat us last year and Jackson is if nothing else a politician that knows how to play that game. Though would that mean they get rid of Barnes or Thompson? Still, we should be in good position I reckon. Ty seems intent on becoming a leader this year, and working hard, working with the team, and getting Iggy to come back.

        • herpderpnuggets

          yeah with the hiring of shaw, it seems like iggy just liked that, i just hope he comes back because filling that hole is gonna be tough to do

      • heykyleinsf

        thanks for the research Brad.
        Wow.. would it be cold if he signed with Golden State.

        I hope he comes back. I really do.
        But I’m not with this Saint Iguodala trip.
        He is a great player but not even the
        best on this team.
        If he stays.. awesome.
        If he goes.. Fxxk him. I don’t care.

        to a similar extent here the year before..
        it was Saint Affallo.
        I got just as much hell for saying I’m not
        as impressed as most people here.
        Look where AAA is today.
        I wish I could show a lot of you the hate
        you gave me when I put him down.
        SMH how so many players in the NBA
        are either Jesus or Satan.

  • CO-Lazyboy

    individual nuggets player evaluations that use 2012-2013 NBA references make no sense seeing that Karl is out and Shaw is in. Even if we continue to play some sort of an up tempo style, it won’t be the same as we’ve become accustomed to over the last 9 years. Mozzy looked surprisingly good during the Olympics last summer and that gives me some hope that their is a role he can fit into with a change in overall philosophy.
    In regards to re-signing Iggy, we should only do so if the price is right. He’s a solid leader, currently one of the best perimeter defenders in the NBA and above average when driving the lane. However, he will inevitably lose some of his quickness as he ages losing his defensive prowess and driving ability. There is a long list of 2-3 guards that simply fade away as they age because they never developed a consistent jumper to rely upon after the talent starts to fade…I’m concerned he will fall into that category within the next 2-3 seasons. Therefore, continuing the “we’ll pay you a fair market price” style that we’ve seen from JK over the past few seasons is the only approach that makes sense to me…I’m certain he will be able to find a larger contract out there from at least 2-4 franchises, we can only hope it’s from the bottom 1/3rd of the league and not a contender.
    Contrary to most of the comments on this site, I ‘m fine with old man miller as our back up PG, especially to start the season as his value will only grow nearing the trade deadline…My problem was more with how Karl used him than with what he brought to the team. He played way too many minutes in Karl’s system and was given free reign in pressure moments when he should have been on the bench. I don’t blame him for Karl’s misuse. Thanks again for the Nugs info…I love this site!

    • dynamo.joe

      I agree with you in some respects vis-à-vis Miller. A lot of the bad from Miller was a result of Karl, but on the other hand there were all of the locker room cancer type comments. “I need minutes”. “We can’t win w/o a superstar”. etc.