Summer League Reaction: Chicago Bulls 93, Denver Nuggets 81

Charlie is in Vegas and will be doing a full recap of this game tomorrow morning, so for now please leave your thoughts, ruminations, rants and declarations in the comments section below. Here is the box score.

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Kalen Deremo

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  • Scott

    Harangody might be the whitest white guy I have ever seen.

  • Vitor Lago

    Harangody is like the basketball version of Rudy.

  • Michael

    It was a much improved shooting performance from pretty much everyone (although it’s not hard to improve from the first game).

    JHam still missed too many considering a few were wide open looks, one being an open layup (4-11 FG, 2-4 3Pt) for 11 points.

    Harangody was literally throwing himself at everything on both ends of the court, grabbing rebounds, taking charges (had a couple of blocking fouls called too which resulted in a cut on his chin), and he shot reasonably well (6-9 FG, 2-3 3Pt) for 17 points. Along with Johnson-Odom Harangody is on track for a training camp invite.

    Evan was much more assertive in this game barking at teammates on defense and taking more shots finishing 7-15 FG, 4-8 3Pt for 20 points.

    Quincy was more under control on offense in this game although his stats don’t really show it 3-9 FG, 0-2 3Pt for 6 points. He was battling hard down low getting another 3 blocks in this game, he only recorded 6 rebounds but it seemed like he had more than that from watching the game. The summer league team suffers from the same flaws as the proper team, a lot of ball watching without boxing out and poor rotations and talk on defense. Quincy contested a lot of shots but his teammates were too busy watching to get a body on someone to prevent them from collecting the loose ball and getting the second chance points. Thomas for the Bulls set a new summer league record with 22 rebounds, 10 of them offensive (Bulls had 38 as a team), yet no one boxed him out, if they had of shut him down or at least slowed him down on the boards this would have been a totally different game.

    Green played an ok game. He shot better than Hamilton, 4-8 FG, 3-4 3Pt for 11 points, he also had the best +/- of the starters (although not by much and still bad overall). Two of his made threes were spot attempts which seem to suit him better than trying to create off the dribble at the moment. For those that called Green a ‘bust’ after the first game I’d like to know what your opinion of Trey Burke, Ben McLemore (both have shot at or below 20%) and a few others that have had absolute shocking shooting performances so far in summer league play and were picked in the lottery compared to the mid second round.

    Johnson-Odom got a lot of run at PG during this game and he did a good job. He has great speed and is very good at using it to get into the lane to create for himself or kick out to shooters which he did well in this game tallying 6 assists with only 1 turnover. If he keeps up this level of play he will definitely be on some teams training camp roster.

    Our starters played much better in this game than last but were still out played by the Bulls starting line. It was our bench again that got after it more and kept us close.

  • loops

    Quincy seems to struggle keeping in front of his man. He’s opening up his hips way too early when playing the outside. He has recovered ok in terms of chasing his man down and getting a block but he needs to focus on staying in front of his man first and foremost.

    JHam needs to get rid of the lingering JR Smith traits he has regarding just jacking up shots and letting his misses effect him everywhere else on the court. Some moments he plays he looks like a solid contributing role player who is useful on the drive and kick, rebounding, defense, and creating some off the dribble where as other times he tries to force it too much and will completely disappear outside of stupid fouls allowing his emotions to get the better of him when his shooting becomes inefficient.

    Fournier was clearly our best player out there, only criticism I really have of him is his stamina. He seemed like he had already lost his legs the last 2 minutes of the game.

    Erick Greene has a long way to go. He definitely looks like a rookie. He looks a little passive but he shows some promise. I think he is trying too much to not play his game rather than play his game at this point.

    Harangody has been the best overall on both ends of the floor. Constantly finding the soft spots on the floor and getting open (Though our players have missed the wide open pass a number of times already). He is constantly setting picks, his help defense was impressive, his hustle is very impressive, he rebounds, he shoots the 3, he has a very quick release, and despite being noticeably outmatched athletically, I didn’t see him get worked by his man a single time. He reminds me a lot of a heavier Mike Dunleavy early in his career.

    Darius-Johnson Odom has his ups and downs. At the beginning of the game he looked good, then he was trying to do way too much with a selfish superstar mentality. Then he came back in later and played like a guy who deserves to have a guaranteed taking what the defense gave to him and then when they shifted there focus to him he was rifling passes across court with perfect placement.

  • Ghostface Killah

    the Jordan Hamilton experiment needs to end sooner rather than later unless he can truly embrace his role as a 3 and D guy. he could add serious value in that role. the guy is a third year player and is only scoring 11 points on poor shooting in the summer league?

    • toluene hawk

      Unleash JHam?

  • GrayhawkAZ

    I would like to see more Galloway and less Green in the next game.. Galloway had a +12 and was the best differential by far last night.. Let him play with the first team..

    • Ernie

      Who won the Summer league last year? Or any year?

      The point of Summer league is to see if guys like Green can play, not to win. So it makes sense to give more minutes to the draft picks and guys that will likely make the roster.