The life and times of JaVale McGee, told through memes

OK, so the title is a bit dramatic. This series does not span JaVale’s lifetime. It does not really span anything, in fact. It’s just three little memes I threw together on a quiet Tuesday evening because I knew the readers of RMC, like me, harbor a vast affinity for the artist currently known as JaVale. Anyways, take a look. Hopefully you like at least one of them. And yes, these were composed with tongue firmly in cheek.

JaWilt copy

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Kalen Deremo

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  • Scott

    JAVALE does not deserve the rip he gets from everyone outside of Denver. People who watch his lowlight reel from Washington assume he is the dumbest player in the league. To be honest, the mistakes he makes are less worse than any average NBA player makes only because he is always just trying to do better for the team rather than be flashy. To me any turnover he commits or goaltend he makes are just the same amount as say, Dwight Howard, or the average shot blocking center. He has grown so much in Denver because let’s face it, when you’re in Washington, who wouldn’t just say screw it and try free throw dunks? McGeezy legitimately has the chance to be a TOP FLIGHT center in the league if he continues to develop a low post game as we’ve seen with flashes of Olajuwon worthy moves and work on defensive positioning and not trying to jump at every single shot fake. I expect huge leaps from JMcG this year and he has easily become one of my favorite players on the nuggets.

    • herpderpnuggets

      I always think to when the nuggets play the spurs, and tim duncan tries to throw a bunch of pump fakes, but mcgee stays down and sends him back

  • ryanvdonk

    Oh we’re playing the rockets?
    Time to do A Sik DUNK!

  • GKDynasty

    I hate to disappoint all those thinking Javale is somehow going to have a dominant season this year, but it just ain’t gonna happen. At best, he might hover somewhere near the top 15-10 centers in the league. The thing with McGee is, there are certain things you can teach young players, unfortunately, coordination and awareness aren’t one of them. There is a reason Koufas started over him last year. Don’t get me wrong, he’ll have his moments – that quarter or game where he can use his athleticism to take over, but there’s no way he suddenly starts producing this consistantly. I really hope he somehow transforms this summer and proves me wrong but you just don’t see players evolve like that.

    • here to win

      You can’t be serious saying that Koufas deserved the playing time he got over Javale. That decision was based on a coach who doesn’t have the desire to develop his talent. When the season was on the line in the playoffs who was George FORCED to turn too…McGee. A coach with a true vision would play Javale until he fouls out every night and with those types of minutes and his talents and length, he will impact a game in a positive way more nights than not. The NBA is showing us what GM’s think about George’s coaching ability by not offering a coach with a 1000 wins a job when 8 positions were open. McGee can be a 15 points, 8 rebounds and 2.5 blocks per game guy if given 35 minutes a night.

      • GKDynasty

        Ok, Fine, Mcgee is better than Koufas. I think you addressed a pretty minor point in my paragraph, but I don’t mind conceding that. I was just pointing out that there are huge holes in McGee’s game that (justified or not) kept him out of the starting lineup last year. Point is everyone (including me) desperately wants McGee to live up to his contract and potential and I’m just being realistic and telling you all that your gonna be disappointed if you think its gonna happen. Also, McGee will be gasping for air on the bench waaaaaaay before he fouls out at 35 minutes/game.

        • gimpcom187

          Ugh. He really wasnt any better. Hes more gifted by a ton, but his game is so unrefined its comical. Essentially anything that isnt offensive rebounding, shot blocking or finishing shots within 5 feet of the rim is a below average skill for mcgee. Hes so stellar at those 3 things he is a valuable player. But he is just horrendous at anything related to attention to detail (boxing out, picks, defensive rotations) I held out hope until april that he could turn the corner to become adequate at secondary skills so he could use his tremendous physical and athletic gifts. But it just seems like wishful thinking now.

          • herpderpnuggets

            well if hes never really had the opportunity to show off these skills, why give up on him now?

            • gimpcom187

              He averaged about 20 minutes a game for the nuggets and about 25 per game the last 1.5 years with the wizards. And it was aconsistent situation. His play is too erratic to justify more than 25 a game. Probably karl should have had him in an extra 5 minutes a game. Still it was more than enough.

  • Poz303

    I think if Javale improves this season the Nuggets will surprise many

    • gimpcom187

      Darko jr. In other words

  • Clive Lee

    the first one was really good 😀

    oh man oh man. if he saves his energy just for defense + cleaning up the glass, and if Shaws takes him out to breathe after every few minutes, we can be a contender next year. did you know he had the highest blocks per 48M last year?

    he just needs to make sure to not over-do it to the point of losing his man / not boxing out, as his total rebounding rate was below Mozgov’s. D:

    • Evan Woodruff

      No.1 in goaltending/min too.

      Though mostly due to bad calles because of reffs bias based on McGee’s reputation.

  • JoelRMC

    Okay, here’s my attempt, which is actually a JaVale quote (

  • dynamo.joe

    I think they could get JaVale to show some interest in DRBs if they let him initiate the fast break via the long outlet pass ala Bill Russell.

    • gimpcom187

      You want mcgee determining in half a second which guy 30 feet from him is the best option. I think hed end up with about a 50% completion rate.

  • alex47666

    well Mcgee can be a top 5 Center in the league only at 24 25 years old. we have two guys mcgee and faried with lots of potential. just exciting to see how the season turns out