Shaw hints at potential starting five

Denver Nuggets beat writer Aaron Lopez recently caught up with new Nuggets head coach Brian Shaw for an interview piece on In it, Shaw talks about his excitement for the upcoming season as well as his playoff expectations; however, the most interesting part of the article occurs when Shaw discusses who would be the Nuggets’ starting five if the season got underway today. Four of the five are fairly obvious, yet one player is somewhat of a head scratcher. Be sure to read Lopez’s full article for all the details, and leave your reaction to Shaw’s potential starting five in the comments section below!

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Kalen Deremo

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  • nugzin2040

    Sounds like Shaw isn’t that high on Fournier. Disappointing. Pretty clear that SG and C will be our weak link next year.

  • Thomas

    Also disappointed that he has indicated that Foye is a starter, before they hit the basketball court.

    We know what we get with Foye – an avg to below average shooting guard. The ceiling is much higher with Hamilton and Fournier.

    • alex47666

      No you are wrong they have been on the court practicing already.

  • Kody R

    I Think Hamilton & Fournier will both get their shot to start. Honestly, i hate the idea of having Randy Foye start, he’s better off the bench in limited minutes. Our young players need a chance to grow and actually play. We dont really know what we’re getting out of them because Karl refused to give them a chance (until he was pretty much forced to play Evan due to injuries last season). Let’s give the young guys a chance, we know what kind of player Foye is.

  • Herman VanNess

    It’s hard to say whether or not Shaw is high on Fournier or Hamilton. If all he’s really done is watch tape, there’s really not that much to go off of. Foye has proven that he’s at the very least a solid NBA rotational player. We think Fournier is going to pretty good based on the limited sample we’ve seen and we hope the little bit we’ve seen of Hamilton will blossom into something but, so far neither is as proven as Foye.

    My hope is these guys come into camp and prove they’re worthy of either starting or getting heavy minutes.

  • be-ray

    The time is now for Hamilton. The difference between him and the rest of the D-leaugers was clear. His per-minute usage was terrific last year, even though it was in spotty play time. He needs the chance.

  • alex47666

    I dont like the idea of Jham starting, and Foye is something that would help lawson and mcgee out a man to pass to if they are double teamed to help create floor space.

  • Brutus

    It’s not who starts, it’s who finishes. As much as we all like Fournier, it probably makes sense for Foye to start out the year in that role. He has more experience. Fournier will get his chances to change that.

    • CD Pascual

      I agree. Some here have to temper their expectations on Fournier. As long as Fournier is given ample minutes by Shaw, which he will, I’m not worried for the French guy, regardless if he’s a starter or not. Once Fournier has proven that he really is consistent, then he should deserve the starting job.

  • Kody R

    Chandler is going to thrive in a constant starting role, the guy could start on any team in the league

  • Guest

    I’m less worried about Foye than I am a frontcourt containing both McGee and Fereed

  • Stunt55378008

    I’m less worried about Foye starting than Faried and McGee sharing the frontcourt. I love both those guys, but Faried’s energy off the bench seems like an excellent justification for keeping their defensive lapses on different rotations until Shaw can hopefully get them both to lock down a little harder.

  • Mark B

    Give it 15 days into training camp before Shaw realizes that his best strategy is to move Faried to the bench and play him with Mozgov. Everybody seems to be worried about the losses that this team suffered but the world has yet to realize how immense the change is of simply moving javale from the baseline to the elbow and making him Ty’s first option. Javale’s asthma is going to prevent him from playing 30+ minutes a game so don’t fret over Kenneth. Javale will be on the floor for the first and last 7 minutes of each half and Kenneth and Mozzie will be in the rest. Darrell Arthur will have a surprising season and our shooting numbers are going to improve significantly now that Karl is gone. Expect a completely different looking this Nuggets team this year but don’t expect much of a change in the Win/Loss column.

    Bold prediction for when Gallo returns: Starting Lineup= 1.Ty Lawson 2.Danilo Gallinari 3. Wilson Chandler. 4. Darrell Arthur 5. Javale McGee. Its gonna be a fun year.

    And as always P.S. Andre Miller needs to go right now!

  • Len Nunes

    if foye starts, the worry about EF is that he’s not the next SG to come off the bench, Robinson should be the first sub guard. on those nights Jham & Chandler are both feelin it, Jham could swoop in and steal some SG minutes from Fournier.
    Just saying a slippery slope for EF if he can’t win the starting SG job out of camp