ESPN hires Karl as analyst

For years George Karl has been praised for his expansive “basketball mind.” I always wondered what exactly that meant (doesn’t every coach in the NBA have an expansive basketball mind?) and why a mind so expansive never translated into more postseason success — but hey, that’s just the cynic in me coming out! The fact of the matter is, George Karl does possess one of the most knowledgeable basketball minds that have ever floated around in a person’s head on this earth. And now that he can’t find a job in the NBA, he’s sharing some of that knowledge with people like you and me who don’t know diddly squat about pick-and-roll defense. Because on Monday, ESPN announced George Karl would be taking his talents (for a second time) to their studios as an NBA analyst.

According to the Associated Press, Karl will keep his options open in case another coaching position opens up, and will make his first appearance this Friday on the 11 p.m. EST version of SportsCenter. I think I speak for all Nuggets fans when I say this should be awesome. Though Karl certainly had his critics here in Denver (yours truly, often being the most outspoken) it’s common knowledge that he’s a pretty down-to-earth dude who just loves talking about basketball. And that usually translates pretty well to the sports television world.

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  • Len Nunes

    good luck to GK