Overdue News: Nuggets hire Arturas Karnisovas as new assistant GM

While this news broke a while back, we’ve been late to publish it as Charlie was in the dead heat of doing an outstanding job covering the Nuggets’ summer league team in Las Veags when it broke. Most of you are probably aware of it by now anyways, so it feels a little awkward announcing it this way, but if you’re still in the dark then you’ve come to the right place. The Nuggets announced last week that former Houston Rockets director of player personnel Arturas Karnisovas has accepted the assistant GM position with Denver. Karnisovas has an interesting past and I just so happened to catch up with him last year while writing a story about the 1992 Lithuanian Olympic team which he proudly represented.

If you haven’t already seen The Other Dream Team, I strongly encourage you to do so. And I’m not just telling you this because Karnisovas is the new assistant GM of the Nuggets or because it’s a movie about basketball. The Other Dream Team is genuinely a really good documentary film. Period. For more information about the film see my article I wrote for Denver’s alternative weekly newspaper, Westword, as there’s quotes from Karnisovas about his experience as well as all the information you’ll need about the film. And if that doesn’t do it for you, be sure to check out the clips below.

(really late) Reaction: OK, so for analysis, there’s not much to look at, really. Karnisovas certainly passes the eye test — he worked his way up from scout to director of player personnel with the Rockets — but it’s not like he’s been in the league forever and put his stamp on a team as head GM. His background in international scouting is a big plus. So is his employment for Daryl Morey, who’s been getting a lot of love around the Blogosphere as of late with the recruitment of Dwight Howard. But that’s really all we have to look at. What does tend to stand out, if anything, is the Rockets draft history since 2008 when Karnisovas was hired by the team. With no pick higher than 12, the Rockets managed to scavenge the mid to late-first round and second round for guys like Nicolas Batum, Chase Budinger, Chandler Parsons, Jeremy Lamb and Terrence Jones. And while it’s certainly anyone’s guess as to how influential Karnisovas was in the Rockets’ draft room, the fact the team has done well in this department lately combined with Karnisovas’s increase in echelon rank amidst the watchful eye of a well-respected GM could be perceived as a silver lining in an otherwise murky offseason for the Nuggets’ front office.

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  • Bricks

    Late breaking Nugs news flashes and broken down web site!

    No matter. RMC and its writers still the best blog in Nugs Nation. You’re forgiven, and thank you for the great forum. Where would we armchair hoops analysts be without you? DenverStiffs? Hell no.

    • http://www.roundballminingcompany.com/ Kalen

      Yeah, I just wanted to get it up because of his connection to the movie, really. I think that’s a pretty interesting aspect of his life.

      • Bricks

        You and Hochman have both given us interesting overviews of Karnisovas’ story. His (K’s) is a great human interest piece. Another very good hoops human interest film about another great Euro Olympic team, “Once Brothers,” one of ESPN’s 30 for 30 clips about the relationship between Vlade Divac and Drazen Petrovic. Instant viewing on Netflix.