Recap: Nuggets down Lakers 97-88 in preseason opener

The Denver Nuggets kicked off the Brian Shaw era with a win Sunday night, defeating the Los Angeles Lakers 97-88 in their first game of the preseason. While the score was close for most of the game, the Nuggets were able to ride their superior depth and a strong third quarter surge to a comfortable win over the Lakers, who were playing on the second night of a back-to-back without the services of Chris Kaman and Jordan Farmar.

All summer long we have heard talk of Brian Shaw’s ambitious plans for a more traditional offense and a renewed focus on defense, but Sunday night was the first real opportunity to get a look at just how that process might play out over the course of the season.

Judging by what we saw in his first outing as a head coach, it’s fair to say Shaw is starting with a very measured approach. Outside of a few more post-ups and much more traditional pick and roll coverages, we didn’t see any drastic departures from the overall style the Nuggets have played in the past. By and large they still looked like the deep, athletic teams of yesteryear with a strong emphasis on pace and early offense.

That is not to say there weren’t some marked differences in Shaw’s coaching style compared to George Karl’s, because there were plenty. But having the Nuggets stick to a loose, running style they already knew made for an easier audition process for the returning roster and some of the new faces who were among the 14 players who saw solid minutes in Denver’s preseason opener.

I liked Shaw’s approach to evenly spreading around the minutes, switching up the starters at half and not locking himself into any patterns based on the erratic flow of a preseason game. In essence what we saw was short, fragmented auditions for Denver’s young roster that spread the touches around without letting anyone get settled into a comfortable routine.

Ty Lawson and Jordan Hamilton led the way in scoring with 15 points apiece. It was Lawson however who had the biggest impact on the night. He consistently looked like the best player on the floor, scoring and assisting as the game dictated. He had his legs under him early and was actually called on take command of the offense when a Lakers push threatened the Nuggets’ lead late. Although Lawson had the hot hand Shaw seemed to be sending a clear message that he was expected to be the go-to guy in a critical situation. Believe it or not that is a radical departure from Karl who routinely assigned late-game ballhandling duties by committee.

The rest of the team took turns scoring in bunches, with Denver’s defense standing out as being several steps ahead of their offense. The Nuggets lost the turnover battle and committed 10 more fouls than the Lakers, but they defended pretty well inside and out, holding the Lakers to just a 37.6 eFG% on the night.

Perhaps the most interesting development of the night was how JaVale and Denver’s deep committee of bigs responded to Shaw’s challenge of becoming more of a focal point. JaVale certainly showed nice touch on his shot and was a presence at the rim defensively, but I was struck by how he and the rest of Denver’s bigs struggled to play at different speeds. Outside of Mozgov none of the bigs looked to use movement inside to create for others and instead we saw a lot of forced shots and out-of-control drives from mid-range, some of which happened to go in. A lot of this was nerves and anxiousness to showcase their games, but my hope is as the preseason progresses we see a lot better balance between post touches and overall offensive movement involving the bigs.

While I did think JaVale helped himself in the context of Shaw’s new system, Kenneth Faried may have done the opposite. He played hard but was routinely caught out of position on both ends. Bad hands and a tendency to wander left him looking not very useful anywhere other than directly underneath the rim. I have no doubt jitters played a part in his struggles but there has to be some level of concern when his limitations became glaring in a system where his role is much less restricted.

Although there were no huge surprises to be found in Denver’s first preseason action, we saw plenty of areas highlighted for improvement. The biggest takeaway might be the fact Denver isn’t trying to forcefully depart from their style rather than slowly start introducing new elements. For a team with such pronounced strengths and obvious flaws that seems like a reasonable approach and a positive first step towards building a new identity.

