#NuggetsRank No. 11: Randy Foye

Every year around this time ESPN introduces its annual #NBARank series codifying all 500 players in the NBA from least to most valuable. Last year Roundball Mining Company decided to get in on the action and began ranking each of the players on the Denver Nuggets’ final 15-man roster in the same fashion. We’ve polled all seven of our writers, asking them to arrange each player on the Nuggets roster from one to 15 (one being the best, 15 the least valuable), then we added everyone’s scores together to come up with a single, definitive list of the 15 “most valuable” Denver Nuggets. This summer’s acquisition Randy Foye jumps in straight at the No. 11 spot.

As soon as the news broke that Andre Iguodala was no longer a Denver Nugget, the clock started ticking. With most of the top-tier talent already scooped up by other teams, the Nuggets started making some seemingly desperate moves and ended up filling out the roster with cheaper free agents. Iguodala left a hole in the backcourt and thus Randy Foye was brought in to somehow help fill that void.

Brian Shaw has actually mentioned that Foye is one of the top candidates to be starting at the shooting guard position next season. Foye certainly doesn’t have the defensive presence of Iguodala. He is not as big, strong or athletic and is slightly undersized at 6′ 4″. He will not be the guy Shaw throws at the toughest perimeter player in every single game, but he can still hold his own on the defensive end and is relatively consistent.

Now onto why Foye was actually signed by the Nuggets – his shooting touch. It’s no secret that Denver lacked any kind of consistent perimeter threat last season. Foye shot a career-high 5.3 three-pointers per game last season, connecting on 41% of his attempts. He moves well off the ball and is excellent in catch-and-shoot situations. He is known for being a streaky shooter and when he gets it going he can put up points on the board in a hurry.

Foye is not a good rebounder and his assist numbers are not pretty. He is not necessarily a terrible passer but doesn’t really handle the ball enough to make plays for his teammates. With Ty Lawson running the show at the point, Foye is unlikely to give those numbers a boost.

Foye averaged 27.4 minutes per game with the Utah Jazz last season and it’s not unreasonable to predict that his playing time will be similar with his new team. Being one of the few excellent shooters the Nuggets have at their disposal, Foye is more likely than not to find himself in crunch time lineups and should have an overall positive influence on the team this upcoming season.


15. Anthony Randolph

14. Quincy Miller

13. Timofey Mozgov

12. Jordan Hamilton

11. Randy Foye


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  • Len Nunes

    “should have an overall positive influence on the team this upcoming season” very true but this influence is NOT as a starter!!

  • Scott

    Evan looked great as a starter last year. He produced between 12-20 a game he started and played solid defense (by solid, not great, but he held his own) and showed off a pretty nice touch from beyond the arc. I really hope he overtakes Foye in training camp.

  • John Norman

    Foye needs to start so there can be some floor spacing. With Foye’s shooting ability maybe the Nuggets can finally take advantage of Ty’s ability to penetrate. Yeah Gallo is a great 3pt shooter, but also very inconsistent. Besides who knows when he will be back. Chandler can shoot the 3 but inconsistent as well. I would like to see Fournier in more of a 6th man role to begin the year. The problem is will he play 1 or 2 guard with Miller and Robinson taking minutes at both those positions.
    I think come playoff time a good rotation would be Lawson Foye Gallo Faried Mcgee. With Robinson Founier Chandler Hickson and Mosgov as the second unit

    • http://www.roundballminingcompany.com/ JoelRMC

      With Lawson, Miller and Robinson as much more capable distributors/ball handlers, I anticipate that barring injuries Foye is likely to log exactly zero minutes at the point (at least in non-garbage time).

      • John Norman

        I was referring to Fournier not Foye .. foye is 2 gaurd

        • http://www.roundballminingcompany.com/ JoelRMC

          Ah, I misread you, sorry. Although I would say the same reasoning would likely apply to Fournier as well. Also, LAC did have Foye playing a good amount of min. at the point when Billups went down, so even though that wasn’t what you meant, it wouldn’t be crazy to think it could be a consideration. (Although he didn’t run it very well).

  • wij

    I miss Afflalo…

  • dynamo.joe

    When was the last time your eleventh best guy had a “positive influence”. Your eleventh best shouldn’t have any influence what so ever.

  • alex47666

    I hope he starts Fours needs time to develop more before getting the starter role