2013-2014 Denver Nuggets Schedule Released

The 2013-2014 Denver Nuggets’ schedule has been released by the NBA.

The team opens on October 30th in Sacramento against the Kings with the home opener falling two nights later against the Portland Trail Blazers.

According to a release by the team the Nuggets will be featured on national television 20 times this season with six appearances on TNT, seven on ESPN and seven on NBATV.

By my count the Nuggets will play back-to-backs games 14 times this season with the first coming November 7th and 8th at home against Atlanta followed by a road game in Phoenix and the final one coming in the team’s final two games on April 15th and 16th  at the Clippers and at home against the Warriors.

Denver will play eight home games in November, six in December, nine in January, six in February, eight in March, and four in April.

They will be on the road for their only game in October, six games in November, nine in December including a six game road trip to start the month, six games in January, six games in February, nine games in March and four games in April.

The team’s toughest stretch looks to be in April where they will face New Orleans, Memphis, Houston twice, Golden State twice, the Clippers once and the Jazz once.

If the Nuggets are in the playoff hunt entering April they will have every chance they want to decide their own fate as seven of the eight games will be against teams expected to be their competition for playoff spots.

The easiest stretch seems to be a six game stretch at the end of January when the Nuggets will play in Phoenix and Portland before returning home for a game against Indiana. They will then play a game in Sacramento before returning home to finish the month with the Bobcats and Raptors.

While Indiana and Portland are both expected to be playoff teams the Nuggets will get the Pacers at home and the Blazers are expected to be around the Nuggets level. The Suns, Raptors, Kings and Bobcats are all games the Nuggets should be favored in though, providing them a nice stretch to pad their win total.

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  • herpderpnuggets

    reverse from last year schedule wise, start easy, finsih is horrific

    • Scott

      You’re right, the last 18 or so games are all borderline, no given wins.

    • ryanvdonk

      at least they’re not all on the road like last year…should give us a good idea if this team is ready to make waves in the playoffs.

  • Ckwizard

    Don’t like that majority of back to backs finish on the road, but I do like that at least there is some home stands early that will allow the young team, with new starters, and new head coach the opportunity to practice, hopefully grow together, and develop positive chemistry…. Should provide good opportunities for the coaches to do what they need to do and being at home should help with the teams confidence.
    If this team can win on the road and maintain a “Home Court” advantage then this team will be fighting for the 4 seed come playoff time.
    Lawson will win us games, Faried will win us games, Chandler will win us games… and our bench of Robinson and Hickson will win us some games
    McGee needs to prove himself if he does this team is a 3 seed if he doesn’t this team is a 6 seed. If this team can improve in the half court, become a better defensive team and maintain its transition game/offensive pace then it should be as good if not better than last years squad. Melvin Hunt was kept on staff for a reason! Cant wait for this season to begin so i can continue my optimistic kool aid induced posts going… Lets Go Nuggets!

    • alex47666

      um faried will be on the bench

      • Bricks

        I agree he might not start over Hickson, but no one will be disappointed with Faried’s minutes. He’ll get plenty of Manimal time, and we’ll also see a lot of Hickson. Both are beasts. Let’s hope Shaw & Co. figure out how to utilize them both for non-stop domination at the 4.

      • Trevor

        I disagree, Faried is the Nuggets best player. He should start and play 35mpg if the Nuggets are serious about winning.

        • alex47666

          but he’s not id say he is 4th behind ty gallo and chandler
          he brings energy and he could be on the court with Robinson who he would benefit much more since there both just energy players. faried doenst have a outside shot yet that he can make on a constant basis. his D is just as bad and Hickson is just as good as a rebounder and having faried on the court with mcgee is a big issue

    • Bricks

      Yeah, pretty optimistic, but I hope you’re right. No worse than a 6 seed? I’ll take that. If the team drinks the Kool Aid that Shaw will be serving up — tenacious D, unrelenting post play made possible by accurate long-range shooting — I believe they will do fine.

  • Darius

    Maybe having a tough end of season is a good thing! Gets us ready for the Playoffs

    • gimpcom187

      Chickens and hatching eggs on that one. This team has a legit shot of NOT being top 5 offense and of being bottom 10 on defense. That puts you in contention for 7-11 place in the west.

  • Aaron

    Portland, expected playoff team? talk to me in March.