Preseason Game One Additional Nuggets

  • Randy Foye had a poor game, but I was encouraged by his on-ball defense and I think he can be a great compliment to the Nuggets guards in that area. What can’t happen is Foye giving back so many points on the other end with bad offense and careless turnovers. Foye isn’t a playmaker, can’t finish inside and isn’t likely to beat anyone off the dribble. The good thing is the Nuggets don’t need him to do any of those things so there wasn’t any good reason for the veteran to keep forcing the issue. He needs to show more willingness to move without the ball, be agressive off screens and spot up in transition. Foye really needs shots created for him and I expect him to get better as the Nuggets’ offense takes shape, but he really wanted the ball a lot and did not look comfortable without it.
  • JJ Hickson had a quiet 10 pts and 6 boards off the bench in his Nuggets debut. He was not really challenged on defense but I was impressed with his poise on both ends. Of all the bigs I thought Hickson was the one who showed the most restraint and did not try to do too much. He looked pretty good changing speeds, being able to run the floor and finish on the break but also providing a steady presence in a more controlled setting like a half-court set. I expect Hickson to find his way into more minutes and lineup combinations as the preseason rolls on
  • Quincy Miller may be a ways away from carving out a role in the NBA, but the guy is long and covers a lot of ground on the defensive end. He moves extremely well for a 6-11 wing and seems like a guy who is not going to get in his own way with bad habits or a poor attitude. Quincy looked a bit lost in his first ever start but I think he passes the eye test in a big way. He has all the tools he needs to be successful in the NBA.
  • Kyle Fogg and Reginald Beckton-Buckner were the lone Nuggets to be DNP’d. Fellow camp invitee Damion James got 12 minutes and didn’t really do anything to show he deserved them, so I would guess we could see James rotated out for one of these two mystery men as the preseason goes on.

Preseason Game One Advanced Stats

Pace Factor: 112.0 – Surprisingly fast although any flow was killed by the constant whistles
Offensive Efficiency: 86.6 – Sloppy but a nice balance of offense with 50 points in the paint
Defensive Efficiency: 78.6 – Denver was active but this may say more about the injury depleted, gassed-looking Lakers

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Charlie Yao

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  • Scott

    JAVALE be blocking shots without even touching the ball.

  • Vitor Lago

    Mozgov looked very good, making interior passes, blocking shoots and running the floor.

  • slugdugg

    Seeing JaVale and Faried move to get the ball at the elbow (very triangle-esque) was painful. They would get the ball and not really know what to do with it.

  • mmj5280

    Lawson & Robinson looked good. McGee & mozgov solid. Hickson, Hamilton, fournier were all good. Farried shot way too much. Fournier look way better than foye. McGee free throws was impressive. Not a bad start you could tell it was preseason

  • Michael

    has anyone else noticed that the Nuggs Vs Lakers game on League Pass Broadband only goes for 12 minutes and finishes just after Nick Young makes a jumper to put LA up 12 to 7 in the first quarter? I want to watch the game but the video is incomplete.

    I’m not sure if it is just me, but I’ve put a ticket in so hopefully I can get to watch the game, it’s annoying because all of the other games seem fine except the one I actually want to watch… always the way.
    Good result, far too many turn overs, Q. Mill looked hesitant in the starting lineup but should play better with a bit more confidence, Mozzy getting 5 blocks was nice to see in the box score as well as J Ham putting up some points. McGee has obviously put in a lot of work on his FT’s and it showed draining all 6 to start the game and it was good to see the team try and get the inside/out game going early.

  • Bricks

    Dis team’s gawnto be good, man. Dey gawnto play dey asses off fo coach Brian. Dey gawnto kick de asses of Houstawn, SanAnn, OKCee and de LAClips, ’cause dees teams not gawnto know whatodoo whit dis big-ass, bad-ass, nastee frontcawt . . . Manimal, JJH, JaVale, Mozzy, Chand-man and D-Arthur . . . dey gawnto be flat-out ree-lentless and filty-mean, man. Chip on dey shoulder

  • Josh Chin

    I was really focusing on the bigs for some reason. Javale played smart, Arthur took good mid range shots with confidence, Mozgov played solid. I didn’t like what I saw from Randolph though. Seemed to be trying WAY too hard and made some bad plays/fouls. Faried looked like he was struggling lots

  • dagus1976

    Q Miller… I just don’t get it. I have watched every Nuggets game for the last 7 years and consider myself pretty well equipped to judge a player, and I just don’t see it.
    Outside of the summer league when he hit a few 3’s I haven’t seen ANYTHING that would show me that he is in any way ready to play at this level.
    It would appear that the fact that he has an NBA body is the main reason that he is even on a roster.
    Skita had a great NBA body too.
    I guess it’s well enough that Q Miller was only a 2nd rounder not the 5th overall pick.

  • Charliemyboy

    Patience. I watched some Indiana and Miami and sighed. The difference in that game and in the Nuggets/LA game was college vs. high school. Everything on the floor. Then Sacramento kills LA who was 21 points ahead of us until LA put in the scrubs. Last year we handled Indiana and almost had Miami. I’m not sure Shaw is using the strengths of our personnel. He is trying to format out team into his experience; eg; Faried. He was an upcoming star using what he had along with using Ty’s speed and other assets under Karl. Now he’s a liability??? We may be pitiful for a long time if not the entire year; hope I’m wrong. Hope Chandler and Gallo can adjust.