  • alex47666

    i still see this happening
    Twolves( if they can stay healthy)

    • Bricks

      Looks like a safe seeding, but funny things happen to teams when the games begin. SA always ends up top 3, even though preseason prognosts always say they can’t/won’t. Should be the same this year, as I believe Belinelli was a shrewd pickup, someone else to bust 3s and open the post for Tim and Kawhi. Other than your SA seeding, I like your list.

      • alex47666

        i just hate the spurs and yes its a biased seeding for them

        • gimpcom187

          Id say unless the spurs grizz and gsw get horrible injury problems theres less than 20% shot this team wins more games than them (gsw most likely of 3 with bogut and curry so injury prone). This is not a great team folks. Without gallinari healthy they dont even seem to have 1 above average defender. They made a slight to major coaching downgrade. They may have a better record than last year come january 1st but id say 10 to 15 less wins than last year. Unless shaw is atrocious then more like 20 less wins. With the 14th pick in the 2014 nba draft the nuggets select:

          • ryanvdonk

            chandler is an above average defender when actually guarding wing players…not suprisingly he’s below average when guarding 7 footers in the post, though i doubt our new coach will think a 6’8 center is a great idea.

          • alex47666

            what makes the grizz so much better they lost their head coach and we got much much better if you really dont believe that then you must not really no much about our previous team

            • gimpcom187

              Chandler is a Good defender against under 6’10” bigs and average or slower SF. Otherwise he has issues. (as opposed to Gallo who is poor against skilled low post players but actually quite good against all wings who are not dominant all-star types that no one guards well).

              This team has lost a LOT of talent in aggregate. They lost one of their top 4 players in iguodala who was BY FAR their best defender. Gallo will likely be out for 1-2 months and won’t be at full strength until sometime between february and not until the next season. Koufus was as good or better than the value that hickson and arthur will bring (Also there are only so many minutes available given they will probably play small at least some when gallo comes back and Faried and Mcgee are likely to get 30+ minutes per game. Brewer had his weaknesses but his defense and amazing transition skills were valuable.

              Fournier may be quite good in a year or two, but he is young and will take time to develop. Foye is a good shooting below average at every other facet of the game 10th man. Hamilton will need to develop his game beyond taking a high volume of shots to be really valuable. (He has lots of potential, but the league is littered with guys like him who rarely become anything beyond a nice backup who can carry your offense if you have a bunch of good defenders on your bench a la JR smith and Jamal Crawford) Wait until midyear when they start making the jokes: The Enver Nuggets cause there is no D in Denver. But if they play it right in terms of trades and get lucky in the draft for a few years they could make some noise in the playoffs in 2017 or so.

  • alex47666

    the last 13 games are a joke

  • Bricks

    Who’s expecting the Nuggets to be at the same level as the Blazers? That seems to be a pretty random statement, given you nor I nor anyone else has any idea how things are going to shake out at this time of year. The outlook for the Nugs hasn’t been this cloudy since Bzdelik was coach, what, 10 years ago. The only sure thing about this fast-approaching 2013-14 NBA season is this: No one outside of the 303/720 thinks the Nuggets have a shot at anything, and if they want any respect at all (you listenin’ JaVale? you too, Ty?) they absolutely have to bust their as*ses every single game, out-hustle and out-desire every opponent, to earn one ounce of respect. Lay it ALL down for Shaw, fellas, do exactly as he says, and you MIGHT be a 4 or 5 seed and get the opportunity to shine in the playoffs.

  • Evan Woodruff

    Nuggets get 60 wins this year.

  • Josh Chin

    in some ways, last seasons schedule wasn’t that bad for denver because we rode on the huge home game spree. In the beginning we did how we normally do away, just below .500. This season’s schedule is more “normal” and i think Denver will struggle. I see a 45-48 win season

  • Trevor

    Brutal end of the regular season.

  • GKDynasty

    Nuggets are gonna regress back to the days of being a bubble team this season. I Didn’t mind it as much with good ole GK at the helm because the fast-tempo made for an entertaining regular season. I hope all the whiners from last season are happy to see their high-flying #3 seed transform into last season’s Utah Jazz.

  • Aaron

    It’s pretty unlikely that the Nugs will seed higher than OKC, SA, GSW, HOU, LAC, or MEM. It looks like Denver will end up as the 7-seed barring any big injury issues. I sure hope this stockpile of PGs and 4s is setting up for a trade down the line that gives us a more well-rounded roster.